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Rory Feek To Appear on “CBS This Morning Saturday” on May 20

Written by SGN Scoops Staff on May 19, 2017 – 11:22 am -

 Rory Feek To Appear on "CBS This Morning Saturday" on May 20

Rory Feek To Appear on
“CBS This Morning Saturday” on May 20

NASHVILLE, Tenn. — Country singer Rory Feek will appear on “CBS This Morning Saturday with Anthony Mason on May 20, discussing the release of his wife Joey Feek’s solo album, If Not For You, performing an unreleased song called “I Like the Sound of That,” and giving an update on life with the couple’s daughter Indiana. Check local listings for the show’s air time.

The singer, songwriter and author visited with Mason about the recently released If Not For You (Gaither Music Group/Farmhouse Recordings), Joey’s solo album which was recorded in 2005 and co-produced by her husband. The 12-song collection features her original rendition of “That’s Important to Me,” which would later be a charting single by Joey+Rory, as well as other tracks that speak volumes about the woman whose life touched the hearts of millions. Rory also performed “I Like the Sound of That,” the last song Joey+Rory sang together, an unreleased song that was written in 2003 by Rory and Billy Falcon.
Rory and his wife Joey comprised the country music duo Joey+Rory, who most recently won a GRAMMY® Award for their Hymns album (Gaither Music Group/Farmhouse Recordings) in February. The couple captured the hearts of many over the past few years as Rory chronicled their love story, the birth of their daughter Indiana and Joey’s cancer battle on his blog, This Life I Live, as well as their preparation for her passing in March 2016 at age 40.
Within the segment, Rory also discusses the couple’s three-year-old daughter Indiana, who was born with Down syndrome and has recently learned to walk, as well as his life now.
The segment airs Saturday, May 20, on CBS and will also be available online after its airing, though the performance of “I Like the Sound of That” will only be available during the televised segment.

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Daryl & Jessica Amundrud Welcome A Son

Written by SGN Scoops Staff on May 18, 2017 – 12:38 pm -

Daryl & Jessica Amundrud Welcome A Son

Daryl & Jessica Amundrud Welcome A Son

Daryl & Jessica Amundrud from Canadian Gospel Group, The Amundruds are excited to announce the birth of their son, Wells Alan Amundrud!! What an incredible blessing! Both Mom and baby are doing well! Dad is doing good too!

Born: Sunday, May 7, 2017 at 12:07 PM
Length: 19.75″ or 50 cm
Weight: 5lbs 13oz

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Younger Perspective on Layke Jones by Erin Stevens

Written by Staff on May 17, 2017 – 12:42 pm -

Younger Perspective on Layke Jones by Erin Stevens

Younger Perspective on Layke Jones by Erin Stevens

A word from the writer…
Newbie alert: A fresh face has recently hit the Southern Gospel scene. Today, I’d like to personally welcome Layke Jones of The Jim Brady Trio to the Younger Perspective corner. No need to waste time. This is your chance to meet the new dude on the block.

Erin: It has quickly become known about the impressive accolades you have to your credit in all things musical, but where did it begin for a young Layke Jones discovering his voice?
Layke: Music has always played a big role in my life. My family enjoys listening to music and attending the occasional concert that comes into town, but I don’t think any of my family members would consider themselves musically inclined. All that to say, I’m confident that my passion for making music is a God thing.

I cannot think of a time that I haven’t been drawn to quality music. I remember as a young child being attracted to classical music, because I was fascinated by the big, robust sound that the human voice could produce. Growing up, I spent a good deal of time in choirs, band, dance and church worship programs. I believe the time spent in those activities were, without question, beneficial to what I am doing now.

Erin: For those that may not know the backstory, how did you come to fill the third part with Jim and Melissa?
Layke: During my sophomore year of college, I auditioned for Mark Lowry’s position in the Gaither Vocal Band. While I did not get the job, I did form a relationship with Bill Gaither, which has been one of the biggest blessings in my life. In March of last year Bill informed me that Jim and Melissa were in need of a third singer for their trio, and he believed our voices would mesh well. Three months after Bill connected me with the Bradys, I was a part of the group. So, I, along with several others, have Bill Gaither to thank for my employment.

Erin: In your career thus far, what are some “No way, I can’t believe I got to do that” opportunities you’ve already crossed off the list?
Layke: My top three opportunities would be:

1) Being a part of the newest Gaither Homecoming taping. Spending the day in Studio C, with all those talented folks, will be a memory I won’t soon forget.
2) Singing on the Gospel portion of the Dove Awards last fall.
3) Spending the weekend in rural Tennessee, with a handful of artists for the Gaither Artist retreat. It’s a weekend that allows gospel artists to recharge, reflect, and because it’s a Gaither event, make some beautiful music too.

Younger Perspective on Layke Jones by Erin Stevens

Layke Jones with the Jim Brady Trio

Erin: How are you personally adjusting to life on the road with the Brady Bunch?
Layke: I’ll be honest, adjusting to the road life has not been the easiest for me. That said, I’ve yet to find a job that doesn’t have some sort of minor difficulty.

I try to remind myself that although being home more consistently would be my preference, I get paid to sing and share the gospel every week. That is a huge blessing for any Christian musician, especially at the ripe age of 23. Another blessing is that Jim and Melissa are great to travel with. We have a mutual respect for each other, and we do our best to accommodate each other while on the road, so that makes the traveling much easier.

Layke Jones with Gerald Wolfe

Layke Jones with Gerald Wolfe

Erin: Congratulations on recently graduating from Anderson University. How would you describe your college years?
Layke: I would describe the years spent at AU as busy at times, and trying, but overall memorable. I was involved in our university chorale, symphonic band, jazz band, private voice lessons, dance classes, and on occasion, I attended my actual liberal arts classes. Aside from the busy workload, I was able to form lasting friendships with both students and professors, and I am forever grateful for what AU offered me during my time there.

Erin: I believe I read recently that you play the trombone. Any chance it will be making a grand appearance in the Southern Gospel world?
Layke: I was almost certain my band-geek days were behind me, but who knows. I definitely have a passion for playing and listening to good instrumental music, so if Jim would want to shoot a trombone feature my way, I wouldn’t turn it down. Read more »

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Kody Erwin readmitted to hospital

Written by Staff on May 16, 2017 – 3:01 pm -

Kody Erwin

Kody Erwin


DALLAS, TX (May 16, 2017) – Kody Erwin, bass vocalist for family group, The Erwins, has been readmitted to a Dallas, TX area hospital as he continues to battle Viral Meningitis.

The hospital has issued a strict NO VISITORS policy for Kody’s recovery.

The Erwins record for StowTown Records, distributed by Provident Distribution and are based in Edgewood, Texas.

Kody Erwin has been battling viral meningitis since May 10th. He sings with his family, The Erwins and is married to Cayla.

Please continue to pray for Kody.


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Wilmington Choir has reason to Celebrate

Written by Staff on May 16, 2017 – 2:05 pm -

Wilmington Celebration Choir with Joey Gore

Wilmington Celebration Choir with Joey Gore

20 years of ministry celebration at Homecoming Concert in Wilmington, N. C.

By Lorraine Walker

The Wilmington Celebration Choir has a unique sound that is part worship choir, part Southern Gospel chorale. Led by Joey Gore, the choir has a tour schedule equal to many artists, and it is enjoyed by audiences across the Southeast, as well as Indiana and Connecticut and even South Africa. The group consists of both professional and volunteer singers and uses both accompaniment tracks and live bands.

“It all started when I came off the road [from the Anchormen] and started working with a church,” Gore begins. “Our first concert was in February 1997 with myself and seven friends. We put on a concert at Wrightsboro UMC (United Methodist Church) in Wilmington, N. C. Some of those same people still sing with me today. We called that event ‘Joey Gore & Friends.’”

Joey Gore, leader of Wilmington Celebration Choir

Joey Gore, leader of Wilmington Celebration Choir

Gore’s group of Friends began to grow.

“I had started doing some recording with local groups and decided to do a showcase-type concert to get them exposure in the local community,” Gore remembers. “At Christmas, we did a concert and put together a little choir. People loved it. Before long, we were doing the showcase of local artists along with the little choir backing it up.

 “The more places we went, the more people liked the whole idea of the choir thing. So we started calling it the Pillar Record Family Choir. As things changed over the years, we just merged it all together into the Wilmington Celebration Choir that people hear today.”  

From Gaither Homecomings to major Southern Gospel artist concerts to INSP television, this isn’t your typical community church ensemble. The vocalists ride a 30-passenger bus and carpool to attend concerts four to five hours from home. Don’t look for old-fashioned robes either. This professional Christian music choir looks smart in black with colored scarves. They will lift you up with praise music, let you get down and shout with Black Gospel, and get your hands clapping to Southern Gospel.

Gore was well equipped to handle this project, as the Lord had been training him all his life for just such a position.

“I began playing piano at age eight and loved Southern Gospel music and was in my first group around age 14,” says Gore. “I also was very active in high school with band and chorus and was student director of both.  

Joey Gore, leader of Wilmington Celebration Choir“My first professional group I played and sang with was Naomi and the Segos in the 1980’s, then later with the Anchormen Quartet. After that is when this all started, and I served in a local church for 18 years. I also have been playing piano with Lynda Randle for around 15 years and also with Karen Peck & New River on occasion when I can. The WCC has grown so much in the last few years that I felt the Lord leading me to leave the church position and work on this full time, along with working in the recording studio quite extensively too. Plus, I’m doing a few piano solo concerts too.”

Working with Wilmington Celebration Choir is definitely not the same as working with a Gospel music group.

“The biggest challenge we have is getting a lot of people where they need to be,” says Gore.  “Some venues we sing in are limited in space, and with the current group of around 65, that can wear you out. And it’s just a lot of people with ideas and such. I try to be strict but not over the top. It’s important to love and encourage people, and they will work harder. I’ve also learned (there’s) some stuff you can’t do anything about, so I just let it go. I’ve grown a lot in that area. If not, it will crush you.”

After 20 years, you would think Gore could direct the choir with one hand tied behind his back. Apparently, life isn’t like that.

“My biggest personal challenge is still trusting God,” Gore explains. “It seems – at times – people will be sick, out, can’t go, etc., and I start to worry how it’s going to turn out. However, every time God makes a way, and we have just what we need. Now, that is amazing. So I’m trying to relax more and let God handle it. Listening to His voice and prayer is the key. I would do it all over again for sure.”

The Wilmington Celebration Choir is going to revel in their 20-year milestone at their homecoming from June 2-3 at Pine Valley Baptist Church in Wilmington, N. C. On Friday night, they will share the stage with Karen Peck and New River, and on Saturday, they have invited back some of their alumni to perform, including Debra Hollis, Paula & Angie, and others.

Karen Peck and New River with the Wilmington Celebration Choir

Karen Peck and New River with the Wilmington Celebration Choir

Looking back on 20 years of travel, Gore remembers a few experiences that have kept him on his toes.

“I have missed planes, drove all night to make an event,” recalls Gore. “I do remember a couple of times that we actually had choir members fall off of the back row. One girl stepped into an orchestra pit, and we have left a few people at places too. But everyone turned out okay.

“We sang on a golf course one time for a wedding. Now, that was an experience. As the bride left the ceremony, we sang, ‘I’ll Fly Away’ … hilarious.”

The years have brought many special moments as well.

“We have been so blessed and never take any of the doors opening for granted,” Gore points out. “I guess one highlight is always working with Bill Gaither. He always is so nice and enjoys the choir on his concerts.

“Another thing that is currently happening is that I received a call from Rick Shelton over at Daywind, and we have been asked to premiere a new Christmas musical in Gatlinburg this summer at the LifeWay Worship Conference. That is very exciting for us. I hope something further will come from that. People always are asking for our music and arrangements in sheet music, so we’ll see what happens.”

Joey Gore with the Wilmington Celebration ChoirMany people sitting in the audience who love music will hear Gospel Music artists or the choir and want to become a part of it. To future members, Gore says, “The biggest thing with us is commitment. Singing I can work on, but if you are just interested on occasion, and not really committed, it won’t work for either party. We sing a lot these days, and most of my people just absolutely love it.”

With chorale music becoming more popular and school groups as well as other types of choirs popping up, there is more demand for leaders with the abilities and experience that Joey Gore has developed with the Wilmington Celebration Choir. However, Gore has no intention of leaving for possible greener pastures.

“I have no interest in secular choir,” says Gore. “I have done that, but this is (a) calling for me and these people. God has called us to spread the gospel to the lost person and bring encouragement and hope to the people that need it. In our world today, those things are needed sorely in the church and beyond.

“People need to laugh and have some joy also. It helps to press on in our walk with Christ. The end reward will be worth it.”

By Lorraine Walker

Also published in SGNScoops Magazine June 2017.

For the latest SGNScoops Magazine click here.

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The Collingsworth Family Plays Carnegie Hall

Written by SGN Scoops Staff on May 16, 2017 – 10:04 am -

The Collingsworth Family Plays Carnegie Hall

The Collingsworth Family Plays Carnegie Hall

(Nashville, TN)…The Collingsworth Family was honored to be invited to perform at the world famous Carnegie Hall in New York City.

Having the opportunity afforded to us to perform at historic Carnegie Hall in New York City was a high-water mark in our ministry,” exclaimed Phil Collingsworth.

The very special evening also included popular evangelist Dr. David Jeremiah, along with The Shadow Mountain Choir & Orchestra, conducted by Tobin Davis.

To stand on that stage, knowing how much American history has intersected with that iconic venue was both humbling and exhilarating at the same time,” added Phil. “To see the audience stand to their feet in praise to our Heavenly Father was an experience of a lifetime to say the least!!”

Their first-ever appearance at Carnegie Hall adds to an ever-growing list of of highlights for The Collingsworth Family ministry.

The Cincinatti-based powerhouse group has been featured on the nation’s largest gospel music syndicated radio program, The Gospel Greats with Paul Heil as well as on Daniel Britt & Friends on XM/SIRIUS Satellite Radio’s Enlighten.

In addition, the family group has been featured on numerous Gaither Homecoming Series video recordings, has performed alongside the world famous Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir on multiple occasions and has been thrilled to hold concerts at venues all across the United States, Canada, the Cayman Islands and Sweden.

The Collingsworth Family recently released their first-ever violin duet album by two of their daughters, aptly titled Brooklyn & Courtney, which followed their most recent standout group project, That Day Is Coming.

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Written by Staff on May 15, 2017 – 3:04 pm -

Jason Crabb by Craig Harris

Jason Crabb . Photo by Craig Harris

NASHVILLE, Tenn.—Two of Christian music’s biggest voices—multi-GRAMMY®-nominated singer/songwriter Natalie Grant and GRAMMY®-winning singer/songwriter Jason Crabb—are set to headline the second annual American Gospel Celebration June 8 and 9 in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Celebrating faith and freedom, the event will be highlighted by messages from best-selling author and renowned pastor John Hagee and author and pastor Matt Hagee.

Kicking-off at 7:00 pm each night at the Lancaster Convention Center, the American Gospel Celebration will also feature three of Christian music’s most beloved groups: GRAMMY®-nominated family band The Isaacs; multi-Dove Award-winning trio The Martins; and Dove Award-winning quartet Canton Junction.

General admission tickets are $40, with single-day passes available for $25 each. Register by phone at 1-855-694-9649 or online.

About John Hagee Ministries
John Hagee is founder and senior pastor of Cornerstone Church in San Antonio, Texas, a non-

Natalie Grant

Natalie Grant

denominational evangelical church with more than 22,000 active members. He also founded John Hagee Ministries, which broadcasts the Gospel on radio and television throughout America and the world, and is the founder of Christians United for Israel, which has grown to become the largest Christian pro-Israel organization in the United States—with over 3.2 million members. One of the leading Christian grassroots movements in the world, Christians United for Israel provides a national platform through which every pro-Israel church, parachurch organization, ministry or individual in America can speak and act with one voice in support of Israel in matters related to biblical issues. John Hagee has authored 39 books, seven of which were on the New York Times bestsellers list, including the 2013 blockbuster Four Blood Moons.

For further information, visit or

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Lou Hildreth On Gospel Music Today

Written by SGN Scoops Staff on May 15, 2017 – 8:36 am -

Lou Hildreth On Gospel Music Today

Lou Hildreth On Gospel Music Today

Lou Wills Hildreth is the guest on Gospel Music Today for the week of May 14. Ken and Jean Grady host southern gospel news and concert updates. The Feature Group is The Victory Trio, and Jean reviews new recordings by Nikki Headley and The Joylanders.  An article from Christian Voice magazine is the subject of this week’s News Notes. The show features  exclusive concert video of Faith’s Journey, recorded by Gospel Music Today’s cameras in Springfield, MO, and a visit to the Gospel Music Today Archives for an exclusive video of 4 His Love Quartet, recorded by Gospel Music Today’s cameras in Broken Arrow, OK.

The show is on KWHB TV47 in Oklahoma every Sunday at 4:30 PM, and on Roku on FFE TV Monday at 8:00 PM and AllNations TV Tuesday and Wednesday at 6:30 PM.. Check local TV schedule for Phenix City, AL, Pontotoc, MS, Beaumont, TX, Tyler, TX. Atlanta, TX, Morrilton, AR, Bruce, MS, and West Plains, MO. The current edition of Gospel Music Today is online now at the Gospel Music Today website,

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David Staton: One day a year is not enough for Mom

Written by Staff on May 13, 2017 – 8:06 am -

David Staton and his mom

David Staton and his mom, Geneva Staton

David Staton, monthly columnist for SGNScoops, writes this about his mom:

My mom, Geneva Staton, still lives in the house that my dad built in Hamilton, OH, and at eighty years old, she still pours herself into the lives of her children and grandchildren.  The doctors told my mom that she would never be able to have kids, but I’m one of five that call her mom.  I was fortunate enough for God to place me in a home full of love.  I had parents that loved each other, loved us kids, and loved God more than anything.  As a kid, at the center of all of that love was my mom.  She had 5 kids (I’m in the middle), and we all grew up singing together.  We learned to sing harmony at a young age.  I remember my mom getting in the floor and singing a harmony part in my ear loud enough that I would not be distracted by the other parts going on around me.  She could sing, but I never remember hearing her sing in public.  However, I do remember her and my dad driving us kids all over when we did.  She was always and still is an amazing cook!  Her dishes are legendary in southwest Ohio and northern Kentucky!  She always made sure that we had dinner together as a family, and she still loves to have all of her family together for meals.  When I was really young, her and my dad would always take us five kids to Levi Jackson State Park in London, KY with a pop up camper.  I still wonder how they did that.  I remember my mom along with the ladies from the families in our church that would go with us, getting up at 5:00AM to make breakfast, cleaning up until lunch time, cleaning that up until supper, and then preparing for snacks around the campfire.  For mom, it was anything but a vacation.  After years of doing this, I remember my mom telling my dad, that if this was all we could do for a vacation, she’d rather stay home.  I sure did not blame her.  That same year, there was a for sale sign that went on the camper and that was when we started going to the beach.  Thank you mom! When I think of all that my mom has done for her family and for the Kingdom of God, one day a year is not enough to honor her.  

Happy Mother’s Day Mom,

From your favorite son,

David Staton and family

David Staton

David (In case you forgot)

About David Staton:

Through the years, nearly every major artist in gospel music has recorded David’s music.  Artists like Gold City, Jeff & Sheri Easter, Kingsmen, Singing Americans, Dixie Melody Boys, Imperials, Dottie Peoples, Ball Brothers, LeFevre Quartet, Palmetto State Quartet, Priority, Trailblazers, The Greenes, Ivan Parker, Brian Free and many more have recorded music written by David Staton.  From 2005 to 2013, Staton was the Executive Vice President for Song Garden Music Group in Nashville, TN.  In recent years, the National Quartet Convention has asked David to be a part of an industry advisory panel to help artists who need assistance and training.  Not only has David made a mark in gospel music as an artist and a writer, he is passing on his knowledge and experience on to new artists which will influence and shape the future of gospel music.

More about David here.

Thanks to David Staton for his eloquent tribute to her mom today. Would you like to tell us about your mother? Email me today at

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Troy Burns Family adds Jacob Kluttz

Written by Staff on May 11, 2017 – 5:01 pm -

Tammy and Troy Burns

Bryson City, N.C. (May 12, 2017) – Popular southern gospel group, the Troy Burns Family, recently announced a new addition to the group. Jacob Kluttz, of Salisbury, North Carolina, has been named as their new piano player.

Jacob Kluttz new member of the Troy Burns Family

Jacob Kluttz 

Troy Burns, owner and singer, states, “Jacob Kluttz is an amazing 18-year-old. In over fifty years in Southern Gospel music, I have never encountered a young man with his God-given abilities. Jacob is entirely unencumbered by musical theory and is almost to the point of being servant-like in his mastery of the piano.”

“I am so thankful for everything God has done for me in my life,” says Kluttz. “He has blessed me beyond measure and I want to thank TBF for making me feel so welcome. Troy and Tammy treat me like their own and I look forward to the future and what God has in store for our ministry.”

Troy Burns Family logoTo order the new Troy Burns Family CD, or to find out when they are in an area near you, click here.

The Troy Burns Family is on the Inspire label, which is part of the Chapel Valley Music Group. To schedule an interview with the group email

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