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Beyond the Song: Heart2Heart sing “Happy Glad Day”

Written by Staff on August 14, 2020 – 12:05 pm -

Beyond the Song: Heart2Heart sing "Happy Glad Day"

Beyond the Song: Heart2Heart sing “Happy Glad Day”

Beyond the Song by Jantina Baksteen

It was great to talk to David Kiser from Heart2Heart. Enjoy reading all about their ministry in this Beyond the Song edition.

Jantina Baksteen: Heart2Heart is a singing trio. Can you introduce yourselves to SGNScoops?

David Kiser: Thank you SGNScoops! The group consists of myself, David Kiser, and Deana Kiser, a husband and wife team from Cherryville, North Carolina, and our longtime friend, Rhonda House, from Belmont, N. C.


JB: You have been 20 years on the road. What is it like to travel so long together?

DK: Very Interesting. Well, the group has been through several personnel changes over the past 22 years, but for the last 10 years or more, we have really enjoyed the road together as the current roster. We all love to have fun and there is never a dull moment.


Beyond the Song: Heart2Heart sing "Happy Glad Day"JB: What message of hope does Heart2Heart share, from your heart to other hearts, when you are on stage?

DK: It seems today there are more hurting people sitting on church pews. In 1998, we started out with a mission to always make Jesus the center of what is seen on the stage, and to encourage the body of Christ. Our focus still remains strong today: To let the church know that Jesus still saves, heals, delivers and sets free those that are bound and captive. We love people and we love loving on people. Showing the love of Christ and praying with people is just what we do. Keeping the real thing still the real thing.


JB: You have a great song out to radio called, “Happy Glad Day.” If I’m not mistaken, there’s a video made. Can you share the story about that song?

DK: Well, the song was pitched to us by our friend Tery Wayne Wilkins. It was co-written with Reba Faye Rambo. We had been after Tery for some time to let us record a song of his. Once we heard “Happy Glad Day,” we were in love with the message and melody. We didn’t plan on recording it originally with the old Southern gospel sound, but we are glad our producer, Les Butler, agreed this would sound great with an old fashioned sound. So, it is led with a old flat top piano sound. We were blessed to be able to shoot a video of “Happy  Glad Day,” as a part of the Great American Gospel TV program, down in Savannah, Georgia, just a few months back. If our plans don’t change before September, we hope to perform “Happy Glad Day” this year at NQC 2020. We hope gospel music fans enjoy listening to this song as much as we love singing it.

Here is the original video with Heart2Heart singing, “Happy Glad Day.”


JB: What is the response from your audience?

DK: We feel very favored to have a very loyal and energetic fan base. Some of that, we feel, is from the energy we put off, and worship we engage in, from the stage. Normally, our concerts are very high energy, high emotional services. It is very common for us to see or have responses to the altar during our concerts or services. We always end our services with altar time and prayer, and it is a norm for us to have crowd response at that time, and us meet and pray with people in the altars.


JB: How do you get motivated when you are the road and your day doesn’t go as you hoped it would?

DK: Well, as we all know, this can be quite a challenge, when the enemy seems to rage all out war on ministries when they are being effective. I must say our team does an excellent job putting aside our struggles, battles, and pains, when we step on the stage. We all have the same heart and mind when it comes to ministering to people. At that moment in time, there is no one else more important than the souls sitting in front of us, and we have a commitment to deliver the gospel in an excellent and timely fashion. I have seen my team struggling through life’s problems, moments before we took the stage, and then watch God not only show up and do something beyond our thoughts in a service, but also calm the storm for us and work a miracle because of the sacrifice. That’s what he does for his children.


JB: Who are your musical influences? 

DK: We love Karen Peck and New River, the Bowlings, Jeff and Sheri Easter, the Perrys, and the Talleys. They all have been a big blessing to us over the years. In the past few years, we’ve been able to work with a lot of great artists in venues all over. One of our favorites that we have come to really love are the guys of Triumphant Quartet. They are great encouragers. We are thankful for all of the Main Street artists that have encouraged our ministry and sowed into us over the past 22 years.


JB: If you could sit around the table with a legend from the past,  who would that be?

DK: Well, I know you said one, but these are a combo. I must say I would love to sit down with George Younce and Glen Payne. Oh, the stories and wisdom I would love to gather from those two iconic and first class gentlemen.


JB: Do you have a testimony you would like to share with the readers of SGNScoops?

DK: Probably the most dramatic blow that we ever faced as a ministry came a few years ago when Rhonda House lost her mother and husband on the same day. Our ministry was hit very hard with this news. God was so faithful to us through that time. Our families, local churches, and fans, held us up as we moved through that valley. Rhonda was faithful to continue to minister. We only missed one weekend due to the funerals, but Rhonda felt like both Jimmy and her Mom would have said, “Don’t you stop singing because of us. Sing, sing, sing.” So, we continued to press forward knowing we were operating in our calling. In the words of Rhonda, “When you don’t know what to do…do what you know to do.” We did. (We) leaned on God and watched him work. Rhonda continues to minister and share her story, so others can know that God is faithful, and he will see you through the times of life that feel unbearable. He has a plan because he is the author of the plan.


JB: What is the most funniest thing that ever happened in the past 20 years of Heart2Heart?

DK: Wow. Too many to list. We almost have a funny story every weekend. No kidding. Probably some of the funniest, is us forgetting our lyrics on stage. I (David) almost never forget a lyric, and when I do, I’m usually good at making something up. One of the first services when Rhonda was back with us in 2011, (I think), we jumped up on the first song all excited, and opened our mouths, and for the first line of the song…(silence, crickets) nothing but music, and David humming some kind of gargling mess that wasn’t words. Nothing came out. We got such a huge laugh out of that. Luckily, it was a church we had sang at many times and they love us. We have several funny lyric hiccups like that which are just hilarious. Thank the Lord for grace.


JB: What is ahead for the Heart2Heart ministry in the near future?

DK:  We think that the time is now for our ministry. There are so many great things happening, it is really hard to put it into words. We say all the time, we feel like we are God’s favorite children. He just keeps doing great stuff. Watch out for more great radio releases from this new project, “Pray.” We are going to keep putting out great music and be sensitive to gospel music fans on what they want to hear. Look for us at NQC 2020, and Dollywood at the 2020 October Harvest Fest.


JB: Where can people reach you if a church or event is looking for some good gospel music?

DK: Call Heart2Heart at 704-802-4634 or email us davidk@heart2heartmin.com. You can find more info on us at our website: www.heart2heartmin.com or connect with us on Facebook.


Thank you so much for sharing your ministry with SGNScoops. Wishing you God’s rich blessings as you get back on the road to share the greatest message that will give peace and comfort to those who are hurting. 

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Beyond the Song: HighRoad sings “Nothing At All”

Written by Staff on August 2, 2020 – 6:52 am -


Beyond the Song with HighRoad

By Jantina Baksteen

For this edition of Beyond the Song, I got in contact with Sarah Davison of popular Christian Country and Gospel band, HighRoad. Other members include: Kristen Bearfield, Kinsey Rose, and Lauren Conklin.

Jantina Baksteen: Please introduce yourselves to the readers of SGNScoops.

Sarah Davison: My name is Sarah Davison and I am the leader of the group, High Road. We are based in Nashville and we play mandolin, fiddle, piano and guitar, and write gospel music. We love traveling and just getting to share Jesus with folks all over the world.


JB: When and how did the group HighRoad start?

SD: HighRoad was started several years ago just as a piano/fiddle duo playing hymns and it’s grown today to include four of us! We just really enjoy getting to play music together.




JB: Next to singing, you all play a number of instruments. What instruments do you play?

SD: We all play different instruments and have so much fun. I play the piano and then dabble with other instruments like the dulcimer. Between us all, we have mandolin, fiddle, guitar, viola, and banjo.


JB: Do you all have musical backgrounds?

SD: We all grew up loving music and knew we wanted to pursue it from a young age. I grew up singing and playing old country and gospel and even ragtime with my dad, and my grandma taught me a lot of what I learned on the piano. I also took lessons before studying piano performance as my major at Belmont. Writing songs, singing, and playing has all been a part of our lives as long as we can remember.


JB: Who are your musical influences?

SD: My biggest music influences were the folks I was surrounded by as a youngster. My dad always was playing records in the house from the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, Patty Loveless, and Ricky Skaggs. My great aunt and grandma would back up the Blackwoods in the 40s-50s when they came to KFNF Radio station in Shenandoah, Iowa to sing.  So grandma knew all the old hymns from the radio hymnal.




JB: Do your write all your music yourself?

SD: We write the majority of the songs ourselves, yes. Our latest album has ten songs and we wrote, or co-wrote, six of them. We had to include an old hymn because we just love the old songs a lot too!


JB: You have a recent song out called “Nothing At All.” Please tell us about that.

SD: This song is about how everything in this world is just going to pass away in time, but Jesus is the same every day. You can fill your life with things that don’t matter in the end – and its easy to do! But someday, all we are going to have is Jesus and He is what really matters in every part of our life!


JB: How does this message relate to you personally?

SD: I think sometimes I worry about what the future holds, and especially right now, we don’t know what the next few months is going to look like. When is all the craziness going to be over? I don’t have the answers, but Jesus does, and I know He has us all in the palm of His hand. So as long as we have Jesus we have hope!


JB: You have performed in many different places. Can you share something about that?

SD: We have loved getting to travel and meet people from all over the world. One of my favorite places to go is Norway, and Alaska, we plan on going back to both those places again this year. This will be our seventh year in Alaska, and we go up with the Baptist Mission Association and go play at church plants throughout the state. We have seen some gorgeous scenery up there!


JB: Do you have a personal testimony to share that could be of help to some one reading this?

SD: Right now, what the Lord has been teaching me most recently, is to trust His timing and His perfect plan. I tend to try to figure stuff out immediately and plan, and that’s just not how He works!  Trusting God can be really tough sometimes but we have to lean on Him, and rest assured that His plan is good for us all!


JB: What encouraging message would you like to share now the whole world is in time of crisis through the Coronavirus?

SD: I think that right now is a time where God has really called His church to be the hands and feet of Christ. Just a few (months) ago, a tornado tore through my neighborhood in Nashville, and two weeks later all the dates got cancelled for many artists. We just have to remember that as long as we live on earth, its a fallen place and tough times are going to happen, but God is good, literally, all the time. We have been set apart and now is the time for the church to truly become the church without walls and a ceiling. God’s people must reach out and show hurting people the love of God, so we can make a difference in a time when the people around us really need it the most. So go make someone’s day a little brighter. Like the old hymn says, “Brighten the corner where you are!”

We hope you enjoy the song “Nothing at All” by HighRoad:


Thank you Sarah for sharing you ministry with SGNScoops. We pray that HighRoad will continue to be a  blessing.


You can find HighRoad on the web by following the links below:



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Beyond the Song: the Griffith Family sings “He Restores” by Debbie Davis

Written by Staff on June 26, 2020 – 12:44 pm -

Beyond the Song: the Griffiths sing "He Restores" by Debbie Davis

The Griffith Family

Beyond the Song: the Griffith  Family sing “He Restores” by Debbie Davis

For this edition of Beyond the Song, Jantina Baksteen had a conversation wih Debbie Davis, songwriter, and Julie Griffith of gospel music artists the Griffith Family. Debbie is the writer of “He Restores,” sung by the Griffith Family.

Jantina Baksteen: I absolutely love this song and wanted everyone to hear it and the story behind the song. Debbie Davis, please introduce yourself to the readers of SGNScoops.

Beyond the Song: the Griffiths sing "He Restores" by Debbie Davis

Debbie Davis

Debbie Davis: I was born and raised in St. Joseph, Miss., by wonderful God-filled parents. I grew up on the old hymns and was introduced to Southern gospel music at a young age. I’ve been married to my high school sweetheart for 34 years and we have 3 children (their spouses), and 7 fabulous grandchildren.

JD: Please tell us about your song writing ministry.

DD: When I was in grade school I began to write little songs and poems. It wasn’t until I was a teen I realized I wanted to be a songwriter. I formed a gospel trio in 1994 (Full Life Trio), and I wrote a lot of the songs that we sang through our 24 years of ministry.

In 2014, I attended my first Write About Jesus Conference, in St. Charles, Miss. That conference changed my songwriting life! I began co-writing with some of the other songwriters I met at that yearly conference, and have made many life-time friends through it. This year will be my sixth year attending.

In November 2017, I signed as a staff songwriter with Crossroads Music out of Arden, N.C. Greg Bentley and the folks at Crossroads are some of the finest people I’ve met in this industry. 

JB:  What works for you? First the lyric or first the melody?

DD: Each song is different. Sometimes the lyrics come first. Sometimes the lyrics and melody come at the same time. Very rarely does the melody come first.

Beyond the Song: the Griffiths sing "He Restores" by Debbie Davis

Debbie Davis

JB: I got in contact with you through  KNMG Radio, owned by Scott Peek where your song, “He Restores,” was released for the first time, sung by the Griffith Family. It got my attention right away. How did this powerful song come together?

DD: In 2015, I took a six-week mentorship course with Belinda Smith. She pushed me to be a better writer (and she still does). During the six-week course, Belinda gave us, her mentees, an assignment. She had met a lady, Mary, who was estranged from her daughter and wasn’t allowed to be a part of her life or her grandchild’s life. The lady was hurting and broken. Belinda challenged us, “If you could write a song specifically for that broken, wounded women….. what would you say to her through song?”

When I read the assignment, I immediately said, “He restores… I would tell her that He restores.” So, over the next few days, I poured into this assignment, and the song “He Restores” was born.

Beyond the Song: the Griffiths sing "He Restores" by Debbie DavisWhen I decided I wanted to share the song with other groups, I knew I needed a professional demo. At that time, I didn’t have any idea how to go about getting that kind of demo done. I reached out to my facebook friend, John Mathis, Jr., and he put me in touch with Tony Griffith.

To make this very long story a bit shorter, let me just say that the day Tony sent me the demo back, he also called me. He said that him and his wife Julie have a family group, The Griffith Family, and they were going into the studio soon. He said that “He Restores” is their testimony song, and they wanted to record it. The Griffith Family have become dear friends to me since that time.

JB: Are there more artists you know of who have recorded it?

DD: None that I know of, but there are some churches in the U.S. and Canada who use it during their altar services.

JB: What is the meassage in the song?

DD:  It doesn’t matter what dark and broken place you find yourself in, God is able to restore it, not to what it was before, but His restoration can make it better than before. Bring your burdens to the Lord, for He restores.

JB: What advice would you give to aspiring songwriters?

DD: I would urge them to go to Sue Smith’s “Write About Jesus” conference. It’s well worth  the investment.

JB: How can artists who are looking for songs get in contact with you?

DD: They can email me at debbie@oneblessedchicky.com or they can message me on social media:



JB: Thank you, Debbie, for sharing your ministry and the story behind this amazing song with our readers. May God continue to bless your ministry.

Beyond the Song: the Griffiths sing "He Restores" by Debbie DavisThe Griffith Family was the artist who recorded “He Restores.” I had to get in contact with them to hear their story behind the song.

JB: Please introduce the Griffith Family to our readers.

Julie Griffith: We are a family ministry, consisting of husband and wife, Tony and Julie, and four of our five children: Caleb, Jadyn, and Peyton. Our two girls sing, and our son plays the drums. We also have a new baby, Allen Todd, who is three months old. I’m sure when he is old enough he will either play or sing. Maybe both. 
We are also joined by husband and wife team, Austin and Amber Dash.


Griffith FamilyJB: I was touched by the song “He Restores,” the minute I heard it. What is your story /testimony and reason for having this song recorded on ‘Give His Love Away” CD?

JG: This is the story and testimony that we give every time that we stand on a stage: We believe that finding this song was a divine appointment from God. Tony and I had just come through the biggest struggle in our marriage that we had ever faced. We almost got divorced. Through the grace of God and much prayer, our marriage was restored. Just a few short months later, Tony was working with a record company, and he was asked to make a demo for “He Restores.” As he was working on the music, he called me into the room to listen to what he had in mind for the song. As I read and tried to sing the lyrics, all I could do was cry. This was our testimony. This was what God had just done in our marriage. I’m tearing up just writing this.

So at that time ,we were looking for songs to put on our record. We had to have this one. We asked Debbie if we could record it, and shared our testimony with her. and she’s so graciously said yes.

JB: Is this song on your concert reportoire every time?

JG:  Absolutely!

JB: How does the crowd receive this song?

JG: It ministers to so many people, and there aren’t many places, that when this song is shared, that it doesn’t move and bring people to tears. There are so many hurting who share the same struggles that we’ve had in our marriage. And it brings them hope and they come to us for prayer and counseling.

JB: Just recently, you were blessed with a new family member. Is your little son already traveling with you?

JG: He is traveling with us now. Mom and baby took a break from the road to try to get through those first couple of sleepless months. Things are definitely getting back to normal now.

JB: What is ahead for the Griffith Family?

JG: We have a new single out to radio, called, “It Took the Cross.” We pray that God continues to bless and open more doors for us to share this message of what’s he’s done through his son and the power of the cross! We love to minister, travel, play music and sing, so we are going to do it as long as God will allow us to. 

JB: What is your favorite Bible verse to refer to?

JG: Ephesians 3:20: “Now unto him who is able to do exceedingly, abundantly, above all that we ask or think, according to the power that worketh in us.”

JB: Is there anything else you’d like SGNScoops to know?

JG:Just that we sincerely appreciate everyone who loves and listens to our music. We covet the prayers of other believers in Christ who desire to see God change lives through His gospel!

JB: Where can they find you on the internet?

JG: Our website is

We hope you enjoy the song “He Restores,” written by Debbie Davis and sung by the Griffith Family.

The Griffith Family: The first performance on stage after the song’s release.

Thank you to both Debbie Davis and the Griffith Family for sharing your thoughts on this powerful song. May God bless you as you continue to serve him.

By Jantina Baksteen

Jantina Baksteen is a regular contributor to SGNScoops Magazine and SGNScoops website.

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Beyond the Song: Wisecarvers sing “Go Down Again”

Written by Staff on June 13, 2020 – 6:40 am -

Beyond the Song. Wisecarvers. Go Down Again.Beyond the Song: the Wisecarvers sing “Go Down Again” 

By Jantina Baksteen

I got in contact with Dustin Wisecarver of the Wisecarvers, a Southern gospel family group that consists of: Vince and Tammy, Chase and Kasie, and Dustin and Kaila. They tell us about their group and explain the background of “Go Down Again.”

Jantina Baksteen: Please introduce your group to our readers. 

Dustin Wisecarver:  Mom and Dad got us started with a dream and a calling. So we’ll start with them! Mom, Tammy, she can have you blessed, crying, and reaching for tissues before you know it. She has a powerful testimony of healing from cancer that has encouraged countless folks in their own battles with it. Dad, Vince, has a country style voice and some of the smoothest rhythm guitar you’ll ever hear. There’s nothing much he can’t do. Above what you see on stage, he keeps the bus running and taught Chase and I to sing and play. Which leads to Chase my brother. He’s our versatile powerhouse lead vocalist. He can go from power notes in ballads to the sweetest sincere moments that grab your heart. Chase has the gift to write songs that are so completely different than the norm. He sees things when he reads the word of God others miss and often you’ll find that in his writing. Songs he’s written such as “Turn Back Time,” which is really the that first song that got us noticed in the Southern gospel world, will make even a saint cry and want to make sure their walk with the Lord is where it ought to be! His wife’s name is Kasie and she is our prayer and faith warrior. Though she’s not on the platform she’s there with a kind word or can be found praying with folks at the altar. They have a little boy named Jake who, for about the past year, has started coming up and singing a little bit with us here and there. He’s taking my “choo-choo” song, as he calls it, and playing his little harmonica and singing it. He turned four in February and is stealing the show. Then there’s my wife Kaila. She’s truly special and ever so anointed. She definitely holds me together and I couldn’t do what I do without her. She’s got the voice of an angel and looks like one too. She’s very versatile in both the styles she can sing and write. She goes from peaceful worship moments to the big powerful songs that’ll have you shoutin’. We have an awesome one year old named Whalen, who has totally changed our world. He’s got a little smile and just like we prayed before he was born, he brings joy everywhere we go. Finally, I like to say, ‘I’m just here.’ I play a little harmonica. I write and sing a little bit. I just consider it a privilege to be surrounded by such an amazing family with such talent. I’m not worthy to be in their midst nor to work for the Lord, but I’m awful glad He called me, and He called me to where I am and who I am with.

Beyond the Song. Wisecarvers. Go Down Again.JB: When did you start to sing as a family group?

DW: We always sang in our home church, and would put on concerts at our family reunions. Chase and I grew up with aunts and uncles as our biggest fan base. They always flattered us and made us feel like we were big time. They would even tip! But then somewhere along the way, we felt God tugging at our hearts for more than just music. He said He had a job for us to do with our gifts, and in 2005, The Wisecarvers was officially born.

JB: I met you at first in 2016, at NQC, where you won the showcase and debuted on main stage that same evening. Tell us about that experience.

DW: Wow, the shock of actually having our name called in itself was unbelievable! I remember huge smiles at each other on that stage, as if our eyes said, “Wow! Can you believe where we are standing?”

Up until that point we had only been on one sided stages. NQC has this four sided stage and I remember us jokingly on the side asking each other, “Where do we go?” Then we were like, “No seriously, which side?”

One of my favorite things was coming off the stage, there were fans who knew us from our travels who were standing at their seats waving, giving us thumbs up, saying things like “Way to go!” We are awful thankful they keep inviting us back year after year!

JB: Did that experience give a boost to your ministry?

DW: It certainly did! It introduced us to many new friends. New doors were opened and dates added to the following year’s schedule. There were also D.J.s who either hadn’t heard us live, or hadn’t even heard us at all, until that point. We are very thankful for that experience.

JB: I know you have a testimony in the song, “It Was Jesus,” on the  “Armor” album. Please share about that.

DW: This is Momma’s testimony. Twelve years ago she was diagnosed with Stage Four cancer and given only six to twelve months to live. God intervened and as the song states there was no chemo, no surgery, just  a whole lot of prayer and faith. God healed her and she is still alive and well, serving the Lord today, 100% cancer free. The song is also about things that can not be explained other than to say, “It Was Jesus!” Sometimes we get to those points in life where He is our only way out. We encourage those who might be in the most hopeless situations that there is still hope in Him.

Beyond the Song. Wisecarvers. Go Down Again..JB: You have a CD out called “Sillouette.”  When I checked the information on this album, I saw that your group penned all, or almost all, of the songs. Where do you get the inspiration to write?

DW: Sometimes inspiration comes from where we’ve been and what we’re going through ourselves in those moments. Those songs go back to what God is doing in our lives or trying to teach us personally. It’s always surprising when you put those songs out, how many other people happen to relate so closely to your message. Then, that inspires more songs because you realize that people need to hear what God has done for us, letting them know He can do the same for them. There are songs that are also birthed straight out of a scripture from the word of God. Then there are those you just start writing that seem to come out of nowhere, but it’s the Holy Spirit giving you something the people need to hear. In all those scenarios, the short answer would be, “God!”

JB: You launched a song to radio that’s called, “Go Down Again.” Can you share the message of that song?

DW: If God said it, it will happen! It doesn’t matter what circumstances or people say, God’s promises are true and will come to pass because God cannot lie. Naaman was told to go dip in Jordan seven times. The song asks the question of whether Naaman might have gotten discouraged on times one through six with no partial healings or signs, just the promise. The song shifts to our personal lives with things we pray about. Sometimes we don’t have signs. Sometimes there’s no evidence that our prayers will be answered. All we have are the promises in God’s word and that’s enough! The song defines faith and is intended to encourage people to not waiver in theirs!

JB: Kaila wrote this amazing song. How did that came about?

DW: A lot of times songs have an amazing story about how they developed or the journey to the final lyrics, but with “Go Down Again,” Kaila said it kind of just happened. The Lord gave her the words, the melody, it all came together from very personal experiences but not without some hesitation. At one time, she wasn’t even sure if anyone would like the song or understand what she was trying to say. But once we got in the studio and started to record, we knew it was something special. The enemy was just fighting to keep the message from being heard.

Beyond the Song. Wisecarvers. Go Down Again.JB: What is it to travel on the bus with the entire family and with the two little boys, Jake and Whalen?

DW: Oh, those two are the life of the party! They keep us laughing and smiling the whole time. It’s been fun to watch them begin their lives this way. Jake’s a smart little guy. He knows that bus inside and out. He is always eager to help and wants to work hard for Jesus. Whalen is just taking it all in. He’s just getting to where he can move around and getting harder to keep up with. The best part, we get to all do something we love to do together as a family.

JB: What is ahead for you in 2020?

DW: Well, we are writing new songs for a new project. Nothing is scheduled yet, but we have a few that are coming along nicely. We are also on pace to have our busiest year to date. God is definitely opening up new doors!

JB: Where can we find you on the web?

DW: You can visit our website, www.thewisecarvers.com, and also find us on all major social media platforms – Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!

JB: What is your desire for your ministry?

DW: I want to be more effective. I want a double portion. Above all, I want to see Christ high and lifted up!

We hope you will enjoy hearing the Wisecarvers sing “Go Down Again:”


Thanks to Dustin Wisecarver for sharing your family ministry with SGNScoops. God’s blessings and guidance for your ministry in the days and months ahead.

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Beyond the Song: Hope’s Journey sing We Are Not Ashamed

Written by Staff on June 6, 2020 – 4:46 am -

Beyond the Song: Hope's Journey sing We Are Not Ashamed

Hope’s Journey


Beyond the Song by Jantina Baksteen 

Hope’s Journey has a new song out to radio called, “We Are Not Ashamed,” and I got in contact with Alicia Estis to tell us about the trio’s ministry and the story of this song.

Jantina Baksteen: Please share with SGNScoops readers who Hope’s Journey is. When and how did Hope’s Journey get started?

Alicia Estis: Fourteen years ago, Vonda Easley Armstrong and her daughter, Ashley (Easley) Franks, began the ministry of Hope’s Journey. The vision for the group was to spread hope to a lost and dying world. 

JB: What is the current line-up of Hope’s Journey?

AE: Hope’s Journey is comprised of Vonda Easley Armstrong, Alicia Estis, and Jenny Sullivan, and our mission is still the same.

JB: The name of your group tells a message already. What is your hope on your personal journey?

AE: My hope is that my life points the way to Jesus. We are here for just a breath. It does not matter if people know my name or what I have done. Only Christ…nothing else.

“Only one life, ‘twill soon be past, only what’s done for Christ will last.” –C.T Studd.

JB:The new song that Hope’s Journey has released to radio is “We Are Not Ashamed.” I believe that you wrote it with your husband. Please share when and how this song came to be.

AE: “We Are Not Ashamed” was written in the summer of 2016. Rachael Gill and her mother, Debbie Gill, co-wrote this song with us over the phone while my family was on vacation in Gatlinburg, Tenn. I vividly remember sitting with my husband on the balcony overlooking the beautiful Smoky Mountains, scribbling words down on paper as God gave them to us.

I always find myself in awe! It’s exhilarating to hold the pen as the Author speaks to my heart.


JB: How does this song encourage you to stand boldly for the Gospel and share the good news to a world that needs to be reached?

AE: Romans 1:16 “For I am not ashamed of the gospel, because it is the power of God that brings salvation to everyone who believes….”  People can’t believe if they do not know. As Christians, God has chosen us to be the vessels that carry the good news to this world. It is our obligation.  Luke 9:26 “Whoever is ashamed of me and my words, the Son of Man will be ashamed of them when he comes in his glory and in the glory of the Father and of the holy angels. This world is not ashamed of the messages they are sharing. The Bible is our authority, not man. Pass all the laws you want, you can’t legalize sin. God hasn’t changed his mind. His word is still as true today as it has been for all time. What an impact we could make if we all joined together and boldly proclaimed that Jesus Christ is Lord. I am not ashamed!

Beyond the Song: Hope's Journey sing We Are Not AshamedJB: Quite remarkable how this song is out now, when the world is in a big storm through this Corona virus. What message of hope would you share to the crowd you sing to, or your next door neighbor, or even in the grocery store?

AE: Christian hope is not the same as the word hope often used by man. It is not a feeling, it is a reality. A confidence that when God makes a promise, he keeps it. He has promised that his grace is sufficient, we can have eternal life through him, and he will come again for us. People need to know this. We can’t keep it to ourselves.

2 Corinthians 12:9 (KJV) “And he said unto me, My grace is sufficient for thee: for my strength is made perfect in weakness.” 1 John 2:25 (KJV) “And this is the promise that he hath promised us, even eternal life.” John 14:3 (KJV) “And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again, and receive you unto myself; that where I am, there ye may be also.” Titus 2:13 (KJV) “Looking for that blessed hope, and the glorious appearing of the great God and our Saviour Jesus Christ!”

JB: What is coming in the near future for Hope’s Journey?

AE: Since we are an all-female trio, we have an awesome opportunity to minister at ladies conferences and events. Women and men have different needs, and this allows us to break down barriers and reach those that may not feel comfortable sharing in another setting. God has given Vonda an unbelievable gift to communicate his word, his love, and his truth. I know that God has placed this desire in all of our hearts to share to hurting women through music and the spoken word, offering the hope and peace that only Christ can give.

JB: Do you have a personal testimony you’d like to share with the readers of SGNScoops?

AE: I was very blessed to grow up in a home with parents who were fully committed to God. I remember that special tug at my heart when the Lord called me to the altar when I was in sixth grade. He was so very real to me, and I made promises to him that I was determined to keep no matter the price. In my youth, I watched my friends come in and go out of church; it really burdened my heart to see the consequences of sin impact the lives of people I loved. I began working with children and youth when I was in high school; and God united me with a young man who shared my passions. Now, as youth pastors and parents to four beautiful children, we have grown together in the Lord, and our desire is to inspire children to have a deep relationship with Christ. I feel an urgency to share what he has given us and want everyone to experience what I feel. I want more of him. I want to always be sensitive to his Spirit and go where he leads me.

JB: How many tour dates does Hope’s Journey have in a year?

AE: We all have families and are active in our home churches, so being a full-time group is not the goal. What is most important is that we go when and where God wants us to.

JB: Do you have a funny road story that only the members of Hope’s Journey know?

AE: To display our shirts, we have a torso that we bring along with us named “Fred.” We love him because he doesn’t say anything. We had a blow out on the road and couldn’t get the blown out tire back in the space where the spare was held. There was no room in the car, so Fred had to ride in my lap for the duration of the trip. We had some interesting conversations with Fred…..and some head turns from passing traffic. By the way, Jenny is amazing. You should have seen her on the ground changing the tire.

JB: What is on the bucket list for the group?

AE: More than anything else, we want to see souls saved. That is all that matters.

We hope you enjoy “We Are Not Ashamed,” by Hope’s Journey:


Beyond the Song: Hope's Journey sing We Are Not Ashamed







Find Hope’s Journey HERE.

Thank you Alicia for sharing your ministry with us. We pray that the gospel you share through song will touch the lives you sing to.

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Beyond the Song: the Bates Family are Somewhere Prayin’

Written by Staff on May 30, 2020 – 5:14 pm -

Bates Family t

Bates Family

Beyond the Song with Jantina Baksteen

I connected with Tim Bates of the Bates family, and Tim generously agreed to join me for this edition of Beyond the Song.

Jantina Baksteen: Can you introduce your family to the readers of SGNScoops?
Tim Bates: The Bates Family consist of husband and wife, Tim and LaDonna, and their 12 year old daughter Laykin.

JB: Your family has a long history of singing, starting from 1985. Can you share something about that?

TB: The Bates Family was actually started by my twin brother, Tony, and I, back home in the southern part of Ohio, in a town called West Portsmouth.

Tim Bates

JB: What awards have you been nominated for, and won over the years?

TB: Well, we have only won just one award. It was a Diamond Award, back in 2016, for a song called, “Louder Than The Nails.” It won for the short video of the year. We have also been nominated a couple of times for Trio of the Year. We are so humbled that people would feel that way about us to actually cast votes for us.

JB: Your daughter is joining you now as third part of your ministry. Does she sing on every event at which you’re invited to sing?

TB: Yes, Laykin is singing with us on every date now; she’s doing the full sets with us. What an  incredible blessing to see her grow in her gift that God has given her. She works hard every week on her craft. We believe in working in the spirit of excellence, and when it comes to ministry she understands it is hard work but also fun and very rewarding.

JB: Do you have a testimony to share?

TB: When I was four years old, I accidently shot myself in the chest with a .22 caliber pistol, point blank in the chest. The bullet severed an artery in my heart, gun powdered my lungs, damaged my voice box, then lodged in the base of my neck. The doctors told my family that if I survived, I would never be able to speak above a whisper. To make a long story short, God’s people prayed and I received my miracle of being able to speak. God restored me and here I am, 35 years later, still singing and preaching for him.

JB: You just released a new song to radio, called “Somewhere Prayin’.” You wrote this song, can you share how this song came together?

TB: Yes, our new single “Somewhere Prayin’,” will drop at radio at the end of the this month. I wrote it from an evangelistic point of view. Through out the year, we conduct revivals and conferences, and there are a ton of broken people that speak their heart to me when they respond to the altar calls. And to hear what they’re going through, and being able to help pray with them to help them make it to victory, is the very essence of why we do what we do. It’s a very tender song, with a great message that is sure to reach the listener right where they are at. It has touched so many at our live concerts already, and we are very grateful for that.

JB: What is your story about the importance of praying in your life?

TB: Prayer is the greatest weapon we have against the enemy. It knows no bounds and without it a Christian cannot be effective. To be able to listen to God for instruction for family and ministry and just daily life is essential to having success. God’s word says that a righteous man’s feet are ordered by the Lord, how would you know which way to go without prayer.

JB: What’s ahead for you in the near future?

TB: The future for the Bates Family has always been to strive to reach more and more people for the cause of Christ. Through radio, live concerts, songwriting etc., wherever there are new doors that will open for us, we will go and share our hearts and let God do the rest.

JB: Where can we find your ministry on the web?

TB: You can find us on the web at www.batesfamilygospel.org . We would love to come and be a part of your event or church service.


Thanks to Tim Bates for sharing from your heart. We hope you enjoy this song, as sung by the Bates Family


Thank you so much, Tim Bates, for sharing your ministry. May God continue His blessing on the work you do.

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Beyond the Song: Meet DJ Marty Smith

Written by Staff on May 22, 2020 – 9:17 am -

Marty Smith. Heavens countryBeyond the Song by Jantina Baksteen

In this edition of Beyond the Song, SGNScoops is pleased to introduce Marty Smith, Christian Country DJ for Heaven’s Country. On-air music, weather online or on the radio, on our phones or iPods, is usually the first place where we hear a new song that touches our heart, emotions, and life. The DJs that present this music fulfill a very important role. Marty Smith takes this role very seriously and uses it as an opportunity for ministry.

Jantina Baksteen: Please give us a short introduction of yourself for those who’ve never heard of you?

Marty Smith: My name is Marty Smith. My wife and I live in Bayfield, Colorado, with our two dogs. Our three daughters are grown and on their own and live in Colorado Springs, Colorado. I’m a  morning host on Heaven’s Country. I’ve been a disc jockey for about thirty years now. I started radio in 1990, at a small AM station in Kansas City, Missouri (AM 1090 KEXS). Our format was Southern Gospel. I’ve worked other formats including Christian Country, Soft Rock, Mainstream Country, Contemporary Christian music and Inspirational Music. I love getting on the air everyday. It’s so much fun! I broadcast from my radio station in Bayfield, Colorado. We’re a local station with a global impact.

JB: You broadcast for Heaven’s Country, an online radio station. Are you the owner?

MS: Yes, I am the owner and morning host of Heaven’s Country. Bev McCann is our afternoon drive time host (“Your Drive Home with Bev”), and Les Roberts is our evening host (“Evenings with Les Roberts”).

JB: How and when did this radio station start?

MS: Heaven’s Country first went on the air on April 1, 2011. I spent two years putting it all together before I went on the air. I wanted to make sure it had that professional sound I was looking for. My goal was to present a Christian Country radio station to the world that would compete with mainstream country radio. Looking at our listening numbers, we have more listeners than a lot of mainstream country stations.  We pride ourselves on our professionalism. I wanted to have a fun radio station that people would enjoy and look forward to tuning in to. Millions of people tune in to Heaven’s Country.


Marty Smith. Heavens country

Marty Smith and his two favourite co-hosts

JB: What is your mission?

MS: To reach the lost with the good news of Jesus Christ through Christian Country music. My mission is to get this music to as many people as I possibly can. I can’t physically travel the world to share the gospel, but my voice does. It’s pretty humbling.


JB: What kinds of music do you broadcast?

MS: Christian Country music. However on my morning show, I might play some Southern gospel and Christian Contemporary as well. My listeners love it. They have a wide range of musical tastes.


JB: What’s your history in radio?

MS: I started my radio career in 1990. People kept telling me they loved my voice. I tried for years to get into radio but Program Directors kept telling me I was too old at the time. I walked into AM 1090 KEXS and they asked if I had any experience. I told them I did not and they slammed the door in my face. I went in and filled out an application anyway. On my way home, I prayed, “Lord, I give up. If this is what you want, then you do it. I’m going to leave this in your hands.” Five days later they called me up for an interview. They were concerned that I didn’t have any on air experience. So I told them, “You need help and I need the experience so I tell you what, I’ll work free for thirty days and if you don’t like what you hear, let me go.” The owner at the time (Gary Babb) gave me a chance, and here I am, thirty years later. If it wasn’t for him, I never would have gotten into radio.


JB: Do you sing?

MS: Only in the car or in the shower. My dogs run when I sing, tails between their legs, whining as they run out of the room!  It’s not pretty.


JB: When you mute your mic and step out of the studio, what keeps you busy?

MS: Step out of the studio? What?  Just kidding. I work a full time job running a lab and x-ray department at the Southern Ute Indian Health Center. My full time job funds my radio station.


JB: Do you have a music hero?

MS: Mid South and White River. Those two groups helped define and put Christian Country music out there for the world to hear and enjoy. I’m also a big George Strait and Alabama fan. Their gospel songs are amazing.


Marty Smith. Heavens countryJB: What message do you want to share the world in this crisis we live in with the Corona pandemic?

MS: Hope. God’s got this. I know it’s scary right now and there are a lot of unknowns to us, but God is not surprised by this. We’re gonna get through this. I believe when we do, we’ll see ourselves closer to God and hopefully we won’t take too many things for granted anymore. Oh, and remember to wash your hands, cover your mouth when you cough and be sure you are social distancing.


JB: How can listeners tune in?

MS: Just go to www.heavenscountry.com and click the player at the top of the home page. You can also download our Heaven’s Country Radio App there on the home page.

JB: You also do a Facebook live show. Share with us something about that.

MS: I broadcast my show not only on Facebook, but on my You Tube channel, the WOTG Radio Network, The Heaven’s Country Radio Network, WOTG TV West and Heaven’s Country TV and ROKU. You can find me on Facebook by typing in, “Marty Smith Durango.” It will go straight to my page. Be sure to follow me and it will let you know when I’m on the air. During this Coronavirus pandemic, I’m on twice a day, 6 AM and 2 PM LIVE (Mountain Time) on Facebook. It’s a chance for my listeners and I to get together, stay inside and practice Social Distancing. I also host a Christian Country Classics show called, “The Triple C on HC,” every Saturday night at 7 PM. All times are MTN Time. You can also subscribe to my YouTube Channel. Just look for, “Mornings with Mar-Tay” and subscribe.


JB: What is the reach of your radio show?

MS: Worldwide. I tell people, “We’re a local radio station with a global impact,” because Heaven’s Country has reached every country in the world, but we also impact Bayfield. I’m very humbled by this. It’s amazing that with just the touch of a button, Heaven’s Country is heard worldwide. When I do my live Facebook and You Tube show, I have about twelve to fifteen countries that tune in every morning. On average, we have fifty to sixty countries tuning in everyday.


Be sure to listen in to Heaven’s Country every morning with Marty Smith to hear some great music and meet a great community of listeners. Marty Smith will encourage you and leave you laughing. As Marty would say, “Take it from the Top!”


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Beyond the Song: The Adams Family sings “I Can’t Quit”

Written by Staff on May 8, 2020 – 6:33 am -

Adams Family Beyond the Song: The Adams Family sings “I Can’t Quit”

I got in touch with Tim McFarland who sings with the Adams Family group and he joined me for this interview. Enjoy the story, as we go Beyond the Song with the Adams Family.

Jantina Baksteen: Please introduce the Adams Family to the readers of SGNScoops.

Tim McFarland: The Adams Family is an American southern gospel band, named after its founder and leader Russ Adams, based out of Trenton, Ohio. As of January 2019, the band consists of Russ Adams, Susan Longworth, David Longworth, and Tim McFarland. Although the group started out with Russ, his sister, brother and brother in-law in the 1970s, it has had very few band member changes.

Russ Adams is proud to be standing side by side with part of his family singing about the good news of the Lord Jesus Christ. Russ plays the guitar and sings lead and baritone for the group. Russ lives in Trenton, Ohio, with his beautiful wife Peggy.

Susan Longworth is the youngest and only daughter of Russ and Peggy. Her beautiful voice and talent on the piano are small in comparison to her love for God. While traveling she met the love of her life David Longworth who now stands side by side with her on stage nightly. They have raised two beautiful children and reside in Trenton, Ohio.

David Longworth is the only son-in-law of Russ and Peggy, and is the lead guitarist and sound man. His guitar skills are second to none and adds a unique style to the group’s sound. David is also a minister of the Gospel. David resides in Trenton with his wife Susan and their two children.

Tim McFarland is the newest member of the group. Tim joined in 2011 as bass player and now sings lead and tenor backup vocals. He resides in Ross, Ohio. Tim is married to his wife Lisa; they have three daughters and a son, along with five grandchildren.

JB: Who are your musical influences?

TM: One of the Adams family influences in the early years was their friends, The Hinsons.

Adams Family. Beyond the Song. I Can't QuitJB: As for right now you have a great new radio release called, “I Can’t Quit,” written by Stephen Phillips. On what album is this recorded?

TM: The song “I Can’t Quit” is our latest release from our CD, The Time is Now.

JB: What made you to record this song and what is the message?

Susan Longworth: During song selection, which is listening to about 300 plus songs that were sent to us by various writers, I decided to start scanning the internet for some other songs. I came across “I Can’t Quit” on You Tube. After presenting it to the group, we were all like, “Oh my gosh, we have to do this song!” The message in it hit all of us, and those songs are hard to find.

The message in this song is so powerful! It talks about not quitting because Jesus never quits on us. How life can be hard and overwhelming at times and you sometimes just want to quit and give up, but as a child of God, he instills a fire within us that keeps burning and that fire keeps us going.

JB: What does this song mean to you personally? 
TM:  I’ll just be honest here, there was a time in my life when it seemed like my whole world had been taken away from me. I wasn’t sure if there was even a reason to go back to church, and I had grown up a pastor’s son. BUt then God, just like he did for Jeremiah, reminded me I wasn’t the only one that ever been through stuff. He rekindled the flame in me, gave me new visions and told me not to quit. So yes, this song gets personal.

Adams FamilyJB: Do you have a testimony to share (about this song)?

TM: I don’t think we have sung this song out when/ where we haven’t gotten a strong response. The song relates to everyone, pastors, song leaders, every Christian out there living day to day.

JB: How does the crowd respond to this song?

SL: We have been singing this song out for almost a year now and the affect it has had is overwhelming. Night after night, God’s children are usually doing one of three things: Standing with arms lifted in praise, crying and sharing emotionally, or praying for God’s help and mercy. We have watched it as it touched the lives of the youth and the elderly, we have even seen congregations gather around their pastors and pray for God’s hand of mercy to keep him strong. Now that’s a testimony!

TM: This song has become so powerful in our own lives, that Russ and I have asked to do it with the track only. We want to enjoy the presence of the Holy Spirit without having to worry about playing it.

JB: What is your favorite Bible scripture? 

SL: My favorite Bible scripture is Isaiah 40: 28-31.

JB: The Butler Music Group is your agency. How is it to work with a celebrity like Les?

TM: Working with Les has been awesome and the best experience we have had as a group recording. He’s caring and has become a great friend. We all clicked from the beginning with Les. He will even tell you we are the only group he knew nothing about when we walked in the studio, yet through a word of prayer everything changed. Not only is Les a walking Southern gospel encyclopedia and icon, he’s a good old-fashioned preacher. Now, how can you go wrong with that. We are so honored to be working Les and the fine people at Butler/ Family Music Group. In our eyes, they’re the best.

JB: Do you have a funny road story?

We always like to share stories about some of our trips, so here’s a recent one from this past year.
As most know, since the bus went down, we’ve been traveling in vehicles from place to place. One Saturday night, we all met at a hotel in the town we were scheduled to sing in on Sunday. After eating dinner that night we returned to our rooms, but not before we decided where we were going to eat breakfast the next morning. That’s important stuff you know. Anyway, it was decided that we’d go to McDonalds. Well the next morning, Russ and Peggy got up and decided they would rather eat at the hotel (great choice on their part, I’m just saying). Not being a problem, David and Susan decided to ride to breakfast with Tim and his son Zach. Russ and Peggy soon joined them for a cup of coffee and a few laughs. After breakfast it was time to head on to church. Russ, Peggy, Susan and David went out one side of the building, Tim and Zach the other. Somewhere in the process David stopped to grab something, not sure what it was, probably not important. Anyway, what happened next was textbook. (Don’t get ahead of us now). Russ pulled out thinking Tim had David. Tim pulled out thinking Russ had David and the rest is history.
While leaving the lot, Russ looked up to see David running with his hands in the air trying to get somebody to stop and give him a ride. In the meantime, oblivious to what had just happened, Tim just keeps on going. They finally catch up to Tim and that’s when it happened. Tim’s phone rings, it’s Susan on the line, she made one little statement that would nearly get them all killed. “Tim tell David I have his guitar!” (Now, mind you, Russ is pulling a trailer full of equipment). Tim locked on his breaks in front of Russ, went from 45 to 0 in .0 seconds. He made a U-turn in the middle of a major highway, and headed back to McD’s to get his guitar player and sound man. All he could hear on the other end of the line was laughter, all they could hear was Tim’s heart hit the floor.
And then they laugh when Russ introduces the group and says, “This is what’s left of my kids that travel with me.”

JB: Where do we find you on the internet?

TM: The Adams Family can be contacted in several ways. First and foremost, would be our webpage HERE. We also have a few other media outlets like Facebook/ The Adams Family, or on Twitter/adamsfamilysingers. Bookings can be made online HERE  or by calling Russ directly at (513)708-6532.

Listen to the Adams Family singing “I Can’t Quit,” written by Stephen Phillips of the Phillips Family:

Thank you, Adams Family, for sharing the in and outs of your ministry. Hopefully you all will be back on the road soon, sharing the greatest message through song, for His glory and salvation to those who are lost.

By Jantina Baksteen

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Beyond the Song: Tribute Quartet sings “The Healer Hasn’t Lost His Touch”

Written by Staff on April 7, 2020 – 8:02 am -

Beyond the Song: Tribute Quartet sings The HealerBeyond the Song with Tribute Quartet

By Jantina Baksteen

I got in contact with Gary Casto of Tribute for this interview, to talk about the album, “Living the Story,” and the single, “The Healer Hasn’t Lost His Touch.” Tribute Quartet members are: Gary Casto, Josh SIngletary, Anthony Davis, and Gus Gaches.

Jantina Baksteen: Please share how the dynamic group, Tribute, was born!

Gary Casto: Josh and I traveled with a family group by the name of, “The Wilburns,” and when they retired in 2005, they “passed the mantel” to us. We officially started Tribute on Dec. 31, 2006.


JB: You recently went through a line up change as Riley Harrison Clark stepped down to pursue a solo career. Gus Gaches then stepped into the tenor position. How did this transition go?

GC: With Gus’s tenure on the platform and studio producing experience, it made the transition very easy.

JB: Your new project, “Living the Story,” has been released. Tell us about this album. What is the story Tribute lives?

GC: “Living the Stories:” We are truly excited about this new project. This 10 song project speaks to the very lives that we all live and the part it plays in God’s bigger story. Tribute has had ups and downs, and it has all been to the furthering of God’s story of sovereignty, grace, and the pursuing and growth of His kingdom. Each night we have the opportunity to hear the stories of people and where God has them at those points in life. It really makes you stop and realize (the size) of a true story that’s being created every second of every day.

Tribute QuartetJB: The song, “The Healer Hasn’t Lost His Touch,” is on the charts now. Please tell us the story of this song. What does the message mean to you personally?

GC: This was the very first song we chose and put on hold for the new album two years prior. This song is a reminder that no matter what you are facing, whether it’s physical, emotional, financial or spiritual, The Healer, Jesus Christ, knows exactly where you are at, and he hasn’t lost his healing touch.


JB: What message do you give to the crowds who attend your concerts every night?

GCOur message each night is to let our listening audience know that we serve a real, living Savior that loves them greatly.


JB: What do you do when the concert is over and you’re back on the bus?

GC: (We are) usually looking for food. (Laughs). We do try to recall and discuss how we felt the concert went and how to improve for the next one.


JB: Who is the loudest of all of you?

GC: That would would be a toss up between a couple of them. Probably best if I move on from this question. (Laughs)


JB: What’s your favorite place to eat?

GC: I have so many favorites, but if I had to narrow them down, I would say Houston’s and Morton’s.


JB: What’s ahead for Tribute in the near future? Do you have any special  events, or are you traveling outside of the States?

GC: We just finished a new concept video of a song from our new project that will be releasing soon. We are working on another European tour and possibly another trip to Africa.


JB: What was your latest blooper that happened on or off stage?

GC: We were a couple minutes from going on stage, and the pastor sent someone to get me because he needed to speak with me about the evening program. When we finished talking, I started running because I heard the music of our first song playing. When I got to stage door, it was locked. To make a long story short, I tried several other doors and finally found one that wasn’t locked and ran onto the stage just as we stared singing first word of song. Needless to say, I was out of breath and could barely sing any notes – everyone was laughing!


JB: Where can we find you on the web?

GC: On Facebook:HERE

On the Web: HERE

And Twitter: @tributequartet

Enjoy the Tribute Quartet singing, “The Healer Hasn’t Lost His Touch”



This single by Tribute has hit number one and top five in the national gospel charts, and they are having a party! You can be a part of this online celebration TONIGHT, April 7, HERE.

Thank you to Gary Casto for taking us Beyond the Song with Tribute Quartet. May God keep you all safe and well.

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Beyond the Song: The Hyssongs sing There is a God

Written by Staff on April 4, 2020 – 7:59 am -

Beyond the Song: The Hyssongs sing There is a GodBeyond the Song by Jantina Baksteen featuring The Hyssongs

I caught up with Richard Hyssong of popular trio, the Hyssongs, to talk about their new radio song, “There Is God.” I love the family blend on this song. My first comment to Richard was, “Is this a Shane Roark song?” True story! Enjoy this interview. 

Jantina Baksteen: “There is a God,” is your third release to radio after “Choose Life,” and, “God Says You Can,” off of your latest project, Pressing On. Those three titles that are uplifting by themselves. What is the story behind this album?

Richard Hyssong: Our family has recorded at Chapel Valley with producer, Shane Roark, for about sixteen years. When we started working on our CD, Pressing On, our goal was to pick songs that would encourage people. It seems like the world is filled with hopelessness and the only one that will give us hope is Jesus Christ. We do not have a travelling ministry for awards or accolades, but we just found out that this CD was just nominated as one of the top 10 albums of the year.

We feel really blessed at how well our first single off this album has done. “God Says You Can,” has been on the charts for seven consecutive months. When we first heard this song, written by Matthew Lawson, we knew we had to record it. Phil 4:13 says “I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me.”  Many are called but due to self doubt, or others doubting them, they do not act on that calling. We need to remember that when God says you can, there is nothing you cannot do!

Prior to that we released “Choose Life,” which was the No. 1 song in Southern gospel last fall. That song was recorded about seven years ago. We decided to send the song to radio due to the timing of what was happening world wide. The song has three powerful verses, and each verse has a story. We knew that the messages needed to be heard, and people’s lives were changed. Michael Frost, the writer of the song has actually sent us another single that we cannot wait for everyone to hear later in 2020.

JB: Shane Roark is the writer of this powerful song, “There is a God.” Did Shane write it especially for this project?

RH: “There is a God,”, written by Shane, is our brand new radio release. It was written as a response to those that question and deny that God exists. When we were in the song selection stage of our new album, we discussed the state of our world. This song seemed to keep coming up, and there was no doubt we needed to record it. The song seems to be perfect for today as people are questioning everything.

Beyond the Song: The Hyssongs sing There is a GodJB: What is the message in this song?

RH: At this point, the world is dealing with Covid 19. As a full time music ministry, there is no income due to churches and venues being closed. In fact, as of right now, no one knows how this will effect world economically. So for me, this song has a deeper meaning. We know that God will take care of us regardless of what happens. God is the same yesterday, today, and forever and as the song says “There is a God, He knows my name.” I believe that with all my heart.

JB: I know you have an amazing testimony to share of your daughter, Mckayla. Can you share some of that with the readers?

RH: Most people know that our daughter, Makayla, was born with twenty-two tumors in her heart, and masses of brain tumors. She was just three days old when they discovered her physical issues. My wife, Kelly, and I were told that she would most likely not survive, and that if she did, she would never walk or talk. People all over the world prayed for her and today, she is eleven years old, and doing fantastic. All of her heart tumors are completely gone and she is doing great!

JB: When you look back to that time and that trial with your family, how does that mesh with the message in this song? 

RH: Going through that with our daughter has shown us the power of God. There is no doubt in our minds that “There is a God.”

JB: You travel as a family. How does it feel to spend so much time together?

RH: It is a little different travelling with your family. We have three generations in one vehicle, which can be quite interesting at times, however, we do get along quite well. 

JB: Can you share a funny story that happened on the road? How many dates do you do in a year?

RH: Our family typically performs 225 – 250 concerts and services per year. Each year it seems like we are busier than the year prior. 

Funny story: If you spend anytime with our family, you know we love to laugh. The first year at NQC, we were invited to do a TV interview. We were told that the program was called Daystar. Our time slot was at 8:00 p.m., and we needed to be there 10 minuted prior to sign some paper work. When we arrived at the Daystar network booth, they had no idea who we were or who had scheduled us. I typically do not push, but I felt that they made a huge mistake and had scheduled others and pushed us out. They informed the Booth Brothers that they had made a mistake, and needed to slide the Hyssongs (who nobody knew back then) in their spot. We did the interview and had a great time. Once we were done, we headed toward our booth. As we were walking back another man came up to us and was very upset with us. He informed my family that he was waiting to record us, and that he hosted a TV show with same name, Daystar, but not on that network. What are the chances! Talk about humiliating, however we got on both networks and shows!

Beyond the Song: The Hyssongs sing There is a God

The Hyssongs family

JB: Makayla is does an awesome job together with you on stage. Does she have the passion to follow in your footsteps?

RH: I love having our daughter sing a few songs with us at each concert. At this point, I am not sure what she will do in the future. Of course, I would love to have her and our son continue being a part of our ministry in some capacity. However, we want them to make those decisions and follow God’s leading. They both have some great gifts and it will be fun to see what the future has in store for each of them.

Please enjoy this video, as the Hyssongs sing, “There is a God!”


Special thanks to Richard Hyssong for chatting with us on Beyond the Song. You can find out more about the Hyssongs HERE.

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