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Annette Bingaman answers SGNScoops’ Fast Five!

Written by Staff on February 23, 2016 – 12:30 pm -

Annette Bingaman

Annette Bingaman

Thank you for joining us for another sampling of the SGNScoops’ Fast Five! Today we chat with Annette Bingaman from southern Illinois. Annette is one of the newest female vocalists on the Southern Gospel scene, although she has been in and around it most of her life. She has been a part of groups and choirs while living in Louisville and dreaming of singing at the National Quartet Convention.

Annette has now released two recordings as a soloist and has sung on the stages of both the National Quartet Convention and the Great Passion Play.

Join us as we ask Annette the SGNScoops’ Fast Five!

SGN: Annette, tells us all about your ministry.

Annette: My ministry is focused on touching hearts and offering comfort and peace to those who are suffering or searching for something to fill a void. I long to be used as His vessel in finding a love like none other: The unconditional love of God.

SGN: You have a new radio single! Tell us about the song and why you chose it?

Annette Bingaman

Annette Bingaman

Annette: This song, “I’ll Trust You with Tomorrow,” was written by Dianne Wilkinson. It is a very personal song to all of us with a powerful message the world needs to hear today. We take our burdens to the Lord in prayer and ask Him to take care of the situation, but we have a hidden agenda on how He should take care of it. When the situation is not taken care of the way we think it should be, we allow ourselves to worry and fret about it, stealing our joy.

God does not always work on the frontline, but many times on the sidelines or in the background. If we would just learn to “Trust Him with tomorrow and pray about today,” what an act of faith we would emanate to our Heavenly Father. Faith is rewarded. I pray the Lord’s blessings on each of you as you listen to the words of this song.

SGN: Will you please share your testimony with us?

Annette: I have been singing in church since I was a very small girl of about six years of age. A true sincerity for serving the Lord was placed in my life through my amazing parents. My dad was always a very active assistant to the pastor in our church as well as an amazing singer, and my mother wrote many songs, as well as played the piano. Even today, my father (now 93 years old) and my mother (now 80 years old), still play the same active parts in our church with my dad still singing solos and my mother still playing the piano. Their amazing examples placed something in my heart. Then, at the age of 10, I asked the Lord to come into my heart.

I have had tests and trials I have had to go through in my life; I have had struggles and heartaches, as we all have; but the one thing that has always remained true is the love I have always felt from the Lord, and the love I have kept in my heart for the Lord – the sincere desire to help others, to serve the Lord with a servant’s heart, to show my Heavenly Father how grateful I am to Him for the ultimate sacrifice He gave when He gave His only begotten Son for me and for you.

In return, it is my humble honor to offer my life, my talents, my voice for Him to use as His vessel. I cannot imagine the pain He must feel each time He sees us turn the wrong way, take the wrong path, or fall by the wayside. My prayer is that my ministry will help direct those who might have lost their way back to Him, for one day I would like to hear Him say “Well done, thou good and faithful servant.”

SGN: If our readers would like to book you or purchase product, how can they do that?

Annette: If our readers would like to contact me they can contact me through www.annette-bingaman.com .

SGN: What are some of your goals for your ministry for 2016?

Annette: I have a goal in 2016 to get on the road and touch as many hearts in as many churches across the United States as I am blessed to visit. I would like the United States to find out who “Annette Bingaman” is, and see and feel the sincerity of my heart. If the Lord sees fit to bless my ministry in making it on the charts this year, then to God be the glory.

Thanks so much to Annette Bingaman for being a part of this edition of SGNScoops’ Fast Five! We hope all of our readers have enjoyed getting to know this fine soloist.

Listen to one of Annette’s songs from YouTube here:

For more news click here.


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Donna King shares a Christmas Memory

Written by Staff on December 13, 2015 – 10:28 am -

donna dking song of noelDonna King released a lovely Christmas album last year that many of you have heard and enjoyed. With lovely vocals and creative arrangements, Donna, along with her husband Zane, have blessed us in all seasons of the year with beautiful music.

We asked Donna about her favorite Christmas memory, she shared the following with us:

Zane and Donna King

Zane and Donna King

“Here’s my favorite Christmas memory! Christmas 2015, when all of our children and Zane and I and our grandkids will gather in Lake Arrowhead, California and celebrate Christmas together in a sweet cabin on the edge of the lake with a fire burning, matching pjs… And matching love. Everyone will be safe and well and happy and drug free. I couldn’t ask for a better memory than the one we’re about to make!”

Donna, we hope the memories you are making are as sweet as you have shared with us! And we are looking forward to a possible song from the lyrical thoughts above. Merry Christmas to you and your family!

At SGN Scoops we hope you have…and are making…wonderful Christmas memories!  You can share them with us on our Facebook page here.

Wishing you and your family a blessed Christmas season!

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Mercy’s Well: One New Member, Same Heart for Music

Written by Staff on November 25, 2015 – 3:55 pm -

image1-1I delightfully chose to write on one of my favorite male trios this month. With its roots tracing back to 1998, Brad Strider, Greg Gainer and Jake Wood make up what is collectively known today as Mercy’s Well. I have personally grown to love these guys and appreciate the heart that they have towards the music that they sing. Their 2014 released project, Today, has become one of my most played albums. It has 10 outstanding songs, such as “Come As We Are,” “I’ll Trade This Valley For A Mountain,” and “I Wanna Hear The Gospel,” to name a few.


Mercy’s Well officially had its beginning in 2000. Group owner, Brad, tells us: “A friend of mine asked me to go with him to a revival service one night. He wanted me to play bass guitar with him and ‘sing a few’. The people enjoyed it and we started receiving invitations to go to different revivals and other services. We eventually added a third part and changed the name to Mercy’s Well.”


image1Brad Strider makes his home in Greensboro, NC, where the trio has its base. He serves in all areas for Mercy’s Well, from booking to emceeing on the stage. Brad began singing at the age of eight, following the footsteps of his parents and grandparents. “My grandpa had a quartet in the 40’s and 50’s. Also, my parents were in a quartet in the 70’s. That led to a family group, containing my brother and I,” he tells us. “I am so grateful for the musical examples that were lived in front of me. My family still sings together to this day, just without me,” he laughingly interjects.


Brad is also the owner of the graphics design company, b.creative, which keeps him extremely busy when he is not on the road singing. The company serves the graphic needs for several Southern Gospel groups, such as the Hoppers and Tribute Quartet, as well as the designs for the well-known event, National Quartet Convention. Brad’s most favorite past time also comes in the form of music. “I am an avid collector of classic Southern Gospel records. My collection is currently over 1,000 and is constantly growing in number,” he proudly admits. “I thoroughly enjoy collecting and listening to the albums of the classic groups that I grew up listening to. My all-time favorite is definitely the Cathedral Quartet.”


Long-time member, Greg Gainer, makes his home just down the road in Kernersville, NC. Greg’s smooth vocal ability and gentle spirit make him a favorite with audiences wherever the group performs. He also occasionally accompanies Mercy’s Well on stage with his piano abilities. During the week, Greg sells security systems for ADT. In his free time at home, he enjoys home improvement projects and working outside in his yard.


Greg says he took interest in the piano around the age of seven. “I would listen to choirs that came to the Christian school that I attended. Then I would go home and try to pick the songs out on the piano. My mom started taking me to piano lessons. Like any kid, I fought it at first. But today, I’m glad that I stuck with it,” he says. Greg later developed his vocal talents while in school. Before singing with Mercy’s Well, he spent about three years with the Pathfinders Quartet.


The newest member for Mercy’s Well is the young, talented Jake Wood. He makes his home in Trinity, NC. Although Jake has been with the trio for only a few short months, he is already singing his way into the hearts of those who are listening. “I have already had such a great time on the road with the guys,” says Jake. “I am excited to see the doors that God is going to open up for us in the future.” Jake began singing at the age of 11 and is the odd one of his family, being the only singer. He shares Brad’s love and musical influence of the memorable Cathedral Quartet, as well as Gold City. Jake spent roughly four years with local groups before joining Mercy’s Well. He is currently a student, enrolled at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. He is working towards a music performance major. Between traveling and school, Jake does not have much free time. But when time permits, he does enjoy outside activities, such as hiking.


Anyone who has ever traveled can attest to things going wrong from time to time. So was the case with a trip to Texas for this group of guys back in the spring. “We got all the way to Texas and our Sprinter decided to lay down on us. I had to find a way to get us to our dates by whatever means possible. So three full grown men piled into a U-Haul truck and drove to our next date,” Brad says with a laugh. “Looking back, it’s comical to me, although at the time, it definitely was not!”


Mercy’s Well just celebrated 15 years of music by releasing a project with a compilation of fan favorites. Thanks To You: Fifteen Years of Making Memories and Music consists of songs like “More Like Jesus, Less Like Me,” the never-released radio cut of “I’ll See You Soon,” and a remake of the trio’s most requested song, “Nothing But the Blood (Still Saves the Lost).” Also, the project includes three brand new songs with the vocals of the newcomer, Jake. They give their kudos to the superb producer and vocal arranger, Donna King. To order this new project, or any of the trio’s other music, visit www.mercyswell.com. You can find their tour schedule on that site as well.


Mercy’s Well is currently preparing for their annual Christmas tour. It will be kicked off by a banquet, which will be held on Friday, November 27 in Asheboro, NC at The Exchange. This is sure to be an exciting evening. So if you are close to that area, do not hesitate to call and make your reservations. The guys would love to sing you into the Christmas spirit.

By Jaquita Lindsey

First published by SGN Scoops in October 2015

For more artist news visit SGN Scoops on Facebook. 





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Thanksgiving and the Smokehouse!

Written by Staff on November 24, 2015 – 1:44 pm -

Dean Adkins carving a roast turkey

Dean Adkins carving a roast turkey

Sometimes I think as Americans we all want the perfect holiday setting. I mean the Norman Rockwell kind in the photos, complete with the big turkey and all the trimmings with family all around. Yes, even those meals with the kid’s table, because the adults filled the big dining table. But in reality, life is not picture perfect. It is so much more.

Being from a family of four boys in the South, sports always had a place on our Thanksgiving day. Mom did the cooking and getting things ready for the big supper and all the activities that normally followed. Thanksgiving also meant the Christmas tree was going up after we ate. Thanksgiving was the start of our holiday season. It was tradition.


One year it was a bit different. As teenagers, life was all about being with friends and not being at home. Our Thanksgiving tradition was our community football game with all the kids in the neighborhood. As we stepped outside on that crisp Thursday morning, we all knew the game would end when our moms called out, “Dinner time!” The smells filled the neighborhood and we all talked about what our moms were cooking.

As our football game started, our neighbor down the hollar was smokin’ a few turkeys for families in the neighborhood. You could see the smoke from his smoke house and smell it as the wind whiffed by. There was lots of laughter and some yelling as the game was in full swing. Yes it was Cowboys and Indians…well kinda….more like the Dallas Cowboys vs the Washington Redskins. We were having a blast, when the smoke began rolling heavy. It was as if the wind was blowing down hard!

A few minutes passed and then everyone heard the yelling from the holler; the smoke house was on fire! With garden hoses, rakes and hoes, men stormed the old smoke house. In a flash the fire was out. The building was partially destroyed but the damage was done. The turkeys were a lost cause.

imageIt seemed like the whole neighborhood was in a down state of mind after that. We tried to start the game back but that did not work. Everyone went back to their homes feeling blue. But within the hour, the phones were ringing. I remember hearing the command: “Get me the cooler and bring me the boxes from the basement.” In a bit there was food being packed up, more ingredients to finish the meal were boxed and we were heading to the church fellowship hall.

Well we got there and the parking lot was full. All the guys in the neighborhood were there and before you knew it, we were playing football on the church lawn. Our mOn my way! were in the kitchen cooking up a storm. In an hour or so the call went out: “SUPPER TIME!” As we filtered into the fellowship hall, neighbors greeted one another once again. There were smiles, laughs and handshakes going round.

The preacher strolled up and a gentle hush settled around us. Preacher said, “We have a lot to be thankful for today. We’ve got family, food, friends and a loving God.” He went on to say, “The smoke house burned today, but it was just a house. What was in it was replaceable. I mean, look what’s here!” There were amen’s across the room.

I guess the preacher-man came out a little more as he said, “If you don’t know this loving God, today’s a good day to get to know him. He really cares. Just look what He did here in a matter of a few minutes.” I remember hearing more amen’s in the room.

Now, no one was saved that day that I know of. But what I do remember is people caring about one another. I remember people asking what could they do for one another. I remember there was more food than I could ever imagine. There was some singing, lots of laughter and just good people caring about their neighbors. I also remember people talked about that Thanksgiving for years. Why, when the smoke house was rebuilt, it was a community affair once again. Neighbors helping neighbors.

Thanksgiving Dinner by Jennifer Campbell

Thanksgiving Dinner by Jennifer Campbell

Yes even today I think fondly of that Thanksgiving; not for the food or even the smoke house burning. I think of it, knowing I have untold blessings too numerous to mention. Many are forgotten during the year. But this Thanksgiving I lift up thanks for the blessings of life so lovingly given. Blessings that are given to those who believe in more than just a day.

I believe when we live according to the Christian road map, our life is richer than we can comprehend or receive. Thanksgiving is more than one day of the year. It is a way of life for the Christian.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

By Charlie Griffin

Special to SGN Scoops

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Karen Peck and New River: Sailing down a new stream

Written by Staff on November 18, 2015 – 2:24 pm -


Karen Peck and New River

Karen Peck and New River

Twenty-four years ago, a dream was realized. In 1991, Rickey and Karen Peck Gooch, along with Karen’s sister Susan Peck Jackson, formed the musical ministry known as Karen Peck and New River. Little did they know that this ministry would literally take them all over the world. Since that time, New River has been awarded three Gospel Music Association Dove Awards and three Grammy Award nominations. Karen has been named the Singing News Fan Awards Favorite Soprano an unprecedented eleven times. Despite their numerous accolades, one single thing stands above all else. Their ministry is centered on proclaiming the name of Jesus Christ through song. Through all of their joys and sorrows, they have remained true to their calling and follow the footsteps of Jesus every step of the way.

Long before New River became a reality, a little girl named Karen was too small to be seen while singing about her Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Karen says, “They used to stand me in a chair when I was three years old. Mama used to sing in church and my first time I remember singing, I sang ‘I’m Bound for That City.’”

Karen and Susan’s first recollection of Southern Gospel music was attending the All-Night Gospel Sing in Atlanta. Karen states, “I remember my Mom and Dad used to take me and my sisters to the All-Night Gospel Sing in Atlanta. Literally, they would be all night and we’d be in the Municipal Auditorium in Atlanta, Georgia, and they would last until six o’clock in the morning. I remember being mesmerized when Vestal Goodman came out on the stage.” Susan echoes Karen’s comments by adding, “I would get so excited when the Goodmans would walk out on stage and start singing. Vestal would step up to sing and her voice would fill the building. She was my favorite!”

Rickey Gooch says his first memory of Southern Gospel music was when his mom had a group come to their house to practice when he was a very small boy. Ricky Braddy shares that he’s always wanted to sing Gospel music, even as a child. He says, “I was four years old when I first blurted out the alto part to a song my sister was singing. She and I sang ‘When I Need Someone to Talk To’ in our little old church. I’ve done a lot of types of music, but nothing satisfies like singing about Jesus.”

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SGN Scoops’ Fast Five with the Bates Family

Written by Staff on November 9, 2015 – 9:57 am -

Bates Family

Bates Family

Welcome to SGN Scoops’ Fast Five! This week we welcome the Bates Family. This lively trio has been heating up the Southern Gospel airwaves with “Jesus On The Mainline.” But this group is about more than just great music; each one has a story to tell that illustrates the abiding love and care of Jesus Christ. Read on and get acquainted with the Bates Family!


imageSGN: Hi, Bates Family! Can you tell us a bit about yourselves?

Tim Bates: The Bates Family has been on the road since July of 1985. We play between 75 to 100 dates a year up and down the eastern seaboard. Since we all still work full time jobs, it’s really hard to do any more than that right now. We have had moderate success in Gospel music as writers and producers with nine radio hits to our credit in the Singing News, SGN Scoops and the Christian Voice. We just really love working in all aspects of ministry. It’s a lot of hard work, but the reward is so gratifying when you see your music touching so many people.


SGN: Please tell us about your latest release to radio. What kind of response have you received from the listeners?

Tim: “Jesus On The Mainline,” is being very well received everywhere we go. People are loving it! I think the reason is really simple. It’s familiar to the listener and it is so much fun to sing. This past weekend in VA we brought the pastor up to sing bass with us. The people just went crazy. Not to mention, it was so fun recording it. We actually brought in a black choir and they killed it! We are thrilled radio is liking it too; that really means so much to us.


SGN: Please introduce us to your group members.

imageBates Family: Our group members is kinda like a melting pot of experiences with having a God Encounter at some point in our lives. We’ll start with Tim.Tim was shot in the chest when he was four years old.The bullet severed an artery in his heart in two, powder burned his lungs and damaged his voice box. The doctors said that if he lived through it, he would never talk above a whisper. Today, Tim is regarded as having one of the strongest voices in the Gospel music field. He has also been blessed with the gift of songwriting, having the opportunity to write with some of America’s most talented writers, and having the privilege of artists recording his material. Tim is also an evangelist, holding conferences, youth camps, along with the Bates’ extensive touring schedule.

I’m LaDonna Bates (Tim’s wife). Back when we were expecting Laykin our daughter, we had received some bad news from the doctors telling us that she would be born with some sort of deformity and may even have a form of Down Syndrome because she was so tiny. They highly encouraged me to abort the pregnancy and start over in time.

Naturally, I cried and Tim and I held on to the promise that God was giving us this baby. No matter how she turned out, God would equip us to handle any situation. They warned us when it was time to have her that she may not cry. Well, she came out wailing and hasn’t stopped crying! We took her for annual check up the first year and the doctor had her file there. He just kept looking at her, then at the file. Several times this went on, then he finally took off his glasses and told us that according to her file she should’ve never made it. But she did and she’s healthy as any little girl could be. He said without a doubt that she is a miracle baby. Today Laykin is seven years old and loves singing at least one song a night.

Heather Meade is the latest vocal addition to the group and her testimony of second chances is so powerful.

Heather say, “I grew up in church and we were there whenever the church doors were open. I remember listening to all of the revival
Preachers and evangelists that would come. I always wished for a testimony like they gave; these big, powerful, life changing testimonies of what God had done for them or others they had encountered. My Mama would always say, ‘Be careful what you ask God, cause you just might get it.’

“I had been married one-and-a-half years when we found out we were expecting our first little boy. We were more than thrilled and loved preparing for his arrival. At right about 36 weeks, I began having some severe issues with the pregnancy. The doctors discovered I had a rare form of toxemia called ‘HELLP Syndrome,’and I would have to stay in the hospital until the baby was born. Now, I had strayed from God a few years before and was not in fellowship with Him as I should have been. Little did I know that He would use this to get me back.

image“It turned out that I would have to be induced immediately and I was not permitted an epidural. After 25 hours of labor, our sweet little boy was born at 9lbs., 15oz., perfectly healthy. However, I was not. I got to spend maybe 20 minutes with him over the next week and a half. After he was born, I began to hemorrhage and it got to the point where they called a chaplain in along with my family. This was after it was determined that I would have to have emergency surgery to try and stop the hemorrhage and the doctors weren’t sure they’d be able to.

“I remember being wheeled down the hall to the OR, no longer being able to see in color (due to blood loss), and it hit me that I was not where I should be with the Lord! That was the most scared I have ever been in my life! I remember having to give my wedding rings to my husband, not knowing if I’d ever see him or my newborn son ever again, and being more scared that if I died I would NOT wake up in Heaven! Why I didn’t repent right then, I don’t know, but He did. Everything is perfect in God’s time and He ordained every step of this journey. His grace allowed me a second chance.

“He woke me up after that surgery, when there was MUCH doubt that I would. He spared me and not long after, my husband and I both walked the aisle. I rededicated and my husband was saved that day.

“You know, being only 21, I figured I had plenty of time to come back to God. He gave me the knowledge that our next BREATH is not guaranteed and not to take time for granted. I’m so thankful that He not only spared me, but gave me the desire of my heart: to sing and minister for Him. Thank GOD for His merciful grace!”


SGN: What are some of your goals as Gospel music artists?

Tim: We would really like to get into some new areas to share our ministry, and also just keep working hard on our craft and try to get better in everything we do. All we have ever wanted is to be an example of what ministry is….LOVING PEOPLE.


SGN: What is some advice you would give to new artists?
Tim: I would say first and foremost make sure it’s a God thing not a you thing. Second, make sure you have the right people around your ministry that have Godly integrity and character to help advance your ministry to different levels. We have had so many people through the years that have helped us that had these qualities; we just wouldn’t be who we are today with out their perspective and influence. Third, please understand that it’s tough being on the road and not everyone is cut out for it. You will give more than you take and the sacrifices will be great at times, but the rewards are out of this world. And last but not least, remember this a ministry; the finances will always follow the anointing. People want to see your sermon, not hear it, and they will give to a ministry that has moved them.

For more on The Bates Family, visit thei website or contact them at timbatesmusic@hotmail.com. Thank you so much for sharing your story with us today on the Fast Five!

For more artists news visit the SGN Scoops Facebook page.

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Gaither Vocal Band: Gaither clan relies on teammates

Written by Staff on October 22, 2015 – 5:25 pm -

GaitherVocalBandNewEraGroupGaither Vocal Band: Gaither clan relies on teammates

Latest additions to the Vocal Band are having “the time of their lives”

Todd Suttles has a background in athletics. In fact, the Gaither Vocal Band baritone singer has been around athletes his entire life. Therefore, it’s not surprising that he has a unique way of referring to Bill Gaither. To Suttles, Gaither is “Coach.”

“I’m part of a team now,” Suttles says. “I was a coach so long. I miss the coaching aspect of having someone you know who has the best interest for you and best interest of what is going on.

“Bill coaches us. He coaches me through every song I sing. We put ourselves in all of these songs.”

GVB-photoSuttles worked at Vanderbilt University for 21 years, serving as the strength and conditioning coordinator for all of the university’s athletic programs for nine years.“I coached for a while,” Suttles points out. “Being in the organization I was in at Vanderbilt, you see a lot people.

“This is beyond … it’s a God thing. I have a brotherhood, a trustworthy aspect. It’s amazing that these people are real. Bill is grounded. I know grounded people, how they treat people, how they think, how they make decisions. When he said, ‘Todd, I would want you on my team even if you couldn’t hit the ball’ … that was something. Adam is from Kentucky. I’m from Georgia. David is from Texas. Wes is really from Tennessee. We talk about everyday stuff. Heartfelt listening is what we do. How do we treat people? That’s one of the songs on the project … ‘Sow Mercy.’ It’s life-changing. It’s a positive aspect. Bill is teaching us on stage. He loves the people out there. Bill is an everyday person. He’s the same person on stage and off stage.”

Gaither does have some athletic interests.“Bill loves basketball … the Pacers (Indiana’s National Basketball Association franchise),” Suttles notes. “We talk basketball.”

Though he remained on staff at Vanderbilt after joining the Gaither Vocal Band, Suttles recently decided to step away from that chapter of his life and devote himself fully to the group.“It was a little bit of a tough decision,” Suttles admits. “You go through and look at stuff in life. It’s choosing what to hold on to and what to let go of. I’ve been there 21 years. I have a thing called Camp Vandy (a youth program for children age 4-13). It’s great. It’s flourishing.

“God is taking care of me. I wanted to choose this day who I’m going to serve. I’ve served Vanderbilt for a while. Now, I just feel like He’s leading me in one direction. I want to give everything I can to God. I’m giving my life.”

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Southern Gospel Puppy Love by Sheri LaFontaine

Written by Staff on October 11, 2015 – 9:26 am -

image(2)The song, “How Much is That Doggie in the Window?” was not written by Rusty Goodman and I’m pretty sure that Gerald Crabb didn’t pen, “Who Let the Dogs Out?” So what is this connection that Southern Gospel artists have with our four-legged friends?

           Many of them have become regular band members, touring on the bus with their favorite group or family. From the Nelons’ famous Dachshunds, to Jeff and Sheri Easter’s little Malti-poo, there is no doubt that we’ve all happily gone to the dogs. 

T-Bear WhisnantMeet T-Bear Whisnant, a T-cup Pomeranian that has simply stolen the heart of powerhouse alto, Susan Whisnant.
SL: Where did you find T-Bear?
Susan: We got him from a breeder in our hometown.

Susan Whisnant-The Whisnants

Susan Whisnant-The Whisnants

SL: And who does he sleep with on the bus?
Susan: He sleeps with me. If he’s mad at me, he sleeps with Aaron.

At NQC 2014, Randall Crawford of the Kingsmen and his sweet wife, Caroline were smitten when they met my Abbey girl. I could see that they were dog parents right away.
SL: Tell us about your pooches.
Randall: Sure! We have four, but I will focus on the two inside.
SL: Sounds good. Tell us who this is in the picture.

Randy Crawford

Randy Crawford

Randall: The white dog is Bella and she is a seven-year-old Maltese. She sleeps with my wife and I.
SL: Tell me something unique about Bella.
Randall: Well, she is NOT a lap dog. She likes to greet you when you first get image(6)home, but then she is done with you!
SL: And who is this other baby?
Randall: The little sleepy dog is Chloe. Chloe is a one year old and loves to play fetch! She will retrieve a ball and bring it back as many times as you will throw it. SHE NEVER GETS TIRED!

Going from one quartet man to another. Smooth baritone, Mike LeFevre, has a soft heart toward his canine pal.
SL: Go ahead and introduce us.
Mike: This is Icee. He is a full-blooded Chihuahua. He lives to be loved and held.

LeFevre Quartet

LeFevre Quartet

SL: Ok, you have to explain this picture.
Mike: Funny thing about Icee is when the dryer is finished, before the clothes are taken out; he has been known to jump in the dryer to lie in the warm clothes. We LOVE Icee!



True class and solid harmonies, The Williamsons have certainly won the hearts of many. All the while, a four-month-old Pug named Maggie Mae has won their hearts.
SL: She is still a baby. How is she adapting to life on the bus?

 Lisa: So far, she loves to travel! She seems to be pretty content whether her house is rolling or sitting still. When we are on the bus she thinks she has to sleep in the bunk with the girls. She’s just a little bit rotten!
SL: What’s her favorite thing to do?
Lisa: I think her favorite things right now are playing fetch with her red squeaky ball, playing outside with our other dog named Rosabelle and tormenting our cat, Isabelle!
SL: And I have to ask. Does she have a favorite person?
Lisa: Of course, I’m her favorite person (because I feed her!) but she loves our girls, Sadie and Olivia too! She was actually my Mother’s Day gift this year, so she’s pretty special to me. She was only six weeks old when we got her. She weighed 1 lb and 6 oz. now she’s a whopping 10 lbs! I’ve had several other pugs in my life but I have to say, she is my absolute favorite!
The bond between wet noses and those in the spotlight is a strong one.
The truth is, they don’t care how high your song charted last month or whether you hit a bad note on main stage. Much like our Heavenly Father, they seem to have something that we all crave…unconditional love.


MyDogsP.S. I think it only fair since I wrote this article, that I should get to show off my babies. Meet George Bailey (Shih-tzu) and Miss Abbey (Cavalier King Charles Spaniel).

Sheri LaFontaine

Sheri LaFontaine

By Sheri LaFontaine

First published by  SGN Scoops in August 2015.

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SGN Scoops at NQC: The Heritage of Gold Tour

Written by Staff on October 1, 2015 – 3:14 pm -

Daniel Riley, Mike LeFevre, Jonathan Wilburn, Tim Riley

Daniel Riley, Mike LeFevre, Jonathan Wilburn, Tim Riley

SGN Scoops’ roving reporter, Craig Harris, had the DSC_0385opportunity to catch the Heritage of Gold Tour at the National Quartet Convention on Wednesday, September 30. The artists appearing during this event included Gold City, The Lefevre Quartet, Steve Ladd, Jay Parrack and Vocal Event, and Wilburn and Wilburn.

We hope you enjoy these great shots of some terrific vocalists. Gold City has a great heritage of pure quartet singing and strong Gospel anthems. Tim Riley will always be the consumate bass singer who guided many young quartet men DSC_0397through the paths of Southern Gospel, toward becoming great vocalists in their own right and beginning their own groups. Many of those make an appearance in these pictures, including Mike LeFevre, Steve Ladd, Jay Parrack, Jonathan Wilburn and of course, Daniel Riley.

SGN Scoops has several representatives wandering the aisles of NQC, though you DSC_0401may not recognize them. Regular readers will recognize the names of Craig Harris, Marcie Gray, Erin Stevens( The Stevens Family) , Hannah Webb (The Rick Webb Family), Jaquita Lindsey (11th Hour), Justin Gilmore, and more. Many of our writers are also vocalists, and you can find them with their Gospel groups. When you do, say hello and tell them how much you appreciate their gifts of writing and photography.

DSC_0405DSC_0414DSC_0435DSC_0454DSC_0457DSC_0468DSC_0505For more news and information, keep tuned to SGN Scoops Facebook page here.













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The Hoskins Family

Written by Staff on September 30, 2015 – 4:46 pm -

The Hoskins Family

The Hoskins Family

This is a story of “coming apart before one falls apart,” literally, and about how God has worked in every aspect of it all. It is a story of faithfulness to God and understanding the need to follow Him and obey His direction. It’s a story of courage and knowledge to know when to quit, and yet not give up. It’s a story of a family totally committed to doing God’s will and a beautiful story of a new beginning.
The beginning of this century introduced the Southern Gospel audience to the rich family harmony and exciting stage presence of the Hoskins Family. The family’s first Top Forty song was written by Angie Hoskins Aldridge and titled “Mission Of Love.” It came from a 1998 album by the same title. Their second album, Hope, in 2000, generated their first top five hit, “Joyful Morning,” which came in at number three, and as they say, the rest is history!
The Hoskins have always been a church-going family. When the church doors opened they were there. They sang in the choir, they taught Sunday School, they played the instruments and whatever else was necessary for services to be complete. They were the “Preacher’s Kids and Grandkids.”

Angie Hoskins

Angie Hoskins

Rick and Reva Hoskins have known no other way of life, but to serve God and sing. They have sung all their lives and naturally their daughter Angie inherited their talent. The three sang in the church where Reva’s parents pastored, until God opened their ministry to a wider audience by allowing their songs to be played on Gospel radio.
Following their introduction to mainstream Southern Gospel audiences through radio, they were immediately added to the larger venues in Southern Gospel. Churches of every size and denomination clamored for dates to have them in service.
After eight years on the road, in 2006 the Hoskins Family stopped touring and took a break from their music ministry. We recently caught up with Angie and talked about what the Lord has been doing with and for the group.

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