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Suzanne Mason reviews “The Riot and the Dance” film

Written by Staff on April 18, 2018 – 5:42 pm -



There’s a good chance you’ve seen a nature documentary or two in your life. Whether exploring the desert, tundra, forest, or ocean, these films give their viewers an up close and personal look at the handiwork of God. However, narrators make scant mention of our Creator and His part in the creation. Not so with “THE RIOT AND THE DANCE.”

Once told he would never succeed as a scientist if he continued talking about the Creator/created relationship, Dr. Gordon Wilson, a biology professor and regular contributor at Answers in Genesis, quite happily guides viewers in “THE RIOT AND THE DANCE” (the title comes from his biology textbook of the same name). “Life is both a riot and a dance—we see riot because of the fall… and we watch it in morbid fascination,” Wilson explains. “The dance part is that we still see the glory of God in creation in spite of the fall—we see the beauty, the choreography, the balances” God has established throughout nature.

Presented as such, this film stands apart from others in its genre in other ways. Dr. Wilson’s narration urges us to consider how we should view nature, both as fallen and as created, and to see God’s fingerprint in the world. Additionally, his narration is not merely a voiceover: he appears throughout the documentary interacting with the animals, even picking up amphibians and reptiles, and yes, even getting bitten. “We have a different worldview—God created, and we were given dominion” over the Earth, and he wanted to be more interactive with the creatures than the traditional nature documentary.  

THE RIOT AND THE DANCEAnd Dr. Wilson is. From elephants and leopards to snakes and frogs, he takes viewers on a journey from Arizona to Sri Lanka, highlighting the creativity of our God and the wonder of His creation and our world. It’s a film unlike any other. “I really want people to see creation from another perspective, one that gives God the glory. It’s not just to be entertained—I want people to reflect on” the world and creatures God has created.  So much so, a second documentary, this time exploring sea life, is in the works for 2019.

“THE RIOT AND THE DANCE” released on March 19th and is still being shown at theatres nationwide. For more information, please visit

THE RIOT AND THE DANCEReview by Suzanne Mason


Suzanne Mason regularly reviews the latest Christian films in SGNScoops Magazine and on SGNScoops website.


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The Torchmen Quartet prove “Faithful” after almost 50 years

Written by Staff on March 30, 2018 – 8:40 am -

Canada's premiere quartet, the Torchmen

Canada’s premiere quartet, the Torchmen


The Torchmen Quartet: Faithful

Recorded at Crossroads Recording Studio, Grant Ave Studios

Producers: Chris Allman, Amy King, Jon Hisey

Label: Independent

Review by: Lorraine Walker


It was a pleasure to receive the latest album from the Torchmen Quartet, entitled “Faithful.” Appropriately named, this recording talks about being faithful to the Lord Jesus every day, through every difficulty, and in every circumstance. I have known the TQ’s members, Mike Moran, Jon Hisey, Sandy MacGregor and Jeff Tritton for a long time and can attest to the fact that these gentlemen have been faithful to their call and to the Lord.


From the very first play of the first cut on the project, this CD feels like the TQ you know and enjoy, but upscaled to an even better version of themselves. “It’s An Everyday Thing,” has the type of instrumentation and vocals that listeners of Torchmen projects are used to, with violin and steel guitar, and the melody line seems perfect for MacGregor, who handles the song with ease. Special note that the drums on this track were played by Michael Booth, who has an excellent touch on the toms. This tune was written by Rebecca J. Peck, who also wrote two more cuts on this album.


The Torchmen Quartet's latest release, Faithful

The Torchmen Quartet’s latest release, Faithful

“Faithful Father” is an easy-listening quartet song, written by Rodney Griffith and Chris Binion. It’s a good reminder that no matter what, our Heavenly Father is faithful; much more so than we can possibly be. I enjoy Tritton’s vocals regardless of what he sings, and he adds his smooth tones to this song which is polished and so comforting to the ear and the heart.


“Crown Him King,” a quartet favorite by Luther G. Presley and Wally Varner, is handled effortlessly by this seasoned group. So well, I’m almost positive they have recorded it before. The quartet has recorded over 30 projects and I don’t claim to have every project, so it could well be that they have. Regardless, it is an excellent track.


“What If Someone” is another smooth Tritton song, written by Lanny Wolfe. It will make you wonder what if you had never been told about Jesus…and who you should be telling about Him today that may not hear about the Lord in any other way.


“I Want to Live Like Jesus,” written by Ernie Haase and Dianne Wilkinson, has the flair and instrumentation of a Cathedral Quartet cut. I so enjoyed the precision and thought behind this tune.


The Torchmen Quartet's latest release, Faithful. Back Liner

The Torchmen Quartet’s latest release, Faithful. Back Liner

Torchmen listeners may not be overly surprised at some song choices by MacGregor, but I have to admit, when I heard the opening strains of this song and realized what it was, I couldn’t believe my ears. But what a treat! If you listened to Christian music in the ‘80s, you couldn’t help but hear Twila Paris sing, “The Warrior is a Child.” MacGregor takes this song to new places and it truly becomes a quartet song. Great job, gentlemen. Kudos to your producer, Chris Allman.


“Good Things” is another Rebecca Peck song, this time with David Jenkins. Another finger-snapping tune shows the men’s crisp timing and more great vocals by Tritton.


“Reunion with You” begins with a melancholy tone in both lyric and notes, but sadness changes to hope with the chorus which reminds us that there will be an eternal reunion with our loved ones someday. This song by Tim Lanier immediately reminded me of my mom who passed away almost 8 years ago; however, the pang of separation never seems to diminish. Mike Moran tells this story with finesse and the ability to communicate emotion, thought and lyric, that has made him a favorite with Canadian audiences.


“Wonder Working God” lists among its writers the husband/wife team of Zane and Donna King. I prefer to listen to a new project without reading the liner first, so I knew this was a special cut even before reading that Donna was a part of it. She is one of the most talented people in Christian music and it seems that anything she is a part of becomes touched with a special sparkle that is all her own. One of my favorite cuts.


“I’m Gonna Keep Praying,” another Rodney Griffith song, reminds us what a privilege it is to be able to talk to God any time, anywhere. Another easy-listening song that has powerful, understated lyrics. That may sound like an oxymoron but when you listen to the song, you will agree.




“What Kind of Man,” another Dianne Wilkinson song, helps us look at the humanity of Jesus, which is not a subject often addressed by preachers, let alone Christian music. Well done, Dianne and Janice Crow. Well sung as well, as the harmonies are lovely.


“When the Preacher Gets to Preaching,” written by Rebecca Peck and Christine Degazio, is a fun song that reminds me of the old-time pastors you hear about, the kind who preaches it so straight that the listeners’ hair is parted. Those of us who have been privileged to sit under that kind of sermon totally get this song. Jon Hisey, great vocals! Totally enjoyed this song.


“Oh, What a Price,” the last Peck/Jenkins song, is a beautiful ballad that should be picked up by those churches who present an Easter choir performance. Lyrically and melodically, this song catches the enormity and solemnity of the cost of salvation.


Chris Allman’s comments on the liner indicate that he understands this quartet and his work on this project confirms it. Amy King and Jon Hisey, your talents are also greatly appreciated. For the rest of the album information, the reader is encouraged to buy a copy for themselves.


If you are a fan of Southern gospel music, or just like well done music of any kind, please pick up this album. Thanks so much, Torchmen Quartet, for continuing to raise the bar on your recorded music. Here’s to another 50 years!

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Michael English: Love Is The Golden Rule

Written by Staff on January 20, 2018 – 6:22 am -

Michael English

Michael English

CD Review – Michael English: Love Is The Golden Rule by Jimmy Reno


Michael English is one of the rare vocalists in Christian music who has a following in both the Southern gospel industry and in the Contemporary Christian market. Including stops with the Happy Goodmans, the Singing Americans and the Gaither Vocal Band, English has firmly established his roots in Southern gospel.


His subsequent solo career launched English into becoming a household name in the Contemporary market.


Michael English

Michael English

The latest album for English, “Love Is the Golden Rule,” was produced by his long-time friend and fellow artist, Jason Clark of the Nelons.


Clark points out that the intent of “Love Is the Golden Rule” was a return to the vintage English style of his past solo albums, like “Hope,” which was released on Curb Records in 1993.


“What an honor to produce and arrange this project for one of the world’s most legendary singers and performers,” Clark said. “As a lifelong fan, I suggested to Michael that we make this recording the one his fan base has long been waiting for. It is undoubtedly and unashamedly, vintage English. Production took over eight months as we assembled a cast of the world’s greatest musicians, writers, singers, engineers, from various genres of music. Michael worked extremely hard, and what he delivered on this recording, I believe, is some of his best work in his entire career.”


Michael EnglishEnglish’s foray back into the adult contemporary field has produced one of his best efforts to date. The project kicks things off with “My Love.” This mid-tempo number reassures us of His love for us and that the sun will rise despite hardships we endure.


“Little Is Much” is up next, and while it’s not the Kittie L. Suffield song of a similar title in 1924, it’s message is very similar. This is a tender ballad that English sings with a lot of passion. Little definitely is much when our God is in it, a simple, powerful truth.


In 1988, Mike + the Mechanics released their second album, titled “The Living Years.” English has remade the title song from that album. English identifies with this specific number as he laments his relationship with his father. The song’s theme, about saying what you need to say to your loved ones while they are still here, is a very thought-provoking truth. English excels vocally on this ballad.


“Finally Coming Home,” is another highlight of the album. This ballad, which English sings with conviction, is the classic prodigal son story.


“Hello Happiness,” is a fun, light, upbeat tune that is easy to tap your toes on.


Vintage can be defined as an exceptionally fine wine from the crop of a good year. English and Clark paired up with the goal of producing a project that meets this definition, and they have delivered.  


This project harkens back stylistically to English’s early solo career. He sings with passion and conviction throughout the album. Listeners will welcome English’s signature vocal stylings as well as the excellent instrumentation.


“Love Is the Golden Rule,” is sure to be a favorite of English fans very quickly. This is a must-have project for fans of adult Contemporary Christian music.

By Jimmy Reno

First published November 2017 by SGNScoops Magazine

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The Stray captures the heart in a big way

Written by Staff on January 16, 2018 – 11:10 am -

The Stray

The Stray

Sometimes God answers prayer in the most unusual way. Sometimes hardships and family crises become just the catalyst needed to make a change. And sometimes help comes from the most unlikely place. In “THE STRAY,” help for the Davis’, a family on the brink of falling apart, arrives in the form of Pluto, a stray dog who saves their lives—literally.


When one of the Davis kids prays for a dog, Pluto, a stray, shows up and makes himself at home with the struggling family. Mitch Davis, a workaholic father, seems unsure about taking on a pet, but when Pluto—“the Wonderdog,” they lovingly call him—manages to save one child and bring companionship to another, he can’t help but agree to keep him. But Pluto is not only a guard dog, he’s a guardian angel. While on a camping trip, Pluto the Wonderdog saves Mitch’s life during a freak lightning storm, and the act changes the Davis family forever. “He was the answer to problems we didn’t know we had,” someone explains in the film.


The StrayBased on the incredible true story of Hollywood producer Mitch Davis (The Other Side of Heaven) and starring Michael Cassidy (Argo, Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice) and Sarah Lancaster (Everwood, The Judge), “THE STRAY” is a film for all audiences and illustrates how the unconditional love of a pet can change your life and how important the love of and making time for family are. The film also received the Dove Family Approved seal for its portrayal of positive values. “Although The Stray reflects my personal story, I know there are countless families across America who could say the same thing about a pet that greatly impacted them with its unconditional love—which is why I hope families will see this film together,” Davis explained, adamant that audiences understand that God can work through the most unlikely circumstances.


Though it took a shock from God for Davis to learn, he hopes families who see the film together will come away knowing that “Families are what life’s all about. Families are hard, but they’re by far the most important thing,” in life. For the Davis’, Pluto helped them learn this lesson. “Pluto was a dog, but in our family he was an angel. He showed up in answer to prayer at a time when our family needed something, and we didn’t quite know what we needed,” Davis described. “Pluto gave us our lives back. We saved the dog, and then the dog saved us.” In the film, Davis ruminates to Pluto while staring at the stars in the sky, “We’re awfully small, aren’t we boy? Or maybe we’re just a part of something awfully big.” For the Davis family, Pluto was both.

THE STRAY released October 6, 2017 via Pure Flix. Visit THE STRAY movie website at and follow THE STRAY movie on Facebook and Twitter and follow the conversation at #TheStray.

Reviewed by Suzanne Mason. Special to SGNScoops.

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Rusty Golden: Sober

Written by Staff on August 25, 2015 – 7:29 am -

Rusty Golden. Sober1Review by Lorraine Walker

Have you ever been driving in the dark when you look up and see a house with all of its drapes open and blinds drawn up? The inside lights reveal the life of the occupant and you are drawn in by the intimacy and honesty of that stranger’s world. Sober opens up all of the windows and doors of Rusty Golden’s heart and draws you into his world of addiction recovery, faith, relationships and all the stuff that is life.


Golden has shared with me in the past about his battle to reach recovery, and though I could write word upon word about the darkness that addicts experience and what it means to reach the Light, nothing I write could help you understand this journey as much as Sober. From “Out of My Hands” through to becoming “Stoned on Love,” the emotion and the expression of Golden’s gravelly vocals will speak to your heart. If you can listen to this CD all the way through without tears falling, you are made of stronger stuff than I am. You can hear a sampler of the album here.


Golden has always reminded me of Elton John with the way he interprets music, and I can hear this influence throughout. I love the piano riffs, the incredible saxophone and the driving guitar beat. Just like Sir Elton’s music, you will not get bored or have that déjà vu feeling that every song sounds the same. Golden is gifted and musically articulate.


Rusty Golden 2Each time I have listened to this album, I have been grabbed by the message in a different song. Beginning with “Out Of My Hands,” Golden shows us what it takes to maintain recovery from addiction. However, each track speaks to events that all of us experience. From lines such as “the fine line separating right from wrong that oughta be obvious is all but gone” from “Things I Lean On,” to “…sinning faster than Momma was praying,” the “God-shaped hole” of “Hollow Man,” and the enthusiastic “Stoned on Love,” we can relate to times when we felt ‘hollow’ to times when we were so filled with the love of Jesus, we had a natural high.


Rusty Golden has written many songs for Southern Gospel artists, but fans of “John In The Jordan” should be alerted that this CD is not filled with quartet-style songs. In my opinion, perhaps only a couple of the tunes are playable on Southern Gospel Radio: “The Reason Why I’m Here,” “Thank You Lord For This Day,” and perhaps “Living Right Now.” However, if you enjoy variety and gutsy vocals, this CD is for you. If you feel the relief in “I found Heaven in the hell I raised, in the not-so-good-old, ‘good old days…'”; pain in “though I love you I have to give you up;” and the dependence in “show me how to walk on feet of clay,” then this is an album you want to add to your collection immediately.Rusty Golden studio. T3 Photography. Sound Kitchen


From an Inspirational Country and regular Country music radio point of view, most of these songs will appeal to a wide demographic. “Things I Lean On” has an easy feel, perhaps this is one that should introduce listeners to the world of Rusty Golden. This world is intense, provocative and edgy, but not one to be ignored. Sometimes we think we should present a picture with all the right pieces in place. Golden is not afraid to let you know that, like most of us, some of the puzzle pieces are still in the box.


This album is for those who are sober and those who want to be, for those with family who are addicted and those who have ever prayed for someone to find freedom. For the small minority of people whose lives have never touched those in need of recovery, you will find your own lyric on this album that will speak to whatever you are going through.


Sober by Rusty Golden can be purchased here on his website, or on iTunes, Amazon, CDBaby, and other outlets. Find out more about Golden on Facebook or online. Follow on Twitter.


For monthly reviews of Gospel CDs, see the latest version of the SGN Scoops digital magazine, found on the SGN Scoops mainpage. 



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Stronger An Intense Autobiography Of Kathy Crabb Hannah

Written by Staff on January 29, 2015 – 2:10 pm -

strongerWith steadfast determination, Kathy Hannah has penned her autobiography that has been appropriately entitled, Stronger. The book is a sometimes very raw look at the woman who was the matriarch of the famed Crabb Family.

The book details Hannah’s life from a near fatal stabbing in her youth, through the challenges of managing a blended family with incredible talent, through a heart wrenching divorce. The story is one of many peaks and low valleys that needed to be told in God’s timing.

As quoted by Hannah, “The first week of November 2014, the Lord instructed me in specifics. He said, “Go to a mountain, I will meet you there.” I know this sounds a bit super spiritual. However, this is exactly what happened. I went to the mountain. I poured my heart out to Him for days upon days. I talked. He listened. I cried a river of tears during those days on that mountain with God, and I wrote 90,000 words, some of which were gut wrenching chapters, but together, WE did it.”

Hannah is hopeful that by telling her poignant story in a transparent way through her own words, that others will be encouraged. Hannah states through her website that, “I pray as you walk through my life, my journey, you will be encouraged and realize that YOU TOO are going to make it.”

Known to thousands of fans, Hannah shares her particular brand of thoughts and insights almost daily using several forms of social media.

Today, Hannah resides in a suburban community near Nashville, TN with her incredibly supportive new husband, Steve Hannah. Their home is always accommodating to the many lives that find inspiration in her unwavering Christian worldview.

Through all the fires in her life, Hannah has become Stronger.

The book is available for purchase now at and soon to be released to media outlets nationwide.

Review by Candi Combs




(Include photo of book cover)

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The Blackwood Brothers Quartet: A Night Like Never Before

Written by Staff on February 18, 2014 – 4:47 pm -

DSC_0610_AThe Blackwood Brothers Quartet

Concert Review by Vivian Belknap

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Grand Prairie, Texas



How many quartets can say they are celebrating 80 years of classic southern gospel music?  In 2014, Billy Blackwood continues the legacy started in 1934 by his Dad, James Blackwood.

DSC_0606_AI had the great privilege to attend a concert featuring Billy Blackwood and The Blackwood Brothers Quartet, February 13, 2014, hosted by Pastor Bill Webb and the Bible Believer’s Assembly of God Church in Grand Prairie, Texas. Those in attendance were treated with what Pastor Webb told Billy earlier in the afternoon would be “a night like never before.”

The Quartet consists of lead singer, Billy Blackwood; Wayne Little, tenor; Butch Owens, bass and Michael Helwig, baritone.

The “night like never before” began with the classic feel of “The Joy of Knowing Jesus.” The presence of the Holy Spirit was sweetly strong as the concert continued with songs like “The Old Country Church,” “It Is No Secret” and “The Lighthouse.”  Billy introduced a new song he wrote, “That’s What Heaven Will Be.”

DSC_0608As though it couldn’t get any better, Billy shared his heart. He proclaimed the goodness and grace of our Father through Jesus. He said, “Gospel music is not defined by the music, but by the message. The message makes it gospel music.”  Then we heard the majestic orchestration of “Declaration of Dependence,” from their album “Sweet Songs About Heaven.” The song strongly declares our dependence on Jesus.

DSC_0614Big John Hall was in the audience and Billy asked him to come to the stage. As John walked on stage, with tears in his eyes, he said, “Your dad never missed a note; he never missed a beat; never, ever.” Such a sweet time we got to see between these two men. Then we were blessed to hear John sing, “How Big is God.”

The evening ended with the quartet singing a medley of audience requested songs. Then Billy closed in prayer; the presence of our Lord was amazing as Billy said, “I don’t want to leave Your presence.” “There’s a Sweet Spirit in This Place,” was the final song.  Was it a night like never before? YES!

Billy Blackwood not only resembles his dad physically, but like James Blackwood, he is a gentleman on the stage, behind the product table and in the parking lot.

When you have the opportunity to see them in concert, you will leave blessed and renewed in spirit.

For The Blackwood Brothers tour schedule and other information, click on to




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Red Roots Concert Review

Written by SGN Scoops on August 31, 2011 – 4:40 am -

Red Roots made their Michigan debut in Dowagiac Wednesday evening.
The 20-year-old triplets from Hurley, Miss., packed Michiana Church of Christ, whose pastor, Justin Shepard, commended “these gals and their parents,” Mark and Sherry Taylor.
“They weren’t here 30 seconds and they said ’y’awl,’ ” said the balding Shepard, joking about the transition from “Red Roots” to “no roots. They do more than sing, they minister. Today, they came from Louisville, Ky.,” and were too busy trying to learn to say Cheboygan to attempt Doe-Wah-Jack.
“The name Red Roots does come from our red hair,” said Natalie, who played violin, mandolin and keyboard.
She began taking piano lessons at 9.
“More importantly, it comes from the fact that we’re rooted in the shed blood of Jesus Christ. Just to let y’awl know you aren’t crazy, we are triplets. I’m the middle child of us three girls (they have a 4-year-older brother, Mark Jr.). My way, way, older sister, Nicole, by one whole minute, she plays bass, banjo and guitar. Then our little baby sister, Nika, is our lead singer. She also plays guitar.”
The Christian country trio’s video, also called “Red Roots,” about a father and daughter hunting sassafras roots to make red tea, can be viewed on YouTube or on their Web site,, where a photo of the women with fans who came to the concert wearing the group’s T-shirts will be posted.
Nicole stays in the background the most, but delivers the most powerful testimonial introducing “Red Roots”:
“I didn’t get my true red roots until I was 15 years old,” she said. “I was supposedly doing everything — going to church, playing in a Christian band, reading my Bible, praying — but I never came to a point in my life where I really realized how wicked and evil my heart was and what a sinner I was. Nothing really clicked with me. One night at church the Holy Spirit just began to use the scripture to pierce my heart. God began to reveal to me how wicked and evil my heart was. When the invitation came, I felt so much guilt. I’m so thankful God broke down my barrier of pride that day. Pride blinded me all those years. Once I repented my sins, God took all that away.”
Shepard’s favorite tune, “God Says No,” was introduced with, “When we first started out, our band was taken advantage of. We wondered why God would let that happen to us. We wondered if it was a sign we should just quit, but we kept praying and time passed by” and eventually, “God opened some doors for us.”
“This is a God thing because they haven’t been in our church, unless they were mice in the last three weeks or a month,” Shepard said. “I love guitar picking and fiddle, violin and banjo, but when they sang ‘God Says No’ and they haven’t been here, God knew what we needed. That’s my favorite tonight because it ministered to me.”
Shepard related that a few weeks ago while he was home and his wife was at work, an elderly woman and a 13-year-old girl knocked on the door.
“They invited me to church,” he said. “I don’t know if it was the devil or what got into me, but when they said, ‘Do you go to church?’ I said, ‘Yes, I do.’  They said, ‘Do you go to church a lot?’ I still played my dumb game with them. Then I couldn’t take the dishonesty anymore” and confessed he was the Michiana Church of Christ minister.
“The 13-year-old said, ‘That doesn’t matter. Do you know Jesus?’ She’s to be commended. The last two sermons here have been about don’t ever quit. Don’t ever give up your faith. You’re 20. I see God doing great things with you and through you. Don’t ever give that up.
“I see you on the rise. Stay humble. God gives grace to the humble. And it’s never to be assumed that because someone goes to church they know Jesus. Never assume that.”
The Red Roots closed with a reprise of the “hillbilly guitar song” they performed earlier.

SGNScoops would like to thank Red Roots for a great concert and John Eby for the great concert review and picture.

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Exclusive Concert Review Jeff and Sheri Easter and Ryan Seaton

Written by SGN Scoops Staff on March 15, 2011 – 10:38 am -

Concert Review By

Gary Hagen

It has been almost a week since Jeff and Sheri Easter and Ryan Seaton finished up their West Coast Tour.  Reflecting back on their concert in Vancouver Washington at the First Church of God it was a very unpredictable good time for everyone.  What I mean by that is that when the concert was first announced people wondered how such a performance would pan out with such two different singing styles.  As a volunteer ticket seller, when the sales at first were a little slow I myself began to question such a match up.  But when the time got closer and the sales picked up the Southern Gospel fans came through just like they always do here in the Portland OR/ Vancouver WA area.  Over 500 people were in attendance and they were wowed.
Ryan Seaton started off the first set and did a great job.  His smooth vocal performance was appreciated and I then knew why there were so many young faces in the crowd which normally doesn’t happen at a SG concert.  Not everyone in the Southern Gospel fan base appreciates the crooning style but the majority on that night were there in part to see and hear Mr. Ryan Seaton along with Jeff and Sheri.  When Morgan, Jeff, Sheri and Madison Easter took the stage it lit up again.  One can never tire of their enthusiasm and talent with country and blue grass sounds galore.

Before the concert my wife, Kathie and myself were busy helping stuff flyers, getting the food for the Meet and Greet and setting up the tables.  When Brandon Beene brought Jeff and Sheri into the meet and greet room the VIP ticket holders erupted with applause and appreciation.  They relished the time the Easters took to tell some personal things about their lives and of course the witticisms that Jeff always comes up with.  What a guy and what a character.

After intermission Ryan again started off the second half.  He also took some time for personal revelations about himself and his family.  One thing about gospel groups and relating to the audience like that it is very humbling.  It is nice for the ordinary person to see that just because someone has a God given talent, they are just as human as you and me.  They have the same problems and trials in life that we, that are not so talented, have.  Ryan then introduced Jeff and Sheri and again the stage was electrified!  Sheri told of her fight with cancer and then sang a song especially for someone in the audience that had lost a family member.  The song was “She Loved” one of my favorites, about how we want someone to look at us when we are gone.  Morgan and Madison were able to showcase their voice talents individually at different times in the concert and it shows that the talent sure runs in the family.  Ryan joined them for the last part of the concert and attempted to teach them a EHSS song and dance routine that was very entertaining.  All in all I think everyone, except for the little old lady with the hearing aid and walker that complained about the sound, enjoyed the concert immensely and hope that The Easters and Ryan Seaton will not be strangers to the West Coast for too long!

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Ernie Haase & Signature Sound wrapped up their European Tour

Written by SGN Scoops Staff on February 24, 2011 – 10:37 am -

Concert Review By Phil Boles

Ernie Haase & Signature sound wrapped up their European Tour by playing Belfast, Northern Ireland. Ever since  ”A

Phil Boles Ernie Haase

Tribute To The Cathedral Quartet” hit the market, I knew the resulting tour would be something special. I was not disappointed.

In total EHSS sang over thirty-five songs, which for the last night of any tour, is simply incredible. What was so clear to me during the concert was the professionalism, dedication and enthusiasm that EHSS pour into each show. I’m sure they had tired voices and bodies, but you could not have guessed it from the energy that was shown. EHSS sang for nearly and hour and a half before calling an intermission. It was just one of those nights.

A special guest appearance by Colet Selwyn was a great moment. This young fella, who just turned 17, walked to the stage and sang his heart out with a great version of “Happy Rhythm” backed by EHSS. He could also moonwalk whilst singing, it was brilliant! Check out his performance on YouTube. Colet has been to the Stamps Baxter School of Music and it certainly has only made this young bass singer better equipped for the future.

Ian Owens has stepped into the bass position with ease. I’m not going to compare Tim to Ian. Every singer has different strengths and styles. The singers have to be appreciated for what they are, and not who they “replaced”. Ian has a massive voice, very similar to Armond Morales from the Imperials. He has a fantastic tone and a great quality, plus you can hear each word that he sings! Similar to Devin, once Ian settles in, and gels even more, this line-up will be extremely capable.

Ian rattled the sub woofer on a few songs, “Happy Rhythm” and an encore performance of “Glory to God in The Highest” to name a few. Ernie featured Ian with his audition song, “I Believe”. Wow! It was such a simple, yet honest arrangement and with the great “Jordanaire” style backing vocals it was fantastic. Ian comes from a rich heritage when it comes to bass singers, His grandfather and father are bass singers. Ian also shared how we tend to glorify our problems rather than glorify our solution. A great message to take with us everyday!

Ernie Haase & Signature sound wrapped up their European Tour by playing Belfast, Northern Ireland

Doug Anderson was very solid on the baritone part, I enjoyed his interpretations of “I Thirst, “Sinner Saved By Grace” and “Swingin’ On The Golden Gate”. The highlight though for me was hearing Doug sing, “Until We Fly Away”. This song was interlinked with a video from the “Get Away Jordan” DVD, which added another dimension to the performance. Big song and an equally big rendition from Doug. The harmony between Doug and Ernie on a few lines of “Step Into The Water” was brilliant, they have voices which blend and compliment each other very well. Doug has a solo project coming out later in the year, this will be a good one!

Devin McGlamery was really in good form on saturday night. The first time I saw Devin was nearly a year ago and it is amazing to see just what a year does, settling in, getting used to the songs and how it all works. “Changed By a Baby Boy”, “Sinner Saved by Grace”  and “We Shall See Jesus” were all well sung, with plenty of variety and freshness due to his unique vocal style. Devin has a great presence as a lead singer and he truly has one of the best voices in gospel music.

“We Shall See Jesus” deserves a special mention. The clip from a “Farewell Celebration” was blended in with the live performance and it really made it one of the performances of the night. To hear Devin nail the first part, then introduce his hero, Glen Payne, was truly special. Watching Glen fill up the two huge screens at Whitewell was another experience entirely, I had goosebumps! When EHSS and the Cathedrals joined together for the big finish, well you simply have to be there to appreciate it properly.

Ernie Haase was in great form during the concert. It can’t be easy on a tenor voice to do all the emcee work, meet and greet with hundreds of people and sing the thirty plus songs that EHSS chose to do. Vocally, Ernie was strong, “Oh What a Savior” had to be one of the best renditions I have heard live. It is probably my favourite song and nothing beats it when done properly and in EHSS style. Ernie is a good reader of the crowd and really was good at picking out songs to match the mood.

“Old Fashioned Love” is also a great crowd pleaser, especially with the kazoo! ” Boundless Love” was also well received, and on a personal level I couldn’t get it out of my head for at least a day afterward! Ernie is also a pretty good Elvis tribute artist, “Can’t Help Falling In Love” was performed with the customary cape throwing finale. Great Stuff.

Ernie Haase had a great education when he was with the Cathedrals. Naturally it was his “dream job” to stand on a stage every night and sing with the Cathedrals, but to live with George and Glen on the bus and to know these pillars of Southern Gospel intimately, has led to the shaping of a desire to see the Cathedral legacy remembered.

A legacy that will continue to touch thousands, bless people and ultimately change lives. This legacy will never die, thanks to the classy and sincere way EHSS decided to honour the Cathedral Quartet and the groups who influenced the Cathedrals.

Ian, Doug, Devin and Ernie:  George and Glen would have been truly proud.

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