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March 2018 SGNScoops Magazine

Written by SGN Scoops Staff on March 14, 2018 – 1:10 pm -

March 2018 SGNScoops Magazine

March 2018 SGNScoops Magazine

March 2018 has arrived and it is coming in like a lion. This issue of SGNScoops Magazine has something for everyone and it is roaring with great features. Zach Williams, writer of “Chain Breaker” is the cover artist, interviewed by Justin McLeod. Williams talks of how he came to write the song and what it means to him. It is an honor to have this singer/songwriter and Grammy Award winner on the cover of the March issue.


The world lost two influential Christians in the last month. SGNScoops pays tribute to both Tracy Stuffle, of the Perrys, and Dr. Billy Graham. Justin Gilmore shares memories and thoughts from artists about these two much-loved gentlemen.


Other features this month are young Eli Shaw of Children of the Promise, by Erin Stevens; the I Love America Tour by Richard Mabry; Promoter Paul Belcher by Charlie Griffin and CCX artist Jonathan Dale by Lorraine Walker. Randa Jordan of Jordan Family Band stops in to tell us her thoughts. Other ministries you will enjoy reading about include Patterson Promotions, the RIG Ministries and Pastor Dino Pedrone. Catch up on events across America with updates from the Great Western Fan Fair, Creekside Gospel Music Convention and the Christian Country Expo 2018.


All this and so much more. CD reviews, DJ Spotlight, your favorite monthly articles and our new feature, film reviews. Catch it all this month before March goes out like a lamb, at Easter. Rather fitting, don’t you think? So glad that our Lord Jesus Christ, the Lion of Judah, became a Lamb for us on the cross at Calvary. Celebrate His death and resurrection every day. Questions or comments, please email

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Extraordinary: Poet Voices Return To Gospel Music

Written by Staff on March 10, 2018 – 5:33 pm -


Poet Voices Return To Gospel Music

Poet Voices Return To Gospel Music

Phil Cross is a name with which most Southern gospel music fans should be familiar. Cross is known for penning some of Southern gospel’s most beloved songs, including “Wedding Music,” “Champion of Love,” “I Am Redeemed,” “One Holy Lamb,” and several others.


Cross is also known for being the founder and lead singer of Poet Voices. Poet Voices started in 1991 as a trio but became a quartet by 1996 and remained as such until 2002.


Now, 15 years later, the group is a quartet once again. Cross is now joined by long-time member Donny Henderson (baritone), Nic Holland (tenor), and newly-added bass singer Brandon Barry. Henderson and Holland joined the group in 1999 and 2000 respectively.


Barry is no stranger to Southern gospel music, having served as bass singer for the Old Paths Quartet and the LeFevre Quartet. This exciting lineup will also be joined by a live band on select dates. The talented quartet has returned to spread the extraordinary word of God through song once again.


Phil Cross: Poet Voices Return To Gospel Music

Phil Cross: Poet Voices Return To Gospel Music

“Poet Voices was formed in 1991 by myself, Howard Stewart, and Dale Brock,” Cross says. “We were signed by Chris White of Sonlite Records, and our first radio release, ‘Jesus Built A Bridge,’ reached the No. 1 position on major charts.”


This was the first of many No. 1 hits for the group, which also included “Wedding Music” and “The Key.”


One of the group’s most memorable moments was receiving Song of The Year honors for one of their No. 1 songs, “I Am Redeemed.”


Cross points to several artists as inspiration for the group’s unique sound and style.


“Cathedral Quartet, Oak Ridge Boys, and everyone that’s currently honoring God through music,” are prime influences on the ministry and sound of the group according to Cross.


Nic Holland: Poet Voices Return To Gospel Music

Nic Holland: Poet Voices Return To Gospel Music

One could argue that the inspiration was mutual as many of the songs that Cross has written were recorded by those beloved artists. Regardless, these influences can definitely be heard in the current quartet.


In addition to their vocal parts, each member has other important positions in the ministry.


Cross serves as songwriter, producer and emcee. Henderson produces and handles everything concerning marketing and sound. Holland manages transportation, and Brandon Barry helps coordinate the schedule.


The group’s 2018 is off to a strong start with the group releasing two new recordings, “I Am Redeemed” and “Extraordinary.” “I Am Redeemed” features fresh recordings of some of the group’s most well-known songs, while “Extraordinary” is a fitting title for the latter record featuring eight classic Poet Voices songs, along with four new tracks.


Brandon Barry of Poet Voices

Brandon Barry of Poet Voices

“‘Extraordinary’ is a collection of newer songs written by myself and others,” Cross points out. “It includes a couple of worship songs, along with songs of proclamation.”


The title track is the first radio single from the project.


“‘Extraordinary’ is an exciting, up-tempo song written by (me),” Cross emphasizes. “It reminds us that everything about Jesus was extraordinary. He didn’t do anything average or ordinary.”


Both recordings showcase the incredible harmonies of this great quartet as well as the strong, gospel-based lyrics.


According to Cross, the mission of Poet Voices is “to provide authentic Christian encouragement and worship to all generations,” which is reflected in their music, their concerts and their daily lives.


“God is on our side,” Cross points out. “He cheers us on. He never gives up on us. He has an extraordinary plan that includes us.”


Donny Henderson of Poet Voices

Donny Henderson of Poet Voices

The music of Poet Voices has made an impact on many people around the world.


“An entire tribe in the Virgin Islands received Christ after a missionary shared ‘Jesus Built A Bridge,’” Cross shares. “Their bridges had been destroyed in a hurricane, so they easily identified and understood the song.”


This has humbled Cross and the members of the quartet. God has blessed them, and through them, He has blessed many others.


“God has impacted our lives, and music is a way for us to express that,” Cross says. “Singing has afforded us the tremendous blessing of meeting wonderful people and knowing that God touches them through the message we get to share.”


Even with all of their success, the men of Poet Voices are still focused on the true star, Jesus Christ. The group also encourages new artists and those who feel called to sing gospel music.


“Be genuine, real, and do not copy others,” Cross points out. “Remember, we’re not great, but He is. This is not a singing contest.”

Phil Cross of Poet VoicesThe coming days are looking bright for the men of Poet Voices, and they are excited to embark on this new journey together.


“We will be sharing in concert events, churches, and wherever doors open,” Cross says. “We will do it with class, integrity, and purpose, to honor Him.”

By Justin Gilmore

First published by SGNScoops Magazine in February 2018

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Join Joan Walker on a Step by Step journey to Health

Written by Staff on March 8, 2018 – 2:32 pm -

Step by Step by Joan Walker

Step by Step by Joan Walker

Step by Step: February 2018 edition. By Joan Walker

We’re almost halfway through January already, and if it’s cold where you are like it’s cold here, you’re looking for hot soup, hot coffee or tea … or anything hot.


And … it’s almost two weeks since New Year’s Day. That makes me think of Rob Patz’s Publishers Point for January – A New Year, A New You. I’m sure we’ve all thought of changes we can make in our life. Just to introduce myself, I am a copy editor for SGNScoops. I reside in Ontario, Canada, am single (but may get a cat in the spring), and am looking to get healthy.


I’ve dieted all my life. Unfortunately, I’ve never arrived at what a BMI (body mass index) table or doctor’s chart says is my ideal weight. I’ve struggled with body image and self-esteem as well, knowing these issues can all go hand in hand.


A couple of years ago, my hair stylist talked about how she was losing weight. Amy inspired me to step out of my comfort zone and try a new plan. It’s not totally new to me, but there were updates.  For me, I needed the “new.” That’s probably something I need to dig into a little, how I need the “new.” But that’s for another article.


So, take it from a chronic dieter … the new year always seems to be the best time to start something. I am currently on a plan that seems to be working for me, even over the Christmas holidays. Over the next few months, I want to share with you what is happening with my health plan.


Do you find that when you begin to take care of your body by watching what goes into it, other parts of your life are suddenly under the spotlight? I see my spiritual life and health for what it currently is, good or bad. If I stop watching what I eat, the lack of discipline in that area may lead me to feel defeated in my spiritual walk, causing me to put aside my Bible, stop praying, or even staying home from church. Is it possible that we feel guilty when one part of our health isn’t up to par, so we draw away from God?  


I am a Christ follower. I’ve been one since my early teens, and as we all know, there are bumps along the way as we allow life to affect how close or how far away from God we are. One big bump happened last year when I found myself suddenly restructured out of a company I had worked at for over 10 years. Wow, that’s a big bump that caused doubt, anger, and many tears. As a stress/emotional eater, this threw my eating-healthy plan for a loop.


Step by Step by Joan WalkerWith this feature, I want to focus on what and how I’m doing with this food plan, in order to encourage you if you are also trying to get healthy. Also, I will fill you in on my spiritual walk, and maybe my journey can resonate with some of you and help you in some way. I do not have all the answers, and it is attempt 10,002 for getting healthy at least, both physically and spiritually … but perhaps we can go on this walk together.


This is really pushing me out of my comfort zone, but I think there is someone out there who is fighting a battle with their weight, or in their walk with God. Perhaps we can grow together. If you want to respond to me directly about what I’ve written, you can reach me at I’d love to hear from you.


Please note, I am not a paid spokesperson for any specific plan, and as this is a plan that is working for me, I won’t focus on the name of the weight-loss plan. If you want to know the details, please feel free to contact me, but remember to get the approval of your doctor before you start on any food/exercise plan.


Step by Step by Joan Walker

Joan Walker

Editor’s Note: Joan Walker, copywriter for SGNScoops Magazine, joins us this month to begin a look into her life as she follows a path to improve her health, both physically and spiritually. Please watch for Step by Step every month and write to Joan at joan@sgnscoops.

By Joan Walker

First published by SGNScoops Magazine in February 2018

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The Jordan Family Band: Skyrockets in Southern Gospel

Written by Staff on February 13, 2018 – 1:55 pm -

Jordan Family Band

Jordan Family Band

In today’s society, social media can be used in a variety of ways. However, in the state of Georgia, you will find a humble and bold family who are using it to encourage, uplift, praise, and ultimately to see souls saved.

The Jordan Family Band is a family group with a country gospel feel. The group consists of Josh and Randa Jordan and their sons Hutch (17), Alex (12), Grant (10), and a friend of the family who is like an adopted son to them, Keenan Atkinson (20).

The family got a unique start in 2009. Randa says that they aren’t a family group who raised their family to sing and travel, but for them it just happened.

“It just wasn’t something I saw for my family,” Randa confesses. “Josh and I grew up singing in church and even started a small group with my brother. We had dreams to build the group and go full time, but we ended up building families.”

January 2018 SGNScoops Magazine

Jordan Family Band on the cover of January 2018 SGNScoops Magazine

However, we all know that what’s in God’s plan, will always find a way. Randa recalls a time where her oldest son Hutch just picked up the guitar and began to play. He had never a lesson, he just played.

One of the main inspirations for the Jordan Family Band was Josh Jordan’s dad, Dr. Fain Jordan. He was a patriarch in their community and a true man of faith. He tragically passed away at the age of 64.

“It was so sudden for us, and for everyone. We had never dealt with such a sudden loss and it was such a rare feeling for our family,” Randa states.

After the death of Josh’s father, the family found themselves coping through music, together, around the piano. “Josh and I never pounded this into the kids, but we watched them be inspired by music,” exclaimes Randa.

Their middle son, Alex, began singing the song, “Dealing with Gold,” and both Josh and Randa were amazed to hear what a voice their son had. They quickly realized as their sons sang what harmony they had together and knew they truly had a gift of song.

Jordan Family BandPeople quickly started asking them to sing at church and their music journey had begun. God had truly intervened through a family heartbreak. At this time someone gifted the family a conversion van and wherever God sent them, they went. Singing just became something the family loved and they began doing what called what using them to do to bring him glory.

Randa recalls using a social media forum called “social-cam” which was similar to Facebook at that time. She recorded herself singing a song for sheer fun and posted it. A few likes from viewers turned into a viral video.

At this time Randa was truly going through some dark times, however, she just kept singing and posting her videos. Her videos gradually went to around 100,000 views. It was at this time that Randa realized she had a ton of viewers listening to her sing, but while her voice was resounding through a social media connection, her heart just wasn’t where it needed to be. In her alone time with God, Randa let God speak to her and shake her. With the help of her Savior, Randa got her heart where it needed to be.

In October 2016, the Jordan Family was gearing up to go to a football game when the opportunity arose to go live on Facebook. They sang the song made famous by Karen Peck and New River, “Everybody’s Going Through Something.” The video reached 3 million views in just a couple of days.

Jordan Family BandBut aside from the views, aside from who the viewers were, this moment was where Randa realized how God could use her family through a tool like social media. As tears were streaming down her face, she began to pray that God would use this as a ministry and that God would send them people to minister to. God began answering their prayer through that one song. It began what would be known as their Wednesday night ritual of going live on Facebook to sing and minister.

You can now find the Jordan Family Band almost every Wednesday night on their group page. Its strictly organic, not rehearsed, and 100% real each time.

One amazing thing about this family is their authenticity. They are truly as real as they come. Just like any family, they face trials, hardships, arguments, and basic hiccups in life. Before every live feed they made an agreement to leave whatever happened in their day behind them and pray together, all before hitting the “Go Live” button on Facebook.

The Jordan family is an ultimate example of using social media to change the world for the cause of Christ, one live feed at a time. Randa Jordan alone has achieved 60,000 followers on her own personal page. Anyone can be a Christian, but it takes boldness and being real to show the world your heart and be the example God calls us to be.

“I realized that with so many people following me, I had to refrain from being negative, because of who I could effect,” says Randa. “I just can’t afford to lose the lost or hurting people.”

Jordan Family BandThe Jordan Family Band have a main goal of just wanting to help people. Of course they want the convenience of a bus, easier travel, and better accomodations for their ministry, but Randa has a different perspective.

“We would rather travel and sleep in a pickup truck to and from our scheduled singings, than to put our efforts into just having a bus to travel in. Our job is to sing and that’s what we are going to do.”

The Jordan Family Band has received many accolades such as charting in the Top 30 in the SGNScoops charts. They have most recently received a nomination for a Dove Award for “New Artist of the Year,” and have recently signed with Crossroads. The family’s song “My God is Faithful,” resounds in their ministry as it serves as their ministry motto.

The hearts of the Jordan family are wide open and by watching their newsfeed, you can hear their hearts and join their worship for the one true King. One of the most rewarding facts about their unique ministry is the people they have reached and the response from their audience.

Many times the messages they have received have said, “I was going to commit suicide tonight, but I saw your live video on my newsfeed and listened and decided not to,” or “I was about to abort my unborn child and heard you singing on Facebook and decided to stop what I was doing.”

Jordan Family BandThese are real people. Real issues. Real messages. This is a real ministry that has accepted the call to serve God’s people, and its working.

“People are finding hope in our live feeds. I even received a message one night that said, “I didn’t shoot myself like I had planned tonight because I heard your live feed.’ God is answering our prayer by sending the people we asked him to send.”

If you watch the live feed for even 60 seconds, you will see a multitude of prayer requests flood the comments section, including people who believe they can call out to a family who will help pray for them.

“God has lead us down this road and we don’t even know where we are going, we are just on the road for the ride. God is getting 100% of the glory of what we are doing. Our hearts are set on what God wants, and that’s it.”

The Jordan Family Band just wants to further the kingdom of Christ, and they want the world to know that “God is faithful through everything. It’s all about him. He answers prayer and he’s the end all, cure all.”


Jordan Family BandWhat are others saying about the Jordan Family Band?

Darren Lore of The Lore Family: “Having a family ministry is filled with blessings and challenges. The family is together all the time. Yet, that doesn’t mean it’s always easy to get everyone together to practice and hone their musical skills. But the JFB is growing as a Christian family ministry. And they are skyrocketing in Southern/Country gospel. Their family harmonies, songwriting and music abilities continue to show professional growth. And they have become fan favorites on social media. The JFB has wisely used social media to introduce their down-to-earth family. JFB is a mixed family group that is filled with potential. It is exciting to see Josh and Randa minister alongside Hutch, Alex and Grant. It’s inspirational to others to see families serving God together. The JFB is an artist to watch closely. Truly, God is showering this anointed family with favor. And I believe that He will continue to elevate them, nationally.”

Mickey Bell, Radio Show Host: “The songwriting of Josh Jordan is going to change this industry, as he will soon become one of the most recognized and most rewarded. His lyrics are pure and pertain to everyday life.”

Matthew Browder of the Browders: “The Jordan Family has what it takes. They have the heart for God and people. They have the anointing to accomplish the calling on their life. They have the talent. They have a signature sound. When you hear them they are unmistakably the Jordan Family Band.”

David Kiser of Heart 2 Heart: “The Jordan Family Band has quickly come on the scene as a fan favorite. They carry great talent as vocalist and musicians. They have the heart and vision to do great things for God.”

Rob Patz of SGNScoops: “I love the energy and joy that the Jordan Family Band brings to the stage, but the best part is, I know the family lives what they sing, and use everything in their power to bring the gospel to a lost world.”


By Sarah Murray

First published by SGNScoops Magazine in January 2018.

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Find out more about the Jordan Family Band HERE

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February 2018 SGNScoops Magazine

Written by SGN Scoops Staff on February 7, 2018 – 8:42 am -

February 2018 SGNScoops Magazine

February 2018 SGNScoops Magazine

We are happy to present you with the February issue of SGNScoops Magazine. In honor of the month of love, we feature the story of Morgan Easter Smith and her husband, Landan. These best friends made their relationship “forever” last fall and tell us about that day.

Read all the great features like Poet Voices by Justin Gilmore, author Donna Sparks by Fayth Lore, Herb Henry Family by Derek Simonis, Amber Eppinette of 11th Hour by Erin Stevens, Mercy Rain by Rob Patz, and New Year wishes by Craig Harris.
Our Christian Country section features a look at Chuck Day’s anniversary, artist Shelly Wilson and the Top 40 chart.
Don’t miss the articles by David Staton, Dusty Wells, Selena Day, Roger Barkley, Jr., and Joan Walker. Randall Hamm reviews new projects, Vonda Easley shines the DJ Spotlight, and we also bring you event updates.
All this and more in this issue of SGNScoops Magazine. We also hope you will find the love and light of Jesus Christ within our pages. If you have any questions or comments please write me at
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Lorraine Walker asks: What are Your Spiritual Goals for 2018?

Written by Staff on February 6, 2018 – 8:36 am -

January 2018 SGNScoops Magazine

Lorraine Walker, Editor of SGNScoops Magazine, asks about your spiritual goals for January 2018

SGNScoops Magazine: Editor’s Last Word by Lorraine Walker for January 2018

Happy New Year. I trust everyone had a good holiday season. For those whose December was a time of sorrow, I understand and pray that this new year will bring encouragement and joy from our Lord.

Here at SGNScoops, we like to highlight an up-and-coming gospel music artist every year on our January cover. The Jordan Family Band is a great new family group that everyone seems to be talking about.

I first became aware of them by catching videos on Facebook by Randa Jordan. It was just her and her piano, and it was so real and heartfelt, as well as being accomplished and skillfully presented, that I kept looking for her when I went online. Then, her family joined her, and I wondered what rock I’d been hiding under that I wasn’t aware of the Jordan Family Band until then. Seriously, if you haven’t heard them yet, find them on Facebook, and they will touch your heart. Be watching for them to climb the charts in 2018.

It is also nice to hear some new year’s resolutions by gospel artists and to think about our own goal-setting. As we consider the year ahead at SGNScoops, we would like to have your input. Who would you like us to feature? Is there a story or film or book you would like us to cover? Please send me an email with your suggestions at

Taking stock of your personal life is also good at any time, not just at the beginning of the year. Most people mention their physical goals, but what about your spiritual goals? It’s a good time to pray about God’s direction.

Editors Last Word by Lorraine Walker for January 2018

What are your spiritual goals for 2018?

Perhaps He is urging you to reach out to your neighbor this year, to find a missionary to support, or to dare to walk more closely to the light of His glory. I think we as a society are becoming more aware of religious persecution, but what some may not realize is that Christians are persecuted and martyred around the world. The tide against us is growing higher all the time, as is evidenced by daily news reports. The closer you walk with the Lord, the more this tide will grow, but a life with Jesus is worth it all.

If the new year appears to be filled with the same difficulties that you have faced in the past, remember that the Lord knows and wants to help you along the road you have to walk. Remember that He is building character in you. Romans 5:1-5 (NIVUK) “Therefore, since we have been justified through faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ,  through whom we have gained access by faith into this grace in which we now stand. And we boast in the hope of the glory of God. Not only so, but we also glory in our sufferings, because we know that suffering produces perseverance; perseverance, character; and character, hope. And hope does not put us to shame, because God’s love has been poured out into our hearts through the Holy Spirit, who has been given to us.”

Editor's Last Word for January 2018 by Lorraine Walker

Be courageous in 2018

Trust God to be your source of peace and hope in 2018. Happy New Year.

Questions? Comments? Email me at

By Lorraine Walker

First published by SGNScoops Magazine in January 2018.

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Please Pray For Lorraine Walker's Dad

Lorraine Walker

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More Perrys Memories

Written by Staff on February 4, 2018 – 4:27 pm -

The Perrys current lineup: Tracy Stuffle, Joseph Habedank, Libbi Perry Stuffle, Jared Stuffle, and Bryan Walker. Photos Courtesy of The Perrys

The Perrys current lineup: Tracy Stuffle, Joseph Habedank, Libbi Perry
Stuffle, Jared Stuffle, and Bryan Walker. Photos Courtesy of The Perrys

From SGNScoops Magazine November 2010. By Dee Ann Bailey

“I Know What I’m Singing About”
is a cut off The Perrys new project
Blue Skies that is due out in late
November. In 1970, their song be-
gan but it was born from sorrow. In
the midst of that sorrow, they gath-
ered around a piano and began to
sing. And sing they did!

Perrys Blue SkiesThe talent roster that has passed
through The Perrys as they have
made this incredible journey is im-
pressive. Of course, originally it
was the Perrys themselves Randy,
Debra and Libbi, “God’s little peo-
ple.” Then as God began to move
the family members in other direc-
tions and toward other ministries,
Libbi Perry Stuffle and her husband
Tracy continued to carry the banner.
Nicole Watts Jenkins, Mike Bowling,
David Hill, Loren Harris, Justin Ellis,
Nick Trammell, Matt Holt, and more
recently Troy Peach and Bryan Elliot
are some of the talented individuals
that have helped make this group a
fan favorite year after year.

But at the core, at 4’8” is a dynam-
ic alto that has been here since the
beginning, Libbi Perry Stuffle. As
Tracy often says ‘What she is lack-
ing in height God made up in vocal
chords.” Consistently nominated as
fan favorite alto of the year, Libbi is
still amazed when she is awarded
that title.

SGNScoops Magazine 2010

SGNScoops Magazine November 2010

“I don’t deserve this but I’m so
thankful.” In 2009, Libbi stated at
the awards that she often feels like
the problem child when it comes
to the group and sound. “Having
about 20% hearing means that I
must have sound in my ear buds
and when there are problems with
the sound, I’m in trouble. At times
it seems too difficult and I feel like
giving up but then someone shares
a song touched them or the fans
bestow an award that lets me know
they appreciate the message I’m
trying to give. It affirms that I’m
where God wants me to be.”

The road hasn’t been easy and
there have been times when it the
valleys were too dark. In Novem-
ber 2003, The Perrys lost their #1
supporter as their dad left us to go 15
listen to the heavenly choir sing. He was a man loved not only by his family but by group members, past and present and the fans. His race was run and he was now on the other side cheering them on. Still they carried on.

Then on August 11, 2010 a time came that neither of them were really prepared for. Tracy was experiencing
pain and once the doctors saw him, things began to move really fast. In addition to having multiple block-
ages Tracy learned he was a diabetic and also there was a small heart aneurysm. After determining that
would this not be a problem, Tracy’s surgery was set for August 13th.

What the hospital wasn’t prepared for and what Tracy and Libbi didn’t fully understand, was how much they
were loved! The hospital switchboard was overwhelmed and the waiting rooms were overflowing. The love this
couple had inspired was now surrounding them as gentle prayers was being whispered for them not only across the country but around the world.

PerrysThis outpouring of love caused the hospital to ask them to begin a Caring Bridge website to keep everyone updates as their lines could not handle
the influx of calls. As he made it through the surgery and Libbi and Jared were allowed to see him, a collective sigh of relief was heard in many homes that had been praying for

Read more »

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The Perrys: Memories from 2014

Written by Staff on February 4, 2018 – 10:40 am -

Libbi Perry Stuffle and Jared Stuffle 2014

The Perrys 2014

Candi’s Catch-ups: The Perrys

New Faces in Some Old Familiar Places

From December 2014 SGNScoops Magazine

It is not uncommon for the Perrys to open their concerts with the title track from Blue Sky’s Coming.  What is unusual is to see a new guy and an old guy. To hear Libbi Perry Stuffle describe it, The Perrys now have, “A Yankee and a prodigal.”  Former Perry, Troy Peach is now in the lead vocal position with the Perrys.  

Standing on either side of Libbi Perry Stuffle and Troy Peach is Libbi and Tracy Stuffle’s 22-year-old son Jared, bringing the bass part for his dad, and Andrew Goldman of Evansville, IN, who joined the Perrys several months ago. Goldman is a familiar face to most fans as he was a part of the all-male quartet, Union Street. This is the line-up as we sat back to enjoy a great concert by The Perrys.

Troy Peach of the Perrys 2014

Troy Peach of the Perrys 2014

As the group settled in, Libbi took the lead with “Still Blessed.” Indeed, Libbi can say that she is still blessed after the two-year adjustment to the family following Tracy’s stroke in January 2013.  Tracy was at the front of the church watching the group, which was inspiring to everyone.  

Troy Peach was completely comfortable in his new role as lead singer and emcee for the Perrys’ stage ministry. The new faces took time to demonstrate what they could do together. This pair worked in great harmony in a duet of “Cleft of the Rock.” When Libbi and Jared joined in, the new blend was something to get excited about!  Seamlessly, and as if they have always been together, they performed the radio hit single, “I Talked to God This Morning.”  

The Perrys 2014Libbi then shared the story of how Troy came to return to the Perrys. She shared that in a conversation, which Troy initiated, he told her, “I just feel this is where God wants me to be.” Gospel music is full of personnel changes, but no one can argue with reasoning under God’s direction. While discussing the departure of Bryan Walker into a full time pulpit ministry, Libbi quipped, “I feel like I sent one son to college while the prodigal came home.”  

Libbi Perry Stuffle of the Perrys 2014

Libbi Perry Stuffle of the Perrys 2014

Following these introductions, the group sang the Perrys’ classic, “He is Mine.”  In a perfect segue, “I Can Trust Him” was sung with great conviction by Libbi. At this point, the group came off the platform and joined Tracy at the front. With a great big smile, Libbi stepped back while all four men sang “Three Crosses.” Just a few short weeks ago, Tracy was able to sing although somewhat with weakness on stage at NQC 2014.  But this day, Tracy was very much holding his own vocally. This remarkable performance was nothing short of a demonstration of God’s power, touching every spirit in the room with Tracy’s great courage.

The Perrys 2014

The Perrys 2014

Libbi, Jared, Troy and Andrew returned to the platform to sing “I Rest My Case at the Cross.” This anthem was always a song of testimony for Tracy but this day, it served to speak volumes more than just what the lyrics could say. This song is now a testimony of complete surrender and dependence on God and what He did on that Cross. The message of the Gospel along with the emotion of the voices of the Perrys came through with complete clarity.

Libbi came forward with “Celebrate Me Home” which is just a natural way to communicate the need for salvation to everyone listening.  Troy followed with sharing his salvation story by announcing, “I have made my reservation for that celebration!  Satan will always bring things up that I regret but Calvary has a response.”

The Perrys 2014New faces with the same message of Jesus! The Perrys are a living testimony of what they sing. With a shining spirit of what God can bring one family through, the Perrys are relentless in their desire to share. Libbi wants everyone to know that, “This new season brings heavy responsibility. The days are long and hard, it is easy to become discouraged. And then I look at how faithful He is; the only thing I can say is, go God go!”

Troy Peach brings just the talent and leadership that the Perrys need at this time.  Andrew Goldman is a rising star who matures with every performance. Jared looks strong and tall beside his mother. As for Libbi, this tiny woman is respected more than she can imagine. Her faithfulness to the ministry amidst so many barriers makes her a pillar of which any age, any gender can be in awe of. She stands with her family and with her God, making the Perrys an example of what being a Christian should look like.

See the Perrys in person to hear the new talent at .

By Candi Combs


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Younger Perspective With Jared Stuffle of the Perrys

Written by Staff on February 4, 2018 – 9:29 am -

Jared Stuffle of the Perrys c 2014

Jared Stuffle of the Perrys c 2014

Younger Perspective With Jared Stuffle By Erin Stevens

If you are an avid Southern Gospel fan, then you would have some idea what the The Perrys have been through with regard to Tracy’s health this past year. This family is a testimony to what true, unwavering faith in a sovereign Lord really looks like. This month, I had the chance to talk with Tracy & Libbi’s son, Jared. Life has undoubtedly been rough for this young man as of late, but instead of focusing on that today, I thought Jared deserved to talk about why he loves traveling and singing. Take it away, Jared…


Erin: How old were you when you started traveling with your family?

Jared: I was cleared by a doctor to travel when I was two weeks old and I have been on the road, full-time since then.


Erin: It’s no small thing that while your dad was still recovering in the hospital, you stepped up to the plate and started singing with the group. What was that transition time like for you personally?

Jared: It was challenging to say the least. It has been very different, but I’m starting to get more comfortable, and am relaxing into it more.


Erin: When you’re off the road, what would you usually be found doing?

Jared: It would have to be one of five things: either a hockey game, golfing, church, going to the movies or just hanging out around the house with my friends.


Erin: What is the funniest thing a fan has ever said to you?

Jared: That’s a tough one. Several people lately have come to the table and think I’m Dad, so that’s always interesting!


Erin:  Night after night in concert, what song touches you the most and why?

Jared: I really love “Calvary Answers For Me.” I’ve always loved that song, and now getting to sing it is great. The song title pretty much sums up why it’s my favorite.


Erin: Share something about yourself that no one would ever guess?

Jared: Let’s see, it would probably have to be that I collect vinyl records, and that I am absolutely terrified of snakes…I can’t stand those things!


Erin: Who are the top 5 artists you would be found listening to most often on your iPod?

Jared: Tough one, because I’m constantly listening to music, and I like such a wide variety…but here goes:

1.Michael Bublé

2.Justin Timberlake

3.Kari Jobe


5.Imagine Dragons


The Perrys 2014

The Perrys 2014

Erin: What would you consider to be your most embarrassing moment on the road?

Jared: Oh wow! I try my best to avoid embarrassing moments, but just the other night, our soundboard decided to completely reset itself in the middle of a concert. I had to leave the stage, and entirely reset the sound, while the group kept singing – that was pretty embarrassing!


Erin:  Who is/are the biggest musical influence(s) in your life?

Jared: Well definitely Mom and Dad, but the other would probably be Michael Bublé. He’s such an incredible singer and has a huge voice!


Erin: In your professional roadie opinion, what is the greatest and the hardest part about traveling around the country with your family?

Jared: The hardest part would be missing out on a lot at home, but the greatest would be seeing places that most people only dream of, along with meeting great people.


Erin: Who do you usually hang out with most on the bus?

Jared: Probably our bus driver Mark. I’ve known him for a long time, and I usually stay up late talking to him while he drives.


Erin: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Jared: Hopefully singing! That’s what I want to do, plus I wouldn’t mind having my own studio.


Erin: And in closing, how would encourage your fellow roadie friends as they minister week in and week out? (and for those wondering – they need encouragement as much as anyone!)

Jared: Remember why we do this. It isn’t just a job, and you always have to remember that because it isn’t about fame or awards, it’s about leading people to Christ and encouraging those who need it!


Thank you, Jared, for opening up and sharing a little glimpse of your heart for ministry with the readers. To you, the fans, I urge you the next time you’re at a Perrys concert to take a moment to encourage Jared for a job well done. Let him know just how thankful you are for what an example he is to the young and old alike. Until next month, Scoops fans…


And that’s my take on it.

By Erin Stevens

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Rob Patz: New Year, New You

Written by Staff on January 19, 2018 – 5:07 am -

Rob Patz

Rob Patz

SGNScoops Publisher’s Point for January 2018 by Rob Patz

It is a brand new year. Are you excited about what God has for you in 2018? We have a slogan right now at WPIL (91.7 FM, Heflin, Ala., that is, a brand new year and a brand new you. I started that with the idea to encourage people to experience new things.


I truly believe that 2018 is going to be an amazing year filled with exciting opportunities. I believe that about every year, and as I look back at 2017, I think we should always take an inventory of where we’ve been. There have been many great things that have happened in 2017, and there have been some trials. I am thankful though that God has allowed me to be a part of some fantastic events and to minister to people around the country.


The year of 2017 saw changes, but then again, if you think about it, in every year there are changes. If we stay the same we are not moving forward. In the Bible, it says that we should run the race, and my feeling about that is that God doesn’t want us to be stable. He doesn’t want us to be happy in the location we are in today.


Hourglass, new yearI had the opportunity to talk with a pastor, and we were sharing our visions for this coming year. I said that God always put big visions in my head. Now, that doesn’t mean that those visions always come to fruition that year. Sometimes, those visions take years to accomplish. But it says we have to run the race, and life is not a sprint … it’s a marathon. That means like a marathon runner, we watch for landmarks to know where we are. Like when runners get to the 13-mile mark, they know they are halfway there.


I truly believe God puts it in our hearts each year to grow in new and exciting ways that He wants us to run. He wants us to continue to make an impact for the kingdom, because if we stand still, we are not fulfilling the great commission.


So many people say, “I don’t know how I’m going to get to my goal.” I had a very wise friend who was an older pastor tell me that the best way to get to your goal is start walking. If you don’t start moving, nothing will ever happen. If you don’t start exercising your faith, you won’t reach your goal. As much as we talked about running earlier, we talk the same about exercising our faith.


So, as I sit here at the beginning of a brand new year, I want to encourage you to do three things for me. This year, I want you to read your Bible more. I want you to pray more, and I want you to begin to exercise your faith.


New Year 2018 GoalsSo many of us talk about exercise as one of our New Year’s resolutions. May I encourage you this year to make one of your resolutions – that you will keep – to exercise your faith. Start to dream. Start to believe that God has bigger, greater things for you ahead. Then, start to run your race. If the Lord allows, I want to be with you at the end of this year, to cheer you on as you cross the finish line of another year.


As you start the new year off, make plans to join us in Oxford, Ala., from March 1-3 for Southern Gospel Weekend. Find more information about this great event in this edition.


That’s the Publisher’s Point.

By Rob Patz

First published by the SGNScoops Magazine in January 2018

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