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After a gospel music ministry that spans over 26 years together, gospel group The BRADYS from Dothan, AL has announced that they are retiring the group effective immediately. Group member Keith Brady recently underwent open-heart surgery, however Keith has stated that it is important that their friends across the country know that this is not the reason they are disbanding. He recently conveyed in an interview, “We had felt for over a year now that things were winding down but we never wanted to stop until we were sure in our hearts it was in God’s timing. After much prayer, I feel a release in my spirit that the time is now. If not, trust me, I would be doing everything in my power to aim toward the goal of returning to the road as quickly as possible singing the music we love so much!” Group member Sylvia Green stated, “It’s very bittersweet because we’ve met so many wonderful people, and music ministry has been what our entire life has been geared around for all these years, but I do realize that ultimately being in God’s will is what matters most!”

The group asks that you keep each of them; Alan Brady, Keith Brady, and Sylvia Green in your prayers as they go their different ways. As Keith said, “We all as Christians should be ministers of God each and every day in some way and we will continue doing that. It may not always be through music but God just needs a vessel and I aim to be one He can use!” The group offers their heartfelt thanks to the Promoters, Pastors, Music Ministers, Radio stations and friends across the country that believed in their ministry and supported or helped them in any way. Sylvia states, “We’ve always known it was a giant GROUP effort through many people that kept us on the road! We’ve always considered them all as a part of our ministry, and anyone who helped us in any way will always have a special place in our hearts!”

There is a limited amount of remaining BRADY product available but anyone wishing to obtain a copy of the Bradys last CD “ENTIRELY POSSIBLE” may do so by calling their recording label, TenTOP Music Group (at the offices of Big “Mo” Ministries) 334-693-3091; or by ordering online at Springside Marketing at www.springside.com If you would like to send cards or letters to any of the Bradys, please send to: PO Box 534 Columbia, AL 36319

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