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Joseph Habedank to Perform with Reba McEntire at 48th Annual GMA Dove Awards

Written by Staff on October 14, 2017 – 5:56 am -

Joseph Habedank

Joseph Habedank

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (October 12, 2017) – Joseph Habedank is preparing to share the stage with an international bonafide superstar – Reba McEntire. Habedank, who wrote the title track to McEntire’s latest release, Sing It Now, will join the beloved star on stage to perform with her during the 48th Annual GMA Dove Awards to be held on October 17, 2017 at Lipscomb University’s Allen Arena. TBN will exclusively air the awards show on October 22, 2017 at 8 PM CT.

Joseph Habedank to Perform with Reba McEntire at 48th Annual GMA Dove Awards

Joseph Habedank to Perform with Reba McEntire at 48th Annual GMA Dove Awards

The special performance comes on the heels of his win for Favorite Soloist of the Year during the Singing News Fan Awards at NQC 2017 just a few weeks ago and a busy year for Habedank.

“I am absolutely overjoyed to be sharing the stage with Reba McEntire,” Habedank said. “I’ve been a fan of hers for a long time and it’s going to be a special honor to sing with her.”
The performance details will be a surprise as producers of the show are keeping everything under wraps until the night of the appearance.
The GMA Dove Awards celebrate the contributions of artists from every style of Christian/Gospel music. Top nominated artists include Zach Williams, Lauren Daigle, Chris Tomlin, Kirk Franklin and NEEDTOBREATHE. For more information, visit
For more information about Joseph Habedank, visit

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Hope To The Hill with Nathan Kistler

Written by Staff on October 12, 2017 – 1:37 pm -

Hope To The Hill with Nathan Kistler

Hope To The Hill with Nathan Kistler

What a blessed month we have had. God has opened new doors of ministry, and on top of that, we had the great privilege of celebrating our nation’s independence on July 4.

I am so thankful to God for His continued blessing in this land. Our nation’s beginnings were truly guided by the hand of God, and even today, we find that He is still working amidst the seeming chaos we experience.

Hope To The Hill with Nathan Kistler

Nathan Kistler

The media tends to blow out of proportion what is happening in Washington and in some cases they outright make up stories.

It is imperative now more than ever that we understand what is at stake here in this land and that we recognize what God is doing in the 115th Congress. There are more Christians in Congress right now than we’ve had in many, many years. I firmly believe that revival is just around the corner.

Every day, great prayer warriors are on their knees begging God for mercy and blessing, prayer warriors that include many members of the 115th Congress.

Hope To The Hill with Nathan KistlerThese men and ladies are key as they are standing in the gap for truth in this modern day Babylon we find ourselves in.

Please set down the TV remote and take some time in God’s Word whilst praying for our elected officials.

Also, I would ask that you pray for us as we endeavor to minister to these wonderful men and women who represent us every day. We desperately need your prayers and support for the days of battle which are ahead of us. God’s people must stand up while they speak truth in love.

Hope To The Hill with Nathan KistlerI am so thankful for each of you and your prayers.

Your friend in Washington,

Nathan Kistler,,

First published by SGNScoops Magazine in August 2017

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Congrats to SGN SCOOPS Top 100 SG

Written by scoopsnews on October 12, 2017 – 10:04 am -

SGNScoops Top 100

2017 October SGNScoops Top 100

1. Triumphant Quartet – Chain Breaker

2. Tribute Quartet – God Of The Storms

3. Joseph Habedank – Here He Comes

4. Ernie Haase and Signature Sound – Give Me Jesus

5. Greater Vision – Still

6. 11th Hour – Ain’t No Bones

7. Freemans – It Still Takes The Blood

8. Jason Crabb – Mysterious Ways

9. Canton Junction – God’s Got A Better Plan

10. Hoppers – Life Is Good

11. McKameys – For The Record

12. Karen Peck and New River – Hope For All Nations

13. Kingsmen – Hear The Word Of The Lord

14. Amber Nelon Thompson – Give It To Jesus

15. Pine Ridge Boys – There’s A Fountain

16. Perrys – Moses And Elijah

17. Hyssongs – I Tell Them Jesus

18. Mark Trammell Quartet – My Faith Still Holds

19. Guardians – Packin’ Up

20. Lore Family – Joyous News

21. Tim Livingston – I Can’t Erase The Message

22. Michael Combs – Carry Me Jesus

23. Sunday Drive – I Thank You

24. Gold City – I Will Stand

25. Wilbanks – When I Speak Your Name

26. CT and Becky Townsend – My God Delivered Me

27. New Ground – Make It

28. Zane and Donna King – Beautiful Ever After

29. Kingdom Heirs – The Last Big Thing

30. Bowling Family – Praise God He’s Alive

31. Georgia – I’ve Been To The Bottom

32. Chronicle – Where Did The Wind Go

33. Debra Perry and Jaidyn’s Call – Somebody Pray

34. Jordan Family Band – My God Is Faithful

35. Gibsons – No Wonder

36. Mark Bishop – The Other Room

37. Inspirations – The One In The Water

38. Dean – Talk The Talk, Walk The Walk

39. HighRoad – Somewhere I’m Going

40. Soul’d Out Quartet – Holy Spirit Come

41. Villines Trio – Elijah

42. Woodsmen Quartet – The Cross Has Won Again

43. Spiritual Voices – Love That Led To Grace

44. Dunaways – Reassure Me

45. Millers – Take A Moment And Live

46. Stephens – He Said

47. Sneed Family – I’ve Never Seen A Promise

48. Susan Whisnant – I Prayed Through It

49. Children Of The Promise – Heaven Takes Care of It All

50. Down East Boys – Somebody Left The Door Wide Open

51. Barry Rowland and Deliverance – The Ark

52. Caleb’s Crossing – I Promise You

53. Exodus – God of Always And Never

54. Misty Freeman – A Day In The Life Of Jesus

55. Purpose – Trust Him

56. Bibletones – Portrait Of Love

57. Ivan Parker – Walk My Way

58. Eric and Laura Ollis – I Won’t Compromise

59. Rejeana Leeth and New Grace – Thank God For My Christian Home

60. Sharps – Endless Day

61. Jim Brady Trio – God Is With Me

62. Bates Family – Ready Or Not

63. Battle Cry – I’m Amazed

64. Bless’d Ministries- Come To The Cross

65. Journeys – I Can Smile

66. Shellem Cline – Getting In The Word Of God

67. Three Bridges – Livin’ In The Lion’s Den

68. Aaron and Amanda Crabb – Two Coats

69. Mark Lowry – What’s Not To Love

70. Lakeside – Come On Home

71. Sisters – A Day Will Come

72. Bama Blu-Grace – In My Hiding Place

73. Pathfinders – We Shall See Jesus Someday

74. Wilburn and Wilburn – Prayer Is All I Need

75. John Whisnant – Had It Not Been

76. Talleys – This Thing Called Grace

77. Blake and Jenna Bolerjack – I’ve Got My Reservation

78. Carolina Boys – Faith In A Great God

79. Matt Felts – Trust Me With The Trial

80. Southern Raised – Instead

81. Summit Trace – You Love Me Anyway

82. Anchormen – I’m Gonna Run

83. Cavaliers- Forever Redeemed

84. Steeles – Prodigals

85. Day Three – Might Go Home Today

86. Browns – Aim Higher

87. Greenes – Send A Little Rain

88. King James Boys – Somebody Prayed For Me

89. Walkers – Holy Spirit Flow Through Me

90. Bates Family – You Are

91. Steve Ladd – All Things Are Possible With God

92. Dallas Rogers – Chasin’

93. Christian Davis – He Can’t Stop Loving You

94. Mark209 – I Can Call Jesus Anytime

95. Jeff and Sheri Easter – More Than Enough

96. Lindsey Graham – A Little More Love

97. Daniel’s Purpose – Jesus Loved Us To Death

98. Tim Marshall – Against The Grain

99. Journeys – Have Faith

100. Whisnants – Joy In The House


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The Akins: Singing To The Heart

Written by Staff on October 11, 2017 – 11:12 am -

The Akins

The Akins

David Akin, a man called of God, is a preacher, musician, singer and father of three boys. His journey started 30 years ago when God called his name while he was leading praise and worship from a piano at his home church, Harp’s Crossing Baptist in Fayetteville, Ga.. For a few years, he worked with preaching evangelists, leading choirs and singing special music. When his boys became three, five and seven, God laid it on his heart to go out on his own and form a family ministry. The Akins immediately started singing, never had any stage fright, and never looked back.

Some years earlier, David had been with a friend who had lost his dad, a well-known evangelist that had traveled worldwide. That night, as he watched the tears run down his friend’s face, he felt compelled to go to his room, where he fell on his knees and asked God not to let him be the one who travels the world and doesn’t get to spend time with his children.


“I believed that I could win the whole world to Jesus, but if I didn’t have time for my own, I would have messed up on the most important thing that God put me here to do,” David says. “That night, I know that God heard a brokenhearted dad’s prayer. My boys began to show interest in singing and playing musical instruments and began to flourish at an amazing rate. Only God could have done what was done in our family, and I give Him all the glory.”


The AkinsIn 1990, the Akins sang their first song in public. David performed with his sons – Davey, who played bass, Nick and Eli. After 19 years, God called Davey and led him to leave the ministry and go to New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary.


“I always want my kids to be exactly where God wants them to be,” David says. “Davey was feeling that God wanted him to work with men hooked on pornography and (warn) young men the dangers of pornography. We don’t feel like we lost a bass player but that we gained another minister going out from our family.”

The AkinsThe Akins’ ministry continues with David, Nick and Eli, singing and playing many instruments, leading revivals and concerts. Eli and his wife write almost all of the original songs that the group records. Their latest recording, “Eyes on the Road,” includes 10 songs written by this talented couple. It is scheduled to be released on Aug. 27 at the Akins Harps Homecoming at Harp’s Crossing Baptist Church in Fayetteville.


David confesses that with all of the concerts the group is doing, there is always an embarrassing moment on stage. At one concert, he realized in the middle of their first song that his fly was open. He couldn’t even turn around because the choir was behind backing them up. He finally found the perfect opportunity to accidently-on-purpose drop his mic so that he could quickly close his zipper.

“I don’t think that it was successful, people noticed anyway,” he admits.

If God hadn’t led them into the ministry what would they be doing?

“Who knows … I am a do-it-yourselfer,” David shares. “I love taking on a project, doing research and completing it. I’m sure there would have been plenty of things that I might have tried if God had not chosen me for this.”

Nick would probably record other people in their recording studio. God has really blessed him with an amazing ability to hear things in the mix-downs that no one else can hear. He would continue writing songs also.

The AkinsEli is a jack of all trades. He not only plays almost every instrument that he picks up, but he has built several guitars that he plays on stage and is an amazing photographer. He also would like to have his own restaurant some day as he loves cooking and smoking meat.

David is currently writing a book entitled “You’ve Brought Us This Far.” It is about his life and family and all the miracles that God has performed over the years to bring them to this point. He hopes to finish it someday. Nick records young artists from time to time, and Eli and his wife Whitney shoot photos and videos for realtors in Atlanta to assist with home sales.

Being Bill Gaither fans, they would like to sing on a Gaither video and share a meal with him. Dave said he would want his kids and the world to be able to say that David Akin was the same off stage as he was on stage, like their song, “My Stage Was an Altar.”

The Akins“I recently had the opportunity to share a conference with the Akins,” Dr. Jerry Vines says. “My, what a blessing this talented father and young men are. They play many instruments and sing beautifully. But, most important, they sing to the heart. We are in great need of musicians who are not only musically superior, but (who are) also spiritually sensitive. The Akins are both. If you ever have the opportunity, please hear them and use them in your meetings.”

Photographs courtesy of the Akins and Robert York.

By Robert York

The AkinsFirst published by SGNScoops Magazine in August 2017


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Kevin Mills: Changes, Bees and Serving God

Written by Staff on October 10, 2017 – 12:12 pm -

Kevin Mills: Changes, Bees and Serving God

Kevin Mills: Changes, Bees and Serving God

I first met up with Kevin Mills online when I was researching Canadian Gospel Music artists. At that time, the Gospel Music Association of Canada had nominated his debut self-titled album for Southern Gospel Album of the Year 2006. Since that time, Mills relocated to the United States, married his sweetheart Amanda and ended up on Virginia Beach during Hurricane Sandy.

The Mills have weathered many storms, both weather-related and personally, and now make their home in Rochester, Washington. They are owners of Mills Diner, Hive 5 Bees, and Kevin has just released his current album, “God, Family & Country,” with Song Garden Music Group. This busy vocalist took a moment to help me catch up with his busy world.

Kaleb Powell did a full review of Mills’ new album which can be found in the October 2017 SGNScoops Magazine here. Mills says he is pleased with his solo project. “It has better flow and focus in its musical style,” says Mills. “We really focused on songs that told stories and also represented spirituality in a very non-threatening way. It was great working with Gus Gaches and Song Garden Music Group again – it’s because of them that the project was possible and ended up so excellent.”

Kevin Mills is originally from Canada

Kevin Mills is originally from Canada

Mills loves all the songs on this country-flavored, smooth-as-honey album. However, one song, in particular, stands out. “‘In God We Still Trust’ seems to be very timely for our country. I’m seeing a spiritual longing within our nation that is very encouraging,” says Mills.

This new album represents a change for this vocalist. Many readers may remember Mills from Keepers of the Faith quartet, out of Puyallup, Wash. when he filled their bass position for several years. That tenure also included an appearance on the NQC stage in 2014. However, Mills is now performing as a solo artist. “I spent almost three wonderful years with Keepers of the Faith Quartet and retired from them in January of this year,” explains Mills. “They provided me with a great opportunity to grow professionally and vocally and I’m very grateful for the time we worked together.”

Kevin Mills with Keepers of the Faith quartet

Kevin Mills with Keepers of the Faith quartet

Retirement from a busy quartet’s traveling schedule does not mean a slower timetable for Mills. The singer with a voice like honey has recently returned to a former love: Beekeeping. “I love my bees,” says Mills. “I’m going on almost 18 years of beekeeping. I began at age 13 and ended up being mentored by some of the largest commercial beekeepers in Canada. It’s a fascinating industry and one that’s crucial to the majority of our food supply. Levi from Keepers of the Faith actually got me back into it last year. The demand for bees on the west coast blew me away and I struggled to keep up. This year was the same, consequently, it’s ended up being an accidental business but one that I’m rather familiar with from prior experience – plus it keeps me sweet.”

Kevin MillsA huge part of what keeps Mills sweet is his wife Amanda and their daughters, Brooklyn and Meagan. Another large part of their lives is Mills Diner – The Local Breakfast and Lunch Place. It may seem strange that a singer would transition into a diner owner, but Kevin says that is not so. “ My wife introduced me to the food/hospitality industry when we first met (she owned a restaurant). I quickly fell in love with the people and the industry. Providentially we were provided with the opportunity to assume ownership of an existing restaurant. We are very blessed with the community and the staff that make Mills Diner what it is. Amanda (my wife) handles the day-to-day operations whereas my strengths lay more in strategic planning and HR management.” Mills concludes,” The hospitality industry is a great place to naturally present and represent God’s love and service to others.”

Kevin Mills and wife Amanda, daughters Brooklyn and Meagan

Kevin Mills and wife Amanda, daughters Brooklyn and Meagan

The Mills’ home seems to be a busy place with so much going on. Mills isn’t quite sure how he keeps all of the juggling balls aloft. “Can I get back to you when I figure it out?” Mills continues, “Seriously though it’s amazing how much you can do in a day when you set out with a daily plan/list and quickly execute from the highest priority items to the lowest. I still battle procrastination and if it wins I quickly become overwhelmed.”

“Amanda’s and (my) drive for business comes from a belief that business is a gift God gives us to help shape and influence people, society and ourselves,” Mills explains.

Although change appears to be the operative word in Mills’ life, he admits it hasn’t always been easy to adapt to the new normal. “It’s been a very interesting time spiritually – even though I feel closer and more real in my relationship with God then ever before – it’s been a very difficult transition. Even though I grasped intellectually the importance of placing my music career and passion in His hands – I really struggled with Him pulling me out of full-time music,” he admits.

Kevin Mills' diner“However, it’s very clear that this was the direction that He wanted both Amanda and I to go in and even though we still do not have total clarity of the ‘why’ – we certainly get glimpses of what He’s doing in us individually, as a couple, and in our customers/patrons through our different businesses,”says Mills.

Even mature Christians struggle with sometimes knowing the will of God during change. “I did struggle (and sometimes still do) with whether we’ve made the right decisions but upon reflection, it always circles to this is exactly where God wants us.

“As most everyone knows – life is tough – but as Zig Ziglar used to say, ‘If we’re tough on ourselves, life is going to be infinitely easier on us.’(Paraphrase.) I find my continued studies in Judaism and Christian theology along with reading authors such as Zig Ziglar, John Maxwell, Norman Vincent Peale and others – helps keep my mind (and body) in a good place. Discipline mentally, physically and spiritually is what it all comes down to.

Kevin Mills Diner“I definitely do not have this figured out but I’m having an awesome time learning and I continue to be amazed with how God walks right alongside us.”

Kevin Mills has experienced a lot and at the same time has learned so much about God and life. You can hear this in his voice and see it in his zest for life. Be sure to visit his Facebook page and the Mills Diner page. If you are in his area, drop by, have a sandwich and meet the Mills. Be sure to ask Kevin to sing you a song and ask him about his life of change. He might just show you his bees.

By Lorraine Walker

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Kevin Mills' bees

Kevin Mills’ bees

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Rocky and Gail Smith Ministries and Richardson Ministries join their talents to become “4 The Right Reason”.

Written by scoopsnews on October 9, 2017 – 2:47 pm -


CARNESVILLE, Georgia, October 9, 2017/ –Rocky and Gail Smith Ministries and Richardson Ministries join their talents to become “4 The Right Reason”.


On Friday, October 6, 2017, “4 the Right Reason” debuted at the Foothills Gospel Music Park in Carnesville, GA opening for Jeff and Sheri Easter.  Rocky and Gail Smith and Bobby and Amy Richardson are excited to blend their ministries together to create a dynamic union.  Their outgoing personalities, sweet voices and their powerful messages will touch people of all ages. “We want people to know that no matter what they’re going though, as long as they have God, they can get through anything”.  “Our ministry is about touching a heart, making a difference, giving encouragement, determination and hope” said Gail.


Rocky and Gail, from Greensboro, NC, have spent the past 6 years traveling as a duet.  In 2012, just after the devastating loss of their two youngest sons, they began their full time ministry. The Lord has been faithful to open doors for them to share their story and encourage others.   Prior to that Rocky spent many years with the Easter Brothers and has worked with many other National Gospel and Country Groups. He is a talented musician playing 17 instruments. In addition to all their travel, for the past 3 years they have been Pastoring Shiloh Baptist Church in Milton, NC.  Rocky said “We praise God for our time at Shiloh; all the folks there have become family to Gail and I. We appreciate their support of our ministry and their understanding during this time of change in our ministry.”   


Bobby and Amy, from Columbus, MS, are also no strangers to ministry as they have spent the last 25 years in many types of ministry including youth pastor, senior pastor, and worship leader. Bobby is an ordained minister in the Church of God and Amy has a solo project entitled “My Journey” through the MAC Record label in Columbus, MS. “Our ministry has always been about hope, healing, and restoration and will continue to be that now as a team. We want to see people encouraged and won to Christ in everything we do,” Amy remarked.


They have all ministered throughout the United States.  Additionally, they have a strong presence in both the Southern Gospel and Christian Country arenas.  Songs on the charts, award nominees, talented writers and musicians with beautiful voices, they are a complete package!  


They feel that God brought this team together and began developing a mighty friendship to do a mighty work for Him.  They are honored to work together in ministry through revivals, singings, leadership, youth and couples conferences


For more information visit us at or on Facebook @4therightreason.



Gail Smith

(336) 790-6257

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The LifeFM Network Receives the 2017 GMA Dove Award for Radio Impact

Written by SGN Scoops Staff on October 9, 2017 – 6:18 am -

The LifeFM Network Receives the 2017 GMA Dove Award for Radio Impact

The LifeFM Network Receives the 2017 GMA Dove Award for Radio Impact

Greenville, South Carolina-October 9, 2017-The LifeFM Network has been selected to receive
the 2017 Southern/Country/Bluegrass Gospel Radio Impact Award from the Gospel Music Association. The 48 th Annual Dove Awards ceremony will take place on Tuesday, October 17,
2017 at Lipscomb University’s Allen Arena in Nashville, Tennessee.

The GMA’s Dove Awards, instituted in 1970, recognize a variety of Christian music genres for
their outstanding achievements and overall contribution to the music industry. Thirty-four
categories will be honored, including nominees for Artist of the Year, Album of the Year,

Recorded Song of the Year and Inspirational Film of the Year.
The Radio Impact Award is an accolade which honors professionalism and influence in the
broadcasting industry. The LifeFM staff was overjoyed to receive news of the 2017
Southern/Country/Bluegrass Gospel Radio Impact Award, which stated, “The GMA wants to
salute The LifeFM Network for its service to the community and dedication to spread the gospel
through music.”

Since the launch of its first station in October 2010, The LifeFM Network has grown to twenty-
eight radio stations and a world-wide online audience at, providing quality
programming with the best selection of Southern Gospel music. Rodney Baucom, a twenty-five
year veteran in the broadcasting field and Program Director at The LifeFM says, “We are thrilled
to receive this award. It has always been our goal to serve the Lord with excellence. We try to
live out our lives on the air and connect with our audience in a real way.”

For more information regarding the GMA and the 2017 Dove Awards, go to

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The Exceptional Talent of Bo Hinson

Written by Staff on October 6, 2017 – 6:45 am -

The Original Hinsons: Ronnie, Chris Freeman, Larry, Bo Hinson
The Original Hinsons: Ronnie, Chris Freeman, Larry, Bo Hinson

If you’re a Southern Gospel Music fan, you’re definitely familiar with the legendary Hinson family. Their music and variations of Hinson groups has spanned decades; their sound and message as moving and relevant today as it was when they started.

Hinson connoisseurs will tell you quickly which one is their favorite singer, which is their favorite song, era, group, and hybrid. They can tell you the place, date, and lineup of each Hinson performance they’ve attended.

They talk of how they miss Kenny Hinson and how his son Weston sounds a lot like him when he sings. And you can certainly hear the resemblance.

Kenny Hinson

Kenny Hinson

Gospel singers everywhere, even those named Hinson, are compared to Kenny. And he was one of the greats, no doubt. His music lives on.

I don’t know the Hinsons, and have, unfortunately, never been to hear any of them sing in person, but have been blessed by their music since I became a Christian in 1980 at the age of 20.

It didn’t take me long to discover the Hinson music on the radio and a few Christian TV appearances. Now I enjoy them on the internet. Their songs minister, teach, and inspire Christians seeking a closer walk with Christ. They may never know how many lives they’ve touched, or how, with their music. But I suspect there are many more like me that have untold stories of how their Christian lives were enriched by Hinson music.

Weston Hinson and the Hinson Family

Untold until now, that is. I’m telling my Hinson story in this article.

Read more »

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Extra Extra Read All About It!

Written by scoopsnews on October 5, 2017 – 4:10 am -

SGN Scoops New Subscriber, Jantina de Haan-Baksteen checking out this months edition.

It was a pleasure to meet Jantina in person at the National Quartet Convention.

Have you subscribed to our printed edition?

Email Rob Here

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Crosby Lane Releases New Music Video

Written by Staff on October 4, 2017 – 4:56 pm -

(Pictured: Micheal & John Lemonis of Crosby Lane on location at Henry Horton State Park)

(Pictured: Micheal & John Lemonis of Crosby Lane on location at Henry Horton State Park)

Franklin, TN (Oct 4th, 2017) — Crosby Lane has released a new music video for their song, “Dead In The Water”. The new video features the vocal/acoustic duo of Crosby Lane, John and Michaela Lemonis, who also co-wrote the song. Their past video release, “Crucified”, was shown on multiple national networks including GAC TV, CMT and Heartland  and appeared in several popular TV shows. The new video is premiering first on the groups social media and subsequently being released to national television outlets. 

Crosby Lane

Crosby Lane

“Dead In The Water” is from Crosby Lane’s forthcoming album, ‘Blacktop Revival Tour’ and will be their third album release on Mansion Entertainment. The video was directed by Mansion’s John Mathis and was shot on location at Henry Horton State Park in Chapel Hill, TN. John Lemonis actually lost his wedding band in the Duck River as it slipped off his finger during video production of one of the water scenes.. The music was co-produced by John Lemonis and Dennis Dearing and is slated for release in November.

John Mathis of Mansion Entertainment commented, “We had such success with the ‘Crucified’ video and set out to see if we could come up with something that would be as equally well-received. Although we dealt with mosquitos on a Biblical plague level and John lost his wedding band, we really enjoyed the process of creating this. These guys wrote a great song, and we wanted to help paint a picture of that with this video. We are all excited to share the video and the message.”
For more information about the new music video release visit or

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