Spotlight on Jordan’s Bridge

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Jordan's Bridge

Jordan’s Bridge

Often our Spotlight series has focused on artists whose names have yet to become well known. However, Jordan’s Bridge is a quartet that contains two gentlemen who were both part of the Singing Americans and whose names are familiar to fans of ‘80’s and ‘90’s Gospel music. Phil Barker and Joe Lane have been friends for many years and have now come together to form a traditional group with strong harmonies and familiar songs that will have audiences tapping their feet and clapping along. SGM Radio recently caught up with Joe Lane so we could turn our Spotlight on Jordan’s Bridge.

“I’ve had starting a new group on my heart for years,” says Joe Lane. “I wanted something new and different but never could find the time to follow through. Then one day while I was on the road with the Dove Brothers I decided it was time. I called Phil Barker and asked him if he wanted to sing with me, if I could find more people. He didn’t hesitate, just said, “let’s do it.” Keep in mind that just about everybody and their brother had asked him and he turned them down. I am really honored that he told me yes.”

“I met Rick while I was with the Dove Brothers and I talked to him and he said yes. I needed one more so I told my little brother that he had to sing and play bass with me. Jamey helped us get rolling but he couldn’t really do that much, so he told us that he would travel until we found someone. Phil called Kirk Henry and he has been with us for about nine months now and is doing a stellar job singing lead. The Lord has worked this deal out and I thank him for it.”

JOrdan's Bridge onePhil Barker is known for his tenor-singing days with the Harvesters and the Singing Americans in the 1980’s. Joe Lane played the piano with the Anchormen and the Singing Americans in the 1980’s and 90’s, as well as more recently with the Dove Brothers. Baritone singer Rick Sheets has done a lot of promotion of Gospel music as well as running his own studio. Kirk Henry sang with a group called Adoration in the past and, according to Lane, is a singer with ‘a lot of heart’. Lane says, “I just appreciate their commitment to doing this and most of all their stand for Christ.”

Jordan’s Bridge’s debut, self-titled CD, contains many well-loved Gospel tunes. Lane says, “’Sheltered In The Arms of God’ is my favorite song from the CD, because I know that since Jesus saved me, He has been with me through everything, every problem. He has had my back the whole way.” Knowing that Jesus ‘has his back’ is especially important when starting a new music ministry. Lane says, “The challenges are getting the dates not too far away apart from one day to the next and also, making sure we make smart financial decisions. Leave me out of that last part,” he laughs. “What is the greatest blessing? That people have come to know Jesus as their Lord and Savior. I told the men that my desire for this group was people being saved and they are all with me on that one.”

As a band touring the country and singing Southern Gospel, members and managers can wonder at times if the sacrifices outweigh the rewards. Lane says, “As long as we have the support of our wives and kids, it’s worth traveling for sure. There are a lot of sacrifices to do this and the rewards are the lost that get saved.”

Jordan’s Bridge members are committed to their calling and their desire is to continue to sing Gospel music regardless of what others are doing or what the sacrifices may be. They would even like to see their ministry expand. Barker says, “I would like to be able to quit my job and travel full-time again. I would like to sing anywhere we are wanted.” His future bucket list is even more expansive: “I would like to have something nice for us to travel in and to sing at the National Quartet Convention.”

Sheets personal bucket list is similar to Barker’s. “I’d love to be able to sing to large crowds and see the lost come to know Christ. My fantasy venues would include the National Quartet Convention Main Stage and also to sing with the Gaither Homecoming.”

Kirk Henry has many things on his bucket list, some for the group and some on a more personal level. He says he would love to live debt free, something many of us would like. Henry continues, “I am constantly amazed at Creation. I want to visit the Grand Canyon, the giant sequoias in California, and Hawaii to see an erupting volcano.” Regarding his involvement in Jordan’s Bridge, Henry says, “I have been involved in gospel music in one form or other for most of my life, so although it may be hard for some to believe, I really don’t have a fantasy venue. If I were to have a fantasy, it would be to have so much demand for the group, that we could not possibly work in all the great places we were asked to go.”

JordansBridgeExciting things are beginning to happen to this group of men faithful to the call of God. They have recently worked out a deal with Mansion Entertainment and will be signing with Bill Traylor this month. The tracks are cut on a new album and the vocals will soon be recorded. “I’m so excited,” says Lane. “This is what we’ve been praying for. I know Bill. He’s a man of his word. We worked together when I was with the Singing Americans back in the ‘80’s. He is wonderful to work with. I can’t wait to get the CD finished!”

Jordan’s Bridge is working hard on their new material and the group is looking forward to a busy schedule in 2014. To keep their ministry strong both individually and as a group, the men say that prayer is vitally important. Rick Sheets says, “We try to always pray together before each concert and we keep in touch with each other almost every day so we can encourage each other in God’s way.” Sheets says that on a personal level he tries to remain diligent about fasting, praying and reading the Word.

Henry agrees with Sheets about the need for prayer and encouragement. “Obviously there are times we pray together prior to services or concerts, but we also love each other enough to share things that are going on in our personal lives. I don’t believe any of the guys have a problem coming to another member and saying, “I have this going on…”, or “would you pray about …” because we have all done it at one time or other.” Barker remarks, “I try to pray for each member of Jordan’s Bridge every day and when we are together I try to tell each member that I love them.” As well, Barker adds that daily prayer and scripture reading is important.

Kirk Henry is a little more high-tech in his daily devotional approach. “I have the Bible Application on my phone which allows me to import devotions and studies, and it sends me reminders each day just to make sure I don’t allow myself to get too busy. The current plan I am using is a yearlong plan called “A Passion to Serve.”

Jordan’s Bridge members do indeed have a ‘passion to serve’ as do their families, who are involved with this musical ministry. Rick Sheets says his family is very supportive of his involvement with the group and his wife keeps his home in operation while he is on the road. “My wife goes with us as much as possible, but she is always available to do anything we need her to do. My children even help us by advertising on social media!”

Another family man, Phil Barker says that his family is very important to him and they are very involved in Jordan’s Bridge ministry. “When you have family behind you, it makes traveling easier because you know they are supporting you with prayer and love.

Kirk Henry says his family is not only supportive of his ministry with Jordan’s Bridge but also involved in local downtown ministry as well. “When we are not on the road I attend church with my family at Mountain Grove in Granite Falls, North Carolina,” says Henry. “My family fellowships and participates with one of the small groups from our church, and have volunteered to work with the food pantry at our church, which normally helps a couple of hundred families in need twice a month.”

The men of Jordan’s Bridge definitely see the group as their way to reach hearts that need to find Jesus. Barker says, “I sing Christian music because I believe it is the only music on earth that can change a life and make a person see their need for Christ.” Sheets adds, “I sing Gospel Music to allow God to use me in whatever way He sees fit, to be a blessing to His children and to see the lost become saved. And as Phil always says, ‘To tell you that Jesus loves you and wants to live in your heart.’”

Jordan's Bridge at Grand Old Gospel Reunion 2013

Jordan’s Bridge at Grand Old Gospel Reunion 2013

Joe Lane says, “I sing and play Christian music because this has been my calling for one thing. I grew up listening to this music. My parents must have had over 1000 LPs and one song I remember that was played a bunch, was “Jesus Is Coming Soon,” along with “When I Walk in Streets of Gold,” by the Inspirations. I started playing piano at four years old. God plainly spoke to me at that age. He worked through me and until my Father led me to Christ on March 31st, 1975, I didn’t realize really what it was all about. I knew the music was different and made me happy, but I finally realized what it meant, when God saved me.”

“Gospel music inspires me and picks me up everytime I’m down,” Lane shares. “I went 17 years and didn’t play for anyone full-time but did fill in for a few groups. Oh, how I missed it. In November 2002, I had an accident that could have shut my piano playing down, but God had other plans and healed my right hand that was badly broken. I knew if I got another chance at playing that I would be all over it.”

“In September of 2011, McCray Dove called needing someone and I packed my bags and jumped on that bus. I’m thankful he did give this old guy a call. It got me back in touch with the best music in the world. I had a desire to start a group of my own. God gave me that desire and as long as I play His music for His glory then He will take care of the rest,” states Lane.

Kirk Henry sums everything up with his comment, “Other types of music may provide momentary enjoyment, but gospel music is the only music I have ever been drawn to sing because it has a message that tells of a Savior and changed lives!”

For more information on Jordan’s Bridge, click on to

See them on Facebook at

First Published by SGM Radio in December 2013. Written by Lorraine Walker.

For more artist features on SGM Radio website visit


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WLOSGMH 2017 Convention includes the Williamsons, Freedom Quartet and more

Written by Staff on March 24, 2017 – 1:59 pm -

Williamsons at Creekside 2015


The social media phenomenon We Love Our Southern Gospel Music History (WLOSGMH) is holding a social gathering. Commonly referred to as the Convention, the Facebook group administrators have announced the talent line up for the two day event.

Held March 27 and 28, 2017 at the Clarion Hotel and Convention Center in Murfreesboro, TN the talent quartets, trios, soloists, some comedy and lots of surprises that will highlight the talent portion of the convention.

The WLOSGMH Convention begins Monday, March 27th. The evening begins with a dinner concert at 5:30 pm with7:00 pm concert following. The talent includes: Ann Downing, Williamsons, Sheltons, Collectors Quartet, Charlie Griffin, Administrators Quartet, Johnny Minick and Friends, Freedom Quartet.

Freedom Quartet

Freedom Quartet

Tuesday is a full day of activities! Beginning at 9:30 a.m. enjoy two video productions featuring some of the greatest gospel singing of all time. There will also be a short concert featuring some of the musicians who have joined us. This is always a fun time, because we never know who may decide to show up and entertain us. There will be instrumentalists, soloists, and possibly even a Scrap Iron Quartet or two. For those who have purchased the event package, lunch is provided.


Tuesday also features two of the convention highlights “Story Time with the Gospel Legends and Show & Tell.” During this time the collectors will also have an opportunity to show some of their classic memorabilia from the gospel singing world; while gospel music road warriors tell some of their funniest stories.


WLOSGMH Facebook Administrators (l to R) John Crenshaw, Hannah Kennedy, Ann Downing, Harold Timmons

WLOSGMH Facebook Administrators (l to R) John Crenshaw, Hannah Kennedy, Ann Downing, Harold Timmons

Tuesday evening show begins at 6:00 with talent to include: Matt Felts, Harold Timmons, Jordan’s Bridge, Ann Downing, McCray Dove, Jeff Stice, Williamsons, and a special tribute to some of our favorite singers by the Administrators and Collectors.Throughout the convention, various singers, collectors, and merchants will have their wares available for purchase. This is a one of a kind event to add interesting items to your gospel music collection.


We have listed the artist websites for your convenience. Get to know them and their music. You will find a wealth of talent, music, passion and as Granny says “just good people.” Your support of these fine artists is greatly appreciated.


Jordans Bridge

Jordans Bridge

ARTIST:                      WEBSITE:

Ann Downing     

Charlie Griffin    

Ellen Marsh        

Freedom Quartet

Gospel Gallery/

Harold Timmons

Jeff Stice

Jeff Stice

Jeff Stice             

Johnny Minick   

Jordan’s Bridge  

Matt Felts           

McCray Dove     

Rita Spillers        

The Sheltons      

The Williamsons


“This convention is an internet social gathering of friends.” Administrator Harold Timmons says, “It is not a time for preaching, nor politics. It is not a church service, nor a political rally. Friends are in for two nights of fine Christian entertainment.”


The Clarion Hotel is the convention headquarters. Located at 2227 Old Fort Parkway in Murfreesboro, TN. Contact the hotel at 615-896-2420 asking for the WE LOVE SOUTHERN GOSPEL MUSIC HISTORY CONVENTION ROOM DISCOUNT.


For complete fan package, concert tickets, hotel and event information visit

For more Gospel music news, click here.

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Written by Staff on April 19, 2016 – 1:41 pm -

The Collectors Quartet live WLOSGMH 2016 performance!

We Love Our Southern Gospel Music History: The Collectors Quartet live WLOSGMH 2016 performance!

The March Facebook convention of the WE OUR LOVE SOUTHERN GOSPEL MUSIC HISTORY (WLOSGHM) truly went down with lots of music, memories, stories and excitement.

The Holiday Inn Airport Opryland hosted the event once again with full service in the quaint ballroom. Staging the intimate concerts and activities for the two day event was coordinated by WLOSGMH Admins (Harold Timmons, Ann Downing, John Crenshaw and Hannah Kennedy). Attendees enjoyed days filled with video clips, music performances, browsing/ shopping for that one of a kind collectible with fellowship and stories filled with lots of laughter.

Fans browsing through the music history at WLOSGMH Convention 2016!

Fans browsing through the music history at WLOSGMH Convention 2016!

Gospel music fans from across the USA attended the convention. By car, bus and plane fans arrived to find vendors with music and collectibles, fans clustered around renewing friendships while sipping coffee, flipping through records and photos and those conversations of what was.

The handing down of our history has been part of humanity since the beginning of time. Only in recent years has the fervor impacted gospel music. As the mantles of gospel music are being passed onto a newer generation, there are those who want the rich music history to impact the newbies. The WLOSGMH Convention does that and more.

Sharing how the NQC got started, what it was like to sing on stage with Hovie or to remember the iconic voice of Reverend J Bazzell Mull and the Mull Singing Convention on radio or TV gives pause to reflect and thanks for those who paved the way. The respect given to WB Nowlin, JG Whitfield, The Chuck Wagon Gang, Jimmie Davis, the Inspirationals, Weatherfords, Blue Ridge Quartet, Oak Ridge and Speers plus other is inspiring to hear with the tones of admiration and friendship. Added in the convention mix the concerts by legacy groups as the Blackwood Brothers Pine Ridge Boys and Sheltons just shows the impact and richness of southern gospel music.

Nancy Carrollo, Jake Hess     

Nancy Carrollo, Jake Hess

wlosgmh march 2The Dove Brothers whose rise to fame centered on “classic” quartet music shows how people are demanding to remember and know the music. McCray Dove states, “I had a great time. Seen some friends I haven’t seen in years. Enjoyed the singing and seeing and hearing the History of this great music we all love.”

Among the talents who highlighted the WLOSGMH stage this convention are artists Jordans Bridge, Ellen Marsh, Gary Timbs, Jeff Stice, Buddy Burton, Charlie Griffin, Rita Spillers, Charles Yates, Harold Timmons and others. The reunion of the Downings proved to be another convention memory for countless fans.

Humor has always been a part of gospel music programs. From the history annals JD Sumner’s classic record pitch to the amazing staging of “Go out to the Program,” these performances brought countless ovations. Yet this year the

Top Row: Pine Ridge Boys, Blackwood Brothers, Dove Brothers. Second Row: Charlie Griffin, Jeff Stice, Ellen Marsh, The Collectors Quartet, Ann Downing

Top Row: Pine Ridge Boys, Blackwood Brothers, Dove Brothers. Second Row: Charlie Griffin, Jeff Stice, Ellen Marsh, The Collectors Quartet, Ann Downing

WLOSGMH Convention hosted tremendous unforgettable concert stands by the “Not So World Famous” Collectors Quartet and the skillful renditions of the Administrators Quartet. The clip board antics to those Timmons “I’m Gonna Sing” moments gave concert goers the perfect belly laugh multiple times over during the concerts or at the vendor tables.

The Collectors Quartet live WLOSGMH 2016 performance!

The Collectors Quartet live WLOSGMH 2016 performance!

Administrator Harold Timmons said, “I think a great time was had by all. I have not heard anything negative. There was a lot of fellowship between the collector tables.”

Buddy Burton with Pine Ridge Boys    

Buddy Burton with Pine Ridge Boys

Gospel music fan, historian and collector Dean Adkins from WV shares, “I loved the convention and camaraderie among the fans, vendors and artists. It was much like an extended family reunion. One of the highlights for me was being able to sing with my buddies in the Collectors Quartet.”

From early morning coffee and donuts, mid-day quartet rehearsals, to late nights at the Waffle House, the convention is all about special friendships. It’s laughing at the awkward moments, sharing the funny stories, and hugging the necks of old and new friends that

  The original Sheltons

The original Sheltons

make this convention special.” states John Crenshaw.


“This convention was a reunion for me. These people have become my family. It’s hard to cram so many memories into just two days but somehow we did it. Most of my favorite moments were behind the scenes but a few of my favorite things were sharing ‘The List’ and singing on stage with the other administrators,” states youngest page administrator Hannah Kennedy.

Ellen Marsh on the Accordian   

Gospel music fan Nancy Carollo says, “This convention has quickly become one of the highlight of the year for me. Visiting with old and new friends that I only see at these special events. Hearing the best music in the universe, and witnessing such a wonderful testimony, as Michael Helwig showed in concert!”

Collector Brent Joiner says, “The WLOSGMH Convention is the highlight of the year for Christina (Joiner’s wife) and myself. Being able to sing with the greatest friends in the world in the Collectors Quartet, discussing SGM History, picking up the latest items for the music collection, seeing and visiting with amazing people, hearing great singing from artists like the Blackwood Brothers, Pine Ridge Boys, and others makes this event one of the greatest in Southern Gospel Music.”

Jordans Bridge

Jordans Bridge

Artist and administrator Ann Downing states, “This is an important weekend for me. I haven’t been in the mainstream of gospel music as far as a performer in a very long time, but I do have a history…and that history includes memories from early childhood ’til now. Gospel music has been very

The Administrators Quartet:  Downing, Kennedy, Timmons, Crenshaw

The Administrators Quartet:  Downing, Kennedy, Timmons, Crenshaw

good to me. I’m thankful! This convention offers me an opportunity to give back, in a way. I’m perhaps being selfish in saying the moments spent with Joy and Dony this year on the stage reliving those Downings’ songs and memories have once again reminded me I’ve been blessed.”

As the concert season rolls into high gear for 2016, people are asking when and where for the 2017 convention. Time will tell as more history is written what will happen at the next convention. Southern Gospel music history is the topic. The talent is the joy while the love of the music is the feature. We Love Our Southern Gospel Music History!

Find the Facebook page of We Love Our Southern Gospel Music History here.

More news.

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We Love Our Southern Gospel Music History Convention starts MONDAY

Written by Staff on March 17, 2016 – 11:59 am -

We Love Our Southern Gospel History Convention - Monday Night

We Love Our Southern Gospel History Convention – Monday Night



March 21 and 22, 2016. Those dates are marked down on the calendars of countless southern gospel fans that are converging in Nashville, TN for the social media convention WE LOVE OUR SOUTHERN GOSPEL MUSIC HISTORY.  This Facebook group is receiving global acclaim for their influx of history sharing and memorabilia with avid gospel music fans and followers.


Facebook group administrators (Harold Timmons, Ann Downing, John Crenshaw and Hannah Kennedy) are keeping the group true to their purpose with constant supervision of the Facebook group page. Historical photos, audio and video clips are shared with in-person stories about the music, artists and songs. Today, over thirty six thousand people enjoy the interactive Facebook group site.


This convention is a time where gospel music lovers are involved in dinner concerts, Q&A sessions, historical audio and video clip presentations, designated time for vendor shopping for that most wanted memorabilia and collector music. Vendors, collectors and gospel music fans will call the Holiday Inn Opryland-Airport home to this eclectic music convention.


Monday: Afternoon socializing and shopping starts the convention.  Then Ann Downing, convention music hosts the Pine Ridge Boys, Charlie Griffin, Collectors Quartet, the prestigious Blackwood Brothers, Jeff Stice and Ellen Marsh on the pianos, the award winning Dove Brothers are all performing during the dinner concert on Monday night.


 We Love Our Southern Gospel History Convention - Rita Spillers

We Love Our Southern Gospel History Convention – Rita Spillers

Noted musician, Rita Spillers sets the tone for the evening as she provides piano music prior to the evening concert. What better way to start a night of gospel music than with a southern gospel piano master?




Tuesday: Tuesday morning and afternoon sessions will in include a presentation of old time pictures through the years, and a video presentation of many artists. The video will last about one and a half hours. Funny stories, questions and answers, and other topics are included. There is an anticipated Downings Reunion (afternoon concert) following lunch on Tuesday. While the evening concert features host music group the Pine Ridge Boys, the Administrators, Jordan River featuring the legendary Buddy Burton,  Harold Timmons, the ever popular Sheltons,  Gary Timbs, Jordans Bridge and Ann Downing.


We Love Our Southern Gospel History Convention - Tuesday night

We Love Our Southern Gospel History Convention – Tuesday night

WLOSGMH Administrator John Crenshaw shares, “A lot of extra time went into planning the convention right down to the video and audio clips. The presentations share a lot of the history and a few of those “you ought to been there” moments. We are excited to see so many group members in Nashville. It’s gonna be two great music and fun-filled days.


Now available are concert only tickets for Monday and Tuesday nights, $20 per night. Meanwhile, lodging at the Holiday Inn is sold out on event nights. Other lodging is available at nearby hotels for convention goers attending the two day event.


We Love Our Southern Gospel History Convention - Closing

We Love Our Southern Gospel History Convention – Closing

The response has really picked up the last few weeks, states Harold Timmons. He continues, “The room block has been filled and people are asking for the concert tickets. Hard to believe, but some people are just hearing about the convention. The Holiday Inn Opryland-Airport has really been great to work with in the planning and execution of this event. It’s really starting to get exciting!”


For more information on the two day event or single concert tickets are available contact Harold Timmons at 615-885-8000 or visit the websites below.


We Love Our Southern Gospel History Convention

We Love Our Southern Gospel History Convention

Vital links:


More news


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Carroll Cooke’s Lowesville Gospel Concerts Making an Impact

Written by Staff on May 4, 2018 – 10:07 am -

Carroll Cooke’s Lowesville Concert Series Making an Impact

Lowesville Gospel Concerts stage

Charlie Griffin of SGNScoops’ Magazine tells the

story of one of the fastest growing gospel concert series

Carroll Cooke is a man on a mission, with a passion that is manifested by his actions and his love of gospel music. But when you get to know him, you will find out he just loves his family and everyone. He has never met a stranger. Gospel music is just one of his many interests.

His music is rooted in his faith. Cooke says, “I was saved when I was 10 years old. I don’t remember the church or the message. I do remember going to my dad and mom, telling them I had to go to the altar. The preacher led me in the sinner’s prayer and I accepted Jesus into my heart and he saved me forever. The preacher asked

Jordan's Bridge at Lowesville

Jordan’s Bridge at Lowesville

me to say something and all I could get out was, ‘I just want to thank him,’ ‘I just want to thank him,’ and to this day, I still just want to thank him.”

Over the years Cooke has been a singer, active church member, choir member, deacon, business owner, husband, father, and community leader. Each phase of his life has been fulfilled in so many ways. Yet in the last five years, his life has come into a richness that is being showcased in the small community of Lowesville, N.C.

His love of gospel music started at a young age. Cooke shares, “My dad (Roy A Cooke), mom (Lois Cooke), sister (now Hazel Sain), and I began singing as a quartet when I was six years old. We did this every weekend for about 15 years, then the next 40 years, I served as minister of music at different churches in and around the surrounding counties.

Carroll Cooke’s Lowesville Gospel Concerts

Carroll Cooke and his wife, Barbara

I have only been trying to promote our music since late 2012.

“My dad was the most influential person in my life,” confesses Cooke. “He lived and breathed music. He was the choir director at our local church, and he wanted so badly for everyone who had a desire to sing, to be able to sing, and sing well. He would have V. O. Fossett of the Stamps Baxter Music School from Dallas, Texas, come for two weeks and teach the old shaped notes, along with voice, piano, and harmony. He then would go beg other churches in the area to have Fossett come teach at their church, and he was successful in doing just that. This way, we would attend singing schools about all summer.”

Sometimes it was more than just the singing. Cooke loved the buses too. “The first concert I ever remember attending was promoted by Charlie Burke at a ballpark in Newton, N.C. I don’t even remember who sang, I just remembered the busses, and thinking what a life that would be. I was probably 10 or 12 at the time. At 75, I have no desire to crawl in one of them, I just love to see them

Carroll Cooke’s Lowesville Gospel Concerts

Crowns of Light at Lowesville Gospel Concerts

pull in and pull out.”

During those years, his family grew. He became a leader in the community and in the church while developing a successful business. Cooke operated the Lowesville Automotive Warehouse in the Lowesville community near Stanley, N.C. Upon his retirement in 2012, he sold the property to Living Word Ministries.

In that former parts warehouse and store, Living Word Ministries shares the gospel with regular worship services each week since August 2012. Pastor Derrick Dellinger leads a growing church that is on fire for God. Their Outreach ministries are impacting the surrounding communities by helping the needy, feeding the homeless, and loving people. They present the gospel in a way that the new Christian can understand and

The Sheltons at Lowesville

The Sheltons at Lowesville

the mature disciple can continue to grow and be inspired, in a shame-free environment. No attitudes or judgment found at LWM, just a church family that is excited about what God is doing in the community.

As the church grew, Cooke found a desire to reach the community in a new outreach: Saturday night Southern gospel concerts. With the encouragement of Pastor Dellinger, Cooke started in January 2013 with concerts on the second and fourth Saturday nights of each month. That is 24 concert promotions each year.

Read more »

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Written by Staff on March 5, 2018 – 9:09 am -

Jordan's Bridge at WLOSGMH CONVENTION MARCH 2018

Jordan’s Bridge at WLOSGMH CONVENTION MARCH 2018

A couple of weeks ago, I was in concert at a local Carolina gospel music venue. The restaurant features some great food and gospel music. Of course my mind went back to the Hallelujah Supper Club and what we did back in the day.

The concert was filled with lots of singing, laughing and plenty of fellowship. Afterwards a young man no more than 18 or 19, came up asking some questions about gospel music and the Singing Americans.
Of course we talked for a long time. Somehow we got to talking about radio and how gospel music has changed into today’s current delivery. Of course we all have our opinions on what we like and how stuff today is different than it was back in the day.
The young man’s conversation was more than just a passing interest. He is a true southern gospel music junkie. He began to tell me about his records that Granny had given him, even those he had bought. He shared how he had learned of the Statesmen, Stamps and Blackwood Brothers. He listed his own “All Star” quartet with JD Sumner, Jack Toney, Bill Shaw, Doy Ott and Jack Clark on piano.


Well, all of a sudden, I found out this gospel music enthusiast really was a diehard fan. That is some All Star Quartet he would put together. As our conversation ended I told him I would look forward to more talks about gospel music.  I also told him about the WLOSGMH Convention and thought he would love the history, stories, videos and vendors.

The WLOSGMH Convention provides a place for gospel music fans, collectors and historians to gather sharing the oral history of the people’s spiritual music, southern gospel. The stories handed down to those in attendance are truly the basis of continuing our music heritage.
Southern gospel music historians John Crenshaw, Harold Timmons, Hannah Kennedy and Ann Downing have assembled a Facebook presence of over forty thousand members in a group dedicated to nothing but southern gospel music and its heritage.
Stories, group photos, concert posters, videos, audio clips and collectible tid-bits are shared from the historians and moderators. Group members proudly show their memorabilia and music collections. And it is commons to see photos of purchased record finds from garage/ estate sales, the local thrift store or eBay.
Stories on the history of artists, quartets, concert happenings from back when, bus stories and such are fresh every day on the FB group-WE LOVE OUR SOUTHERN GOSPEL MUSIC HISTORY.
Under toolage of John Crenshaw, the group boasts video and audio clips that are not found in many collectors treasures. John says, “This is fun to share what makes our music so special. The videos are treasures rarely seen in recent years and unique to our FB group page. The history and stories we share give a perspective to gospel music, the singers and their legacy.”
Harold Timmons and Ann Downing provide a performers view of the history and are detailed with facts and stories of the Speers, Downings, Chuck Wagon Gang, Hemphills, Barnetts and Sheltons.  While Hannah Kennedy is devout in finding those classic video/ audio clips, photos and tid bits of information of artists that left an unsung mark in gospel music.
Other gospel music enthusiasts, collectors and artists share their stories, memorabilia, photos and collectibles with the growing FB gospel group. From far and wide people are sharing that special connection in gospel music with others.
The annual pilgrimage to the Nashville area has become a ritual that encompasses the avid gospel music fan, young and old alike. This year, the WLOSGMH Convention returns March 26 and 27, 2018 to the Murfreesboro, TN Clarion Hotel Ballrooms. Already the buzz is happening in the Tennessee, Kentucky, Alabama, Georgia areas.
Festivities kick off on Monday with 5:30pm dinner and a 7:00 pm concert. Tuesday Morning activities include shopping, conversation, stories followed by lunch. With afternoon activities including funny stories, show and tell, gospel music movies, possibly pictures, etc., The Tuesday Evening Concert at 6:00 PM. Times subject to change.
Convention Admission: $119 per adult, Children: Half Price, One Day/Night $60
Includes two meals, two concerts, and all other activities. Socializing among friends is a big part of this event. WLOSGMH Convention is an internet social. NO REFUNDS after February 26th.
Just announced CONCERT ONLY TICKETS – $20 per night available on a first come, first served basis made available the week before the event.
The performing artists for the 2018 convention includes Chuck Wagon Gang (Monday only), Sherman Andrus, Ann Downing, The Sheltons (Monday only), Jeanne Johnson, Sue Dodge, Charlie Griffin, Jordan’s Bridge, Eddie Crook, Bill Kelley, John Wyrick, Joyce Black West (of the Speer Family, Jonathan Wilburn, Ellen Marsh, Ed Hill, Songfellows Quartet, Administrators Quartet, and The Collectors Quartet, John Crenshaw, Hannah Kennedy and Harold Timmons. Rita Spillers will be providing dinner music at the piano. More will be added.
HOTEL RESERVATIONS. Hotel is not included in the Convention ticket pricing. Contact the Clarion Hotel asking for the special group rate. Call only this number for reservations: 615-896-2420 and ask to book under the group We Love Our Southern Gospel Music History. The rate is $85 plus tax, up to 4 people in a room.
An added event that leads into the WLOSGMH Convention is the 5th ANNUAL RUTHERFORD COUNTY RED BACK HYMNAL SINGING. It is on Saturday night, March 24th from 6-8 PM. It will be held at the Murfreesboro Missionary Baptist Church, 215 Fortress Blvd., Murfreesboro, TN. For more information contact Brad Taylor via Facebook. Folks attending this event may also book under the WLOSGMH Convention hotel group block. Admission to the Red Back Hymnal Sing is free.
For more WLOSGMH Convention information, reservations or concert tickets contact Harold Timmons via Facebook, email, or call 615-885-8000 and leave a message.
You Can Download SGNScoops Magazine HERE
Find SGNScoops Magazine On Facebook HERE
Listen To The Best In Todays Gospel Music HERE

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Written by Staff on August 11, 2016 – 6:52 pm -

WV Relief

WV Relief

On June 23, 2016 as many as 10 inches of rain covered parts of West Virginia. Devastating floods covered central and southeastern West Virginia. At least 23 people were killed and thousands of people were left homeless, without power and with limited to no access for vital supplies.

As the rains moved through the state, the loss became evident the rebuilding was going to take time. The federal government declared a major disaster with aid being sent to Kanawha, Greenbrier and Nicholas counties. But the impact affects so many people.

In the Carolinas, we have family members and friends that are affected. There are churches, businesses and houses completely destroyed. As many have posted on social media venues, “they have lost everything!”

image image
We can help our families and friends to recover and rebuild. Several charities are asking for donated items and supplies. Many fire departments, including those in neighboring states, are coordinating to bring donated supplies to affected people. Neighboring law enforcement centers and churches are accepting donations. If you’re in the WV area, you can drop off donations at West Virginia University. The schools lists cleaning supplies, toiletries, batteries, diapers and other baby items as some of the high-priority needs.

The Kanawha-Charleston Humane Association is asking for dog and cat food donations, which can be donated in person or through its online wish list.

The quickest way of helping is donate money. You can donate money to the Red Cross and to the local chapter of United Way, which will put the imagefunds toward meals and other relief supplies, as well as mental health services and prescription medications.

You can also donate money through the West Virginia Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster, the Greenbrier resort, Save the Children and several other local groups. To ensure a charity’s legitimacy before donating, check the secretary of state’s database, Charity Navigator or GuideStar.

For those who are active and want to be a hands on volunteer, you can sign up to volunteer through the Red Cross or Volunteer West Virginia, which is working closely with the State Emergency Operations Center, West Virginia Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster and local WV emergency managers.

WV Relief
As part of the ongoing life assistance, Calvary’s Way Gospel Music Promotions Association is sponsoring a gospel concert, food sales and Donation drop off center on August 20, 2016.

Donations are needed and will be accepted from 4pm until the concert finale.
Bibles, Bottled Water, Shovels, Diaper’s (All Sizes), Baby Wipes, Pillows, Rubber Water-Proof Boots, Toiletries for Men and Women (Toilet Paper, Tooth Brushes, Tooth Paste, Soaps, Shampoo’s, Disposable Razors, Shaving Cream, Paper Towels,) Non- Perishable Foods, Blankets, Unopened Toys for Children.

For donations or more information contact Kevin Spann at 828-404-6476, Tony Burchette 828-493-1969 or Charlie Griffin at 704-374-5910.

Grace and Truth Baptist Church will be hosting the WV Relief concert. The church is located at 5470 Miller Mill Road, Hickory, NC 28602. The 6pm concert features artists from across the region. The dynamic trio-Providence from Shelby, NC, Tony Burchette from Lenoir, NC. Charlie Griffin from Charlotte, NC, Sounds of Victory from Hickory, NC and host group Jordan’s Crossroads from Hickory, NC.

imagePROVIDENCE (left to right- Phillip Hamrick, Marcia Wall, Ray Wall)
Providence is an exciting trio rich in harmony and staging southern gospel music. In southern gospel music, groups come and groups go. Not often do you see one that has stood the test of time like Providence. This ministry actually began when Marcia was only 6 years old and began singing in her home church. As word spread of her singing, calls soon began coming in from neighboring churches. Two years later, Marcia’s younger sister, Peggy, joined her on stage and the “group” was born. The year was 1967. The current group consists of husband/wife duo, Ray and Marcia Wall, and Phillip Hamrick. Ray remembers a quote: “It’s not about performance; it’s about proclaiming that Jesus Christ is who He says He is.” Please don’t misunderstand that statement… We believe that we should strive to do the very best that our God given talent will allow us to do! 2nd Tim. 2:15. Then, it’s up to God to bless our efforts. He doesn’t NEED us, but we are so grateful that HE allows us to be a part of HIS great plan!
imageSOUNDS OF VICTORY (left to right- Sissy Drum, Judy Pardue, Dot Wells)
The Sounds of Victory call Hickory, NC home. They sing Southern Gospel Music. It has been said by many that they have a smooth harmony similar to that of The Andrew Sisters. They are a members of Lighthouse Gospel Music Association, Calvary’s Way Gospel Music Promotions Association and member of Danshell Music Group. Their first CD entitled Is Anything Too Hard for God was released on August 9, 2014.

The trio is three sisters Dot Wells, Judy Pardue, and Sissy Drum. They started singing Oct 6, 2012 in Claremont, NC at a competition where we won first place. We also won Trio of the Year at The Gospel Music Express Showcase Oct.5 2013.
Tony Burchette is a native of Hudson, NC and now resides in Lenoir, NC. Tony and his wife Megan have eight children and five grandchildren. He has been in the ministry work for 31 years. He was saved at Ambassador Baptist in Hudson, NC in 1982. After receiving Christ as his personal Savior, he prayed and ask God to let him work in the ministry and sing for him. In 1985 he, along with three brothers, Danny, Terry, and Larry Messer, formed the group Brothers in Christ. They later changed the name to Journeys End. This group traveled proclaiming the Gospel in word and song, for eleven years. In 1996 Tony moved to Rutherfordton, NC, along with Ron Epley, Clyde Smith, Johnny Lovelace, Eddie Bazzle and formed the group The Praise Masters. Tony traveled with them for 7 years and in 2003 came off the road due to sickness. After a year off the road and many days of prayer, he knew in his heart that God wasn’t finished with him. He started singing again, this time going full-time in the ministry. He along with friends Lynn Swizinsky (PA) and Eric Cooper (MD) traveled selective dates together as “Necessity Trio”. He then formed the Quartet, Grateful Heart. The Quartet members consisted of Tony Burchette, Megan Burchette, Laura Sturgis, and Ron Watts. The group members were no strangers to gospel music. Laura, Ron, and Tony traveled together with the Praise Masters until 2003, Ron came off the road in 2004, and Laura came off in May 2006. Knowing their hearts desire to sing the gospel, Tony brought them together in November 2006, once again to work for the Lord. In December 2007, after a brief time off the road for Tony to undergo more operations, the group decided to take some time to spend with their families. Today, Tony continues to sing the Gospel he loves so dearly with a solo ministry and travels with The Street Family based in Morganton, NC.

Charlie Griffin is a noted soloist and motivational speaker. For the last 39 year he has been involved in concerts, seminars and speaking engagements covering America, Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean.

Charlie is the son of the late Kyle Griffin of Millers Creek, NC and Geneva Smith Johnson of Hudson, NC. Since a teenager, Charlie Griffin has been singing in church, quartets, and special events and on concert stages. The music was not always gospel. When you talk with him, you will quickly learn of his love for jazz, blues, country and even some pop. But it is his love of gospel music that impacts his audiences today. With his music, he also speaks in positive motivational seminars and sales conferences. He is an online theology student at Liberty University. His Christian commitment is vibrant yet impactful in any setting.

Griffin is no stranger to gospel music and fans in the Carolinas. For some 20 years, he was instrumental in the operation of the popular HALLELUJAH SUPPER CLUB in Newton, NC. He worked for the Singing Americans and sang/ managed with The Vanguards as well.

Over the years, Charlie toured, taught and promoted concerts, church sings, conducted rallies and festivals throughout the Southeast. Today, Griffin records for Classic Artists Records and is songwriter with Three Associates Music, BMI.

As you listen to the melodies on his projects or in person, you hear and understand why gospel music is so endearing to him. “It is music with a positive message that impacts the listener even after the concert has ended.” Shares Griffin. Yes, the journey continues for someone who has been singing for 39 years. And by the signs, Charlie Griffin does not look like he is slowing down. The enthusiasm is still contagious for the music he shares. The message is still just as vibrant as the day he started. Yes, Charlie Griffin is still making music and enjoying what he does — SING…sharing the Good News!

Classic Artists Records is excited to present to you Charlie Griffin, a talent that is more than just music. A direct positive message filled with hope, inspiration and is biblical based for young and old alike serves as the foundation for a Charlie Griffin singspiration.
(Left to right- Joseph Green, Phyliss McLeod, Charles Kilby, Kevin Spann and Elizabeth Green)

Serving as concert host group, Jordan’s Crossroads, is a Southern Gospel group that consists of Kevin Spann, Joseph Green, his wife Elizabeth Green, Phyliss McLeod, and Charles Kilby. You will find through listening to their music, that they have a desire to minister and deliver the word of God. With a unique style and blend of harmonies and vocals, they travel to spread the love of Jesus Christ. “Jordan’s Crossroads was formed in 2011 and has had the pleasure of sharing our ministry with a lot of people, we have seen so many lives touched through our ministry.” shared Joseph Green of Jordan’s Crossroads.

Jordan’s Crossroads has performed with groups such as The Troy Burns Family, Charlie Griffin, The Wards, Cornerstone and many, many more ministries. Some of the songs they have shared throughout their ministry are “3 Rusty Nails”, ”Crossroads”, and “Saving Grace”.

Jordan’s Crossroads spokesman, Kevin Spann shared, “That in a world of darkness, it is our hearts desire to let our lights shine as Christians to help uplift our fellow brothers & sisters in Christ and encourage each other, but most of all share the love of Jesus Christ to a lost and dying world”.

imageDirections for Grace and Truth Baptist Church 5470 Miller Mill Road, Hickory, NC 28602.
· From Lenoir or Hickory: I-40 west, left on ext 116, right on Miller Bridge Road at Burger King, 8 miles, cross bridge, left on Miller Mill Road, go one mile, church on right.
· From Valdese or Morganton: I-40 east,right on ext 116, right on Miller Bridge Road at Burger King, 8 miles, cross bridge, left on Miller Mill Road, go one mile, church on right.
· From Lincolnton: Hwy 27 west, right on Catsquare/ Rhoney Farm Rd, 23 miles, right on Miller Mill Rd, church on left.
· From Shelby: Hwy 18 north, right on George Hildebran School Road, into Icard, left on Miller Mill Road, left on the left.

For donations or more concert information contact Kevin Spann at 828-404-6476, Tony Burchette at 828-493-1969 or Charlie Griffin at 704-374-5910.


For more Gospel music news click here.

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2015 Creekside Gospel Music Convention Update

Written by Staff on June 12, 2015 – 9:25 am -

Creekside posterCreekside Gospel Music Convention is coming soon to beautiful Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. Join us as we listen to great Gospel music, enjoy the majestic Smoky Mountains and have a great time in fun and fellowship with other fans and artists of Creekside. Please reserve your ticket soon on the Creekside website (link below).Creekside tickets are free but must be reserved. Please make your plans to join us in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee on November 2nd through 5th at the Smoky Mountain Convention Center.

Freemans 2015

Freemans 2015


Creekside 2015 Showcases

Creekside 2015 Showcases

Our news this month includes the unveiling of more artists and special guests. Creekside is known for excellent showcases Tuesday through Thursday afternoons, exciting evening concerts every night and the worshipful, intimate Midnight Prayer.

Monday night is the Lou Hildreth Honors, where the legendary Lou Hildreth joins us to celebrate the life of a guest artist that has done great things in Gospel music. Stay tuned to find out who this year’s honoree is!

Tuesday night we will present the 2015 Diamond Awards. You won’t want to miss this evening where we honor the best in Gospel music. We are pleased to welcome Dr. Jerry Goff and Little Jan Buckner-Goff as our hosts for this special evening. The Diamond Award voting continues now on the SGN Scoops website, so drop by to click on the link and vote for your favorites in The Diamond Awards Top Ten. Make sure your voice is heard and vote today!

2015 Diamond Awards

2015 Diamond Awards

Wednesday and Thursday nights we continue with great music and special guests, as well as the Red Back Hymnal Choir.

Artists confirmed to date include the Freemans, the Guardians, Jordan’s Bridge, the

Pine Ridge Boys

Pine Ridge Boys

Hoskins Family, John Lanier, Pine Ridge Boys, Ascension Quartet, Billy Hodges and many more. Keep checking Creekside updates on Facebook and on the web. If you like to hang out with your favorite artists, the Exhibit Hall will be filled with artist booths and the singers waiting to chat with you.

2015 Midnight PrayerThis year we have VIP Packages, which include lodging, tickets and special events. VIP guests will be invited to a special backstage party as well. Creekside Gospel Music Convention 2015 rates start as low as $176 Per Person* (Based On Double Occupancy.) Call Rob at 360-933-0741 to reserve your room today.

Keep watching for more exciting announcements. Don’t miss four days of great Gospel music, fellowship and fun. Artists and attendees, please call Rob Patz for more information at 360-920-4057 or email him at

Live Creekside Updates Every Week!

Hoskins Family Will Be At Creekside 2015

Hoskins Family Will Be At Creekside 2015

JOrdan's Bridge one

Jordan’s Bridge will be at Creekside 2015

Rob Patz of Coastal Media is chatting with Vonda Easley of Strictly Southern With Vonda Easley, live on the air every week, bringing updates about Creekside. Be sure to listen to Strictly Southern With Vonda Easley, which can be heard every Friday at 10am CST on

Final Notes
Creekside Gospel Music Convention would like to hear from you! Tell us what you want to see and hear in November. Creekside also needs your help. If you would like to volunteer through various promotional activities throughout the year, or with onsite tasks during the convention, please email Rob at For

Rob Patz and Vonda Easley

Rob Patz and Vonda Easley

more information, latest news and artists scheduled to appear, visit the Creekside page on Facebook  or you can find Creekside on the web.

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