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Beyond the Song: Scott Peek of KNMG

Written by Staff on March 31, 2020 – 2:21 pm -

Beyond the Song. Scott Peek. Jantina BaksteenBeyond the Song with Scott Peek by Jantina Baksteen

For this edition of Beyond the Song, Jantina Baksteen reached out to Scott Peek who is the owner, manager and host of KNMG radio, a station she has listened to for almost six years.

KNMG will celebrate it’s 8th Annivesary this year.

Thanks Scott, for taking time out of your busy life to join this interview.

Jantina Baksteen: Can you introduce yourself?

Scott Peek: I’m the owner and morning on-air personality at KNMG. I have three amazing children, and I’m looking forward to getting married in June, Lord willing.

JB: Can you share about the birth of KNMG radio station?

SP: After three-and-a-half years of running a concert series, I was noticing a need growing for more music on a consistent basis. While standing on stage during intermission, I asked the audience if they would enjoy a station in our area playing this music full time. People I had never met, walked up to me and handed me cash, and said, “Get started.” Six months later, KNMG was live. It will be eight years, come August.

JB: How did you become a radio DJ? Was it a desire from early age?

SP: I’ve loved gospel music all my life, but had no idea or intention to end up in the gospel music industry. That’s a God thing. I spent the first 20 plus years of my professional life in the paint industry. A health issue forced me out of the profession, and led me on a path that culminated in where I am now, including time as a weekly contributor on both a local TV station, and a national radio program.

JB: Where are you located and what exactly is needed to start an internet radio? 

SP: We are based in the midwest, near Kansas City. As far as starting a station, you need a multitude of things, including good people to support you.

JB: What do the call letters KNMG stand for?

SP: The letters represent Northwest Missouri Gospel.

JB: How far does your broadcast reach?

SP: Since we are an internet-based station, we have been heard globally in over 70 foreign countries and of course, all 50 states here in the U.S.

JB: Besides being a radio DJ playing 24/7, you have an morning show every work day. Please share your mission on this daily work?

SP: We do have a morning show and I’m blessed to be the host. We try very hard to keep everything positive, sharing the saving message of Christ to the non-believe, while encouraging the believers. We all have our struggles, and gospel music is an amazing bridge to reach all types of people.

Beyond the Song, Scott Peek. Jantina Baksteen

Scott Peek and family

JB: Do you have a testimony to share?

SP: My entire life is a testimony. I’ve been on mountain tops and I’ve been in the deepest of valleys. I’ve failed him so many times, and yet he restores me every time with his grace. I’m living proof that if you think you’ve done too much, wandered too far away, you’ll never out run his love. Now I have this station, three beautiful kids, an amazing fiancé, and looking forward to what he has in store for all of us. God is good.

JB: What is on top of your bucket list?

SP: I want to visit Jerusalem.

JB: What group would you have liked to interview that is no longer around?

SP: If I could interview one group, it would be the Cathedrals. Glen Payne and George Younce are two of my heroes.

JB: Who is your greatest influence  for doing this work?

SP: My mom has been my greatest influence in everything I have done. She has always been my biggest fan,  biggest supporter, and best friend.

JB: Can you recall a song that touched you in your early years and hooked you on Southern gospel music?

SP: There were so many growing up. Bill Gaither was big in our house, I just didn’t realize who he was. But if I had to pick one, I would have to say the Cathedrals, Step Into The Water.

Beyond the Song. Scott Peek. Jantina BaksteenJB: Something catastrophic happened to your station last year. Can you tell us about it?

SP: Last year, May 28th to be exact, we were devastated by a flood. I had awakened early that morning, and as I walked into the studio, I was standing in eight inches of water throughout the studio. But again, God is good and friends and artists came together, and here we are …….

JB: What’s ahead for KNMG radio in the near future? 

SP: I’d love to tell you what is on the horizon, but I’m going to be a little secretive here. But I promise it’s going to be good. Stay tuned.

JB: How can our readers listen to KNMG?

SP: The easiest way to find KNMG is to download our free app “KNMG,” and be sure to allow notifications, so we can keep you updated on upcoming events. You can also listen online at  www.KNMGRadio.com



Thanks so much Scott for sharing your work to preach the word through song on this fine station. What you said with your own words, KNMG is: “A station that God took over a long time ago,” to reach the world.


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Beyond the Song: Michael Roberts sings “Broken China”

Written by Staff on March 27, 2020 – 1:28 pm -

Beyond the Song: Michael Roberts sings Broken China

Beyond the Song: Michael Roberts sings “Broken China”

Beyond the Song by Jantina Baksteen

I came in touch with Michael Roberts last year at the Alabama Quartet Convention. Recently, he sent a brand new song put out to radio. Michael agreed to join us for this interview to share his ministry and how this song “Broken China” was created. 

Jantina Baksteen: Can you introduce yourself to the readers of SGNScoops?

Michael Roberts: I live in Waynesboro, Mississippi, with my wife, Heather and our two children, Jonah, 19, and Laiklynn, 16. We attend Pleasant Grove Baptist Church. 

JB: How did your ministry start?

MR: I’ve really been singing most all my life. I started out singing as a child with my siblings at our local church and I just never stopped. I have always had a deep love and an inclination towards music for as long as I can remember. As I grew older, I started to write songs and it all just came together sort of naturally,  and now I just follow the calling God had placed on my life to wherever He leads to the best of my ability. 

Beyond the Song: Micheal Roberts sings "Broken China"

Michael Roberts and family

JB: When I hear you sing, I notice your inspiration comes from the Hinsons?

MR: Yeah, Kenny Hinson is a really huge influence. I think I owned every single album The Hinsons ever released. He just had that smooth-as-butter quality in his voice that drew you in and commanded your attention. Love, love, love Kenny Hinson. As far as other influences, I really listened to lots of groups growing up, but most of my attention was pretty well focused on The Hinsons as long as they were singing.

JB: You’ve released a new song to radio that you wrote; can you share how this song came together?

MR: The song, “Broken China,” actually came to me a number of years ago. It was born out of Isaiah 64:8. It’s really just my rendition of what that verse speaks to my heart. I realize it’s a little different; maybe a tad unusual, but God just spoke to my heart of the message of His total redemptive work in our brokenness through this scripture. “Broken China,” was the result. 

JB: What is the message in this song?

MR: The message of this song is simply a message of restoration. It’s not about a patch-up. It’s about the astounding restoration of an intended masterpiece, which has been destroyed and ultimately thrown away, finding itself in total shambles, and then being sought out and re-formed into its intended purpose and grandeur by the Master mender. Total restoration; that’s the message of this song.

This song speaks to me on such a personal level. The message is really an intense reminder that God loves the broken ones. We are all born into a broken world, and our broken, sinful condition isthe direct result of man’s broken relationship with God, our Creator. God gave me this song a while ago but, honestly, the true dimensions of it were just recently breathed into my spirit. It speaks to more than God just simply picking up a broken thing and glueing it back together, but rather, it speaks of the path of one’s destruction from the point of the fall, to the sweeping away and decimation of the pieces of that life, to its place of total hopelessness and helplessness in a dank, dark gutter of absolute despair. And it is in this place of utter futility with not even a flicker of hope that Christ bends to embrace the remnants of this broken life and is willing to do the hard work required to put it back together. And He doesn’t just patch us up and leave us with just what’s left of our failed lives, but He searches the dust, the winds, and the waters to recover every microscopic particle, and then He totally and unimaginably redeems and restores us to the flawless masterpiece He had originally intended us to be. His specialty is the pursuit of those whom He loves, even to the ends of the Earth, where He loves them back together. This song says to me that He loves me beyond my imagination and He cares enough to find me wherever I might have fallen to, and longs to make this broken thing beautiful and useable again by His grace, and for His honor. 

As far as my testimony, this song pretty much sums it up. I’ve made a lot of mistakes. I’ve succumbed to a nature of sin. I’ve experienced God’s staggering grace and salvation.  I’ve run from His call upon my life. I have been relentlessly pursued by His love as He sought to help me find my way. I am grossly flawed, but immeasurably loved and marvelously redeemed. I am that broken thing restored and made useable again. My testimony is His love and grace personified. The name of my upcoming CD is “Prodigal”. I am that broken thing restored. I am that weary wanderer come home to the safety and refuge of my Father’s arms. 

Beyond the Song: Micheal Roberts sings "Broken China"God is fully in control of everything, including this time of crisis that the world is now experiencing. He is faithful and He is present in this and every situation we face. His promises are not compromised and His sovereignty is not threatened. He is our rock and our refuge in every circumstance. 

JB: What’s your favorite Bible verse?

MR:  Psalm 91:2  I will say of the Lord, “ He is my refuge and my fortress, my God, my God in whom I trust.”

JB: What’s a saying you use a lot?

MR: “Remember to keep the main thing, the main thing.” This is actually a saying I picked up years ago from a dear departed friend and an amazing bass singer, Kirk Hinton, who I had the privilege of ministering with.

JB: Where can we find you on the web?

MR: My website is presently under construction, but in the meantime, I can be found on Facebook @Michael Roberts @ Michael Roberts Music Ministries.


Thanks Michael for sharing your ministry with SGNScoops. May God use you to bring the folks you meet closer to Him who is the only way to salvation.

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Beyond the Song: “Mountain” sung by Bonita Eileen

Written by Staff on March 13, 2020 – 7:59 am -

Be on the song with Bonita Eileen singing Mountain

Bonita Eileen

In this edition of Beyond the Song, Jantina Baksteen talks to Rodger Lemley, songwriter.

Through Bonita Eileen, I came in contact with Mr. Rodger Lemley, the writer of the song “Mountain.” I was in the studio with Bonita last year when she recorded this song and it holds a special place in my heart.

Jantina Baksteen: I came in contact with you through the song “Mountain” that Bonita recorded, written by you. Could you give a short introduction of yourself?

Roger Lemley:  I am a 64 year old retired coal miner, having worked underground for 37 years mining coal. I still work part time as a welder helper for a contractor. I am married to Almah and have 4 daughters, Amber, Elizabeth, Ashley, Amy and a step daughter and son, Armando and Amanda. We also have nine grandchildren. I also am in a Christian band called “His Royal Blood.” 

Beyond the song. Bonita Eileen. Mountain. Rodger Lemley

Rodger Lemley, songwriter, with stepson, Armando

JB: How did this powerful song come together?

RL: With The Holy Spirit’s help, I wrote Mountain in 2014. The reason for writing it is a very powerful testimony regarding my step-son Armando Saenz. Armando was in the military having served two tours in Iraq and then was in Afghanistan. When he came home to San Antonio, Texas, from Afghanistan, his wife had left (him) and had gone to live with her father in New Mexico. Armando had PTSD from the war, and not having his wife with him anymore, he had gotten into drugs and was addicted to heroin. It got pretty bad for him, selling almost all he had for the drugs. He would call his mother(my wife] and she would pray for him, but we lived in West Virginia, 1600 miles from San Antonio and that was the only way for her to help him, with prayer and encouragement. But then one Sunday night he called and told his mom he was so tired of everything abd that he was going to end his life. She was beside herself not knowing what to do and she looked at me and said, “God has to move this mountain!”

So I know we prayed and I told my wife to bombard Heaven with prayer by calling all the prayer lines she could and have them pray for her son. And she did! All the next day she called and they prayed! We didn’t know if her son was dead or alive, but later he called his Mom and told her that his wife and Dad were coming from New Mexico to take him back with them to New Mexico.

He got off the drugs, enrolled in college, and not too long ago he graduated from Pre-Law and is now trying to go on to law school to become a lawyer! God moved that mountain for that boy!

JB: Who else recorded it?

RL: The band I’m in recorded “Mountain” in 2016 and it was sung by our lead singer Candy Mayle. We put it out to radio and it was No.2 in October, 2018, on Branson Gospel Radio. In February, 2019, Bonita Eileen and I came in contact with each other via New Journey Radio. Bonita had heard “Mountain” on the radio and wanted to know if she could record it. She did and did a great job! It’s now on many radio stations promoted by Randall Wildes.

Bonita EileenJB: Have you written more songs?

RL: I have written many songs and it’s amazing to me that God has allowed this song “Mountain” to be played on radio. I hope and pray it’s touched many people.

JB: Has this song touched you personally?

RL: There have been “Mountains’ in my own life. I’m diagnosed with CML cancer. So, I have my own mountain in my way. But by the grace of God and the blood of Jesus, it’s going to move. I hope it has helped someone else to know there is a Savior whose name is Jesus Christ and that faith can move mountains!


As for Bonita Eileen, she shares she recorded that song in 2019, and she just brougt it out as a single. It has been well received by listeners and is often requested on New Journey Radio.


Thank you, Rodger Lemley, for sharing your story with the readers of SGNScoops. We hope you can use your writing gift to bring out more songs that will bless the listener and bring people to the Jesus.

By Jantina Baksteen

You can reach out to Bonita Eileen through
Facebook HERE

Visit Bonita Eileen’s website HERE.

To contact Rodger Lemley click HERE.

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Beyond the Song: Brian Crowe of the LifeFM

Written by Staff on March 10, 2020 – 5:01 pm -

Brian Crowe

Brian Crowe

In this edition of Beyond the Song, Jantina Baksteen caught up with Brain Crowe and did an interview about his work on the radio station The Life FM and his show, Gospel Radio Favorites.

Jantina Baksteen: Please introduce yourself.

Brain Crowe: I have been happily married for 28 years. I have two children and four grandchildren.  Believe it or not, radio has not always been my primary full-time source of income. Although I have been on the radio for many years part-time, law enforcement was my primary career for nearly ten years. In August of 2019, I retired from law enforcement and I accepted a position as the Network Director and Morning Show Host for The LifeFM. The LifeFM is a 26 station Southern gospel radio network covering ten states.      

JB: Are you the founder of Gospel Radio Favorites? 

BC: Yes, I have listened to Southern gospel music for as long as I could remember, (including) groups like the Blackwood Brothers, Speer Family, Cathedral Quartet, Gold City and so many more. I remember around the age of nine, asking my parents if I could walk across the street to the local neighborhood church to hear the Blackwood Brothers in concert. I was so excited to go and loved every minute of the concert. I was mesmerized by the tight harmonies and passion the guys had for the music and the love for the Lord.

In the late 90s, I felt called to pastor and started a 30-minute radio ministry on WSNL A.M. 600 in Flint, Michigan. Little did I know, God had bigger plans for this station and my ministry. After about a year of radio ministry, I was approached by now my good friend and mentor Donnie Cox who asked if I was interested in filling in for the Saturday morning Southern Gospel host from 6:00 a.m. – 10:00 a.m. I was thrilled to have this opportunity. The temporary fill-in position turned into a full-time radio show. It is at this time I started a program called “Gospel Radio Favorites.”

After several years of ministry in Michigan, both as an ordained pastor and radio host, my wife and I prayerfully decided to move to Tennessee. We packed up a few boxes, loaded our U-Haul, and said goodbye to Michigan and hello to Tennessee.  This was a very difficult decision.  We moved to a small town outside of Chattanooga, Tenn.

While living in Chattanooga, I was offered the opportunity to host Gospel Radio Favorites on a couple of secular stations for a short time. This opportunity didn’t last very long, the formats changed and my program was canceled. Then in November 2017, Gospel Radio Favorites was aired on 101.7 WJSQ, a large Country Music Station in Athens, Tenn. Since November 26, 2017, Gospel Radio Favorites has been heard every Sunday on 101.7 WJSQ, Athens, Tenn.  I consider WJSQ my anchor station and I am grateful for the opportunity I was given and Gospel Radio Favorites is still heard on this station every Sunday from 7:00 a.m. – 10:45 a.m. Since 2017, God has blessed my program by expanding to numerous markets all over the United States and now in the United Kingdom. The LifeFM is a radio network of 26 stations and currently airs the program.

I am truly blessed and honored to have been syndicated and can now be heard on affiliate stations across the United States like Georgia, Illinois, Massachusetts, South Carolina, North Carolina, Indiana, Florida, Alabama, Kentucky, Ohio, Alaska, Tennessee, Texas, Ohio, Mississippi, Arkansas, and many more, including a station in the United Kingdom and around the world online!

Please Pray For Brian Crowe (Gospel Radio Favorites)JB: How did you get into this business? Was it a dream for you to do radio?

BC: I remember as a young boy holding a hairbrush like a microphone and pretending to announce the last song played, give the weather and announce the next song coming up…I’ve always loved Southern gospel and been told I have a radio voice.  Many people have left voice messages and commented, “You ought to be in radio!”  I guess I have one of those voices!  

JB: Could you share your testimony? 

BC: I grew up in church and was very active in our youth program. It wasn’t until my early twenties I realized although I was going through the motions, I had never accepted Jesus Christ as my personal savior. I was saved and baptized in a small church in Pontiac, Michigan. A few years later, I felt a strong calling to the ministry. I was ordained and had the privilege of pastoring two churches. Today, I consider my syndicated radio show a ministry, and we are reaching more now than ever before with the gospel of Jesus Christ through Southern and Bluegrass gospel music.     

JB: Do you know the number of listeners?

BC: Although I don’t know the exact number of listeners, I know that my program reaches tens of thousands of people every week.

JB: How many States tune in to Gospel Radio Favorites?

BC: Currently, Gospel Radio Favorites is aired in over 50 markets. This includes both terrestrial and online radio stations currently covering approximately 23 or more states and streaming online all over the world.

JB: Are there listeners from foreign countries?

BC: Yes, I receive messages weekly from listeners all over the world, (because of) the ability to stream Gospel Radio Favorites online, and the majority of Gospel Radio Favorites affiliate stations stream their feed.  This opens up my program to anyone with an internet connection and a love for Southern Gospel Music. I have received messages from listeners in the Philippines, Uganda, Kenya, Australia, Fiji and many, many more!     

Brian Crowe. Gospel Music FavoritesJB: What other than music is broadcasted on Gospel Radio Favorites?

BC: Gospel Radio Favorites is primarily Southern gospel music with a few Bluegrass gospel songs mixed in along the way. GRF has artist interviews, industry music news, interesting quick topics of interest and always appropriate, clean humor.

JB: Is there someone (from the past) that you wish you could have interviewed on your station?

BC: Growing up listening to many of the artists like the Cathedrals Quartet, Happy Goodmans and the Speer Family, I would have loved to be able to interview George Younce and Glen Payne, Vestal Goodman and Ben Speer. I would have also liked to have had the chance to interview Billy Graham.

JB: How is the station supported?

BC: Gospel Radio Favorites is a listener-supported radio ministry.  We are currently in the process of becoming a 501-C3 ministry.  We should have this process finalized in 2020.

Please Pray For Brian Crowe (Gospel Radio Favorites)JB: What is your vision for 2020 for GRF?

BC: To continue to prayerfully seek the guidance of my Lord as we grow and expand the ministries of Gospel Radio Favorites. I would love the opportunity for more speaking and preaching engagements in 2020.

JB: How can Southern gospel listeners find Gospel Radio Favorites?

BC: Gospel Radio Favorites can be found at www.gospelradiofavorites.com.  Click “Broadcast Schedule” to see the affiliate stations and broadcast timeso or visit us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/GospelRadioFavorites/

Address: GOSPEL RADIO FAVORITES, A Nationally Syndicated Radio Program.  810 S. Pendleton St. P.O. Box 204 Easley, SC, 29641



PHONE: 423.588.9141

STUDIO NUMBER: 423.567.3004


JB: Thanks, Brain Crowe, for allowing us a look inside the fine ministry you work in. We pray that the message that goes out from that program won’t return empty, and will lead listeners to Christ.      

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Beyond the Song with Rodney Griffin of Greater Vision

Written by Staff on February 8, 2020 – 2:44 pm -

Beyond the Song with Rodney Griffin of Greater Vision

Beyond the Song with Rodney Griffin of Greater Vision

For this edition of Beyond the Song, I  caught up with Rodney Griffin and talked about his writing career. Rodney has been selected as “Best Songwriter” many times, by many award programs.

Jantina Baksteen: What was your first song that you wrote? At what age?

Rodney Griffin: It was a non-recorded song, not very good: “When Will We  Care,” written in 1989 at 23 years old.


JB: When did you feel the calling to be a songwriter?

RG:1989, I was working at Newport News Shipbuilding in Newport News, Virginia.  Song ideas would come to me during the day and I would write them down during lunch break.


JB: Is there a song you wish you had written?

RG: Oh yes, several…but I really don’t think about that.  I’m just grateful for the ones God has allowed me to write. Anytime I hear a congregation sing a hymn, I think about how meaningful that would be to those songwriters if they were still living.


Beyond the Song with Rodney Griffin of Greater Vision

Rodney Griffin

JB: Which song, of all you have written, do you think has the most important message for people to hear?

RG: I wrote “Faces” to encourage those who never get credit for their Christian work while here on earth. What I didn’t know is how many people would come to me and tell me that the song put them under conviction for not doing enough for the Lord.  That is the most important message I could write about…encouraging people to witness for the Lord.

JB: What works for you, writing the lyrics first or the melody first, or both at the same time?

RG: The initial idea usually lends itself to a musical meter..fast or slow. Then, I work them both at the same time until I feel the song is the best it can be. The best advice for young writers is to concentrate more on the structure of great songs that have stood the test of time, over studying your songs. Ask yourself: ”Why is this song great and why do people love singing this song?”  I usually find that it’s a simple, but profound, lyric that sings well. Those are the songs that seem to stick.

Who do you wish you had written a song with that is no longer here?

RG: I would love to have had the chance to have written with Dottie Rambo…unbelievably gifted writer, for sure!

What’s your favorite song you have written?

RG: I used to say “The Spirit Of Brokenness,“ because of its message of humility, but these days, I say “Faces” is my favorite. Seems it’s being used by a special “pastor appreciation” or “missionary appreciation” service every week somewhere.  I believe it will be around for a long time. 


Greater Vision

JB: What is the fastest you wrote an entire song?

RG: I remember my first cut was with the Dixie Melody Boys, “I Have A New Song To Sing,” back when I sang with them in 1992. I wrote that song in my pickup truck in about 10 minutes. When you hear the song, it’s obvious (as it is) really simple.

Do others ask you for advice for songs they have written?

RG: Always. Yes, I receive songs every week from songwriters who are asking for advice. I’m honored and certainly don’t feel like the “go to” writer or anything like that. I’m just like them, trying to hone my craft and be the best I’m capable of.


JB: What if you were were not able to be a singer or a songwriter, what would you have done?

RG: My degree is in Biology with a lot of horticulture classes. I enjoy landscape design and installation as well as forestry. I guess that’s why I enjoy four-wheeling through the woods when I get a chance to on a day off.

Thank you, Rodney, for your time sharing your gift to the readers of SGNScoops. Your songs will touch many ‘Faces’ you might never meet.

For more Gospel Music News, read the latest issue of the SGNScoops Magazine HERE.

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Beyond the Song: Beverly Tyner of The Tyners

Written by Staff on January 7, 2020 – 5:15 pm -

TynersFor this episode of Beyond the Song, I spoke with the Tyners from South Carolina, a four member family group who has recently seen radio charting for their song, “The Old Rugged Cross Will Never Grow Old.”

For this interview, I spoke with Beverly Tyner.

Jantina Baksteen: Can you gve us a short introductions of who the Tyners are?

Beverly Tyner: We are a family ministry consisting of my husband Ricky, myself(Beverly), our daughter Brooke, our son Noah and my step-dad Ricky Tolson. I rededicated my life in March of 1994, and started praying for my husband, Ricky. He had been playing in bars since he was 10 years old and struggled with alcohol and drugs. After five and a half years of prayer, in 1999, the Lord saved and delivered him. Not long after that, we started travelling and ministering through song, and preaching and sharing our testimony. So we have been in ministry now for 20 years and loving every minute of it! Nothing like being able to travel with your family in ministry! We have witnessed the Lord’s power to save, heal, deliver, restore and revive so many people!

TynersJB:Do you have a music background? 

BT: My grandfather was a minister and our family travelled in a singing and preaching ministry even before I was born, so we do have a music back ground.  

JB: Who are your music influences?

BT: Our music influences (ministries we respect) have been the Crabb Family, and the Isaacs, to name a couple.  

JB: I heard a lot of your songs are written by your father in law, can you share about that? Is “The Old Rugged Cross (Will Never Grow Old)” one of those songs? 

BT: My step-father does write most of the original music for this ministry. He did write “The Old Rugged Cross Will Never Grow Old.” God has truly anointed him to write such powerful songs and we have been blessed to have him with us. (Since 2001).

TynersJB: “The Old Rugged Cross” is on the album “Not My Life.” Why did you choose this title?

BT: “Not My Life” is the title of our last CD. We chose this because this is the title of one of the songs on the CDs. (also a very powerful song).

JB: What is your favorite Bible verse you always go back to?

BT: There are so many schriptures that have been life-lines for us! Since we are in a soul-winning ministry of course, the enemy has fought us every step of the way. We remind him that, “no weapon formed against us shall prosper!” (Isaiah 54:17). We have been through a lot in the past 20 years but we have found strength in Psalm 91″. ..He who dwells in the secret place of the most High shall abide under the shadow of the almighy…..!”  And though the seasons are hard, “Let us not grow weary in well doing, for in due season we shall reap if we faint not.”(Galations 6:9). I could go on and on. God has been faithful to us and we love Him so much, and are truly grateful for His mercy and grace!

TynersJB: Is there something more you would like to share?

BT:  We have a vision that we will witness a great end-time revival and our family will be a part of it! We want to see God’s glory in these last days!  Believing for an end-time harvest of souls being saved, healed and delivered!!

The Tyners sing “The Old Rugged Cross Will Never Grow Old”


JB: Where can we find you on the web?

BT: We have a facebook ministry page, “The Tyners,” you can go to and “like” the page. 


Thank you to the Tyners for sharing your story. God’s blessing on your ministry reaching out to those who  are in need.





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Beyond the Song: Greater Vision sings “You’ve Arrived”

Written by Staff on December 1, 2019 – 10:30 am -

Beyond the Song: Greater Vision sings "You've Arrived"Beyond the Song: Greater Vision sings “You’ve Arrived,” interview by Jantina Baksteen

I caught up with Gerald Wolfe of Greater Vision for this interview for Beyond The Song.

Group members of Greater Vision include: Gerald Wolfe, Rodney Griffin, Chris Allman, and Jon Epley.

Jantina Baksteen: December of this year, you celebrate 29 years of Greater Vision! What was your greater vision when the group was formed in 1990?

Gerald Wolfe: I wouldn’t say we had some sort of epiphany, but I would say we had a strong desire to put a group together that would focus on strong lyrics that would convey a clear message, good arrangements that would be interesting to listen to, and that would convey the message of the lyric to the listener.  We also wanted to have a group that would compliment a church service, as well as be entertaining enough to be effective on a concert platform. Looking back, it’s easy to see how the Lord guided those early steps that set us on the right course.

JB: To me, you are my Southern gospel music hero. What exactly is your definition of Southern gospel music?

GW: Thank you so much! You’re very kind. Your question is one I’ve been seriously asking for a couple of years now. I was listening to gospel music, and going to concerts, before “Southern Gospel” existed, as a term or genre label. To me, what we do has always been “Gospel Music.”  If an unchurched person asks me what I do, I tell them I’m involved in Christian music. Usually, they will have some sort of concept about what that is, but I’m not certain “Southern Gospel” has ever been an effective term to describe the kind of music we do, to someone who has never been exposed to it. These days, our genre of music encompasses such a wide variety of musical styles, I’m really not sure “Southern Gospel” is an adequately descriptive term anymore, even among people who might have an idea of what they think it is. The definition seems to depend on the personal tastes of the person describing it. So… the short answer to your question is, I don’t really know what Southern Gospel is. I just know what I like, personally, and I call it Gospel.

JB: How would you describe the music Greater Vision is singing now?

GW: I’ve always called it “Gospel Music,” “Christian Music,” or “Church Music.”  Overall, our basic style and sound hasn’t changed over the last 29 years. However, we’ve never been afraid to stretch and challenge ourselves, musically. So, in that respect, we do a lot of different varieties of musical styles, within the confines of keeping the “Greater Vision sound” we’ve become known for, and that our listeners expect. People will usually go with you on a little musical journey, as long as you bring them back “home.”

Beyond the Song: Greater Vision sings "You've Arrived"JB:
You had to step down from singing and Jon Epley has taken your position. Has this changed the dynamic?

GW: I actually think bringing Jon onboard has actually broadened our dynamic, and allowed us to do some things we hadn’t been able to do before, especially in our concerts. Jon’s voice is easy to blend with, and he has a great ear, so he quickly adapted to our sound; and on recordings, most people can’t tell the difference between the old Greater Vision, and the new GV.  He’s been a great addition.

JB: Do you miss singing? If the crowd asks you, will you step up and sing?

GW: I can’t say I miss singing, since I still do sing when I feel good, or when someone makes a special request for something I can still do.

JB: I enjoy the radio release of the same titled album, “You’ve Arrived.” How did this song come together?

GW: “You’ve Arrived” was sent to us by Rick Shelton, at Daywind Publishing. It was written by Kenna Turner West, Sue Smith, and Marcia Henry. The first time we heard it, we knew it would make a great opener for the album, but a couple of lines needed to be changed to make it work. The writers graciously agreed to make the changes we suggested, and now we sing it every time we walk onto the platform.

JB: Who orchestrates your music since your long-time friend is home with the Greatest Orchestrator?

GW: Since my long-time friend, Lari Goss, passed away, we’ve worked with two young arrangers: Trey Ivey and Cody McVey, and well-known arranger, Steve Mauldin. It’s been an interesting journey, having worked with Lari for so long. I first worked with him in the studio in 1981, and there are still days I cry when I listen to some of beautiful work he did for so long. He was a friend and a hero, and there’ll never be another Lari Goss. Thankfully, The Lord is still raising up gifted people to help create arrangements that will lift the songs from paper and deliver them to the heart of the listener.  On our new CD, Trey Ivey did all the arrangements.

Beyond the Song: Greater Vision sings "You've Arrived"JB:
Even before summer time starts, you start talking about Christmas. For you, what makes the best Christmas?

GW: There’s nothing better than listening to Christmas music when it’s 90F degrees outside! For me, there’s never a wrong time to talk about Christmas. Since we call it “the most wonderful time of the year,” why should we limit it to four weeks, between Thanksgiving and December 25? I prefer having “the most wonderful time of the year” all year long!  Seriously, when we think about the real gift of Christmas, and what it really meant for God to come to earth as a baby, we should be overwhelmed, whether it’s in July, September, December, or February.  So, the best Christmas for me, is whenever I think about it!  Merry CHRISTmas!

JB: Who has the most jokes /funny stories when you are on the road?

GW: I’d say it’s a close tie. When we get on the bus for a trip, everybody usually has at least one funny story about something that happened while we were at home. Anybody who’s traveled with us for a weekend will tell you the laughs start when we get up in the morning, and usually continue until the last light is turned out at night.

JB: I know you like to drive. Do you make the most miles behind the wheel?

GW: All of us share the driving responsibilities on the road. Everybody on the bus has a Commercial Driver License (CDL) and we have to remain in compliance with current DOT regulations for buses. We drive 250-mile shifts, and driving is something I really enjoy, unless I happen to end up with the 2:00 p.m. ’til 6:00 am shift, when we have an all-night drive on the schedule. I don’t think anyone enjoys that!

JB: What is your favorite quote to share?

GW: I love good quotes. One of my favorite is,  “Obey God, and leave all the consequences to Him.” (Dr. Charles Stanley).

JB: Thank you, Gerald, for giving us a little insight into Greater Vision. May God continue to bless your ministry, that wherever the bus stops to share your music, the words sung and the words spoken won’t return empty. 

Please enjoy this video preview of Greater Vision singing the songs from “You’ve Arrived!”



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Beyond the Song: Fields of Grace sing “I Got Saved”

Written by Staff on October 25, 2019 – 4:10 pm -

Fields of GraceIn this edition of Beyond the Song, Jantina de Haan-Baksteen talks to Southern gospel artists, Fields of Grace, about their song, “I’ve been Saved.” This group is from Candler, N. C., and started in 2012. Members are Elise Ingle, along with husband and wife, Nathaniel and Leslie Smith.

JB: What was your calling to actually form this group?

FoG: We started singing together in the “Old Gospel Barn” located on our church property and we knew immediately there was something special happening. We knew the touch of God was on us and we should do more. We had faith but never knew what the Lord had in store for us. It has been the Holy Spirit’s anointing and seeing churches being blessed that confirmed our ministry.

Fields of GraceJB: What makes you different from other groups?

FoG: We make sure the songs have a message and if the anointing is not on it, we won’t keep singing it. Also our harmony has been described often as “family harmony,” and we work and practice to improve on that. In addition, everyone gets to sing lead and we frequently switch parts. Our ministry is primarily one of encouraging the church and we have many churches we sing at annually.

JB: “I Got Saved” is your second release to radio, after “Dining With The King,” which did well on radio charts. “I Got Saved” is one of my favorites on this project. The melody is catchy, but the message is powerful, too! Can you share us how this song came to your group?

FoG: Nathaniel was driving the church bus for a ladies retreat where the original artists (who released the song first), “Selah,” were singing. Nathaniel said that from the first line of the music, he knew the song was special. One of the ladies let out a joyful shout from the balcony and the Holy Spirit gave Nathaniel confirmation. He shared this with Leslie and Elise and they knew they needed to make it part of their ministry.


JB: There is that particular line in the song, “What can wash away my sin…” that’s originally from the old hymn. Can you tell us something about that?Did you add this to it? Or did the songwriter put it in?

FoG: Nathaniel wanted to change the bridge on the original song and add the line from the old hymn, “What can wash away my sins? Nothing but the Blood of Jesus! What can make me whole again? Nothing but the Blood of Jesus!” It fit perfectly, and when we were in the studio recording the track, the power of this addition was very evident. Other groups sing this song but this addition makes it unique to Fields of Grace.

JB: How is it received by the audience? 

FoG: The Lord always anoints this message. Think about it; for the believer there is nothing more precious than the cleansing Blood of Christ and their personal story of grace and salvation. “I got saved.” And for the non-believer there is not a better message. Amen!

JB: What are your personal testimonies regarding this song?

FoG: The decision to put, “I Got Saved,” on our current project, “Undone,” was very clear to all of us. “I Got Saved” reminds all of us every time we sing it of God’s amazing grace and we are so thankful to be children of the King.

However, our testimonies are different as you can imagine. Leslie and Nathaniel were both saved at a young age. They are both grateful to have been born again while their hearts were so tender. Elise was saved as a young woman at the age of 22 at a very low point in her life. She recounts the loving touch of her Savior and how her home church accepted her with open arms.

JB: Is there something more you like to share to the readers of SGNScoops  Magazine? 

FoG: It is so rewarding and humbling to be able to sing for our Lord. He has called us into this ministry and as the last song of our project exclaims, we intend to, “Die on Battlefield.”

Leslie and Nathaniel are husband and wife and Elise has written two of our songs on our current project.

Our ministry is to encourage the church and point the lost to Jesus in song. We love to travel together and “have church” often on the roads to our next opportunity. 

Contact us on Facebook or fieldsofgracemusic.com. For bookings you can also call Nathaniel at 828-712-6907 or Joe Belcher (Leslie’s dad and our manager) at 828-231-8002.

Enjoy “I Got Saved” by Fields of Grace. 


You can find more on Fields of Grace HERE.

Thanks Fields of Grace for stepping in on this edition of Beyond the Song.

May God guide your ministry, reaching out to those who are lost.

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Beyond the Song: Jamie Lynn Flanakin sings “Free,” written by Cowboy Roy Hall

Written by Staff on September 13, 2019 – 5:00 am -

Jamie Lynn Flanakin Beyond the Song FreeBeyond the Song: Jamie Lynn Flanakin sings “Free,” written by Cowboy Roy Hall

By Jantina de Haan-Baksteen

This edition of Beyond the Song is a little different. It’s from the songwriter’s point of view, along with a note from the artist. 

Cowboy Roy Hall talked to us about the song he wrote called, “Free.”

Jantina: Cowboy Roy, can you introduce yourself to the readers of SGNScoops?

Cowboy Roy: Howdy everybody,m name is Roy Hall, but everybody calls me Cowboy Roy. I am a singer/songwriter from Oklahoma. I’ve lived here almost four years. I’ve  recorded seven CD’s of songs I’ve written, with Donnie and Lisa Williamson of the Williamsons. I have had three other songs on the charts and radio, from Jamie Lynn Flanakin, Jim Sheldon, and Peter Christie. The group Oasis, Sarah and Carey Collins have also recorded songs of mine, along with Sandy Jarvis.

Beyond the Song: Jamie Lynn Flanakin sings "Free," written by Cowboy Roy Hall

Cowboy Roy Hall

Jantina: You wrote the song, “Free,” that is on Jamie Lynn Flanakin’s album called, ‘’Oh, My Lord.” Tell us about that.

Cowboy Roy: I wrote the song, “Free,” in December of 2015, a month and a half after the Lord delivered me from all the pain of my past and set me free! I dealt with a severe depression from 2008 – 2010 because of a very traumatic experience that I faced and I went inside myself. That whole time is nothing but a blur. Then a friend called me on the phone and prayed for me and that was lifted off. It didn’t control me anymore. It was still there unfortunately though.

In November of 2015, one week after I moved here, I went to a singing. I was talking to the Lord before it started, basically thanking him for getting me out of that other state. Not knowing what was in store, but trusting him no matter what. I told no one about the conversation, and during the altar call service, one of them motioned for me to come up front and I did. He looked me square in the eye and said, “All the pain, heartaches, depression, lonely feelings, etc., it’s all going to go, right now, in Jesus’ name. It did and has. I was delivered then and there. Then a month and a half later, I was talking with a friend on the phone and telling him all the good things that had happened. He asked me if I had written a song about being delivered and I said, “No.” He said, “I feel like you got one in ya, brother.” And in 15 to 20 minutes, “Free,” was written.

Jantina: Just recently, a video has been released of this song. Can you share somehing about that?

Cowboy Roy: The video of “Free,” wow. I have no words to describe what an experience that was. In May, I went to Texas to do the filming with Jamie. It was something I’ll never forget. We went into a motel room showing our pasts. That was a little emotional, but thank God, it’s only memories that don’t hurt me anymore.

Seeing my song come to life in front of my eyes, makes me want to cry thinking about it. There is also a very special promo after the video, that we did together with a little piece of our testimonies, with a website for people to go to, to get help for whatever situation they may be in.

The song has been on the radio for two years and been very successful, but the video is gonna put a visual on it, for people to see that if we made it through our hard times, tests and trials, they can, too.

Jantina: What is your testimony, because “Free” is kind of autobiographical.

Cowboy Roy: My testimony; it’s very long but i will try to sum it up as small as I can. I was stuck in my mom’s ribcage when I was a baby and almost died. Almost died again at nine months old. Had seizures for the first nine years of my life. I was raised in a godless, alcoholic household; almost died again from a trailer implosion. But by the grace of God, and my grandma’s prayers, I was safe. (I was) delivered from seizures in 1977. (Suffered) very hard emotional abuse from my father in my teenage years. We were not close at all. He told me I would never amount to anything, and I believed it. He died in 1990 and
he was not a Christian. I got saved in 1992, at 24, and I had a lot of growing up to do emotionally, and spiritually, but with the help of Christian friends, I overcame it all by the Lord’s grace. Here I am today, happier than I have ever been!

Jantina: Did you write this song for Jamie?

Cowboy Roy: No, I didn’t write the song for Jamie. I thought it was only for me and how wrong I was! We saw each other about three months after I had written it and I shared it with her. Her mouth dropped open, her eyes got big, and she said, “Holy cow! You’re singing my story and I want to record your song. I was blown away.”

She sent me the CD in Feb 2017 and in September 2017, “Free,” was released to radio, reaching No. 9 on two charts last year, No.13 on another chart this year, a top ten nomination for Christian Country Song of the Year in the Diamond Awards, and now this amazing video.

I am so blessed with these gifts straight from my Lord in heaven. That says it all….

Jamie Lynn Flanakin Beyond the Song Free

Jamie Lynn Flanakin

Jantina: To complete this interview I called on Jamie Lynn Flanklin, who recorded this song. Jamie, can you do a short  introduction about yourself? 

Jamie Lynn Flanklin: My ministry began many years ago in my heart, but came to fruition when I moved out to Texas in 2007.  I met Richard Mabry at church and the rest is history (as they say). He wrote a song that Tommy Smith (Canyon Creek Records) decided needed to be on the radio. So we released it to radio in 2014 and we have since then released 5 other songs. God has allowed me many opportunities to share His message in song and am so thankful and grateful that He wants to use me.

Jantina: We find the song, “Free,” on your album, “Oh, My Lord.” Why did you pick this song?

Jamie Lynn: Even though “Free” was released in 2017, we decided to go ahead and make a music video. We felt that it had touched so many people on the airways, why not let the Lord use it on social media and other platforms to touch even more.  It has such an amazing message of freedom from your past.

Jantina: What is the song saying?

Jamie Lynn: When Cowboy Roy sang me the song for the first time, I told him, “Wow, you are singing my life’s story.”  I know many people struggle with pains from the past, and this song just reminds us that there is hope and that Jesus will forgive all our sins.  He can help us with those pains and we wanted to portray that message in the video life.

Justin: Is this song a personal testimony?

Jamie Lynn: This song means so much to me because it reminds me of what God has brought me from and brought me to. I have deep pains from my past and it took a long time for me to overcome those hurts and pains. Every time I get to sing “Free,” it reminds me how much the Father loves me and has forgiven me and wants me to move on from my past.

Jantina: Is there anything else you’d like to share with the readers?

Jamie Lynn: I’m very thankful that I have been able to be a part of this amazing song, and hope that many receive a blessing from it, and that those chains of yesterday are broken in the name of Jesus.

If anyone would like to reach out or book an event, they can contact me through:

Email = jamielynnflanakinmusic@gmail.com

website = www.jamielynnflanakinmusic.com

Facebook = @jamielynnflanakinmusic1

Instagram = jamielynnflanakin_official

Twitter = @jamielynnfmusic

Manager = Richard Mabry (HMM Productions) 903-262-8280


Jantina: Roy Hall and Jamie Lynn, thank  you for sharing your story with SGNScoops. May this song be a blessing to many.

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Beyond the Song: Jason Davidson sings “He Came Searching For Me”

Written by Staff on September 9, 2019 – 4:14 pm -

Jason Davidson Jantina de Haan-Baksteen goes Beyond the Song to talk to Jason Davidson about his song,  “He Came Searching For Me.”

Jantina de Haan-Baksteen: Please introduce yourself to the readers of SGNScoops. I know you have a long history in music please tell us something about that.

Jason Davidson: I was born in Philadelphia, Mississippi, and started singing in church at a very early age. Some of my earliest memories of singing are standing on a brick hearth in the home where I grew up, holding a play microphone, and singing along with the Hinsons and ghe Happy Goodman Family. I cut my first record when I was 15 years old, and started singing with various singing groups after that. Most of my high school years involved school during the week, and climbing on a bus to go sing on Thursday or Friday. After I got married, I wanted to settle down and not travel as much, so I started singing background vocals in a studio, and sang with local groups through my twenties and thirties.

Jason Davidson He Came Searching For MeJantina: You have two great albums out. One is called “Baptism.” Why is this the title? 

Jason: In 2012, I felt God leading me to do more singing out, and to cut a record. That record was “Baptism.” The title cut is a song about a young boy being baptized and his memories of that. One of my earliest memories is being baptized and the song really resonated with me. I can still remember that day so clearly, even though I was only around five years old. I knew something supernatural was going to take place when I went under the water, but I had no idea what it would be. Would I see angels? Would I see Jesus? That day somehow burned itself into my memory, and I still sing about it today.

Jantina: Please tell us about that song “He Came Searching For Me,” from the album of the same title.

Jason: I met my producer Les Butler in 2014, and we started working on another record. He called me from a hotel room one day, and said, “Man, have I got a song for you!” He sent me what would become the title cut of the record, a song called “He Came Searching For Me,” written by Marty Funderburk and Kip Fox.

Jantina: Was the message in song your story?

Jason: The song was amazing, but it really touched me because of the message. I had an old friend who had come to God after being an atheist for most of his life. Allen spent most of his life running away from God, but there was that one day out on the highway, that God came looking for Allen, and that changed everything for him.

Jantina: What is the message you want the listeners to know?

Jason: I want everyone who hears that song to know that no matter where they are, how far they have gone, or how far they feel from God, He is patiently waiting for them and is actively seeking them out. It’s amazing that when we come to the end of our road, and finally turn around, God isn’t a million miles away, where we left Him. He is still standing right there beside us, to pick us up, dust us off, and bring us home.

Jason Davidson and his family

Jason Davidson and his family

Jantina: You are not a full time singer but fulltime active at your church, please share with us something about that.

Jason: I don’t travel full time, though that was a dream of mine for some time. My time with my family at our church on Sunday services is very important to me, and I want my kids to see their dad worshiping in church beside them on Sunday morning. I travel and sing out often, but not as much as a regular, fulltime singer or group does. I just try to find the balance in being there with, and for, my family, and ministering to others, and sometimes that can be a tough act to balance. I lead our church praise team and I am very active in ministry in my home church. Between all that and singing out, I stay very busy doing what I feel that God has called me to do, which is be a light and an encourager to others.

Jason Davidson met Jeff Bungarder and Joel Lindsey

Jason met Jeff Bungarder and Joel Lindsey

Jantina: What is around the corner for you music-wise? Is there a new album in the making?

Jason: I am working on a new project, and have been writing songs toward it for some time. I have been very blessed to have the opportunity to write with some of the greatest writers I know, and they have also become my friends. Joel Lindsey, who wrote, “It Was The Cross That Got To Me,” from my last record, has been a mentor and a friend in the songwriting journey, along with so many others. I am excited for everyone to hear the songs we are working on, and can’t wait to see what the future holds.

Jantina: Do you have the desire to become a fulltime singer?

Jason: With all the things that are going on in my life, I don’t think that I could manage a fulltime singing career. I definitely won’t rule it out, but I feel that God is going to use the songs through radio and social media to go out and minister to people in my place. There are many times that going live on social media has brought tens of thousands of listeners together at one time, and I feel that will be one of the avenues that God uses to get the songs to people who are hurting. In the end, it’s not really about what I want to do for a career, but rather how God can use what I’m doing to reach the most hurting people possible.  I’m open to His will and plan, whatever that is!

Jantina: Where can they find you on the web?

Jason: My website is HERE  and folks can find me on Facebook and Instagram by searching for Jason Davidson Music.

Jantina: Is there something particular you want our readers to know?

Jason: I am so thankful for the opportunity that God is giving me, and allowing me to reach people who need to hear about the good news of Jesus Christ.  He called me to sing and to be an encouragement to those who are hurting and to answer that call is the greatest honor I could ever hope to have.

Thanks Jason for sharing your story to all the readers. Blessings in all the work you do for God’s kingdom.

We hope all of our readers enjoy this song by Jason Davidson, “He Came Searching For Me.”

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