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The Lesters need prayer

Written by Staff on June 15, 2019 – 4:30 pm -

The Lesters

The Lesters

The Lesters have requested prayer for Brian’s wife, Sandra. See this partial note from their Lestergram:

“Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.”

  ⁃  Philippians 4:6-7

Dear Friends,  

Our family has never taken lightly the fact that so many of you pray for us daily. Brian has said so many times from stage, “if nothing else, please pray for us”. And once again we are coming to you, as our brothers and sisters in Jesus Christ, asking for your prayers. 

Brian’s wife, Sandra, has been diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer and is starting treatments this week to begin her fight against this terrible disease. We hear the stories all the time. We know so many of you have been where we are right now. With that in mind, we covet your prayers…


For more of the letter from the Lesters, go to their Facebook page HERE.

Please join us in prayer for Sandra Lester.

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Please pray for Gary Dillard, formerly of the Kingsmen Quartet

Written by Staff on August 30, 2018 – 2:26 pm -

Greg Fox and Gary Dillard circa. 1980s with the Kingsmen Quartet

Greg Fox and Gary Dillard circa. 1980s with the Kingsmen Quartet

Many of you will know the name of Gary Dillard.

Gary Dillard with the Kingsmen 1984

Gary Dillard with the Kingsmen 1984

Gary was the strings master of the mighty Kingsmen Quartet for many years, from 1974 to 1992.

From From steel guitar to banjo to harmonica, Gary Dillard is the ultimate instrumentalist. He left the Kingsmen to return to college, eventually earning his Master’s. Gary is a registered respiratory therapist, registered polysomnographer (sleep specialist) and a neonatal/pediatric specialist in respiratory. He and his wife Judy make their home in western North Carolina.

Today, Gary posted some news on his Facebook page that he is in need of prayer from all believing Christians:

“I see so people on FB asking for prayers, etc, and I promise I do pray for you. Well, it’s my turn now.

“I keep my personal life private.

Gary and Judy Dillard

Gary and Judy Dillard

“I am currently in the hospital recovering from surgery in which a very large tumor was removed from my colon, as well as 2 feet of colon. Bottom line….I have stage 4 colon cancer. I will start chemo soon after this healing begins.

“Plz keep me and Judy Averette Dillard in your prayers and I will keep you informed.

“Love to each of you.


Gary Dillard Please follow Gary on his Facebook page here.

Gary and Judy, we at SGNScoops are praying for you.

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Remembering Deborah Peek: friend, artist, cancer fighter

Written by Staff on April 30, 2018 – 12:13 pm -

Deborah Peek released "Blessed"

Deborah Peek released “Blessed”

April is Daffodil Month here in Canada, a promotion by the Canadian Cancer Society to raise money for cancer research.

As we raise awareness of this disease, we are sharing some thoughts from ReJeana Leeth, artist, from Crossville, Alabama. Leeth sings with her group, New Grace. Leeth was very close to Deborah Peek who passed away Tuesday, March 13, 2018 at the age of 52.

Deborah Peek was an awesome friend. She loved everyone. She never met a stranger. She was always giving. She enjoyed life to the fullest.

Her mom is in the nursing home. Peek went every day and fed her and sang to all the residents there. She always made sure her mom was taken care of and all her great friends as well.

If someone needed help, she was there, (even) doing a benefit to help people in need.

When she found out she had cancer the first time, she was a fighter. Her family stood behind her during her surgery and her treatments. She told me she wasn’t scared to die if God didn’t heal her the first time. She was ready to go. But she beat it.

God gave her several more years to fight and enjoy life.

The second time cancer came back, she told me, “God’s got this. I am a winner either way, if I go or if I stay. I trust God completely.”

Deborah Peek and husband Chris Peek

Deborah and Chris Peek

She never got down; she was a go-getter. She worked as long as she could. She loved her job selling insurance because she said it was a ministry. Se got to witness to folks in their homes and see folks saved.

She loved to sing and paint. She would have friends or family that called her when they found out she could paint. She loved redoing old houses; brightening them up with beautiful, bright colors. She blessed so many with that talent.

Peek had released songs to radio and did very well on the charts. Her last song she did was titled “Blessed.” And that she was. She had a beautiful family: her husband and four children and seven grandchildren. She loved getting out and going to games and to the park with her family.

She was always focused on God to get her through her days and nights. She trusted him with all her heart. Everything she went through she said, “God’s got it.”

She never lost her hope of being healed. Now she is healed and has a brand new, glorified body with Jesus and some of her family, running the streets of gold with no more cancer.

Deborah will be missed but never forgotten, for what a great life she left behind for her family and friends to remember. She also sang for us at Carliles Restaurant in Scottsboro, when we have the gospel night each month. She enjoyed singing there and the great buffet we all took part in, and then we couldn’t sing after we ate. But that’s what gospel singers do.

Deborah Peek

Deborah Peek

Deborah has traveled many miles in different areas for God; as the doors opened, she walked through them. She saw many souls come to the Lord and told of many miracles that she saw. If you knew Deborah, it was all about the Lord not about her.

Deborah Peek will be missed.

Special thanks to ReJeana Leeth for sharing her memories of Deborah.

Official Obituary of Deborah (Avans) Peek

Deborah Avans Peek, age 52 of Section, passed away on Tuesday, March 13, 2018 at her residence. Funeral services will be held on Thursday, March 15, 2018, at 2 p.m., at Scottsboro Funeral Home with Dr. Roger Mardis officiating. Burial will follow in Skyline Cemetery. The family will receive friends on Thursday, March 15, from 11 a.m. until 2 p.m.

Mrs. Peek is survived by her husband, Chris Peek; sons, Adam Trotman and Michael Peek; stepson, Cruze Peek; daughters, Tabitha Clark and Erica Shepherd (Jason); grandsons, Brady Clark, Aiden Clark, Kendrick McAnally and Ashton Trotman; granddaughters, Pruedence Shepherd, Harmony Shepherd and Gracelynn Martin and mother, Mae Avans.

Her father, James Avans, preceded her in death. (, April 30, 2018.)

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Southern Gospel Sweethearts: Kari Gooch of Karen Peck and New River

Written by Staff on July 28, 2017 – 1:19 pm -

Kari Gooch of Karen Peck and New River

Kari Gooch of Karen Peck and New River

Cancer. If a word could physically punch you in the gut and knock the wind right out of you, that one would. It’s a word that sends shivers down your spine and pierces fear right to the heart. It knows no limits and holds back none of its wrath. It is no respecter of gender, age, race or status. Even now, as you read these words, at least one person will come to your mind that you know who has battled this relentless disease. It’s a word that you wouldn’t wish for your worst enemy, and you especially wouldn’t want for your dearest loved one.

In 2015, the reality of that dreaded word hit home in the Gooch household. Kari Gooch of Karen Peck and New River explains how that one of her family’s hardest trials became one of its greatest triumphs.

February of 2015 was the month that the Gooch family found out that Rickey Gooch, Kari’s dad, had cancer.

“After a neck scan, two biopsies, a CT scan and a PET scan, Rickey was diagnosed with squamous carcinoma, a type of cancer” (K.P. Gooch, 2015, In an open letter to KPNR

Rickey and Karen Peck Gooch of Karen Peck and New River

Rickey and Karen Peck Gooch

followers, Karen Peck said, “Thank the Lord,” as they were relieved to find out the cancer was “confined to Rickey’s left tonsil area and had not spread anywhere else within his body.”  In that same letter, Karen explained the difficulty of watching her husband suffer through all of his symptoms. It was certainly a trying time for all of them, including Kari’s older brother Matthew.

Read more »

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Jimmy and Liz McMillan in need of prayer

Written by Staff on October 17, 2016 – 5:08 pm -

Ashli, daughter of Jimmy McMillan

Ashli, daughter of Jimmy McMillan

Last week, we told you about Jimmy McMillan’s daughter Ashli nearing the end of her fight with cancer.

Yesterday, Jimmy wrote: “At 5:45 on Sunday October 16th I sat in a quiet, dimly lit room holding my daughter Ashli’s hand and stroking her face when she took her last breath. In that moment I watched the pained look that had gripped her face for the last few weeks be wiped away by one of total peace. I knew that my baby who had been so wracked with pain, from the ravages of cancer had received her ultimate healing and was looking on the face of Jesus.

I’ve walked a lot of hard roads and experienced a lot of pain in my life, but let me tell you nothing I’ve ever faced compares to this. I catch myself just trying to breath when I think about the reality of the situation, and begging to wake up from a terrible dream. Even through all of this I know God has a perfect plan, today I would sure like a peek at its entirety so this could make a little sense. For now I will stand in faith knowing all things work together for good to those who love the Lord.

Jimmy McMillan

McMillan and Life: Jimmy and Liz McMillan

Many of you have sent message of love and encouragement and I can’t tell you how much they mean. Just knowing that people are thinking of and praying for us is an huge comfort. If I don’t get the chance to answer each of you please take this as my thank you.

Please keep my son in law and grandson in your prayers as well. No one thinks they will be a widower single father at 35 but he is. Pray that God will give him the wisdom to make good decisions for his life and his son’s.

There was some confusion on the funeral schedule but these are the correct dates and times.

Spurlin Funeral Home
1782 Lexington rd
Lancaster, KY 40444

Monday October 17
5-8pm public

Tuesday October 18
10-1 visitation
1pm Funeral

Wilmore Cemetery
Wilmore, KY

You can leave messages of condolence on Jimmy’s Facebook page here.

SGNScoops extends their heartfelt sympathy and prayers to Jimmy, Liz and their whole family.

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Joey+Rory: Some Things Are Meant To Be

Written by Staff on February 5, 2016 – 4:37 pm -

Joey+Rory and friends

Joey+Rory and friends

Rory shares another chapter in the story of the couples’ journey through marriage, music and the medical mysteries of cancer.

Rory shares: “Some things are meant to be. They’re bigger than us. Bigger than coincidence.
And the only way you can explain them is…

Read more here.

Joey+Rory need our continued prayers. Please remember them today.

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10 Things I’m Learning from Cancer

Written by SGN Scoops Staff on January 29, 2016 – 12:18 pm -

10 Things I'm Learning from Cancer

10 Things I’m Learning from Cancer

10 Things I’m Learning from Cancer:
1. Christian music makes me weep with joy. Every song.
2. Thus, Jenna wants to own every song about Jesus she hears.
3. A huge smile and a big wave from an unknown neighbor power walking as you drive by gives you physical joy! Must note to do this for others.
4. Overwhelming financial and verbal gifts from others make me weep with joy and I am unsure how to say an appropriate thank you.
5. I weep with joy a lot. I weep with despair a lot. I just plain weep a lot!
6. God’s word is irreplaceable and necessary for joy. Must tuck it away in my heart.
7. I like my bald head. Too bad it is not a trend to keep it forever. My “I’m Bald!” dance in front of the mirror gives me joy.
8. There’s a lot of pain in this world I could not identify with prior to my diagnosis. But I maybe can empathize on a new level. More empathy for people is good.
9. How do people who don’t know Jesus cope with life? I must tell more people about Jesus and how he rescues us. This gives me joy!
10. I notice other people a lot more now. Even though I’m really wrapped up in this chemo world I long to love on others so bad it hurts. Best result of cancer: I love people more. And I love Jesus more. And I love Blake more. I think cancer is a win-win situation.

Find out more about Blake & Jenna HERE

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Sad news from John Lanier

Written by Staff on October 23, 2015 – 6:41 am -

Johnny, Joyce and John Lanier at John Lanier's Anniversay 8/9/14

Johnny, Joyce and John Lanier at John Lanier’s Anniversay 8/9/14

Gospel music vocalist, John Lanier, sent a sad email this morning to his subscribers. John Lanier’s mother, Joyce, has battled with cancer twice in recent years. This brave lady has fought long and hard, but early this morning, she stopped fighting and went home to be with our Lord. Joyce was 68 years old.

Joyce Lanier

Joyce Lanier

John shared his mother’s passing in his email blast this morning as well as on his Facebook page. He says, “My heart is breaking, yet I am at peace knowing she is with the Lord and will never hurt again.”

Announcements regarding visitation and services will be coming shortly.

Please visit John’s Facebook page to message your notes of condolences.

Also visit John’s website for more information.

SGN Scoops sends their prayers to all of the family of Joyce Lanier.



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Heartbreaking news from Joey and Rory

Written by Staff on October 23, 2015 – 6:19 am -



The husband and wife duo, Joey and Rory, that has become so popular on the Gaither videos, delivered some sad news to their blog readers on October 23, 2015.

Part of Rory’s blog read:

“I’m sorry to have to tell you this…”  That’s how the conversation began.

Then the doctor explained that the scans revealed that two quarter-sized tumors have already grown back in the same area that they had been blasting daily with chemo and radiation. And that many more smaller tumors were visible all throughout the abdominal region.  She said that the cancer was aggressively spreading in spite of all they’ve been doing.

joey and rory 2So we did what you do when the medicine isn’t working, and the doctors are at a loss…and when the ‘statistics” say you can do more chemo, but it will only buy you a little time…

We came home.

Please visit Joey and Rory’s blog to add your comments to comfort and encourage them in this difficult time.

You can also find them here on Facebook.

SGN Scoops is praying for this lovely couple. Please add your prayers to ours.




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A Note From Karen Peck

Written by Staff on April 2, 2015 – 11:49 am -


A Note From Karen 🙂

Hey Friends!

So many of you have been asking about Rickey. Thank you all for the prayers. We can definitely feel the strength and peace from the Lord. Honestly, we could not have made it this far without prayer. Rickey began his treatments on March 3. He started feeling the side effects from the chemo and radiation well into his second week. I remember thinking about how in the world he would make it seven weeks when he was already having difficulty swallowing. It has been a major challenge for him but he is plowing through it with the Lord’s help. As his caregiver, I have never experienced anything so heart riveting. Watching my husband struggle has been very difficult. I can’t fix it. All I can do is pray. The best way that I can describe it is, right now we are right in the middle of a storm. The waves are raging all around us, but Jesus is in the boat with us. Very soon the waves will calm and the storm will pass. Until then, we will keep moving forward. One of the many things we have learned from this trial is that God is bigger than cancer!!! He is not surprised or taken aback by our circumstances. We are very thankful that He is with us every step of the way.

This week we celebrate the most powerful time of the year, Easter. Thank the Lord for dying on an old rugged cross for us, that we may have eternal life. On the third day He arose from the grave!! Now He sits at the right hand of the Father and He intercedes for you and me. Thank you Jesus!

Have a wonderful Easter 🙂


From: New River News Thursday, April 2, 2015.
-Karen Peck and New River

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