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Alabama Quartet Convention welcomes Perrys, Jordan Family Band, more

Written by Staff on August 14, 2017 – 5:29 pm -

Perrys at Alabama Quartet Convention

The Perrys at the Alabama Quartet Convention

Webster defines a convention as ‘an assembly of persons, met for a common purpose.’ That’s what the Alabama Quartet Convention is all about, a common purpose to praise God. The fourth annual ALQC was held July 27 –  29, 2017 at the Forest Hill Church of God in Mobile, AL.  


Over thirty national, regional and local artists assembled together to sing songs of encouragement, salvation and to uplift the body of Christ. The Perrys, the Jordan Family Band, New Ground, Day Three, Answered Prayer, Barry Rowland and Deliverance, Ricky Atkinson and Compassion, plus many others all crossed the platform to present the best in Southern Gospel Music.  


Jordan Family Band at Alabama Quartet Convention

Jordan Family Band at Alabama Quartet Convention

Co-founders Scott Washam and Amy Dunnam began this journey four years ago with a simple concept: How do we want to be treated as an artist when we attend a music convention, and, if we were fans, what would we want to hear and see? This idea has helped the two achieve one of the most sought after conventions by artists in the nation.  


This year’s theme was ‘Sowing Seeds – One Testimony At A Time.’ Over the three day event, many seeds were being sown, including the ALQC giving back to each artist. On Saturday morning, the ALQC hosted an artist-only prayer breakfast event. This year’s guest speaker was Jonathan Goodwin of Redemption World Records. His message followed along with the theme and taught that we sow

Alabama Quartet Convention

Ambassador Award

seeds in three ways; our time, our talent and our treasure. What a great message it was.


Washam said in an earlier statement, “Every year, the event gets bigger and better. But this year was a different kind of better. There was such a feeling of unity and family. We brought in 12 new groups this year, and our fans and ALQC ‘seasoned’ artists fell in love with them.”  Some of the new groups included: The singing Epps Family from Lincolnton, Georgia; Master Peace Quartet from Dalton, Georgia; The Connell’s from Jacksonville, Alab., Heart’s Song from Shannon, N. C., and many more. Amy Dunnam said, “We are so honored that these groups would want to come spend their weekend with us. It’s humbling.”  


On Thursday night, the Perrys really brought their best. There was such a sweet anointing in the house that the atmosphere was thick.  Other crowd favorites included The Jordan Family Band, Day Three and New Ground. Mickey Bell, DJ for the Dixie Gospel Caravan in Birmingham, Alab.,

Day Three at the Alabama Quartet Convention

Day Three at the Alabama Quartet Convention

kept the crowd on their heels with laughter, encouragement and sometimes tears.  


Both Amy and Scott agreed that for them the most special moment of this year’s ALQC was when all 30 artists gathered in the altar around Exodus to pray for Mike Watson’s complete healing.  Mike has been fighting cancer and had finished his last treatment. Everyone looks forward to him being on the road again soon.


If you’ve never been to an Alabama Quartet Convention, Scott Washam asks,

Ricky Atkinson and Compassion at the Alabama Quartet Convention

Ricky Atkinson and Compassion at the Alabama Quartet Convention

“What are you waiting for?”   


For more information on the ALQC, please take a moment and visit their facebook page @thealqc or website at   

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Catching up with the Hinson Family  

Written by Staff on August 13, 2017 – 4:40 pm -

Hinson Family

Hinson Family

There are some names in the Southern Gospel Music industry that are synonymous with Southern Gospel. One such name is Hinson.

Weston Hinson and his wife Christy, along with daughter Jordan and newest vocalist Logan Smith, currently carry on the family legacy left by the original Hinsons.

We recently caught up with the group. Their feedback is as follows …

Jimmy Reno: The original Hinsons were a legendary group in Southern Gospel and turned out numerous hits like “The Lighthouse,” “Call Me Gone,” “That I Could Still Go Free,” and so many others. Does the Hinson Family follow in the same style of songs and arrangements, or do you feel your ministry is moving in a different musical direction of its own while still reaching back to the roots laid by the original Hinsons? 

Weston Hinson: I think it’s important to draw from influences while at the same time be true to who you are, and I believe if my dad were alive he would tell me, “be yourself.”

Reno: Kenny Hinson won numerous awards and impacted so many other artists with his voice and ministry, including myself. Growing up with your father achieving so much success in the Southern and Country Gospel genres, Weston, how soon did you know that your calling would also be in singing?

Weston: I think being in and around music and ministry my whole life, I may have looked over – or to be honest, didn’t take being called seriously – until I reached my early 20s. It would be easy to see the success of my dad and assume his children would want to follow in that, but I wanted to make sure success and accolades were not the reason I followed the call of God on my life. I can assure you it’s not why my dad followed the call either.

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Exodus to release “Behold the Lamb” video

Written by Staff on August 2, 2017 – 3:02 pm -

Exodus to release video for "Behold The Lamb"

Exodus to release video for “Behold The Lamb”

Exodus members Mike Watson, Susan Brady, Mary Scott and Cole Watson, from Gadsden, Alab., just released their new single, “Behold The Lamb,” to Southern Gospel radio.  The group has now made a new video to be released shortly.


“Behold The Lamb,” written by group member Brady and Phil Cross, is a beautiful, powerful ballad that features Cole.


Exodus releases Behold The Lamb on video

Cole Watson is featured on Behold the Lamb

Brady tells SGNScoops: “God loved His creation (man) so much He was willing to send His darling Son to be the last sacrificial Lamb ever needed again. When John the Baptist spoke these words in John 1:29 ‘ Behold The Lamb of God which taketh Away the sin of the world’, it was a proclamation, identifying who Jesus was and what He was going to do!

“I love the truth in these words John spoke and wanted to write about them. Phil Cross and I wrote ‘Behold the Lamb.’ Phil said he loves the connection between John the Baptist and the Lord. When you listen to the words ‘Behold the Lamb’…it is a call to worship, to praise the Lord Jesus Christ who came to where we are… so we could go to Him.”
The video and single were produced by Cross, who talks about the anthem in the video below.

The new video will debut on Facebook, tomorrow night August 3, at 7:00 p.m. Eastern, 6:00 p.m. Central.

Visit Exodus on Facebook.

Visit Phil Cross on Facebook.

ExodusAbout Exodus:

We became Exodus after lots of prayer. We all go to church together and that is how it started. Our pastor James O. Wallace asked Mary to sing “There Rose a Lamb” for Easter 2011. We were not for sure how the harmony would sound. Mike sang with his mom and dad for years and Susan with her family, Mary sang bluegrass/southern gospel. When we got together to practice over the song, it was amazing the harmony. It was not just the harmony though, God met with us and God used that song, on Easter, for His Glory and Honor. Praise God for His willingness to come and die for sinners like Exodus. We knew then, that it was something special. Our main goal in the beginning is for God to use us to Honor Him, that still stands today. The name “Exodus” came originally from Susan. Mary and Mike were both skeptical, but after praying and studying it, it was perfect for us. We were in bondage of sin, just like the children of Israel. We were both delivered from that bondage. We exited out of bondage and now awaiting that mass exodus that will take place pretty soon for those who have been gloriously saved from the bondage of sin, from death and hell. Praise God for His grace and mercy.

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Written by Staff on July 27, 2017 – 10:05 am -


James Everette Stewart, Sr. of Pine Ridge Boys

James Everette Stewart, Sr. of Pine Ridge Boys

Pine Ridge Boys founding member, James Everette Stewart, Sr., of Mooresville, passed away on Tuesday, February 14, 2017. Born October 28, 1936, in Clifton, SC, he was the son of the late Ed and Katie Emory Stewart. Jim was preceded in death by his first wife, Jeannette and a sister, Doris Sealey.

He left behind the Pine Ridge Boys in the care of his son Larry Stewart. Today this heritage music quartet continues to inspire family, friends, and fans with their classic quartet sound. This writer thinks “Big Jim” is a proud Dad and quartet man when he sees the continued success of today’s Pine Ridge Boys. And the quartet is proud of his successes too. So much that the 54th Homecoming Gospel Sing honored Jim’s rich legacy.

Jim penned his own eulogy and who is better to tell his story. His heartfelt love and of life, his family and gospel music truly made him a blessed man.

Jim writes, “This is my final time to bid you farewell. I have had a long life and been able to use my God given talent of singing bass since I was seven years old. I never could express myself in words but pray I have reached many people through song.

“I thank God for giving me two good Christian wives, aside from my family and friends. The Pine Ridge Boys Quartet molded my life through the years. We organized in 1963 in Atlanta, GA. The Quartet kept me away from my family when my four children, Denise, Everette, Evelyn and Larry were small. If it had not been for my beloved wife, Jeannette, keeping our family together, I would not have been able to minister through song.

“Jeannette started a tour business after taking a trip to Nashville, TN, where she fell in love with the travel industry. We moved to Maiden shortly after starting the business. Several years into the business Jeannette had a heart attack. The doctors were able to give her a new heart by means of a transplant. This is where I met my present wife, Eloise. She had gotten some people together for a trip to Callaway and Warm Springs, GA. Although Eloise had a full-time job, she started doing some of the tours on weekends and vacations. As time went on Jeannette’s health kept failing and the strain was just too much for us, we were forced to close the tour business.

“When Eloise’s husband, Lawrence, passed away in 1995, Jeannette and I took Eloise home from the receiving and Jeannette made the statement to Eloise: “You know the doctor says I don’t have much time left; maybe you and Jim can get together when I am gone.” So needless to say, I took her advice in 1999 after Jeannette passed away in 1998.

“I acquired four more children, Lynda, Carol, Ken, and Mitch. At the present time we have 21 grandchildren and 23 great grandchildren. Eloise and I have enjoyed 17 wonderful years together.

The original Pine Ridge Boys in 1963.

The original Pine Ridge Boys in 1963

“Getting back to the Pine Ridge Boys Quartet, the original members were Wayne Shuford, tenor, Miles Cooper, lead, Charles Burke, baritone and myself as bass. At the piano was Darius Shuford. Of course there have been many changes over the years and many have gone on to be with Jesus in Heaven. In 2012, my son, Larry Stewart, became the owner of the Quartet at that time, and he is making me proud with how he is taking care of it.

“One of the things I look forward to when I get to Heaven is singing again with Pine Ridge Boys Quartet. I pray if there is anyone here today that doesn’t know the Lord, this will be the day you will make that decision.”

During the Pine Ridge Boys’ 54th Homecoming Gospel Sing, a special memorial video honoring the life of the Pine Ridge Boys’ Big Jim Stewart was presented to those in attendance. The personal message from Larry Stewart touched the hearts of family and friends as Big Jim was honored for his contributions to family, friends and gospel music. Enjoy the link honoring Big Jim Stewart.    

During the night, CJ Burns was inducted into the Pine Ridge Boys Hall Of Fame. CJ traveled and sang with the group for several years. He sang tenor, lead and even baritone. Always smiling and singing, CJ’s friendship and talents are cherished in the Pine Ridge Boys family.


  CJ Burns with Larry Stewart. Pine Ridge Boys

CJ Burns with Larry Stewart


Mark Cash with Larry Stewart. Pine Ridge Boys

Mark Cash with Larry Stewart

Inducted into the Pine Ridge Boys Hall of Fame as an honorary member, Mark Cash is truly a man behind the scenes. His constant support to the group, designing and maintaining the website, updating tour schedules and just about anything else needed, is truly noticed and appreciated. He and Larry went to school together and renewed their friendship a few years ago through gospel music. Mark is a huge collector of all styles of gospel music and an avid photographer. But he truly has the taken the Pine Ridge Boys to his heart; he is now family.

Fans from Ohio, Florida, Georgia, the Carolinas and Tennessee making a capacity crowd joined the Pine Ridge Boys, Jordan’s Bridge, Troy Burns Family, Carolina Quartet, Crowns of Light and Hearts Afire to celebrate the group’s 54 years in gospel music. First Baptist Church of Inman, S. C., once again hosted the sing with Senior Pastor Dr. Paul Moore hosting and welcoming the many friends and family.

Pine Ridge Boys today

Pine Ridge Boys today

Today the Pine Ridge Boys are riding a wave of excitement that is affecting gospel music fans, young and old alike across the country. With the Classic Artists Records release of “I’ve Got A New Song,” and “There’s A Fountain,” both songs charting and continuing to rise in the radio charts of SGNScoops and the Singing News, the Pine Ridge Boys are expanding their outreach.

Be looking for a Pine Ridge Boys concert near you. You can also keep up with the group on their Facebook page. You just never know what will happen with Facebook Live!

Visit the group’s website for more information, music and news. For scheduling contact Larry Stewart at 305 Water Oak Street, Inman, SC 29349 or call 864-473-8849. Email

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Mark Trammell Quartet welcomes Trevor Conkle

Written by Staff on July 17, 2017 – 8:52 am -

Trevor Conkle joins Mark Trammell

Trevor Conkle joins Mark Trammell

Gadsden, AL – After five years of looking for the right man to sit at the keyboards, 2017 Singing News Top Five Traditional Quartet nominee, The Mark Trammell Quartet announces today that nineteen year old Trevor Conkle from Arab, Alabama will be that man. Mark says, “We are thrilled that Trevor expressed interest in being an active part of our ministry. We believe this young man has a bright future in Gospel Music, and we are pleased that he wants to grow with us!”

Trevor Conkle joins Mark Trammell

Mark Trammell Quartet by Craig Harris

For the last three years, Trevor has enjoyed traveling with the multi-award winning first family of gospel music, The Hoppers, from Madison, NC. Trevor states, “While I am truly grateful for this family and the daily investment they have made in me, my first love is convention style and quartet music. Upon hearing of The Mark Trammell Quartet genuinely looking for a keyboard man, I began to enquire and that enquiry led to my gaining this position. I couldn’t be more pleased, and look forward to traveling with this great quartet. The Hoppers have been wonderful to me and I will always cherish my time with them.”

Trevor will be boarding the MTQ bus on Thursday, July 20, 2017 to begin the next chapter in his musical life. When you see MTQ, be sure to welcome this young man to his new home.

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The Shireys join Alpha Source Media Group, taking a bold step into the Future

Written by Staff on July 7, 2017 – 4:42 pm -

The Shireys Join Alpha Source Media Group

The Shireys Join Alpha Source Media Group

West Columbia, SC (July 7, 2017) – The Shireys along with Alpha Source Media Group announce an exciting collaboration that will impact the world of Southern Gospel music.

The alliance was announced today in Nashville, TN. Together The Shireys will work with Alpha Source Media Group to identify new opportunities to share their love of music and the great message of Jesus.

“We are so excited to take this step in our ministry. God has told us to be bold for such a time as this,” said Wayne, the group’s spokesman.

Unique to The Shireys is that they are a two-generation family that brings experience from the past to the music of today with a special blend of tight family vocals. Wayne and Darlene Shirey are no strangers to Gospel music. Their families are rich with ministry heritage from music to preaching. Today they stand with their daughter, Rachael Shirey Flowers. This gifted young singer is a powerhouse vocalist that adds much energy and passion to trio’s performance both on and off the stage.

The Shireys

While in Nashville this week, The Shireys have begun selecting music for a new project to be released later in 2017. Darlene stated, “We are holding nothing back! Wayne and I feel strongly that there are so many who need the hope of Jesus. The next generation of Gospel singers are here today and we need to be sure to pave a road for them to reach their generation.”

For more information on The Shireys, click here.  Follow them on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and other social media outlets.

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Written by Staff on July 6, 2017 – 12:10 pm -




Nashville, TN- April Potter Agency is proud to announce the signing of an exclusive management and booking agreement with nationally acclaimed speaker and singer LaDonna Gatlin.


“We are so excited to be working with LaDonna” says April Potter. “She is truly a gifted communicator through both speaking and singing and has been blessed with the innate ability to connect on an intimate level with her audience whether it be a room of ten or ten-thousand.”


Gatlin, known not only for her speaking abilities, is also a very gifted singer. She credits her family for that saying, “I had three really good teachers named Larry, Steve, and Rudy Gatlin.” Since the age of five she has periodically joined her siblings, Grammy award winning country music superstars Larry Gatlin and the Gatlin Brothers, on the stage.


Gatlin has been a member of the National Speakers Association for over twenty years acting as keynote speaker for such topics as agribusiness, education, faith, finance, healthcare, insurance, women’s topics, and more. Her talents on the stage have placed her in front of audiences of all shapes and sizes including a variety of businesses, corporations, churches, and academic institutions. A small sampling of her clientele encompasses over twenty State Farm Bureau conferences, district school boards, and workshops for teachers, student councils, and principals.


“I feel extremely blessed to be working with the April Potter Agency,” LaDonna shares.  “What a wonderful group of folks! The best is yet to come!”



The Gatlin Brothers

LaDonna Gatlin is one of just a few speakers worldwide who holds both the Certified Speaking Professional designation as well as the CPAE Speaker Hall of Fame award – two of the most prestigious honors bestowed by the National Speakers Association. She is currently working on her new show “Growing Up Gatlin…Her Story” which opens in 2018 and is currently booking through the April Potter Agency.


For more information on LaDonna Gatlin, contact April Potter Agency at 615-479-0954 or visit the website at


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Written by Staff on July 5, 2017 – 5:16 am -

LIFE IS A STORY Sweetly Sung On New Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver Album

LIFE IS A STORY Sweetly Sung On New Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver Album

Doyle Lawson and Quicksilver Compelling Collection Available August 25

Nashville, TN (June 26, 2017) – Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver bring unparalleled storytelling to fans on August 25 with the 12-track wonder LIFE IS A STORY. Described by Lawson as a mix of Bluegrass styles “from the middle of the road to the very traditional,” the album never strays from the heart of the genre. “So much of what makes good Bluegrass and Country music compelling comes down to great songwriters – and the stories told in their songs,” Lawson observes. “Life itself is really a continuous story that embraces the beginning, the middle and inevitable ending.” LIFE IS A STORY, and here it is sweetly sung. Fans can pre-order the digital release HERE.

Produced by Lawson and recorded in Sparta, Tennessee for Mountain Home Music Company, the new album features patriarch Doyle’s signature Lead and Baritone vocals, Mandolin and Mandola, and includes members: Josh Swift (Resophonic Guitar, Acoustic Lead Guitar and Percussion); Joe Dean (Banjo and Guitar); Dustin Pyrtle (Lead and Tenor vocals, Guitar); Eli Johnston (Lead and Baritone vocals, Bass) and Stephen Burwell (Fiddles). It is a massive array of talent that forms a powerful – and immediately identifiable musical force.

“Kids These Days” (Alex Dooley, Tom Botkin, Kevin Denny)
“Little Girl” (Harley Lee Allen)
“Life Of A Hard Workin’ Man” (Joe Dean, Eli Johnston, Dustin Pyrtle)
“Life To My Days” (Jerry Salley, Lee Black, Devin McGlamery)
“I See A Heartbreak Comin'” (Doyle Lawson, Paul M. Humphrey)
“Guitar Case” (Donna Ulisse, Marc Rossi)
“What Am I Living For” (Fred Jay, Art Harris)
“Bluegrass Blues” (Kieran Francis Kane, James Paul O’Hara)
“Derailed” (Paula Breedlove, Brad Davis)
“Love Lives Again” (George Richey, Carmol Taylor, Norris D. Wilson)
“Cry Across Kansas” (Dale Pyatt, Mike Evans)
“Drivin’ It Home” (Jerry Salley, Kerry Kurt Phillips)

Doyle Lawson and Quicksilver

Doyle Lawson and Quicksilver

The circular nature of life is highlighted in the lead off track, “Kids These Days,” which Dustin Pyrtle sings in a nuanced tone that reflects on innocence, lyrically invoking the perfect memories of childhood. “Little Girl,” a #1 Country hit for John Michael Montgomery written by the late Harley Allen, was a crew favorite that made the project because Doyle heard it sung so often at sound check. “They love that song,” recalls Lawson. “And the more I listened, the more I loved it too.” The inspiring “Life To My Days,” the offering’s first “grat-track,” was written by friend and fellow hit songwriter Jerry Salley.

Band members Joe Dean, Eli Johnston and Dustin Pyrtle co-wrote “Life Of A Hardworking Man” while the group was in the studio recording the new project. “We already had the album title,” Lawson notes. “The guys wanted to create a character within the narrative – and so they crafted this hammer-banging, big machine thumping tale of a typical working man.” No life story would be considered complete without a bit of heartache, so Doyle and frequent co-writer Paul Humphrey sat down to write a song acknowledging that reality. The result is the fiddle-laced traditional Bluegrass “I See A Heartbreak Comin’.”

Doyle Lawson

Doyle Lawson

With nearly 40 albums to their credit, the group has won numerous major awards, including seven International Bluegrass Music Association Vocal Group of the Year honors. For his contributions to cultural heritage as a musical trailblazer, Doyle received the National Endowment for the Arts National Heritage Fellowship award in 2006, and was inducted into the Bluegrass Hall of Fame in 2012. DLQ is an influential force in today’s Bluegrass world, and their last two releases (IN SESSION, BURDEN BEARER) received back-to-back Grammy nominations in 2016 and 2017, respectively.

Stay social:

Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver
Twitter: @DLQuicksilver

Mountain Home Music Company

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Savannah Campmeeting 2017 to feature Freemans, Gerald Crabb

Written by Staff on July 3, 2017 – 6:23 pm -

:Episode host: Darrell Freeman and the Freemans

Darrell Freeman and the Freemans







Savannah Campmeeting 2017 to feature Freemans, Gerald Crabb

Savannah Campmeeting 2017 to feature Freemans, Gerald Crabb

People’s Tabernacle Church, 64 Airways Blvd, Savannah, TN will host, “CAMPMEETING 2017”, beginning Sunday, July 16 and continuing until Friday July 21.

Six days filled with old fashioned, anointed, preaching and singing with different guests each evening.

Sunday, July 17 at 10:30am & 6:00pm, guest speaker, Pastor Bill Bailey;

Monday July 18, 7:00pm, Betty Jean Robinson

Tuesday, July 19, 7:00pm, Dr. Johnny Minick

Update On Gerald Crabb

Gerald Crabb

Wednesday, July 20, 7:00pm, Gerald Crabb

Thursday July 21, 7:00pm, The Freemans

Friday, July 22, 7:00pm, Tony Polk

Pastor Josh and Ashley Franks will also appear each night.

Free admission, however a love offering will be received each service.

For more information, go to

The Freemans current single “It Still Takes The Blood” is has been impacting radio coming in at #5 on the top 10 new releases for May 2017. For more information visit the Freemans online here.


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David Staton: Are you bigger than God?

Written by Staff on June 27, 2017 – 12:44 pm -

David Staton

David Staton

For eight years, I ran a Christian music label on Music Row here in Nashville. My job included production, artist management, promotion, radio, publishing, A&R responsibilities, board meetings and spreadsheets. All of that was part of my job, but if you talked to the artists that I worked with, they would not list any of those things as the most valuable part of what I did for them.


When I worked with an artist one on one, I would explain to them that they needed to plug into something bigger than themselves. The initial fear is that you’ll become a small slice of a pie instead of being the entire pie, but actually, the opposite is true. That is why you see major brands fight to be the official brand of their product for the World Wide Olympics. It doesn’t make their brand any smaller, it gives them enormous credibility, and that makes them bigger in terms of public perception. Being part of something bigger than you gives you a much more credibility and purpose.


Post-election events have angered and saddened me. In any sporting event, contest, and life in general, some people win and some people lose. If that was not the case, we would live in a communist society, in which we would all lose. In any election that takes place in a free society, someone wins and someone loses.The folks who support the candidate that loses are always disappointed, but it never takes long before we realize that there is something bigger than that candidate, or even our ideas. That something allows us to unite as much as possible and move on.


David Staton and family

David Staton and family

That something is Patriotism, and the reality that we are all part of the greatest Nation in the world.


When you think of our history, what we went through, the struggles and the men and women who gave their life for our freedom, you realize that there is something much bigger than yourself, a political candidate, or even a political party.  Folks, that is patriotism! The symbol of all that I just mentioned is embodied in the Stars and Stripes, the American flag.  


When I see people protesting the election results or any issue they feel is important, because of the freedom provided by this great Nation, they have the right to do so. However, when part of the protest involves burning or destroying the flag, I see people who think that nothing is bigger than them. Their feelings at the moment outweigh the struggles, the battles, and the blood shed by our veterans, and the sacrifice of thousands of men and women that defend their right to be so misguided. The only thing their actions prove is that they are ignorant of anything and everything that is bigger than they are.


This selfish, small-minded, and immature attitude is not limited to social and political arenas. It has rooted itself in the church, and like any weed, it is growing. I believe some of our core beliefs nurture this type of this deceptive thought process and can only bring us to a point of major crisis individually and collectively in the church.


David Staton and family

David Staton and family

When I hear sermons that talk about the season of life that I’m walking through right now, I wonder if we realize what we are saying. When Peter stepped out of the boat, he was fine until he began noticing the season or the circumstances around him. When Peter focused on his surroundings rather than Jesus who made it possible for him to walk through those circumstances, he began to sink.


When I hear someone tell me all about the season they are walking through, I want to stop them and tell them, “Don’t tell me how high the waves are, or the wind speeds of the storm around you. Tell me if you can see the face of Jesus.”


Are you looking for it? If you seek Him you will find Him and when you turn your eyes upon Jesus, the things around you begin to fade, and you will walk through fire or on water. Focusing on our season and everything that revolves around us is a slippery slope that I believe leads to a selfish, what’s in this for me outlook, and will ultimately lead to a self-serving gospel.  


We have to realize that the Gospel is so much bigger than any one person, church, television evangelist, or movement that we can create. I am nothing on my own, but a lost and confused mess. However, the day I was adopted into the family of God, I immediately became a child of God, royalty, an adopted younger brother to Jesus Christ. I went from lost and confused, living in my own little self-centered world to having a divine purpose and identity.  


David Staton

David Staton

So think about the Gospel that you are hearing or preaching. Does it make God fit into someone’s little world to make it better, or does it plug them into the Kingdom of God, which gives life and purpose to everyone who receives it?  

By David Staton

First published by SGNScoops Magazine in January 2017. For the current issue of SGNScoops Magazine click here.

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About David Staton ( abridged from his website bio here )

[…]In 2004, David partnered with Mike LeFevre to form The LeFevre Quartet. During the seven years that he was the lead vocalist, the group had many hit songs like, “To Get To Jesus”, that Staton penned, “Let Me Tell You ‘Bout Jesus”, “Days of Elijah”, “I Bless Your Name”, “Didn’t It Rain” and many more. The group won many awards including, “Breakout Artist of the Year” and Singing News Fan based, “Horizon Award”. After leaving the LeFevre Quartet in 2011, Staton began working on a solo project and also began singing with Palmetto State Quartet. The group appeared on television and tour with Country Music Superstar, Wynonna Judd while Staton was there.

Through the years, nearly every major artist in gospel music has recorded David’s music. Artists like Gold City, Jeff & Sheri Easter, Kingsmen, Singing Americans, Dixie Melody Boys, Imperials, Dottie Peoples, Ball Brothers, LeFevre Quartet, Palmetto State Quartet, Priority, Trailblazers, The Greenes, Ivan Parker, Brian Free and many more have recorded music written by David Staton. From 2005 to 2013, Staton was the Executive Vice President for Song Garden Music Group in Nashville, TN. In recent years, the National Quartet Convention has asked David to be a part of an industry advisory panel to help artists who need assistance and training. Not only has David made a mark in gospel music as an artist and a writer, he is passing on his knowledge and experience on to new artists which will influence and shape the future of gospel music.

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