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Hey Ya’ll Media Adds Pardoned

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Ellisville, Mississippi- Vonda Armstrong and  Hey Y’all Media announce agreement of radio promotions with dynamic trio, Pardoned.

Group Manager, Rusty Rowan says, “We felt like a partnership with Hey Y’all Media would work for Pardoned. After our first conversation with Vonda we were certain that we had made the right decision. Vonda has walked us through every question and idea that we have had and she’s passionate about helping your music succeed.”

Vonda adds, ” I am thrilled to do radio promotion for these talented guys and I am excited to hear their single, “Down At The Altar” playing on the radio.” The song is on HYM Volume 7 2019.



Find Pardoned HERE


Find Hey Y’all Media HERE


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Hey Y’all Media presents Creekside Showcase Party

Written by Staff on August 7, 2019 – 2:03 pm -

Creekside Hey Y'all Media showcasePigeon Forge, Tenn. — Creekside Gospel Music Convention is thrilled to be the site for a special Showcase  Party hosted by Hey Y’all Media, on Wed. Oct. 30, from 1:00 p.m. to 3:30 p.m.

Creekside hey y'all media party

Bose earbuds

This free Creekside bash will be open to all, with music, favors, drawings, giveaways and free CDs.

D.J.s are welcome. One lucky radio announcer will receive a pair of Bose earbuds.



A fun afternoon awaits partygoers in the Showcase Hall at the Smoky Mountain Convention Center, Pigeon Forge, as the gala features music by Hey Y’all Media artists. Among all

Creekside Hey Y'all media bash

Vonda Armstrong of Hey Y’all Media

these gifts and prizes already mentioned, there will be a giveaway by popular quartet, the Bibletones.

“We are blessed with some of the best talent in gospel music,” states Vonda Armstrong of Hey Y’all Media. “Don’t miss this showcase!”

Mark209 will be appearing at the Creekside Hey Y'all media bash


Another unique gift to be awarded to one guest has been donated by popular country/Southern gospel group, Mark209. Known for their red microphone stands, as featured on their Thumbprint album, this quartet will be giving one of these stands to a happy recipient.

Hey Y'all Media

Eagle’s Wings

Other members of the Hey Y’all media family include Eagle’s Wings, tremendous bluegrass gospel ensemble. For a listing of all Hey Y’all Media artists, go HERE.

Creekside Hey Y'all media bashIf you would like to attend this event, please RSVP to Vonda Armstrong at 256-310-7892. Please visit the Hey Y’all Media website HERE.

For more information on this showcase, please call Vonda at 256-310-7892.

Creekside 2019 presented by Coastal Media

Creekside 2019 presented by Coastal Media

About Creekside

Creekside gospel music convention will be held October 27 – 31, 2019, at the Smoky Mountain Convention Center, Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. This event will feature special speakers, preachers, and great gospel music, including Southern, Country, and Bluegrass. The 2019 Diamond Awards, the Lifetime Achievement Award evening, daytime showcases and evening concerts, ensure many hours of great music, fellowship, and fun. A large exhibit hall, midnight prayer, Creekside Bluegrass events and the brand new Christian Country at the Creek event, will provide a fun time for family and church groups. For more information about VIP tickets and accomodations, please email or call Rob Patz at 360-933-0741. See the Facebook website HERE.

For more Gospel Music news read the latest issue of the SGNScoops Magazine HERE.

Download the latest SGNScoops Magazine PDF Here

Find SGNScoops Magazine On Facebook Here

Listen To Today’s Gospel Music Here





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Getting to know Mary Burke with Fast Five Questions

Written by scoopsnews on June 26, 2019 – 1:51 pm -

Fast Five with Mary Burke


  1. Mary, Would you share your testimony with us?

My testimony is about my husband and our journey through his traumatic brain injury. Twelve years ago my husband was in a severe motorcycle accident due to a vehicle pulling out in front of him. My husband asked me if I would go for a ride with him on his bike that evening so I was actually waiting for him to get home that night. He was on the bike alone that night and didn’t have any of his riding buddies alongside him that night either. He was coming to pick me up for a date night ride to enjoy a ride together and have some dinner as well. I had asked his mom if she would watch our kids for me so we could go out together on the bike. His mom never liked the idea of him having a bike because of the danger involved. She made me write on a paper that night that the kids would be hers if something were to happen to us. I went ahead and wrote it on a piece of paper and went home to get ready for him to pick me up. He was on his way back from visiting his dad who was in the hospital with Cancer at the time. I waited and waited for him and started getting feelings like something was wrong. I had these feelings before when he wasn’t home but this time was much different I just knew he wasn’t coming home. I told myself that if he wasn’t home by a certain time I was going to go find him. There was only one road to take on his way home so I knew where I would find him I just knew. Sure enough the time had come and I knew I had to go find him. As I drive down this road I began to have visions of lights flash before my eyes. I believe God was showing me that I was about to come to the accident scene. Sure enough I had arrived and I knew it in my spirit. I approached an officer to confirm and that is when this Journey began. My husband David was in the hospital for nine long months in a vegetative state for about 6 months. He had a feeding tube and much more. When I was finally able to bring him home nine months later after five craniotomies and around 25 other surgeries I was so happy. When I brought him home he couldn’t even turn himself in the bed. Our three sons were only 2,4, and 7. It has now been 12 years since I brought him home and our boys are 14,16 and 18. I am amazed at how God has worked in our lives. The Doctors said that my husband David would never walk or talk again. They didn’t want me to have any false hope and said that David’s deficits would be severe. He does have deficits but he is able to walk with a walker and talk and he is definitely my miracle. Life hasn’t been easy for us but God never said it would be easy just that he would never leave us. I am one blessed Gal with an awesome God who has never left my side through it all. David is my miracle and God left him here to fulfill a purpose and to use him.

God uses the broken if we will just let him and David is a willing Vessel that wants God to use him for his Glory. David travels with me and testifies and recently has started to sing some. David and I have overcame so many obstacles and we owe it all to our Savior.

Mary and David Burke at a recent convention


  1. So, You have a new single at radio. How exciting! Tell us about your song and why you chose this one.


My new single out to radio is a song called “EveryTime” and it talks about how God is Faithful. He is Faithful #Everytime. I chose this song because it spoke to me during a time in my life when the struggle seemed so huge. I was struggling but my God was always Faithful and never left me. It was during these times that I felt his loving arms around me. The writers of the song are Corey Crowder and Val Lupescu. They are both wonderful writers and friends of mine. I am one blessed gal who is amazed at the hand of God and how Faithful he continues to be in my life EveryTime no matter what. The song is being promoted by Hey Ya’ll Media.  Watch and Listen Below!



  1. At what age did you know that you wanted to pursue a career in gospel music?


I have been singing since I was in the uterus I think. My parents said I sang before I could even speak. I grew up singing in church and worshiping the Lord through praise and worship was my life. I always sang and knew I would sing. I would travel with my Grandparents as a young girl and my Grandpa was an evangelist and my Grandma was a Missionary as well. They taught me about ministry and I have always loved serving. My Grandma would give a stranger the sweater she was wearing that is how she was. She showed me from a very young age the heart of ministry. As I grew older I realized that I was a singer but more than that I was a vessel that God could use if I would just allow myself to be used by him. I said here I am Lord, send me and I want to do your work for the rest of my life. The older I get the more I desire to do his work and nothing else. He has been so good to me and has brought me a mighty long way. I owe my life to him.




  1. Share with us all pertinent information to get in touch with you.


I am on Facebook and have a YouTube channel and also a website. My Facebook and YouTube is just under my name Mary Burke. I have a like page on Facebook also under Mary Burke. My website is and my booking number is 865-803-2062.




  1. Tell us about your family.



I am 41 and have 3 handsome young men I call my children. I have watched them grow in to wonderful men of God over the years. They have been my encouragement to keep going no matter what. I knew they needed a Father and not just a mother which is why I never gave up on my husband’s recovery. Our boys David jr, Daniel and Dawson have been our reason for pressing on each and every day. They have gave us strength and wisdom over the years. I love being a momma to these boys who are closer to a man now than a boy. My how the years have flown by. They keep me and David busy with all of their schoolwork and sports and everything else. We have watched the hand of God in each of their lives and they all have a testimony as well. I would say that they are my Greatest Joys outside of ministry and I am happy to be a momma to my boys.


Thank you Mary for sharing with us and blessing us with your talents and testimony! May God Bless you and your ministry…

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Hey Y’all Media Announces Top 5 Diamond Award Finalists

Written by scoopsnews on June 26, 2019 – 4:21 am -

Hey Ya'll Media

Hey Ya’ll Media

Ellisville, Mississippi (June 26,2019)

The Diamond Awards is a yearly  award ceremony held on the Tuesday night program of The Creekside Gospel Music Convention in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. The Diamond Awards honor the achievements of Southern Gospel, Christian Country, and Bluegrass Artists, Radio Personalities  and Songwriters. The Top 5 Diamond Awards have been announced and we are very excited about 24 Hey Y’all Media Artists scoring a spot in the Top 5 in 16 categories. 

Here is a list of the artists nominated and category. 


The Freemans

:Episode host: Darrell Freeman and the Freemans



McKay Project

Leslie and Dennis McKay of McKay Project and M.A.C. Records

Josh and Ashley Franks


Chris Freeman

Ashley Franks



Jessica Horton

Jessica Horton

Tonja Rose


Sunrise Duet Of The Year


Chronicle Joins Lighthouse Media Group

Kim & Kevin Abney



The Bibletones




Answered Prayer




MARK209 Announces the Return of Joe Armstro

The Freemans

:Episode host: Darrell Freeman and the Freemans


Christian Country Song of the Year

Tonja Rose

McKay Project

Leslie and Dennis McKay of McKay Project and M.A.C. Records

Leslie and Dennis



Tim Kinchen (Chronicle)



Eagle’s Wings

Tonja Rose



Matthew Wilson




Debra Wilson



Eagle’s Wings



Gospel Music Today VIDEO/DVD OF THE YEAR

Tonja Rose




Vonda Easley Armstrong

Memorial Day Edition Of The Strictly Country Show With Vonda Easley


Cast Your Vote for your Favorites HERE

More info on Creekside Gospel Music Convention: HERE

More info on Hey Y’all Media: HERE






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New Music From Eagle’s Wings

Written by scoopsnews on June 1, 2019 – 3:11 pm -

Eagle’s Wings Returns To Southern Gospel Weekend 2018

Eagle’s Wings

Darryle Wilson, aka “Daddy Eagle” is the writer of a brand new single by popular Bluegrass group, Eagle’s Wings.

The song is entitled, “When I Close My Eyes Here.”

Here’s a sneak peek……

(Hey Y’all Media Compilation Vol 5, 2019)

More information on Eagle’s Wings Single: HERE

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Registered “Radio 101” Class To Be Offered at Creekside

Written by scoopsnews on May 10, 2019 – 4:35 pm -

How can I get my song on the radio?

This is an indirect question — it sounds like an easy question , and on the surface, there is a straightforward answer.

To get your song played on the radio, either you or your Radio Promotion Company approaches program directors/music directors at radio stations, promotes your song to them using a combination of phone calls and faxes, press releases, and emails. Then the stations that are interested in the song will play it and the ones that aren’t won’t. Sounds pretty easy, right?

The truth is that radio promotion is anything but easy.

Tiffany Noecker from Daywind, Vonda Armstrong from Hey Y’all Media, and Richard Hyssong from Premier Promotions will be teaching “Radio 101”  for groups that have a song at radio or are considering Radio Promotion in the future.

This class will be available at Creekside Gospel Music Convention 2019 on Monday, October 28th at 2:00 pm at the Smoky Mountain Convention Center In the main hall.

Fee: $25 per person


Sign up HERE or below:

Create your own user feedback survey

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Hey Ya’ll Media Announces Radio Agreement With Livin Forgivin

Written by scoopsnews on April 26, 2019 – 3:00 am -

Ellisville, Mississippi Vonda Armstrong and  Hey Y’all Media announce agreement of radio promotions with talented trio, “Livin Forgivin”.
Livin Forgivin, from Kokomo, Indiana is a brand new trio.  The vision of the group is to share Christ through song and testify with life experiences.

The group recently recorded at Chapel Valley Recording Studio.
Regarding the single, “Puddle of Blood”,  Vonda Armstrong states, ” I am honored and excited  to do radio for these guys.”

Find Hey Y’all Media On Facebook Here

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Hey Y’all Media Adds Westward Road To Its Roster

Written by scoopsnews on March 26, 2019 – 5:32 am -

Ellisville, Mississippi Vonda Armstrong and  Hey Y’all Media announce agreement of radio promotions with very popular and talented trio, “Westward Road.”

Regarding the group, Vonda Armstrong states, ” I’ve been watching this group grow for the last couple of years. Their music and ministry is phenomenal and I am very excited to be their “cheerleader” for radio.

Westward Road is an exciting and dynamic family trio from Indianapolis, IN. They have been singing together as Westward Road since 2014 and absolutely love worshiping and spreading the love of God.

Westward Road has a style all their own. Their new take on gospel music along with their smooth family harmonies will have audiences of all ages falling in love with this fun and energetic trio.

“This Is The Lamb”

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A Visit With The Connells

Written by scoopsnews on February 3, 2019 – 9:38 am -

We recently got to chat with this amazing family group from Anniston Alabama.

We asked:

For each member: What is your favorite activity when you are off the road? 

Chris: I enjoy camping and spending some quality time with my family. I have also enjoyed preaching and sharing the gospel for over thirty years.

Karen: Reading, Facebook (keeping in touch with family and friends old and new.) I enjoy watching the Food Network, but it hasn’t helped my efforts in the kitchen yet; some sketching, and I’d like to learn more about photography.

Hannah: I like to read, shop, and go on adventures with my family.

Heather: I love to watch old Hollywood movies.

These guys have recently released a new song to radio entitled, “When Fear Overtakes My Faith.”  Karen’s recent health battle which led to her liver transplant was difficult for the family and they lived the message of their current single.

Karen added, “While recovering from my  transplant, I feel like I learned a lot of things and benefitted from it for more than just a new liver. I gained a whole new appreciation for those around me from family to the medical experts including all those in between. I learned that God is always speaking to us if we’ll just listen and realize that He can use an older hospital janitor to deliver a message to you (true story!) as well as He can use a mega church pastor. Sometimes not even a “body” at all. You just KNOW if you’re listening for him. Another thing I learned is compassion. I always thought I was compassionate before, but beyond the “I’ll be praying,” to “God be with Joe;” that was about it. Throughout my illness, surgery, and recovery so many people have reached out to us, putting feet on their prayers. I’ve been humbled at the generosity and sincerity of so many. My prayer is that I would be SINCERELY compassionate and do more than recite a small prayer out of duty. My personal goal is to live a healthier lifestyle, take the best care possible of my liver, to be able to actually enjoy being active with my family, to cherish the remaining time my girls are at home, and to eventually see sons-in-law, grandbabies, and Disney World a few more times.”

The Connells will be appearing at Southern Gospel Weekend.

Are You Ready For Southern Gospel Weekend 2019

Are You Ready For Southern Gospel Weekend 2019

Find out more about the Connells HERE.


Here’s a video of the song.


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Hey Y’all Media Welcomes REIGN DOWN

Written by scoopsnews on December 26, 2018 – 11:54 am -

Ellisville, MS (12-25-2018) Vonda Easley and  Hey Y’all Media announce agreement of radio promotions with very talented quartet, Reign Down from Florida. Regarding the single, Vonda Easley states, “I am honored and excited to do radio for these guys. I believe this song will touch hearts.”

“ The Last Man Standing”, written by Dianne Wilkinson,  will be on the next compilation disc coming out in January.

Hey Ya'll Media

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