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NASHVILLE, Tenn.— Breakout bluegrass/country quartet HighRoad returns September 30 with their much-anticipated third full-length recording, Somewhere I’m Going. Produced by GRAMMY®-nominated Ben Isaacs (The Oak Ridge Boys, The Isaacs), the project delivers 12 tracks showcasing the award-winning band’s signature instrumentation and lush harmonies.

A collection of original selections and beloved hymns, Somewhere I’m Going features eight songs co-penned by HighRoad founder and lead vocalist Sarah Davison, and includes contributions from such award-wining writers as Sonya Isaacs Yeary (Martina McBride), Jerry Salley (Chris Stapleton), Kenna Turner West (Hillary Scott) and Lee Black (Doug Anderson), among others.

Highlights of the project include the Celtic-flavored “Christ, My Hope, My Glory,” featuring GRAMMY®-winner Jason Crabb; as well as new arrangements of beloved favorites “Give Me Jesus,” “In The Sweet By and By” and “I’d Rather Have Jesus”; and the poignant title-cut.

“’Somewhere I’m Going’ is about going home to see friends and family,” Davison shares. “But a lot of our friends and family are not there anymore because they’ve gone on to be with the Lord. I think every person can relate to that, looking back on their childhood or those memories with aunts, uncles and friends who are no longer here with us. We can be assured we’re going to see them again someday.”

Founded in 2010 by Sarah Davison (vocals, piano), HighRoad is also comprised of Kristen Bearfield (mandolin, guitar, banjo, vocals), Kinsey Kapfhammer (guitar, vocals) and Lauren Conklin (fiddle). The group has garnered six SGM Scoops Diamond Award nominations and an Absolutely Gospel Music Female Group of the Year award, among other accolades. They regularly perform at leading Gospel music events including the Gatlinburg Gathering, Myrtle Beach’s Singing In The Sun and the National Quartet Convention. HighRoad’s previous recordings include Angel at the Crossroads; The Road Less Traveled; and the Christmas release, Joy.

In addition to HighRoad, Davison has performed with some of the top names in country music. She recently shared the Grand Ole Opry stage with ACM Award-winning singer/songwriter Mark Wills and performed with the late George Jones’ band during his final tour of Canada.

For further information, visit or follow HighRoad on Facebook.

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HIGHROAD Slated As The Music Leaders For The JOY FM Ladies Conferences

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HIGHROAD Slated As The Music Leaders For The JOY FM Ladies Conferences

HIGHROAD Slated As The Music Leaders For The JOY FM Ladies Conferences

Nashville, Tennessee – HIGHROAD has been invited to lead the music at the 2016 JOY FM Ladies Conferences. The first of these events takes place this Saturday, March 5th at Calvary West Campus, 155 Commerce Drive,  Advance, NC 27006.

It is expected to be an encouraging day of worship, speakers, art, shopping and fun featuring the Joy FM family including Daniel and Melody from the Morning JoyRide along with the women of Joy FM. The AGM Female Gospel Group of the Year – HIGHROAD, Artist Betty “B” Shoopman, AJ Luck who was a featured guest on TBN and Author of Shattered Perspectives: Seeing God Beyond Broken Dreams, Fears, and Failure, Lisa Albinus known as a Praise Painter and Artist, and Luann Prater who is an On-Air Personality for Joy FM and Founder Host of Encouragement Cafe Ministries.

Sarah Davison of HIGHROAD said, “JOY FM is well known throughout the Carolina’s and the entire Southeast as a great radio station mixing many styles of Christian music. We are honored to be the music leaders for their 2016 ladies conferences and are looking forward to what God has in store for those attending. We have a feeling God is going to be doing some BIG things!”

You also have an opportunity to help by donating new or like new handbags, pocketbooks, or purses to Change Purse Ministry. Please bring them to the Encouragement Cafe table on the day of the event. Change Purse encourages hope through raising awareness and by investing into the lives of victims and survivors of sex-trafficking. For more information visit

For more information or to register for the conference go to:

You can learn more about HIGHROAD by going to .

Follow them on FaceBook at and Twitter at

For booking contact

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HIGHROAD Announces Exciting Changes

Written by SGN Scoops Staff on January 9, 2016 – 6:18 am -

HIGHROAD Announces Exciting Changes

HIGHROAD Announces Exciting Changes

Nashville, Tennessee – Sarah Davison, manager of the award winning female Gospel group, HIGHROAD, is excited to announce two new members. Having just played a New Year’s Eve concert with Vincent and Dailey this year just keeps getting better and better. The two newest members, Kinsey Kapfhammer and Kristen Bearfield,  have extensive resumes in music already and the three have been writing for a new project as well as touring across the country. Kinsey will be a vocalist and playing acoustic guitar while Kristen will sing and play mandolin, bango and guitar. Sarah will continue her role as keyboard player and vocalist.

Sarah Davison stated, “I’m excited that God has led our group further and further as He sees fit, placing each of us exactly where He wants us to be. HIGHROAD’s ministry all belongs to Him anyway and we are just thankful to be doing what He has called us to do.”

Kinsey Kapfhammer was born in Louisville, Kentucky and moved to Nashville seven years ago to pursue a career in music. Her experience in the field of music is extensive and varied having led worship in Middle and High School at Southeast Christian Church and Middletown Christian Church. She was the worship leader for Crossroad Missions based in Louisville working in Eastern Kentucky for 10 years and still going in the summers. Kinsey sang the Star Spangled Banner at the Dodgers Stadium and three times for the Cincinnati Reds. She has toured in European countries such as Scotland, England, Norway, Denmark, and more. Opening for various acts such as Mark Chesnutt, Colt Ford, Craig Morgan, as well as singing with The Time Jumpers and Vince Gill. She has performed at numerous NHL Predators games.

Kristen Bearfield studied Praise & Worship Ministries at Liberty University, and graduated from East Tennessee State University with a major in Marketing and a minor in Bluegrass & Country Music Studies. Early proponents of her music included her great Uncle Clarence “Tater” Tate, who played bass and fiddle for the great Bill Monroe for many years. Kristen has played with Country and Gospel Music Hall of Fame Member Jimmy Fortune, The Hurleys for seven years, and with Adam Steffey for two years who is a five time Grammy Winner, and voted Mandolin Player Of The Year, an unprecedented 11 times by the International Bluegrass Music Association. While in college, Kristen worked as a publicist on the Zac Brown Band Tour for one year and currently works as an Artist Relations Consultant for Fishman Amplification where she has been for the past 4 1/2 years.

Kristen said, “I am thrilled to be partnering in ministry with HIGHROAD, and looking forward to seeing what the Lord has in store for 2016.”

You can learn more about HIGHROAD by going to .

Follow them on FaceBook at and Twitter at .

For booking contact

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Erin Stevens’ Younger Perspective on Sarah Davison of HighRoad

Written by Staff on September 18, 2015 – 9:45 am -



A word from the writer…
As the heritage of Gospel music lives on in our hearts, it’s the new faces answering the call that keep the dream alive. Such is the case with a newer group to many of us, the girls of HighRoad. I had the joy of meeting Sarah Davison, pianist and vocalist for the group back in April at Singing in the Sun. Sarah’s love for the Lord and bubbly personality were the two things I quickly noted, along with her incredible, God-given talents on stage. So here we are, turning our attention to a sweet, born and raised Iowa girl, who just so happens to share in the same dream, to see this great music continue on from generation to generation. Take it away, Sarah!

Sarah Davison

Sarah Davison

Erin: Share with the readers how HighRoad got its start.
Sarah: HighRoad started after we graduated from college in Nashville. It began with just two of us doing home concerts and churches on Sundays, traveling in a little Honda all over the South! We took every chance to do it more, and now, we really feel that we are doing what we are called to do.

Erin: What is the story behind the name of the group?
Sarah: We decided on the name HighRoad back in 2010 when we first began singing and playing together. We brainstormed for a time and came up with this name after reading some scripture that said to set our sights on things above; to be ‘heaven-minded and take the narrow path toward achieving the goal of seeing our Savior someday.’ So the name HighRoad was a perfect fit – it says it all!

Erin: What was it like for an Iowa girl to travel all the way to the city of Nashville, and to attend college at Belmont University?
Sarah: Well, when I moved to Nashville, I had never even driven on an interstate. There are 180 people in the town where I grew up and we lived 10 miles outside that town! I was excited, yet terrified, but I knew that God had me here for a reason. I couldn’t have done it without my supportive family back home and the care packages of cinnamon rolls from Mom! Attending Belmont was a huge blessing and opened many doors. Of course, that’s where I first met the girls of HighRoad! I also interned at Universal Music Group during my senior year and after graduating I began working for country artist George Strait, at his management office. I learned so many valuable lessons by the work and people I met through school. I’m very thankful.

Erin: What was it like working with the masterful Ben Isaacs in the studio on your latest recording?
Sarah: We absolutely loved working with Ben. He is one of the most superb human beings and talented musicians I’ve ever met. Just being around him makes you want to do a good job playing and singing. We got to play our own instruments on this album too – that was a real treat for us. We look forward to sharing a lot more future memories with Ben and Mark in the studio.



Erin: Any ‘roadie mishaps’ or embarrassing moments you’d like to share?
Sarah: Oh boy! We’ve had a few and could probably write a short book. Last year, we actually drove to the wrong church in the wrong town. We pulled up and walked in the door and said, “Hi! We made it!” And their reaction was just a blank stare and finally someone said, “Who are you all??” We barely made it to the correct church down the road in time for the concert. But the biggest mishap that I’ve experienced was being left at a rest stop in West Virginia in my pajamas at 6:00am. No phone. No wallet. I had gone in for a bottle of water and walked out to see the bus rolling down the road. I ended up having a kind lady call the highway patrol and they found the bus on the road and escorted me out to it…in my pajamas. I was mortified. Lessons learned the hard way you never have to learn again!

Erin: Who would be the top three musicians on your Bucket List to share the stage with someday?
Sarah: Patty Loveless, Sonya Isaacs and Vince Gill

Erin: On your days off, what is your ideal, picture perfect afternoon?
Sarah: I love to crochet and bake. I have always had this idea that someday I wanted to open a pie shop that had live 20’s Ragtime music and homemade pies!



Erin: A ‘Younger Perspective’ must-ask question… What is your can’t live without, favorite food?
Sarah: I can’t live without my mom’s cinnamon rolls. She makes them from scratch and it’s an old recipe from our family.

Erin: I’m sure the fans would love to hear about how you came to know Christ?
Sarah: Absolutely! I grew up playing a lot of music with my dad who leads a Cowboy Church back home. I was baptized when I was really young and my parents always raised me to think of it more as a dedication since I couldn’t remember it. They told me, “If the Lord lays it on your heart to go forward and be baptized, do it.” And I did, one day when I felt the Holy Spirit so heavily. I knew what the Lord was doing in me and it changed me. It was the greatest day of my life and always will be.

Erin: What has the Lord been speaking to your heart in your daily devotions recently?
Sarah: Recently, the Lord has really been teaching me to trust. I lost my Grandma two weeks ago. I came home to see her one afternoon and she was in heaven by the next morning. It was really tough because she was so special to me; we were buds. I’ve been learning that it’s ok to grieve the loss, but even better to celebrate the gain. God has taught me a lot just in the last couple weeks since losing her. He has shown me that His plan and will are perfect. I need to trust Him in everything. Not just the little things that don’t always matter, but also the big things that are near and dear to me.

HighRoadAs the song says, “You never know what someone’s going through.” You might be experiencing the same type of loss as Sarah is walking through, or you may be healing from a great loss that dates back years ago. From experience, I can assure you that over time, it becomes easier to cope, but especially when you love deeply, the hole left in your heart is one that never completely heals. I think that’s a real picture of Christ’s love for us. He went to the Cross, died for our sins, took our shame upon Himself, but one day when we see Him in heaven, He will still bear the physical scars where the nails were driven in. Through time and eternity, those wounds will be a constant reminder of His unending love for His own. May His peace pass all understanding no matter where you are coming from in your walk today. Thanks to Sarah for sharing with us. Until next month, Scoops fans…

And that’s my take on it.

(Connect with Erin, your Younger Perspective writer, on Twitter: @photosforkeeps & Instagram: @photos_for_keeps. Who would you like to see her interview next??)

By Erin Stevens

Younger Perspective by Erin Stevens can be seen monthly in SGNScoops digital magazine. For the September 2015 issue, click here.

For more on the great music of HighRoad, click here.


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