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Beyond the Song: The Bibletones sing “That’s Why His Grace is Amazing”

Written by Staff on July 1, 2019 – 2:58 pm -


BibletonesFor this edition of the Beyond the Song article,  Jantina de-Haan Baksteen reached out to The Bibletones to talk about their radio release entitled, “That’s Why His Grace is Amazing.”

The current lineup of this male quartet is: Glen Floyd – bass, Jack Armstrong – baritone, Jamie May – lead, Danny Jackson – tenor, Andrew Ishee – piano, Ken Keyes – bass guitar.

Jantina: I interviewed Jack Armstrong and asked him these questions:

1. Can you introduce the group?

Jack: Bibletones are Mississippi’s oldest quartet, founded in 1957, in  Lumberton, Miss., by Ward and Irene Hurt. We have been blessed to continue our ministry for 62 years now.

2. The Bibletones have a song on radio, “That’s Why His Grace is Amazing to Me.” Can you tell the readers of SGNScoops more about this song? Who is the writer?

Jack: “That’s Why His Grace is Amazing,” was written by a lady from Gautier, Miss., named Dianne McVey.

Bibletones3. What does the message mean to you personally?

Jack: The group recorded that song originally back in the mid-eighties and when we were looking for songs for our “60 Years Strong” project, that one was definitely one we wanted to record again.

4. What is the message you want to share to the crowd?

Jack: The message of the song is timeless. Just ask yourself this question: Where would you be without the amazing grace of our God? Thankfully, we will never have to find out the answer to that question because He is always with us and will never forsake us.

5. What lies ahead for The Bibletones?

Jack:  We are finishing up a new project entitled, “Southern Style.” Our first single is a great toe tapping quartet song called, “Beautiful City,” written by Ashley Franks. It is our prayer that this song will bless many.

Thank you Jack for a look inside of The Bibletones. May God bless the group with many more years on the road, spreading the gospel on every corner.

We hope you enjoy this presentation:

Find out more about the Bibletones HERE.


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“25 Days of Sharing”- Jack Armstrong

Written by scoopsnews on December 20, 2018 – 3:30 am -

December is a time for sharing. At Christmas, we (Christians) celebrate The Greatest Gift of All, Jesus Christ.

Over the next few weeks we will be talking with many industry leaders, artists, pastors, promoters, etc. and asking them questions.  


Question #19 goes to Jack Armstrong of The Bibletones.


The Bibletones is the oldest quartet in Mississippi. We are starting to hear more about the group these days with charting songs and recent performance at The Memphis Quartet Show.

For some of our readers that may not be familiar with the heritage of the group, Can you tell us as much Bibletones history as you can in 10 seconds or less?

The Bibletones (earlier years)


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Congratulations to Vonda Easley and Jack Armstrong

Written by scoopsnews on October 2, 2018 – 11:42 am -

Vonda Kay Easley & Jack Armstrong, III will be married on Sunday, October Twenty- First Two Thousand Eighteen at People’s Tabernacle Church, 64 Airways Blvd , Savannah, Tennessee. Pastor Josh Franks will officiate the wedding. The wedding will take place immediately after the morning service. Everyone is invited to attend. 

  • Wedding  reception will take place on November 30th , 6:00 PM at  “Old School Antiques” located at 47 Barfield School Drive in Lineville, Alabama. If you would like to celebrate this happy occasion with us, Please RSVP: Tajuana Gossage  – (256)-239-2168 or Paula Hendrick 256- (256) 405-8091


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