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Katie Erwin Of The Erwins

Written by Staff on September 4, 2014 – 12:52 pm -

erwins coverBy Rebecca Little Burke

Family groups make up some of the best talent in the Southern Gospel industry. It is true that family harmony is hard to beat, and The Erwin family is no exception to this notion. The Erwins are a full-time evangelistic ministry based out of Edgewood, Texas. Their parents preach in many revivals across the nation and the Erwin siblings accompany in song.


I had the chance to interview the baby of the family, Miss Kathryn (Katie) Erwin, whom I think is one of Southern Gospels sweethearts. If she hasn’t captured your heart yet in person, she is sure to by the time you finish reading all she has to say about the Lord, singing, and life on the Erwin bus.


Katie Erwin

Katie Erwin

RB: Tell me a little about yourself and how you were introduced to Southern Gospel music.           


KE: “I am 13 years old and have been singing as long as I can remember.  My dad has been in full-time evangelism for 40 years, so church is all I have known.   I remember my brothers always singing and as soon as I started talking, my brothers would place me on the platform at church and have me sing, bow and tell everyone that I liked to “shop at Dillards at the Mall”.   As my brother’s voices started changing and getting lower, they started teaching me harmony so I could sing the high parts.  I truly love music.  When I’m not singing in church, I play piano and sing.  Singing is all I ever want to do!”


RB: What are some of the most significant milestones for you and the Erwins?


KE: “My brothers were the first group chosen as “Best of the Week” out of all Regional Artists at the 2011 National Quartet Convention (NQC).  That was a HUGE honor.  Then when I joined them full-time, we were chosen to go to Main Stage on Saturday from the Featured Artist Showcase at National Quartet Convention, 2013.  That was the first time for me to sing on Main Stage and I was only 12 years old.  I will never forget that, especially with it being the last year in Louisville, KY.  In 2013, my brothers were nominated Top 10 “New Trio” for Singing News Magazine (that was right before I joined them).  Also in 2013, we were nominated in the first round for “Mixed Group of the Year” for the NQC Music Awards and this year, we are currently nominated for Top 5 “Breakthrough Artist of the Year” for the Absolutely Gospel Music Awards.  We also have been invited to sing on Main Stage on Friday night of this year’s National Quartet Convention for its first year in Pigeon Forge. These award nominations and being asked to sing on Main Stage at such a young age is a wonderful opportunity, but without Christ being first in my life, it would all be for nothing.  No award or earthly achievement will ever compare to the night that Christ SAVED my soul.  That is when everything finally “made sense” to me.  My life finally had purpose.  Christ is everything to me, and the reason I sing!”


Katie sings with Jason Crabb and Mike Bowling

Katie sings with Jason Crabb and Mike Bowling

Katie was saved in a revival meeting this past November 6, 2013. God is good!


RB: What’s road life like being the baby girl with three big brothers?  


KE: “Being the only girl on the bus can be a challenge.  We only have one mirror and I have to fight for mirror time.  I try to run in the bus right after sound check so I can be the first one in front of the mirror.  If I don’t make it, I have to use the reflection from the microwave or use my cell phone.  When that happens, there is no telling what I will look like on stage! Sometimes I only get one eye complete with make-up.  My mom says I’m the messiest on the bus, but that’s just because there is not enough closet space for my shoes, clothes, belts, jewelry and purses.  I’m asking for my own bus for Christmas! Ha ha!  In all honesty, it is great. My brothers spoil me and I pretty much get my way.”


RB: What are some of your goals and ambitions for your future?


KE: “It seems like as soon as I have a desire in my heart, the Lord allows it to happen.  I have always loved Jason Crabb and it’s always been a dream to sing with him.  Last April, while singing in Myrtle Beach, SC at Singing In The Sun, we were chosen to sing on Main Stage and Jason Crabb was the host for that night.  After we sang, Jason asked Mike Bowling and me to sing “The Lighthouse” with him.  WOW!!!  I was so “star struck” that Kelly Bowling had to feed me the words.  That was a night I will never forget!  Another one of my heroes is Taranda Greene. This past August we had a CD premier concert and to our surprise Taranda was in the audience.  She came up at the end of the concert and sang “Stand By The River” with Kris and me.  I still have to pinch myself when I think about that.   I know I am still so young, and I’m truly thankful for every opportunity the Lord had given me, but, one day, I would love to sing at the Brooklyn Tabernacle and be on a Gaither Video. That’s just a couple of my “big dreams.” But I get to live a dream everyday I get to sing with my brothers and travel with my family.”


Younger Katie

Younger Katie

RB: What advice do you have for other younger guys and girls that are in the industry or want to be in the industry?


KE: “Proverbs 3:5-6 is what I would tell them. “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; 6 in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight.”   IT MUST ALL BE ABOUT JESUS!!!  The only way the Lord can guide you is if you make it all about HIM!  The Lord has given me a voice to sing and I hope to point many young people to the only One that can give us a reason to sing and a reason to live!”


RB: What are some things that you want people to know about you as a person that you feel they may not get because of the age, and the nature of you being the baby girl of four siblings?


KE: “I want them to see that I hope my singing points people to Christ.  I hope people will look past my young age, past my ability and see straight to my heart.  My heart has been taken over by Christ.  Before I was saved, it was just another church service or just another concert.  Now it’s a lot more than that.  When I sing, I look in people’s faces and wonder if they are saved or lost.  I wonder if I’m going to be the last voice they hear before they meet the Lord.  I pray something I say or sing will bless them enough that they will want to know the same Lord that I know, the One who changed everything about me.”


RB: What is the Lord currently teaching you as you walk with Him? 


KE: “Over the past three months I have been fighting allergies and congestion.  It’s been really hard on me vocally.  However, the Lord has been teaching me to be dependent on Him.  He is teaching me that it’s ok if I miss the note.  If I give it all I have and lift up His Name, He is still honored by it.  Please don’t get me wrong, I want to be the best I can be for Christ and that includes taking care of myself and my voice, however I’m learning that in my weakness He is made strong.  The times I feel as though I have done my worst, that’s when God gets more Glory, and that is what it is all about.”



That certainly is what it’s all about. I am personally just so proud of Katie and the decision she made to follow Christ. Sometimes it is hard to see that even though you have lived in church your entire life and spend your time sharing the Gospel with others, there is still the need for a personal relationship with the Lord, Jesus Christ. Katie is such a testimony to others and is certainly taking advantage of the wonderful opportunities she is given to share the love of Christ to younger generations.

Editor’s note: The Erwins have recently signed with StowTown Records and the Dominion Agency.

For more information on The Erwins:

Rebecca Little Burke writes for the SGM Radio website.

First published March 2014 on SGM Radio website. For current features, click on to

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Music and Madness Review: Jason Crabb, Mark Lowry, The Martins and Stan Whitmire

Written by Staff on August 15, 2014 – 8:34 am -

cover for madnesscover for madness cover for madnessBy Candace Combs

Music and Madness, Fall 2014 edition is a ball! Dozens of balls! Autographed beach balls flying around the room while the Martins are driving the “Gospel Train”.

In the fabulous Tivoli Theater in downtown Chattanooga, the reinvented tour was launched with fun from start to finish. The tour features Mark Lowry, The Martins, Stan Whitmire and this latest edition brings Jason Crabb.   Along with Crabb comes one of music’s most talented bands rounding out the stage.

2014-07-31 20.30.49The crowd settled in with Stan Whitmire bringing attention to center stage as he serenaded on a full sized grand piano. The Martins took the stage reminding everyone to “Count Your Blessings” with their radio hit of the same title. The Martins then broke into an a cappella medley of hymns from their latest project.

As the Martins had directed the audience toward a spirit of worship, Mark Lowry entered the stage with “Our Lord Is Laughing” as the Martins moved to provide background vocals. When Lowry finished, he informed the audience that he was the “Bill Gaither of this program”. With his unique style of moving everyone to chuckle, Lowry then broke into a series of songs from his Love Songs project with cuts featuring the sounds of Nat King Cole. Many of those in attendance remembered fondly the songs Lowry sang, “Fly Me to the Moon” and “Our Love is Here to Stay”.

Mark Lowry

Mark Lowry

This type of program lends itself to getting to know the artists. The stage was set with chairs which gave the feeling that everyone in attendance was engaged in an evening of getting to know one another better as well. Lowry led Judy Martin to tell of the first time the Martins had an opportunity to sing for Bill Gaither. This first meeting was in Indiana at a Gaither Music Group video taping. As the video of the younger Martins rolled, the present day Martins took over with the live rendition of the much loved hymn, “He Leadeth Me”.

2014-07-31 21.38.02

The Martins

Lowry continued to share his gospel music memories with stories of Vestal Goodman. The crowd was led to remember things like Goodman’s beautiful gowns and tall coiffures. Whitmire began an introduction to one of Goodmans’ most beloved presentations of “What a Lovely Name”. Lowry and Jonathan Martin sang the first verse in duet, then were joined with Joyce and Judy Martin who carried the parts that the Goodmans sang many years ago.

The Martins continued the program with scripture from Philippians 4:6 which

Jason Crabb

Jason Crabb

reminds us that Christians should make their requests known to God. These words were the introduction to their song entitled, “The Promise”. In 2004, this song was the Southern Gospel Song of the Year as awarded by the Gospel Music Association Dove Awards.

Taking the stage to roaring applause, Jason Crabb entered to perform “I’d Rather Have Jesus” with his band in full accompaniment. Crabb continued his presentation with a hymn medley from the project The Song Lives On. There was full audience

Stan Whitmire

Stan Whitmire

participation as Crabb directed the house to ‘lean’ on cue to “The Everlasting Arms”. From the familiar music, Crabb moved to the title cut of his latest project, Love is Stronger.

The second portion of the Music and Madness show opened with the Martins singing with the full band, including Crabb on guitar. The Martins brought the house to their feet with “Love is Gonna Drive this Train” while the autographed beach balls went flying! The balls were batted around the entire Tivoli Theater bringing the energy to fever pitch.

2014-07-31 21.44.12Just then, Crabb took center stage while the standing crowd listened to a Crabb classic, “Through the Fire”. Crabb and Lowry in casual conversation reminded that God takes Christians, through the fire…not around, not over, but through the trials in life.

This part of the program was the right time to request songs from the audience; tunes which Whitmire played and Lowry led. The congregational sing along comprised a medley of the classics, “Blessed Assurance”, three verses of, “Amazing Grace,” “Victory in Jesus” and concluded appropriately with the chorus of, “How Great Thou Art.”

Bringing the program full circle, the Martins went a capella, (not to Acapulco as Lowry quipped) with a tightly harmonized, “You’ll Never Walk Alone”.   Listening to the nearly perfect harmony of the three Martins, the music conveyed a sense of confidence and peace to all.

Crabb continued to minister when he quietly came forward to sing, “Sometimes Alone I Cry.” This award winning song is just one in Crabb’s repertoire that was composed by Gerald Crabb, who is Jason’s father. Crabb filled the room with emotion once again as he delivered this poignant song.

2014-07-31 23.44.34Joyce Martin continued the worship-filled moment with a transparent conversation about the goodness of God. Martin passionately shared that tears of God’s people are precious to Him. Jonathan and Judy joined beside their sister to sing, “Except for Grace.”

Lowry took the opportunity to follow up with sharing, “God is crazy about you! God only uses broken people. Be thankful for your brokenness and remember the Bible points out that it came to pass…it didn’t come to stay! Find a reason to be thankful.”

At this point, Lowry began to tell of how he came to pen his classic song of Mary.   With the Martins singing background vocals, Crabb joining on guitar and with the full band, “Mary Did You Know” brought a climax to the program.

With a diverse lineup and attraction to a broad base of fans, the current Music and Madness program is a well-balanced opportunity for each artist to bring forth their best. The performance order offers something for everyone in a fast paced way to bring encouragement as well as a clear message of the Gospel of Jesus.

The Music and Madness Tour is scheduled to continue well into 2015 over a wide geographical area. Watch for an opportunity to catch this show for an evening that is pure fun for all.   And, take anyone of any age along, the fun of Music and Madness is contagious! For more information visit

Written by and all pictures by Candace Combs

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Jason Crabb Nominated for Three GMA Dove Awards

Written by SGN Scoops Staff on August 13, 2014 – 4:29 pm -

Jason Crabb

Jason Crabb

Nashville, TN (August 13, 2014) – Jason Crabb, Grammy Award winner and 21 time GMA Dove Award winner, has received three nominations for the 45th Annual GMA Dove Awards. Announced during a press conference this morning – August 13, 2014 – at Lipscomb University’s Allen Arena, Crabb was honored with nods in the following categories:

  • Short Form Video of the Year – “Love Is Stronger,” Roman White (director), Michelle Abnet (producer) (Click here to watch the video)
  • Southern Gospel Performance of the Year – “Love Is Stronger,” Jay DeMarcus (producer)
  • Southern Gospel Song of the Year – “Love Is Stronger,” Michael Mobley (writer)
The message of “Love Is Stronger” has impacted lives around the globe, highlighting military and special needs families, giving hope in the lyrics. Premiering on, the video has been viewed around the world through airings on GAC, CMT, UPtv, and YouTube, among others. Recently the video and song were highlighted during the National Down Syndrome Congress in New York City with the star of the video, Ashley DeRamus – a woman living with Down Syndrome, making a special appearance. 
“When my producer Jay DeMarcus brought me this song, I knew it was special and I couldn’t believe I was going to get the chance to record it, ” Crabb commented. “To be nominated for the GMA Dove Awards for this video and song is very humbling. Every time I sing it, I am thankful that God chose me to spread this message. Just as the song says, yes, life is tough but love is stronger. His love is the love that knows no bounds. I am very grateful. Congratulations to my family and peers on their nominations as well.”
Between signing a brand new record deal with Provident Music’s Reunion Records to criss-crossing the country on two tours – the “Love Is Stronger” tour with special guest Natasha Owens and “Music & Madness with Mark Lowry and the Martins” – writing children’s books and reading scripts for upcoming movie appearances, it’s been a busy summer for Jason Crabb and there’s no signs of slowing down!
You can keep up with the ever-busy Crabb online at,, Twitter @JasonCrabbMusic and Instagram @JasonCrabbMusic.

The 45th Annual GMA Dove Awards will take place on Tuesday, October 7, 2014 at Allen Arena on the campus of Lipscomb University in Nashville, TN at 6:30pm CT. Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN) will air the awards show on the network’s global stage reaching over 100 million homes in the US, plus global and multi-platform distribution. Voting for the final winners will run August 26th through September 9th. All tabulations certified by the independent accounting firm, Kraft CPAs PLLC.

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Written by SGN Scoops Staff on August 5, 2014 – 9:22 am -

Crabb Family Pltunum Reunion Tour

Crabb Family Pltunum Reunion Tour

Groundbreaking Family Celebrates 20th Anniversary with Limited Engagements Scheduled for 2015

Tour Presented by Global Promotions
Nashville, TN (August 5, 2014) – In 1994, The Crabb Family began a journey that took them to amazing heights in the Christian music world. From their small country church platform in Beaver Dam, KY this family group blazed a trail and set a standard for music that is still unparalleled today. It’s hard to believe, but that was twenty years ago – the group was founded in 1994. 
Today, the group is excited to announce The Crabb Family Platinum Reunion Tour in celebration of their 20th anniversary. Presented and produced by Global Promotions, the tour begins early January and will run through mid-February with a total of eight tour dates. Complementing the evening will be special guest Mike Bowling. With each member’s very busy schedule, this may be the only chance to see the entire family together in 2015 – this is a night you don’t want to miss! Aaron, Adam, Jason, Kelly and Terah made the exciting announcement this morning in Nashville, TN via the Solid Gospel Radio Network during a special “Crabb Take Over” during the 9 – 10 AM CST hour.
With sixteen number one songs, eleven GMA Dove Awards, numerous Singing News Fan Awards and three Grammy award nominations to their credit, the evening with The Crabb Family will feature music from across their illustrious career highlighting each member’s amazing talent. Audiences will enjoy a wonderful night of music, worship and fun!
The Crabb Family 20th Anniversary Platinum Reunion Tour Dates:
01/09/15 – Tyler, TX – Rose Heights Church
01/10/15 – Memphis, TN – First Assembly of God
01/16/15 – Pace, FL – Pace Assembly Ministries
01/17/15 – Lake Charles, LA – Christian World Ministries
01/30/15 – Birmingham, AL – Metro Church of God
01/31/15 – (Atlanta) Powder Springs, GA – Trinity Chapel
02/13/15 – Lynchburg, VA – Tree of Life Ministries
02/14/15 – Spartanburg, SC – Spartanburg Expo Center
A limited number of VIP tickets will be available at $38.00 for each night which includes artist circle seating, a private meet & greet with the entire family and a special commemorative family photo. General admission tickets will be $20.00. One guitar autographed by the entire family will be given away at each concert.
Tickets are on sale now and may be purchased at or by calling 1-855-399-1899.

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Written by SGN Scoops Staff on August 4, 2014 – 7:53 pm -

Music & Madness

Music & Madness

The Music & Madness Tour with Mark Lowry, The Martins and Jason Crabb kicked off on Thursday, July 31, 2014 at the historic Tivoli Theatre in downtown Chattanooga, TN. The packed house was delighted with an evening full of amazing music, a little madness and a whole lot of fun! Laugher, tears, shouts of joy and thunderous applause filled the theatre as the talented cast of artists filled the audiences hearts with joy! Multiple standing ovations were evidence that this tour is not to be missed!

Presented by Feed the Children in association with MUSE Concerts, the Music & Madness tour continues through the fall. 

VIP, Gold Circle and General Admission tickets are available for each date on the tour. VIP Ticket holders receive a special commemorative laminated tour badge, a signed poster, and a special backstage Q&A with the artists. Ticket information can be found at

Jason Crabb

Jason Crabb


07 – Big Spring, TX
08 – Lake Charles, LA
09 – Alexandria, LA
21 – Johnson City, TN

19 – Virginia Beach, VA 
20 – Cincinnati, OH
23 – Raleigh, NC (Jason Crabb not appearing)
25 – Springfield, MO

28 – Macon, GA (Jason Crabb not appearing)
30 – Savannah, GA
31 – Charleston, SC

06 – Port Charlotte, FL
07 – Lakeland, FL
08 – Sarasota, FL (Jason Crabb not appearing)
09 – Gainesville, FL
14 – Tampa, FL
15 – Brooksville, FL
16 – Ocala, FL
20 – Dothan, AL
21 – Newnan, GA
22 – Jonesboro, GA

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Classic Song, “Through The Fire” In The Spotlight

Written by SGN Scoops Staff on July 23, 2014 – 12:39 pm -

Jason Crabb

Jason Crabb

Ripley Mississippi, July 22, 2014- Fans of the huge CBS hit, Big Brother, got an unexpected “Jesus lesson” on Saturday night. During the 24/7 live feed of Big Brother on, houseguest Caleb Reynolds, was involved in a conversation with another member of the house when fans heard him talk about a song by Jason Crabb – a “huge gospel singer” as he described, and the Crabb family.

After quoting the lyrics to “Through The Fire,” the 2005 GMA Dove Award Song of the Year, Reynolds explained what the song meant to him personally. “It’s basically saying, it doesn’t matter if your relationship or marriage is perfect, it’s going to get rough. It’s going to go down, it’s going to go up, and that’s what the song represents to me when I hear it,” Reynolds said. “He {God} never promised it was going to be picture-perfect forever, but at the end of the day, He’ll show up in time and take you through it- whatever it is.”

The song, “Through The Fire” was initially released to radio February of 2000. It held the #1 spot on the Singing News Chart for 3 consecutive months and was named “Song of the Year.” After receiving the BMI Award in 2001, the song made a come-back on the Crabb Family’s DRIVEN album with special guest, Donnie McClurkin and was named the Traditional Gospel Song of the Year at the 2005 GMA Dove Awards. After being re-recorded on the Crabb Family’s LIVE AT BROOKLYN TABERNACLE, with special guests, The Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir, “Through The Fire” received the 2006 Southern Gospel Song of the Year at the 37th Annual GMA Dove Awards.

After learning of Reynolds comments, the legendary, multi-award winning songwriter, Gerald Crabb stated, “It really blessed me to hear that ‘Through The Fire’ had been mentioned in this way. It never ceases to amaze me how this song just keeps showing up and touching lives. When I hear testimonies of how the song has reached so many people, I am reminded that it was truly a God-given song. I’m glad He allowed me to hold the pen.”

Jason Crabb added, “I am also continually amazed by the way God uses this song my father wrote so many years ago. Over and over it seems to find a new audience, giving life and hope to those who hear it. I am honored to be a part of the legacy of this song.”

Caleb Reynolds’ remarks came at a time of significant career expansion for both Jason and Gerald Crabb. In addition to writing other hit songs, Gerald along with partner, Alisa Asbury launched a new record label, A&G Entertainment in May of this year. Gerald just released a new album, BACK PORCH MISSISSIPPI in July 2014 and has written a book, THROUGH THE FIRE, containing personal testimonies regarding the song. Gerald’s schedule is filled with concert dates as well as preaching engagements.

Grammy award-winning, Jason Crabb just signed with a new record label which will help him expand his music to new audiences. His latest music video, “Love Is Stronger” grabbed attention from both Christian and mainstream press debuting on He is the author of TRUSTING GOD TO GET YOU THROUGH as well as the author of a new children’s book series. In addition to a full tour schedule, Jason pursues acting in movies and songwriting.

Gerald and Jason Crabb team up a few times each year for special concerts. By audience request, the song “Through The Fire” is usually if not always performed. Jason is scheduled to appear at the Gerald Crabb Gospel Fest onThursday, August 28, 2014 in Dalton, Georgia. For more information about Gerald Crabb, visit For more information about Jason Crabb, visit

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Written by SGN Scoops Staff on June 17, 2014 – 10:19 pm -

Grammy Winner Jason Crabb Leads Two Day Event Including The Hoppers, Karen Peck & New River, Brian Free & Assurance and more at Country Legend’s Historic Ranch in Hurricane Mills, TN

MusicCityUpdate_ScreenShot20140617at41656PMNashville, TN – The Loretta Lynn Ranch is preparing to welcome Gospel music fans from allacross the country to the second annual “Loretta Lynn’s Gospel Music Festival” held at herHurricane Mills, TN ranch September 13-14, 2014. The inaugural event last year was a huge success and organizers are anticipating another wonderful weekend.

Scheduled to appear during the two-day event are Grammy winner Jason Crabb, Hall of Fame members The Hoppers, The Booth Brothers, Karen Peck & New River, Rambo-McGuire, Aaron Wilburn, Brian Free & Assurance, Singing Cookes, The Freemans, Michael Combs, Archie Watkins & Smoky Mountain Reunion, Tony Gore & Majesty andThe Sneed Family.
“I love Gospel music,” Loretta Lynn says. “I had a great time with all my friends here last year and I’m so happy to invite everyone back to my house for some great gospel music! Y’all come on!”
For those arriving early on Friday night, September 12, 2014, there will be a special bon-fire and sing-a-long beginning at 8:00 PM with special guests High Road.
Jeff Sneed, event producer, comments: “We had an amazing turnout last year – the crowd loved the event – and this year is going to be even better!” Patsy Lynn Russell, event organizer says: ” Jeff Sneed and his family have done a wonderful job doing anything that was needed – from producing the talent line up to organizing the stage, sound and light crew to promoting the event to bus groups. They’ve stepped up and really gone the extra mile to make this event a success!”
Loretta Lynn’s Ranch in Hurricane Mills, TN is the perfect destination for this amazing weekend of Gospel music. The full service RV park features primitive camping, pools, canoeing, paddle boats and more. Guests can also tour Loretta’s plantation home, the Butcher Holler Home Place, and her brand-new 18,000 square foot “Coal Miner’s Daughter” museum.
Tickets are on sale now and more information can be found online at or by calling the ranch at 931-296-7700.

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“Love is Stronger” Video Featuring Ashley DeRamus To Air On UPtv

Written by Staff on May 16, 2014 – 8:13 am -

ashleyHOOVER, Ala. (May 15, 2014)The Jason Crabb video and story behind “Love Is Stronger” in association with The Ashley DeRamus Foundation will be aired on the national TV network UPTV ( formerly GMC that reaches nearly 70 million homes.

Don’t miss it on our Memorial Day Special on Monday, 5/26 from 8am-9am ET on the new CCM show “UP IN THE MORNING” and is carried by DIRECTV channel 338, DISH Network channel 188, Verizon FIOS channel 224 or enter your zip code on the viewerlink for a cable provider in your area. “Love is Stronger” featuring Ashley DeRamus from the Ashley DeRamus Foundation is set to air on UPtv during the months of May to November.

“Love is Stronger” is the title track from Jason Crabb’s latest release. The video highlights local special needs and military families in a storyline starring Ashley DeRamus, a young woman living with Down syndrome and Jack Morgan, military veteran. It was shot in Birmingham, Ala. in August of 2013 at Caldwell Park. Revolution Pictures of Nashville, Tenn. produced the video with director Roman White.

The Ashley DeRamus Foundation was founded for and dedicated to the education, advancement and quality life-style of children and adults with Down syndrome. Throughout the work of Ashley and the foundation, the goal is to increase awareness and enlighten others about the rewards and positive contributions that are made in the area of special needs and Down syndrome.

Launching on May 26, Memorial Day, UPtv will begin airing the “Love is Stronger” video. The video will air between the months of May to November, on significant dates like the Fourth of July, Labor Day and Columbus Day. Other dates it will air are Monday 6/16Wednesday 7/23Thursday 8/7Wednesday, 8/20Thursday 9/18Wednesday 10/1, and Thursday 10/30. The video will conclude airing on November 11, Veteran’s Day.

Alongside the video, viewers will be able to make donations to help Down syndrome and special needs children. To donate to Down syndrome and special needs children or to get involved, call toll free at 1-844-ASHLEY-1, or 1-844-274-5391.

 The promo link: Jason Crabb “Love Is Stronger” Ashley DeRamus Foundation
UPTV is now carried on CABLEVISION in the largest TV market #1 NEW YORK!! This now adds 2.5 million additional households in NY, NJ, CT, PA area on channel 175. UPTV is already carried on Comcast, Time Warner, MDU Communications and Charter cable in the NY TV market along with DIRECTV 338,364, DISH NETWORK 188 & VERIZON FIOS 224. Nationally, UPTV is in nearly 70 million households.
The Jason Crabb video and story behind “Love Is Stronger” in association with The Ashley DeRamus Foundation will be aired on the national TV network UPTV ( formerly GMC that reaches nearly 70 million homes. Don’t miss it on our Memorial Day Special on Monday, 5/26 from 8a-9a ET on the new CCM show “UP IN THE MORNING” and is carried by DIRECTV channel 338, DISH Network channel 188, Verizon FIOS channel 224 or enter your zip code on the viewerlink for a cable provider in your area.


About Ashley Deramus Foundation
The Ashley Deramus Foundation was founded for and dedicated to the education, advancement and quality life-style of children and adults with Downs Syndrome. Through the work of Ashley and the foundation, our goal is to increase the awareness and enlighten others about the rewards and positive contributions we make. You can contact Ashley through Gary Kannegiesser at 440-670-2897 or

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Written by SGN Scoops on May 5, 2014 – 12:49 pm -

imageNashville, TN – The iconic daily comic strip, Nancy, once again highlights GRAMMY and DOVE winner, Jason Crabb this week. This is Crabb’s second time “in the funny papers.” In December of 2013, the comic strip featured Phil Fumble – who is dating Nancy’s aunt Fritzi – wearing a t-shirt with the singers name – Jason Crabb – on the front. Now, once again, Guy Gilchrist – illustrator of the famed comic strip – has featured Jason Crabb into a very important story arc. This time, Phil wears a t-shirt with the message “LOVE IS STRONGER – JASON CRABB” emblazoned on the front. Phil wears this t-shirt during the strip for the entire week – each time you see Phil, he will be wearing his “LOVE IS STRONGER – JASON CRABB” t-shirt. It’s the first time Gilchrist has featured an artist for an entire week in the history of Nancy.

The story arc featured is a background on Phil Fumble. Aunt Fritzi and Phil were high school sweethearts and he reentered Fritzi’s life last year. We find out that Phil had a troubled childhood as he lived with an abusive stepparent causing him to cope with many trials in his youth. Through mentoring by his uncle, who is in ministry, Phil’s life is changed through the love of this relative. As the story evolves, we see that Phil Fumble is wearing a shirt that says “LOVE IS STRONGER – JASON CRABB,” a very appropriate shirt.

Other artists featured during this story are Aerosmith and the Beatles.

The strip is featured in newspapers on newsstands or by going to

Gilchrist, who resides in the Nashville area, has embedded his love for music within the strip, honoring artists such as Elvis, The Beatles, Charlie Daniels, Rascal Flatts, Patti Page, George Jones, Don McLean, and many more. A collection of these music-related strips were donated to the Country Music Hall of Fame® and Museum. They are currently on display as part of the larger, ongoing exhibit, “Nancy Loves Nashville,” at the Nashville International Airport, which will run through 2015. For more information on NANCY, visit

Jason Crabb is one of the most highly respected, versatile and talented artists to ever grace a stage. His soulful, heartfelt vocals have made him a critics’ pick and a fan favorite on stages ranging from “The Grand Ole Opry” and the Brooklyn Tabernacle to arena platforms. Crabb is the reigning GMA Dove Awards’ Male Vocalist of the Year and currently holds twenty-one Dove Awards includingArtist of the Year. With a string of number one hits and chart-topping singles, a tour schedule of over 150 dates annually, and ongoing high-profile TV appearances, this vocal powerhouse’s talent is topped only by his genuine personality and concern for others. Love Is Stronger, his latest release, arrived onto the musical landscape with critical acclaim. Produced by musical heavyweights – Ed Cash (Chris Tomlin,) Jay DeMarcus (Rascal Flatts) and Wayne Haun (Celine Dion) – the 11-track project features Jason at his very best and garnered attention from Entertainment Tonight, The Associated Press, FOX News, AOL Music, The Boot, CCM Magazine, New Release Tuesday and more. Jason lives with his wife Shellye, and daughters Emma and Ashleigh just outside of Nashville, TN.

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Written by SGN Scoops on April 5, 2014 – 7:03 am -

jasonwinterjam(Nashville, TN) April 4, 2014 – JASON CRABB – Grammy Award Winner and 21 time GMA Dove Award winner  – kicked off his 2014 Love Is Stronger tour with a little help from his friends. Well, make that 20,000 friends! Crabb recently began his tour with a stop in Knoxville, TN at Thompson-Boling Arena as part of Winterfest weekend. Appearing alongside Duck Dynasty’s Luke and Sadie Robertson and the band Planetshakers, Jason’s soaring vocals, signature guitar skills and his amazing band filled the arena and had the crowd of over 20,000 teenagers on their feet with hands in the air!

The theme of the night was one that Jason is very familiar with – camo! In honor of the Robertson appearance attendees were asked to wear camo and Jason was happy to ablige! “Anyone who knows me, knows I LOVE to hunt,” said Crabb. “So when they asked for everyone to wear camo, I was in!” Jason surprised John Luke Robertson and his sister Sadie Robertson with a presentation of two very special “Duck-Crabb Calls” as the audience roared with laughter and applause!

From Knoxville, Jason made the trek back home immediately to Nashville, TN to make a special appearance during the WinterJam Tour Spectacular at Bridgestone arena in Nashville. Jason surprised the audience as he stepped into the middle of the massive arena to introduce his friends, NewSong. Crabb joined an impressive line-up of surprise guests including Carrie Underwood & Mike Fisher and Francesca Battistelli. The evening featured performances from Tenth Avenue North, Thousand Foot Krutch, Plumb, Colton Dixon, Lecrae and NewSong.

Along with the new tour, Jason recently partnered with relief organization Feed the Children. Around the world, Feed The Children provides nourishing meals every school day to more than 350,000 children. In 2013jasonduck, the organization distributed over $129 million in food, medicine, and other essentials to children in 23 countries. The international programs, including child sponsorships, meet the immediate needs of children while also addressing the root causes of poverty through education and livelihood development.

jasonfingernailsJason recently made a voyage to Honduras, learning first-hand how the ministry of Feed the Children works in the lives of those it touches. “I sponsor a boy named Christian, and I got to meet him and his family for the first time” Jason shared. “It really was amazing to me to see the faces of these children, who have so little, full of smiles and laughter. I am proud to partner with Feed the Children to bring medical supplies, food and necessities to them.”
Jason’s latest single, “Love Is Stronger,” is making an impact on listeners as he criss-crosses the nation encouraging audiences with songs of hope and love. MUSE concerts – a leader in tour promotion – will provide tour support on select dates during the Love Is Stronger tour. All tour information is available at

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