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The Griffith Family Complete New Album With Producer Nick Bruno For Mansion Entertainment

Written by Staff on July 13, 2015 – 8:44 am -

Pictured at Mansion Recording Studio Left to Right: Tony & Julie Griffith, Amber Smith, Vocal Producer Nick Bruno

Pictured at Mansion Recording Studio Left to Right: Tony & Julie Griffith, Amber Smith, Vocal Producer Nick Bruno

Franklin, TN (Mansion Entertainment) July 12, 2015 – The Griffith Family were recently in the Mansion Entertainment recording studios working with veteran producer Nick Bruno (Booth Brothers, Kingsmen, Quinton Mills and many others) to complete vocals for their debut, self-titled project for Mansion Entertainment.
Southern Gospel radio programmers and listeners have quickly embraced The Griffith Family’s debut single, “I’m Here Because Jesus Went There” (written by Glen Bates), as it moves up the Singing News Top 80 charts and could very well become the group’s first Top 40.
The group is comprised of the husband and wife team of Tony and Julie Griffith along with vocalist Amber Smith. The new project will feature songs from some of Southern Gospel’s best songwriters such as Marty Funderburk, Daryl Williams, Rebecca Peck, Glen Bates and others and will be released by Mansion Entertainment with digital distribution through Sony RED in early October, 2015.
The Gray Dove Agency has recently added The Griffith Family to its roster of Christian Artists as the group moves to a full time, nation-wide touring schedule.
For more information regarding The Griffith Family’s release and tour schedule visit

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T. Graham Brown To Release A New Christmas Album

Written by Staff on June 4, 2015 – 1:46 pm -

Pictured standing L to R: Jonathan Brown, Bryan Carter, Daniel Addison, Tony Griffith and John Mathis of Mansion Entertain. Seated: T. Graham Brown.

Pictured standing L to R: Jonathan Brown, Bryan Carter, Daniel Addison, Tony Griffith and John Mathis of Mansion Entertain. Seated: T. Graham Brown.

Franklin, TN / 6-4-2015 – GRAMMY Nominated artist, T. Graham Brown, was recently in Mansion Entertainment’s recording studio working on tracks for a new Christmas album. Tony Griffith of The Griffith Family is co-producing the new project with Brown and the project will contain many favorites that fans have been requesting such as, “Jingle Bell Rock”, “Rockin’ Around The Christmas Tree”, “Away In A Manger”, “I’ll Be Home For Christmas” and others. The new project will also contain a few original Christmas songs.

T. Graham Brown

T. Graham Brown

T. Graham Brown is known for his many accolades and hit songs in Country Music, appearances on the Grand Ole Opry, Larry’s Country Diner and the Country’s Family Reunion series and recently received a 2015 GRAMMY Nomination for his ‘Forever Changed’ album, co-produced with Mark Carman. The new Christmas album be released later this year by Mansion Entertainment in time for the 2015 Christmas season.
Christian Country Expo

Christian Country Expo

T. Graham Brown will also be appearing at the Christian Country Expo, August 24-17 at the Smoky Mountain Convention Center, Pigeon Forge, TN. For more information check the Christian Country Expo Facebook page. 

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A New Season of Nashville Country Revival to Debut on Heartland TV

Written by SGN Scoops Staff on December 1, 2014 – 9:04 am -

Nashville Country Revival

Nashville Country Revival

Franklin, TN (Mansion Entertainment) December 1st, 2014 – When Nashville Country Revival was conceived and created by Mansion Entertainment over two years ago it had its debut on The Nashville Network (now known as Heartland TV). In 2014, Mansion Entertainment teamed up with Big Merlin Productions and added popular Gospel Music performer Darrell Freeman as host for a new season of NCR. The new Nashville Country Revival season will once again make its debut on Heartland TV, Sunday December 7th at 9:30am CST. The show is scheduled to air each Sunday in the 9:30am CST time slot.
From its inception, Nashville Country Revival has featured inspiring concept videos from well known Gospel, Country and Bluegrass artists performing songs with a Country or Bluegrass flavor. The show has also been instrumental in introducing viewers to up and coming artists artists as well. Additional network airings are in the works with announcements to be made at a later date.

The new episodes of Nashville Country Revival will also be made available on the MUSIC Mansion Roku Channel for households with Roku devices. Roku has been one of the leading over-the-top platforms for television viewing with over 10 million devices sold.
For more information on Nashville Country Revival visit

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Crosby Lane Signs With Mansion Entertainment

Written by SGN Scoops Staff on November 21, 2014 – 1:35 pm -

Crosby LaneFranklin, TN (Mansion Entertainment) November 21st, 2014 – The vocal and instrumental group, Crosby Lane, recently joined the Mansion Entertainment family of artists by signing to its newly formed Mansion Americana label.

Crosby Lane, named for one of the most prolific hymn writers of all time, Fanny Crosby, is comprised of singer-songwriter Tonja Rose, multi-Dove nominated songwriter, singer and instrumentalist John Lemonis, and vocalist/instrumentalist Michaela Lemonis. The trio shares a ministry passion for hymns and have been traveling the country not only sharing their arrangements of some of America’s most-loved hymns but creating a unique ministry event in which many of the circumstances and stories behind the lyrics of the timeless hymns are shared in a unique Crosby Lane presentation.

Mansion Entertainment’s John Mathis shares, “Over the past year John Lemonis has been keeping me updated with a lot of the happenings with Crosby Lane out on the road. How people are responding to not only the Crosby Lane arrangements and presentation of the music, but they gasp or cry or just have these emotional reactions and responses to hearing the stories behind some of these great songs. The ones who love the hymns are loving the presentation Crosby Lane is giving them, and yet there is a generation that are not familiar with these great, uncompromising lyrics and the moments in the writer’s life which caused them to be born. John, Tonja and Michaela are introducing and educating a new group to some of these great words we’ve all sang for years. We definitely wanted to be a part of this in some small way and support what Crosby Lane is out there doing!”

Craig Adams of Lifeway Worship Resources in Nashville previously commented on Crosby Lane’s musical endeavors as well; “These folks have a deep sense of commitment to the theology we sing, as well as enriching stories behind the enduring hymns that have been anchors of faith for untold generations. Their musical approach is endearing, warm, and infectious – a refreshing retreat from mainstream worship stylings.”

The debut project from Crosby Lane is entitled, ‘Story & Song’, and will be released in 2015. Radio programmers and listeners will become acquainted with Crosby Lane in February of 2015 as they slated to receive the debut radio single. For more information on Crosby Lane visit

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MUSIC Mansion Channel Available On Roku

Written by Staff on October 30, 2014 – 12:10 pm -

rokuFranklin, TN (Mansion Entertainment) October 28th, 2014 – Mansion Entertainment has revamped and relaunched its Roku channel featuring Southern Gospel, Christian Country and Bluegrass Gospel music programming as MUSIC Mansion.

MUSIC Mansion is now available on Roku devices featuring Gospel Music content, programs, artist interviews, comedy and special features. Roku viewers can locate the MUSIC Mansion channel in the ‘Religion & Spirituality’ category on Roku.

The Roku streaming player is the market leader in streaming entertainment devices for the TV with over 10 million units sold. With over 1,000’s of channels available on Roku, one of the faster growing channel categories is the Religion & Spirituality category. Roku devices are sold in most major retail outlets and are popular due to their simplicity and easy to use features.

The focus of the MUSIC Mansion channel is to provide positive and inspiring music oriented content for its viewers. Viewers will find both current and classic music programming. For more information on the MUSIC Mansion channel and how to locate it on your Roku device, visit


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Darrell Freeman To Host Future Episodes of Nashville Country Revival

Written by Staff on September 19, 2014 – 10:28 am -

NCR Host Publicity PhotoFranklin, TN (Mansion Entertainment) September 19th, 2014 – Due to the popularity of the TV show Nashville Country Revival, Mansion Entertainment has announced plans for a third year of production of the show and will add Gospel Music personality and performer, Darrell Freeman, as the host. Freeman got his start at the young age of 13 in his family band and has since garnered much success and popularity with his own family group, The Freemans. Over the years The Freemans have scored multiple chart topping songs and garnered industry nominations and awards. In addition to naming Freeman as the new face of NCR, Mansion has partnered with Big Merlin Productions to produce the future episodes.

Nashville Country Revival was initially launched on The Nashville Network (now Heartland TV) two years ago and since that time has gained popularity and a strong following with its appearances on major networks such as Daystar TV, TCT and other national platforms. The show found a niche with viewers by offering inspiring music with a Country and Bluegrass flavor from popular artists such as Danielle Peck, Brand & Dean, Marty Raybon, Jeff & Sheri Easter, Red Roots, Brad Davis, Jason Crabb while introducing a host of new talent to its viewers as well.
NCR recently entered new territory with nine episodes of NCR being launched on Hulu. Amazon Prime will come on board in the near future offering Nashville Country Revival episodes to its subscriber base as well. Future episodes with host Darrel Freeman will be launched by the end of 2014 on both Hulu and Amazon Prime.
For more information on Nashville Country Revival visit


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Mansion Entertainment Announces New Management.

Written by SGN Scoops Staff on September 1, 2014 – 1:47 pm -

Mansion Entertainment

Mansion Entertainment

Franklin, TN (Mansion Entertainment)  – The Mansion Entertainment office in Franklin, TN has announced that John Mathis will assume management responsibilities for the record label, distribution, production and general direction of the company. Mathis will oversee the company’s direction in product development and distribution, audio/video production (including current TV show production) and developing a bigger online presence and opportunities for Mansion products and artists.  In regard to the recent announcement, Mathis commented, “We expanded our production capabilities by moving into a new location at the end of 2013 and we’ve covered a lot of ground over the years with some good success. You can say that during the past 6 years we have thoroughly tested the proverbial waters and are now in a position where we have some really great opportunities ahead of us. So this is a good point in time for us to hone in on what we do best as a company and better plan for our future by fine tuning our company focus, goals, and objectives. We are working on a few things immediately that will streamline what we do, such as building a new royalty management database, increasing the appeal of our online products and streamlining our in-house fulfillment of those to the customer with smarter technology and methods. We want to work toward relationships that benefit everyone involved and grow not just our own business, but this industry.”

Mansion Records has represented a host of Southern Gospel’s top talent and Southern Gospel radio is no stranger to Mansion music releases as the past few years have seen several number one songs and many top charting releases. Mansion Entertainment has produced televisions shows such as America Sings, SpiritFest, Nashville Country Revival and others that have been broadcast on multiple national networks including Daystar Television, Heartland TV, RURAL TV (RFD TV) and seen somewhat of a first in Gospel Music as Nashville Country Revival has moved to placement on Hulu and Amazon Prime. Mansion continues to produce and build its accompaniment track line, artist and speciality products that are offered through as well as in general market distribution through Sony RED and Provident distribution.

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Mansion Entertainment Building for the Future

Written by SGN Scoops Staff on February 27, 2014 – 10:37 am -

Mansion Entertainment opened its doors in 2008 with the mission of producing, marketing and distributing Mansion 2Southern Gospel recordings and DVDs. Many changes have been made since that initial roll-out.” On Jan. 1, 2014 Mansion Entertainment opened its doors as an expanded entity under the name Mansion Entertainment and Media. The new facility houses Mansion Entertainment and all of its endeavors including a state-of-the-art recording and TV studio that features multiple HD Cameras, Jib, Switcher, Lighting, allowing Mansion to shoot on location and multi-track audio and host facilities.

Mansion is reintroducing the popular EZ Key Accompaniment Tracks, and adding established artists such as the Triumphant Quartet and Three Bridges. Bill states, “Mansion’s core is and will always be the development of new and established artists and writers.

President of Mansion, Bill Traylor’s career began in radio promotions for Heartwarming Records in 1978. From there, RiverSong Records distributed by CBS and Homeland Records. Traylor recorded The Cathedrals, The Hoppers, The Bishops, The Speers, Legacy Five and many others. Traylor produced and hosted TV shows such as “Sing out America” which aired daily on the cable network, CBN. When Homeland Records was formed, Traylor called his good friend Bill Gaither; to co-host a new show Traylor was producing called “Homeland Harmony.” Together, they hosted this show for 2 years. “Homeland Harmony” was the first show to air segments of the very first Gaither Homecoming Video titled appropriately, “Homecoming”.

Mansion Media is currently producing 3 of its own television shows: “America Sings” featuring classic and some Americana videos, “Spiritfest” featuring many of today’s most popular Southern Gospel artists and Mansion’s most popular and widely distributed show, “Nashville Country Revival” which airs in the US, Canada and all Australia. Mansion is in negotiations with 3 additional networks and 2 Broadcast Syndicators which, if concluded, would bring “Nashville Country Revival” into homes across America on FOX and CBS affiliates.

Mansion Media is producing and for other outside individuals and companies using its facility and expertise in TV Syndication/Distribution. Currently, Mansion Media is producing a teen show titled, “The iTeen Café” that highlights current contemporary Christian music, and a cooking segment. A second show titled “A Christian Talk of the Town” focuses on pertinent topics affecting the Christian family and a show that outlines the plights of our wounded Veterans is in production as well.
With Television Distribution well under way and Mansion’s strong relationship with Christian Radio, Traylor, met with Alan Becker, head of distribution for Sony/Red in New York, and structured a deal for distribution of Mansion Records to all the big box stores such as Walmart, Best Buy and Target as well as truck stops and one-stop distributors. With this comes a distribution agreement to the Christian Retail Accounts through Provident Distribution which is wholly owned by Sony. In addition, Mansion has structured a strategic relationship with 150 plus affiliate web stores such as Solid Gospel, Alfred Publishing and Covenant Distribution that allows their customers to shop Mansionmusiconline without ever leaving the affiliates web site. With all the new things going on, Mansion is ready for 2014 and beyond.
You can take a tour of Mansion Media by going to:
For More Information, contact:
William Traylor at

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Tony Griffith Joins the Mansion Entertainment Team

Written by SGN Scoops on November 20, 2013 – 11:51 am -

    Mansion Entertainment is proud to announce Tony Griffith as the new Social Media and Marketing director. Tony has a strong mansionsocialmediamarketing background and a wonderful sense of the industry. He has worked in almost every aspect of the music field, and has many studio and road credits.
    Tony has worked in radio management, road management, recording and production, sales and distribution, and was the president of Cornerstone Records and Production 81 music. He has performed on many of the premier stages in the industry and produced, played, sang or written songs on more than 200 albums in his career. Tony has spent the last five years doing studio production and singing with his wife Julie.
    Tony will be covering the latest news and artist information through the Mansion Entertainment website, social media sites and many other press outlets. He will also be working with Pathway recording to bring in new up and coming artists.

(photo) From left to Right: Bill Traylor, Tony Griffith, John Mathis Jr.

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Mansion Entertainment Welcomes Daniel Johnson As Director Of Publishing

Written by SGN Scoops on November 11, 2013 – 1:09 pm -

After experiencing growth and success in its catalog of songs during the past 3 years, including top charting Southernmansion publishing Gospel songs and copyrights being featured in television programs; Mansion Entertainment has brought Daniel Johnson on board to continue to fulfill the ever expanding needs of its music publishing division.
Daniel brings a broad background of experience to the position including 2 years as a missionary in Bangladesh, direct work in radio and radio promotion, a writer and reporter for several newspapers and his own successful music ministry, acting, performing with his wife as a duo in the group Pearly Gates and previously serving as the President of The United States Association of Gospel Entertainers and Musicians (USAGEM).
His specific work as a songwriter and music publisher has had Daniel working in the past with Country Singer/Songwriter Paul Overstreet, the publishing catalog of Maryjohn Wilkin who was probably best known for “One Day At A Time”, managing his own publishing catalog and penning six Number One Christian-Country hits.
Daniel will oversee the search for new material for the Mansion Publishing Catalog as well as music placement of existing copyrights. To reach Daniel Johnson for information regarding new songs he can be contacted via email

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