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National Quartet Convention: View From a Media Booth…2011

Written by Staff on September 23, 2014 – 2:42 pm -

SGN Scoops writer Lorraine Walker interview with Rambo McGuire 2011

SGN Scoops writer Lorraine Walker interview with Rambo McGuire 2011

By Lorraine Walker

The National Quartet Convention is always a week filled with song, laughter, chatter and high emotion. Late nights, great music and unique events flavored with a spiritual overtone of worship and praise can lead to both hugs and tears on a moment’s notice. This year, we look at the Convention through the eyes of the Media. As a representative of SGM Radio and SGN Scoops, this reporter attended the Convention in Louisville Kentucky from Wednesday through Saturday nights. Here are some of the highlights from a media-card-wearing, Southern-Gospel-loving fan.

Walking into the Exhibit Hall on Wednesday afternoon, it was good to see some fans had already arrived to do their pre-concert shopping. Many booths featuring jewelry and clothing were set up on the outside aisles, while major artists had bright and visible exhibits, easily found upon entering the main doors. The concession stands did a brisk business for most of the evening while large screens showing the live main-stage events entertained customers.

Greeting friends and making new acquaintances is always a large part of NQC, as much as finding the latest products and obtaining your favorite artist’s autograph. Southern Gospel is known for the accessibility of its artists and the Convention is the pinnacle of that tradition. Many artists arrived on Sunday and stayed at their booths for several hours each night to meet, talk, shake hands with and pray for fans and friends. Although there were those who needed to travel to other dates and were therefore unable to attend all six nights, this event is proof again that Southern Gospel artists are there for the fans.

NQC Mainstage

NQC Mainstage

A few hours at the booth of SGM Radio and SGN Scoops is also proof of the artist’s desire to connect with fans. Knowing that the listener, reader and down-loader of Southern Gospel information is always avid to hear from the heart of their favorite singer, artists attended the booth from two-o’clock in the afternoon until as late as 9:30 or 10 o’clock at night for interviews. The staff of SGM Radio and SGN Scoops is keenly aware of the busy schedules of artists during this week and gratefully acknowledge the assistance and consideration of everyone that came by to talk with Rob Patz, Rhonda Frye and this reporter. Video interviews can be seen now on You Tube under the search words SGN Scoops. Recorded interviews will be used for upcoming features on both websites.

The view from the media booth included glimpses of Southern Gospel legends like Bill Gaither, Claude Hopper and Les Beasely. Favorite artists came to visit, like Triumphant, Greater Vision and Legacy Five. Friends we have chatted with over the past few months also stopped by, like Adam Crabb, Channing Eleton, the Easters and the Collingsworth Family. Admittedly in awe, this reporter was honored to interview Rambo McGuire and Marshall Hall. From inside and out, from the average fan to the Elvis impersonator, there is always something interesting to see at the media booth.

Interview with Scott Fowler

Interview with Scott Fowler

Thursday morning brought an annual event that is anticipated all year: the Daywind Media Breakfast. No longer just incorporating radio deejays, representatives from digital media are also invited to this shindig presented by Daywind and hosted by the incredibly talented Donna Beauvais. Artists and media intermingle to ‘put a face to a name’ and make that next call for an interview just that much easier. Moments that were special to this attendee include seeing John Berry, Country superstar and singer of “Your Love Amazes Me”; the poetry of Kelly Wright; the hospitality of Norm Holland and the ‘a-ha’ moment when radio deejays, reporters and media personnel were reminded why they work so hard, often on voluntary terms, for a unseen audience. The attendees were then treated to a special concert by Daywind artists, which became a worship service with tears shed, hands lifted and hearts gladdened.

SGM Radio and SGN Scoops wishes to extend a heartfelt thank you to Daywind and its artists for a very special morning. This event was the only one planned for media during the Convention, but very much appreciated. The team at Daywind is not only generous and accommodating to Southern Gospel media, but also committed to ministry and spreading the Gospel. Their artists are some of the best in the industry and it was a privilege to be able to actually sit, listen and be ministered too on that Thursday morning.

Media attendees know that unless you are specifically covering certain artists or events with camera and recorder in hand, you often have the extra time to listen to the wonderful music being played day and night at the Kentucky Fair and Expo Center. Unfortunately, that may mean that special performances are missed. Wonderful reports were heard from those who attended the Gaither Sing-a-long and Gaither Vocal Band reunion showcases near the end of the NQC week. Other special events and speakers were also well attended, such as the address given by David Jeremiah to a packed house on Friday morning.

Scoops Staff with Adam Crabb

Scoops Staff with Adam Crabb

Two showcases that this reporter was privileged to attend were both well attended and provided excellent artist performances. On Thursday, Canadian male quartet The Torchmen sang in the East Wing, along with four other artists. Other notable groups included Akins, four men whose country-flavored original songs and musical talent bode well for a long and fruitful career; and Three Bridges, whose vocals are outstanding. Tim Lovelace was the matchless emcee at this event and also favored the audience with two songs in his inimitable style. The Torchmen represented Canada well and were privileged to also perform on the main stage in the Thursday evening concert.

Friday afternoon, The Chapelaires from London, Ontario performed in the South Wing to a full house. The crowd was enthusiastic and enjoyed the mixed-quartet’s smooth and honest delivery. Just prior to The Chapelaires was Lindsay Huggins, a young lady with a powerful voice who drew us to worship with the Natalie Grant chorus, ‘In Christ Alone’.

Special morning events, noontime showcases, and early afternoon interviews at the media booth make for a busy schedule. Special mention should be made at this time regarding the NQC ice cream, which is always appreciated! Interviews began at the SGN Scoops/SGM Radio booth early in the afternoon and were often scheduled at 15-minute intervals for on-camera chats and half-hour intervals for discussions leading to feature articles. Upcoming features on SGN Scoops and SGM Radio will enlighten readers further regarding these discussions, but at this time, this reporter would like to thank the following artists:

To Marshall Hall, Brian Free and Assurance, Greater Vision, Legacy Five, the Booth Brothers and many more: Thank you for your transparency and authenticity. Thanks for not being afraid of the hard questions and for teaching this reporter what it means to be real, consistent, focused and committed. Thank you for your comments about media and what we are doing right, and thank you even more for sharing your thoughts about how we can do our job better.

Scoops staff with Booth Brothers

Scoops staff with Booth Brothers

To Rambo-McGuire: Thank you for being ‘real’ to this reporter and long-time fan. Thank you for sharing your hearts and proving that it’s not just lyrics and chords. Southern Gospel and the music of Dottie Rambo is worship, ministry and praise.

To those who stopped by the media booth to say hello because they had seen something about us on Facebook or Twitter, to old friends that we only see at this event and to those who just came for the cake: Thank you for coming by and enriching the view from the media booth.

The National Quartet Convention is for the listeners and artists, industry and media. But more than that, it is a celebration of music that uplifts the name of God. It is the goal of SGM Radio and SGN Scoops to do just that. We trust we will continue to entertain and inform the listener, encourage artists and glorify God in everything we publish.

By Lorraine Walker

First Published by SGN Scoops digital magazine, October 2011

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The Grascals Talk “The Talk” – Debut On Popular CBS Show Tuesday, April 12

Written by Scoops Staff on April 11, 2011 – 12:08 pm -

Performance Follows Appearances at Country Thunder & Actor Steven Seagal’s Birthday Bash

The Grascals & Friends CD coverNashville, TN (April 11, 2011) — Bluegrass icons, The Grascals, will make their debut on CBS TV’s The Talk on Tuesday, April 12 when they perform their current single, “I Am Strong,” from their CD, THE GRASCALS & FRIENDS – Country Classics With A Bluegrass Spin.

The band’s appearance on The Talk (airs 2 p.m. ET, 1 p.m. PT/CT) follows an April 10 performance at Arizona’s Country Thunder festival, and a private performance for their friend, actor Steven Seagal, at his annual birthday bash in Scottsdale.

The Talk

Tuesday, April 12, 2011 (CBS, 2 p.m. ET; 1 p.m. PT/CT) / “I Am Strong”

The Grascals released the chart-topping Grascals & Friends on BluGrascal Records in conjunction with Cracker Barrel Old Country Store® in January of this year. The fast-selling disc has held the BILLBOARD Bluegrass Album Chart’s #1 position for seven weeks since its release. The CD is available exclusively at Cracker Barrel Old Country Store® and online at The group’s most-recent release, DANCE TIL YOUR STOCKINGS ARE HOT AND RAVELIN’ – A Tribute To The Music Of The Andy Griffith Show was issued digitally March 29, 2011 on BluGrascal Records / Saguaro Road Records in partnership with Time Life.

Be sure to visit The Grascals for additional information and details on their upcoming appearances, see video and hear clips from all their CDs.

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Author Missy Buchanan on Good Morning America

Written by Scoops Staff on December 8, 2010 – 12:54 am -

ASHVILLE /Christian Newswire/ — Upper Room Books author Missy Buchanan will be featured on ABC-TV’s Good Morning America on Monday, Dec. 13, in a segment about aging and faith with Lucimarian Roberts, mother of GMA co-anchor Robin Roberts.

Buchanan, author of multiple books for older adults, developed a deep sensitivity to their needs and feelings after serving as a daily caregiver for her aging parents. She is now an advocate for older adults.

Mrs. Roberts, age 86, read Buchanan’s book, Living with Purpose in a Worn-out Body, and was so moved that she called Buchanan and asked, “How did you know what I was thinking?”

The interview took place in Robin Roberts’ New York apartment. The three women spoke frankly about challenges the Roberts’ family is encountering — especially communication — as Mrs. Roberts is growing older. Matters of faith were an important part of this conversation.

On the day of the interview, Lucimarian Roberts said to Buchanan, “Thank you for writing what I feel but can’t always say.”

“It occurred to me that the issues of aging are the same for everybody, regardless of whether they’re famous,” said Buchanan, who reminded Mrs. Roberts, and all maturing adults viewing the show, “Your story is not finished just because you’re older. You still have a lot left to teach others.”

In addition to Living with Purpose in a Worn-Out Body, Buchanan’s books include Talking with God in Old Age, Don’t Write My Obituary Just Yet (due to release April 2011) and Aging Faithfully (due to release September 2011). She has written several articles about aging for the Spirituality page on Good Morning America’s website, and she hosts “Aging and Faith with Missy Buchanan” on BlogTalk Radio.

For more information (including links to Buchanan’s blog and Facebook page), visit

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There Goes Bob” Video Series Tackles Major Issue for Churches

Written by Scoops Staff on December 5, 2009 – 1:07 pm -

(Nashville, TN) – According to the book The Unchurched Next Door, over 82% of non-church goers would attend if asked by a friend yet only 2% of church attendees actually invite friends to church. After learning of this dichotomy, professional dramatist Chuck Neighbors decided to tackle the subject head-on through the medium he knows best – drama. But rather than his usual one-man shows, Neighbors wrote a script with video in mind and produced the new “There Goes Bob” video series. The response has been immediate.

“We have had churches tell us they use the video beyond even their services,” says Neighbors. “One church emailed the video to their entire congregation to encourage them to ask friends and neighbors to Sunday services. We’ve been really astonished at the incredible response.”

“Chuck captured our imagination with his true-to-life vignettes about ‘Bob’ and his neighbor,” says Pastor Jon Karn, Light on the Corner church in Montrose, California. “I pastor a congregation of ‘Bobs.’ I can’t help but think that the on-going saga of ‘Bob’ and his neighbor just may help liberate our congregation from the notion that church is for us, not them. I am praying that the evolving story of ‘There Goes Bob’ will help our flock to see their neighbors as people who are eager to come to church, if only someone would ask them.”

Though Neighbors still prefers the live drama setting, he also recognizes the immediacy and convenience that a video series can bring. “The language of our culture is entertainment and the combination of drama and media is an excellent way to speak that language,” he says.

Master’s Image Productions, under the direction of Neighbors, has grown from its first one-man drama, an adaptation of the best-selling book In His Steps, to national prominence as a leader in church drama ministry over the past 25 years. Master’s Image has performed and taught at conferences, conventions, retreats, colleges, churches, and organizations including the U.S. Military, Focus on the Family, Moody Radio, National Creative Arts Festival, among many others. The company’s productions are designed for worship services, dinner theaters and special events. In addition to touring productions, the ministry offers training and consulting for church drama ministries, published scripts, and guest services such as directing and play writing.

Though Master’s Image operates as a non-profit themselves, Neighbors has partnered with World Vision for nearly a decade, sponsoring over 4,000 children and becoming the relief organization’s number one producing drama artist. Neighbors is set to travel to Uganda in January with World Vision, marking his third trip to Africa and fifth trip overseas with World Vision.

Neighbors is currently touring in a new one-man show based on the parables entitled “Not the Way I Heard It.” The 50-minute presentation is a modern-day retelling of five biblical parables. “Jesus was the master storyteller,” says Neighbors. “I wanted to keep the integrity of the original parable intact, yet bring new insights and perspectives for today’s audiences. It has been exciting to see people rediscovering these stories through this drama.”

For the holiday season, Neighbors will again be performing one of Master’s Image’s most popular shows, “Merry Christmas Mr. Jones.” All of Neighbors’ dramas are original works, and have spawned several books over the years including his “how-to guide” for drama ministry, Drama Now. Neighbors recently contributed to the Lillenas Publishing project, Real Time, a collection of original short scripts on topics such as hope, adoption, freedom from abuse, God’s answers, abandonment, divorce, and depression.

2009 marks the 25th anniversary of Master’s Image Productions, and to celebrate the occasion, Neighbors is offering a free performance of his newest production, “Not The Way I Heard It.” Churches can simply log into the company’s website at to vie for the free offer. On January 4th, 2010 one church will be chosen at random to receive the special performance.

To view the “There Goes Bob” videos, visit

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