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Fast Five With Melissa Smith

Written by scoopsnews on October 12, 2020 – 5:42 am -

Recently, We were talking to Southern Gospel Artist, Melissa Smith. We asked her some questions. Check out what she had to say.

SGN SCOOPS:  Melissa, at what age did you know that God was calling you into the ministry. Tell us about it.
MELISSA: I was 16 years old when I felt the call from God to go into the ministry. God had healed me of a broken femur after the doctor said I would not walk again or walk without a cane or walker. It was then that I wrote my first song based on 1 Peter 2:24 called “We were Healed”. I knew then that God had definitely called me into the singing ministry. Even though I knew that, I had a major problem with shyness. I could sing a song, but talking in front of people terrified me! I knew if I was going to be doing this for ministry, I would have to talk…give a testimony or at least say something about a song. I was praying one night asking God to take away the shyness when He reminded me of Mark 11:23 which says that we can speak to the mountain and it will be removed. I began to speak to the shyness, telling it to leave in the name of Jesus. That night I was completely delivered and have had no problems since then speaking in front of a crowd no matter what size it is.
SGN SCOOPS:  Who were your musical influences growing up?
MELISSA:   There are so many, but as a teenager and during my college years, I loved listening to Sandi Patti because of her beautiful voice and the way she carried herself on stage. I also love hearing choirs sing, so the Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir is still my favorite. Their songs can minister to me and have such an anointing which I believe is so important for any group or singer to have. There have been many anointed Southern Gospel groups and singers at our church that I’ve grown to love and have had the privilege of getting to know.
SGN SCOOPS:  You have a new radio single. We want to hear all about the song, why you chose it and about the recording process of the album.
MELISSA:  My newest release is one of my favorite hymns called “Oh I Want to See Him”. I decided to come up with a different arrangement of that song. The first verse is done in a slow tempo, while the chorus is done a little faster and the 2nd verse being the same tempo as the chorus. A key change occurs with the tempo being a lot faster on the 3rd verse and chorus. I did that arrangement to help increase the excitement of the listeners about seeing Jesus as the song is nearing the end. This song is also very special to me because my dad is singing bass on the recording as one of the background singers. He and my mom had come to Oklahoma for my son’s wedding. I hadn’t told him about singing on the recording until about the time for us to go to the recording studio, so surprising him with that was a lot of fun. I will always cherish that, especially since he has been diagnosed with severe heart disease and congestive heart failure, and given 2 years to live by the doctor. But… we do not believe that report, but only the report of the Lord! The cd took a few years to complete mainly because of writing a song every few months and because of our move from South Carolina to Oklahoma. About a year after moving, I began writing songs again, and was introduced to Donnie and Lisa Williamsons, who most know formed the group The Williamsons. What an honor it was having them do most of the background vocals. Every time I wrote a song, I would go to their recording studio to record it. Sometimes recording 2-3 songs in one session. By the time we had 8-9 songs recorded, we decided to go ahead and just make it a cd project. It has 11 songs on there, 10 being original and one being the hymn. Even though it took a long time to complete, I know that God has perfect time for everything, and this cd was no exception.
Check out song HERE
SGN SCOOPS:   If our readers would like to book you to come and sing at an event or purchase your product, How would they do that?
MELISSA:  They can actually go to my website which is and scroll down and fill out the Book us Now information, or they can text me at 580-271-2171. There’s also a place on the website to text, call or email me. People can also purchase my products on there or make a donation to my ministry.
SGN SCOOPS:   Share your testimony.
MELISSA:  I began playing the piano at age 4, but it was at the age of 8 when I gave my heart to Jesus. I began singing when I was 12 years old. It was in the middle of my teenage years when I felt the need to get closer to God and began studying the Bible more. God has done so much for me with healing my body, giving me 2 beautiful children even when the doctor said I would not be able to give birth, protecting me when I came so close to death, and giving me songs to write. I love ministering and pray that every song I sing and every word I say is used by God to touch and bless others for His kingdom.
Thank you Melissa for sharing with us. God bless you in your ministry and may God open many doors for you to share his love with others. You are a special lady!
Vonda Armstrong, SGN SCOOPS
For More Information on Melissa Smith: Click HERE

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Melissa Smith to Under Go Surgery

Written by SGN Scoops on October 31, 2011 – 12:53 pm -

{Crescendo Gospel Music Management} Please be in prayer as Melissa will be having surgery on her sinuses Nov. 3, 2011. This surgery is necessary to remove a cyst found in the left sinus cavity and also to correct a severe deviated septum, and a chronic sinus infection. This will also help with the vocal issues that she has been having. Your prayers and support will be greatly appreciated. To help with the financial cost of this surgery, you may purchase cds or other products or donate any amount that God leads you to give by going to Thanks so much and God bless.

Zack Swain of Crescendo Gospel Music management says, ” It is always heart breaking when you have an artist that is suffering or isn’t able to perform to the best of their abilities due to a health issue but it is even more concerning when you have an artist that is suffering and not sure exactly how they are going to fix the issue yet. Let us all be in prayer for Melissa as she takes this step of faith to fix the issue at hand and support her however we can. I know she will gladly accept your prayers and finical support in this time of need.”

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Melissa Smith Signs Career Building Contract with CGMM

Written by SGN Scoops on September 6, 2011 – 9:52 am -

{Crescendo Gospel Music Management} Crescendo Gospel Music Management is excited to announce the signing of anointed vocalist Melissa Smith. We are excited to see where God is going to take her with her ministry and the plan we have to help aid the process. Melissa will be featured on the Crescendo Gospel Music Management Compilation disc going out September 13th.
Melissa was born and raised in Greenville,South Carolina. At the age of four, Melissa began to play the piano by ear and during this season Melissa would play special music for the church. By the age of 12, Melissa knew the special calling that God had placed upon her life. In 1982 God allowed Melissa to record her 1st album. Melissa graduated with a music degree from Lee University in Cleveland, TN. In 1997 God allowed Melissa to record her 2nd cd The Annointing.  Melissa continues to minister to the lost. She has a passion for ministry to see people saved, healed, delivered, and set free by the power of God. “I will never sing or minister without the Anointing of God” –Smith
To Find out more about the ministry of Melissa Smith please visit.

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