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Beyond the Song: the Mylon Hayes Family sings, “Resurrection Power”

Written by Staff on July 30, 2019 – 6:16 pm -

Beyond the Song with the Mylon Hayes Family singing, Resurrection PowerIn this edition of Beyond the Song, Jantina de Haan-Baksteen reached out to the Mylon Hayes Family.

Jantina says, “The impactful song, ‘Resurrection Power,’ caught my attention.” 

The Mylon Hayes Family is a gospel group with Mylon and Wendy Hayes, their twin sons Conner and Bailey, and daughter Kennedy. Here Jantina talks to them about this new release.

1. Tell us about the title of this new album, “Enjoy The Journey.”

We took it from the first radio single, “Joy on the Journey,” that we released from the album. The songs on this album take us on a journey through different situations we’ll face but through it all we hope you find “Joy on the Journey.”

2. I see that this album has 14 songs. Is there a special reason for an unusually large number of songs?

Truthfully, we just had a very difficult time narrowing down our songs because we were pitched so many great ones that had such great messages!

3.Resurrection Power,” penned by Rebecca Peck, is your second radio release off of the album, “Enjoy the Journey.” Please tell us about the message in this song.

This song talks completely about Jesus’ resurrection. Throughout history people were raised from the dead by prophets, or apostles, or by Jesus, but it is such an amazing thought that Jesus raised himself from the dead. Our God has “Resurrection Power!”

4. Any chance Connor, Bailey or Kennedy will write a song someday? 

I hope so. We’ll see. I have no doubt that they could.

5. Is something more you’d like the readers know about your ministry?

We just hope through the message of the songs we sing that you see Jesus and that you can fully trust Him with your life and anything you face.

Thank  you for taken us along  on your journey.

Mylon Hayes Family album Enjoy The JourneyFor samples of all the songs on the Mylon Hayes Family new album, “Enjoy The Journey,” go HERE.

The SGNScoops team wish the Mylon Hayes Family safe travels on their journey. You can find them on Facebook here and online here.

We hope you enjoy their new song, “Resurrection Power,” and request it often from your favorite radio program. Special thanks to the Mylon Hayes Family for participating in Beyond the Song.

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Great days for the Hayes

Written by Staff on March 31, 2017 – 3:36 pm -


The Hayes Family performs at NQC 2017

The Hayes Family performs at NQC 2017

New generation carries on the family’s musical legacy

By Craig Harris

Several of the group members may look like kids, but the Mylon Hayes Family now consists of four adults. Twin brothers Conner and Bailey recently turned 18. However, the more important aspect for parents Mylon and Wendy Hayes involves the group’s maturity rather than the ages of their three children.

“There is one song we stage (“He Is All I Need”) that the kids sing together,” Mylon Hayes shares. “Wendy and I stand back. The Lord has certainly blessed our kids. The Lord has used them to be an encouragement to a lot of young people.

Mylon and Wendy Hayes

Mylon and Wendy Hayes

“We’re doing a song right now called “We Choose to Stand.” Our pastor called a couple of days ago and said, ‘I want this to be the theme of the youth program of our church. I want our young people to be all in and to take it a step further in their commitment to Jesus.’ Stuff that is happening like that, the Lord is allowing the kids to make an impact on other young people their age.”

The youngest member of the quintet is 14-year-old Kennedy. “Lately, her voice has really matured,” Bailey says of his sister. “It has shown up in her tone. She’s starting to mature with her tones. She holds her part down. She’s been singing the best she’s sung.”

Mylon adds, “We can see a lot of growth in Kennedy over the last year, transitioning from a kid’s voice into more of a mature sound. Just in the last few months, Kennedy has matured on stage and vocally. She’s has come a long way in interpreting the song.”

Kennedy Hayes

Kennedy Hayes

The 14-year-old Kennedy has been on stage full-time since she was eight years old. “In the last year, I’ve branched out more, vocally and in stage performance,” Kennedy explains. “For a little while, we just stood up there and sang. We’ve gotten more used to it. As we’ve made different CDs, my voice has changed. Every CD, I sound different.

“There’s not that many young people out there doing this. It’s a great opportunity to do that with home school. I’ve been doing it all my life. Without music, I don’t know what else I’d be doing.”

Read more »

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A Godly Heritage: The Mylon Hayes Family

Written by Staff on July 24, 2014 – 10:38 am -

photo 1By Matt Baker

We’re seeing it now more than ever: second and third generation singers in Gospel Music. Look at the vast amount of young people that are singing or playing with their respective family groups: Madison and Morgan Easter, Austin and Ethan Whisnant, Jordan LeFevre, Amber Nelon Thompson and Autumn Nelon, and the list grows longer each year. Southern Gospel is alive with many of today’s youth, and I get to prove my point with these artists, The Mylon Hayes Family.

I must admit that this article was piece of cake to write. It was also very difficult to write. It was easy in the fact that I know this family well and count them as dear friends. There’s lots I can say about them. It was difficult in the fact that, well, I know this family well, count them as dear friends, and there’s lots I could say about them!

photo 2I spent some time with Mylon, Wendy, Conner, Bailey, and Kennedy at the Whisnant’s Homecoming in Morganton, North Carolina, last weekend, and this is what they had to say…

MB: Give us a brief history of your family’s heritage in Gospel Music, how you got started and how you started singing with your family now.

MH: Dad and Mom were singing and playing in groups before they were married. In fact, they met at a singing. Mom was playing for a group and Dad was singing with another group. After their marriage, they started the Goodwill Quartet which was a combination of Dad and Mom’s families. This was in the late ‘50’s and ‘60’s. Then my sisters and I came along and Dad and Mom started singing with us in the mid-‘70’s as The Hayes Family. We made our first recording in 1978. God blessed us to sing together about 40 years. In 2011, Dad went home to be with the Lord. But even before his home going, Wendy and I, much like Dad and Mom, had a desire to sing with our kids. After Dad’s death, we felt the Lord leading us to start with our kids as The Mylon Hayes Family. So we were able to record our first CD in late 2011, early 2012 and we started singing in local churches at that time.

photo 3MB: Did you ever hope something like this would happen, or did the Lord just seem to work it out this way, for you to travel with your family and pass on the heritage?

MH: As I mentioned, we had the desire to do it and it seems that the Lord has done the rest. For sure, we have seen God’s hand working out the details for this to happen. He has provided everything from transportation to the sound system, financial arrangements for the recordings to opportunities to minister. We’ve just tried to be obedient and available. It’s really been all God and we praise Him for it.

 MB: What people or groups influence your family’s sound?

MH: Well, we do some things that are reminiscent of The Hayes Family. So that’s the biggest influence. The kids, Wendy and I love Convention-Style music and have studied it at various singing schools over the last several years. The kids have many groups they love to listen to as well and each of them would be an influence on the way they sing and interpret songs. Of course, Wendy and I were both influenced early in our lives by The Nelons, the Speer Family, The Lefevres, The Inspirations and others.
MB: Wendy, what does it mean to you to travel and watch your kids use their talents for Christ?

WH: It just thrills me to know that they want to. They could be out doing many other things but yet they have such a great desire to go each time we have the opportunity. They don’t complain about being gone on weekends. I can’t tell you the joy it brings to me to watch God use them even at this young age and to see Him work in their lives. Read more »

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Written by Rhonda on November 23, 2010 – 6:20 am -

(Bessemer City, NC)  Singer/Songwriter, Rich Adkins has been working on a brand new project with Holly Robinson-Blanton at Son Sound Studios.  This project will feature 12 brand new original songs by Adkins. Tracking began on November 19th and included the talents of David Johnson, Richard Putnam, Mylon Hayes and Rick Murray.
“This is going to be a fun project for Rich and myself. After many years of recording vocals together, we wanted to take this project to a new level musically and spiritually.  I never tire of creating uplifting music that so many people can relate to.  We all enjoy the power of the Message brought through a song and Son Sound Studios is honored to continue recording generation after generation.” ~ Holly Robinson-Blanton (Son Sound Studio Manager/Producer)
Rich will be recording vocals in early 2011. Stay tuned for more information on his progress. Visit www.sonsoundstudios.com for more information on the recording services of Son Sound Studios.
Pictured left to right: Ricthie Robinson (engineer), Scott Barnett (engineer), Mylon Hayes (bass guitar), Richard Putnam (piano/keys), Rich Adkins, Rick Murray (drums/percussion), David Johnson (utility)

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