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The Big Heart of Little Willie Wynn

Written by Staff on February 24, 2015 – 11:35 am -

Willie Wynn

Willie Wynn

By Dixie Phillips

Little Willie Wynn is commonly known in gospel music as the man with a million friends. After interviewing him on the telephone I can see why. His gentle warmth and down home personality makes you feel like you’ve known him your whole life.

Recording artist, Woody Wright, traveled and sang with Willie for several years. He had these kind words to say, “Willie is my mentor. My dad passed away in 1979. Willie broke the news to me while we were on the road. I consider him my ‘stand-in’ father. He is my absolute best friend. There is not a more influential figure in my life. I owe my career to him. I often tell him, if he had not given me my first road job in the music field, I would have probably gone to college and become a doctor or a lawyer.”

Willie Wynn and Woody Wright

Willie Wynn and Woody Wright

Southern gospel historians consider Willie a legend in gospel music. His story of humble beginnings and then achieving the pinnacle of success so few artists ever experience is the stuff movies are made of. It’s sheer inspiration and should encourage every child who has a dream of singing for the Lord.

Willie was born the seventh child of Cyrus Wynn and Allie Belle Lunsford Wynn in Moultrie, Georgia. He was raised by a single mother on 173-acre farm with his six brothers and one sister. Willie said, “When my father left, my dear mother poured her life into us kids. She loved us and we loved her. All of us helped with chores around the farm.”

Willie learned a tremendous work ethic in the cotton fields of south Georgia with his close-knit family, but he also learned he loved music. “My brothers and I would work in the fields and we always had a dinner break. While we ate I listened to the beautiful music of the Statesmen, Blackwood Brothers, and the LeFevres. Nobody ever taught me parts, but I could hear them all. They came easy to me. It was a gift from God.”

image003God had His hand on Willie and when he was 14 at Hopewell Baptist Church, he gave his heart to the Lord and was baptized. The young man also knew he was supposed to sing gospel music. “From as far back as I can remember, I felt a call from God to sing for Him. I can’t really explain it. I just knew I was to sing tenor in a gospel male quartet.”

Willie joined a quartet when he was still a teenager and sang with the Happy Four regularly on a local radio station. The group was well received and their fan base kept growing around Georgia. When he got in high school, he sang with the FFA quartet. “I just knew I had to continue pursuing my dream. In my heart I believed I would one day sing with the Statesmen.”

07-SandiWillieHallOfFameWhile Willie was honing his musical talent, a man moved to Moultrie from Atlanta. He shared Willie’s dream and wanted to start a gospel quartet of his own. “We tried to round up a few singers, but then the guy moved back to Atlanta. I wasn’t sure how I was going to achieve my goal, but then the same fellow kept calling me and inviting me to move to Atlanta. When the time was right, I moved there and got a job in a bookbindery. After working for about a year Denver Crumpler, the Statesmen’s tenor singer, passed away. They were looking for someone to fill his position. I went to the Briarcliff Hotel in Atlanta to audition. I knew all their songs and had a great time singing for them. There was one more fellow after me to try out—Rosie Rozell. Even though they hired him, I still felt in my heart I would one day sing with the Statesmen.”

Even though Willie didn’t get the tenor position, Jake Hess recognized the young man’s talent. When some of the members of Wally Fowler’s backup quartet for his All Night Singing asked if anyone knew of a good tenor singer, Jake Hess suggested they contact Willie. The group didn’t waste a minute. They drove to Willie’s house around 11:00 p.m. and convinced him to come down to Atlanta’s Municipal Auditorium. “Even though I wasn’t feeling the best, I threw on my coat and went with them. I sang all the songs and was hired on the spot. Eventually the group was named The Oak Ridge Quartet.”

Lou Hildreth Award Presented to Willie Wynn by Jonathan Edwards

Lou Hildreth Award Presented to Willie Wynn by Jonathan Edwards

Warner Brothers was the Quartet’s record label. They suggested the group change their name to the Oak Ridge Boys. The guys all agreed. At this time the group consisted of Willie Wynn, tenor singer; Smitty Gatlin, lead singer; Ron Page, baritone singer; Herman Harper, bass singer; and Tommy Fairchild, pianist. They were noted for being on the cutting edge of gospel music with a progressive country sound.

It was during this time the fans fell in love with the skinny Georgia boy with his smooth tenor voice. At every concert the Oaks introduced him, “Make welcome Little Willie Wynn!” The crowd went wild and the nickname stuck. All 116 pounds of “Little Willie Wynn” sang his way into the hearts of his fans with songs like: “Jesus is Coming Soon,” “Mama’s Last Amen,” “King Jesus,” “After All,” “My God Is Real,” “Mama’s Teaching Angels How to Sing,” “The Grass Is Greener on the Other Side,” “After Calvary,” and “Little Is Much.”

Willie Wynn Bash at Creekside 204

Willie Wynn Bash at Creekside 204

The Oaks’ popularity skyrocketed. Invitations came for them to sing on the Porter Wagoner Show, the Johnny Carson Show, the Merv Griffin Show, and they regularly appeared on the Johnny Cash Show. They were invited to make a guest appearance in the movie ‘Sing a Song for Heaven’s Sake’. The Oaks received international invitations and performed two tours in Sweden. During this time they gained even broader audience appeal and recognition. They received several Dove Awards and even a Grammy Award. They were in more demand for television appearances than ever before. Willie and the Oaks were rated as one of the top gospel groups in the business.

Willie sang with the Oaks for 15 years and came off the road in 1973, to pursue a business venture and be closer to home. “I was offered a deal too good to refuse—an airplane business. What I didn’t see on the horizon was the severe fuel crunch. It didn’t go as I had hoped.”

The next year, Hovie Lister called and invited him to sing with the Statesmen. “I knew God had put that dream in my heart. I saw the prayers of that little boy from the cotton fields of Georgia come true that day.”

Creekside 2014

Creekside 2014

After recording a few albums and singing with the Statesmen, Willie formed another group—Willie Wynn and the Tennesseans. Group members included Elmer Cole, Dave Maddox, Woody Wright, and Michael Sykes. Willie said, “Even though we had great talent and recorded several records, we were never quite able to get the group off the ground.”

The Georgia farm boy wasn’t afraid of hard work. He decided to start another group—Sweetwater. Once again the roster was jam-packed with some talented singers: Darrell Holt, J.T. Hicks, Gary Clark, and later with Woody Wright and Michael Sykes. “Once again, we were blessed with great songs, arrangements, and talent, but we just couldn’t make it to the level we hoped to.”

Willie married the love of his life on Valentine’s Day 1991. He said, “My wife, Sandi, is a beautiful person and singer. She is the highlight of my life.”

Sandi and Willie received a phone call from Bill Gaither, inviting them to come to Alexandria, Indiana, and be part of a videotaping. Willie stated, “I cannot say enough good about Bill and Gloria. They have done more for the gospel music field than anyone I know. They have resurrected careers that have been dead longer than Hitler.”

Another important phone call came to the Wynn house in 2013. “Woody Wright called and insisted I record a new project—Willie Wynn & Friends. He actually wrote a song “The Oak Ridge Boys and Me,” especially for this project. If that wasn’t enough of a blessing, then the Oaks came to the studio and sang backup on that song with me.”

Not only did the Oaks come out to support Willie, but Bill Gaither and Ben Speer also sang backup. It’s plain to see Willie loves people and they love him back. His new project is proof of just how much folks treasure “the big heart of little Willie Wynn.”

WW Bash 3Willie Wynn & Friends also includes 11 new recordings of popular songs from Willie’s days with the Oak Ridge Boys and new versions of great hymns and classics. Ponder Sykes & Wright (who first sang together as members of Willie’s group, The Tennesseans) are featured on several songs, along with other former Tennesseans Elmer Cole and Dave Maddox. Bill Gaither, Ben Speer and Gene McDonald provide support vocals, as well as Willie’s great friends Darrell Holt, J.T. Hicks, and Gary Clark from the group Sweetwater. The musician crew is a ‘who’s who’ of some of Nashville finest players.

Woody Wright is quick to honor the man who helped him get his start in gospel music. “The November 3rd 2014, “Willie Wynn and Friends Bash” will be our fourth annual event. The first was the evening that Willie was inducted as an individual to the Southern Gospel Music Association Hall of Fame. So every year since, we have assembled the former members of Willie’s groups (The Tennesseans and Sweetwater) to keep honoring Willie, who made it possible for dozens of wannabe Gospel singers get started.  Among those names are myself, Michael Sykes, David Ponder, Elmer Cole, and many other players and singers.”

Fans will love hearing Willie’s signature voice again. His huge heart shines through every song and his music guarantees to inspire his million friends and fans.

October 2014 SGNScoops Magazine

October 2014 SGNScoops Magazine

Willie also participated in a DVD/CD made in 2012 and 2013 with Scott Kramer and Woody Wright, Good News Music Radio. Willie said, “We are getting incredible number of inquiries about these projects. We are all very excited about them. Fans can purchase them at www.williewynn.com.”

Fans can connect on FaceBook with Willie and Sandi at www.facebook.com/WillieNSandiWynn or write them at LittleWillieWynn@aol.com.


Editor’s note: The November 3rd  2014 “Willie Wynn and Friends Bash” was part of the annual Creekside Gospel Music Convention in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. For more information, visit http://www.creeksidegospelmusicconvention.com/

Written by Dixie Phillips

Published by SGN Scoops digital magazine in October 2014

For current issues of SGN Scoops digital magazine visit http://www.sgnscoops.com/



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Blackwood Brothers Quartet Releases “Forever / 80th Anniversary Recording”

Written by SGN Scoops Staff on November 12, 2014 – 4:00 pm -

Blackwood Brothers

Blackwood Brothers

HENDERSONVILLE, Tenn. (November 12, 2014) – As the group celebrates its 80-year anniversary in 2014, the Blackwood Brothers Quartet is releasing its
Forever / 80th Anniversary Recording project on Tuesday, November 18, 2014.

The Blackwood Brothers Quartet is comprised of group manager and baritone singer Billy Blackwood, lead singer Michael Helwig, tenor singer Wayne Little and bass singer Butch Owens.

The “Forever” project consists of seven new songs – penned by writers such as Lee Black, Dave Clark, Marty Funderburk, Sue Smith, Jimmy Taylor and Dianne Wilkinson – and three older songs. The legendary Oak Ridge Boys made a special guest appearance on the song “Long Gone,” which was written by Billy Blackwood, Kenna West and Jason Cox.

“I have never been so excited about the potential of one of our records,” emphasizes Billy Blackwood. “The bottom line is that we have a message and a mandate to share the story of God’s love and His plan for people. We believe these songs are a vehicle to get that message to a greater audience than ever before.”

The Blackwood Brothers worked with two different producers on the project, Ricky Free and Trey Ivey.

“Working with two producers was an interesting approach but was also a great experience,” says Blackwood. “Trey Ivey and Ricky Free are very talented young men who have helped to take us to another level musically. The music is a bit edgier and more radio friendly than past projects, but there is, however, some very traditional Blackwood Brothers-sounding songs as well.”

Free and Ivey produced five songs each on the project.

“I was honored to have been a part of producing this new record for a quartet that has such a long history in Gospel Music,” points out Free. “I hope this new record only expands their already huge fan base.”

Ivey adds, “It was an honor getting to work with the Blackwood Brothers. Billy, Butch, Mike and Wayne are great talents and great men. They do what they do with excellence, and this project is no exception.”

The group has been a part of the Daywind Family since 2009.

“The legacy of the Blackwood Brothers Quartet has long been established in our industry, but the group continues to enhance its expected level of excellence,” explains Daywind president Ed Leonard. “There’s something for every listener contained in this collection as fans get to relive timeless songs performed as only the Blackwood Brothers could while also hearing the current group expand its musical horizons on the ‘Forever’ project.”

Daywind Records is home to an award-winning roster of artists, including the Tribute Quartet, Legacy Five, the Bowling Family, Joseph Habedank, the Nelons, Brian Free & Assurance, Karen Peck and New River, and Wilburn & Wilburn. Daywind is distributed to retail through New Day Christian Distributors, Select-O-Hits, and all major digital outlets, including iTunes. For more information, visit www.daywindrecords.com  or contact Amanda Martin at publicity@daywind.com.

For more information on the group, visit the Blackwood Brothers Quartet’s web site at www.blackwoodbrothers.com.

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Written by SGN Scoops Staff on March 31, 2014 – 10:29 am -

NASHVILLE, Tenn.—A New Season, the latest solo offering from leading pastor, author and recording Layout 1artist Matthew Hagee, debuted at #2 on Nielsen SoundScan’s Top Southern Gospel Albums chart for the week ending March 23. The chart’s only Top 30 debut, A New Season was produced by Michael Sykes (Oak Ridge Boys, Gaither Vocal Band) and features 11 Inspirationally-focused country selections.

Released March 18 from Difference Media/Capitol Christian Distribution, A New Season features the debut single, “I Don’t Want To Get Adjusted”; the Hagee co-penned songs “This Ain’t Nothin’” and “My Nomination”; “The Day He Wore My Crown,” featuring guest contributions from Larry Stewart and David Innis of legendary country group Restless Heart; and “That’s Jesus,” which was co-written by Hagee’s father, internationally-renowned evangelist Pastor John Hagee.

Executive pastor of the 20,000-member Cornerstone Church in San Antonio, Texas, where he preaches alongside his father, Matthew Hagee is the author of Shaken, Not Shattered (Charisma House). A husband and father of four, Hagee is a member of the Dove Award-winning Southern Gospel quartet Canton Junction and also records and tours with his family’s vocal group, The Hagees.

Difference Media is a division of Cornerstone Church, founded and pastored by John Hagee. The label features some of the leading names in Gospel music, including Aaron & Amanda Crabb, Canton Junction, Matthew Hagee, Tim Duncan, The Cornerstone Sanctuary Choir, John Hagee and The Hagees. A non-denominational evangelical church, Cornerstone Church is home to John Hagee Ministries, which telecasts Pastor Hagee’s radio and television teachings throughout America and in more than 190 countries around the globe. The ministry also operates GETV, a 24/7 online television and video on-demand broadcast of sermons and original programming, as well as music videos and performances by Difference Media artists.

For further information, visit differencemedia.org, matthewhagee.com or turningpointpr.com.

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Woody Wright produces new Solo Project from Willie Wynn

Written by SGN Scoops on April 15, 2013 – 3:00 pm -

(Alexandria, Indiana- April 15)   Woody Wright announces the production of a new solo album from Willie Wynn.  “I just started wwproduction on a new project by Founding Oak Ridge Boys tenor, Little Willie Wynn. We cut basic tracks last week at Gaither Sudios and will start recording vocals in May.  Guest supporting vocals will be done by the Oak Ridge Boys, Ponder Sykes & Wright, and other
former members of Willie Wynn and the Tennesseans and others.”
The project is called “Rewind” and will include many favorites from Willie’s days with the Oaks, along with some hymns, and a new biographical song called “The Oak Ridge Boys and Me.” The album is expected to be released summer 2013!
For more information, email Woody Wright at woody@woodywright.net.


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Oak Ridge Boys Launching Holiday Season with New Christmas CD & Multi-City Tour

Written by SGN Scoops on September 18, 2012 – 11:08 am -

Nashville, Tenn. (September 17, 2012) – The legendary Oak Ridge Boys will be filling the holiday season with the celebrated sounds of their Christmas Time’s A-Coming CD (Gaither Gospel Series). The album is set to launch on September 25th. An exclusive version of the CD is now available at Cracker Barrel Old Country Store®, featuring two heartwarming bonus tracks that capture the meaning of the season. The masterful blend of new and traditional yuletide tunes is enhanced by the powerhouse group’s renowned four-part harmonies. The Christmas Time’s A-Coming album marks the Oaks’ sixth holiday CD. In November, the Grammy-winning group will be kicking off its storied Christmas tour of more than 20 years.

“The Oak Ridge Boys love Christmas music. For us, Christmas is about family, home, singing, happiness, love, kids and gifts.  But, the main thing Christmas is about is the birth of Jesus Christ; when time quit numbering backwards and started counting forward.  No other man has ever walked this Earth who reversed time. So, although we love singing the fun songs, the spiritual songs about “the birth” are very real for The Oak Ridge Boys,” says lead singer Duane Allen.

“We are so excited about our new album, Christmas Time’s A-Coming. As usual, we have a nice mix of songs that we are looking forward to adding to our Christmas show and tour starting in November. Once again working with the youthful acoustic driven mind of producer Ben Isaacs and our own Duane Allen, we have come up with, perhaps, our greatest Christmas collection yet,” says member Joe Bonsall.  “From classics like ‘Here Comes Santa Claus,’ ‘Joy to The World’ and the title cut to incredible brand new songs like ‘Peterbilt Sleigh,’ ‘Getting Ready For A Baby’ and ‘Glorious Impossible,’ we seriously think that folks everywhere will continue to celebrate the holidays with The Oak Ridge Boys,” he adds.

Christmas Time’s A-Coming will be available through retail outlets across the U.S., including iTunes and Amazon.com.

For more information, please visit: www.oakridgeboys.com.

Tracks on Christmas Time’s A-Coming
1. Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!
2. Peterbilt Sleigh
3. Here Comes Santa Claus
4. Christmas Time’s A-Coming
5. White Christmas
6. All I Want For Christmas Is You
7. Santa Claus Is Coming To Town
8. Getting Ready For A Baby
9. Joy To The World
10. Mary, Did You Know?
11. Mary Had A Little Lamb
12. Glorious Impossible

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Written by SGN Scoops Staff on August 31, 2012 – 11:59 am -

ALEXANDRIA, IND (September 1, 2012) – Woody Wright and Electric Station Records are excited to present an exciting artist lineup for their 2nd annual “Good News Music Radio” concert at the Palace Theater in Louisville, Kentucky on Saturday, October 27, 2012!

“To say we’re excited about this year’s lineup would be an understatement,” said E-Station Records President, D. Scott Kramer. “This concert will showcase some of the best vocalists, groups, musicians and songwriters in gospel music today. The event is designed to highlight each artist at their very best for an unbelievably, inspiring evening. The entire concert is also built within the framework of our syndicated radio show and it will include entertaining and inspiring elements found in our weekly radio programs,” Kramer added.

The artist lineup joining Woody & Vonnie Wright includes:


Russ Taff

5 time Grammy Award Winning Artist hailed by Billboard Magazine as one of the most dynamic voices in gospel music today. Russ will be sharing several of his most well-known hits including, “He Came Through”, “They Call It Gospel Music”, “Bethlehem, Galilee and Gethsemane” and “Here Comes Jesus”, which is from his latest Dove Award Nominated project, Faroe Islands.

Jeff & Sheri Easter

With us for the first time this year, Jeff & Sheri Easter will be joined onstage by daughter, Morgan and son, Madison as they share several of their best-loved songs including. “Life Is Great and Getting’ Better”, “Over and Over”, “Praise His Name” and “Hear My Heart”. One of gospel music’s favorite families, the Easters have won five Gospel Music Association Dove Awards and have also received a Grammy nomination. They’ve also participated in the Gaither Homecoming Video Series since 1993, which has sold over 15 million units.
Buddy Greene & Jeff Taylor

Musician, singer-songwriter, Buddy Greene and his great friend, Jeff Taylor, will be bringing their extraordinary talent to the Good News Music Radio Concert for the second year in a row. Buddy brings a wide variety of southern Americana influences to his music to create a unique musical hybrid of country, bluegrass, folk, Gospel and traditional blues. In addition to his solid reputation as a singer-songwriter and guitarist, Buddy has established himself as one of Nashville’s finest harmonica stylists. Buddy & Jeff will be sharing favorites such as, “Walking In Jerusalem”, Classical Medley (Buddy’s amazing harmonica arrangement performed at Gaither’s Carnegie Hall Homecoming with over 2,500,000 views on YouTube), and Buddy’s mega hit co-write with Mark Lowery, “Mary Did You Know”!

Palmetto State Quartet

The Palmetto State Quartet’s newest lineup featuring, Larry Strickland (former Stamps member backing Elvis Presley), Paul Lancaster (multiple Dove Award winner and former member of the Martins), Mike Allen (a fixture on the popular Gaither Homecoming television series), David Staton (Grammy-nominated songwriter, singer and producer), Jeremy Easley (the X-Factor season-one, top-15
finalist) and Casey Martin (keyboards) will be joining us for the first time this year. While featuring many of their latest hits including, “Moment of Grace”, Don’t That Sound Like Heaven”, “All Hail The Power”, and “Holy Ghost Revival”, this super-group’s vocal artistry is sure to shine throughout the evening!

Reggie & Ladye Love Smith

Back for the second year in a row is one of the most dynamic couples in gospel music today, Reggie & Ladye Love Smith! The Smiths have been a part of the Gaither Homecoming family for over a decade, first as back-up singers in Nashville and later as a vocal duet featured on countless Homecoming concerts, tapings and recordings. These internationally loved musicians have performed in more than 12 countries and in such prestigious venues as the Super Bowl, New York’s famed Carnegie Hall, the Kremlin in Moscow and The Grand Ole Opry! Our guests are sure to be delighted by their great sound on classics like, “Can He, Could He, Would He” and the inspiring ballad, “You Raise Me Up”!

Rachel West Kramer & Jairo Arvizu

Back for the second year as well is Christian recording artist, Rachel West Kramer and her tenor duet partner, Jairo Arvizu. With four CDs produced in as many years and two, brand new arrangements of “The Battle Hymn Of The Republic” and “The LORD’S Prayer” by award winning arranger, David Clydesdale, the audience is sure to be delighted after hearing the amazing soprano range of Rachel West Kramer! Rachel had the honor of singing at the National Prayer Breakfast in Washington D.C. with President and First Lady Bush in attendance. She also charted at the number one slot for 13 non-consecutive weeks on Christian Radio Weekly’s Inspirational charts with “See What A Morning”! We’re excited for everyone to hear, Rachel West Kramer and Jairo Arvizu!

A Tribute to Founding Oak Ridge Boys Member, Willie Wynn

From rural Moultrie, Georgia, Willie Wynn is one of gospel music’s most beloved personalities. After joining Wally Fowler’s Oak Ridge Quartet in the late fifties, Willie was a founding member when the group became the Oak Ridge Boys. The Oaks won numerous Dove and Grammy Awards and Willie became famous for his super-high tenor voice on hit songs like, “Jesus Is Coming Soon”, “Know”, “After Calvary”, and many others. Willie left the Oak Ridge Boys in the early seventies and after a brief stint as tenor for Hovie Lister and The Statesmen, he started his own successful group, Willie Wynn & The Tennesseans. Willie was inducted into the Gospel Music Association’s Hall of Fame with the Oaks and is a member of the Southern Gospel Music Association’s Hall of Fame as an individual. The ultimate “encourager,” Willie is known as the man with a million friends. He has made an undeniably positive impact on gospel music and it is truly a privilege to pay tribute to Little Willie Wynn!

And, as an added bonus, our audience members will be part of a live concert, high-definition, DVD / Video production!  Award-winning Yake Films from Nashville, TN will be on site recording the concert event!

“Good News Music Radio with Woody Wright” has now been added by nearly 150 stations and translators worldwide. While the majority of the stations are in the US and Canada, some of the international locations include stations in England, Scotland, Grenada, Aruba, Guam, Republic of Vanuatu and New Zealand.

For more information on “Good New Music Radio with Woody Wright”, please visit:


For tickets and information on the “Good News Music Radio with Woody Wright” concert at the Palace Theater in Louisville, Kentucky on Saturday, October 27, 2012, please visit:  www.louisvillepalace.com or call (800) 745-3000


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July 2012 SGNScoops Magazine

Written by SGN Scoops Staff on July 2, 2012 – 7:13 pm -

It’s a good thing our magazine is digital, you just might burn your hands on this one! Remove your hats, grab a a box of Kleenex and enjoy a Patriotic influenced, Southern Gospel loaded issue of Scoops Magazine!

The Queen of Bluegrass, Rhonda Vincent shares about her latest GOSPEL release! Also in this edition read the latest on Beyond The Ashes,The Sneed Family, The Crist Family, Logan Smith, Libbi Perry, Larry Ford and songwriter, Sue C. Smith! Lorraine Walker offers information about the location of Creekside Gospel Music Convention, Sandi reveals new music- including a review on the Oak Ridge Boys’ latest release! Charlie Sexton moves us with an INCREDIBLE story- sure to warm hearts. And…Rhonda Frye tracks down Ernie Haase & Signature Sound on the road.

Between the covers you’ll find encouragement and memories from John Mathis Jr. and Jennifer Campbell. Ms. Lou Hildreth shares lyrics to a patriotic song she penned a few years ago, too! Celebrate our Nation’s Independence with Laura Kennedy, and get a snap shot of Rhonda’s Washington DC Experiences. Rob Patz shares a “Media Minute” with his friends at Good News Radio With Woody Wright and Sandi Duncan Clark shares Karen Peck & New River’s Homecoming! Don’t miss the latest from KP&NR’s by Jeff Hawes either! As if it isn’t hot enough outside, our staff has turned the heat up even more! Grab some lemonade and enjoy July’s Edition! Please share with your friends! As always…. We’re digital- and yes….Always free!

Check Out This Magazine Here

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Gospel Music Today On SGNScoops.com

Written by SGN Scoops Staff on June 29, 2012 – 8:31 am -

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Gold City has accomplished a rare feat in Gospel Music

Written by SGN Scoops Staff on June 26, 2012 – 11:15 am -

With their latest number one hit, “Peter James and John,” legendary quartet Gold City has accomplished a rare feat in Gospel Music. This single puts them in the elite category of having a number one song in each of the last four decades.

In the 1980’s, songs such as their signature classic, “Midnight Cry” took them to the top of the charts. In the 1990’s, it was hits such as “I’m Not Giving Up” that kept them at the top. When the year 2000 was just a few months old, the group scored again with “He Said,” which spent two months at the number one slot. “Peter James and John” is their latest chart-topper. If early reaction to their latest song is any indication, “Lord Of Life” will find itself at the top, too, already at #17 for August!

Along with their latest chart success comes the news that Gold City has re-signed an exclusive booking agreement with the highly acclaimed Beckie Simmons Agency. The relationship between BSA and Gold City started with the inception of Gold City over 30 years ago when Tim Riley and Beckie Simmons formed a working relationship that works still today.

Beckie Simmons states, “In my many years in this industry, I have worked with many artists. However, my relationship with Tim Riley and Gold City is not only one of scheduling, but one that is part of our family! Anyone who knows our company quickly learns that we are a family business and relationships are very important to us. So for this reason, BSA is excited to welcome back a part of our family, Tim and Danny Riley and all of Gold City. With such exciting things happening to them, we look forward to what the future holds for this Southern Gospel National Treasure, Gold City.”

On Tuesday, June 26, Gold City will be featured at an evening television taping of Gospel Music at TBN along with Jason Crabb, Adam Crabb and the Oak Ridge Boys. There is no admission charge to attend this event, and everyone is invited to be a part of this great evening that is scheduled to air on TBN Friday, June 29th at 9 p.m. central time.

For more information about or to schedule Gold City, please contact the Beckie Simmons Agency at www.bsaworld.com or call 615-595-7500.

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Gospel Songstress Lynda Randle to Release All-new Recording

Written by SGN Scoops on June 19, 2012 – 4:02 pm -

Emotional Release Marks Randle’s Debut Recording with
Co-Producer Ben Isaacs 
NASHVILLE, Tenn.—June 19, 2012–Gospel recording artist Lynda Randle has just recorded an all-new collection of songs entitled ‘Til the Storm Passes By, scheduled to hit the streets on July 31st.  Randle teamed up for the first time with co-producer Ben Isaacs (The Gaither Vocal Band, The Oak Ridge Boys) for the new recording, which showcases Randle’s deep, transparent vocals highlighted with soulful tones.
The 12-song release marks Randle’s first all-new recording in four years and includes congregational favorites “Just a Closer Walk with Thee,” “Nothing but the Blood” and “I Have Decided to Follow Jesus”; a new version of the popular ballad “People Need the Lord”; a re-make of the unforgettable pop hit “What a Difference You’ve Made in My Life”; a crooning performance of the classic title cut; and a bluesy rendition of “Wayfaring Stranger.”
With three additional songs written or co-written by Randle, the release, recorded in Nashville, finds the singer, a household favorite on the Gaither HOMECOMING touring circuit, reconfirming an assured faith with gratefulness and hope.
“I was facing many challenges during my time of recording,” describes Randle, a resident of Kansas City, “and I feel as if God Himself just ‘swooped me up’ at times and placed me in front of a microphone and had the whole host of heaven sing for me!  I think Ben and I both knew that something supernatural was taking place; and for me, this release is a dream come true.”
In some ways, ‘Til the Storm Passes By feels more like a “reality come true” for Lynda, whose rich vocals resonate with the stirring emotion of a singer who has experienced firsthand the messages of her songs.
“My family and I have experienced so many spiritual and personal storms over the past two-and-a-half years,” she explains, “and God has held us close through every single one and brought us safely to the other side.  ‘Til the Storm Passes By’ is not just a line of an old song to me.  It’s a testament of God’s faithfulness in my life. He always keeps His promises.  Knowing the limitations of my own strength, all I can say is, ‘But God….’”
“When the label and Lynda approached me about producing this release, I immediately had a vision of where I wanted Lynda to go musically, and it was really fun to watch that play out in the studio,” recalls Isaacs.  “Lynda’s voice is multi-faceted.  This release captures the depth of her vocals, and there is a spaciousness about it that accentuates those vocals beautifully.”
‘Til the Storm Passes By, the newest release in the Gaither Gospel Series, will be distributed through EMI CMG Distribution and will be available through digital stores and at retail stores everywhere.  The release will be positioned heavily at retail, through catalog placement and through a direct tv campaign on networks including GAC, RFD, TBN, FamilyNet, CTS, CTN, TCT, TLN, FFE Airtime 1, Grace, Legacy, Miracle and Vision as well as on Gaither.com.

For further information, visit www.lyndarandle.com.

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