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Congrats to SGN SCOOPS Top 100 SG

Written by scoopsnews on September 5, 2017 – 5:26 pm -

SGN Scoops Top 100 for September 2017

1. Triumphant Quartet – Chain Breaker
2. Freemans- It Still Takes The Blood
3. Tribute Quartet- God of The Storms
4. Joseph Habedank- Here He Comes
5. 11th Hour- Ain’t No Bones
6. Guardians- Packin’ Up
7. Bowling Family- Praise God He’s Alive
8. Steeles- Meet Me There
9. Hoppers- Life Is Good
10. Greater Vision- Still
11. McKameys- For the Record
12. Kingsmen- They Don’t Know (What The Lord Can Do)
13. Jeff and Sheri Easter-More Than Enough
14. Pruitt Family-Jesus Built This Church on Love
15. Browders- Put It Into God’s Hands
16. Wisecarvers- It Was Jesus
17. Jason Crabb- Mysterious Ways
18. Ernie Haase and Signature Sound- Give Me Jesus
19. Amber Nelon Thompson- Give It To Jesus
20. Zane and Donna King- Beautiful Ever After
21. LeFevre Quartet- He Was There
22. The Taylors- Worship You Again
23. Bowling Sisters- He Sees What We Don’t
24. Mark Trammell Quartet- My Faith Still Holds
25. Rochesters- Keep On
26. Lore Family- Joyous News
27. Sunday Drive- I Thank You
28. The Perrys- Moses and Elijah
29. Pine Ridge Boys- There’s A Fountain
30. Christian Davis- He Can’t Stop Loving You
31. Dallas Rogers- Chasin’
32. Terry Collins- Jesus Make A Way
33. Soul’d Out Quartet- Holy Spirit Come
34. Whisnants- Joy In The House
35. Susan Whisnant- I Prayed Through It
36. Bates Family- Ready Or Not
37. Battle Cry- I’m Amazed
38. John Whisnant- Had It Not Been
39. Jordan Family Band- My God Is Faithful
40. Bless’d Ministries- Come To The Cross
41. The Villines Trio- Elijah
42. Page Trio- Perfect Redeemer
43. Steve Ladd- All Things Are Possible God
44. Georgia- I’ve Been To The Bottom
45. Debra Perry and Jaidyn’s Call- Somebody Pray
46. Tammy Jones Robinette- He Is God Alone
47. Austin and Ethan Whisnant- Steppin’ Out On A Limb
48. The Journeys- I Can Smile
49. Spiritual Voices- Love That Led To Grace
50. The Millers- Take A Moment And Live
51. Second Half Quartet- Gonna Shout All Over Heaven
52. Chronicle-Where Did The Wind Go
53. Caleb’s Crossing- I Promise You
54. Shellem Cline- Getting In The Word Of God
55. Gabbards- The One
56. Master’s Voice- Where My Savior Is
57. Exodus- God of Always And Never
58. Barry Rowland and Deliverance- The Ark
59. Gold City- I Will Stand
60. Jonathan Dale- I’m Still Standing
61. Misty Freeman- A Day In The Life Of Jesus
62. Three Bridges- Livin’ In The Lion’s Den
63. Hazel Stanley- You’ve Got To Serve Somebody
64. Mark Bishop- The Other Room
65. New Ground- Make It
66. King James Boys- Somebody Prayed For Me
67. Hyssongs- I Tell Them Jesus
68. Stephens- He Said
69. Goulds- Where Are The Voices
70. Messiah’s Call- Hope For The Day
71. Tim Marshall- Against The Grain
72. Tim Livingston- I Can’t Erase The Message
73. Canton Junction- When He Was On The Cross
74. Sneed Family- I’ve Never Seen A Promise
75. Purpose- Trust Him
76. Soul’s Harbor- Saying Goodbye
77. Matt Linton- Now I’m A Christian
78. Gibson’s- No Wonder
79. Mercy’s Well- Thanks To You
80. Daniel’s Purpose- Jesus Loved Us To Death
81. Karen Peck and New River- Hope For All Nations
82. Southern Raised- Instead
83. Matt Felts- Trust Me With The Trial
84. The Browns- Aim Higher
85. Michael Combs- That Same Hand
86. The Bibletones Quartet- Portrait Of Love
87. Lindsey Graham- A Little More Love
88. East Ridge Boys- I Know That Man
89. Spoken For- Lay It Down
90. Eric and Laura Ollis- I Won’t Compromise
91. Sons Of The Father- I’m Ready
92. Ivan Parker- Walk My Way
93. Surrendered- You Don’t Know The Half Of It
94. ReJeana Leeth And New Grace- Thank God For My Christian Home
95. Summit Trace- You Love Me Anyway
96. Jim Brady Trio- God Is With Me
97. Down East Boys- Somebody Left The Door Wide Open
98. The Sharps- Endless Day
99. Anchormen- I’m Gonna Run
100. Cavaliers – Forever Redeemed

Congratulations to the Top 100. If you are an Artist and you are interested in becoming a Wholesaler of the magazine, contact Rob at

The September Top 100 chart will be published in the October 2017 issue of SGNScoops Magazine.

Download the entire September 2017 SGNScoops Magazine  here
Read more news here.
Listen here to Gospel music online here.

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Merry Christmas from SGN Scoops

Written by scoopsnews on December 25, 2016 – 4:26 am -

Luke 2:6-7King James Version (KJV)

6 And so it was, that, while they were there, the days were accomplished that she should be delivered.

7 And she brought forth her firstborn son, and wrapped him in swaddling clothes, and laid him in a manger; because there was no room for them in the inn.

From our Scoops Family to yours:

Merry Christmas to you all and remember…..Jesus is the Reason for the Season. We love and appreciate our readers and all the folks that share the same love for this “great gospel music.”  Enjoy your day with family and friends. Make Memories and experience the true Spirit of Christmas.

Happy Birthday Jesus!

Check this out:

(Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir)

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SGN Scoops Fast Five with the Troy Burns Family!

Written by Staff on May 18, 2015 – 12:08 pm -

Troy Burns Family

Troy Burns Family

SGN Scoops welcomes the Troy Burns Family to this edition of Fast Five. We hope you will enjoy getting reacquainted with the lead singer of The Inspirations, and meeting the rest of this fine group.

Troy shared the biography of the group, which we have excerpted for you:

imageTroy Burns is a founding member and lead singer of The Inspirations for 30 years and is the current lead singer for Archie Watkins and Smoky Mountain Reunion, and The Old Inspirations. When not on the road with Smoky Mountain Reunion, Troy and his family do concerts at churches and other venues. Close family harmony and loving Jesus is what the Troy Burns Family is all about.
Troy has recorded over 700 songs in his career, “Jesus Is Coming Soon,” “Touring That City,” “Is That Footsteps,” and many other great Southern Gospel songs. Troy has performed over 6,000 concerts, won numerous awards and currently sings weekly on Daystar TV worldwide. Tammy has had formal training as a singer and sang for The Sound Of Youth from Robbinsville, North Carolina. Tammy’s voice has been compared to Patsy Cline and Barbara Streisand. The newest member of the Troy Burns Family is Roland Kesterson, from Crossville, Tennessee. He sang with his family growing up and then sang for a Bluegrass group called Set Apart for seven years. Roland’s smooth harmonies form a third part for Troy Burns Family that is unparalleled in Southern Gospel Music.
Latest Project: It’s Only Goodnight
Radio Release: “It’s Only Goodnight”

SGN Scoops Fast Five with the Troy Burns Family

SGN: What single accomplishment of your group (or yourself) is the most important to you?
TBF: Group: Our concept video of “I’m Praying For You.” It has given people hope around the world.
Troy and Tammy: Our children and grandchildren

SGN: What is in your closet that you just can’t throw out?
Tammy: Clothes that do not fit anymore (I think I may get small enough to wear them again).
Troy: Old singing shirts.
SGN: Who is the most under-appreciated person in Gospel music right now that you would like to see get some recognition?
Tammy: Troy Burns (of course I would say that …he’s my husband).
Troy: Amber Nelon

SGN: What is your favorite song from Sunday School?
Tammy: “Jesus Loves The Little Children Of The World”
Troy: “Jesus Loves Me”

SGN: What one thing do you make sure you do before a concert?
Tammy: I ask the Lord to create in me a clean heart and a right spirit within me when I pray.
Troy: The group meets and we pray!
Be sure to find out when the Troy Burns Family is coming to your area!

Troy Burns Family: Click to watch video

Troy Burns Family











Click to watch video link to the Troy Burns Family video: “I’m Praying For You”

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SGN Scoops Top 100 for April 2015

Written by Staff on April 15, 2015 – 1:12 pm -

SGNScoops Top 100

SGNScoops Top 100

1 Bowling Family That’s What I Miss The Most
2 Williamsons It Was The Word
3 Shellem Cline That Saving Song
4 Browders He Took The Nails
5 Zane and Donna King No One Like God
6 McKameys Pure Satisfaction
7 Hyssongs Still Blessed
8 Bev McCann Smile
9 Wards Coming Out Of Bondage
10 Whisnants Glorybound
11 Dennis Cook One Pair Of Hands
12 Caleb’s Crossing Isn’t The Love Of Jesus Something Wonderful
13 Lore Family It Shall Be Well
14 Greater Vision The Blood Hasn’t Ever Changed
15 Kingsmen Battle Cry
16 Kingdom Heirs Joys Of Heaven
17 Jim Brady Trio Steppin’ Out In Faith
18 Clyde Felton Jr. Lord Forgive Me
19 Kevin N Jennifer He’s Still Doing Miracles Today
20 Valor 3 Hallelujah He Has Risen
21 Tammy Jones Robinette I Like Life
22 Taylors Measure Of Grace
23 Spiritual Voices There’s Still My Joy
24 Goodman Revival What A Happy Time
25 Dunaways Mercy Built A Bridge
26 East Ridge Boys Pray Pray Pray
27 South Of Heaven When I Crossed That River
28 Mark Bishop Pray On The Little Days
29 Rod Truman I’m Gonna Make It
30 Tony Burchette Better Hurry Up
31 Georgians Quartet Back In The Day
32 Sounds Of Victory How Good God’s Been To Me
33 New Vision That’s What Love Looks Like
34 11th Hour Picture This
35 Dunaways Church In The Kitchen
36 Ivan Parker Til The Shackles Fall Off
37 Karen Peck/New River Everybody’s Going Through Something
38 Barry Rowland/Deliverance Somebody Go Get God
39 Allegiance Lighten Up
40 Heavenly Sunrise He Died A Savior
40 Mercy’s Reflection Oh What A Difference
42 Rochesters God’s Been Good
43 Greater Vision Put Out The Fire
44 Mylon Hayes Family There’s Still A Refuge
45 Cornerstone Stormy Seas
46 Sunday Drive This I Know
47 Legacy Five Christ Is Still The King
48 Pauline Patterson One Prayer Away
49 Brian Free/Assurance Unashamed
50 Lori Jonathan Trio It’s Always Darkest Before The Dawn
51 Steve Hess/Southern Salvation Living Proof
52 Karen Peck and New River Pray Now
53 Campbell and Rowley It’s Not About You
54 Sweetwater Revival A Hallelujah Homecoming
55 Booth Brothers Touch Of The Master’s Hand
56 Jim Sheldon Life’s Railway To Heaven
57 Keith Barkley/Family Tradition An Old Stone The Lord Rolled Away
58 Shellem Cline Dinner With Jesus
59 Tim Livingston I Just Miss You
60 Ernie Penley Power Surge
61 Mark Trammell Quartet God’s Been Faithful
62 11th Hour How Will You Plead
63 Talleys What You Leave Behind
64 Debra Perry/Jaidyn’s Call Bottom Of The Hill
65 Watts, Rowsey and Bean Don’t Give A Rock A Chance
66 Troy Burns Family By The Blood Of The Lamb
67 McCray Dove Band They Wouldn’t Forgive Me
68 Kingsmen Oh Yes I Am
69 Joni Eareckson Tada Alone Yet Not Alone
69 Doug Hudson If They Could See Us Now
71 Josh and Ashley Franks He Promised Me
72 Mark Trammell Quartet Don’t Stop Running
73 Conners I Need To Hear From Heaven
74 Jack Strong Mama Said Read The Bible
74 His Heart Quartet Sailing Safely In
76 Hoskins Family Land Of Endless Tomorrows
77 Legacy Five Who Is This Man
78 Charlie May One Last Stand
79 Dean Hickman Forever King
80 Horn Family Rise Above The Fall
81 Exodus Tell Me Oh Tell Me Again
82 Bruce Hedrick Better Man
82 John Bowman Have Your Way
84 Scotts Grace And Mercy
85 Mercy’s Well I Wanna Hear The Gospel
86 Barry Rowland and Deliverance He’s Still God
87 Poet Voices He Saw Me
88 Linda Foster That Day Is Almost Here
89 Partons No More Chains
90 Kingdom Heirs Just Preach Jesus
91 Evident Call I Love My Master
92 Inspirations I’ve Found A Faithful Friend
93 Wisecarvers One Prayer At A Time
94 Joseph Habedank Never No Never
95 Doug Hudson Help Me Find My Way Home
96 Mercy’s Reign All The Way
96 Bontrager Family God Can
96 Singing Cookes The Greatest Gift Of All
96 Perrys When He Comes Walking On The Water
100 Michael Combs Jesus Loves Me
100 Wilburn and Wilburn Nobody Like Jesus

For more information on Southern, Country and Bluegrass Gospel music, open the April 2015 edition of SGN Scoops digital magazine HERE.

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Road to the 2015 Diamond Awards: Trio of the Year

Written by Staff on February 3, 2015 – 9:37 am -

Karen Peck and New River at Diamond Awards. Courtesy Robert York

Karen Peck and New River at Diamond Awards. Courtesy Robert York

The Diamond Award Trio of the Year must be three vocalists featuring three-part harmony and they must be full-time Gospel artists.

Many wonderful Southern Gospel artists fit into this category from Greater Vision and the Booth Brothers to Sisters and Highroad III.

2015 Diamond Awards

2015 Diamond Awards

Last year’s winners had already graced the stage of the 2014 Creekside Gospel Music Convention but they came up once more to accept the Trio of the Year.

Karen Peck and New River have a distinctive sound that is known and loved by many. Their latest hits, “Revival” and “Everybody’s Going Through Something” have kept their name at the top of the charts. These multi-award winners are always gracious in their acceptance of the Diamond Awards.

Be sure to vote for your favorites today!The 2015 Diamond Award Nominations are open on the SGN Scoops website. Everyone is invited to the website to enter the Nominations area and list their top ten favorite picks for each Diamond Award category.

The list of nominees will be posted on the site and fans will then nominate their favorites from this list, with a maximum of five names nominated per award. In
this way, the field of nominees will be narrowed to ten, voted on by fans once more and then narrowed to five. This final list of five will then be voted on by fans to find the one winner for each award.
Make plans now to join us for the 2015 Diamond Awards during the Creekside Gospel Music Convention in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee from November 2nd through 5th, 2015. For more information visit

2015 Diamond Awards Nominations can be found at

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Driven Quartet Nominated for 5 SGN Scoops Diamond Awards

Written by SGN Scoops Staff on May 18, 2011 – 11:04 am -

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – (May 18, 2011) – Popular Southern Gospel group Driven Quartet received word earlier this month that they have been nominated for an impressive five SGN Scoops Diamond Awards.Driven Quartet

The nominees were announced last week in the May 2011 issue of SGN Scoops Digital. Driven Quartet received nominations in many major categories – including Favorite Song (for “Mercy Saw Me”), Favorite Album (Driven Quartet), Favorite Male Quartet, Favorite Christian Country Group, and Favorite Artist Website (

“We are honored to be mentioned in so many categories in this year’s Diamond Awards program,” mentioned Jason Funderburk of Driven Quartet. “We are delighted that our fans would think enough of us to nominate us for such prestigious awards. Thank you so much!”

Fans can now vote for their favorites from the Top 5 ballot. The online ballot is designed for fans to vote for their favorite artists and individuals for each award.  Fans and industry supporters are encouraged to visit the SGN Scoops Digital website to place their votes.  The Diamond Awards home on the web is located at

The 2011 Diamond will once again take place at the Branson Gospel Music Revival.  The show will take place on Thursday, June 30, 2011 in Branson, Missouri at the Tri-Lakes Center.  The awards program will precede the Thursday evening concerts and will begin at 6:00 p.m.

For more information on the Diamond Awards – visit the SGN Scoops Digital website at .

Driven Quartet saw a strong surge in radio support for their latest single. The song – titled “Story of My Life” –charted on various industry publications over the last couple of months. “Story of My Life” is the second single from Driven Quartet’s much-talked-about self-titled release and is the first single from the group to hit Southern Gospel radio in over a year.

This new single is the follow-up to the group’s previous hit single “Between a Rock and a Hard Place.”  The song was written by John Darin Rowsey and Justin Rivers and did exceptionally well for the group.  The song reached Top 20 on both the Gospel Music News Top 100 (#14) and (now Top 40 Weekly Chart (#12) and Top 40 on the Singing News Top 80 (#27).  The song also charted exceptionally well on the Top 40 Fan Chart.

Individuals interested in booking Driven Quartet for their church or concert event can visit the Dominion Agency’s website at or call (910) 484-6996.

For more information on Driven Quartet, visit their website at .  Fans are also encouraged to visit Driven’s MySpace at .

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