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What Is Your Scent? By Kelly Nelon Clark

Written by Staff on September 12, 2014 – 8:21 am -

kelly 2Magnolia blossoms and honeysuckle blooms almost immediately take me back to my childhood. For just a moment I can smell their sweet fragrance in my head. My neighbors had a beautiful magnolia tree in their yard and on our way to the creek behind their house the smell of that flower would follow us. I would stop each time to take it in. I had never smelled anything so lovely.

Have you ever thought how the sense of smell has so much value in our life? I mean it brings back so many memories to us. Would life be quite as rich without it?

I can’t imagine having to give up my sense of smell. Did you know that a recent study at Rockefeller University states that our noses are far more sensitive than we ever thought?  According to the study, researchers determined that we can actually detect more than one-trillion smells. That’s a lot of memories!

What are some of the fragrances that you recall? What meaning do they have to you? Here are a few of my life memories:
The sweet honeysuckle has a beautiful smell and also has a sweet taste. I spent many a day in the summer sipping on a honeysuckle.
Something I never drank, and still do not, is coffee. For someone who doesn’t drink it I love to smell it and it forever reminds me of being at home with my mom and dad and the percolator every morning. I woke up every morning to that wonderful smell.
I have always been afraid of shots. My brother and I would go to great lengths as children to avoid them. The smell of alcohol still to this day brings back that fear of the needle. I think I have anxiety attacks just thinking of it.
One of the worst smells is the smell of a skunk. But for me I relate it to my times on the road in the bus. We were always hitting a skunk but the smell does not bring up bad memories but rather good times spent with friends and family. And everyone on the bus hollering out “Skunk!”


IMG-20140704-00397The power of scent turns each breath that we take into a puff of the world that’s ours alone. It’s personal to our memory and to our stories.

We can choose each day how we live before the Lord. What scent will we bring to Him? Will He be ashamed of us or will He be pleased with our lives? I’m praying today that the smell that I bring before the Lord is pleasing and a sweet savor to Him.

“For we are unto God a sweet savor of Christ, in them that are saved, and in them that perish” (II Corinthians 2:14,15).
Written by Kelly Nelon Clark of The Nelons.

Kelly Clark is a monthly writer for SGN Scoops digital magazine.

For current issues of SGN Scoops, visit http://www.sgnscoops.com/

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Four Days of Waiting by Dr. Jeff Steele

Written by Staff on September 5, 2014 – 1:02 pm -

sunset oneHow long can four days last? Jesus loved to visit the home of Mary, Martha and Lazarus. Sometimes when the crowds got to be overwhelming, the road got to be a little too long and He needed to just get away for a while, Jesus loved to retreat to their home for some old-fashioned rest and relaxation.

He loved these three people as well. Mary used to challenge Him with theological questions about what He taught. Then to demonstrate that she had an innate belief in what He said about Himself, she was known to have broken open an alabaster box and poured expensive perfume on Him as an act of worship. Yes, Jesus loved Mary.

He sure did love Martha too. Everybody loves a good cook and Martha was really a super cook. She could take a pot of turnip greens, throw a chunk of ham in there and change it from greens to greens! Jesus loved that. Come to think of it, I do too.

Lazarus was His good friend. They laughed together, probably fished together, discussed the sports and politics of their day; yes, Lazarus was a good and trusted friend. I see why Jesus loved their place so much.

One day though, as it does in every home, crisis came. Lazarus got sick. Not just a little sick, really sick. In fact if you read the story from back to front you know that in fact Lazarus died from his illness. Mary and Martha sent a message to Jesus: “Lord, the one you love is sick.” They expected Him to come.

Well, they sent Him the message about a sick relative and He didn’t come. He didn’t call; He didn’t even send a card that said He was remembering them in prayer. In fact, the silence from Jesus to their request was deafening! They must have been confused, especially when Lazarus died. There was still no word from Jesus.

“He ate our food, now He can’t even send us a word to let us know He got our message,” Martha must have said. I’m sure Mary must have wondered aloud, “He acted like He enjoyed my company, He knew I believed in Him and now He is nowhere to be found.” Perhaps their thought was that they overestimated their friendship with Him. Maybe they or He overestimated His ability to actually do all the things He talked about, and now that a real situation existed that would ‘put Him to the test,’ He just steered clear to avoid embarrassment. They must have wondered about all of these things.

All they knew was that they had a need that only He could meet and He was not anywhere to be seen.

You’ve been right there, haven’t you? “Lord, I have not missed a Sunday. I’m a teacher, a deacon, a committee member, I give, I sing in the choir and I’ve supported missions. Nobody’s been more faithful than me and now I have a need, and I’ve asked you for help, and You haven’t come!”

For Mary and Martha it was four days after Lazarus died before Jesus showed up. They were asking, and some of you are asking: “How long can four days last?”

Four days. The time between when we KNOW we have a need that only God can meet and the time when He shows up to do something about it.

There are several things you can know during your four days of waiting: Number one: You can know that He IS coming. He may not come when you WANT Him to come but He IS coming! So while you’re waiting don’t come out of the prayer closet, don’t throw away your Bible, don’t stop coming to church, don’t stop serving or sharing or participating in the work. Just know that no matter what it looks like or feels like, Jesus is on the way and He WILL be there and when He gets there you want to be found ready and waiting for Him.

Number two: You can know that He already KNOWS what He’s going to do when He gets there. Just like He may not come when you want Him, He also may not do what you have asked Him to do when He gets there. If He doesn’t then rest assured what He does will be better than what you asked for in the first place.

Mary and Martha sent word and asked for a healing. Jesus, knowing what He was going to do when He got there, knew that a resurrection beats a healing any day of the week! They didn’t get what they asked for – they got something better! And as a result after Lazarus was raised, the scripture says many got saved!

jeff steele

Dr. Jeff Steele

Number three: What you go through during your four days of waiting will end up being for YOUR good and God’s glory. Paul said in Romans 8:28 that all things work together for good to those who love God and are called according to His purpose. Hang on, pray on, believe on and press on. Even in the four days of waiting that many of you are in right now, remember that He’s coming, He knows what He’s going to do when He gets there, His plan is better than ours anyway and He has promised and He is bound by that promise that everything in our lives (good, bad and ugly) is working out for OUR good and His glory!

Written by Dr. Jeff Steele, a monthly columnist for SGN Scoops digital magazine. For current issues, visit http://www.sgnscoops.com/

Published by SGN Scoops in August 2014.

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The Many Faces of Phelps

Written by Staff on June 10, 2014 – 10:37 am -

David Phelps 2Gaither Vocal Band tenor continues to broaden his musical horizons

By Craig Harris

Mark Lowry doesn’t know what David Phelps sounded like as a freshman in high school.He’d guess that Phelps was already a vocal heavyweight even then. “I think he was good from the start,” Lowry said of his tenure with the Gaither Vocal Band. “I don’t really see that he’s grown in that sense musically. He had his (music) degrees way before he met us.”

However, it was at that time when Phelps had a breakthrough of sorts. “When I became a teenager, I realized I was kind of rising above other people who were doing music,” Phelps said. “There was actually a moment for me in ninth grade. I sang for our town talent show (singing Sandi Patty’s ‘Bethlehem Morning’). They gave me a standing ovation. I remember getting in the car that night and saying ‘This is what I want to do with my life.’ It grew from there. I was invited to different churches and did concerts. My parents were driving me everywhere. My dad is a CPA (certified public accountant), and my mom is a professor. From those practical professions, they began to believe and encourage me. I just had this passion and drive to do it all of the time.”

Phelps01     He’s still doing it all of the time, currently in his second stint as a member of the Gaither Vocal Band.“It’s been just fantastic,” Phelps said. “When I joined the Vocal Band at first, Mark was there. That was always a high point with me, singing on stage with Mark Lowry. He’s fantastic and a comedic genius. It was a learning experience. I remember sitting in Waco, Texas, and watching Michael English winning Dove Awards and saying to Lori (Phelps’ wife), ‘Boy, I would love to be up there singing with him some day.’ I was thrilled to be singing with Michael English. What an incredible, iconic talent. He has helped so many vocalists in and out of the church. People have mimicked his style for a decade. Wes (Hampton) took my place when I left the Vocal Band. What a generous guy. He’s literally like a little brother to me. He’s become a really good friend of mine. It’s been great to see his talent really grow. Then, of course, Bill (Gaither) is just a songwriter of the century. It doesn’t get a whole lot bigger than that to stand on stage and see how he communicates with people. In all, it’s a pretty amazing experience.”

Lowry was introduced to Phelps back in 1997, which led to Phelps’ eventual hire.“A guy named David Estes at Word Records called me and heard that we were looking for a tenor,” Lowry said. “David had come in to Word and sang for them and thought he might be a good fit. I was going to be passing by Word at that time. I told him to tell him to be there in 20 minutes. I thought he was good. Bill said, ‘Well, have him make a cassette tape of some of our stuff,’ like ‘The King Is Coming.’ He did. Guy (Penrod, the group’s lead singer at the time) and I went over and met David at his house and sang with him to see how that would go.”

David Phelps    Phelps was leaning more toward a contemporary career at the time. “I grew up in a family where our musical style was pretty eclectic, everything from ‘80’s rock to classic country and definitely gospel,” Phelps said. “I fell in love with Contemporary Christian- It was Amy Grant, Russ Taff. I had recorded an independent project that was contemporary. In all of my growing-up years, people were telling me, ‘You need to get hooked up with the Gaithers.’ I never knew how to make that happen. I just keep singing. I had moved to Nashville. We were here about six months. I was still traveling (for concerts). It was difficult as a relatively unknown artist. I was in the middle of talks with a record label to do my first national release. One of the gentlemen there said, ‘Hey, did you know that the Vocal Band is looking for a new tenor?’ Jonathan Pierce had left. I said, ‘If you could make an audition happen, I would love to have a chance at that.’ Mark Lowry was on that label too. It was Word. He came up and listened.”

Gaither added, “Mark Lowry had brought me a CD, and we were going on a cruise. We were looking for a tenor at the time. I asked Mark to tell him to go into the studio with just him and his voice. He did. We were overwhelmed.”

Phelps was not overly familiar with Southern Gospel Music at the time.“I didn’t really know what Southern Gospel was,” Phelps said. “My family used to sing four-part harmony. I knew those things. I just didn’t know the industry as a whole. I was just doing my own thing. I was just kind of who I was. I am so grateful that Southern Gospel Music has embraced me. I have fallen in love with the icons of Southern Gospel Music. It was fantastic to get to know Vestal Goodman and Jake Hess. This music has people like no other genre. I had heard of Michael English and the Vocal Band, but I had lost track of the Vocal Band a little after Michael left. I had heard the songs that had come out of Southern Gospel. Stylistically, it really is such a wide range. Southern Gospel has embraced the Gaither stuff, which has a country flair to more of a Contemporary style at times.”

Phelps joined the Vocal Band in July of 1997. “It’s truly affirming,” Phelps said. “That’s an important element to any artist’s journey. People ask me all of the time, “How do I get started in this? What is the magic pill?’ There is no magic pill. John Bisagno, who was a minister of music in Houston, gave me the best advice I ever got. I’m 6-foot-1, and my face was at his chest. He said, ‘Sing everywhere you can.’ That’s still the best advice I’ve ever been given. The people that end up doing this persevere.

David Phelps 3   Phelps continued, “You learn from it. You learn what works and what doesn’t work, how far to push your voice, what to say on stage, what not to say on stage. The most important element of that is you learn to love what you do no matter whether the crowd is there or not. It’s about creating the art of what we do in the moment and creating the joy for people. What I’ve learned over the course of my career is it’s not always about the lyric. In Southern Gospel, we have lyric that is not only theologically and doctrinally sound, but it’s also in music itself. God created music. Beauty is in and of itself something that glorifies the Lord.”

Gaither added, “Everything is timing. A lot of people ask me what it takes. You have to have talent. You have to have training. You have to have a great deal of perseverance … but sometimes, it’s just timing.”

Phelps left the Gaither Vocal Band in 2005 to pursue a solo ministry.“Before I left the Vocal Band, my goal was to define myself as an artist individually,” Phelps said. “I had actually gone to Bill and Barry (Jennings, the president of the Gaither Music Group) and said, ‘While I love being known as the tenor for the Vocal Band, I want your help in helping me define myself as an artist.’ They said, ‘Well, it’s about time you asked.’ Bill is a big part of my solo stuff. I had begun that road before I left. There were some difficult years in my solo work. To go from the first one (his self-titled project released in 2001) with ‘No More Night’ and ‘End of the Beginning,’ then, to go to Revelation, I don’t know whether it is Contemporary or whether it is Southern Gospel or if it’s just artistic. People would come to my concerts thinking they were going to get Vocal Band songs. That’s just not what I was as a solo artist. I still choose songs that fit me in both places.” Read more »

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Our Help Is In The Lord Alone by Dr. Jeff Steele

Written by Staff on May 30, 2014 – 8:21 am -

Mountains and snow

My subject this month is from Psalm 121 and it’s “How to Find Hope in a World That Is Hopeless.” In verse one of Psalm 121 we see that if we are going to find hope we must LIFT UP OUR HEADS! “I will lift up my eyes to the hills from whence cometh my help. My help comes from the Lord who made heaven and earth.” There is no hope in looking down. There is only help and hope in the Lord!

Folks I learned it the hard way…any idiot can tell you when everything is wrong. It takes a born again, Spirit filled, Bible believing, blood washed, on their way to Heaven and eyes on the prize Christian to survey the situation and look UP with HOPE for the future. No wonder people are upset at their government. A lot of us are disappointed in ourselves! Well, the simple truth is that we can only be upset and disappointed in what we THOUGHT was going to help us and we can’t help ourselves and we (as believers) should have never been looking to the government for our help because our help comes from the Lord!

A lot of people have reduced our Christianity to a religion of Do’s and Don’ts. If I DO this God will be happy with me. If I DON’T do that then God will be happy with me. Hey…there is nothing…NOTHING you can do in your own strength that will EVER impress God.

The truth is that we think WE can help ourselves or that someone…the government or whoever is going to help us and only God can do that. Our help comes from the Lord! Any time we are disappointed in somebody or something it is because we were depending on them for something they couldn’t do anyway…HELP us.

God-sleepingPsalm 121 also tells us that our God is awake. Verse 3 says it, verse 4 says it…our God does not slumber nor sleep. It 1989 He was awake when my father passed away. I know He was awake because I was talking to Him and He was listening to me. He was awake when President Obama was elected to office. He was awake when he took the oath of office. He was awake when Healthcare legislation passed. You’re single and don’t like it but God is awake. You have received bad news from the doctor but God is awake and He will be your helper in the midnight! He will lead you to the right mate for life. Why? He’s awake!

Six times in this Psalm it says “He will KEEP you!” He will keep you because He is awake. Presidents, kings, dictators, preachers and potentates may all go to sleep for a while but our God never sleeps!  While the Healthcare bill (that many of you hate) was passing God was awake. I know He was awake because we had two to join and one was baptized at our church that SUNDAY! He wasn’t feeling defeated and deciding to nap on Monday to recover from a bad weekend.

I know He was awake because TWO were saved in my office Monday afternoon AFTER the Health care legislation had passed!! A young lady who was so shy that when she prayed to receive Jesus I had to look up and watch her mouth move to make sure she was praying. That’s OK because she didn’t have to roust God out of a “long winter’s nap” to get His attention. He was awake and as she received Him, He received her. A young man with tears streaming down his face prayed to ask Christ into his heart and God didn’t throw back the covers and with a disgusted look on His face kick His feet and reluctantly get out of bed. No…He was awake and heard the young man cry out for mercy and help and He helped him with salvation that only He could give!

Do all the politics you want to do but please don’t ever fear that our God can’t help or that He is somehow asleep for He can help and He never slumbers nor sleeps! As the old spiritual says…He’s an on time God…yes He is!

And I will look to the hill where my helper is and I will know…HE is awake An old timer once told me “the Lord is awake and if He’s awake…there’s no sense BOTH of us being up…I’m going to bed!”

Thanks so much to Dr. Jeff Steele for his commitment to bringing our SGN Scoops readers awesome truths from the Bible in every month of SGN Scoops digital magazine!

This devotion was first published in December 2013 in SGN Scoops magazine. For this month’s magazine and Dr. Jeff Steele’s devotion, click on to http://www.sgnscoops.com/2014/05/17/may-2014-sgnscoops-magazine/

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Lari Goss…. The Man Behind The Music

Written by Staff on May 16, 2014 – 8:34 am -

Lari Goss OneBy Charlie Sexton

The timpani drum roll indicated that a magical night was just about to begin.   The capacity crowd burst into applause as the majestic sound of The Nashville String Machine Orchestra filled the Trinity Music City Auditorium in Hendersonville, Tennessee on a rainy Monday evening, July 9, 2012.   Just as the music hit it’s crescendo, The Maestro, Lari Goss, strolled across the stage, and took his place at the 9 ft. Concert Grand Piano. When his nimble fingers caressed the ivory keys of the massive instrument, everyone in attendance knew for a fact that the magic had most definitely begun.

For the next three hours, the very elite of the Southern Gospel Music community paid homage to a humble, diminutive man who, when seated at a keyboard, is bigger than life!

The emcee for the evening was none other than Mr. Gerald Wolfe, Lari’s Number One Fan, and close friend. He kept the banter conversational, and informative, yet took the audience on a journey of passion, purpose and perfection – the hallmarks of this legendary “man behind the music.”

Lari Goss 2 From humble beginnings in the quaint, rural town of Cartersville, Georgia, Mr. Goss began singing and playing Gospel Music with his brothers, James and Roni. Often considered lightyears ahead of their time, The Goss Brothers just did things a little different. They carved out a niche that is still the benchmark by which many of today’s current groups are measured. Lari has since become a much sought after producer, and regularly finds himself doing intricate arrangements featuring world-renowned orchestras all over the world.

The concert line-up read like a virtual “Who’s Who of Gospel Music.” Groups like The Booth Brothers, The Hoppers, Greater Vision, The Mark Trammell Quartet, Legacy Five, The Nelons, Ernie Haase & Signature Sound, and The Martins, along with soloists such as TaRanda Greene, Babbie Mason and Charlotte Richie each shared songs that were arranged or produced by Mr. Goss. Many other great talents, such as Karen Peck, Reggie and Ladye Love Smith, Bradley Knight, and the Christ Church Singers graced the stage during this star-studded gala event.

Of course, no party is complete without surprises, and this evening was no exception. There were some heartfelt video tribute segments from Bill Gaither, Larnelle Harris and Jim Cymbala, pastor of the famous Brooklyn Tabernacle in New York. The audience was chock full of “movers and shakers” from the world of Gospel Music, as well. A few notables were Dusty Wells, Judy Nelon, Rhonda Frye, Jim Murray, Donnie Sumner, Wayne Haun, Joel Lindsey and Dr. Jerry Goff. Last, but certainly not least, were many of Lari’s family members, including his lovely wife, Carolyn, and his brother, Roni.

Lari Goss 3Clarke Beasley, Executive Director of The National Quartet Convention presented Mr. Goss with a lifetime achievement award. Upon accepting this, Lari gave a tearful testimony to the faithfulness of God, the ultimate Giver of Music.

Finally, a mass choir, comprised of all the artists who had performed, was assembled, and the evening concluded with a moving rendition of “Statement Of Faith.”   For an encore, they sang “We Shall Wear A Robe And Crown.”

After the final note had been sung, and the lid of the piano closed, a lengthy time of fellowship ensued as folks from as far away as New Zealand surrounded the stage just to get a handshake, a hug, or a photo opportunity with this beloved man… Lari Goss… The Man Behind The Music.


First Published August 2012 in SGN Scoops digital magazine. Written by Charlie Sexton.

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April 2013 Editon Of SGNScoops Magazine

Written by SGN Scoops Staff on May 2, 2013 – 5:35 pm -

We are stoked about the April edition of SGNScoops Magazine! The beloved, ever popular Triumphant Quartet is gracing the cover this month! Also in this issue, get the inside scoop on Ann Downing’s latest recording experience and enjoy part 2 of Lorraine Walker’s series on John Lanier. Our focus on Christian Country Music shines the spotlight on Barbara Lowman, and we’re highlighting 2 special young folks this month-Zach Flowers and Olivia Collingsworth. In addition to the latest gospel music happenings, April’s issue includes several articles of Christian interest. Sandi Duncan Clark reviews a book titled “Question Everything” and Dixie reviews “The Grasshopper Effect,” a book about small churches. John Mathis Jr. and Jennifer Campbell encourage our hearts with articles of inspiration and don’t miss a special word of encouragement by our new staff writer, Dr. Jeff Steele. This month offers music reviews, an honor to Mark Lowry, a concert review of The Easters and special coverage of the Tracy Stuffle Benefit Concert. Rhonda Frye encourages West Coast Southern Gospel fans to attend the Great Western Fan Festival later this month, and Lorraine Walker tells our readers about the tourist hot-spots in Pigeon Forge, home of the Creekside Gospel Music Convention. Thank you to our talented staff of writers and design team for another beautiful issue of SGNScoops Magazine. Remember…we’re always free, and always good! By all means… Please share with your friends, fans and family on your websites and social media outlets!

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February 2012 SGNScoops Magazine

Written by SGN Scoops Staff on February 7, 2012 – 9:04 pm -

Presenting… The February Edition of SGNScoops Magazine! Jim and Melissa Brady share their sweet love story and their ministry! This month we are also featuring part two of Brian Free and Assurance, The Goldens, Anna Grace Kimbrough and The Lefevre Quartet. Special thanks to our features writers, Lorraine Walker, Laura Kennedy, Sandi Duncan Clark, Victoria Shirey and Angela Griffin!  And….Rob Estep gives a look behind the scenes with Wayne Haun!

We are excited about two special interest stories this month: Karen Peck and Joyful Noise as well as 2nd Generation’s Brenda Denney’s experience on The Price Is Right. Be encouraged by Lou Wills Hildreth, John Mathis Jr, Jennifer Cambpell and from our newest staff writer, Scott Rhoades.  We’ve kicked off a series of foreign mission stories too!  This month Angela Griffin shares “Love A Child!”

Don’t miss Sandi Duncan Clark’s DVD reviews as well as Rhonda Frye’s Crabb Family Concert Review. Enjoy a full and exciting issue of SGNScoops Magazine- Home of THE DIAMOND AWARDS!

Download the magazine here

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Rob Talking About SGNScoops Magazine

Written by SGN Scoops Staff on January 13, 2012 – 10:59 am -

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November Issue of SGNScoops Magazine

Written by SGN Scoops Staff on November 14, 2011 – 4:29 pm -

We are excited and blessed  to present a THRILLING Thanksgiving edition of SGNScoops Magazine. You may want to sit down for this! Neatly tucked into the November issue, you’ll find features on RAMBO-MCGUIRE, THE BOOTH BROTHERS, JANET PASCHAL, RUSS TAFF, THE AKINS, JOEL LINDSEY, DUSTIN WISECARVER and a special audio interview by Jonathan Edwards featuring THE LESTERS! As always, we provide new music reviews and several inspirational articles. We’re excited about a book review featuring the “must-have” Christmas book, “A Homecoming Christmas” written by Bill and Gloria Gaither. This month we also present part 2 of Media and the Gospel, tips for eating smart during the holidays and we’re highlighting a tourist spot in the Northwest. And…. because it’s the month of Thanksgiving, find out why the Scoops Staff is thankful also read Thanksgiving thoughts and comments from your favorite artists. We pray you enjoy this month’s magazine from cover to cover and please share it with a friend.

Special thanks to the entire Scoops Staff for an outstanding November issue of SGNScoops Magazine. With a combine experience totally nearly 100 years in the Gospel Music Industry, we strive to be a trusted source bringing you the latest developements in the Gospel Music Industry! Download the Magazine Here

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Rob Talks About The November SGNScoops Magazine

Written by SGN Scoops Staff on November 13, 2011 – 2:19 pm -

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