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Dusty Wells shares his New Year’s Prayer

Written by Staff on January 12, 2018 – 11:33 am -

Dusty Wells

Dusty Wells

Adapted from Dusty Wells: Wisdom from Wells, SGNScoops Magazine, February 2017

Oh, how the years seem to fly by as I get older. Well my friends, I like to pretend that I am just staying endlessly young and not getting any older. But in reality, I’m fairly certain that we would all agree, the years really do pass so quickly once we hit a certain age. And I’ve learned it’s okay; it really is. For me, aging is just a part of the journey, and I finally came to that place of embracing it and walking in it. So away we go into a fresh new year of endless opportunities for us.


I’m not a fan of New Year’s resolutions, just due to the fact that I constantly made myself a list, and then after two or three weeks I found myself not following through with them. This pattern of starting them and then giving up and falling back into old habits and such just seemed so discouraging.  


So about 10 years ago, I decided that I would do away with my resolutions and instead just write myself a prayer that I can pray and apply to my own personal life with areas that I needed to work and focus on. No more detailed lists that included such broken promises of losing 20 pounds, going to the gym three or four times a week, saving $100.00 a month by taking it out of each paycheck, praying for an hour each day, reading my Bible all the way through in a year…and the list went on and on and on and on for me.  


Think about it for you, how many of those resolutions have you chosen, and then not followed through with. Now I know there are some of you who are so much more disciplined than me and most likely have achieved so much with your own individual New Year’s resolutions. I so applaud you and I will buy you a cup of coffee someday down the road. I want to hear your stories of victory.


Kelly Nelon Clark, Dusty Wells, Karen Peck Gooch

Kelly Nelon Clark, Dusty Wells, Karen Peck Gooch

A few days ago I came across my prayer, and even though it’s only a week or so into the New Year, I would love to share with you my personal prayer and what I’m working on as we walk into this brand New Year. Then a year from now, you can all ask me, “How did you do with your New Year’s prayer?”  So here you go:


“Jesus, I just thank You for bringing me through (2017). I sure don’t understand so much that took place but what I do understand is that You know it all. You care, You have been with me, You are not going to leave me nor forsake me and You are absolutely crazy in love with me;  I sure do believe that.  


“So Lord, as I go into this New Year and begin a new chapter, I just want You to know the areas that I want to work on and grow in are so many, and I know You will be right with me. I ask You to help me be more sensitive, kind, honest, loving, caring, encouraging. Bring me closer to You and guide me in the ways You want me to go. Push me in new areas. Challenge me to listen more closely and obey a lot more.  


“Help me to live boldly and stay strong and true to the convictions of my heart that You have given me. Show me those areas in my life that I need to be more disciplined in. Give me words that will help others since there are so many hurting and struggling in so many area out there.


“Let me stay focused in what Your call is on my life. Let me pursue even more with persistent passion. Hold me so close, show me Your love, show me my heart condition daily, convict me in those areas that I need to do better in, help me love like You, let forgiveness flow to and from me and let my words speak life and not death to those I come in contact with. Use me as You want.”


Dusty Wells

Dusty Wells

And even as I read and share my prayer now, I’m even more challenged to make it my priority to read and apply it to my life daily. Now, you take a few minutes and write your own prayer. See what happens.


You are loved, you are valuable and this very well could be your best year yet. Praying for you.  He’s got us wrapped in His arms and He is with us.

By Dusty Wells

Wells is a regular contributor to SGNScoops Magazine.

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January 2018 SGNScoops Magazine

Written by SGN Scoops Staff on January 5, 2018 – 12:24 pm -

January 2018 SGNScoops Magazine

January 2018 SGNScoops Magazine

Happy New Year from all of us at SGNScoops Magazine. We are pleased to join you in anticipation of a great year in Gospel Music.

As we look ahead and wonder about the artists and songs that God will use to make a mark on our lives, one group stands out in particular.  It is our cover feature, the Jordan Family Band. One listen to their live Facebook presentation every Wednesday night and you will see the joy, enthusiasm, compassion and faith that radiates from this lovely family. Sarah Murray introduces us to the members of the JFB and helps us discover why they are skyrockets in Southern Gospel Music.
This month we also treat you to a large sampling from the camera of Craig Harris. Charlie Griffin talks about the major concerts coming up across the States this winter. Erin Stevens interviews Chris Taylor, a young gentleman that had a close brush with death. Randall Hamm reviews new music and Vonda Easley talks to DJ Ron Foster.
All this plus our radio charts, an update on the Southern Gospel Weekend coming up soon and a brief look at Creekside. Don’t miss special thoughts by Selena Day, Rob Patz and myself as we consider the impact of a new year and a new season.
Are you ready for 2018? Let us help you get in the groove. Read the January issue of SGNScoops Magazine and let the love of God expressed in its pages  bring you encouragement and inspiration. Don’t forget to share it with a friend.
Thoughts or questions? Please email me at today. We look forward to hearing from you.
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Charlie Griffin shares: A NEW YEAR, A NEW OUTLOOK

Written by Staff on January 1, 2018 – 8:24 am -

Charlie Griffin, new year 2018

    Charlie Griffin

The New Year is off and running. I stand amazed at how fast time flies anymore. Seems we run one day into a month, then half a year is gone at the blink of an eye. James 4:14 shares that life is here for a time, then it vanishes. I think that really applies to time and our lives.

Time is a valuable commodity. You can’t touch, smell, taste, hear or see time. Yet, it is the barometer of measuring our life.  

How we measure our lives is a funny thing. To most people that measure their lives, it is summed up in one word: Success.

Ecclesiastes 3:1-8 provides a clear perspective on many things about our lives. “For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven: a time to be born, and a time to die; a time to plant, and a time to pluck up what is planted; a time to kill, and a time to heal; a time to break down, and a time to build up; a time to weep, and a time to laugh; a time to mourn, and a time to dance; a time to cast away stones, and a time to gather stones together; a time to embrace, and a time to refrain from embracing; …”

New Year 2018 GoalsIn time, we apply benchmarks of productivity to be fulfilled. This measures our successes in life. Some goals are part of our life expectancy in our upbringing. We live our lives according to the expectations of those who came before us, e.g. job, marriage, house, children, etc.

So you ask why time is important to you and me, today, right now as we start the new year of 2018. That is a simple thing yet so hard to understand.

We are only promised this day to live. Therefore it is important to live fully in the now and make the most of today.

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Are you willing to be interrupted by God this Christmas?

Written by Staff on December 23, 2017 – 5:16 am -

Merry Christmas from SGNScoops

Merry Christmas from SGNScoops

SGNScoops’ Editor’s Last Word for Christmas,  December 2017

By Lorraine Walker


The season of Christmas is upon us. I am one of those people who brings out the Christmas music and movies at the beginning of November. Before you roll your eyes, I will say that the tree doesn’t go up until the end of the month. So, it could be worse. But I love this time of year, and so do our writers here at SGNScoops. I hope you have enjoyed all of the encouraging, enlightening and seasonal features this month.


December 2017 SGNScoops Magazine

December 2017 SGNScoops Magazine

We are proud to have 11th Hour on our cover once more. Since they last appeared in our magazine, they have had several charting songs and have grown in popularity. I so enjoy their music, as well as their antics on Facebook. I hope that if you aren’t following them yet, you will. Jaquita Lindsey was a writer for us for some time before the schedule of the trio began to take up much more of her time. We miss her writing, but we are glad to fill you in a bit on the group.


I admit that this month’s publication was delayed slightly because of my schedule. Between health issues and doctor’s appointments, it is not always possible for me to find my way through the wonderful SGNScoops’ articles in a timely manner. Sometimes, I get frustrated that things don’t always go as I’ve planned, and I feel like issues in my life are out of my control. Many of you likely feel that way at this busy time of year. Just when you think you have everything on your calendar, something new pops up out of the blue. Inconvenient but unavoidable, you add it to your list of things to do.


It struck me that most of the events in the Christmas story happened at inopportune times for those involved. Zechariah was fulfilling his priestly duties – an older man, probably set in his ways and accustomed to life without children – when suddenly an angel tells him that his wife is expecting. Elizabeth, an older woman, was also probably complacent with her life as a priest’s wife, but she still had a prayer in her heart for a child. Suddenly, her life is spun 180 degrees as she is with child.


There was Joseph, a hard worker, trying to put money aside for the day he would be married, told by the government that he has to make an expensive trip to Bethlehem with his fiancee, Mary. Young Mary, living as an engaged girl, not only has to prepare for a difficult journey, but suddenly, told she will also have a child. Everything she had thought her life would be as a married woman is turned upside down.


The Christmas story is full of people whose lives are interrupted by God. Have you ever wondered what might have happened if they were not obedient, or if they railed against the plans of God? What if Elizabeth decided that having a child at her age was too risky for her health? What if Zechariah had refused to name the child John? Would we be reading about Bob the Baptist?


What if Joseph decided not to marry Mary? What if Mary couldn’t handle the sideways glances and whispers of derision, and ran away from it all, to have the child in a far-off place, perhaps to be given to another couple? What if the shepherds had listened to the angels and then just shrugged it off as an advertising gimmick?


God likes to interrupt our lives still today. He knows if you are playing church, comfortable with showing up at your pew at Christmas and Easter, pretending you believe in Him when He knows you don’t. He will interrupt you again and again, trying to get your attention. Maybe He will draw your attention by reducing your finances, dissolving a relationship, or by the actions of that pesky neighbor who always mentions His name.


Lorraine Walker, Editor of SGNScoops

Lorraine Walker, Editor of SGNScoops

Whoever you are, whatever you believe, now is the time to listen and respond to God’s interruption of your life. The interruption may change your life 180 degrees. Are you brave enough or open to His challenge? He wants you to grow closer to Him. Each step towards the Christ child will change you in ways you never imagined. Each time you respond to God’s interruption, the life of the resurrected Lord Jesus will be even more manifest in your life. Are you prepared to be interrupted by the Almighty?

Merry Christmas to you and your family from all of us at SGNScoops Magazine. From my heart and from my family, I wish you a blessed holiday season. As always, I can be reached by e-mailing

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Christmas Challenge by Rob Patz

Written by Staff on December 17, 2017 – 5:34 am -

Christmas Challenge by Rob PatzPublisher’s Point for Christmas and December 2017 by Rob Patz


‘Tis the season. I wonder how many times this year I will actually say that, and I wonder how many people really understand what we celebrate during the season. As Christians, we celebrate the fact that God saw such a need that He would send His only son, knowing full well that His son would die on a cross.


I have to say that there are times where I forget to take in the full impact of what Christmas really means. We all get so busy sharing the holiday with family and friends that we forget the impact of a baby being born in a manger. No, we as modern-day humans don’t understand what a manger really is. A manger wasn’t a softly made bed like the paintings that we see. They say it was hewn out of stone and probably was very rustic. It’s difficult to think that the savior of the world was born under such conditions.


That should make us all reevaluate how we look at the holidays. I’m not saying you should take down your tree, and I’m not saying you should stop buying gifts, I’m just saying that maybe this year, during the holiday, you should sit down and read the Christmas story and reflect on the magnitude of this perfect gift, which we truly celebrate.


‘During the holiday season …’ – that way I can work Thanksgiving in as well, since I’m writing to you before Thanksgiving – I spend a lot of time reflecting on life. I think we all do. Like everyone, I miss family during this time of year. There are those that have gone on before us, those who we don’t have the opportunity to call or see during the holidays, and then we have those who have – with time – drifted out of our lives. This includes my family as much as those that are close friends. During this time of year, I often wonder what they’re doing, or how they are. I usually take a few minutes, especially on Thanksgiving, to pray for them.


Christmas 2017As you read this, for most of you, Christmas is in full swing. My family and I enjoy this time of year immensely. It’s an opportunity to not only look forward, but to look back at the past year.


This was a year full of changes and challenges. As someone who embraces change, some of the changes were good … some of them, not so much. As far as challenges, like everyone, I had different sets of challenges, but with challenges, we know we are moving forward. As much as we embrace change, we should also learn to embrace challenges.


What challenges are laid before you, and what does God have for you to do within that challenge? I learned that over this past year that sometimes God is creating the challenge to strengthen us. I recently heard a pastor say that without challenges we will see no growth, for in the challenge God creates in us the wisdom to move forward. I believe this year I have learned and gained new wisdom.


Rob Patz

Rob Patz

I’m going close this year’s Publishers Point by challenging you to pray not only for our magazine, but for your church, your neighbors, and your family. I pray that this year you take time to specifically pray for each. I believe that 2018 is going to be full of new blessings.


God has amazing things for you and for me. It’s time to stop looking at the negative. I’m going to preach this throughout 2018 … stop dwelling on the bad things and start praising God for the good things.


As I close this, I want to wish you all the best during the holidays, from my family to yours. I love you all.

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December 2017 SGNScoops Magazine

Written by SGN Scoops Staff on December 8, 2017 – 4:48 pm -

December 2017 SGNScoops Magazine

December 2017 SGNScoops Magazine

Merry Christmas from SGNScoops Magazine. We are thrilled to present our gift to you, the December 2017 issue of SGNScoops Magazine featuring 11th Hour. If you have met any of the members of this popular trio, you know they are celebrating the season for all the right reasons. We hope you enjoy their visit with Sarah Murray.

Other artists featured include Elena Dubbeld of the Mark Dubbeld Family, Matt Fouch, Ed O’Neal, Cody McVey, and Charlie Griffin takes us to the world of promoters and Bill Bailey, as well as a look into the past with a Gift of Music. Erin Stevens travels to Africa and Jennifer Campbell journeys down memory lane to New York for Christmas. Don’t miss Craig Harris’ great pictures of the Gaither Vocal Band and friends.

Our special articles by Nathan Kistler, Roger Barkley, Jr., and Selena Day will put you in the festive spirit and Randall Hamm along with Kaleb Powell introduce new music for the soundtrack of Christmas 2017. All this along with radio charts, event updates, the DJ Spotlight and seasonal messages from the Publisher and Editor.

Merry Christmas from SGNScoops Magazine. Remember to keep Jesus the center of your holiday, reflecting on the cradle He lay in, the cross He would bear, and the crown He now wears. Let Him be born in your life today.

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David Staton – Thankful for the Miracle and the Promise

Written by Staff on December 4, 2017 – 5:16 am -

David Staton

David Staton

This has been a year of gratitude for our family. I’ll be honest … it has been one of the toughest years of our lives. There have been days when I have felt totally forsaken. I cried out to God, asking Him to let me know that He was even there.

But every now and then, God just hits you in the face with the reality that His word is true and that He is faithful to every promise. With every miracle, there is a promise. We want the miracles. We pray and pray for the miracle, but if we aren’t careful, we will miss the promise.

When I was younger, I was singing with my family. We had been asked to sing in Greece. We sang and stayed at the U.S. Embassy in Athens, Greece. We had military escorts everywhere we went. It was the first time we had ever heard of a car bomb or a roadside bombing.

David Staton and family

David Staton and family

We only had one day with no performances, so our military guide, who happened to be a Christian, asked if we would like to see some sights. He took us out in the middle of nowhere and told us that our first stop would be the ancient city of Philippi. There is much written to and about this city by the apostle Paul.

One of the most recognized accounts is in Acts 16, where Paul and Silas were thrown in prison. At midnight, they began singing praise to God when an earthquake shook the prison and freed all of the prisoners. When I looked in that innermost cell, I was shocked to see the shackles still hanging on the walls. I still get goose bumps when I think about it.

After the prisoners were set free from the earthquake, the jailer asked Paul and Silas how he could be saved. They answered him and said, “Believe in the Lord Jesus, and you will be saved – and your household.” How did Paul and Silas know that the jailer’s family would be saved? It’s simple really. They knew what many husbands and dads need to hear today, which is this … your family will follow you wherever you lead them. It may not always feel like they are following, but trust me … wherever you end up is where they will end up. Whether it is a rehab facility, skid row, or the cross, they will follow you there.

Through most of 2017 when I didn’t feel like God was anywhere to be found, my youngest daughter Katherine, age 10, prayed and asked the spirit to come into her heart as she chose to follow Christ. Last month, I had the privilege to help baptize her. Katherine was the last of my kids to choose to follow the Lord. It was the fulfillment of the promise in Acts 16, “… and your household.”

While I was praying for miracles, wondering where God was, He was faithfully fulfilling His promise in my life. If you focus on the miracles, you’ll miss the promise and faithfulness of God. Give thanks.
David Staton

As published by SGNScoops Magazine in November 2017

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November 2017 SGNScoops Magazine

Written by SGN Scoops Staff on November 6, 2017 – 9:26 am -

November 2017 SGNScoops Magazine

November 2017 SGNScoops Magazine

It’s November, the month of Thanksgiving and the traditional beginning of the Christmas season. We so enjoy this time of year, and we hope you really enjoy our November issue of SGNScoops Magazine.

Our cover story this month is none other than Bill Gaither, Mr. Gospel Music. Craig Harris spoke with Mr. Gaither and he gives us a look into the Gaither Vocal Band and their endeavors.
Debbie Seagraves talks to pianist James Rainey about miracles; Erin Stevens talks to Abigail Aldridge of the Hoskins Family; Jimmy Reno gives us a review of the new Michael English CD; and Justin Gilmore talks to mixed group, The Foresters.
Don’t miss Charlie Griffin’s historical features on Southern Gospel Music Promoters, and Robert York’s look at WATC TV in Atlanta Georgia.
There is much, much more, including pictures from the Dove Awards, the Diamond Award winners, and special Thanksgiving features.
At SGNScoops, we give thanks to the Lord God Almighty for his constant provision, saving grace, and safety as we travel. We are also thankful to you, our readers, artists, writers, and all the staff that make our monthly issues possible. We hope you have a terrific Thanksgiving!
You Can Download The PDF File Of SGNScoops Magazine HERE
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October 2017 SGNScoops Magazine

Written by SGN Scoops Staff on October 3, 2017 – 7:08 am -

Welcome to the October 2017 issue of SGNScoops Magazine. We are thrilled with the variety within our pages this month and our writers have crafted many fine features for your reading pleasure. Most of you will recognize one of the best bass singers in our industry today, our cover story, Eric Bennett. He is being honored by Mr. Jerry Goff at the Creekside Gospel Music Convention. Be sure to come to Pigeon Forge for this incredible evening on Oct. 30. Be sure to read about another Creekside guest, Brian Free and Assurance.

Erin Stevens talks to Legacy Five’s pianist Josh Townsend; Fayth Lore features Southern Gospel Sweetheart Abby Paskvan; Robert York highlights the SGMA Hall of Fame; and Charlie Griffin takes us back to the early days of Southern Gospel promotion. Don’t miss Craig Harris’ images of the Booth Brothers and Jason Crabb. Sarah Murray interviews Confederate Railroad’s former bad-boy, Cody McCarver, in a revealing feature about how Jesus can turn a life around 180 degrees.

All of this plus music reviews by Randall Hamm and Kaleb Powell, radio charts and monthly articles from Selena Day, Nathan Kistler, Vonda Easley and Rob Patz. Also, Leslie McKay gives us the wrap-up on the Vernon Alabama Gospel Music Weekend. We hope you read this issue cover to cover and don’t miss a thing. We hope you read about the difference God can make in your life today.

Thanks to all of you for your kind words when you met up with our publisher, Rob Patz during NQC. We hope to see you all at Creekside in a few short days. If you have any questions about Creekside, write to Rob at Also, tell me what you think about SGNScoops this month by writing to me at

Download The PDF SGNScoops Magazine HERE

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NQC Artists: Meet SGNScoops publisher Rob Patz and advertising rep Vonda Easley

Written by Staff on September 25, 2017 – 3:06 pm -

NQC Artists: Meet SGNScoops publisher Rob Patz and advertising rep Vonda Easley

Rob Patz and Vonda Easley of SGNScoops

The National Quartet Convention is now being presented at the LeConte Center in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. From now until the end of the week, SGNScoops would like to meet and talk to as many artists as we can!

NQC Artists: Meet SGNScoops publisher Rob Patz and advertising rep Vonda Easley

Rob Patz and Guy Penrod

Rob Patz, CEO of Coastal Media and Publisher of SGNScoops, and Vonda Easley, Advertising and Sales, will be at the NQC beginning on Tuesday night.

Patz and Easley will have a limited number of free SGNScoops Newspapers to distribute, so friends and fans are encouraged to look for them at the LeConte Center.

NQC Artists: Meet SGNScoops publisher Rob Patz and advertising rep Vonda Easley

Rob Patz and Vonda Easley

If artists would like to meet and speak with these SGNScoops personalities,  they are encouraged to email them as soon as possible. Rob Patz can be reached at and Vonda Easley

Thank you for your support of SGNScoops magazine.  Be sure to also wish Rob Patz a belated happy birthday.

Enjoy NQC week!

For the latest issue of SGNScoops magazine click here

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