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Black Friday at

Written by SGN Scoops Staff on November 27, 2015 – 10:26 am -

Black Friday at

Black Friday at

Black Friday at

Have you been wanting to advertise with and you’ve just been waiting on a great deal? Well the time is now! We have your Black Friday special!

Every artist is looking for more promotion and for help getting the word out about their music. We are offering an unheard of advertising special for Black Friday.

Here are our two offers:

#1: A half page, 12 month ad in SGNScoops PLUS a Fast Five story on our website.
A great value for only $1500!

#2: A full-page ad for 12 months in SGNScoops, plus a Fast Five on our website. Another great value for only $2500!

This is a savings of over 50% off of your normal price for these advertising packages.

Grab a hold of this is a one day sale now! You must contact Vonda Easley by midnight tonight at 256-310-7892. Call now!

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Whisnant’s Walk of Faith…

Written by Staff on October 10, 2015 – 4:40 am -

WhisnaNts CD

WhisnaNts CD

The walk of faith is a long, winding, consistent road for the Christian. Sometimes we worry, sometimes we struggle to gather courage to tell a friend or co-worker about Jesus and sometimes…we even doubt our own salvation. It takes faith to overcome each concern, and that’s something the Whisnants know all about, so they titled their 2015 release: Walk of Faith.

Susan Whisnant-The Whisnants

Susan Whisnant-The Whisnants

“It kind of summarizes our whole ministry really,” says Jeff Whisnant. “You don’t stay in ministry as long as we do without having a whole lot of faith.” 

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Happy Birthday to Rob Patz

Written by Staff on September 24, 2015 – 5:25 am -

Rob Patz of SGN Scoops

Rob Patz of SGN Scoopsu

It’s time to wish a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our own Rob Patz. Rob is publisher of SGNScoops digital magazine, owner of all SGNScoops and SGMRadio websites and CEO of Coastal Media. He is known and loved by Gospel music artists, industry personnel and every one he meets.

Susan Peck Jackson, Karen Peck Gooch, Rob Patz and Jeff Hawes

Susan Peck Jackson, Karen Peck Gooch, Rob Patz and Jeff Hawes

Go to the SGN Scoops Facebook page and wish Rob a Happy Birthday today!

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Ronny Hinson: The Thread That Weaves It All Together

Written by Staff on September 19, 2015 – 6:55 am -

RH-SilverRonny Hinson grew up in a home full of music. Folks from his little coastal hometown of Watsonville in Santa Cruz County, California, knew that the Hinson family had something special with their singing, but God knew just how far their songs would go and how many hearts would be changed by the message in them. Ronny Hinson’s songwriting talents grew from this special musical beginning and have touched countless lives over the 48 years of his music career. Today Ronny writes music, instructs songwriters, and travels to sing and preach Biblical truths. No matter what he is doing, though, Ronny knows that there is one thread that weaves the many strings of his efforts into one lifeline: and that is the call to change lives for Christ.

  Ronny recalls the special day that his family sang together for the first time. “All of my siblings and I grew up singing in my father’s little storefront church and in revival meetings that he would conduct. We would always sing as soloists or we’d do a duet, but never all together. It was on December 12, 1967, that we sang beyond the walls of our father’s church as the group that the people came to know. It happened in a revival meeting in a little Church of God in Freedom, California, through great efforts of arm-twisting! We sang the old song that The Goodman family made famous called ‘The Eyes of Jesus.’ We were all familiar with the words and the melody but never had sung it together in four-part harmony. Our singing was so well-received that night and we discovered what God already knew: that we were called to sing. We were invited to sing at another church about 40 miles away two weeks later where we received our first love offering. It was the grand sum of five dollars. Being siblings, we didn’t trust each other so we split it four ways outside on the church sidewalk. A buck and a quarter apiece!”

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Erin Stevens’ Younger Perspective on Sarah Davison of HighRoad

Written by Staff on September 18, 2015 – 9:45 am -



A word from the writer…
As the heritage of Gospel music lives on in our hearts, it’s the new faces answering the call that keep the dream alive. Such is the case with a newer group to many of us, the girls of HighRoad. I had the joy of meeting Sarah Davison, pianist and vocalist for the group back in April at Singing in the Sun. Sarah’s love for the Lord and bubbly personality were the two things I quickly noted, along with her incredible, God-given talents on stage. So here we are, turning our attention to a sweet, born and raised Iowa girl, who just so happens to share in the same dream, to see this great music continue on from generation to generation. Take it away, Sarah!

Sarah Davison

Sarah Davison

Erin: Share with the readers how HighRoad got its start.
Sarah: HighRoad started after we graduated from college in Nashville. It began with just two of us doing home concerts and churches on Sundays, traveling in a little Honda all over the South! We took every chance to do it more, and now, we really feel that we are doing what we are called to do.

Erin: What is the story behind the name of the group?
Sarah: We decided on the name HighRoad back in 2010 when we first began singing and playing together. We brainstormed for a time and came up with this name after reading some scripture that said to set our sights on things above; to be ‘heaven-minded and take the narrow path toward achieving the goal of seeing our Savior someday.’ So the name HighRoad was a perfect fit – it says it all!

Erin: What was it like for an Iowa girl to travel all the way to the city of Nashville, and to attend college at Belmont University?
Sarah: Well, when I moved to Nashville, I had never even driven on an interstate. There are 180 people in the town where I grew up and we lived 10 miles outside that town! I was excited, yet terrified, but I knew that God had me here for a reason. I couldn’t have done it without my supportive family back home and the care packages of cinnamon rolls from Mom! Attending Belmont was a huge blessing and opened many doors. Of course, that’s where I first met the girls of HighRoad! I also interned at Universal Music Group during my senior year and after graduating I began working for country artist George Strait, at his management office. I learned so many valuable lessons by the work and people I met through school. I’m very thankful.

Erin: What was it like working with the masterful Ben Isaacs in the studio on your latest recording?
Sarah: We absolutely loved working with Ben. He is one of the most superb human beings and talented musicians I’ve ever met. Just being around him makes you want to do a good job playing and singing. We got to play our own instruments on this album too – that was a real treat for us. We look forward to sharing a lot more future memories with Ben and Mark in the studio.



Erin: Any ‘roadie mishaps’ or embarrassing moments you’d like to share?
Sarah: Oh boy! We’ve had a few and could probably write a short book. Last year, we actually drove to the wrong church in the wrong town. We pulled up and walked in the door and said, “Hi! We made it!” And their reaction was just a blank stare and finally someone said, “Who are you all??” We barely made it to the correct church down the road in time for the concert. But the biggest mishap that I’ve experienced was being left at a rest stop in West Virginia in my pajamas at 6:00am. No phone. No wallet. I had gone in for a bottle of water and walked out to see the bus rolling down the road. I ended up having a kind lady call the highway patrol and they found the bus on the road and escorted me out to it…in my pajamas. I was mortified. Lessons learned the hard way you never have to learn again!

Erin: Who would be the top three musicians on your Bucket List to share the stage with someday?
Sarah: Patty Loveless, Sonya Isaacs and Vince Gill

Erin: On your days off, what is your ideal, picture perfect afternoon?
Sarah: I love to crochet and bake. I have always had this idea that someday I wanted to open a pie shop that had live 20’s Ragtime music and homemade pies!



Erin: A ‘Younger Perspective’ must-ask question… What is your can’t live without, favorite food?
Sarah: I can’t live without my mom’s cinnamon rolls. She makes them from scratch and it’s an old recipe from our family.

Erin: I’m sure the fans would love to hear about how you came to know Christ?
Sarah: Absolutely! I grew up playing a lot of music with my dad who leads a Cowboy Church back home. I was baptized when I was really young and my parents always raised me to think of it more as a dedication since I couldn’t remember it. They told me, “If the Lord lays it on your heart to go forward and be baptized, do it.” And I did, one day when I felt the Holy Spirit so heavily. I knew what the Lord was doing in me and it changed me. It was the greatest day of my life and always will be.

Erin: What has the Lord been speaking to your heart in your daily devotions recently?
Sarah: Recently, the Lord has really been teaching me to trust. I lost my Grandma two weeks ago. I came home to see her one afternoon and she was in heaven by the next morning. It was really tough because she was so special to me; we were buds. I’ve been learning that it’s ok to grieve the loss, but even better to celebrate the gain. God has taught me a lot just in the last couple weeks since losing her. He has shown me that His plan and will are perfect. I need to trust Him in everything. Not just the little things that don’t always matter, but also the big things that are near and dear to me.

HighRoadAs the song says, “You never know what someone’s going through.” You might be experiencing the same type of loss as Sarah is walking through, or you may be healing from a great loss that dates back years ago. From experience, I can assure you that over time, it becomes easier to cope, but especially when you love deeply, the hole left in your heart is one that never completely heals. I think that’s a real picture of Christ’s love for us. He went to the Cross, died for our sins, took our shame upon Himself, but one day when we see Him in heaven, He will still bear the physical scars where the nails were driven in. Through time and eternity, those wounds will be a constant reminder of His unending love for His own. May His peace pass all understanding no matter where you are coming from in your walk today. Thanks to Sarah for sharing with us. Until next month, Scoops fans…

And that’s my take on it.

(Connect with Erin, your Younger Perspective writer, on Twitter: @photosforkeeps & Instagram: @photos_for_keeps. Who would you like to see her interview next??)

By Erin Stevens

Younger Perspective by Erin Stevens can be seen monthly in SGNScoops digital magazine. For the September 2015 issue, click here.

For more on the great music of HighRoad, click here.


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Tribute: Preserving the Heritage and Promoting the Future of Gospel Music

Written by Staff on September 17, 2015 – 4:46 pm -



“Tribute: an act, statement, or gift that is intended to show gratitude, respect or admiration.” That’s the first definition that comes up in a word search online for the word tribute. Gospel music has all kinds of tributes. I was present in the side section with some of the artists in 2010 at the National Quartet Convention when they paid tribute to some of the notable artists in a celebration of 100 years of Gospel Music. Now THAT was a tribute! We see tribute tours of older artists in different genres, different styles of Christian music, and we see tributes to great athletes of years gone by. But one group of four men based out of Nashville, Tennessee, are spending their lives paying tribute to what Gospel music represents and Who has been the theme of songs down through the years.

We’re visiting with Tribute Quartet this month, and you’ll love what they have to say to us about their motto: “Preserving the Heritage and Promoting the Future of Gospel Music.”

Follow the link to read the rest of the story…

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Do You Want To Join The SGNScoops’ Team?

Written by Staff on September 17, 2015 – 11:03 am -

sgnscoopscovernewDo you have a good knowledge of Southern Gospel and free time to spend on your computer every day? Do you have a good working knowledge of grammar/spelling and can use Word Press?

We are looking for an enthusiastic team player who loves the Lord and loves music. A flair for media and advertising is an asset but not a requirement.

If this sounds like you and you would love to volunteer some time to work with SGNScoops/SGMRadio, please contact Lorraine today!


sgmradiobannerheaderSGNScoops exists to promote the gospel by unveiling what is intriguing and real about Southern Gospel and Christian Country music. With integrity, we aspire to strengthen Christians, highlight people who are fulfilling a call to minister and emphasize the music that inspires audiences and glorifies God.”

SGMRadio Website exists to Expand the Kingdom of God, Serve the Artist by Expanding their Outreach and Uplift the Reader by Presenting Christ in Every Feature.”

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SGNScoops Will Make You Want To SHOUT!

Written by SGN Scoops Staff on August 18, 2015 – 9:31 am -



SGNScoops has a new contest that will truly make you want to shout! Run, don’t walk, over to the SGNScoops Facebook page HERE and register to win. “LIKE” our Facebook page and then leave your name and email address in the status section. Then, move your cursor back up to the “LIKE” button and hover until a menu appears. Click “See First” and you will have all the latest Gospel music news and information at the top of your home page whenever we have something new for you. That should make you want to SHOUT!

The winner of our SHOUT contest will be drawn on Friday, August 28, and the prize is from The Williamsons who currently have the number two song on the SGN Scoops Top 100 for August. The song is called “Shout,” and we are giving away their latest CD which includes this song, as well as a shirt with the “Shout” theme on the front. Visit the Williamsons website today and hear this exciting song.
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SGN Scoops Wacky Wednesday Top Ten

Written by Staff on May 13, 2015 – 10:39 am -

Wacky Wednesday

Wacky Wednesday

Happy Wacky Wednesday! SGN Scoops has polled about 18 artists about various things and received their answers. We have used this (not so much) scientific process to tabulate the Wacky Wednesday Top Ten! We hope you enjoy these responses…in no particular order…


Today’s Question: What is the one thing you need to take with you on the road?


And the top answer is…you guessed it! HAIRSPRAY! …as responded by Michaela Brown (The Browns) and one Booth Brother**


Another popular response: Sweet Tea by Lauren Talley Alvey (The Talleys) and Greg Bentley (soloist)


At least some of the artists needed this one: A Toothbrush! – Billy Blackwood (The Blackwood Brothers Quartet), Scott Inman (Triumphant Quartet) (what do you suppose the rest of them use?)


And this makes our Gospel music ladies look so wonderful: Makeup! – Karen Peck Gooch (Karen Peck and New River), Hannah Webb (The Rick Webb Family). Hannah adds, “and my precious book of Scripture – both to keep me presentable :)”


SGN Scoops Wacky Wednesday Top Ten

SGN Scoops Wacky Wednesday Top Ten

Now most of us will not leave home without our iPhone! And neither does Chris Jenkins (Kingsmen Quartet) or Shannon Smith (Three Bridges)


I’m so glad Joseph Habedank (soloist) remembers this one: his wife, Lindsay


Other responses:

Peanut Butter – Clayton Inman (Triumphant Quartet)

Bank Debit Card – Phil Collingsworth Sr. (The Collingsworth Family) (and with that many traveling with him, it’s no wonder!)

My Bunk – David Sutton (Triumphant Quartet) (because sleeping is a necessity!)

Lots of Drinking Water – Gary Casto (Tribute Quartet) (we trust that Tribute has facilities on their bus…)

Toothpaste – one Booth Brother** (he is the one that remembered his toothbrush)

Clothes – one Booth Brother** (which begs the question…no, we won’t ask it!)


And my personal favorite: COFFEE!! – Donna King (Zane and Donna King)


Stay tuned for more of these indepth polls right here on SGN Scoops!


**Note: The Booth Brothers each answered each question but wouldn’t say whose answer it was…therefore we are leaving it up to you, dear reader, to guess whether the pithy answer comes from Michael Booth, Ronnie Booth or Paul Lancaster!

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Written by SGN Scoops Staff on May 4, 2015 – 11:12 am -

The Old Paths Stay #musicmondays

The Old Paths Stay #musicmondays

A new reason to  love Mondays! invites you to become a part of #musicmondays  We will be giving away a new CD  every week. All you have to do is enter! Everytime you mention this contest and use the hashtag #musicmondays on either Facebook or Twitter, you earn an entry into that week’s random draw. The more entries  you earn the greater your chance of winning.

Enter this week’s contest now! This week’s prize is the latest CD from The Old Paths!  Enter today and share to win!

Find SGNScoops On Facebook Here

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