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Sherry Anne LIVE DVD taping April 23, Smyrna, Tennessee

Written by Staff on April 13, 2018 – 9:56 am -

Sherry Anne LIVE DVD Taping April 23rd, Smyrna TN

Sherry Anne LIVE DVD Taping April 23rd, Smyrna TN

The River of Life Church will be hosting a live concert DVD taping with Sherry Anne on April 23, 2018. Michael Booth of the Booth Brothers will make a special guest solo appearance and play drums in a live band comprised of some of Gospel’s music finest musicians: Landy Ewing on bass, Andrew Ishee on piano, and Scott Newbert on guitar. Admission is free for the event and the doors will open at 6:15 pm.

The evening’s performance will feature requested favorite songs by Sherry Anne, some new original music and some of Sherry Anne’s previous chart releases. Sherry Anne is a 3-time Top 10 Nominee for the Singing News Favorite New Artist Award and was recently selected as a Grand Prize winner in The Singing News Songwriter Search. The concert is being recorded for DVD and television release in cooperation with Mansion Entertainment.

Sherry Anne has overcome numerous challenges, including a bilateral hearing and speech impairment at birth, to sing with an elegant voice that perfectly blends a passion for Southern Gospel-style, country, and blues music with her deep faith. Her personal and musical journey has inspired audiences throughout North America, including events with Bill Gaither and the Gaither Vocal Band, The Hoppers, and Triumphant Quartet.

Her recent viral video of the song “Silent Prayer,” which includes sign language, offers hope to those challenged by life circumstances, including hearing loss and grief.

To learn more about the live taping click on Sherry Anne’s website.

LIVE DVD Taping:

Michael Booth at Sherry Anne live taping

Michael Booth

River of Life Church
596 Sam Ridley Pkwy W 
Smyrna, TN 37167 
Doors open: 6:15 p.m.
Taping begins: 6:45 p.m.

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Sherry Anne to Sing at Gaither Vocal Band Concert at Kleinhans Music Hall

Written by SGN Scoops Staff on July 8, 2017 – 2:33 pm -

Sherry Anne to Sing at Gaither Vocal Band Concert at Kleinhans Music Hall

Sherry Anne to Sing at Gaither Vocal Band Concert at Kleinhans Music Hall

Buffalo, NY.  Inspirational singer Sherry Anne of Utica, NY, has been invited to sing at the Friday, July 14, 2017 Gaither Vocal Band concert at the historic, 2400-seat Kleinhans Music Hall in Buffalo, NY.

Sherry Anne, born with a bilateral hearing and speech impairment, sings with an elegant voice and shares a powerful message of overcoming obstacles that perfectly fits the message of hope delivered by Gaither Vocal Band events.

‘I am very excited that Mr. Gaither has invited me to sing a song at this special Buffalo concert featuring The Gaither Vocal Band,’ said Sherry Anne.

Sherry Anne was voted among the Top 10 Favorite New Artists by The Singing News fans in 2016 and 2017. She is a National Quartet Convention Showcase winner and has performed at such events as Singing in the Sun and the National Southern Gospel and Harvest Festival at Dollywood. Her television appearances include 100 Huntley Street, TBN, and Down Home Gospel. Her breakout CD was recorded at Gaither Studios in Alexandria, IN.

Multi-Grammy Award winner and an ASCAP Songwriter of the Century Bill Gaither and The Gaither Vocal Band are the beloved standard bearers of Gospel music. The individual gifts of Bill Gaither, Wes Hampton, Adam Crabb, Todd Suttle, and Reggie Smith blend into unparalleled harmony that delivers a message of grace, hope and redemption. The group is internationally celebrated for sharing the timeless standards and new favorites of Gospel music with a mix of humor and the joy that resides in Gospel music.

Sherry Anne followers are organizing a charter bus to the July 14 concert with The Gaither Vocal Band with a special appearance by Sherry Anne that will pick up passengers in the Central NY communities of New Hartford and Syracuse. For availability, cost and details, contact Linda at 315-732-7033.

Learn more about Sherry Anne and her touring and women’s conferences schedule at More information and touring schedule for The Gaither Vocal Band is online at

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Reflections by Sherry Anne: “Do You Have a Light?”

Written by Staff on November 22, 2015 – 8:31 am -

Sherry AnneNo, I am not talking about what people on the streets say when they are bumming a cigarette off someone; I am asking you if YOU have a light, a flame, burning inside of you?


As I hear the latest news and read the biggest headlines, it is ever more apparent to me that this world has become a dark place– and it’s going to get darker. We “need a light,” HIS light, to shine into the dark corners of the earth.

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Sherry Anne Set To Release Debut Christmas Album

Written by SGN Scoops Staff on September 1, 2015 – 9:14 pm -

Sherry Anne Set To Release Debut Christmas Album

Sherry Anne Set To Release Debut Christmas Album

Franklin, TN (Mansion Entertainment) Sept 1, 2015 – Singer/Songwriter Sherry Anne was at Mansion Entertainment recording studios in July tracking songs for her upcoming Christmas project produced by Tony Griffith of The Griffith Family.

Hailing from upstate New York, Sherry Anne is no stranger to Nashville as she was in the Mansion Studios last year working with the award winning producer and Southern Gospel Hall of Fame Inductee, Nick Bruno, on her third album, ‘A Closer Walk’. Sherry Anne’s latest radio release, “To Be Forgiven”, is being released to radio this month via Mansion Entertainment’s radio department.

Born with a bilateral hearing and speech impairment, Sherry Anne has overcome many childhood obstacles and challenges to be become a Doctor of Chiropractic, Certified Fitness Trainer, speaker, writer and actress– appearing in both Clancy and The Perfect Gift. While recording her Christmas CD, Sherry Anne was invited to sing and share her story of overcoming on the Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN) along with special guests, Jim Brady Trio and Judy Nelon of The Judy Nelon Group. Sherry Anne has made previous television appearances on 100 Huntley Street (Crossroads TV, Ontario, Canada) and her concept videos have aired on the popular music oriented show Nashville Country Revival hosted by Darrell Freeman.

During her recent Nashville trip Sherry Anne also made an impromptu performance on stage with The Hoppers at the The James D. Vaughan Quartet Festival in Lawrenceburg, TN. She has appeared at venues across the nation such as National Quartet Convention along with opening for a host of artists such The Hoppers, The Booth Brothers, The Collingsworth Family, The Martins, Sara Groves, Gordon Mote, and appeared on Lynda Randle’s televised Feed the Children Christmas Special with The Wilmington Celebration Choir.

The new Christmas project is scheduled for release in October, 2015. For more information visit


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Reflections with Sherry Anne: Who Are You?

Written by Staff on May 22, 2015 – 10:18 am -


Sherry Anne

Sherry Anne

Not that long ago, I ran into a very well-respected, famous comedian in the airport. Excitedly, I blurted out “I know who you are!” To which he responded in a personification of his beloved television character: “Well, WHOOO are you?” Following a brief chuckle, I answered, nervously, by telling him what I do—which is not necessarily who I am but, rather, just that: what I do…

Ironically enough, within months of that encounter, this renowned celebrity of over 30 years or more, began making shocking national headlines with a revelation of his character completely contradictory to what the general public knew and believed about him. I immediately recalled our conversation and couldn’t help but to wonder… “Who are YOU, sir?!!”

I know who I am… and… who I am not:

I am not a Democrat or a Republican, but I am for a “Democratic Republic.”

As one who is a business owner in the free enterprise system and welcomes entrepreneurialism, I commend fellow Republicans…

As one who fell on hard times and limitations growing up, partaking of government programs, I appreciate fellow Democrats…

As one who believes that each person has a right to their own decisions, I understand fellow liberals. I do. For even God has granted us free will. He never forces anyone to believe in Him or follow Him. He does, however, command us to love one another as we love Him (John 13:34-35) and promises us that if we are obedient to Him and His commands that He will “make of thee a great nation” and “will bless thee, and make thy name great; [that] thou shalt be a blessing” (Gen 12:2).

I believe in saving the environment as long as it includes saving the environment of the unborn child (i.e. womb).

I believe in regulating aliens as long as we don’t alienate them in the process.

I believe in the right to love as long as you rightly love God and His Word first (Whose standards of holiness, by the way, do not change).

I believe in extending a hand liberally, spending conservatively, forming government democratically, but governing our lives independently.

As such, I am Republibecrat! If this offends you, I am sorry. Jesus was of no political affiliation.

Does anyone have the truth?

To be sure, there is One who said, I AM the truth… (John 14:6)

What does this truth teach us? It teaches us to: pray for those who persecute us, lend a hand to those in need, forgive willingly (70 times 7), give cheerfully, love sacrificially, discern judiciously, rebuke lovingly, admonish graciously and exhort generously in the word of God.

We are encouraged in 2 Timothy 2:15 to study to show ourselves approved unto God, a workman who need not be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.” We are to read His word daily and allow the Holy Spirit to guide us into all truth (John 16:13). Jesus said, “You shall know the truth and the truth will set you free” (John 8:32). Truth, then, is the great emancipator of the soul.

So, no, my friends, I am really not a Republibecrat— I am a believer in Messiah, the Anointed One, who came not to condemn the world using smear campaign or coy politics, but that the world, through Him might be saved (John 3:16). Perhaps if we all kept this in mind, we wouldn’t need sides, debates or fund raising campaigns; but rather, hands to hold in prayer, arms to lean on for support and feet to walk each other forward. After all didn’t Jesus command us to be His feet and His hands to a lost and hurting world?

This year, move forward away from past bellicose arguments. Seek higher ground based on the rock hard foundation of Jesus Christ. Follow in the psalmist’s cry and allow the truth of God’s word to emancipate your soul to be all that God created YOU to be! He believes in you, won’t you believe in Him?

In You, O Lord, I put my trust;
Let me never be ashamed;
Deliver me in Your righteousness.
 Bow down Your ear to me,
Deliver me speedily;
Be my rock of refuge,
A fortress of defense to save me.

For You are my rock and my fortress;
Therefore, for Your name’s sake,
Lead me and guide me.
 Pull me out of the net which they have secretly laid for me,
For You are my strength.
 Into Your hand I commit my spirit;
You have redeemed me, O Lord God of truth.

(Psalm 31:1-5)

Written by Sherry Anne, Gospel singer.

First published by SGN Scoops digital magazine in February 2015. For current issues of SGN Scoops click on the mainpage. 

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March 2015 SGNScoops Magazine

Written by SGN Scoops Staff on March 8, 2015 – 10:43 pm -

March 2015 SGNScoops Magazine

March 2015 SGNScoops Magazine

We are thrilled to present the March edition of SGNScoops magazine! Our cover showcases one of the best of today’s Bluegrass artists, Balsam Range. The feature by Marcie Gray tells us all about these talented men and their music, as well as the story behind their latest hit single, “Stacking Up The Rocks.”

SGN Scoops also pays tribute to the late great Mosie Lister, and features Brandon Stone of the Gospel Harmony Boys, the ladies of Sweetwater Revival, Redheads in Southern Gospel, Reagan Griffin, Page Trio, the Wills Family Reunion and DJ Richie Rose, as well as so much more!
We invite you to soak in the wisdom of all of our monthly columnists and hear their adventures! Lou Wills Hildreth, David Staton, Kelly Nelon Clark, Jeff Steele, Sherry Anne, Dusty Wells and Laurette Willis will encourage and enlighten you.
Thanks to all of our SGNScoops artists and writers. We appreciate you so much! Thanks as well to all of you who read our magazine faithfully every month. If you have any comments or questions, feel free to write to me at
Please read, download and share with your friends today!
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December 2014 SGNScoops Magazine

Written by SGN Scoops Staff on December 9, 2014 – 4:30 pm -

December 2014 SGNScoops Magazine

December 2014 SGNScoops Magazine

Merry Christmas from SGNScoops! We hope you are enjoying this special time of year. Take a moment to relax and share this gift we are giving to you this Christmas.

You will see from the wrapping that our December SGNScoops is full of special words from your favorite artists as they share their Christmas thoughts and memories.
We hope you enjoy the special features on the Purple Hulls, Bryan and Yvonne Hutson, Phillip Collingsworth, Randy Byrd of the Mark Trammell Quartet, The Griffins, Southern Raised, The Perrys, Heather Ruppe, The Preachers Kid Retreat and more.
Special Christmas memories are shared by the Chrisagis Brothers, the Hagees, Tim Duncan, Ann Downing and other artists.
Be sure to settle in by the fire and enjoy the articles by Lou Wills Hildreth, David Staton, Laurette Willis, Dr. Jeff Steele, Kelly Nelon Clark, Sherry Anne, Scott Rhoades and more.
We are thrilled to welcome Dusty Wells to our staff as he shares his own words of wisdom.
Please unwrap this gift and enjoy each part, specially made for you, cover to cover.
Thank you for being a part of our world as we shared our hearts with you.
Merry Christmas from all the www. and Coastal Media Group!

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October 2014 SGNScoops Magazine

Written by SGN Scoops Staff on October 11, 2014 – 9:38 am -

October 2014 SGNScoops Magazine

October 2014 SGNScoops Magazine

The air is cooler and the leaves are changing color, so it’s a great time to fall into a new issue of SGN Scoops. This month we have lots of great reading for you!

There are only a few days left before we enter Pigeon Forge Tennessee to begin the 2014 edition of Creekside Gospel Music Convention. We can’t wait to see all of you and hear all of the great music from our wonderful artists. Monday night we are planning a great bash with Little Willie Wynn and all of his friends. He is our cover artist for the October edition of Scoops. We hope you enjoy his story written by Dixie Phillips.
Dixie also features the great family ministry of the McKameys. The Mark Dubbeld Family is featured by Paige Givens. We also feature Gold City Quartet and the East Ridge Boys, Joseph Habedank, Josh Parker, Eric Dunson and Reynold Rutledge.
Dan Duncan tells us about the  Christian country artist Mike Manuel. Dean Atkins has some great anecdotes about The Product Table.
We feature pictures and scoops from past events like the Gospel Music Picnic at Silver Dollar City and the National Quartet Convention. New music for October is presented by Sandi Duncan Clark, as well as a new fitness feature by Laurette Willis.
Be sure to catch the DJ Spotlight as well as the Creekside Update. Don’t miss our regular columns by writers Lou Hildreth, David Staton,Jeff Steele, Sherry Anne, and Kelly Nelon Clark.
All this and so much more in the October edition of SGN Scoops! Do not miss the 2014 Creekside Gospel Music Convention and the  2014 Diamond Awards, November 3 to 6, at Pigeon Forge. See you there!

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If Rambo Had a Wife, It Would Not Have Been Me!

Written by Staff on September 26, 2014 – 9:56 am -

Sherry Anne

Sherry Anne

By Sherry Anne

Come to Me, all you who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Take My yoke upon you and learn from Me, for I am gentle and lowly in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For My yoke is easy and My burden is light.” (Matthew 11:28-30)

One of the more enjoyable skits I have ever done was for an overnight ladies retreat in the Adirondack Mountains, New York. The theme was a “lighten-your-load-get-rid-of-your-baggage” kind of theme. Our ten-minute opening presentation was a hit. Three of us ladies each portrayed (and quite appropriately, too!) a character on her way to a very important event if they could just navigate their way through the woods to get there!

The first character, Jane, was the female equivalent of Indiana Jones. Dressed in cargos, she was equipped with her hat, compass, and map to locate the mystery cabin. Think of the second character, Chris, as the female counterpart to Rambo. This dame came equipped with a machete and a Swiss Army Knife, along with all the skills needed to survive the jungle. Enter my character: Tiffany. Yup, the brunette version of Elle in Legally Blonde! Oh yes, it’s true! She came prepared with her three suitcases, ten dress outfits, five pairs of high heels, two bottles of hairspray and a large case containing makeup, toiletries, and other odds and ends that served absolutely no purpose in steering her in the right direction. She looked great but was ill-suited for the task at hand. She was definitely not fit to travel with her action hero companions!

So, there we were— the three of us—on an adventure to accomplish a goal, encountering several setbacks along the way: injuries, hunger, and getting lost. Tiffany’s plan was to pray for a man (i.e. Tarzan) to show up and solve all her problems. Know anyone like that? Chris, on the other hand, just wanted to get ahead as she hacked everything up, relentlessly destroying not only potential food sources but also leaving us trailing behind in the wake of her mess. We can be this way, too, with words or job positions—tearing people down to further our own agenda and egos. Meanwhile, Jane was so busy looking down to read, study, and analyze the plans that she didn’t see the small boat right in front of her that would take all of us safely over to the other side. I think anyone living in the media-crazed twenty-first century can relate to Jane!

After several hours in the woods, Tiffany, whose stockings and mascara were now running, eagerly entered the boat. But, when she went to get in with all her luggage in tow, it began to sink. Her baggage had become her blockage, or hindrance, to where she was going. Even though she had used and needed all of these things in the past, they were of no use to her where she was going. In order to survive and reach her ultimate destination, Tiffany had to drop her excess baggage to cross over to the other side, where the blessing was.

Similarly, the Bible tells us in 2 Corinthians 5:17, “Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; old things have passed away; behold, all things have become new.” For our benefit, and for necessary growth, we need to let go of many things we are holding onto from our past and allow God to fill us up with the new things He has for us in the future. In 1 Corinthians 2:9 we read, “Eye has not seen, nor ear heard, nor have entered into the heart of man the things which God has prepared for those who love Him.”

New adventures await you! What do you need to let go of? Who are you willing to put in God’s hands and not yours? What is the thing that is keeping you from getting to the other side where you are appointed (and anointed) to be? Think about that today as you pray this prayer: Father, help me to lighten the load of my past and leave baggage behind so I cross over to the new future you have for me. Thank you for providing me what I need, daily, to take the next step. Amen

By Sherry Anne

First published in July 2014 by SGN Scoops digital magazine.

Sherry Anne is a monthly contributor to SGN Scoops magazine. For current issues, visit


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June 2014 SGNScoops Magazine

Written by SGN Scoops Staff on June 14, 2014 – 2:28 pm -


June is bursting with great features and indepth devotionals in SGN Scoops digital magazine! We feature the family music of The Dunaways on our cover, as well as the latest Scoops on Danny Funderburk, Freedom’s Crossing, Debbie Bennett and Autumn Nelon Clark.
Check out our writers’ reviews of terrific concert events, including the Gaither Family Fest, Dailey & Vincent, Singing In The Sun 2014, the Jackie Wilburn Memorial and the Sneed Family Homecoming. Read all about the inaugural Ozark Gospel Music Festival written by guest Scoops writer Joshua Heston. It was a hit!
Don’t miss Lou Wills Hildreth’s monthly feature on Love, Life and Legends. We also have special features by Dr. Jeff Steele, Sherry Anne, David Staton, Laurette Willis and Scott Rhoades.
All this plus the SGN Scoops Top 100, New Music Review, the Creekside Gospel Music Convention Update and the Great Doughnut Caper as well as Rob Patz’s Publisher’s Point. There is so much more that we can’t fit it all in this report! You HAVE to read it for yourself.
So pick up that Iced Tea or Frozen Lemonade, sit back and enjoy the June 2014 issue of SGN Scoops digital magazine!

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