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Kevin Chambers: Kevin’s Rule of Four

Written by Staff on February 26, 2020 – 8:28 am -

Kevin Chambers: Kevin's Rule of Four

Eagle’s Wings with Kevin Chambers

Is Your Music Pleasing? By Kevin Chambers

It is such a simple question, but the answer is more complicated than you might think.

The following is my personal opinion and philosophy, not a catalog of rules. I formed these ideas over several years and thought they might be of interest to someone. This is the method I use to decide if a musical recording or live band is arranged properly, if the focus is drawn in the right direction, and if it sounds good (to me). This is the science that must be applied before you get to the art. The concepts are nothing new, but they are rarely presented together as I am trying to do here. I truly believe that trained professionals, as well as jam pickers, can benefit from a simple survey of their musical arrangements identifying what I call the Four Essential Elements for Pleasing Musical Sound or simply Kevin’s Rule of Four.

I’ve played several musical styles in my life; marching band, classical, jazz combo, country, even some of that rock and roll stuff, not to mention thousands of hymns, SGM standards, and of course bluegrass! I’ve listened to and analyzed so many more than that. And I’ve decided all music is the same, even when it is so completely different! What I mean is that there are four essential common elements that make a pleasing arrangement in any form, from Beethoven to Bill Monroe. I believe that any band of any size or genre, can focus on these elements, who is playing them at any given time, and improve their sound. For the sake of space and time, I’m going to get fairly technical right away. If you have any thoughts or questions, feel free to e-mail me.

Nomenclature: I have to define the terms as I use them before I can teach how to use them. A traditionalist might be more comfortable calling the four elements: rhythm, melody, sustain, and counter-melody. However, my application for all this is fairly wide, so I often use the terms: groove, lead, continuity, and vamping. I use these words more out of habit than technical definition. You will easily see what I mean by each if you follow along.

In bluegrass music, it’s usually very easy to hear who is doing what. In other styles, it becomes more complicated, but the concepts still apply. I recommend that any performance arrangement of any song should be planned out using these elements in the order I will present them, taking care to build just deep enough to make the message or melody clear and pleasant. Also, as you will see, only one musician or section should hold any single piece of the pie, to avoid noise and confusion for the listener.

Kevin Chambers’ Rule of Four

First, we should think of groove or rhythm. This, very importantly, determines the style or vibe of the music. This element always has both a down and an up component. It is sometimes implied but usually played. In bluegrass, the bass always provides the down and either the guitar, mandolin, or sometimes banjo provides the up. In other styles, the groove of a song could be provided by vocalists singing “do-wop, do-wop” or constant pulsing eighth notes on a harpsichord. There is no rule. But, this is where the first critical decisions must be made. Make sure the groove fits the precise feel that you want for the song (as to instruments used and the technique). This will greatly help the other performers do their job. Now, if multiple musicians start playing the same groove foundation elements at the same time, then (at best) you will sound like a jam session. More often you’ll get a cacophony leading to a train wreck, especially if several different types of instruments jump on the groove wagon.

Next there is lead or melody. It may be a soloist or vocal group or an instrument. This is the core message you want to convey, the reason the piece exists. This is that important part of the music that you want the listener to really get. Harmony singing can still be part of this lead element, if the lyrics and timing match. The groove supports this. If the groove ever distracts the listener from lead, it has failed. Everyone in the band must keep in mind that your job is to support (feature / clarify) the melody or message of the piece and not to call attention to yourself or your talent. 

Third is what I call continuity or sustain. It may be chords on a piano, or long notes from strings, or the roll on a banjo. This is that one musical element that maintains the structure of the song. While groove is more about timing, continuity is more about tonal flow (chords ascending and descending, stress and release, etc.). This element can shift between players for every measure in some styles, but, of course, should not be played simultaneously by instruments (or sections), as this rapidly becomes confusing noise.

Lastly there is vamping or counter-melody. Vamping is not mandatory. It’s not always there, but, when done sensibly, it is barely noticeable, yet makes any song sound more professional. It’s is those tasteful fills that are often done on mandolin in bluegrass, but may be done on drums, piano or any instrument in any style.

Caution, vamping can be dangerous and addictive! Actually, any of these elements can be destructive to your music and your message. It takes honesty, humility, and attention to detail to purge out the noise and have only the essential elements going on at any given time. Sometimes this means (gasp) musicians don’t play constantly! I’ve seen many great shows with 15 awesome musicians on stage at once, but rarely do more than four to six of them play at the same time, just enough to cover the four elements. Pride must be left offstage.

Applying Kevin’s Rule of Four

Picture it if you will: The Nearly Famous Gospel Band is on stage! They are rolling along on their favorite Southern gospel music classic. The audience is tapping their toes in approval. The song, in the key of G, is about to transition from the G to the C chord. Everybody knows it. You can hear it coming like a freight train. Then, at the expected moment, the drummer vamps a half measure of syncopated “rebop-de-boom” right into the chord transition with a big cymbal crash, the bass efficiently walks up the G-A-B-C scale in eighth notes, the piano does the standard sanctified ritual of playing a full thick G7 chord for a couple of beats right before the change with a bonus Cramer-lick thrown in, the lead guitar eases down the neck to arrive at C after a nice pentatonic riff with some full step bends! So, for two full beats we had notes G-A-B-C-D-E and F (and some in between) walking all over each other during a drum solo.

The band may be competent musicians, but this would have sounded awful. Each one did a fine vamping transition between chords, but together it was bad. At most one should have telegraphed the obvious chord change, if any at all. This is what differentiates a jam-band from real musicians.

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The Whisnants: A Family Tradition

Written by Staff on February 22, 2020 – 2:43 pm -


The Whisnants

Imagine if you will, a teenage girl at a gospel sing in 1995. She’s sitting on the right side, the middle pew, in a little Pentecostal church located in a small town in northern Florida. She’s 17, and she wants to sing like them. She wants to be like them. They are her heroes at this point in her life.

She’s ecstatic when she gets to meet them briefly and speak to them, but deep down, never knows if she’ll ever be able to sing well enough to get where they are in gospel music.

WhisnantsNow, imagine that same girl 25 years later at a Southern gospel concert hearing that same group. She has witnessed them accomplish so many amazing things since that little town of Cottondale, Fla. However, no achievement will ever compare to the lives they’ve helped lead to the Kingdom of Heaven. This young woman, now a mom, is watching them on stage with tears. She sees a new dynamic on the stage that she didn’t notice as a teenager because she wasn’t a mom yet. That young girl was me, and that group was the Whisnants.

The Whisnants have an incredible legacy and tradition that doesn’t seem to be ending anytime soon. Both Jeff and Susan were born with it in their blood. Their sons, Austin and Ethan, have something special that came from both sides of their family, which will carry on for many years to come.

In 1970, around the old upright piano in John and Betty Whisnant’s house, a family began singing in the Appalachian foothills of Morganton, North Carolina. The voices of children blended with their parents as the sound of a gospel song filled the house. From that time forward, they were known as the John Whisnant Family. Years passed as John, Betty, and their sons Jeff and John sang together, but as the family matured, change was on the horizon.

WhisnantsSusan started singing with her mother and father at the age of 12, and they were known as the Roland Dry Singers. She sang with them until she met Jeff when she was 20. 

“My daddy’s a pastor, so we did many revivals. There were a lot of Friday and Saturday night concerts and stuff like that. That’s how I met Jeff,” says Susan.

They were singing together in Whitesburg, South Carolina during their first meeting. 

“Our hearts did not mesh there. Jeff had his girlfriend there. My momma would elbow me and go, ‘Susan, you got to talk to him.’ I’d say, ‘Momma, he’s got his girlfriend here.’ I finally agreed, (and) on July 4th weekend of 1985 or 1986, Jeff and I went out for our first date, and then I knew he was it. I came home and I told Momma and Daddy that I was going to marry him. I told them there was only one problem. ‘He doesn’t know, and I don’t know how I’m going to convince him to marry me.’ Jeff didn’t have that peace (at first). I had always prayed for God to give me that peace, so I wouldn’t miss who God had for me. That’s how I started singing with the Whisnants. Jeff and I married in May of 1988,” Susan remembers.

The Whisnants signed their first record deal with Sunlight Records, in September of 1988. They went to the National Quartet Convention with Sunlight Records, and stayed with Sunlight Records until 1995. They then made a big move and started United Independent Artists (UIA). Their very first song was ‘I’ll Stand for the Lord’. It went to No. 7, and it was their very first Top 10 song. 

“God blessed us when we took that move. It was a total step of faith,” recalls Susan. 

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Rob Patz: My Vision for 2020

Written by Staff on February 22, 2020 – 6:05 am -

Rob Patz2020 February SGNScoops Publishers Point By Rob Patz

I was part of a radio interview recently and was asked by the DJ what my vision was for 2020. It took me a minute to really gather my thoughts, but I wanted to share with you much of what I saw as a vision for 2020, concerning SGNScoops Magazine and Coastal Events.

More than anything in 2020, I want to lead more people to Christ. I want them to know my personal Savior. I want them to realize that they’re not in this world alone, that the hurt that they’re going through, the worry they have, the loneliness they feel, can all be answered by one man; and they can be comforted in knowing that he has everything under control.

That’s the first thing. The second thing is I want to watch this industry grow. I want to be a part of that growth and I want to be a cheerleader for those artists that are looking to see their ministries expand. I believe we live in a time where our industry needs to look back to its roots, back to a time when the local church was very important. My desire is to introduce new people who are not in our current demographic to our music. I believe it can be a life-changing, encouraging music, and the words are truly the message of salvation.

Rob Patz and February SGNScoops 2020My third vision for 2020, is to see the growth of events nationwide in our industry. We are excited about Ohio and Michigan and Tupelo, Mississippi. We’re excited about events we haven’t even been able to talk to you about yet.

As we move into the second month of the new year, it is important that we realize that everything we do should be tied to what God has called us to do. I believe everyone of us has a mission and I strongly encourage you to pray and seek out what that mission is that God has for you to do this year. I also want to ask you at this time if you’re interested in volunteering to be part of our team for events or behind the scenes work with the magazine. I encourage you to email me

Southern Gospel Weekend 2020I look forward to seeing you next month in Oxford, Alabama, at Southern Gospel Weekend, March 19 – 21. We are going to have an incredible time. If you have not been to Oxford, Alabama, and you have not attended Southern Gospel Weekend, please make plans now to join us.

Until next time, this is the Publisher’s Point.

By Rob Patz

First published in SGNScoops Magazine February 2020

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February 2020 SGN Scoops Magazine

Written by Staff on February 18, 2020 – 9:41 am -

It’s February 2020 and we are thrilled to present to you the online edition of SGN Scoops Magazine. We have stories of love, perseverance, and new beginnings. Be sure to read every story and be encouraged.
The Mark Trammell Quartet is our cover story this month and we are happy to present their story of God’s faithfulness and love, written by Justin Gilmore. Mark Trammell is a great example of dedication, perseverance and excellence in his field.
The month of love would not be complete without some romance, which Jennifer Campbell presents in the story of Jeff and Sheri Easter and their family. Other artists featured include Rhonda Vincent, Fayth Lore, Jimmy Reno, Kirsten Alting, and DJ Tom Rusk. Read SGN Scoops Magazine HERE
Don’t miss the story of the Turn Around Church by guest author Lynn Whiteley. This edition is bursting with music reviews, Coastal Events Update, radio charts and the Publisher’s Point.
Thank you for reading, downloading, and letting us know your thoughts and comments at
We hope you have caught a glimpse of the love of Jesus through the pages of this issue, his grace and mercy, and the special gift he has for you. Be sure to write to us if you want to know more.
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Joseph Habedank lives in The Beauty of the Blood

Written by Staff on February 16, 2020 – 9:59 am -

Joseph Habedank lives in The Beauty of the BloodTough love, unexpected guest and faith in Christ set Joseph Habefank free from addiction

Joseph Habedank leans back, microphone in his right hand, left arm outstretched. He pours his entire soul into delivering the message he lives every day.

Heaven’s best takes all the scars

For the worst in all of us

That’s the glory of the cross

The wonder of His love

That’s the beauty of the blood!

They aren’t just words of beauty for one of Southern Gospel’s favorite soloists. They’re life. And he’s grateful beyond measure.

“Only God can take blood and make it pretty,” he says during a November concert at Stithton Baptist Church in Radcliff, Kentucky.

Joseph Habedank lives in The Beauty of the BloodJoseph Habedank knows that beauty of the blood. He knows it personally. Even his surname is a reminder of what God has done in his life. “My name in English is Habedank,” he says with a smile. “In German, ‘haben’ is ‘to have’ and ‘danke’ is thanks. So my name means ‘have thanks.’

It was fitting that a few weeks before Christmas 2018  he was with The Erwins as part of the Resurrection of Faith Tour which has been working since 2017. The name comes from the artists albums, Habedank’s “Resurrection” and The Erwins’ “Only Faith Can See,” which were current at the tour’s outset. 

At 33, Habedank is the oldest artist on the tour. The Erwins’ ages range from 18 to 26. Through November, they had played about 50 dates together and plan to continue the tour indefinitely. 

“I’m proud of (the tour). There is no one else in the entire world I would rather travel with than those kids,” Habedank says. 

But the Resurrection of Faith tour might be a metaphor for Joseph Habedank’s career. One of gospel music’s top stars before he was 20, Habedank hit the bottom before he was 30 but now tells his story, made possible by the beauty of Christ’s blood.

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Sweetheart Stories: Marcie Gray and Donovan Curtis

Written by Staff on February 12, 2020 – 5:26 am -

Marcie Gray and Donovan Curtis

Marcie Gray and Donovan Curtis

In this edition of Sweetheart Stories, Marcie Gray, of Gray Dove Ministries,  tells us about how she met – and remet –  and married the love of her life, Donovan Curtis.

Marcie Gray and Donovan CurtisThe Most Unlikely Couple By Marcie Gray

If there had been a class vote, Donovan and I would have been voted “most unlikely couple!” We both attended Los Angeles Baptist High School in California and have known each other since middle school.

Marcie Gray and Donovan CurtisWe were acquaintances and had many mutual friends, but never dated in school and had lost touch after we graduated. Both of us married and had families, moved out of California and experienced both joy and heartache along life’s journey.

Marcie Gray and Donovan CurtisThanks to social media, we reconnected about 10 years ago. We watched each other’s children grow, prayed for one another and even met for coffee with our families a couple of times over the years.

Marcie Gray and Donovan CurtisIt wasn’t until I was diagnosed with cancer that Donovan realized that his feelings of devastation were based on more than just concern for my health. There was a spark there that took him by surprise.

Marcie Gray and Donovan CurtisWhen he shared his feelings with me, I was in the midst of raising my teenaged daughters alone while battling cancer, so I friend zoned him. An entire year later, after things settled down a little, I wondered if he had moved back out west, so I reached out to him. I reluctantly agreed to meet him for a “get together,” thinking of how awkward it would be if there was no chemistry and he still had feelings for me.

Marcie Gray and Donovan CurtisDonovan went all out! We met on a beautiful spring day, and he surprised me with a picnic in the park under a giant shade tree – complete with a bouquet of flowers. After just a few minutes of visiting, I noticed his adorable Irish grin and sparkling blue eyes and wondered how I had never seen him in that way before. Such a gentleman, yet so hilarious and full of mischief. We knew instantly that God was up to something special.

Marcie Gray and Donovan CurtisBoth of us had our hearts broken in the past, so there was much to discuss, but after praying about God’s will for our lives, it was evident immediately that He had prepared both of us for such a time as this. What a beautiful thing God did, growing the hearts of childhood friends into a bond that made us best friends instantly.

Donovan Curtis in High School Football: Donovan is #32 in the front row

We made two road trips out to California and back, taking turns driving so we could drive straight through. That amounted to almost 7,000 miles of conversation and prayer time together, as Donovan helped me move my parents from California to Tennessee. The question quickly changed from “if,” to “when” we would tie the knot.

Marcie Gray in High School Cheer: Marcie is the one on top

One of our favorite memories was meeting a couple of mutual friends from high school for coffee. They had no idea we dating, so we came up with a plan to surprise them with the news. The problem was, they were deep in conversation about something and when I was supposed to say something outrageously flirtatious toward Donovan, we couldn’t even get their attention. He ended up just planting a big, wet kiss on me, which stopped them in their tracks and they both started yelling and hollering right in the courtyard at Starbucks. Their reaction was hysterical! Sharing with friends from high school has been a lot of fun, and our classmates have all been supportive and happy for us.

Donovan travels with me when I sing and speak at events and is an amazing audio engineer, so I’m spoiled rotten with a husband that supports my ministry in so many practical ways. I did it for many years alone, so I will never take this partnership for granted!

Life takes us on some interesting journeys. Some roads we travel are exciting and fun, others heartbreaking and exhausting. We are so very thankful that God has connected these two California kids as soul mates, and we look forward to many years of serving the Lord together, encouraging people wherever the Lord takes us that God has a terrific sense of humor and when you trust Him with your life, He may very well surprise you in ways you can’t imagine! Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone! 

Photo credit: Wendy Ivens Photography

Marcie Gray is a singer-songwriter, speaker, writer, and occasionally appears in SGNScoops magazine. Marcie is also the producer of Smoky Mountain Gospel Jubilee.

Do you have a sweetheart story you would like to tell us about? Please write to me at

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Jason Oxenrider undergoes heart surgery

Written by Staff on February 11, 2020 – 5:36 am -

Jason Oxenrider undergoes surgery

Jason Oxenrider of the ‘Riders

Jason Oxenrider, vocalist with Gospel Music artists, The ‘Riders and Zions Way, is asking for prayers as he undergoes quadruple bypass surgery this morning, February 11th.

His Facebook page from yesterday reads:


Update…..they will take me to the OR between 5:30am-6am in the morning for prep…..Doctor will begin procedure at about 7:30am…..will be about a 4 hour surgery……so if y’all feel led to fast during breakfast and lunch tomorrow that’s fine by me!!! Lol……can’t wait to see all of you on the other side of this!!!


Please be in prayer for Jason as he undergo surgery this morning. Another way to help this man and his family, his previous post reads:


Jason Oxenrider and the 'Riders

Jason Oxenrider with the ‘Riders

Many have asked how they can help during this time that I am in the hospital. I am looking at a pretty lengthy recovery process after surgery tomorrow. I am self-employed both in music and lawn care. I will be out of work for a while. If you feel led to donate to this gofundme account it would be greatly appreciated. I also have a paypal account at…..most important I continue to ask for your prayers as we tackle this unexpected health issue. God Bless you all!! Much Love!!!


Prayers go out to Jason Oxenrider, his family and the surgical team today.



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Derrell Stewart needs our prayers

Written by Staff on February 11, 2020 – 4:58 am -

Derrell Stewart of the Florida Boys

Derrell Stewart of the Florida Boys

Many of you will remember Derrell Stewart as the iconic “Red Socks” pianist with the Southern Gospel Quartet, the Florida Boys. He and his wife Reve’ are in need of our prayers.

Robert York, writer for SGNScoops, reports the following from last night, February 10, 2020:

Prayers for Derrell Stewart tonight. He has been in rehab from his episodes last month and tonight he fell badly. He cut his head open and broke his arm.
They have applied sutures to his head and he is still in the ER at this time.
Please pray for Derrell and please pray for special strength for Revé. She is having a hard time with everything he has been going through the last couple months. She needs strength and encouragement!

Thanks all!

Derrell Stewart pictured here with the Florida Boys, bottom left. Photo courtesy of Allen Cox , top left.

Please be in prayer for Reve’ and Derrell. and their family. Derrell was in rehab from a stroke.

Thank you for your prayers.


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Sweetheart Stories: Susannah and Grant Gibson

Written by Staff on February 10, 2020 – 9:31 am -

Sweetheart Stories: Susannah and Grant Gibson

Susannah and Grant Gibson

In these few days leading up to Valentine’s Day, we thought we would let you read some Sweetheart Stories of people you may know in gospel music who have met the one they have married for life.

Today we talk to Grant Gibson, of Karen Peck and New River, who recently married his sweetheart, Susanna. This is their story, in Grant’s own words:

Sweetheart Stories: Susannah and Grant Gibson

Karen Peck & New River. Grant Gibson is second from left.

It’s actually a total God thing the way He orchestrated the last couple of years of my life..

I wound up getting the job with KPNR and my very first weekend with the group I met my wife. Almost two years ago I got on the KPNR bus for the very first time. I knew everyone except this cute blonde named Susannah Bearinger. She was Kari’s best friend and came on the road with them that weekend.
I was in a relationship at the time and wasn’t really looking… although I thought she was very cute. Over the next year our paths crossed periodically. During that time I had broken up with my girlfriend and Susannah had lost her best friend to cancer. It was during that time I believe God was preparing both of us for each other.
Eventually I got up enough courage to ask her out and thankfully she said yes. Our first date was the best first date I had ever had. We hit it off!!!
I knew early on that this was the girl God had for me. We had only been dating six months when I popped the question and thankfully she said yes again.
Sweetheart Stories: Susannah and Grant GibsonOutside of my relationship with Christ,  marrying Susannah is the best thing that has ever happened to me. We got married December, 28th 2019 and marriage is great!
Thank you Grant, for sharing your story with us.
Has God brought a special someone to you? Let us know your sweetheart story and we may post it here! Send your story today to

For more Gospel Music News, read the latest issue of the SGNScoops Magazine HERE.

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Ivan Parker is feeling at home

Written by Staff on February 9, 2020 – 11:51 am -


Photo by Craig Harris Ivan Parker recently released his 17th solo project, “Feels Like Home,” on Aug. 2.

(Photo by Craig Harris)
Ivan Parker recently released his 17th solo project, “Feels Like Home”

By Craig Harris

Ivan Parker looks back on his recording career and finds himself surprised at the fact that he has recorded 17 solo projects.

“I can’t believe I did that much work,” Parker says. “I can’t believe I sang that many songs. Not only did I record, then I took them on the road and performed them every night … no wonder I’m tired.”

Parker exchanged that fatigue for excitement recently as an album release luncheon for the latest of those projects – “Feels Like Home” – was held at Sound Emporium Studios in Nashville, Tennessee.

“It’s that anticipation,” Parker points out. “It’s like you have that question in the back of your mind … did I do it right? Did I deliver it properly? Could we have done something a little bit differently on it? I’m sure we could have … but it’s a done deal, so live with it.”

Parker teamed with long-time friend and former Gold City member, Garry Jones, the producer of the project.

“It’s the friendship that dates back to the early 1980s,” Jones explains. “It goes beyond friendship. It’s about understanding and trust, because that was established years ago. When we go to work on a record, there’s a trust factor. It’s trust in each other. It’s trust that you have my back. It’s trust that you’re vested in this journey with me.

“It makes it a little more special than just being work-for-hire. We are creating something together for friends.”

Jones has been the producer on several of Parker’s recent projects.

Photo by Craig Harris Ivan Parker (at right) talks with individuals at the album release luncheon for his latest solo project – “Feels Like Home” – as producer Garry Jones listens.

Photo by Craig Harris
Ivan Parker (at right) talks with individuals at the album release luncheon for his latest solo project – “Feels Like Home” – as producer Garry Jones listens.

“It’s fun working with an old friend and knowing his abilities already,” Parker shares. “He knows my voice probably better than anybody does. I know his abilities better than anybody does. It’s really a pretty cool merger in the studio. It’s a really great experience collaborating and arranging.

“Whenever we finished that last song in the studio – “Through It All” – we capped it, and it was done. When we were getting ready to leave, Garry looked at me and said, ‘Thank you for letting me be a part of this. I needed to hear where I came from.’ I like that.”

According to Parker, the creative process remains unchanged.

“It’s always the same process,” Parker notes. “There may be some technicalities that may change. We always get together and go over the songs. We sort of get a general list of the songs we like and could possibly do, and then, we narrow it down. We have our procedure there. Then, Garry starts arranging and writing out the musical charts, and then we go in and start the recording process. It’s pretty much the same. We just do it in different locations.”

Photo by Craig Harris Producer Garry Jones (at left) speaks at the album release luncheon for “Feels Like Home” as Ivan Parker listens.

Photo by Craig Harris
Producer Garry Jones (at left) speaks at the album release luncheon for “Feels Like Home” as Ivan Parker listens.

In addition to “Through It All,” the project is filled with songs familiar to many Southern gospel music fans, including: “Feeling at Home in the Presence of Jesus,” “Why Me,” “I Just Came to Talk with You Lord,” “Dig a Little Deeper in God’s Love,” “The Holy Hills of Heaven Call Me,” and “I Can’t Even Walk.”

“There’s always a joy in presenting a song that the people know, because if they know it, you’re going to be able to look at their lips and see them singing it back to you,” Parker says. “That’s the effect we wanted. That’s one of the things we wanted to do. I’m looking forward to that in staging and hearing these people respond in a live atmosphere.”

It’s difficult for Parker to select a favorite among the cuts on the project, which was released on Aug. 2.

“I like them all equal,” Parker points out. “It’s like a sleeper … when you get on stage, you don’t know which one is going to bring the most smiles. It could be ‘Why Me Lord.’ That’s the interesting part in producing a new record. Hopefully, we have 11 great songs.”

Image 60 Photo by Craig Harris Ivan Parker’s former Gold City co-hort, Garry Jones (pictured), is the producer of Ivan Parker’s latest solo project, “Feels Like Home.”

Photo by Craig Harris
Ivan Parker’s former Gold City co-hort, Garry Jones (pictured), is the producer of Ivan Parker’s latest solo project, “Feels Like Home.”

Jones adds, “There’s always a song or two or three or four that have a unique ability that can speak to you in a unique and new and fresh way. What stands out to me is the overall continuity that creates from song to song. There is a common thread that is somewhat organic in nature that we were able to weave through the entire project that just came together. We did our part to the best of our ability. The rest is just something that happened that we couldn’t expect.”

By Craig Harris

First published in SGNScoops Magazine in September 2019

For more Gospel Music News, read the latest issue of the SGNScoops Magazine HERE.

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