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Waynesville, NC – Dominion Agency has been proud to represent Timothy Noble for some time now, and we invite you to join us in congratulating he and Hosanna (Plath) Noble on their recent marriage! With this union, Timothy and Hosanna have also launched an incredibly dynamic duo ministry.

The couple met at National Quartet Convention in 2016, were engaged in the summer of 2018 and married on June 29, 2019. They performed together at National Quartet Convention in 2018, Timothy on the piano, singing and playing while Hosanna played the violin and won the hearts of the crowd and judges alike, earning them a trip to the main stage that evening. 

Timothy began playing piano at the tender age of three. The hymns he heard in church were his first choice of music, and by six years old, he was taking piano lessons and singing along as he played. He was only ten years old when he started traveling and performing with his family. His recording studio, Noble Sound Recording, is where he produces not only his own albums, but tracks and CD’s for other artists, as well.

Like her husband, Hosanna started music lessons at a very young age. At just five years old, she began taking music lessons. The violin is her instrument-of-choice. She has attended the Stamps-Baxter School of Music, studying voice under the guidance of Allison Speer. Hosanna traveled with her family, The Plath Family, for five years prior to her marriage to Timothy.

God has blessed this couple with not only an adoration for Him, but a desire to serve Him through their music ministry, bringing honor and glory to His name in all that they do.

Visit our website to learn more about this talented young couple HERE

To book this duo at your church or special event, contact Michael Davis at: (828) 454-5900.

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Beyond the Song: Justified Quartet sings “Take a Stand”

Written by Staff on August 6, 2019 – 5:05 am -

Justified QuartetFor this edition of Beyond the Song, Jantina de Haan-Baksteen interviewed Justified Quartet from the state of Michigan.

Group members include: Tim Caldwell (bass), Mark Jacoby (baritone), Carl Ledford (lead), and David Potts (tenor)..

Jantina de Haan-Baksteen: Why did you choose “Take a Stand” as a radio single?

Tim Caldwell: In these times in which we live, the world is a broken place with plenty of people hurting. The church needs to move to meet the needs of people. However, if we simply go along with the world (in our actions, our dress, our language etc.), we are not distinguishing ourselves from what the world has to offer. We will never stand out as something new, fresh, different, real and true.

The church has to “Take a Stand” and hold the line to create the rock and foundation that people can count on in this world of sinking sand. The people who are the church need to be encouraged and challenged to act outside of the church walls. This song does that.

Justified QuartetJantina: What is the mission of the group?

Tim: Our Mission as a group is simple: To use our talents and passion for singing Southern gospel style music to present God’s word, His grace, His mercy and hope to a world that is hopeless.

But we can as a church body do far more, in this regard, when everyone does their part. So we also make our presentations to our fellow believers to encourage them to rise up and answer God’s call to all who follow Him.

Jantina: Where does your group’s name come from?

Tim: It’s from Romans 5:1 where it says: “Therefore being justified by faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ.”

Jantina: How many tour dates does your group do in a year?

Tim: We typically book between 55-60 dates a year.

Jantina:Is there anything else you would like to share?

Tim:We thoroughly enjoy what we do. Meeting new people and having  developed dozens of strong friendships with people across our state and the Midwest is great. We are especially pleased when we hear from people about how they were encouraged by a presentation or through our music. Getting a call, card or conversation telling us we made a difference to someone, makes the long hours, many miles, and time away from home and family worth it in a tangible way. Seeing souls saved or people determining to take a stand is our fuel that keeps us going.

Thanks Tim Caldwell for sharing about your ministry. The SGNScoops team wishes you God’s guidance in reaching those who haven’t heard the good news.

We hope you enjoy hearing Justified Quartet singing, “Take A Stand.”


For more on Justified Quartet go HERE.

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Sharps Chapel, TN – Kevin and Tina Haymon and their three daughters, Olivia, Leandra, and Emma Grace, from Oberlin, Louisiana, sing Southern gospel music with a progressive, Pentecostal flair. Their recent partnership with Chapel Valley brings an exciting new dimension to their recordings.

Kevin writes the original music that they sing.  His songs, “This is the Rest,” and “He Knows I’m Here,” have received national recognition. In the fall of 2018, they recorded their third project, “I’ll Carry You to Jesus,” released by Chapel Valley Music in April of 2019.

Jack Allen shared, “Chapel Valley is thrilled to work with this talented family. Between Kevin’s songwriting talent and the incredible vocal harmony, this family is definitely one to keep an eye on. They will release some outstanding new music, and their most recent album is just the beginning of it.”

The Haymons are excited about their future with Chapel Valley and look forward to many years of creating dynamic music together.

Visit their website to learn more about The Haymons HERE. Be sure to visit and like their Facebook page as well HERE 

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11th Hour brings dynamic talents to A Lot With A Little

Written by Staff on August 2, 2019 – 1:48 pm -

11th Hour brings dynamic talents to A Lot With A LittlArden, North Carolina (August 2, 2019) — With powerful expressions of worship and quiet moments of surrender, 11th Hour (website HERE,) puts a spotlight on what God can do with a little trust and a lot of faith on their latest album from Sonlite Records due out September 27. A Lot With A Little, available for pre-order now, is a heartfelt statement of the group members’ passion to use their talents to serve the Lord.

“This album is the most personal album we have ever done. Each member wrote songs for this project,” says Amber Eppinette, 11th Hour’s soprano singer. “Straight from our hearts to the pen onto the paper. We can’t wait for you to hear this!”

A Lot With A Little kicks off on a high note with the title track and first single. With powerful vocals from Eppinette and a high-energy driving feel, “A Lot With A Little” recalls how Jesus made miracles happen without having much to work with, a lesson we can use in our own lives. It doesn’t take much to experience God’s goodness in life.

Eppinette’s vocals shine again on “Bring On The Storm,” a song about remembering life’s trials are about growing in relationships with oneself and God. Eppinette sings, “Oh I know my Lord can calm the raging sea / But if He says it’s good for me / Then bring on the storm.”

11th Hour couples these high-energy songs with others that create peaceful moments of stillness. Led by alto Jaquita Lindsey, “Always On His Mind” details how God serves our needs in all areas of life, whether joyful or sad. Later, “How Much Broken Is Enough,” describes feelings of desperation, without an end in sight. But don’t fear — God is a healer. Led by Eppinette, it says “I am the healer when you need a touch / I am the mender when life comes undone / That’s a promise, so don’t give up / The deeper the pain, the stronger the love / Child I know, yes I know, how much broken is enough.”

11th Hour brings dynamic talents to A Lot With A Littl11th Hour’s newest member, tenor Logan Smith, shines on “Love Don’t” and “Love Leaves A Mark,” both about the enduring nature of love, which knows no bounds and will always be present in the world.

Good” encourages us to praise the Lord with all we have. The upbeat music will inspire everyone to stand up and worship with joy and wonder. Others songs include “All Glory,” “I Know Him,” “Settled At The Cross” and “Comeback.”

A Lot With A Little shows the range Eppinette, Lindsey and Smith bring to the music they create. With a focus on uplifting the Lord, 11th Hour will inspire audiences to praise and worship with all they have.

Pre-order A Lot With A Little HERE.

About 11th Hour
Over the last ten years of traveling on the road, 11th Hour has seen God do some incredible things. With musical influences such as Karen Peck and New River, The Martins, Gold City, and The Kingsmen, 11th Hour has stayed fresh and relevant while maintaining a versatile sound, able to lead congregations in moving times of worship. After reaching high acclaim, in 2012, 11th Hour signed a recording contract with Crossroads Music. They’ve had five #1 songs on the Singing News chart and been nominated for numerous awards in Southern Gospel music such as Singing News Trio of the Year and AGM Album of the Year, while Amber Eppinette was nominated for Soprano of the Year. 11th Hour features Eppinette, alto singer Jaquita Lindsey and tenor singer Logan Smith.

About Crossroads:
Crossroads is a market leader in the Southern Gospel, Bluegrass, and Americana fields. Established in 1993, following the combination of Horizon Music Group and Sonlite Records, Crossroads now operates several divisions including Crossroads Label Group (Horizon Records, Sonlite Records, Mountain Home Music, Skyland Records, Pisgah Ridge Records, Crossroads Records, and Organic Records), Crossroads Distribution, Crossroads Radio Promotions, Crossroads Publishing Group and Crossroads Recording Studios. Led by a strong executive team of Christian music and Bluegrass music veterans, Crossroads combines cutting-edge technology with creative innovation to connect fans with our artists’ life-changing music.

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The Sneed Family bucks tradition, welcomes Baby Boy

Written by Staff on July 23, 2019 – 6:14 am -

Sneed Family in 2017

Sneed Family in 2017

Glasgow, Kent. – In a time when gender reveal parties are common, Caleb and Amanda Cowan like to be different. At 7:58 a.m. today, July 22, 2019, they, along with big brother, Baker, welcomed the arrival of a brand new baby boy.  Both baby and Amanda are doing well.

The decision to be surprised as to the gender of the baby has been a nine-month journey that Sneed Family fans have anticipated.

“We wanted to let God be God,” stated Caleb Cowan.  “It was just a small act of faith as we know only He can bless our family.”

“God always has a plan. This new baby brings so much joy and a new dimension to The Sneed Family,” said Jeff Sneed while beaming with the pride of a new grandfather.

Amanda Sneed Cowan of the Sneed Family

Amanda Sneed Cowan

“This baby will certainly make things more interesting as we raise these boys in the music we love,” explained Amanda Sneed Cowan. Amanda is the mother to this baby and three-year-old Baker Cowan and sings soprano for the well-loved family group. The baby was welcomed into the world surrounded by uncles, Seth, and Jacob Sneed, along with his grandparents, Jeff, and Pam Sneed.

This Labor Day weekend, August 29-September 1, 2019, the family will host the Gospel Fest at Loretta Lynn’s Ranch. This new baby is likely to be the biggest attraction.

The Sneed Family is a favorite to their southern Kentucky fans.  They provide an honest worship experience while providing encouragement. There is now a third-generation to bring more music while honoring the God they serve.

Watch for them on stage as well as on television with their production of “Sneed Family Music.” The program is seen in over one million homes each week, bringing music and interviews from the best in Southern gospel music. The show is now available online.

Sneed Family

Sneed Family

For more information on The Sneed Family, visit

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Beyond the Song: Eagle’s Wings sing “When I Close My Eyes”

Written by Staff on July 17, 2019 – 6:18 pm -

Beyond The Song: Eagle's Wings sing ‘When I Close My Eyes"

Eagle’s Wings

For this edition of Beyond the Song, Jantina de Haan-Baksteen reached out to Eagle’s Wings to talk about their single, “When I Close My Eyes.”  Darryle Wilson of Eagle’s Wings agreed to join her for this interview.

1. Please introduce yourselves to the readers of SGNScoops for those who have never heard about you before.

Eagle’s Wings consists mostly of family members. Debbi and I (Darryle) have been married 46 years (as of June 15.) I sing and play the bass.  Matthew Wilson (our son) sings and plays the guitar, mandolin, and dobro. Kevin Chambers sings and plays guitar, mandolin, and bass. Jacob Patterson plays the banjo, mandolin, and bass. 

Beyond The Song: Eagle's Wings sing ‘When I Close My Eyes" 2. I believe you had a recent No. 1 song on the charts, was that ‘He Hung the Moon’?

Actually “If He Hung the Moon” only went to No. 2, I think. We did have a No. 1 with “King Jesus” back in November, 2018. 


3. You have a rich musical background, can you share something about that?

Debbi and I sang together in a country band before getting married. We got married in 1973, got in church in 1979. I rededicated my life to the Lord, Debbi got saved, then her sister, mom, and dad got saved. They had only done country music, but had a desire to sing in church. Her dad, Floyd “Bill” Busby, wrote three songs, one of which will be on our newest project. 

Beyond The Song: Eagle's Wings sing ‘When I Close My Eyes" 3. Darryle is the writer of this beautiful new song, “When I Close My Eyes.” For those who believe the message, we hardly need an explanaition. But to those who haven’t commited their lives to Jesus, it’s a serious message. Can you tell us what the song says?

The song actually reaffirms the fact that we all have an appointment with death, but for the Christian, it’s only going to get better when we close our eyes here. “Pain is a stranger, there’ll be no danger, it’s glory forevermore.” Because God holds the appointment book, we just need to be ready. 


4. Do you write most of the songs yourselves?

In fact, our current project will be nothing but originals. However we like throwing a little (blue) grass seed on a Southern gospel song, just to see if we can get the grass to grow.

Beyond The Song: Eagle's Wings sing ‘When I Close My Eyes" 5. Is there anything more you’d like the readers to know?

In July, 2012, because of scoliosis, I went into complete respiratory failure and was placed on a ventilator. The doctor had told Debbi and Matthew that I would never preach or sing again and, that if I lived, I would probably be bedridden and on a respirator for the rest of my life. They were not given much hope. But, after a week, on my 65th birthday, I was off the ventilator and breathing on my own. God raised me up, and after three weeks in the nursing home for rehab, I went home. I returned to my pulpit on September 2, 2012, where I’ve been ever since. 

6. What is ahead for Eagle’s Wings in the near future?

As far as the future – we have no clue. We just leave that up to God. We would like to add another musician, if God allows. We just pray for open doors and the good sense to walk through them when He shows us one. 

7. What is the road routine of each member of the group?

Our families travel with us. Matthew’s wife, Jennifer runs our product table. They have two daughters, Anna and Emma. 

Kevin’s wife, Rhonda, runs our sound. They have one son named Jonathan. 

We don’t have a bus. We travel in four separate vehicles. We just make sure everyone has the correct address and hope we all show up at the right time and place. 

8. Where can readers find you on the internet?

Each member has an individual Facebook page, except me. The group also has a page.




For a complete schedule, go to

Thank you so much, Darryle, for your time and for allowing us a sneak peak into what happens with Eagle’s Wings.

The SGNScoops’ team wish you God’s blessing and safe travels for all the miles ahead.

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Beyond the Song: River’s Edge sing “I am Redeemed”

Written by Staff on July 16, 2019 – 5:12 pm -

Beyond the Song: River's Edge sing "I am Redeemed"Jantina de Haan Baksteen interviewed River’s Edge for this Beyond the Song article about “I Am Redeemed.”

1. Please introduce us to River’s Edge.

River’s Edge is a trio singing Christian music based out of North Wilkesboro, N.C.

John Wishon serves as lead vocalist for River’s Edge as well as handling  the emcee work for the group. John sang with his parents for 32 years in their family group, The Wishons.

John owns a Christian radio station in Wilkesboro, N.C.a is one of the most sought after evangelists and revival preachers on the east coast.

John Wishon’s wife, Rebecca, has been singing gospel music for virtually her whole life. The daughter of a pastor, she began singing at a very young age. In the late 1990’s, she performed for several years in the group Rejoice! Night after night, Rebecca amazes audiences with her powerful, from the heart, vocal abilities. Rebecca is a physical education teacher at Mountain View Elementary School in Hays, N.C. 

Rebecca and John have two beautiful children, Miles and Riley.

Tenor, John Blackburn, is a seasoned veteran of the Gospel stage. John has performed with different local artists; New Direction, and most recently with Fortify Trio. Audiences love John for not only his vocal ability but also for his magnetic and energetic personality. John has worked along side of his dad for 13 years, owning a painting company. He and his wife Amber live only 10 minutes from John and Rebecca in Wilkes County, N.C.

2. What’s the story about your ministry’s name.

How River’s Edge got it’s name: When the group was formed in 2014, original members John, Rebecca and Sheri were tossing around names and could never come to a conclusion. After days of throwing around ideas Rebecca said, “Remember the name River’s Edge that you guys mentioned?” John W. replied, “We never said River’s Edge…but hey, I like it.”

Beyond the Song: River's Edge sing "I am Redeemed"3. Are you nationally traveling a lot?

Well,there is always room to grow. We will go wherever the Lord leads us, but recently our schedule has included North Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia, and Georgia. Also back in February, we were blessed with the privilege of being a part of the Celebration at Sea Cruise with other various artists. We would lovr for you to go with us next year.

4. What is the background of the song, “I am Redeemed?”

Written and released in 2012, “I am Redeemed,” was originally written and performed by Mike Weaver. Or, “Big Daddy Weave” as his fans know him. For River’s Edge, the song will be on an upcoming unnamed project.

5. What does the song mean to River’s Edge?

The word, “Redeemed,” alone, is the action of being saved from sin. In other words, eternity hinges on that one word. For the believer, the scripture tells us not to rejoice that the spirits are subject unto us, but to rather rejoice because our names are written in heaven. So whether you have much, or little, you can rejoice because of redemption.

Beyond the Song: River's Edge sing "I am Redeemed"6. What is your message to the audience?

Our message to the audience is rather simple…we want to make sure that our audiences clearly understand the Gospel; the death, burial, and resurrection of Christ. We also want believers to be encouraged, even if they have failed, or have all kinds of trouble going on in their life, that God’s love for them has not changed.

7. Please tell us a little more about River’s Edge.

We are all avid N.C. Tarheel basketball fans. We love to talk smack with our friends at concerts who still are Duke or Kentucky fans.

You can find us on most of the major social media platforms.

Instagram: Rivers_Edge_Gospel

We are new to Youtube. Just search Rivers Edge Gospel.


Enjoy “I Am Redeemed” by River’s Edge.


Thanks to River’s Edge for answering all of our questions as we went Beyond the Song.

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Randall Hamm Reviews It: The Inspirations and Justified Quartet

Written by Staff on July 11, 2019 – 7:20 pm -

The Inspirations tell stories of God’s presence on Right Where He Is

The Inspirations tell stories of God’s presence on Right Where He Is

This month, those inspiring Inspirations are back from the mountains with a new release and an up-and-coming regional group will soon be known nationally with their latest release. Justified Quartet from Akron, Michigan wants you to “Take A Stand” and request it at your local gospel station.

As always, if you enjoy the reviews, pick up this music, or download it, wherever you get good gospel music.

Please send your latest releases for review to Randall Hamm, c/o Q-100 WFLQ-FM, P.O. Box 100, French Lick, Ind., 47432

Randall Hamm

Now…Let the Reviews begin



The Inspirations have extended their relationship with Horizon Records and are in the studio working on a new album, to be released in 2019.

The Inspirations have extended their relationship with Horizon Records

“Right Where He Is”
Producer: Jeff Collins
2019 Horizon records

Songs: “He’s Coming Again” (Matthew Browder BMI); “There’ll Never Be A Giant” (Roland Kesterson BMI); “Lord I Want To Be A Blessing” (Squire Parsons BMI); “Wouldn’t Change The End” (Dixie Phillips-Mark Mathes BMI); “She Gets Another Prayer Through Again” (Steve Moss BMI); “His Hand Reached Further Down” (Don Johnson BMI); “Obey The Spirit of The Lord” (Joyce Croft-Colbert Croft BMI); “That’s Right Where He’ll Be” (Rebecca J Peck-Megan Sorelle Mulnix BMI); “The End of Time Is Near” (William Carter BMI); “Judas Kissed The Door” (Sandy Knight BMI)

This is now the second album with Archie Watkins at the helm of ownership of the group. As you know, Martin Cook retired and sold all interest and ownership of the group to Archie, to lead the Inspirations and continue their brand of gospel music. This album brings Roland Kesterson to the front as their new lead singer, as Matt Dibler retired, and Wyatt Austin, former bass with the Chuckwagon Gang, was brought on as utility musician and occasional bass singer. 

This album is a marked improvement, over “The One In the Water,” the blend is tighter and the musical selection is a better choice as well. From top to bottom, this lineup of the Inspirations has struck pay dirt with this project. “He’s Coming Again” leads off the project with the traditional Inspiration sound we’ve all come to know and love, featuring Roland on lead. Eddie Dietz gets the lead on a Squire Parsons tune “Lord I Want To Be A Blessing” and shines as always. One of my favorites that I hope will be pulled as a single, “His Hand Reached Further Down,” features Archie. In his earlier days, he could not have sung this as he sings here. Archie’s voice has aged like a fine wine and with a little age, he sings this to perfection, and I’m thankful he reached further down for me. 

The current single climbing the charts is “That’s Right Where He’ll Be.” From the pen of Rebecca J Peck, no matter where we are that’s “Where He’ll Be.” You’ll instantly recognize the single, as it has one of the catchiest intros on radio today. But my true favorite is a re-recording of “The End Of Time Is Near.” This classic Inspirations’ song, first recorded in 1969, sparkles as two of the current Inspirations were on this particular cut, Archie and Eddie. In 50 years the message of this song is even clearer and truer today. This is worthy as well of being a single.

 Overall, the Inspirations and all those involved have crafted a CD that has not left my player for a while. Great songs, the classic Inspiration sound, and some great studio musicians make for an album that is a pure delight. Visit the Inspirations at and get a copy of “Right Where He Is” wherever and however you get good gospel music.

Strongest Songs: “Right Where He’ll Be,” “His Hand Reached Further Down,” “The End of Time Is Near,” “Obey the Spirit Of The Lord”


Justified Quartet

Justified Quartet

Justified Quartet
“Take A Stand”
Producer: Bob Caldwell
2019 Independent

Songs: “Take A Stand” (Scott Inman-Daryl Williams); “Come, Lord Jesus” (Dianne Wilkinson); “Don’t Be Caught Dead Without Jesus” (Mike Payne-Vic Clay); “We’ve Got Our Ways” (Rebecca Peck-David Jenkins); “It Should Have Rained” (Dianne Wilkinson-Rusty Golden); “We’re In The Same Boat” (Rebecca Peck-Kenna Turner West); “Heaven Is The Place Where Dreams Come True” (Dianne Wilkinson-Janice Crow); “Can’t Wait To Hear The Sound” (Carl Ledford); “It Took A Lamb” (Geron Davis); “I Still Cling To The Old Rugged Cross” (Marty Funderburk-Buddy Mullins)

For the past six years, this group has been Michigan’s pride and joy. Based out of Akron, Mich., Justified is about to no longer be Michigan’s secret. Lead, Carl Ledford; baritone, Mark Jacoby; tenor, Dave Potts and bass, Tim Caldwell, have crafted a album that is pure joy and straight ahead Southern gospel. The album produced by Bob Caldwell, who you may remember as the bass singer with Won By One, Brian Free and Assurance, and Kingdom Heirs, has brought the best out of Justified. By the way, Tim Caldwell is Bob’s brother. “Take A Stand” leads off this project, and in this day and age we must “Take A Stand.” This is their current single and could be the group’s first national Top 20. 

Justified sings the fire out of “Come Lord Jesus,” the first of three Dianne Wilkinson songs on the album.  “It Should Have Rained,” penned by Dianne, is an absolute gem that deserves a possible single release. Featuring their tenor, this was formerly recorded by the Kingsmen, but changing the lead to tenor, markedly changes the song and makes it more powerful. Closing out the CD is another lead vocal for tenor Dave Potts on “I Still Cling To The Old Rugged Cross”, a powerful song of where our belief lies. In between “Take A Stand” and “I Still Cling,” is one of the best new projects of the year. You may not have heard of Justified, but in a few more single releases, you will remember their name. Take a stand and get a copy of this CD. Visit Justified at and get a copy of “Take A Stand” wherever and however you get good gospel music.


The Freemans grace the cover of the May 2019 SGNScoops Magazine

The Freemans grace the cover of the May 2019 SGNScoops Magazine

Strongest Songs: “Take A Stand,” “I Still Cling To The Old Rugged Cross,” “It Should Have Rained,” “Don’t be Caught Dead”


 Reviews by Randall Hamm

First published by SGNScoops Magazine in May 2019

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Justified Qt at GMW MIWe are excited to have Justified Quartet oining us in Ann Arbor next June 4-6 for Gospel Music Weekend Michigan! Make your plans now to join us for a weekend of great gospel music featuring over 30 artists.
For more nformation, send us an email to #GMWM2020 #AnnArbor #DestinationAnnArbor


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Gospel Music Artists celebrate July 4th

Written by Staff on July 4, 2019 – 9:30 am -

Rob Patz asks: Are you free?Gospel music artists across America are celebrating July 4th in many different ways. How are they celebrating independence day? Many are having a great time with family and friends enjoying this 4th of July. Others will be hard at work making sure there are great family-friendly events for listeners to enjoy.

Debbie Bennett says she will be with family. Vonda Armstrong says she will be swimming, cooking out, and watching a fireworks show with family.

Williamsons gospel music artists on July 4thJonathan Wilburn: Wilburn and Wilburn are headed to Somerset, Kentucky, for the big King Of Kings Radio 4th of July celebration with our friend Kevin Spencer! Free singing and fireworks!

Yvonne Dodrill of the Dodrill Family: Our church stakes out a large area on a hill at our local park. We all eat together and then watch the fireworks, which go off right above our heads! It’s awesome! Our family looks forward to it every year.

Donnie Williamson: 50th anniversary of this great event (in Lorne Grove) Honored to be a part! (See poster) (Free)

Scott Whitener of the Carolina Boys: Me and the boys are singing at the Fourth of July town festival in White Pine, Tennessee.

Jessica Horton: Both Feet In

Jessica Horton

Jessica Horton: Cookout lunch with my family. To make it simple, we are doing “bring your own meat” for the grill and potluck sides to share.

David Greshem: I am singing in the annual 4th of July parade in Douglasville, Georgia. I will be riding a float right through the middle of town It will be exciting! God bless our country!

Goodman Revival. Photo by Craig Harris

Goodman Revival. Photo by Craig Harris

Tanya Goodman Sykes: Spending the afternoon with our dear friends Ken and Lisa and a passel of other folks.

Lottie Squires, of WCKB :I’ll work until 5pm, because a radio station never closes…and then I’ll go see the Down East Boys!

Chuck Day

Chuck Day presented with Living Legend Award CCX2015

Chuck Day: Flying to Houston, Texas, to do a 4th of July show in Spring, Texas.

Wayne Shuford: Singing at a Peach Festival with Pine Ridge Boys…

Karen Connell of the Connells: Hannah & Heather are leading worship at church camp this week. Chris and I are headed there tomorrow (4th) for the holiday to visit old friends a bit and Chris will be preaching the evening sermon.

Faron Lewis: Enjoying a wonderful weekend in the great mountains and town of Pagosa Springs,Colorado;c , hiking, roastup some s’mores, enjoy some family fellowship and watch the firework show the town hosts. Has always been a family tradition!

Prayers For The Dunaways

The Dunaways

Tammy Dunaway of the Dunaways: On the road ..

Bink Mooney: Promised Land Quartet is in concert. We are singing in the 53rd Annual Celebration of Freedom in Stanley, Virginia.

Paula McDougle: Purpose will be singing at our local “Jam on Sloss Lake.” This is an all-day free event sponsored by our local officials.

Adam Dungey of Bros. 4: Hanging with family. Cooking, 4 wheeler riding.

Bros. 4 CD Release ConcertBonita Eileen: Celebrating this beautiful country and my freedom to worship Jesus Christ with my family and friends not just on the 4th of July but everyday I live. Recovering from surgery and eating watermelon and grilled burgers with my kiddos.

Tim Griffin: Having a private sing along with The Griffins and The Bledsoes and a fish fry with about 30 guests at Myrtle Beach.


Rusty Rowan of Pardoned: Nashville with the wife and kids!

Debra Wilson of Eagle’s Wings: Family. Probably some music. Eating.

Eric Baker: The Bakers will be singing an old fashioned tent revival in Cortland, N.Y. Starts tonight and goes thru Sunday.

Danny Daniels of Matchless Grace: We always try to go and see the fireworks. Our daughter Amanda was born on July 5th. When she was little, we could see the fireworks displays from 3 different cities right from our front lawn. We would tell Amanda “Everyone in the world was celebrating her Birthday.” lol. Well she’s still a Princess to us!

Dianne Wilkinson: I will be attending a family reunion in my hometown, Blytheville, Arkansas, of my mother’s side of my family…the Hardins. This reunion has been continuous since my Great Grandparents’ era. We are smaller in number, but still love to be together. Thankful for our Christian heritage.

Greg Sullivan: Fishing for the first time at Sam Rayburn Reservoir in Brookeland Texas with my wife Lisa and her older brother Foster.

Jim Visser: Spending some quality time camping with my family…. a much needed break!

Steve Dover of ClearVision Quartet: Smoking several racks of ribs and going to the Sand Mountain Potato Festival.

Todd Seaborg: Big Blessin is singing for the town of McLean, Miss.. We do a couple of hours of Gospel music before the fireworks show. This is our fifth year in a row.

Shelia Heil: Working at home.

Stephen Sigmon of Sounds of Jericho: Family time for sure…cooking…eating….fireworks in our neighborhood. Celebrating America….and how good God has been to her.

Jason Dyess: We always go to a friend’s property and cookout all day, ride four wheelers, the kids slide down a redneck water slide. We close the day with a big fireworks show.

Tammy Norris: I’m sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ at a July 4th singing in Williamsburg, Kentucky! Declaring my freedom through the blood of Jesus! What better way to celebrate? Hot dogs, sweet fellowship and praising our Lord!

Charlie Griffin: Singing and ministering in an annual Tennessee campmeeting.

Mark Mathes: BBQ, yard games and fireworks with family and friends.

Sara Lewis: Singing at the local Potato Festival and going to watch fireworks over the lake in Guntersville.

The Gibbs Family gospel band

Gibbs Family

Vernon and Susan Gibbs of the Gibbs Family: Island Lake God and Country Day BBQ, July 4th day..Fireworks Extravaganza from barge in middle of island lake..The Gibbs Family along with other singers and also Murf the Surf..

Christie Hemphill: Watching fireworks!

Earl King: Singing at Foothills Gospel Music Park 2303 Prospect Road Carnesville, Georgia, 10:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m.

Tom Walker of the Walkers: Staying at home, nursing my wife back to health after surgery.

Greg Inman: I’m in Washington, D.C. and I plan to attend the President’s Speech at the Lincoln Memorial, as well as enjoy the flyovers of each branch of the military and then the D.C.fireworks. I not bragging but……wait, I am bragging. It’s okay to be jealous.

Elaine Harcourt: Staying in where it’s cool and watching some of my DVDs.

Edna Wright: Family outing and picnic at the Atlanta Zoo!

Pray For Brenda Denney

Brenda Denney

Brenda Ann Denney: I will be celebrating the 4th with my kids and grandkids in Los Angeles, California.

Don Paff: Getting together with friends to eat and play Canasta! Boys beat girls.

Donna Journey of the Journeys: Relaxing, cooking out at our fire pit and going to see fireworks in our hometown.

Kevin Lane and Bobby Hunter: Our group, Isaiah 61, will be singing in Irwinton, Georgia, under the fireworks display.

Harvey Madden: Cooking and out and going to enjoy my Independence Day celebration with my family and friends.

Jan Harbuck: Traveling to Branson, Missouri, to sing at Jammin’ for Jesus! Celebrating Jesus and helping our veterans.

Brian Davis: Sleeping in ’til 5 a.m. or so….having a family picnic at my sister’s house (less to clean up that way)… Relatives coming in from California, N.Y.C. and Texas.

Bruce Yates: Singing with Crystal Valley Trio at the Linton Freedom Festival in Linton, Indiana.

Mercy Rain

Mercy Rain

Angela Parker of Mercy Rain : My son will be playing trumpet with the Gilbert Marching Indians in the Gilbert Peach Festival Parade. After that we will spend time hanging out at the Gilbert Peach Festival, then we will spend the evening watching the fireworks that end the Gilbert Peach Festival. Can I type Gilbert Peach Festival enough?

Terry Kanipe of the Singing Epps Family: Hanging with family. Then going to church. And then find some fireworks to admire. Wanda Epps Kanipe loves fireworks!

Thank you to all those who let us know how they are planning on celebrating Independence Day. May all of our readers enjoy the 4th of July!


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Michigan Quartet 4One Seeks Tenor

Written by Staff on July 3, 2019 – 9:55 am -

Michigan Quartet 4One Seeks Tenor


4One Quartet based out of Reed City, Michigan, is seeking a tenor to replace John Croy, exiting the group on July 16.

Group owner Jim Quales formed the group in 2012 based on the concept of 4 guys singing for one God.  

The group carries a full schedule and needs to fill the vacancy as soon as possible.  Relocation is not necessary.

If you are interested in auditioning, please email a photo, your testimony, and an audio and video sample to Jim Quales at  

Find 4One on Facebook HERE.

4One4One is one of the artists scheduled to appear at the Gospel Music Weekend — Michigan.  Rob Patz and Coastal Events are excited to announce that a brand new event is hitting the state of Michigan in 2020. Gospel Music Weekend—Michigan is coming to Ann Arbor June 4-6, 2020.

Taking place in the eclectic southern Michigan college town, known primarily as the home of The University of Michigan, Gospel Music Weekend-–Michigan will feature some fantastic artists from the Great Lakes Region, such as Diamond Award winning Gloryway, Michigan’s own Justified Quartet, Diamond Award nominee Cami Shrock, as well as some of the Creekside family of artists including The Dodrill Family, Livin’ Forgivin, Ezekiel’s Call, Harley Madden, Matchless Grace and Kristen Stanton.

Gospel Music Weekend—Michigan will also be showcasing other talent from Michigan, Indiana, and Ohio and introducing artists from outside the region to the state of Michigan.

Concerts are slated for Thursday, Friday, and Saturday evenings as well as daytime showcases, chapel services, and the popular Midnight Prayer

Gospel Music Weekend Comes to Michigan

Gospel Music Weekend Comes to Michigan

Gospel Music Weekend – Michigan is also going to be a host location for a Creekside Artist Search. With over one hundred artists currently on a waiting list for Creekside Gospel Music Convention, this will be an incredible opportunity for artists from across the country to be considered for a coveted spot on the Creekside artist roster. The winning artist will sing on the main stage of the Saturday evening concert in Ann Arbor and be afforded the chance to also sing on the main stage at Creekside 2020 as part of the pre-concert festivities. This event will be taking place on Saturday, June 6, 2020, and is open to all artists.

Find Gospel Music Weekend On Facebook HERE

If you are an artist wishing to participate or if would like more information, please send an email to

Read the June SGNScoops Magazine Online HERE

Download June SGNScoops Magazine On PDF HERE
Find SGNScoops Magazine On Facebook HERE
Listen To Todays Gospel Music HERE

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