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Kelly Nelon Clark begins filming first lead role

Written by Staff on May 13, 2016 – 2:01 pm -

Kelly Nelon

Kelly Nelon Clark

Kelly Nelon Clark has been acting for some time, as reported by SGN Scoops in the August 2014 edition of SGNScoops magazine, when Clark joined the faith-based film The Dancer. She told us in that issue, “I have always loved theater and film. If you look back to around 1980 you can see where I mentioned that it was a secret dream of mine. I have to give credit to a friend in Dallas, Georgia, who invited me to acting classes, Elizabeth Hale. I went with her the first time and I loved it! We all sat around with different scripts and each had our turn. It sounded really good in my head but when it came out the first time I felt heat come to my face. I didn’t quit; I just kept going back every week for that four-hour class. I’m still learning, but I’m loving it.”

Clark told her followers on Facebook today that she starts filming her first lead role on Monday. Author, publisher, screenwriter, actor, and producer of hardcore Christian books and Christian films, Donald James Parker says here, “I have cast her for the lead role in my next film, Old Rugged

The Nelons pictured with members of the Dallas, GA City Council along with Todd Nelon

The Nelons pictured with members of the Dallas, GA City Council along with Todd Nelon
Photo Cred Tim Gray

Cross, which will be shot in mid May of 2016. I truly think that Kelly can make the crossover very successfully and her fan base will be able to enjoy her talents in both areas for many years to come. I am confident Kelly will become a prominent player in the Indie Christian film arena. Who knows? Perhaps Hollywood will come calling someday with a faith based film that will allow Kelly to take a bigger stage. No one deserves it more.”

“Would you pray for me?” asks Clark. “Without sounding pretentious I start filming a movie, The Old Rugged Cross on Monday with Donald James Parker, Ken Dohse, Juli Tapken and more and these guys are professional and great at what they do. This is my first lead role with lots of dialogue. I’m new at this but I’m excited and ready for this journey. Pray that God will help me in every way to fulfill this role. My plate has been rather full lately but God won’t put you anywhere that He won’t provide what you need. Thank you to Jeff Rose who has coached me and encouraged me. You will never know how much I appreciate it. Thank you to Autumn Nelon Clark for going over my lines with me. I hope I make all of you proud!”

The Nelons Honored With GMA Hall Of Fame Induction

The Nelons Honored With GMA Hall Of Fame Induction

Kelly Nelon Clark also writes a column for SGNScoops magazine. See her latest “High Notes with Kelly Nelon Clark,” here.

Earlier this week, The Nelons were inducted into the GMA Hall of Fame. See that article here.

Congratulations Kelly from all of us at SGNScoops!!


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Burning Bridges release new album

Written by Staff on May 10, 2016 – 5:54 pm -

Burning Bridges

Burning Bridges

Burning Bridges is a husband/wife duo, which consists of Richard Asaro and his wife Anita. They are currently located in Darlington, SC. You will find that listening to their music, that the harmony is dynamic and the lyric of each song will draw you closer with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. They have recently released a brand new album “Then Sings My Soul”, that will bless your heart as I can promise this won’t be an album you only listen to once.

You will find interesting that Burning Bridges have shared the stage with many notable artists, as well as new and upcoming artists such as Bobby and Carmen Hodge, The Perrys, His Calling, and Next Chapter. Some of the songs that you will hear on this album are: “How Great Thou Art”, “You Alone Are Worthy”, “Hit The Ground Running” and “Didn’t I Walk On The Water”.

Burning Bridges

Burning Bridges

Through listening to this album, you will find that each song strikes home and many will move you to tears as you surrender to Christ as you remember the price He paid for you at the Cross. Their publicist, Andrew Brunet releases this statement on their new album Then Sings My Soul: “This is an album that has become one of my favorites, as the Holy Spirit ministers and brings me into the presence of worship. Also, Richard has become one of my great friends and a brother in Christ. So it is a delight to be able to help them out.”

To find out more information about Burning Bridges and how to purchase their album, you can go to their website:, for booking you can give them a call at (843)-615-4600.

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Paula and Angie tour stops include Florida and South Carolina

Written by Staff on April 29, 2016 – 2:39 pm -

Paula and Angie

Paula and Angie

(Wilmington,  NC)- Meet Paula and Angie, a mother-daughter duo, who has been singing since 2013. Through listening to their music, you will begin to feel a passion like never before, when these two begin to share their message to you about what Christ has done in their lives.

The mission statement for their ministry is: “To be the hands and feet of Jesus.” Some of the songs that you may have heard them perform are: “God Will Open The Windows,” “God On The Mountain Medley,” and “I Am Redeemed. ” You will find that throughout their career, along with being featured artists from the Wilmington Celebration Choir, they have appeared with artists such as: Michael English, Karen Peck and New River, Lynda Randle, and The Hoppers.
Their publicist, Andrew Brunet shares this: “Through meeting Paula and Angie, you will find no greater friend, so spiritually wise and sharing their talent that our precious Lord and Savior has given them.”
Paula and Angie jpegYou can meet them at one of their tour stops, they would love to see you:
May 29– Bethesda United Methodist Church- Fairmont NC
June 4–  PrayzeFactor Tour- Jacksonville, FL
June 5– PrayzeFactor Tour-  Jacksonville, FL
June 12– First Baptist Church Woodburn- Leland, NC
June 18– PrayzeFactor Tour- Charleston, SC
June 19– PrayzeFactor Tour- Charleston, SC
You can purchase their music through digital outlets such as iTunes, Amazon, and Google Music. If you would like to find out more info about them, go to their website For booking inquiries, contact A.C.T.S Management, at 404-432-7648.
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Hope’s Journey Interview… The Rest of the Story

Written by Staff on March 17, 2016 – 4:27 pm -


Hope's Journey

Hope’s Journey

Charlie Sexton interviews Vonda Easley, Lauren Huckabee, Jordan Wilson and Chris Clay of Hope’s Journey. Part One appeared in the March 2016 issue of SGN Scoops. Here, Charlie tells the rest of the story!


Several years ago, a young, energetic group from the foothills of Alabama came on the Gospel music scene who, in an unusually short amount of time, won the hearts of folks all across America. It’s been my distinct privilege to watch them grow – not only as consummate professionals – but also as God-fearing ministers of the Gospel. Recently, I had the opportunity to sit down and spend some time with these fun-loving, down home folks. Today is your lucky day. You get to enjoy the rest of that conversation. Hang on. You ain’t ready for this!


Hope's Journey

Hope’s Journey

CS: Vonda here’s one for you.  Before his death, Gospel Music legend Jake Hess suffered from many different health issues.  When his friends and fans asked him how he was feeling, his answer, without fail, was always  “Nothin’ But Fine!” It eventually became his mantra. In recent years, you have become well known for starting your radio show and your social media posts with “Hey, Y’all!” How did that come about?


VE: I’ve said it all my life. I’m a country girl and I’m proud of that. We went to a church one night and I met the pastor on the way in. I greeted him and his wife with “Hey Y’all.” He said,  “It is for real; you aren’t faking!”  I remember telling him that if I was gonna be fake, I’d be more proper! I guess my “Hey Y’all” just stuck. I get asked all the time when I’m out shopping if I am The “Hey Y’all” Lady… Hey, it works!


Lauren and Vonda of Hope's Journey

Lauren and Vonda of Hope’s Journey

CS: I love it!  In all honesty, people have just really come to expect you to say that!  It’s kinda like going to a McKameys concert and anticipating Peg waving her hanky and kicking her shoes off.  It’s not just a part of your ‘shtick’; it’s truly part of who ‘you’ are!               

Okay.  I’m going to ask each of you to tell me one word that best describes one of your fellow group members.  If you want to elaborate, that’s fine… but give us that one word, first.


CS: Lauren, describe Jordan.


LH: Loveable.  Jordan is only 19 years old and he absolutely loves singing about Jesus! He is my little road trip buddy sometimes, and we always have a blast. After concerts at the table is always interesting because all the little ladies just love him to pieces! He is all around precious, and I look at him like the little brother I never had.


Hope's JourneyCS: Chris, describe Vonda.


CC: Loyal.  There are a lot of other words that fit her, but she may just be the most loyal friend I’ve ever had. If she tells you she’ll be there, you can count on it. She’s definitely one of the best friends I have ever had.


CS: Vonda, describe Lauren.


VE: Beautiful. That’s her, inside and out!


Hope's JourneyCS: Jordan, describe Chris.


JW: Jealous.  It’s a known fact that Chris is terribly jealous of bass singers, so he really gives me a hard time…  (Jordan laughs.) No, seriously, Chris has been such been a good mentor to me, since I joined the group. He’s a great singer and truly loves the Lord. I really enjoy working with him and I consider him a very good friend. So, that is my word to describe him… friend.


CS: Here’s another fun question.  If they were going to make a movie about Hope’s Journey, what Gospel Music personality would you like to play you?


VE: I think Brenda Robinson of New Desire could play me perfect. She knows me well and we even sound alike! I love that lady.

CC:      Mark Lowry. No doubt. Only his jokes are better than mine.

LH: Amber Nelon. Because she’s beautiful, sweet, and has vocal talent like none other!

JW: My good friend Josh Singletary. I mean, really, don’t you think he would make a good bass singer?


Hope's JourneyCS: Well, this has been fun, y’all! We could do this all day, but we need to close this down until next time. Any final thoughts from you, Vonda?


VE: I’d like to thank you, Charlie! This has been really fun. I’ve made so many friends in this industry through the years, but I’d have to say that you, my friend, are one of the best. You are one of the good guys, Charlie, and I’m thankful for you!



Editor’s note: We are happy to welcome Charlie Sexton as a guest writer for SGNScoops, doing a terrific job of delving into the world of Hope’s Journey. Be sure to catch more of his interview with this group in SGNScoops’ March 2016 magazine.

See Hope’s Journey on Facebook and online.


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Jerry “JT” Tinkle in new group Open Heart Quartet

Written by Staff on March 17, 2016 – 2:23 pm -

Open Heart Quartet with Jerry "JT" Tinkle

Open Heart Quartet with Jerry “JT” Tinkle

Message from Jerry “JT” Tinkle:

Hello there!  It has been awhile since I sent out any emails concerning my music ministry.  So, I’d like to take this opportunity to let you know that I am “On the Road Again” , singing southern gospel music, the best music on Earth!

 The name of my new group is Open Heart Quartet, based out of Bedford, IN. The group has a presence on Facebook as well as a website: I trust that all reading this email are doing well in the Lord, and I look forward to seeing you all once again at some point down the road!

 May God bless you all!  Jerry “JT” Tinkle,  Baritone for Open Heart Quartet


Open Heart Quartet consists of Chris Begarly, Mike Atchison, Gary Craig and Jerry Tinkle, based out of Bedford, Indiana. Their Facebook bio states: “We started as a group several years ago. There have been a few changes in the group members. But the sound has remained. The first and foremost goal of Open Heart is to minister about our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. We sing in 4 states at the moment, and are adding more along the way. If you would Like to schedule Open Heart for you Church service Contact Marcella Reed at 812-239-3302 or .


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Deborah Avans-Peek on this edition of SGN Scoops’ Fast Five

Written by Staff on March 17, 2016 – 12:21 pm -

Deborah Avans-Peek

Deborah Avans-Peek

Welcome to another edition of SGN Scoops’ Fast Five! Today we talk to Deborah Avans-Peek about her solo ministry as a Christian Country and Southern Gospel artist. Her clear soprano vocals have a definite tinge of Country and her story will amaze you as it is a reminder how God keeps us all in His hands. From adoption to abuse to cancer, she has kept on singing. After a foray into Country music, Deborah once again sings for the Lord. I know you will be encouraged by her story. Be sure to follow the links to listen to her music as well.

Deborah Avans-Peek, we present to you the SGN Scoops’ Fast Five!


SGN: Hi Deborah! We’d love to know more about you. Tell us about the beginning of your ministry!

DAP: Singer/Songwriter Deborah Avans-Peek grew up on Cumberland mountain,  in a rural area at Hytop, Alabama, just three  miles south of the Tennessee state line.  She grew up singing in church and gives credit for her ability to sing to God. She sang in school events and church and was a member of a Gospel quartet at the early age of 15.  She says, “My uncle was a preacher and I had another uncle that was a song leader. I have a lot of close relatives that sing Gospel music too.”  In 2008, Deborah recorded her first Gospel CD titled Living In The Rain, a cover song that was recorded by Jeff and Sheri Easter. The project was recorded with Eddie Crook Company, on the Cedar Hill Records label, and was produced by A&R director, Scott Godsey.  The album received much radio play in 2008.


SGN: Please tell our readers about your walk with Christ.

DAP: Deborah was born in a small town on the outskirts of Chicago, IL.,  and was adopted at the age of two by a couple from Alabama.  Deborah says, “I always knew I was adopted, and I am so proud I have Christian parents who took me to church. I am so thankful for my raising.” When Deborah graduated high school, she married and the marriage developed into an abusive one. After being married for 14 years, it ended in divorce.  She recorded a Country music CD and moved close to Nashville to pursue a career in Country music.  She made a lot of friends in the music business and was a regular backstage at the Opry. “I even sang on the Opry and I got to sing at the Ryman,” she states.  She toured and sang with a band for about six years. Deborah says, “Everywhere I sang, people would always say, ‘You should be singing Gospel music.’”  It didn’t take long to realize that Country music was not what God wanted for her.  

In 2007, Deborah moved back to Alabama to help her mother after her father passed away. She felt as if she had come full circle. “God watched over me and brought me back to where He wanted me.”  In 2008, she recorded her first Gospel CD titled Living In The Rain, and she began sharing her testimony and sharing the Gospel while singing at churches.  Deborah was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2013 and had to put her ministry on hold for a while to recover. After undergoing a double mastectomy, 28 radiation treatments, 12 rounds of chemotherapy and several surgeries, she has made a full recovery and is now cancer free.  “I know God has healed me and watched over me and for some reason he is not finished with me yet. There is more of His work to do. My mother and my mother-in-law both are also breast cancer survivors.”


Deborah Avans-Peek

Deborah Avans-Peek

SGN: What about your family? Please tell us about your children and grandchildren.

DAP: Deborah lives close to Scottsboro, Alabama with her husband Chris and two sons that are school age. They are members of Agape Baptist Church in Scottsboro, Alabama.  They have three sons, two daughters, and six grandbabies. Her hobbies include singing, songwriting, and cooking because she loves trying new recipes. “I love sewing and I make my grandbabies clothes sometimes. I also love painting and making crafts and things that I see on Pinterest.” She also takes care of her mother who is now in nursing care and has Alzheimer’s.  Once a month she sings at the nursing home where her mother lives.


SGN: How do we find out more about you, your tour schedule and how to contact you?

DAP:  If you would like Deborah to visit your church or venue and share her ministry, you can call  256-244-1550 or send a message via email at “Like” Deborah’s Facebook page at and purchase songs at Deborah is currently booking for 2016.



Deborah Avans-Peek.Living in the rain

Deborah Avans-Peek.Living in the rain

SGN: What are some of the goals you have for your ministry?

DAP:  “I just want to be out there with the people who have hurt and struggles, to encourage them and let them know you CAN be strong. God will never leave you; even when you think He’s so far away, He’s not, and He will always rescue you when HE decides it’s time,” she states. “Going through divorce, abuse, abandonment, homelessness and brokenness in the past and then cancer, I know what it’s like to struggle, BUT GOD is Good!”

Deborah is looking forward to working on a new cd project for this year which will allow her to keep sharing the gospel.


Thank you so much Deborah for sharing your incredible story with us and reminding us about the goodness of God. We encourage our readers to visit Deborah’s Facebook page and CD Baby page to find out more about this amazing woman. Contact her to find out more about her ministry. We know your church or women’s ministry outreach will enjoy hearing her story and her music. Thanks Deborah for answering our SGN Scoops’ Fast Five!

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WLOSGMH Convention is Contagious To Social Gospel Music Lovers!

Written by Staff on March 7, 2016 – 3:01 pm -

WLOSGMH Convention

WLOSGMH Convention



The Facebook group, WE LOVE OUR SOUTHERN GOSPEL MUSIC HISTORY (WLOSGMH)  is a phenomenon. Over thirty six thousand members, hundreds of remarks, audio and video shares and photo posts are commonplace every day.  Friendships have been renewed, acquaintances become friendships and it all due to the love of southern gospel music.


Globally the group members span North and South America, Europe and even a few members from south East Asia. Each day, membership increases to relive those special one of a kind southern gospel moments and the historical music clips while sharing their music memorabilia and collections.

March 21-22, 2016 the Holiday Inn Airport-Opryland will host this annual convention of gospel music enthusiasts.  The two day event features concerts, Monday evening banquet, Tuesday luncheon buffet, Q & A sessions, videos, sing-alongs, conversations, time for browsing for the gospel music memorabilia and friendships.


The talent list is a who’s who in gospel music. Featured is one of gospel music most acclaimed all-time quartets the Blackwood Brothers, convention music hosts the Pine Ridge Boys, the Sheltons, New Dove Brothers, the Downings, Jordan’s Bridge, Gary Timbs, Jeff Stice, Collectors Quartet, Ellen Marsh, Buddy Burton, Charlie Griffin, Rita Spillers and convention hosts Harold Timmons, Ann Downing, John Crenshaw and Hannah Kennedy. During this convention the music history will be represented and shared by hundreds of years of experienced participants.


What makes this event so unique? Why is the interest so intense? There are other heritage events in gospel music. The NQC, Albert Brumley Gospel Sing, Grand Ol’ Gospel Reunion, Singing At Sea and many more, too numerous to list. This event is the only one of its kind designed for a social media group that emphasizes the history of gospel music. It is the only event that features legacy artists whose music careers are rooted in gospel music. Those artists have and are still making contributions to our music.


The roots of gospel music start early to many fans and artists. Many enthusiasts were children who were ‘dragged’ to a concert by parents who were involved in church music or local groups. Others stumbled into a concert and the music bug just bit them. The WLOSGMH page administrators are no different in their exposure to southern gospel music.


Administrator, John Crenshaw (fan) remembers, “I was nine years old when I attended my first “all night sing” in Burlington, NC.  It was held on New Year’s Eve, 1966.  Funny thing was, three of the WLOSGMH administrators were at the concert, but we didn’t realize it until many years later.  HT and I were in the audience, and Ann was singing with the Speer Family.  Hannah was probably selling tickets, but we haven’t confirmed that.

It was a great show with the Speers, Chuck Wagon Gang, Oak Ridge Boys, Blue Ridge Quartet, Harvesters, and LeFevres.

1969 poster

1969 poster



Not long after that, I was at the Reynolds Auditorium every time they had a concert.  This poster is from one of my favorites from 1969.  Although they were not on the printed advertisement, the Downings were there and tore up the place!  It was one of their first big NC performances.” Crenshaw is an active gospel music fan and historian with an extensive collection of gospel music and memorabilia.



Administrator Ann Downing (singer) shares, “I was about 8 or 9 years old when I heard a reel to reel recordings of a little local group close to where I grew up in North Mississippi.  If my memory serves me right, the song was “Wait ‘Til You See me in My New Home”.  I’m sure it wasn’t all that great, but I loved the harmony.  Up until then, about all I’d known was convention singing out of the Stamps-Baxter, Vaughn, et al songbooks, which I love to this day.


Dean Adkins, Hannah Kennedy, John Crenshaw, Harold Timmons and Brent Joiner

Dean Adkins, Hannah Kennedy, John Crenshaw, Harold Timmons and Brent Joiner

Shortly after that, I went with a member of this group to my first “quartet concert” in Columbus, MS.  The Statesmen and Blackwood Brothers were there…I was captivated. 


I’m so grateful that it’s possible for a young cotton picker from a rural area to have a singing dream to come true.” Downing was vocalist for the Speers, Downings and is currently a touring soloist.



Ann Downing

Ann Downing




Administrator Harold Timmons (musician) states, “My first gospel sing was in the 1954. I was only seven years old.  I think it was summer, because there either was no air conditioning in the building, or it was broken.  This was at Reynolds Auditorium in Winston-Salem.  There were many groups on the program, but my folks came to see the Chuck Wagon Gang for their first time.  The building was sold out and it was standing room only.  We were in the upper balcony, and folks were actually sitting on the steps in the balcony.  Every now and then, the emcee would announce that the fire department was going to shut the program down if folks did not get off the stairways in the balconies.

The CWG was late getting there.  While another group was on stage, a guitar amp sitting in a chair was slipped through the center of the back curtain.  There was

Chuck Wagon Gang

Chuck Wagon Gang

thunderous applause, I didn’t know why, but that amp signaled to the rest of the audience that the CWG had arrived.  This was my only time to see Dad Carter perform with them.

My parents started going to other programs in the area, and I was fascinated.  When I got my driver’s license, I took myself to many concerts all around.  I began collecting records of most all groups…78s, then 45s, then albums, and signed up for their newsletters.  By the 60s I had pretty well determined I wanted to be a gospel pianist someday, as I was hooked on this music.



Hemphills with Harold Timmons

Hemphills with Harold Timmons

I started taking piano lessons, went to the Stamps Quartet School of Music, and started making contacts, readying myself for this business.” Timmons was instrumental in music staging with the Sheltons, Barnetts, Hemphills and Chuck Wagon Gang. He continues the gospel music connections with Gospel Gallery, selling collectibles and vintage gospel music.



The youngest administrator is 21 year old gospel music fan, Hannah Kennedy.

Pictured l to r: Hannah Kennedy, Nancy Carrollo and Harold Timmons

Pictured l to r: Hannah Kennedy, Nancy Carrollo and Harold Timmons

Kennedy says, “When I was 5, I went to my first gospel concert in Fort Wayne, IN. I was hooked right away. I wanted to learn all of the songs and know the names of every singer I heard. The living legends who traveled on Bill Gaither’s Homecoming tours quickly became my heroes and my family graciously took me to as many concerts as possible so that I could see them.

Shown is a picture Hannah took of Jake Hess at the Gospel Barn in LaGrange, GA when she was 5. August 26, 2000. And one of her favorite Gaither concert posters.


Jake Hess

Jake Hess

Collector and fan, Brent Joiner says, a night or two before I was born, my parents were at a Southern Gospel concert so I’ve been around it my entire life.  My dad was a huge fan of Southern Gospel Music and that’s where the love for the music began for me.  However, the Southern Gospel “bug” really bit me with full force when I was around 11 years old or so.

Joiner is shown with the ultra-rare albums, “Songs and Hymns by the Plainsmen” & “Sweet Beulah and” by the Statesmen Quartet


gaither posterDuring my teenage years any money I earned through allowances, etc. I used on buying Southern Gospel Music.  As well, the Grand Old Gospel Reunion videos were really where I started learning the history of the Southern Gospel genre and enjoyed it tremendously.


My all-time favorite group is the Statesmen Quartet and my all-time favorite singer is Jake Hess.  My wife, Christina, also loves Southern Gospel Music and when we got married in 2004 that’s when I decided that collecting was “my calling”.  I’m always looking for the next item to add to my collection, which most of the time is on a daily basis.


Another one of my daily activities is being involved in the “We Love Our Southern Gospel Music History” Facebook page.  As far as my collecting, I collect everything associated with Southern

Brent Joiner

Brent Joiner

Gospel Music… vinyls, CD’s, cassettes, books, etc.  One of my favorites pieces in my collection is the the marquee off of the Statesmen Quartet’s bus.  At the inaugural “We Love Our Southern Gospel Music History Convention” in March 2015, I was able to get my hands on two of my most wanted recordings; “Sweet Beulah Land” by the Statesmen and “Songs & Hymns” (infamous red vinyl) by the Plainsmen Quartet.  These two recordings are extremely rare to find, and I had been looking for them for a long time, so to add them to my collection was a thrill.  By the way, the “WLOSGMH” Convention is one of the greatest new events in Southern Gospel Music to come along in a long time.  I love Southern Gospel Music and being able to discuss it with my wife and friends, (who are like family) John Crenshaw, Dean Adkins, Harold Timmons, Hannah Kennedy, Aaron Rich, and many others is one of the great joys of my life.

Nancy Corollo and Jake Hess

Nancy Carollo and Jake Hess

Gospel music fan Nancy Carollo exclaims, “As a young teenager, in the mid to late 50’s, my older sister and I traveled 90 miles to Nashville on the first Friday of each month, to the Ryman Auditorium for the Wally Fowler all night sings.  I followed southern gospel music till I married and moved to New York state in 1960, where southern gospel music wasn’t a familiar thing.  I more or less lost track of southern gospel music until 1993.  On a visit back to Tennessee, I went to see JD Sumner and the Stamps at Loretta Lynn Dude Ranch.  My love for southern gospel music was rekindled.  The match that really reignited the fire, was in 1996.  On our way back to NY after my Mother’s funeral in Tennesse, we stopped in Auburn, IN for a concert of The Statesmen, Blackwoods, Stamps, Speers, and Nelons…just a little taste of Heaven.  At this point, there is no turning back!”


As most can see young and old are bitten by the gospel music bug. The love shared by these countless fans is exciting and contagious to newcomers.


There are still limited packages available for the two day event. Also single concert tickets are available. For more information contact Harold Timmons at 615-885-8000 or visit the websites below.


Vital links:


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Sneed Family invites you to Pray then Vote

Written by Staff on March 3, 2016 – 1:53 pm -


Sneed Family Music Tv Show

Sneed Family

Glasgow, KY (March 2, 2016) – The Sneed Family is proud to launch a new message. Before going to the polls, pray.  Voters should cast a vote only after time seeking God’s wisdom.  “When the answer comes from God, you don’t have to listen to what the media says. God will only give one answer, the correct answer, if we will listen to him,” said Jeff Sneed.


The message was launched today from the Sneed Family offices in Kentucky.  Jeff Sneed continued, “This is a critical time for our country.  We want to encourage Christians everywhere to take a moment and ask God who he would want to lead our nation.  This message is not a new concept, but this is a good time for those of us with conservative Christian values to be reminded.”


The design was birthed from a Sneed Family fan, Jennifer Garner Warinner, who felt burdened for people to pray.   After attending a concert, she knew God had called her to design something that would speak to all people.  “God clearly spoke to me that the Sneed Family had the courage to deliver the message,” said Warinner from her home in KY.



This message is in the form of a logo and is being offered for use by anyone.  “Please copy, print, post it everywhere!” said Caleb Cowen, the Sneed Family lead singer.  “Christians can be a light in this election cycle.  We hope this small piece of artwork will inspire us to ask God”, Cowen continued.


The group consists of family members who share the Gospel through their music and now desire to encourage voters.  “We must be heard, I’ve got a family and now a new grandson, this country is worth standing up for,” exclaimed Pam Sneed, the family matriarch.


The Sneed Family is a favorite to their southern Kentucky fans.  They provide an honest worship experience while providing encouragement.  There is lots of news from the Sneed Family as they plan to make 2016 a year where music is made and God is honored.


Watch for them on stage as well as on television with their production of “Sneed Family Music”.  The program is seen in over one million homes each week.  The Sneed Family brings music, and interviews from the best in Southern Gospel Music.  The show is now available online.


For more information on The Sneed Family, visit

For more news click here. 


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Carol Barham on SGN Scoops’ Fast Five

Written by Staff on March 2, 2016 – 4:04 pm -

Carol Barham

Carol Barham

Thank you for joining us on another edition of SGN Scoops’ Fast Five. Today, we talk with soloist, Carol Barham. Carol is a Christian Country singer, songwriter from Vernon, Alabama who records on the M.A.C. Records label. A pastor’s wife and grandmother, Carol has a passion for ministering to hurting people with her God given talent of songwriting and performing. Her message to others is that God loves them and will save, heal and deliver.

Let’s get to know Carol a little better as she answers SGN Scoops’ Fast Five questions.

SGN: Tell us about Carol Barham and what we can expect when we come to your concert or ministry/worship service?


Carol: I was born and raised in Tuscaloosa, Alabama and grew up with two brothers, playing guitar and singing Country music.  Music has always been a part of my life and I am thankful for the God-given gift of songwriting. All of my songs are originals and recording them is a dream come true.

My partnership with M.A.C. Records is definitely not an accident. Dennis McKay of M.A.C. Records and I had known each other for several years but lost contact until one day our paths crossed and my dream began to unfold. I knew this was no accident but God had placed Dennis and me in the right place at the right time.

Carol Barham

Carol Barham

I was one of the first artists to join M.A.C. Records and soon after released my first project, America Come Back, as well as my first single by the same name which was well received. Since then, I have released my second project, God’s Gonna Do Great Things, with M.A.C. Records. From this project, the song “You’re My Mama,” was released to radio through Double E Promotions and charted in both Cash Box Christian Country and Christian Voice Country Gospel.

Ministry has been a part of my life for a long time. My husband Paul and I have pastored Fountain of Life Church in Vernon, Alabama for several years. In addition to pastoring a church, I enjoy traveling and ministering through word and song at conferences and meetings. I have been involved in a number of events such as Gospel Music Fan Fair, Victory Voyage, ICGMA, and M.A.C. Night of Worship. Last year I had the privilege of singing at John Lanier’s 25 Year Celebration for his ministry. It was a very memorable opportunity and I am thankful to God for opening that door. This year I am adding two new events and look forward to being a part of both Christian Country Expo and Creekside Gospel Music Convention in Pigeon Forge, TN.

When you come to one of my concerts or ministry events, you can expect God’s presence and His anointing to touch and minister to your life. My songs are originals and they resonate with both the saved and the lost. They will always lift up Jesus and bring glory to God. My testimony is one about God’s love and His amazing grace to save, heal, and deliver no matter where you are in life. There’s no doubt that I believe in miracles from God because He raised my daughter up from total kidney, liver, and lung failure. She is healed and God has blessed her with a wonderful family and children (my grandchildren).

My message to others is this: I believe dreams come true when you are faithful to God. Keep believing and never give up. God is bigger than your lost opportunities.
SGN: Tell us about your current radio single and how you are seeing God use it?


Carol: I am so excited about my new radio single that was just released in January. It is called “Reach Out For The Life Line.”  It was recorded and produced by Dennis McKay with M.A.C. Records and released to radio by Double E Promotions (Comp #188).

This song will resonate with everyone that has struggled with any kind of addictions or the person that has been the best that they can be, but they were lost without God. It tells a story of someone very close and special to me traveling down the wrong road of destruction and getting to a place of total despair and hopelessness when they hear a voice telling them, “Child, reach out for the life line. I’ve come to save your soul today.” I am expecting this song to bless many people across the country as they hear it on radio or in my live performances. People have been saved through the song and I am expecting more to give their life to Christ.  I hope people will call their local radio stations and request, “Reach Out For The Life Line.”


SGN: When you are out on the road, what is your favorite place to eat?


Carol: I have a few favorites depending on where I may be traveling. Johnny Rockets is such a cool, fun place with the old tunes playing in the background. Jason’s Deli has great soups, subs, and a full salad bar. Yummy! Then there is Waffle House. It is always an all-around good place with friends especially late at night after a concert. They have plenty of good coffee!


Carol Barham

Carol Barham

SGN: You write your own songs, so tell us about your songwriting process.


Carol: I am so thankful to God for the gift of songwriting. My songs come from real life experiences, family crisis, a friend’s pain, or a preacher’s message. Most of my songs originate from spending time in prayer and praise to God, which is a must as part of my songwriting process. It’s just who I am. The Holy Spirit is definitely the one that helps me pen the words and music. Without Him there would be no song. My song, “You’re My Mama,” is a true story of my childhood with my Mama and how I felt as I grew older and recognized the sacrifices she made for me.
SGN: How can we book Carol Barham and buy your product?


Carol: You can visit me on Facebook ( or email me at You can also give me a call at 205.712.0721


Thanks so much to Carol for her graciousness in answering our SGN Scoops’ Fast Five questions. We have enjoyed this look at Carol’s music and her heart, and we know our readers have as well. We encourage you to find out more about Carol, see her on tour at Creekside or CCX and listen to her music. You will be blessed.

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Wilburn and Wilburn On Sirius – Tune-In Alert

Written by Staff on February 26, 2016 – 10:22 am -

Wilburn and Wilburn

Wilburn and Wilburn

Nashville, Tennessee (February 26, 2016) Jonathan and Jordan are excited to invite you to join them as they perform their award winning songs on Sirius Radio.  Starting Saturday, February 27th at 12:00 Noon EST, and showing again on Sunday, February 28th at 10:00PM EST, Tuesday, March 1st at 1:00PM EST, and Wednesday, March 2nd at 6:PM.

If you would like to interview this duo contact AG Publicity at .

To learn more about Wilburn and Wilburn go to  or on FaceBook at .

To book this duo contact Beckie Simmons at the Beckie Simmons Agency at or call615-595-7500 .


Wilburn and Wilburn

About Wilburn and Wilburn

Wilburn and Wilburn, the Father – Son team of Jonathan and Jordan Wilburn are continuing the tradition for three generations. Jonathan spent the first 16 years of his Southern Gospel Music career singing with his family, the Wilburns, one of Gospel Music’s most beloved and respected families. In 1996 Jonathan would move to Gadsden, Alabama where he would anchor the lead position with Gold City for the next 12 years.

Adding a dimension to this group is Jonathan’s son Jordan. Feeling his call to sing Gospel music at a young age, it is a great match of Father and Son to create a great sound and an excitement that enhances any worship service.


This father-and-son team are a great choice for your nomination in the 2016 Diamond Awards held at Creekside Gospel Music Convention. Vote here.

Amanda Martin of Daywind said recently: “Jonathan, teamed with the smooth and solid vocals of his son Jordan, is truly a divine pairing.  They have enjoyed radio success and nominations for multiple awards in Southern Gospel circles, proving their dedication and staying power.  They not only share a love for the Lord and musical talents but they both have such fun-loving personalities that makes them an absolute joy to work with.  Daywind Music Group is honored to have them on our roster.”

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