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Creekside Gospel Music Convention

Bill Bailey Presents The North Louisiana Gospel Music Weekend

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“Jackson, TN Sings the Gospel” is on sale today!

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Allison Speer Speaks at Heart To Heart Conference

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(March 1, 2015) Nashville, TN – Gaither Homecoming artist Allison Speer was the keynote speaker and singer for the first-ever Native American ladies’ event on February 14th, 2015 in Window Rock, AZ, capital of the Navajo Nation. Called the Heart To Heart Conference, ladies from the Hopi, Zuni, Iroquois, Tuscarora, Mohawk, Oneida, Gile River, Ute, Paiute, Cherokee, Apache, Yuma Quechan, Comanche, Yaqui and Navaho tribes were present.

Allison says, ‘This past week my life was changed by these beautiful Native American women. I have always known that I came from the Cherokee people of Kentucky, and have loved the study of my heritage. This last week I found a new family while working with these ladies, as well as a new passion in my heart to minister in this area of the country. I’m trusting that God will use Brian and me there in the future. God has given us the call; please pray that He will show us quickly the needs we are able to meet as we strive to serve these wonderful saints in the future.’

A short video of the event is available


Photo: Allison with the leadership committee for the Heart To Heart Conference.


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This Week on Good News Music Radio with Woody Wright

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unnamedThis week’s program on “Good News Music Radio with Woody Wright” features Part 3 of our interview with Adam Crabb and music from The Hoppers, Guy Penrod, The Martins, The Nelons, Woody & Vonnie Wright, The Collingsworth Family and MORE!

Tune-in to one of the stations listed on our site or listen online for an hour of great gospel music, inspiring ministry and fun with Woody Wright and D. Scott Kramer at:

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A Visit with Vonda Easley of Hope’s Journey

Written by Staff on February 27, 2015 – 11:27 am -

Hope's Journey

Hope’s Journey

VONDA ON THE RUN by Robert York

I decided to dust off my passport and travel across the state line to visit a friend in Alabama. After getting everything clear they let me in. I visited with a great friend while I was there and would like to let you know exactly what she does. Most everyone knows her as the “HEY Y’ALL” lady, while I know her as Vonda and Friend.
Vonda Easley doing her show "Strictly Southern with Vonda Easley"

Vonda Easley doing her show “Strictly Southern with Vonda Easley”

Vonda Easley is involved in numerous things that go on in Southern Gospel Music. In her early life she was brought up loving Gospel, Bluegrass and Country music. Around 10 years ago she and her daughter Ashley Easley formed a group to share God’s word and message in Southern Gospel music. She named the group “Hope’s Journey” and has been going strong ever since. She works with Morris Music Group and has a promotion company, Hey Y’all Media. You can also find her working as a dental hygienist.  Ashley married Josh Franks and left Hope’s Journey to sing with her husband.  Tracy Byrd is now singing with Vonda and image2Chris Clay in Hope’s Journey. Vonda is also deeply involved with SGN Scoops and has developed a relationship with them that is carried all around the world.

Well, that’s just to say a little about Vonda.  I when to Heflin, AL to see what she was up to.  First off, there was a concert that Josh and Ashley hosted called ‘Battle of the Quartets’.  It featured Mark Trammell Quartet and The Perrys along with Josh and Ashley.  Well guess who was also there:

Ashley Easley Franks

Ashley Easley Franks

Grandma Vonda keeping her grandchildren and spending time with her family.  The next morning she was up bright and early for her live radio program at  WPIL-FM called Strictly Southern with Vonda Easley.  She had Charlie Sexton as a guest on the program talking about a benefit concert that was happening that evening.  I then joined her on the program where we chatted about Gospel music and concerts. The final 30 minutes of the program is usually devoted to a phone call with Rob Patz talking about events that are going on and just really having a good fun time.  Rob loves to call that portion of the show the Rob and Vonda Show, but Vonda has a different idea about it.

One of the upcoming events that Vonda is heavily involved in, that will prove to be very successful and enjoyable is Southern Gospel Weekend, March 26-28 at the image4Oxford, AL Civic Center. Vonda and Rob have put together a great weekend of Southern Gospel Music which will feature around 30 artists. This one of the many events sponsored by SGN Scoops which also host the Diamond Awards Program in the fall at the Creekside Gospel Music Convention.
SGW logoWell after the radio program, Vonda went by to spend a little while with her mother and take her to lunch, but the day was not over for her. Hope’s Journey had a benefit concert to perform at that evening so it was off to the concert to sing. She was joined by several other groups and they raised over $3500 for a young child whose medical expenses had become more than the parents could afford. 
This is just a little about Vonda Easley and what she does to carry God’s message to hurting folks. Visiting with her and the staff at WPIL-FM is always an honor for me.  Keep up with Vonda and Hopes Journey.
For more on Southern Gospel Weekend visit
For more on Creekside Gospel Music Convention visit
For more on Strictly Southern with Vonda Easley visit 

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Williamsons to be Featured Guests on The Gospel Greats Radio Program with Paul Heil

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Weekend of February 28-March 1

Nashville, TN  February 23, 2015     Fast rising Southern Gospel group the Williamsons will be the featured guest on the nationally syndicated radio program “Gospel Greats” with Paul Heil.  Listeners will enjoy songs from their CD “Tell Somebody” including their current top ten hit “It was the Word”.

butlerCelebrating its 35th year of broadcasting Southern Gospel Music, “The Gospel Greats” is heard on radio stations across the United States, in Canada and through broadcasters worldwide.  The program is also heard on Sirius/XM Satellite and is streamed on the internet.

For information on the program and a list of stations  where it airs,  To learn more about the Williamsons, go

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SGN Scoops TV: The LeFevre Quartet on Singing at Sea

Written by Staff on February 26, 2015 – 11:30 am -

Once again our SGN Scoops’ reporter, Marcie Gray, shares a video from the Singing at Sea cruise. We hope you enjoy the LeFevre Quartet as they perform “Jesus Saves.”

Click on the picture below for the amazing vocal ministry of the LeFevre Quartet.


LeFevre Quartet


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Beyond The Ashes Sign Booking Agreement With Beckie Simmons Agency

Written by Staff on February 26, 2015 – 11:01 am -

Beyond the Ashes

Beyond the Ashes

Nashville, Tenn (February 26, 2015) Beckie Simmons is announcing today that talented young Gospel trio, Beyond the Ashes has reached a booking agreement withBSA/Beckie Simmons Agency of Nashville, TN, effective immediately. Beyond The Ashes consists of  Anthony Facello, Dustin Doyle, and Tyler Vestal.

Known as a group who is ministry minded, yet having some of the smoothest sounds in Gospel music, Beyond The Ashes fits well in just about any setting from churches to large concert venues.

Concerning this new agreement Anthony Facello commented, “I have been fortunate enough to know Beckie for many years. Like I felt about working with Wayne Haun I feel the same about Beckie Simmons Agency.” Continuing he said, “I always wanted to work side-by-side with such talented and driven people. I am honored to be a part of BSA. We look forward to the future and what God has in store! Thank you Beckie for believing in BTA.”

Beckie Simmons adds, “I have loved Beyond The Ashes music since their inception and have admired their work ethics for quite some time. I have long been a fan and applaud their passion for God and Ministry. All of us at BSA are excited to be a part of their Team.”

If you would like to interview Beyond The Ashes contact

To learn more about Beyond The Ashes go to or . Twitter them at .

To book Beyond The Ashes contact Beckie Simmons Agency at or call 615-595-7500 .
About Beyond The Ashes
Beyond our plans, beyond our own abilities, beyond our failures, beyond our own God-given talents, above and beyond anything we could ask or even imagine. God has a plan for each of us, to rise above the ashes and to live powerfully for Him.

When three different people come from three completely different parts of the United States and share the same strong desire and sincere call to worship and minister, then those plans, which are beyond our own, begin to come to fruition.

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Road to the 2015 Diamond Awards: Dottie Rambo Songwriter of the Year

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Jeff Steele, 2014 Dottie Rambo Songwriter Of The Year

Jeff Steele, 2014 Dottie Rambo Songwriter Of The Year

Dottie Rambo was a much-loved and awarded singer/songwriter of Christian music who was killed in a bus accident in May 2008. She is said to have written over 2500 songs, many of which are sung regularly in churches, recorded often by artists and loved by millions. Dottie wrote such songs as “He Looked Beyond My Faults and Saw My Needs,” “In the Valley He Restoreth My Soul,” and “We Shall Behold Him.”

We are traveling the Road to the 2015 Diamond Awards during this nomination period, by highlighting the definition of each award category. The Dottie Rambo Songwriter of the Year is a nationally-charting songwriter in Southern, Country or Bluegrass Christian music whose songs are recorded by Southern, Country or Bluegrass Gospel artists.

Reba Rambo-McGuire and her mother, Dottie Rambo

Reba Rambo-McGuire and her mother, Dottie Rambo

On November 4th, 2014, the Diamond Awards were held at the 2014 Creekside Gospel Music Convention in Pigeon Forge. The winner of the 2014 Diamond Award Dottie Rambo Songwriter of the Year was Jeff Steele. Jeff has written many songs that have touched hearts and his family group, The Steeles, have often charted his songs. These songs include, “But God,” “We Want America Back,” and “On The Road to Emmaus.” He is also an author, speaker and pastor. Jeff has had songs recorded by almost every group in Southern Gospel and is much loved by the fans who voted for him for the 2014 Diamond Award winner.

The 2015 Diamond Award Nominations are now open on the SGN Scoops website until March 31. Everyone is invited to the website to enter the Nominations area and list their top ten favorite picks for each Diamond Award category. You can vote today from the link below!

Who will you decide to nominate this year?

2015 Diamond Awards

2015 Diamond Awards







Be sure to vote for your favorite nominees today.

The list of nominees will be posted on the site and fans will then nominate their favorites from this list, with a maximum of five names nominated per award. In
this way, the field of nominees will be narrowed to ten, voted on by fans once more and then narrowed to five. This final list of five will then be voted on by fans to find the one winner for each award.

Make plans now to join us for the 2015 Diamond Awards during the Creekside Gospel Music Convention in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee from November 2nd through 5th, 2015. For more information visit

2015 Diamond Awards Nominations can be found at

The Diamond Awards are hosted by SGN Scoops digital magazine and Coastal Media Group.

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SGN Scoops TV: Interviews from the Sea with the Erwins

Written by Staff on February 25, 2015 – 4:21 pm -

Marcie Gray, SGN Scoops intrepid roving reporter recently returned from the Singing at Sea Cruise where she was able to catch a few artists on the big boat.

Today, Marcie talks to popular young group, The Erwins. Click on the picture to watch! For more artist features, visit

erwins cover

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