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SGN Scoops Top 100 For January

Written by Staff on January 26, 2015 – 12:35 pm -





1    Kingsmen                                                   Oh Yes I Am

2    Legacy Five                                               Christ Is Still The King

3    Karen Peck and New River                       Everybody’s Going Through Something

4    Perrys                                                        I Can Trust Him

5    Dunaways                                                  Church In The Kitchen

6    Shellem Cline                                            Dinner With Jesus

7    Talleys                                                       Hidden Heroes

8    McKameys                                                 There Is Jesus

9    Williamsons                                              It Was The Word

10  Brian Free and Assurance                         Unashamed

11  Greater Vision                                           The Blood Hasn’t Ever Changed

12  Zane and Donna King                                No One Like God

13  Ernie Haase and Signature Sound              Water Walking God

14  Tim Livingston                                          I Just Miss You

15  Dennis Cook                                              Crying In The Chapel

16  Tony Burchette                                          We’ll Soon Be Gone

17  Old Paths                                                   Love Them To Jesus

18  Lore Family                                               It Shall Be Well

19  Bev McCann                                              Through The Thunder

20  Caleb’s Crossing                                        What I’m Made To Be

21  Gordon Mote                                             Ain’t It Just Like The Lord

22  Tribute Quartet                                          Everything I Need

23  Isaacs                                                         I Wanna Be There

24  Browns                                                      Place In The Choir

25  Kingdom Heirs                                          Joys Of Heaven

26  Mercy’s Well                                             I Wanna Hear The Gospel

27  Bowling Family                                         I Know Enough

28  Kevin and Jennifer                                     He’s Still Doing Miracles Today

29  Master’s Voice                                           He Saved Me Anyway

30  Mark Trammell Quartet                             Don’t Stop Running

31  Shellem Cline                                            That Saving Song

32  Lori Jonathan Trio                                     What A Precious Friend

33  Debra Perry and Jaidyn’s Call                   Bottom Of The Hill

34  Social Security Boys                                 I’m Not What I Was

35  Mark Bishop                                              Pray On The Little Days

36  Guardians                                                  He’ll Welcome Me

37  Wards                                                        Coming Out Of Bondage

38  Mylon Hayes Family                                 There’s Still A Refuge

39  Steeles                                                       Eternally

40  Clyde Felton Jr.                                         Lord Forgive Me

41  Taylors                                                      Measure Of Grace

42  Keith Barkley and Family Tradition          It Will Pass By

43  Mercy’s Reflection                                    Oh What A Difference

44  The Gospelaires                                        Miracle

45  Browders                                                   He Took The Nails

46  Ivan Parker                                                ‘Til The Shackles Fall Off

47  Wisecarvers                                              One Prayer At A Time

48  Scotts                                                         I Won’t Let Go Of My Faith

49  Carter-Robertson Band                              God Against The Law

50  Greater Vision                                           What A Beautiful Day

Read more »

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Kathy Crabb Hannah Unveils New Book: Stronger

Written by Staff on January 26, 2015 – 12:30 pm -

Stronger - Kathy Crabb Hannah

For many years I have known that I would one day write a book. The Lord confirmed this several times, and I knew it would happen, I just didn’t know when. I knew I wanted to put on paper my vivid memories of “that” day that God gave me the vision for the Crabb Family journey, a long time before there was a bus and a career. This was  before there was a “branded”  Crabb Family. It’s a God story, a miracle story. The many seasons of pain, the fight with evilness to keep my sanity after I was attacked in a dark parking lot by a random stranger, who cut my throat and left me for dead. That story needed to be told. My souvenir would be 43 stitches in my throat, and a lifetime of post traumatic stress syndrome. The surprise divorce I was “handed” a few months before my 50th birthday, the disbandment of the touring Crabb Family, and being forced to start over at 50. I was 52 and unemployed. This “survival” story needed to be shared. But it had to be the “right” time.

The first week of November 2014, the Lord instructed me in specifics. He said, “Go to a mountain, I will meet you there.” I know this sounds a bit super spiritual. However, this is exactly what happened. I went to the mountain. I poured my heart out to Him for days upon days. I talked. He listened. I cried a river of tears during those days on that mountain with God, and I wrote 90,000 words, some of which were gut wrenching chapters, but together, WE did it.

I pray as you walk through my life, my journey, you will be encouraged and realize that YOU TOO are going to make it. This literary journey is candid, a bit raw, and packed full of “God” moments. I pray you will read it, be encouraged,  and understand that what doesn’t kill US, truly makes us stronger.

For more information, click here.

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Behind The Scenes At Gospel Music USA

Written by Staff on January 23, 2015 – 12:50 pm -


Karen Peck, Danny Jones, Mike LeFevre

By Robert York


Old Paths Quartet

Gospel Music USA, a TV program aired on WATC-TV in Atlanta, GA and also available on the internet, recently had a two-day taping of the programs in high definition (HD). The station will be totally HD in February when these programs begin to air. Danny Jones, Singing News Editor; Karen Peck of Karen Peck and New River and Mike LeFevre of the LeFevre Quartet are the hosts of the program.

I had the privilege of having breakfast before the first day of taping with Danny, Karen and Mike. Danny and Mike were discussing the most asked question about Mike’s group. Mike responded about how he was related to Eva Mae LeFevre. Mike said his Dad and Eva Mae’s husband

Interview With Old Paths

Interview With Old Paths

Uncle Urias were brothers. He went on to talk a little about the family saying that they were five brothers and two sisters in the family. Sister Maude started singing with Uncle Urias and Alf. After Maude left the group, Sister Omega sang with them. The marriage took place and Eva Mae started playing the piano and singing alto with the group.

It was over to the studio for taping the program. There were six groups

Freedom Quartet

Freedom Quartet

scheduled to tape in the two-day session. The first day bought The Old Paths Quartet, Freedom Quartet and Lauren Talley in front of the four cameras and on the new set for the program. Day two was Jeff Stice, Ivan Parker and Archie Watkins. When you put those three hosts together you never know exactly what to expect from them. I would go into some funny details about the introduction of Freedom Quartet but I think it best to let you wait and watch the program.

Lauren Talley

Lauren Talley

Patricia Mathis, Vice President of WATC-TV and Greg West produce the program which is aired at 2:30 pm eastern time on Saturdays on both TV and the internet. The original show was taped August 13, 2013 and started airing in September of that year. It has been on the air weekly since then. WATC-TV also filmed the SGN Scoops 2014 Diamond Awards and the Lou Hildreth Honors featuring Willie Wynn this past year in Pigeon Forge, TN and aired the programs

Patricia Mathis and Ivan Parker

Patricia Mathis and Ivan Parker

on their station. For more information including programming details, visit  www.watc.tv

Pictures courtesy of Robert York.

Mike LeFevre, Danny Jones, Jeff Stice

Mike LeFevre, Danny Jones, Jeff Stice

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Battle of the Quartets February 12, 2015 Heflin, AL

Written by SGN Scoops Staff on January 23, 2015 – 12:41 pm -

Battle of Quartets

Battle of Quartets

The Battle of the Quartets, southern gospel event will take place on, Thursday, February 12, 2015 in Heflin, AL at the Heflin Parks and Recreation Center, 1228 Coleman Street.  JAF Promotions proudly presents, one of Gospel Music’s most beloved quartets, MARK TRAMMELL QUARTET, and America’s Favorite Mixed Quartet, the PERRYS. Host, Josh & Ashley Franks will also appear.
There is no advance ticket needed. General Admission is $12.00 at the door, plus a special free-will love offering will be received. For more information, go to or call 731-607-1948. The concert will begin at 7:00p.m.CST with doors opening at 6:00p.m.CST

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SGN Scoops Fast Five with Ivan Parker and his new CD Threads of Mercy

Written by Staff on January 19, 2015 – 10:13 pm -

threads_of_mercySGN Scoops: What does the word “Mercy” mean to you?

Ivan: He truly gifted all of us with mercy upon the cross that day, if we will just receive it! Instead of me having to die, He took my place upon the cross. God grants me mercy with forgiveness and shows me compassion everyday because I am His child. His threads of mercy are woven throughout my entire life. Instead of me getting what I so often deserve, He protects and watches over me. The favor of God is a blessing that I see in this ministry all the time. He has shown mercy to me and my family for which I am very thankful for beyond words.

SGN Scoops: You are known as Mr. Midnight Cry. Is there a song on this album that could be the next “Midnight Cry”?

Ivan: I appreciate and respect this title with so much gratitude and honor! I can’t say at this time that there is another “Midnight Cry” in Gospel Music period. This is a once in a lifetime song so to speak. I do know that there are some incredible songs on this CD that could run a close second. When I am reviewing songs, I always ask God to bring the message in a song that provides ministry for the church as a whole. That is why the “Midnight Cry” had such a tremendous impact on the church community. The right message at the right time. A lady asked one night at a concert, “How long are you going to keep singing that song?” I said, “Until the event takes place!”

SGN Scoops:If you were to sing with a quartet again, who would be in your ‘fantasy four’?

Ivan: My first choice would be the original Gold City with Brian Free, Ivan Parker, Mike LeFevre, Tim Riley. My second choice would be Steve Ladd, Bill Shivers, Ivan Parker, Jeff Chapman. Either combination would make you want to sing a little harmony with some big endings!

SGN Scoops: Speaking of “Threads,” where do you like to purchase your clothes?

Ivan: I get a lot of my clothes from Bachrach and Sammy Motsinger. Normally if I see things that I like I piece things together from various stores just to make it interesting.

SGN Scoops: In 140 characters or less, what is the message of this album?

Ivan: My prayer was to cover life situations Christians may experience and bring light to the truth: God’s presence remains constant and everlasting.


Ivan Parker releases Threads of Mercy today, January 20, 2015. This is his latest record on the Horizon label.

Ivan Parker has won every vocalist award possible over the years, first as a quartet singer and then as a soloist. His ministry is just that – a ministry which reaches thousands of people every year. Can there be any doubt he is the premier singer in gospel music. Everyone at Horizon Records is honored to have him on our label.” – Mickey Gamble, President, Horizon Records

Threads of Mercy – Track List

  1. Till The Shackles Fall Off
  2. Don’t Hang Your Head and Cry
  3. God’s in the Middle Of It
  4. Silent Prayer
  5. When Heaven Shakes the House
  6. This Is How We Know
  7. On the Solid Rock I Stand
  8. He Touched Me
  9. Wings
  10. How Much Longer


For more information visit:


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Written by Staff on January 16, 2015 – 1:05 pm -

Church (3)

By Vivian Belknap

For the 2nd annual Denton Gospelfest, Southern Gospel Music promoter, David Ray, put together a very diverse show this year by bringing to the stage musicians from 13 to 81 years of age. The venue location was at Denton County Cowboy Church in Ponder, Texas. The Cowboy Churches are a growing Jesus-centered fellowship with emphasis on the “cowboy” style of worship. The dress is casual with cowboy hats and boots in evidence. Almost always there is a rodeo arena on the property and Denton County Cowboy Church is no exception. They have a large well-built arena adjacent to their worship center with an area for children to play Church (6)during a rodeo event or during services. The church is situated in a rural area, surrounded on all sides by pastures and woods. They have a horse trough, which serves as a baptistry, and the décor is pure western with horse saddles and hay bales being a part. Most of the Cowboy Churches favor Country Gospel music as well as Southern Gospel and the hymns. The leadership there was very welcoming and concessions were in abundance. Doesn’t get much better: great Southern and Country Gospel music and great Texas food!

Lisa Dye

Lisa Dye

The concert began with Lisa Dye, a local singer from Grand Prairie Texas, the daughter of Glen Dye, who opened with “The Holy Hills of Heaven,” and “This Ship Was Made to Sail.” Then Matt Jones, a member of the King’s River trio from Ft. Worth, Texas, joined her on stage. Not only did they sing a duet, but he also did a fine job on the keyboard.

David Ray kept us entertained between sets by telling stories of his childhood, growing up as a PK, (you know, a preacher’s kid.) I grew up as one, and oh, yes, we have stories!

rutledge (7)Next we were introduced to Reynold Rutledge and his magnificent instrument, a marimba. Are you familiar with a marimba? If not, it looks like a xylophone, but there is a difference between the two instruments. The xylophone has an octave range of 2 ½ to 4, and the marimba has a 3 to 5 octave range, and even higher for newer instruments. The marimba has a more mellow sound and is more suited to a solo rather than an ensemble set as Reynold so masterfully proves in his performances.

Reynold opened with “God On The Mountain,” filling the auditorium with his rich tenor voice. Even though he is 81 years young and has been playing and singing for 75 years, one would never know his age by looking at him or hearing him sing. He then played “Give Them All To Jesus,” with a great Latin feel, and ended it with “cha, cha, cha.” That put a smile on all our faces. rutledge (13)Next he sang “I Know Who Holds My Hand,” with fantastic lungpower; really he doesn’t need a microphone. Next on the marimba was “Gentle Shepherd,” and he gave this song the sound of being in the islands. We heard “Dwelling in Beulah Land,” and “This is Just What Heaven Means to Me,” and he started it with a yodel. That put another smile on our faces. His eclectic music brings much variety to the program.

The HootensThe great family harmony of The Hootens followed Reynold Rutledge. The Hootens are from Waskom, Texas. Where is Waskom, TX? It is on I-20 just a short distance from the Texas/Louisiana border. The trio consists of Ronnie, Donnie and Carli Hooten. In late 2012, Donnie was invited to sing at Open Range Fellowship Church in Greenwood, Louisiana. After some time, he invited his daughter, Carli, to sing with him. They thought it would be fun to put a little group together and since they had sung a few times in the past with Donnie’s Uncle Ronnie, they spoke with him about becoming a group. They agreed to be known as The Hootens and began to sing just about every Thursday night in front of 800 people at the Open Range Fellowship Church. Through this exposure, the group gained popularity in the area and began receiving invitations to sing at other churches. Read more »

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Diamond Award Nominees His Mercies Welcome Kayla Stricklin

Written by Staff on January 15, 2015 – 10:53 am -

His Mercies

His Mercies

His Mercies from North Carolina recently welcomed new alto singer, Kayla Stricklin from Statesville. She joins RJ Henderson and Mitzi Stamey in this progressive Southern Gospel trio whose energy and enthusiasm have made them a favorite wherever they go. His Mercies record with Chapel Valley and have been Diamond Award nominees for the past two years.

Kayla Stricklin

Kayla Stricklin

“The best feeling in the world is to know you are in the center of God’s will.  It’s been evident since day one that this is orchestrated by God and I could not be more excited to see what He has in store for us,” says 20-year-old Kayla.

RJ, lead singer of His Mercies, says,”We are thrilled to have Kayla on board with us.  Mitzi and I are excited to be working with her.”
Hi Mercies just released their new single, “I Want It All,” to radio this month.  Please listen for it and call your local radio station if you don’t hear His Mercies on their playlist. For more information on His Mercies, visit their website here.
The 2015 Diamond Awards nominations open January 19, 2015. Visit for more information. The Diamond Awards ceremonies are held during the Creekside Gospel Music Convention. This year’s Awards gala will be November 3, 2015 at Pigeon Forge, Tennessee.

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Getting Personal With Jim Brady

Written by Staff on January 13, 2015 – 8:51 am -

Jim Brady Trio

Jim Brady Trio

As 2015 began, Jim Brady joined with his wife Melissa and co-singer Tim Parton to form The Jim Brady Trio. Jim sat down with SGN Scoops to talk about the transition from the Booth Brothers to his own group and most of this interview is covered in the January 2015 edition of SGN Scoops. However, because of the length of the interview, we have continued the conversation here. So join us, as we get personal with Jim Brady.

The initiation of the Jim Brady Trio will mean a shift in some of the activities of the Bradys. Jim and his wife Melissa have been putting together marriage counseling seminars and the women’s conference Something Beautiful over the past couple of years. Although the increased tour dates together will cause their schedule to become stretched even more, Jim says they have no intention of putting that part of their ministry aside.

“We’re going to work those in as time will allow. We’ll just do some marriage conferences and some banquets. We do kind of a two-set thing; we do a ‘love song’ set of classic ‘40’s and ‘50’s music that my mom and dad love, and then we have a set where we do original love songs that we’ve written from a Christian perspective. Melissa will also continue her Something Beautiful women’s conference. We will not do it this year due to the starting of the new group but we plan on doing that again in 2016.”

“We’re also going to Norway and Sweden in March.” Brady shakes his head. “It’s crazy when I look at the schedule! I say thank you Lord, I’m thankful that it’s so full but wow, we’re going to be tired. But you know, when we are weak, He is strong. I pray our voices and our bodies hold up. But He’s faithful, He’s there, and we shouldn’t be surprised when He takes care of us because He said He would. I’m really grateful.”

Jim Brady

Jim Brady

Keeping their own marriage strong is extremely important to Melissa and Jim. “We try to make sure each one is a priority. When we first got married we were together 24 hours a day, we traveled and sang together, everything was together. Then the last 12 and a half – almost 13 – years I’ve been on the road with the Booth Brothers, so I’ve been gone 46 weekends of the year and she’s been home alone. She said, “I really miss you when you’re gone for that long.” I said, “Well, lets start our own group, you’re going to really want to miss me but you won’t be able to,” Jim says, laughing.

Brady says that even when he was home from the road, he was still caught up in the music business as songwriter, engineer and demo singer. “We try to take one day a week and say this is our day for each other. I really tried to make her my priority. I won’t let anything pull me from what’s important and that is ‘us’ and our family and our marriage. She (Melissa) does the same thing for me, even though she works out of our home. She’s a writer for a lot of publications, she also writes songs and sings demos and then does some conferences. What is very cool for us is that she has really organized her time to match my schedule too. So when I’m home she tries to not take on too much, and when I’m gone, she loads up her work schedule.” Read more »

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Triumphant Quartet In Concert At Douglasville Georgia

Written by Staff on January 9, 2015 – 10:36 am -

Triumphant Quartet

Triumphant Quartet

On January 7, 2015, we were in New Genesis Church in Douglasville, GA to see the award-winning Triumphant Quartet.  This church has a lot of Southern Gospel Concerts and Triumphant Quartet is one of everyone’s  favorite groups that visit there.

image3Triumphant Quartet has been singing together since 2003 when they started singing at the Louise Mandrell Theater in their home town Pigeon Forge,TN.  Before forming the Quartet, one of the members was at the theater almost every Sunday morning, singing in the worship service there.  Louise decided she needed a full time quartet to appear daily at the theater so she contacted them and what started there is now history.  The four guys: Eric Bennett, David Sutton, Clayton Inman and Scotty Inman, have been singing together ever since.  In 2008, after Ms. Mandrell left the theater, they felt it was God’s will for them to go on the road full-time.
mercys call edit

Mercy’s Call

Eric and David have been on stage singing together for several years. They had been performing in Dollywood together, and when Triumphant was formed, they asked Clayton and Scotty to join them.  Clayton had been singing with Won by One, a group he formed in the mid-’90’s, and Scotty had been with Poet Voices. The four voices then joined together to become one of the most awarded male quartets on the road today.


Eric Bennett

In Douglasville, Triumphant sang a good mixture of songs: fast, old, and new, and then Eric did a great closing invitation.  A local group, Mercy’s Call, which consists of Jennifer McAllister, Joey Peace and Jelinda Hill, opened the concert.

A great time was had by all! To experience Triumphant in a venue near you, visit their website at
Written by Robert York
Pictures courtesy of Robert York

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The McKameys: Our Secret To Longevity in Gospel Music

Written by Staff on January 8, 2015 – 11:15 am -

McKameys 03-2014 (5)By Dixie Phillips

Years ago my maternal grandmother introduced me to The McKameys. Grandma suffered from insomnia. To help pass the time she turned on her radio and listened to gospel music on a station out of Little Rock, Arkansas. The first time she heard The McKameys singing, “God On The Mountain” she grabbed the nearest pen and attempted to scribble down the lyrics. For the next several nights she had her radio on and her pen in hand, hoping to hear the song again and jot a few more lines down. (This was before Internet and Google.) This was repeated until she finally had written down all the lyrics. She appeared at my front door waving that piece of paper and saying, “You have got to hear this new song!”

Gospel music charts are proof Grandma’s heart wasn’t the only one touched by this legendary group’s music. Multitudes of people have been blessed, strengthened, and encouraged by them. SGN Scoops decided to take a peek behind the hearts of this dynamic ministry to see if we could discover The McKameys’ key to longevity and success.

Peg McKamey

Peg McKamey Bean

Peg McKamey Bean is the first to admit she had a blessed childhood. “I was raised with a loving dad, stay-at-home mom, and 11 siblings. Mom and Dad loved the Lord and gospel music. Mom played the banjo and Dad was an ordained minister. He planted and pastored many churches, and preached at a lot of revivals.”

As her parents led by example, Peg’s small soul was shaped for Jesus. She still remembers the words her father told her mother when their family faced a financial crisis. “Don’t worry, in some way or another, the Lord will provide.”

In 1957, Peg was singing at Moran Baptist Church in Clinton, Tennessee, with her sisters, Dora and Carol, when she noticed a handsome young man. “Ruben and I met that night. We invited him to play the guitar for our group. We courted for a couple of years and married on June 29, 1959. We sang part-time until 1980. That’s when Ruben and I went full time with our daughters, Connie and Sheryl.”

Not only are The McKameys talented singers, but there is also a gifted songwriter in their group. Ruben and Peg’s youngest daughter, Sheryl, wrote her first gospel song for the group when she was barely 12. Sheryl shared, “The words and music just started coming.” And years later. . . the songs continue to come. Sheryl attributes her songwriting success to keeping her relationship with the Lord fresh and vibrant. “God continues to speak to me as my walk with Him continues to grow. He has walked me through some really tough times and I have always found Him faithful.”

Ruben Bean

Ruben Bean

Although Sheryl has been writing songs for The McKameys for most of her life, she took a temporary hiatus from singing with the group for a few years and rejoined the group in 2009. Down through the years she has received numerous letters and emails from fans, telling how a particular song ministered to them. The family is always blessed by the testimonies that come in. Fan favorites of Sheryl’s original songs have been “A Borrowed Tomb,” “Prayer Changes Me,” “I Will Trust the Lord,” “I Keep Praying,” and “When He Speaks.” Sheryl said, “The Lord has used “I’ve Won” to strengthen the hearts of many cancer patients. It is very rewarding to write or sing songs that minister hope to people. God continues to stir my heart to encourage others and remind them of the hope we have in Christ.”

The group ministers in concerts about 150 days a year, traveling all over North America. They have had 29 number-one singles and have been honored for having the most number-one hits in Southern Gospel Music. Peg has been voted the Favorite Female Vocalist and Sheryl has been nominated the Singing News Songwriter Award numerous times. The group has been awarded several Singing News Fan Awards throughout the years and the accolades continue to roll in.

Currently the group consists of Peg McKamey Bean, her husband, Ruben; their daughter, Connie Fortner; Connie’s husband, Roger; Connie and Roger’s son, Elijah; and Peg and Ruben’s daughter, Sheryl Farris.

“The McKameys are authentic!” A pastor’s wife from northern Iowa said after she had a personal encounter with the group in 2008. “My husband was diagnosed with end stage renal failure. The doctors said he would die without a kidney transplant. The day of surgery arrived and I was battling a lot of fear and ‘what if’s’. One of my friends contacted The McKameys and asked them to pray for our family. Not only did they pray, but Connie sent an email, sharing her personal story about her son’s kidney transplant. As I read her email, the Lord’s presence filled my heart with hope. Faith devoured fear and I knew my husband was going to be all right.”

McKameys 2With ministry hearts like The McKameys, is it any wonder why God has blessed them? It’s evident the reason for their longevity and success is because they always put Jesus first. This year they celebrate two ministry milestones—their 50th recording and Peg’s 60th anniversary singing gospel music.

Peg stated, “We would ask the support of everyone to pray for our family. Keep your head up high. You belong to God. You are special to Him. We love you.”

The group refuses to let the tight schedule and difficulties that come with life on the road detour them from the call God has placed on their lives. “We plan to be faithful to the end.” Peg continued, “We want to encourage and help Christians in these last days. We plan to keep finding good songs and cheer up the people who come to hear us sing.”

If you would like to know more about The McKameys or find out where they are performing next, go to:

By Dixie Phillips

First published by SGN Scoops magazine, October 2014.

For current features and the latest issue of SGN Scoops digital magazine, visit





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