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April 2014 SGNScoops Magazine

Written by SGN Scoops Staff on April 13, 2014 – 3:55 pm -

sgnscoops0414_smHappy Easter from the Staff of SGNScoops Magazine! We are excited to present Pastor Matthew Hagee as this month’s cover story. Pastor Matt shares the inside info about his latest solo release and gives an update on Cornerstone Church. We’re giving our readers the scoop regarding the recent changes in the Gaither Vocal Band line-up. You’ll enjoy getting to know Adam Crabb better and will find Todd Suttles a delight! Also in this issue, we cover the latest on the Horn Family, Josh and Ashley Franks and Gabrielle Allen. This issue offers in-depth stories on the Steve Hurst School of Music, The Great Passion Play and also highlights the 2014 Harmony Honors. And- that’s not all! The April Edition shines the spotlight on a  Hinson Reunion Concert and also uncovers new music.  Don’t miss David Staton’s, Can You Handle The Truth and also Lou Hildreth’s Life, Love and Legends as she highlights the Booth Brothers. Dr Jeff Steel, Kelly Nelon, Jennifer Campbell, Laurette Willis and Sherry Anne deliver encouragement for the mind, body and spirit. Get the latest Creekside Update and the top 100 songs right here- always free.  Share with your friends, fans and family!

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Pat Barker To Leave The Road

Written by SGN Scoops Staff on April 8, 2014 – 4:49 pm -

patThere are some things in life that you just can’t imagine ever having to do. What I’m about to say is one of them. After much prayer, fasting, and seeking the mind of God, our beloved bass singer Pat Barker has tendered his resignation. He is much in need of being at home with his precious family. While it grieves our hearts, we must honor his decision and begin the process of moving on with God.

We are once again reminded that the only thing that doesn’t change is Jesus. A new chapter in the life of MTQ. And, a new chapter in the life of the finest, most Christlike man to ever travel on a quartet bus. Pat has stated that he will be with us until early May and then will be going home. I would ask that you not only pray for us as we begin the process of looking forward, but also pray for Pat, Kesha, and their three sweet children. Pray that God will give them direction, peace, and spiritual strength. Auditions will begin as soon as possible. If interested, please email a brief resume, recent photo, and two songs to We will schedule auditions after reviewing this information.

Thank you in advance for your prayer and support during these days ahead. God is STILL in control.

Mark Trammell

Mark Trammell Quartet

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Artist to Artist: Mark Bishop and Miles Pike

Written by Lorraine Walker on March 27, 2014 – 12:36 pm -

Mark Bishop headshot edit

Mark Bishop


Artist Miles Pike has many friends in the Christian music industry and shares his “Artist to Artist” interviews on SGM Radio website  . In this feature, Miles talks to soloist Mark Bishop.

Over my years of road ministry I’ve worked with many popular artists and not very many have struck me as just good ole folks. Being a country boy myself, I love being able to sit down and talk with fellow singers about the Lord, music, hobbies, and just feel at home with them, like they are a long lost relative. Mark Bishop is one of those types of people. To know him is to love him and his sincerity shines out in his music, his concerts, and his Christian life toward others. 

Mark is a longtime fixture in Southern Gospel music and one of the most successful. I could list many accolades that the fans and industry have bestowed upon him through his years with The Bishops and now as a soloist, but you can go to his website and read his bio about that. I want you to have a minute to get to know the man behind the mic. I was honored to have a few minutes to have an interview with him recently and you can listen in below…

Miles: I am a big fan of your music and songwriting, but like many of those familiar with the Southern Gospel field, I first knew you with your family trio, The Bishops. I spent many an evening as a teenager sitting on the front row when the Bishops would come to town. Let us know how the family is doing and if you get together to sing occasionally.

Mark: Thanks Miles for the compliment. I’m glad that you enjoyed our music. We had a lot of fun when the group was out traveling; of course it was a lot of work too and many, many days away from our families. These days, my dad is pastoring a little country church here in east-central Kentucky and that’s where my family goes. Mostly my wife and daughters go because I am usually out singing somewhere. My brother Kenny works in the state capitol, involved in politics. He has always enjoyed that atmosphere. After the group disbanded in 2001, I kept our three-day festival in Berea, KY going and for a few years we would get together and sing for that, but we haven’t sung together now for a few years. Everyone has just gone their own direction.

Mark Bishop CD coverMiles: I’m sure you’ve written hundreds of songs since you began your musical journey. What are three of your favorites and why? And what song do you wish you would have written?

Mark: That’s always a tough one because I like them all depending on the mood that life and circumstances have put me in. A song to me is really just a snapshot of what the songwriter was experiencing at that moment of their life. But it’s true that some songs seem to become more timeless. Favorites? I guess I have always enjoyed singing “You Can’t Ask Too Much of My God” because it is such a wonderful realization that He is literally bigger than any problem I will ever have. It has a catchy tune and I felt as a songwriter that the first verse in that song was very clever and worked well as a hook to get you into the rest of the song.

I also enjoy singing “Can I Pray For You” just because I still have so many people come up and request it, saying that it had truly ministered to them in a time when they needed to be encouraged. What more could you ask of a song than that? Another song that I enjoy singing was from that same album. It is called “I Got Here As Fast As I Could” and it tells the story of a person’s entire lifetime in just a few short minutes. Yet still it somehow seems to convey the ups and downs of a life well lived and experienced. It has a certain amount of melancholy but a happy ending that promises us a wonderful reunion someday with the ones that we love. I guess every song has a story, but these are three that still resonate with my audiences today.

Miles: Obviously it is God that blesses us as we work for Him, but what do you consider your most noteworthy accomplishment in the time you’ve been on the road?

Mark: This will probably sound like I am trying to be clever or something, but I honestly have never focused on accomplishment in my music career, to the degree that I might have had more number one songs or more accolades if I had only been more ambitious. That’s not to say that the Lord hasn’t blessed me with a lot of things; by myself and with the group, I have had a lot of wonderful things happen in my career. But that was the Lord. It certainly wasn’t me. Maybe this is the introspective songwriter dude coming out, but when I think about myself at the end of this journey and I think about what were the important things, my answer will be: “Was I a good husband to my wife and was I a good dad to my daughters? Did I shower them with love and attention at every opportunity? Did I make them feel good about themselves?” Well, honestly, I’d take that over whatever my songs might do after I am gone. My love for my family runs achingly deep.

Miles Pike and Mark Bishop. Photo courtesy of Kimberly Pike

Miles Pike and Mark Bishop. Photo courtesy of Kimberly Pike

Miles: What are some interests or hobbies that you have that may be a surprise to the fans of your music?

Mark: Well, I don’t know if it would surprise anyone or not, but I love sports. I am a Kentucky basketball fan (of course) and a Cincinnati Reds fan. We love going and watching games when we can. It’s a relaxing evening when we are at the ballpark. My daughters have always played fast pitch softball so we spend a lot of evenings at the ballpark watching them. When I am home, I serve as the announcer at the high school home games. I love to hunt and fish when I have the time. I love to work in the yard, believe it or not, doing landscaping and getting my hands dirty. I guess I got that from my dad.

Miles: What do you think about when you are singing? What is a Scripture verse that has helped mold your thoughts and actions toward an audience and toward what you do as a minister?

Mark: Well, I try to be in the moment when I am singing so I just totally immerse myself in the lyrics and the melody. The lyrics most of all because as anyone who has seen me can attest, I am really up there just telling stories. It just so happens that I am telling them with a song. As far as scriptures go, they are as unique and specialized as songs so that really depends upon the situation. If I feel like I am facing an uphill battle, I might think of Philippians 4:13… or there have been times when Corinthians 4:16 through 18 have given me comfort. I really find myself enamored with all that the Apostle Paul had to say to the church. It’s some of my favorite reading in the Bible.

Miles: What else is going on in your ministry that you would like to share with the readers?

Mark: Of course I am always writing songs and I am already working on new material for my next album, though we don’t have a date set for its release. My current album I Can Rejoice is doing well and praise the Lord that the radio stations are playing the songs. I am excited about a few upcoming concerts that I think folks will really enjoy. At the end of June, I will be joining some of my songwriter friends and peers, including Phil Cross, Gerald Crabb and Squire Parsons, for a special Song of A Lifetime concert in northern Georgia. That is a concert that folks won’t want to miss and will be worth the drive from about anywhere. Folks can learn about that at my website or at our Facebook page. Just search for Mark Bishop Music and you’ll find us. We are also looking forward to next year’s Singing at Sea cruise. Come join us for that. If folks would like to keep up with our music ministry, they can subscribe for free to our email newsletter that comes out about once a month. They can do that on the main page of our website.

mark nqcMiles: Give me a Twitter sized thought that you would like the readers to take to heart.

Mark: I don’t tweet or twitter but by that I guess you mean something succinct? I’ll just say, “Be true to your heart and your beliefs, don’t sell yourself short. You’re stronger than you think.”

Be sure to visit Mark’s website at and read more about him and see where he’ll be in concert near you! You won’t regret taking an evening to go sit and listen to what he has to offer.

Thanks for reading and if you would like to suggest someone to me for a future interview, email me at

For more “Artist to Artist” editions as well as other artist features and devotionals, click on to

Written by Miles Pike

Written by Miles Pike


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Gospel Music Today On

Written by SGN Scoops Staff on March 24, 2014 – 9:17 am -

GMT MarchBob Jones, Jr., of The Songfellows Quartet, is the guest on Gospel Music Today for the week of March 23. Ken and Jean Grady host southern gospel news and concert updates, the Feature Group is The Horn Family, and Jean reviews a new recording by Mallory Ledford.  An article about The Blackwood Brothers anniversary is the subject of this week’s Singing News Notes. Ernie Haase and Signature Sound sing, and the show includes exclusive  video of  N Him Trio, recorded by Gospel Music Today’s cameras at The Mid Arkansas Southern Gospel Convention, in Plumerville, AR, and a visit to the Gospel Music Today Archives for an exclusive concert video of Gold City.


The show is on KWHB TV47 in Oklahoma every Sunday at 4:30 PM, and on Roku on FFE TVMonday at 8:00 PM and AllNations TV Tuesday and Wednesday at 6:30 PM. Check local TV schedule for Beaumont, TX, Tyler, TX. Atlanta, TX, and Morrilton, AR.
The current edition of Gospel Music Today is online now at the Gospel Music Today website,

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The Craguns

Written by SGN Scoops Staff on March 22, 2014 – 1:34 pm -

CragunsIt is a delight to introduce to Gospel music fans, the brand new formation of what promises to soon be one of the industry’s premier vocal groups, The Craguns!

It was about one year ago that the all­ knowing hand of God began to touch, move and prepare the hearts and minds of a family (already engaged in kingdom service) for something new and exciting!
Separated by hundreds of miles and various pursuits, God has brought together a unique blend of voices and vocal ranges to form a fresh and unique sound for the presentation of the Gospel of Christ. Owner and baritone of the group, Jordan Cragun, (who toured for 4 years with one of the most renown quartets in the western states,) along with his wife and soprano Elena, are teaming up with his father and bass singer Ray Cragun (who has been a senior pastor in southern Louisiana for the last 20 years) and tenor Nick Adams (Jordan’s cousin).

As a group, The Craguns are passionate about music that reaches the highest potential of their God given abilities, music that effectively communicates the Gospel to people of all ages and a ministry that exalts God and God alone. “We could not be more excited to unveil this new and unique group to the Gospel music world”, Jordan Cragun states, “I’m so thankful for the prayers and support we have already received from so many. I know this is going to be an incredible journey!”

The Craguns are currently booking for 2014 and beyond. They invite you to visit
their web­site to sample the sounds and to get acquainted
with them. The Craguns hope to be in your city, community or church in the near future.

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Bev McCann and Friends Promote Concert Supporting Sunday Mornin’ Country

Written by SGN Scoops Staff on March 21, 2014 – 12:10 pm -

BevNashville, TN (March 21, 2014) Long time Gospel music enthusiast Bev McCann and Friends will be promoting a Gospel concert on March 30th at 6PM at the Family Worship Center in Murfreesboro, TN.

The concert is to support and bring attention to the Annual Sunday Morning Country concert.

The Music City Christian Fellowship has been presenting this concert for years as an attempt to bring attention to the number of Christian artists in Country music. In June 1980, a group of Country Music artists and musicians wanted to honor God with the talents He had given them by sharing their songs and personal stories of faith. They came together in prayer and fellowship. They decided to have “A singin’, prayin’ get-together” for the Country Music fans during the annual Country Music Fan Fair Celebration (currently known as CMA Music Festival). Some 40-50 singers, musicians, writers, producers, promoters, etc. were involved in the first “Sunday Mornin’ Country”. The event was so well received that the group organized to do similar ministries all year long.

As a prelude to the Sunday Mornin’, Bev McCann and Friends are giving you a sample of the talent that will be performing. Bev is bringing together some great country sounds with Special Guest Tim Lovelace (Host, singer, and comedian for the Music city Show) along with the Blue Jean Band backing such artists as the Positive Cowboy – Jim Sheldon, Country/Gospel duo Campbell and Rowley, Rachel Taylor, and of course host Bev McCann.

For information about the concert call 615-893-0968.

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RFD-TV and The Music City Show Start Second Season

Written by SGN Scoops Staff on March 9, 2014 – 3:47 pm -

music cityNashville, TN  After a hugely successful season on RFD-TV, The Music City Show is about to enjoy it’s second season of great Gospel music programing. Quickly gaining new viewers every week, The Music City Show has become one of the premier programs featuring Gospel music on television today.

Starting the program using a variety of special hosts one of the changes in programing includes going with one full-time host. Tim Lovelace is named host of the music city show. After a successful run of the 1st season, Comedian Tim Lovelace has found a home on the set of the Music City show. He was a guest co-host and was a part of many special segments throughout most of the shows in season 1.

“When we started planning Season Two we decided to make a few changes based on the response we received from fans across North America. We are going from a guest host on some shows to one full-time host. We knew there was only one phone call to make, TIM LOVELACE. We are so happy to announce that Tim is a part of the Music City Show family. On behalf of the production crew, we welcome you to the team.” said producer Scott Godsey.

The Music City Show will continue to offer the highest quality programing using only the finest musicians and singers throughout the show. Featuring such talent in Season One as Lynn Anderson, The Blackwood Brothers, Ernie Haase and Signature Sound, Legacy 5, The Bowling Family, Gene McDonald and Karen Peck and New River the show has already delved into the talent pool of Gospel music to bring you more of the absolute best music and comedy available.

One of the favorite regulars on the show is the Positive Cowboy Jim Sheldon. Jim was a natural singing those classic Gospel songs with a “cowboy” flare. He has become so popular that he was invited to walk the Red Carpet at RFD-TVs – The American Rodeo, the largest and richest rodeo in the country. No, Jim Sheldon was not riding bucking broncos, but he was promoting The Music City Show at The American Rodeo. He was meeting and greeting the fans and sharing the success of this spectacular show.

You can learn more about The Music City Show at or .

You can learn more about RFD-TV at and .

You can learn more about the Positive Cowboy – Jim Sheldon at or .

You can learn more about Godsey and Associates at .

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SGN Scoops Extends Creekside Gospel Music Convention

Written by Lorraine Walker on March 7, 2014 – 1:32 pm -

2014 creekside largePigeon Forge, TN  – Coastal Media and SGN Scoops Digital Magazine have announced an exciting new addition to 2014 Creekside Gospel Music Convention. Creekside is being extended by another day to enable the inclusion of more artists, events and fellowship that Convention attendees have enjoyed over the past two years.
SGN Scoops logoJonathan Edwards of SGN Scoops Radio and trio Faith’s Journey, says, “Working back stage with the artists of this great event, I am thrilled that the demand to be apart of this event has allowed us to expand to a fourth day. With the extra day, there are more of your favorite groups to hear as well as always a surprise around the corner!”

“I have to say I’m very proud of what we’re accomplishing with the Creekside Gospel Music Convention,” says Rhonda Frye, Editor of SGN Scoops. “Our event has become a meeting place for friendships and business relationships to begin and thrive.Creekside has become a convention where artists feel they belong and are a part of something bigger than themselves. It has also been the desire of my heart to connect new artists to new fans.The best part is that we are sharing the love of Christ through song to anyone that wants to hear it- at no charge! Be a part of Creekside 2014. Unified, we can impact the world for Christ with the powerful tool of Gospel Music!” 

coastal media group logo“I’m thrilled that we are able to present even more of the wonderful music that has been onstage at Creekside,” says Rob Patz, CEO of Coastal Media and Publisher of SGN Scoops. “The Convention is growing and we want to make every moment count, by presenting Jesus through the best of today’s Gospel music. We want to see all of our friends at all four days of Creekside!”
Creekside Gospel Music Convention will run from November 3rd to 6th in The Smoky Mountain Convention Center, with such highlights as The 2014 Diamond Awards, Lou Hildreth’s Night of Honor, Old Fashioned Gospel Singing with Artists’ Choir, as well as a daily chapel service and afternoon showcases. For more information, latest news and artists scheduled to appear, visit the Creekside page on Facebook, here: . Artists wishing to participate are asked to email Rob Patz at Diamond Awards logo
Tickets are free and accommodations can be reserved by phone,  toll free at: 1-800-223-6707 or local call 865-908-3015. For online reservations, click onto

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Written by SGN Scoops Staff on March 5, 2014 – 12:05 pm -

horn(Los Angeles, Calif.) March 4, 2014 – After a decade-long tour, performing over 100 concerts a year, The Horn Family’s long awaited self-titled debut project is now available at Christian retail stores, iTunes, and Amazon, from RayLynn Records through Provident Distribution.

The Horn Family album was recorded in Nashville, Tenn. and produced by prolific country artist and renowned songwriter Mark Collie whose works have been recorded by artists such as Garth Brooks, Tim McGraw, George Jones, and Alabama.

Drawing from their unique life experiences, the entire band played a pivotal role in the songwriting process, with each member demonstrating a different perspective of God’s goodness and grace. Among the 10 tracks slated for the album, the celebratory tune “I’ve Got It” as well as the ballad “Rise Above the Fall” feature elevating lyrics and rhythmic melodies, giving a new meaning to contemporary country gospel.


Leading up to their album debut, the powerful single “For The Life Of Me” was recently released to radio and continues to garner adds at a number of highly respected stations around the nation.


The Horn Family offers a unique combination of country and contemporary gospel and is made up of Joel Horn, Tina Horn, Jamie Horn and Tracy Horn. Born for careers in Southern Gospel music, Joel and Jamie Horn were raised by their father, a Pentecostal preacher, on the tunes of legendary gospel families such as The Hinsons, Paynes and Crabbs. From what started off as a childhood passion, the two Horn siblings began to perform, eventually expanding into The Horn Family, when Joel and Jamie’s wives, Tina and Tracy, came on board to offer their vocal harmonies.

In 2011, co-owners of the Texas Rangers, Bob and Janice Simpson, unleashed their latest venture RayLynn Records, a new Christian music label for emerging performers, aimed to serve as a launch pad for breakthrough artists to share the Gospel through music. It was that same year they signed The Horn Family, who share a passion for spreading the message of Christ through music. 


“Music has been a part of my entire life, beginning with the earliest childhood memories of my mother playing the piano as she sang classic gospel hymns,” says Bob Simpson. “RayLynn Records is the fulfillment of a dream that my wife Janice and I shared to bring truly God inspired music to the world delivered by talented artists such as the Horn family.”




For more information about The Horn Family, please visit or

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Henry and Hazel Slaughter

Written by Lorraine Walker on February 27, 2014 – 10:40 am -

By Philip Foster 

Henry and Hazel Slaughter

Henry and Hazel Slaughter

Since Jesus came and found me, and put His arms around me and all my binding fetters took away, although I’ve loved Him dearly and trusted Him sincerely, I’ve never loved Him better than today (1)

Those lyrics are from a song written by Henry Slaughter. There are certain songs, which seem to attach themselves to your very spirit. “I’ve Never Loved Him Better” is such a song.  Henry and Hazel sing this song on one of the Gaither videos.  The video can be found on YouTube, listed below.

Henry Slaughter has received five Dove awards as a result of his piano playing, his singing and songwriting, arranging and as a publisher. For over 50 years now, Henry and his wife Hazel have traveled over 65,000 miles each year, ministering the Gospel through music. Like all of us, Henry has his musical heroes; Lee Roy Abernathy, Frank Stamps, Vep Ellis, James Blackwood, Audrey Meier and Albert Brumley, just to name a few.

Henry and his wife Hazel live in Tennessee. They have three children, David, Mike and Amanda. For several decades now, Henry has been recognized as one of Gospel music’s premier keyboard artists. Henry has written columns for and continues to do so. His column I Remember is recognized internationally and features memories of all the artists and people he has met over the decades.

In 2006, Henry was inducted into the Southern Gospel Music Association’s Hall of Fame(2). Among his many accomplishments, his songwriting contributions include such gospel classics such as “Lonely Mile”, “What a Precious Friend is He”, “If the Lord Wasn’t Walking By My Side” and many

Henry knew he wanted to serve Christ through music at a very young age. After finding out that information, I had the great pleasure of contacting Henry Slaughter. I asked him how he got started in his ministry. Slaughter said, “I began my gospel music career with the Stamps Ozark Quartet, in Siloam Springs Arkansas. In January 1947, I began as their baritone singer and in six months became the piano player. I stayed with them until 1952.”

“I left to be a singer and piano player for an evangelist,” Slaughter continued. “In six months, I met Hazel in church and in another six months, we were married. I went back to the Ozark Quartet in Texas for a couple of years and in the meantime, Hazel and I sang in church. We soon discovered an acceptance of our music but it did not develop beyond the church stage, until I met the Weatherfords in Akron Ohio at the Cathedral of Tomorrow. It was there where I joined them as their pianist. After three years, I became the music director at the Cathedral of Tomorrow.”

The Cathedral of Tomorrow was a great place for Slaughter and his wife to continue their musical growth. “Hazel and I enjoyed success as the musical staff on Television and it was also here that we recorded our first two records. These records found great acceptance in Ohio, Pennsylvania and Michigan, as well as in Ontario, Canada. In 1963, I left there to join the Imperials, where I remained for three years.”

“After that, it was Hazel and me,” Slaughter shared. “We made ourselves available and followed the Lord as our booking agent. I did some part time work for a church in Nashville and also worked as a keyboardist in a recording studio, also in Nashville. Then, the opportunity presented itself to be part of the Bill Gaither Trio concerts across America and Canada. We did that for about seven years and enjoyed wonderful acceptance.”

photo-002“After that experience I continued as a recording studio session player in Nashville and produced Gospel records in my own recording studio, and we continued traveling as Henry and Hazel. I sold the recording studio in 1990 and we retired from the road to do the new thing as Lord led. Gradually the roadwork ended and we found ourselves in the new life for the past 20 years in semi-retirement.”

Even though they have slowed down, the Slaughters stay busy with many time commitments. “We remain on call to fill in here and there as needed; as worship leaders, Bible study groups and a weekly radio program for the City’s Ministerial Alliance here in our home town, Ashland City (near Nashville.) We have been featured both as artists and writers on the Gaither Video Series for the past 20 years.”

Henry and Hazel Slaughter have been blessed to touch the lives of many during their careers. Henry noted “Thanks to FaceBook, I keep up with friends and folks I have met and worked with and have been touched with our songs and music. We have lived and still live the good life that the Lord can only give. We are thankful to know the Lord has used our gifts of music to glorify and exalt and proclaim the Lord Jesus Christ.” He concludes, “We enjoy the now, but are looking forward to the next assignment after this life is over and the new phase in heaven begins.
To God be the Glory! To Him we give all the praise and glory, now and forever more. Selah…. hooray and Hallelujah!”photo

Henry’s life story, chronicled in his 1980 autobiography, In Search of the Pearl of Great Price, is far more than a story about his international recognition, awards and showmanship. The book takes you back to his roots and details not only his career, but his spiritual pilgrimage and the relationships that made him the man he has become. Today, more than 30 years after it was published, the book can be found on He also published a number of piano courses and songbooks throughout his career. (3)

hs bookI have read In Search of the Pearl of Great Price, and I can tell you it is well worth the read.  I learned so much about Henry and Hazel Slaughter and the amazing career they both have had.  I encourage the reader to order this book.

Thanks to Henry Slaughter for a wonderful interview and for  sharing his life with our readers.




Find Henry and Hazel Slaughter on the web:


Written by Philip Foster

First published June 2013 on SGM Radio website. For current features go to


(1) I’ve Never Loved Him Better Than Today-Henry Slaughter/James Rowe © 1965 Harvest Time Publishers (Admin. by Gaither Copyright Management)

(2) Wikipedia

(3) Wikepedia



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