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Youth in Gospel: Autumn Isbell of the Isbell Family

Written by Staff on June 30, 2020 – 2:33 pm -

Youth in Gospel: Autumn Isbell of the Isbell FamilyYouth in Gospel: Autumn Isbell of the Isbell Family By Lyndsey Chandler


This month’s featured artist is Autumn Isbell from Savannah, Tennessee, which is two hours southwest of Nashville. 


Youth in Gospel: Autumn Isbell of the Isbell FamilyAutumn is 17 and will be 18 in October. She has one younger brother, who is 16 years old. At the age of five, Autumn recorded her first solo album. 


She plays piano, guitar, mandolin, and ukulele, and she has been traveling and singing full-time with her family, the Isbell Family, for seven years. She sings mostly soprano for the group.


The talented young lady loves to decorate and says that she is also pretty good at ping pong. 


Youth in Gospel: Autumn Isbell of the Isbell FamilyTwo of her biggest inspirations in Southern gospel are the Collingsworth Family and 11th Hour. 


When asked what she would be doing if she was not singing, Autumn says, “Although it is very hard to imagine myself doing anything outside of music, I would probably consider pursuing a career in counseling.”


When she graduates from high school this year, she will plan on taking online college classes.


A day off of the road for Autumn normally consists of catching up on school, cleaning the house and maybe a shopping trip.


Youth in Gospel: Autumn Isbell of the Isbell FamilyAlso, embarking on a missions trip someday is definitely on her bucket list. 


When asked what her funniest moment on stage has been, Autumn shared this … “At this particular concert, I had decided to wear a long skirt and high heels. As I was stepping up to sing, my skirt got caught underneath my heel, and I couldn’t move forward. So, I had to hurry and figure out a way to get my skirt out from under my heel without being too noticeable.”


Autumn’s parents had a trio with one of her mom’s friends for nine years. During that time, her parents were teaching her brother and herself to sing parts, so when her mom’s friend got married, Autumn and her brother stepped in. It has been that way ever since. 


The family performs approximately 250 concerts a year. 


“I know this is what God has called my family and I to do, and when someone is deeply touched by our songs, or even comes to know Christ through our music, it confirms that I am right where I’m supposed to be and doing exactly what I’m supposed to be doing,” Autumn explains. 


Youth in Gospel: Autumn Isbell of the Isbell FamilyMiss Isbell concludes with a word to her peers: “God made you who you are, and He has a beautiful and unique plan for your life. Be yourself and be confident, just as the Lord intended.” 


For more information about the Isbell Family, visit www.isbellfamilymusic.com

Lyndsey Chandler. Youth in Gospel.

Lyndsey Chandler

By Lyndsey Chandler

First published by SGNScoops Magazine in April 2020

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Youth in Gospel: Fayth Lore

Written by Staff on March 31, 2020 – 10:33 am -

Youth in Gospel by Lyndsey Chandler featuring Fayth Lore Youth in Gospel by Lyndsey Chandler featuring Fayth Lore 


I am excited to introduce to you this month’s featured artist, Fayth Lore! 


Lyndsey Chandler: Where are you from? 

Fayth Lore: I am from Southern Ohio. I live in a town called Portsmouth. I like to imagine that my town could be painted like the unique small towns in all of the Hallmark movies. Everybody knows most everybody, and we have a lot of cool history. My house is in the rural part of the city. It’s typical to hear ‘watch for deer’ when you get ready to drive home.


LC: How long have you and your family been traveling?

FL:  My family never really intended to be doing ministry like we are right now. But, that’s the cool part about Christianity and letting Christ lead your life. Jesus makes life exciting. My dad was a pastor for most of my life, as well as a pharmacist. Mom took care of everything behind the scenes at home and was very active with the church my brother and I grew up at. Dad taught Samuel and I how to harmonize with him on a song that we surprised Mom with one Sunday night. I was 10 years old and Samuel was nine. The rest is history. We began singing a lot more in church, and then other churches invited us to come sing for them. In 2015, our family stepped into full time music ministry. We now call ourselves ‘musicianaries’.


LC: Do you have any siblings?

FL: I have one sibling named Darren Samuel Lore, but he goes by Samuel. He recently married his lovely bride, Rebekah, in May of 2019. So, I do have a new sister by marriage now.


Youth in Gospel by Lyndsey Chandler featuring Fayth Lore 

The Lore Family

LC: Who’s your biggest inspiration in Southern gospel music?

FL: I admire a lot of people in the gospel music world. One person I’ll mention in particular, is Peg McKamey. To me, Peg represents faithfulness and authenticity. I’m a person who may try to fit a mold to make sure that someone likes me. When I look at her, though, I see a unique artist that has remained true to herself and her calling. I’ve never known another female singer to kick off a shoe during a song. When I hear Peg sing a song like, “God On The Mountain,” I feel like I’m right there with her. Her confidence in the lyric persuades me to hold onto hope.

Another artist that I aspire to be like is Karen Peck Gooch. To me, she is the epitome of southern hospitality. What stands out to me, is that Karen makes you feel like she’s singing every song on that stage just for you. When I’ve seen her in concert, or at places like NQC, I’ve always noticed that she pays attention to each and every person that approaches her product table. If she’s talking to you, she’s looking you in the eye, and truly listening to what you have to say. She cares for people. I love that about her and I’ve learned from it.


LC: What does a day off look like for you?

FL: I get this question all of the time. I’m sure most every artist sighs like I do when we hear this question. I don’t think that you truly ever have a day off when you do something like touring in music. There’s always bookings to be made, social media to update, marketing that needs done, laundry; the list goes on and on. So, I guess a day off would just be working with my dad on the behind the scenes work that goes into full time ministry. I live pretty close to my grandparents and family, so when we are home, I try to visit with them when I get the chance. Home is my favorite place to be.


LC: What’s the funniest thing that’s ever happened to you on stage?

FL: Well, I think I am gifted with the rare skill of embarrassing myself daily. My family has picked up the song, “Boundless Love,” and we’ve been singing it acapella. My dad accidentally hit the wrong note on his keyboard, and we started singing it in the entirely wrong key. We knew something was off, but we tried to just flow with it for the first few lines. Finally, we had to stop and just start over on the right key. Of course, these are always the moments that the entire church has their phones out to record for Facebook.”


LC: What is something that motivates you to keep singing?

FL: I’m going to be real. I’ve stopped and reflected on this question quite a bit. I mostly want to be involved in something that truly makes a difference. What motivates me to keep singing is the audiences we sing to every week. I don’t want to just sing. How boring. I want to make music and sing music that people can feel. The best compliment I can get after a service or concert is when someone comes up and says that they felt something at church, inside of them for the first time in years. Some have come up to us and said that there is just something different about our group that feels real. That inspires me to keep going. And, I hope to inspire other artists to do more than just perform on stage. Jesus is real to me. The world deserves to know Him in the fullness that I am blessed to know Him.


Youth in Gospel by Lyndsey Chandler featuring Fayth Lore LC: What is a message you would like to get out to young people?

FL: Purpose. So many young people feel like they need to be more like the girl they wish they were more like on Instagram. Or guys feel like they need to have accomplished the same things as the other guy on the football team. God made you for a reason and a purpose that only you can fulfill. There never has been, and there never will be, another you. So, stop trying to be someone else and just be you for Jesus. He made you like you are for a reason, to fulfill your God-given destiny.


LC: I want to give a special thank you to Fayth for doing this interview with me. I hope you all enjoyed it!

To find more information about the Lore Family, you can go to thelorefamilyministries.com.

To see more Youth in Gospel articles, visit facebook.com/sgn.scoops.7.

Lyndsey Chandler. Youth in Gospel.

Lyndsey Chandler

By Lyndsey Chandler

First published by SGNScoops Magazine in February 2020

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One Day Closer to the 2020 Diamond Award Nominations

Written by Staff on February 2, 2020 – 12:26 pm -

Diamond Awards presented by Coastal MediaThe 2020 Diamond Award Nominations open tomorrow, Monday, February 3, on SGNScoops.com. So come join us as we continue to travel down the Road to the Diamond Awards.

Jessica Horton at 2019 Diamond Awards

Jessica Horton at 2019 Diamond Awards

Today we look at several more categories, all under the heading of “Sunrise,” which can be awarded to any new or developing full-time artist who has seen major growth in their career, as evidenced in airplay or personal appearances during the past year. Nominees in this category must have released their debut single only two years prior to the eligibility date of January 1, 2020. This award is also a once-in-a-lifetime honor and can be given to any artist in the Southern,

Jordan Family Band at Diamond Awards 2018

Country or Bluegrass Christian music genres. These categories include the Sunrise Award (any artists), Sunrise Duet of the Year, Trio of the Year, and Quartet of the Year. Some past winners have included: Jessica Horton, Chronicle, Day 3, Justified Quartet, Jordan Family Band, Old Time Preachers Quartet, the Chandlers, Morgan Easter, 11th Hour, and others.

The Diamond Awards also celebrate Christian Country artists with Christian Country Group of the Year and Song of the Year. The nominees must be full-time Christian Country artists. Some past winners have included:

Sarah Davison of HighRoad at 2016 Diamond Awards

Sarah Davison of HighRoad at 2016 Diamond Awards

CHRISTIAN COUNTRY GROUP OF THE YEAR: Some winners have been HighRoad, the Freemans, The Isaacs, Jeff and Sheri Easter, the Drummond Family, and Crossfire Gospel Band. And the 2019 winners were Mark209.

CHRISTIAN COUNTRY SONG OF THE YEAR : The 2016 winner was “One Step Closer”- Arkin Terrell; and the 2019 winner was: “Hide Me Behind The Cross” by Tonja Rose.

Who will you nominate? Stay tuned to this site as we continue the countdown to the 2020 Diamond Award Nominations!

More about Creekside Gospel Music Convention:

Creekside Gospel Music Convention is held annually in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, presenting national and regional gospel music in a family-friendly environment. The last week in October is filled with Southern, Country, and Bluegrass gospel music at the Smoky Mountain Convention Center. Daytime showcases, evening concerts, and midnight prayer, all feature award-winning artists and speakers. The Diamond Awards are a nationally-recognized yearly award show hosted by SGNScoops Magazine and voted on by their readers and fans.  For more information please call Rob Patz at 360 – 933 – 0741.

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Youth in Southern Gospel: Meet Bo Chesser of the Williamsons

Written by Staff on September 18, 2019 – 10:42 am -

Youth in Southern Gospel Music Bo Chesser of the Williamsons by Lindsey Chandler

Bo Chesser of the Williamsons

Youth in Southern Gospel: Bo Chesser

By Lindsey Chandler

Lindsey Chandler of the Chandlers

Meet SGNScoops’ newest writer!  My name is Lyndsey Chandler. I sing with my family, the Chandlers. I have wanted to get something started to promote the youth in Southern gospel for a long time. I want to say a huge thank you to SGNScoops magazine for allowing me the opportunity to do this. I will be sharing exclusive interviews in an effort to showcase the abilities, talents and dedication of young artists in Southern gospel music. I will be offering these monthly interviews to better acquaint you with young voices that are growing louder in our industry. So sit back, relax and enjoy our very first interview! 


The Williamsons

Youth in Southern Gospel: Meet Bo Chesser of the Williamsons

I am pleased to introduce to you our first featured artist who comes to us from Konawa, Oklahoma. Bo Chesser is 23 years old and is a singer and musician for the Williamsons. 


The Willamsons originated in 1969 and were revived in 1998. They perform approximately 200 dates a year, passionately spreading the gospel of Christ.


Chesser has been singing since he was six years old, traveling off and on with the Williamsons since he was nine. This young man is not just another member of the group, he is also Lisa Willamson’s younger brother. 


Bo Chesser of the WilliamsonsIn May of 2018, a position came open with the group, and Bo Chesser has been there ever since. He graduated in 2018 from East Central University in Ada, Oklahoma, receiving a music degree in trumpet performance while minoring in business. 


Chesser enjoys many hobbies which include running several 5Ks and marathons throughout the year. Not only is he talented in singing, but he also plays quite a few instruments including the trumpet, mandolin, guitar and piano. When it’s time to eat, Chesser’s favorite fast food restaurant is Chick-Fil-A.


The young musician shares, “Other than voice cracks and accidentally playing an entire verse and chorus of a song in the wrong key, (a funny thing) happened this past May. In a small church in Tennessee, a woman in the front row had a bad sounding cough and my sister Lisa and I found it funny for some reason. We held it together until the fifth song, which was a serious song about loved ones going to heaven, of course! The woman coughed again during the second verse, I lost it, and couldn’t sing the entire rest of the song. Even better is, they were Facebook live the whole time.”


When asked what a day off looks like for him, Chesser says, “A productive day off for me consists of working out, running, practicing the trumpet, mandolin, singing and doing general housework. A more realistic day looks like getting at least one of those things done, going out to eat, getting coffee with friends, and watching either YouTube videos or a movie.” 


If he was not singing, he says he would probably be a band director or music teacher of some sort. For musical inspiration, Chesser enjoys the Isaacs and the Talleys as his biggest inspirations in Southern gospel. 


WilliamsonsChesser shares his incredible testimony… 


“The department of human services placed me in a foster home six days after I was born. This was because my biological mother had done drugs and alcohol throughout the entire pregnancy. Over the next few months, I experienced withdrawals from the drugs, such as crying and uncontrollable tremors. By situations that God ordered, a foster family adopted me about two years later, and I’ve been theirs ever since.


“From an early age, they taught me about Jesus and showed me how to live, so at eight years old, I accepted Christ as my savior,” Chesser continues. “I was not living the way I should have for most of my school years in the way I talked, thought, and acted. God, however, got my attention during my senior year of high school, and I truly dedicated myself to him.


Williamsons“My family is full of musicians, so I was always around singing and instruments. I took an interest at an early age, and my family encouraged me in my efforts. When I was eight years old, Lisa showed me my first three chords on the mandolin; at 10 years old, my dad taught me the basics of guitar; and later that year, I joined the fifth grade band and started playing the trumpet. I truly never would have imagined that I would still be using all of those abilities, especially in this capacity where I get to minister and glorify God,” Chesser concludes.

I trust you have enjoyed reading this interview. Go HERE to hear more about them, making sure you like, comment and share. Or HERE on Facebook.

Lindsey Chandler with The Chandlers

By Lindsey Chandler

For more information on Lindsay Chandler and her singing family, the Chandlers click HERE.

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Please Pray for The Chandlers

Written by scoopsnews on August 9, 2019 – 9:26 am -

From The Chandlers:

We are so sorry to announce that The Chandlers will not be at the Seminole Gospel Sing tomorrow night in Oklahoma. Tim had an appointment with his foot doctor this morning and received a negative report. He is facing a toe amputation in the morning. Prayers are appreciated!

Please join us in praying for our friend.

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Praise Report for The Chandlers

Written by scoopsnews on February 22, 2017 – 6:41 am -

From Lana:

God still works miracles!! He proved it once again to us today, by allowing our stolen trailer to be found! He continues to show His love through our friends that are giving to help us replenish our sound equipment/keyboard and other things that were stolen out of it. Thank you to all of you that have sent financial assistance and to those that continue to help us financially. May you reap tremendous blessings for sowing into our ministry!!

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Please Pray for The Chandlers

Written by scoopsnews on February 21, 2017 – 10:43 am -

From Tiffany via Facebook:

This has happened too many times and every time I feel a part of me (us) has been invaded and taken. Last night while the fam was in TX, thieves stole our utility trailer (containing our sound equipment, clothes and merchandise) off of our van while parked at their hotel. Thankfully, the van wasn’t touched. What I would give to be with them now. Please pray that the trailer would be found intact. God I don’t know why, but You do. 😭💔

Please join us at SGN Scoops and pray for this dear family!

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Please Pray for The Chandlers

Written by scoopsnews on April 9, 2016 – 7:51 am -


From Lana:

You never know what a day will bring. I received a phone call just a little while ago that brought terrible news. My cousin, Kerry Jellison, unexpectedly passed away this morning. He was a 41 year old, healthy police officer. Our hearts are broken. A little over 2 months ago, his brother, Robbie, unexpectedly passed away from physical issues he dealt with. So, my family could use your prayers right now as we deal with this tragic heartbreak today.



We at SGN Scoops love your family and we are praying for you!


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Pray For Tim Chandler

Written by SGN Scoops Staff on February 29, 2016 – 7:41 am -

Pray For Tim Chandler

Pray For Tim Chandler

Pray For Tim Chandler: URGENT PRAYER REQUEST! Tim’s nearly healed wound from his first toe amputation has opened again in a severe way last night. We have had a wonderful prayer meeting and we are believing for a miracle! We will see how healed it is in the morning and go from there with proper medical attention, as needed. Thank you for your prayers!

Find The Chandlers On Facebook HERE


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