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Creekside Gospel Music Convention

Creekside 2019 Begins with a Bang, Convention runs until Oct. 31

Written by Staff on October 29, 2019 – 2:16 pm -

Creekside 2019 Begins with a Bang

Pine Ridge Boys at Creekside Kick Off

Creekside Gospel Music Convention 2019 has begun in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. The kick-off concert on Sunday night, Oct. 27, was well attended and a great experience for those in attendance. An attentive crowd became a part of the first Creekside Live DVD, as the Pine Ridge Boys hosted a boisterous concert to celebrate the event. The Chordsmen Quartet also appeared at this concert as part of the Classic Artists Music Group. The taping was held at the Mill Creek auditorium, a satellite venue for Creekside.

The main site for Creekside is the Smoky Mountain Convention Center, where the convention was in full swing on Monday, Oct. 28. Morning events featured the Pine Ridge Boys Breakfast, artist load-in, and the Nashville Heartsong Showcase. In the afternoon, some attendees took part in the Radio Promotions Seminar with Richard Hyssong, Tiffany Noecker, Vonda Armstrong. Joy

Holden began the inaugural Pine Ridge BoysSinging on the Square in front of the Smoky Mountain Convention Center, where a lovely dinner was whipped up and served free to the first 100 fans.

The evening concert at the Smoky Mountain center began at 5:00 p.m., featuring the Down East Boys, Hyssongs, The Bibletones, and guest preacher, Pastor Bill Bailey. The Dr. Jerry Goff Honors highlighted the career of Troy Burns. Midnight prayer was hosted by Tim and Missy Kinchen in the lobby of the Ramada Inn.

Stay tuned to the SGN Scoops Facebook page for live interviews by Tonja Rose

Creekside 2019 Begins with a Bang

Crowd at the kick-off concert for Creekside

Creekside 2019 Begins with a Bang

Taping the live DVD

and live feed of the various concert events.

Creekside continued today with special showcases, Singing on the Square with Justified, an exciting evening concert including a word from Pastor Josh Franks and singing by The Williamsons, The Pine Ridge Boys, Josh and Ashley Franks, as well as others. The evening’s highlight will be the 2019 Diamond

Creekside 2019 Begins with a Bang

Rob Patz and Vonda Armstrong

Creekside 2019 Begins with a Bang

Altar service at Creekside 2019 Monday night

Creekside 2019 Begins with a Bang

Rob Patz, Vonda Armstrong, Bill Bailey


Hyssongs at Creekside Oct 28

Creekside 2019

Bill Bailey

Creekside 2019 Begins with a Bang


Don’t miss the rest of Creekside Gospel Music Convention 2019!

Awards. Following this, Christian Country at the Creek Kick-Off and Midnight Prayer will be held at the third Creekside satellite venue, the Creekstone Inn.

Don’t miss the rest of Creekside 2019, at Pigeon Forge through Oct. 31.

For more information click HERE

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Please Pray for The Pine Ridge Boys

Written by scoopsnews on May 18, 2019 – 2:38 pm -

From Larry Stewart:

Well it’s not been a good day. As you can see we were in a wreck today. Bus is in worse shape than we are. We are all ok. Waiting on my wife Anne Henderson Stewart to bring us the Yukon and rental trailer to continue on our trip to WV. Say a prayer for us.

Join us at SGN Scoops in praying for Larry and the guys.


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Christmas: A time of family, love, giving thanks

Written by Staff on December 21, 2018 – 2:31 pm -

Charlie Griffin is thankful this Christmas

Charlie Griffin is thankful this Christmas

Several artists have explained what they are thankful for as the year comes to an end:

Charlie Griffin:
This holiday season will be different this year… the first Thanksgiving and Christmas without Mom. Kinda feel lost without those phone calls during this time of year. Yet I have so much to be thankful for on this journey. Thankful for the blessings of life, the opportunities to work daily and share the Good News in word and song. Thankful I have a loving family and friends who make my life richer. Even when things don’t go as planned, God has me in the palm of his hand. Thankful for the simple things. Clothes, shoes, food, vehicles to drive and so much more. Definitely BLESSED! I am THANKFUL indeed.

Pine Ridge Boys are thankful this ChristmasPine Ridge Boys:
Thankful that God has allowed us to keep singing and following those that paved the way for us. For sending the right men at the right time to continue the ministry that others laid out for us. We have been truly blessed and very thankful.

Chip McCaa-Baritone:
I’m thankful for our many friends and for my wonderful family, and the opportunity we have in this great country to openly serve our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. We have been so privileged over this past year to witness His awesome greatness and I’m so thankful He has allowed us to do so!

Steven Craps- lead:
I’m thankful for my faith, my family, and my freedom!

Pine Ridge boys are thankful this ChristmasMike Maggard-Tenor:
I am thankful for Jesus dying on the cross for my sins and for my personal relationship with him. I am thankful for my family and what they mean to me to allow me to travel and sing every weekend. I am thankful for living in the greatest country on earth. I am also thankful for the Pine Ridge Boys for allowing me the opportunity to minister with them every week.

Larry Stewart-Bass:
I am thankful for the many blessings that God has given me. Thankful for a wonderful wife and children and grandchildren. Thankful that God had mercy on me and gave me a second chance to do what I love most, to sing gospel music and minister to those in need. Thankful that He died on the cross and paid the price so that I didn’t have too.

The Sheltons are thankful this ChristmasThe Sheltons:
We are all so thankful for his outpouring of favor on our ministry. Singing since 1960 we have always tried to honor the heritage and path shown to us by our parents and family. It is our joy to share the good news every chance we get.

Sandra Shelton Martin:
Thankful for God’s blessing and His forgiveness. When I need him most, he is always with me. My every need he supplies.

Frankie Shelton:
Thankful for Gods continued outpouring of his unconditional Love. Blessed beyond measure that God loves me and allows me to sing with my family the songs that give hope, joy, and peace.

George Shelton, Jr:
Thankful his mercy and his healing touch every time I need him. Through all my The Sheltons are thankful this ChristmasThe Sheltons are thankful this Christmascircumstances, God has shown favor. He has blessed me to sing with the best of the best. And to continue singing with my family, words can’t describe the blessings I experience.


Compiled by Charlie Griffin

Charlie Griffin is a regular contributor to the SGNScoops Magazine.

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Creekside 2018 opens with quartet-filled Kickoff Concert

Written by Staff on October 29, 2018 – 6:33 am -

Creekside Kickoff Concert 2018

Creekside Kickoff Concert 2018

Creekside Diaries, volume one: Sunday, October 28, 2018

By Kristen Stanton

The air is buzzing with excitement here in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. Cars and buses are pulling into the Smoky Mountain Convention Center ready for a big week here at the Creekside Gospel Music Convention. 

Creekside Kickoff Concert 2018People are greeting each other with hugs or shouts from across the parking lot and it’s clear that “We Are Family” is more than just a slogan – it’s a feeling.  

Creekside Kickoff Concert 2018Now in its seventh year, this event has taken on an identity different from anything else in the industry.    

Packed full of singing and special events, this year kicked off with a bang with Quartet Night. The Pine Ridge Boys, The Chordsmen, and Common Bond Quartet sang to a standing room only audience that left the crowd excited for the Monday night concert. The capacity crowd filed in when the doors opened at 6:30 p.m. and stayed until the last note was sung.

Arthur Rice to be honored by Dr. Jerry Goff at Creekside 2018The spark is in the air – and if you’re here, you can feel it. The pastor at church this morning reminded us that God’s presence changes everything. The three quartets that sang tonight certainly ushered in the presence of God.

Is revival starting?  Maybe. I can’t wait to find out!

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Prayers for Larry Stewart

Written by scoopsnews on January 17, 2018 – 6:31 am -

Please pray for Larry Stewart with The Pine  Ridge Boys. He is having back surgery today.

We love you Larry and are praying for you!

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Happy Birthday Ivory

Written by scoopsnews on June 26, 2017 – 6:17 am -

One of the Pine Ridge Boys is having a Birthday!

Tenor Singer Ivory Luke:

About Ivory:

Ivory was born to Christian parents, Rev. Wesley M. and Reatha Emily Luke, on June 26, 1953. He has two younger sisters, Judy Hensley and Gail Crowley.

He began singing in Church at the age of 5 and joined his first organized group, The Shepards Quartet, at 19. Joined The Saint’s from Columbia, SC in 1975, before organizing a group known as Sonrise in 1979. Disbanded Sonrise in the mid 80s to concentrate on family and business. Returned to SGM with The Crusader’s of Prosperity, SC in 2006, before reorganizing Sonrise. Recently disbanded his group and is thrilled to be the newest member of Pine Ridge Boys!

Interests include sports (especially The Gamecocks, The Braves, The Panthers, and anything involving his grandkids), cooking (cooks as good as he sings), family, history, and of course, music (SGM, jazz, Big Band, oldies, and more)!!

Single, with one daughter (Jaime) and two grandchildren (Savannah and Brandon). Live in Lexington, SC. Proud graduate of The University of South Carolina. Self-employed with 30+ yrs. with Aflac in sales and management positions.

Join us in wishing Ivory a happy day!


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FUN FACT FRIDAY with the Freemans on SGN Scoops

Written by Staff on September 4, 2015 – 6:52 am -

Freemans 2015

Freemans 2015


We have made it another week. Only 58 days until Creekside 2015! One of our fabulous artists who are joining us on Nov 2-5 is the Freemans. They are Diamond Award winners and chart-toppers, with wonderful Country-Southern-Progressive vocals. You will want to come to Pigeon Forge, TN for this group alone!

This week I got an inside look of memories and road life with The Freemans. Check it out…

Q: What is your favorite singing memory?
Chris: “I have been singing too many years for me to go back and try to single out a favorite moment, but one that definitely stands out in my mind is the first time I won The Queen of Gospel Music.”
Darrell: “My favorite memory was performing in The Dominican Republic at the school in the inner city. They were the loudest crowd ever for the number. They were hungry for gospel music.”
Joe: “My favorite singing memory was recently, in Branson, when the fantastic crowd we had on the Branson Belle at the end of the concert stood and clapped forever. It made the whole group and I feel so wonderful. It was priceless! We sang, “Lead Me Home,” and so many people left with joy restored and peace; knowing that their loved ones were in a better place.”
Misty: “My favorite singing memory is the first week I brought Addie on the road. She wouldn’t let anyone else hold her and I had to do all the concerts with her in my arms.”
Caylon: “My favorite singing memory was the first ‘Legends on the Sea’ cruise, and being able to have fun and perform with some of the most talented artists in the world.”

The Freemans perform at 2014 Diamond Awards

The Freemans perform at 2014 Diamond Awards

Q: What is your favorite pasttime while on the road?
Chris: “I read a lot, as well as make bracelets and play games. I got hooked on that when Caylon was very young. We would play Mario for hours on the bus just to keep him entertained. He would pat me on the back and tell me I was the greatest mom in the world because I played Mario with him. I might add that I was GREAT at it, Lol!”
Darrell: “I get up a little late during road time. I look for lunch or breakfast, watch a little TV and then get ready for business for the King. I always can’t wait!”
Joe: “The other one is a hard one, because I am usually driving. If I am not driving, I am in the buddy seat looking out enjoying God’s creation.”
Misty: “I like to read during my down time on the bus.”
Caylon: “My favorite pasttime on the road is reading. I have read countless books over 14 years while on the road.”

2015 full logo creeksideIf you haven’t already, make your plans NOW to attend Creekside Gospel Music Convention 2015. From November 2-5, Creekside 2015 will be filled with music, fun and fellowship. Tickets are FREE but must be reserved now. As well as the Freemans, other artists appearing include the Hinson Family, the Guardians, the Hoskins Family, 11th Hour, the Williamsons, Mark209, the Pine Ridge Boys, Jordan’s Bridge, and more.

Diamond Awards Top Five Nominees Announced

Diamond Awards Top Five Nominees Announced

Join us on the Tuesday evening, November 3, for the 2015 Diamond Awards! This gala ceremony is always filled with surprise artists and guests. Vote today for your favorites of the TOP FIVE nominees. Vote here: 2015 Diamond Awards Voting. 

Creekside Gospel Music Convention is held in Pigeon Forge, TN,  at the Smoky Mountain Convention Center www.smokymountainconventioncenter.com. For more information, latest news and artists scheduled to appear, visit the Creekside website here creeksidegospelmusicconvention.com or our page on Facebook here: www.facebook.com/Creeksidegospelmusicconvention.


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Creekside Gospel Music Convention welcomes 11th Hour

Written by Staff on July 2, 2015 – 3:14 pm -

11th Hour

11th Hour

Pigeon Forge, TN – Creekside Gospel Music Convention  is pleased to welcome mixed trio 11th Hour to the concert event scheduled for November 2nd through 5th in Pigeon Forge, TN. These inspiring artists were the 2014 Diamond Award recipients of the Sunrise 2015 full logo creeksideAward for up and coming groups. They were also recently featured on the cover of SGN Scoops issue for June 2015.

“We came to Creekside last year and enjoyed it so much,”says Amber Eppinette of 11th Hour. “Great fellowship and wonderful singing! You do not want to miss it this year.”
Rob Patz of Coastal Media, one of the sponsors of Creekside says, “I am thrilled that 11th Hour is going to join us once again in Pigeon Forge. This trio is really making its mark in Gospel music and they have made an exciting line-up even better!”
The Convention has already announced several artists who will be performing, including The Freemans, The Guardians,

Diamond Awards 2015

Diamond Awards 2015

Mark209, The Hoskins Family, The Pine Ridge Boys, Dr. Jerry Goff and more.

Make your plans now to be at the Creekside Gospel Music Convention, held on November 2nd through 5th at the Smoky Mountain Convention Center in Pigeon Forge, TN. Fans are encouraged to

The Freemans

The Freemans

reserve their tickets early.

For ticket and lodging information, contact Rob Patz at rob@sgnscoops.com or 360-920-4057. For more information visit http://www.creeksidegospelmusicconvention.com/

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May 2013 SGNScoops Magazine

Written by SGN Scoops Staff on May 9, 2013 – 3:39 pm -

We are proud of the May issue! In fact, it’s not even summer yet, but this issue sizzles! Aaron and Amanda Crabb spice up the cover, and their interview will most definitely melt hearts! Also in this issue, catch the latest from Red Roots, the Pine Ridge Boys, and Mark Bishop. Get the scoop on Devin McGlamery and also Greater Vision’s new music projects, and catch the Younger Perspective with Adam Brown. Get to know Christian Country’s rising star, Abby Paskvan, and the West Coast’s Keepers of the Faith. You heard the news about the upcoming Cathedral Reunion, but get the inside scoop from Ernie Haase, Mark Trammel and Scott Fowler. Dr Jeff Steele delivers a word of encouragement, Lou Hildreth honors Tim Riley and Jeff Hawes honors his mom. Catch up on the latest Creekside Gospel Music Convention plans, see who made the top ten list for Diamond Awards and see what songs are topping the charts. As always….digital, free and good! The scoop is nestled inside a beautiful magazine and is now available in in two formats. You choose- PDF or flip-style and please share with friends, family and fans.

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