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Youth in Southern Gospel: Meet Bo Chesser of the Williamsons

Written by Staff on September 18, 2019 – 10:42 am -

Youth in Southern Gospel Music Bo Chesser of the Williamsons by Lindsey Chandler

Bo Chesser of the Williamsons

Youth in Southern Gospel: Bo Chesser

By Lindsey Chandler

Lindsey Chandler of the Chandlers

Meet SGNScoops’ newest writer!  My name is Lyndsey Chandler. I sing with my family, the Chandlers. I have wanted to get something started to promote the youth in Southern gospel for a long time. I want to say a huge thank you to SGNScoops magazine for allowing me the opportunity to do this. I will be sharing exclusive interviews in an effort to showcase the abilities, talents and dedication of young artists in Southern gospel music. I will be offering these monthly interviews to better acquaint you with young voices that are growing louder in our industry. So sit back, relax and enjoy our very first interview! 


The Williamsons

Youth in Southern Gospel: Meet Bo Chesser of the Williamsons

I am pleased to introduce to you our first featured artist who comes to us from Konawa, Oklahoma. Bo Chesser is 23 years old and is a singer and musician for the Williamsons. 


The Willamsons originated in 1969 and were revived in 1998. They perform approximately 200 dates a year, passionately spreading the gospel of Christ.


Chesser has been singing since he was six years old, traveling off and on with the Williamsons since he was nine. This young man is not just another member of the group, he is also Lisa Willamson’s younger brother. 


Bo Chesser of the WilliamsonsIn May of 2018, a position came open with the group, and Bo Chesser has been there ever since. He graduated in 2018 from East Central University in Ada, Oklahoma, receiving a music degree in trumpet performance while minoring in business. 


Chesser enjoys many hobbies which include running several 5Ks and marathons throughout the year. Not only is he talented in singing, but he also plays quite a few instruments including the trumpet, mandolin, guitar and piano. When it’s time to eat, Chesser’s favorite fast food restaurant is Chick-Fil-A.


The young musician shares, “Other than voice cracks and accidentally playing an entire verse and chorus of a song in the wrong key, (a funny thing) happened this past May. In a small church in Tennessee, a woman in the front row had a bad sounding cough and my sister Lisa and I found it funny for some reason. We held it together until the fifth song, which was a serious song about loved ones going to heaven, of course! The woman coughed again during the second verse, I lost it, and couldn’t sing the entire rest of the song. Even better is, they were Facebook live the whole time.”


When asked what a day off looks like for him, Chesser says, “A productive day off for me consists of working out, running, practicing the trumpet, mandolin, singing and doing general housework. A more realistic day looks like getting at least one of those things done, going out to eat, getting coffee with friends, and watching either YouTube videos or a movie.” 


If he was not singing, he says he would probably be a band director or music teacher of some sort. For musical inspiration, Chesser enjoys the Isaacs and the Talleys as his biggest inspirations in Southern gospel. 


WilliamsonsChesser shares his incredible testimony… 


“The department of human services placed me in a foster home six days after I was born. This was because my biological mother had done drugs and alcohol throughout the entire pregnancy. Over the next few months, I experienced withdrawals from the drugs, such as crying and uncontrollable tremors. By situations that God ordered, a foster family adopted me about two years later, and I’ve been theirs ever since.


“From an early age, they taught me about Jesus and showed me how to live, so at eight years old, I accepted Christ as my savior,” Chesser continues. “I was not living the way I should have for most of my school years in the way I talked, thought, and acted. God, however, got my attention during my senior year of high school, and I truly dedicated myself to him.


Williamsons“My family is full of musicians, so I was always around singing and instruments. I took an interest at an early age, and my family encouraged me in my efforts. When I was eight years old, Lisa showed me my first three chords on the mandolin; at 10 years old, my dad taught me the basics of guitar; and later that year, I joined the fifth grade band and started playing the trumpet. I truly never would have imagined that I would still be using all of those abilities, especially in this capacity where I get to minister and glorify God,” Chesser concludes.

I trust you have enjoyed reading this interview. Go HERE to hear more about them, making sure you like, comment and share. Or HERE on Facebook.

Lindsey Chandler with The Chandlers

By Lindsey Chandler

For more information on Lindsay Chandler and her singing family, the Chandlers click HERE.

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First Day of Southern Gospel Weekend a blast!

Written by Staff on March 22, 2019 – 5:28 pm -

SGW 2019 Thurs Veterans NightOxford, Ala. (March 22, 2019) – The first day of Southern Gospel Weekend was filled with numerous gospel artists and styles, from the Bluegrass sound of Eagle’s Wings to the Country gospel stylings of Tonja Rose and Jessica Horton. Fans began filling the auditorium at 5:00 p.m. and the excitement grew as the First Responders and Veterans began entering the hall, after a special private reception with the artists.

SGW 2019 Thurs Veterans NightThe Veterans Appreciation event began the evening with the presentation of the flags, followed by keynote speaker Ken Rollins, who honored the Veterans and First Responders for their service. Special music by Mark209 and Matthew Wilson of Eagles Wings.

SGW 2019 Thurs Veterans NightSGW 2019 Thurs Veterans NightSGW 2019 Thurs Veterans NightSGW 2019 Thurs Veterans NightThe musical portion of the evening was very well received, with artists like Mercy Rain, the Williamsons, New Ground and ClearVision Quartet.

After the concert, many went to eat at Hubbard’s Off Main, where the Midnight Prayer portion was led by Tonja Rose.

We hope you enjoy the images we have captured for you.

Please note, for any that are in the Oxford, Ala., area:  All day Saturday there are events in the Civic Center. Most are free admission. Be sure to catch the Diamond Awards Top 10 big reveal.

SGW 2019 Thurs Veterans NightFor more information please call SGW 2019 ThursdayHubbard's Off Main.

SGW 2019 Thursday Mid Prayer. Tonja Rose

SGW 2019 Thursday Mid Prayer. Tonja Rose


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Beyond the Song: the Williamsons talk about “Every Moment, Every Mountain, Every Mile”

Written by Staff on March 16, 2019 – 11:51 am -

Williamsons Featured on Gospel Greats!


Jantina de Haan went Beyond the Song to ask the Williamsons about their latest hit, “Every Moment, Every Mountain, Every Mile.”

“When we received the song, ‘Every Moment, Every Mountain, Every Mile,’ we had already pretty much settled on our song list for our latest project, ‘Give Them Jesus,'” said Donnie Williamson. “After listening to the demo given to us by one of the writers, Joel Lindsey, we decided to change the song list so we could add this great song. It spoke to us from the very first time we heard it. After recording it, we learned that it was speaking to other people as well. In fact, a pastor friend of ours in West Virginia said he was really struggling with several things in his life and had decided to resign his church. However, he heard this song on the radio one day and it spoke to his heart. It reminded him that God was still with him and would never leave him nor forsake him and the most important thing – It’s all worth it!

Williamson continued, “So many times when we’re on the road and things get difficult and trying, it’s great to be reminded that we will never regret what we do for him when offering our bodies as living sacrifices. No one who has lived their life for Jesus was ever sorry for it when it came their time to leave this world.”

About the Williamsons

The Williamson Family began singing together as a group in 1969 with Woody and Pinky Williamson and their children Donnie and Tennie. They held concerts and revival meetings in Oklahoma and the surrounding states. The group was reorganized in 1998 as The Homesteaders Quartet. This group officially changed their name to The Williamsons in 2008. Members of the Williamsons today include Donnie Williamson and his wife Lisa, their children Sadie and Olivia Williamson, Darin Hebert, Karl Rice, and Bo Chesser. For more information click here.

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Southern Gospel Weekend To Be Featured On Andrew Brunet and Friends

Written by Staff on January 27, 2019 – 4:42 pm -

Southern Gospel Weekend 2019 to be featured on Andrew Brunet and Friends

Southern Gospel Weekend 2019 to be featured on Andrew Brunet and Friends

(January 27, 2019) — Andrew Brunet and Friends is honored to have the opportunity to spotlight Southern Gospel Weekend, on Jan. 29, 2019. Southern Gospel Weekend is an event that takes place in Oxford, Alabama on March 21 – 23. The show will feature special call-in interviews with Rob Patz, publisher of SGNScoops; the Connells, Clearvision Quartet, the Williamsons, McKay Project and many more.

Andrew Brunet, TV show host shares this: “You will definitely want to tune in as it will give great insight on what Southern Gospel Weekend is all about and give you a sneak peek on the artists that will be performing there. Special thanks to Rob Patz of SGN Scoops for giving us a chance to help promote such an awesome event.”

Andrew Brunet

Andrew Brunet

The episode will air on Tuesday evening, January 29th, 2019, from 7-9 PM on, as well as Roku, on the BikerTV Channel.

To find out more information about Andrew Brunet and Friends, you can visit their Facebook page.

Find out more about Southern Gospel Weekend HERE.

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Hey Donnie Williamson, What is The Message for 2019?

Written by scoopsnews on January 3, 2019 – 6:14 am -


Donnie Williamson

We asked Donnie Williamson (The Williamsons), What is  The Message for 2019 ?

Here’s what he had to say.

When Egypt was plagued with frogs Moses asked Pharoah when he would like him to get rid of them. You know what he said? TOMORROW (Ex. 8:10)!!! Why was he willing to spend one more day with those stinking frogs? They were all over the palace, on his table, in his bed -any place you could think of there was a frog! Why didn’t he say, “NOW”! This time of year we often tell of our “New Year’s Resolutions”. It seems like a good time to reboot and start over when often we are just spending unnecessary, additional time with frogs in our house. Why wait to put away those bad habits or attempt to start good ones? Why not get an early start and not spend “One More Night With the Frogs”?
Thanks Donnie for sharing with SGN Scoops.

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Creekside welcomes back the Williamsons

Written by Staff on August 23, 2018 – 8:18 am -

The Williamsons

The Williamsons

Creekside Gospel Music Convention 2018 welcomes back the Williamson to Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, and the lovely Smoky Mountain Convention Center, October 28 – November 1.

The Williamsons with Jerry Goff and Jan Buckner Goff at the Diamond Awards.

The Williamsons with Jerry Goff and Jan Buckner Goff at the Diamond Awards, Creekside Gospel Music Convention

Randall Hamm, music reviewer for SGNScoops Magazine, had this to say about the Williamsons latest project: “How do you follow your last project “Tell Somebody,” which gave the Williamsons their first No. 1 song, a top 10, and several top 30 songs? With another career project, “Give Them Jesus.” From start to finish, the Williamsons have created a masterpiece along with producers Les Butler and Donna King. This CD has no filler; all of the songs have a great message to convey to the listener. Their latest single is “Jesus, What a Wonderful Name” is moving quickly upward on the national charts. Following this single will be a tough call for the Williamsons… Donnie and the group (including Donnie’s wife, Lisa Williamson; Karl Rice and Darin Hebert) have once again crafted another solid CD.”

Here is a video of the Williamsons’ latest single, “Jesus, What a Wonderful Name:”

Gospel music artists appearing at Creekside Gospel Music Convention also include the Jordan Family Band, the Pine Ridge Boys, Mark209, Sunday Drive, the Hyssongs, Eagle’s Wings, the Chandlers, the Dunaways, and many more.

Special events include “Dr. Goff Honors Arthur Rice” on Monday, the 2018 Diamond Awards on Tuesday and many surprise appearances of more beloved artists on Wednesday and Thursday evening.

Creekside 2018

Creekside 2018

For more ĺinformation on Creekside 2018, including the Diamond Awards and free ticket reservations, visit or For a $25 VIP pass, tickets and accommodations, contact Rob Patz by calling 360-933-0741.

Read the full SGNScoops August  Magazine Here.
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Today is a special day for Sadie Williamson!

Written by SGN Scoops Staff on March 17, 2018 – 1:50 pm -

Today is a special day for Sadie Williamson!


We at SGN Scoops would like to wish her a Happy Birthday.
We appreciate all your work helping Ms Jean Grady with The Diamond Awards.
Hope you have an awesome day!


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Third Annual WLOSGMH Convention March 27 and 28, 2017

Written by Staff on February 24, 2017 – 3:25 pm -

WLOSGMH: “You Should’ve Been There” Memories in the Making!

Third Annual WLOSGMH Convention March 27 and 28

Third Annual WLOSGMH Convention March 27 and 28

I first became acquainted with gospel music as a child. It has kind of been in the family since I can remember. Momma Doris (my grandmother), Aunt Dolly Shirley and my Mom (playing piano too) sang in the Morning Star Trio every Sunday morning for the Morning Star Hour radio program on WATA Radio in Boone, NC. Pastor Ross Greene delivered the fiery message back in the day. Then I saw the Harvesters Quartet with Bill Hefner, Mac Evans, Don Norman, Jack Clark and Bob Thacker at homecoming. Over the years they became friends. And the music love affair began.

Third Annual WLOSGMH Convention March 27 and 28

Sego Brothers and Naomi

I remember the first time I heard the Sego Brothers and Naomi. They were the feature group at the Singing at Grandfather Mountain hosted by Arthur Smith and the Crossroads Quartet. What a singing! What a crowd of artists and fans. I would stand and wonder what the groups were talking about behind their record tables.

Then we got a black and white TV. Sunday mornings on Charlotte’s WBTV we would see the legends of gospel music on the infamous Gospel Singing Jubilee hosted by the renowned Florida Boys. I remember sneaking into the living room and cutting the TV down really low and watching the Happy Goodmans, Dixie Echoes (loved me some Dale Shelnut), LeFevres, Segos, Rambos, Inspirations, Marksmen Qt, Hinsons and a host of other popular groups.


Read more »

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The Williamsons Top Off Amazing 2016 With Highly Successful Christmas Show and Tour

Written by scoopsnews on December 24, 2016 – 9:36 am -


WETUMKA, Okla (December 23, 2016) Multi-award winning Gospel group The Williamsons recently ended 2016 with a wonderfully busy holiday season. For several years, The Williamsons have produced a special Christmas program which has been performed as early as Thanksgiving night and finish the season as late as Christmas Eve. This year was no exception as the group closed out the year with a very successful tour and show to top off one of the group’s most favorable and rewarding runs since its inception.

Donnie Williamson stated, “Many of my friends take off the month of December. This time of year is always so busy with our own family functions and Gospel concerts seen to slow down. I decided several years ago to produce a Christmas show that would be fun for the whole family, while still sharing the glorious Gospel message. Believe me, it keeps us busy.”

The Christmas show features The Williamsons singing Christmas hymns, seasonal classics and also includes an occasional skit and comedy. The daughters of Donnie and Lisa, Sadie and Olivia, are also a big part of the night. The Williamsons perform as many as 15 programs in a three week span.

This year’s Christmas show tops off an already impressive year. The year 2016 brought about several award nominations as well as winning the Absolutely Gospel Music Award for the Traditional Song of the Year (“Shout”) and the SGN Scoops Diamond Awards for Song of the Year (“Shout”) and Album of the Year (Tell Somebody).

The group received nominations at the Absolutely Gospel Music Awards for Song of the Year and Music Video of the Year (for the hit single “Monday”) as well as Songwriter of the Year (Artist) for group lead vocalist and songwriter Lisa Williamson. In addition, the group was nominated for Favorite New Group in this year’s Singing News Fan Awards.

The Williamsons are currently finishing up a new hymns project that will be out the first quarter of 2017 and are writing and choosing new material for a mainline release also to be released next year. The group plans to start recording in Spring 2017.


You can learn more about the Williamsons by going to



About The Williamsons

The Williamsons began sharing the Gospel through music in 1998 as The Homesteaders Quartet. The dream of Donnie Williamson was to form a group to sing classic Gospel music on a limited basis. What he wanted to do never occurred. From the group’s onset their demand was overwhelming. Soon they were performing more than 100 dates a year. For the past several years The Williamsons have been in full time Christian ministry and entertainment and have traveled across the United States, Canada, and Mexico. Their music has been in national charts and were they honored to be nominated for Breakthrough Artist and Favorite Group awards at the Absolutely Gospel Fan Awards. Absolutely Gospel also named them as one of the Top Ten Groups to Watch, as well as in the Top Ten for Best New Mixed Group in the Singing News Fan Awards.

Their high energy musical style appeals to people of all ages. The versatility of The Williamsons is evident through the wide variety of musical styles they perform. There is always something for everyone. The marketing of their performances targets families and not just fans of any particular type of music. Spending an evening with The Williamsons is sure to be one that will lift you up, and bless you.


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2016 Diamond Award winners Announced

Written by Staff on November 2, 2016 – 3:46 pm -

Dr. Jerry and Jan Goff at 2016 Diamond Awards

Dr. Jerry and Jan Goff at 2016 Diamond Awards

Pigeon Forge, TN (November 2, 2016) – Creekside Gospel Music Convention was the site for the 2016 Diamond Awards presentation on Tuesday,  November 1st. Among the winners present in the Smoky Mountain Resorts auditorium were Ronnie Hinson, Gold City Quartet, Freedom Quartet, The Williamsons, Jeff Stice and more. The gala evening was emceed by Dr. Jerry and Jan Goff and attended by a large enthusiastic crowd.

Ronnie Hinson - 2016 Diamond Awards

Ronnie Hinson and Rob Patz

The 2016 Diamond Award winners are:

The J.D. Sumner Living Legend: Ronny Hinson

Mixed Group: Karen Peck and New River

Quartet of the Year: Gold City

Trio of the Year: Karen Peck and New River

Duet of the Year: Josh and Ashley Franks

Eagle's Wings at Diamond Awards

Eagle’s Wings

John Rulapaugh at Diamond Awards

John Rulapaugh of Freedom Quartet

Female Vocalist of the Year: Sheri Easter

Male Vocalist of the Year: Jason Crabb

Sunrise Award: The Chandlers

Sunrise Trio of the Year: Surrendered

Sunrise Quartet of the Year: Freedom Quartet

Song of the Year: The Williamsons – “Shout”

Album of the Year: The Williamsons – “Tell Somebody”

Williamsons at Diamond Awards


Christian Country Group of the Year: HighRoad

Anthony Burger Instrumentalist of the Year: Jeff Stice

Dottie Rambo Songwriter of the Year: Gerald Crabb

Bluegrass Gospel Album of the Year: Canaan’s Crossing – “Words”


Rob Patz

Bluegrass Gospel Song of the Year: Eagles’ Wings – “When I Wake Up To Sleep No More”

Bluegrass Gospel Male Artist of the Year: Tim Maze

Bluegrass Gospel Female Artist of the Year: Debra Wilson

Bluegrass Gospel Group of the Year: Eagles’ Wings

2016 Diamond Awards


Gospel Music Today Video/DVD of the Year: The Bates Family – “Louder Than Nails”

Favorite Industry Website: WATC Channel 57

Paul Heil Award for Broadcasting: Vonda Easley – WPIL FM

Publishers Choice Award: The Pine Ridge Boys

Lou Hildreth Award: JP Miller

Creekside Gospel Music Convention continues until Thursday November 3rd at the Smoky Mountain Convention Center in Pigeon Forge.  Tickets are free and everyone is invited to the last day of the event. For more information and to see pictures of the event, visit the Creekside Facebook page at

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