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Congrats To The SGN Scoops Top 100 Southern Gospel Songs/ May

Written by scoopsnews on May 21, 2018 – 12:25 pm -

(The Top 100/ May will be printed in the June Magazine)

Congrats Everyone!

1. Greater Vision- God Doesn’t Care
2. Bowling Family- I Believe He’s Alive
3. Ernie Haase & Signature Sound- Clear Skies
4. Kingsmen– Cost Of The Cross
5. Mark Trammell Quartet- Go Show John
6. Lore Family- Asking, Seeking, Knocking
7. The Old Paths- Broken People Like Me
8. Hyssongs-I’ve Seen Enough
9. Tribute Quartet- When The Prodigal Comes Home

10. Gold City- If Church Pews Could Shout

11. Karen Peck &New River-Gotta Be Saved

12. Taylors- For What I Don’t Know

13. Kingdom Heirs- Heroes Of Faith

14. Williamsons- Jesus, What a Wonderful Name

15. The Steeles– Psalm 113

16. Guardians- Woke Up This Morning

17. Jason Crabb– Washed By The Water

18. Ivan Parker- A Little More Like You

19. Canton Junction- When I Lift Up My Head

20. Matthew and David Browder- Man I Am Today

21. Whisnants– He’s Never Moved

22. McKameys– Living For Eternity

23. Mark Bishop- The Refrigerator Door

24. Collingsworth Family-That Day Is Coming

25. Hoppers- Song Of Moses

26. Talleys– Look Up

27. Brian Free & Assurance- He Can Take It

28. Tim Livingston- Waiting At The Top

29. Jonathan Wilburn- Calvary’s cross

30. Amber Nelon Thompson- Grateful

31. Debra Perry & Jaidyn’s Call- Rock Of Ages

32. Poet Voices- Extraordinary

33. Joseph Habedank– Jailbreak

34. Triumphant Quartet- The Cross Is All The Proof I Need

35. Wisecarvers– Somebody Here

36. High Road-Christ My Hope, My Glory

37. Georgia- I’m Getting Restless

38. Surrendered- His Tomb Is Empty Now

39.  LeFevre Quartet-Sun’s Gonna Come Up

40. Bibletones– That’s Why His Grace Is Amazing

41. The Bakers- Why Should I Worry

42.Wilbanks-You Are Good

43. Soul’d Out Quartet-Run On

44. Day Three – I’m Not A Failure

45. Jay Stone Singers- Just Receive It

46. Chronicle- I’ll See Him

47. Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver-He’s Everywhere

48. Isaacs- Yours Amen

49. Lindsey Graham- But God

50. Pruitt Family- Love At First Sight

51. Ben Mcgalliar– Clouds

52. Mercy’s Well- Who Do You Know

53. Inspirations- I Know Him

54. Tim Lovelace- Choose Happy

55. Brothers Leave Your Sorrows

56. Greesons-I’ll Put On  A Crown

57.BloodBought– Gospel Plow

58. Jeremy Cato- Things I Know For Sure

59. Billy Huddleston- Miracle

60. 3rd Row Boys- Do It All

61. Jason Davidson- It Was The Cross That Got To Me

62.Diplomats– Nothing Less Than Grace

63. Hazel Parker Stanley- I’d Do It All Again

64. Curtis Hyler & Jubilation- When God’s All You Got

65.Porter Family- When I Lay My Isaac Down

66. 11th Hour- Power In Prayer

67. Mark Dubbeld Family-This Joy Is Mine

68. Frosts- That Which Cost Me Nothing

69. Sharps- Standing In The Storm

70. Jordan’s Bridge- The Bridegroom Cometh

71. Master’s Voice- Without You, I Haven’t Got A Prayer

72. Liberty Quartet- Til Mercy Sang

73.Dunaways– Somewhere Around The Throne

74.Bates Family- Rejoice

75.Millers– Going Where He Lives

76. Michael Combs- How Do They Do It

77. Joyaires– A Touch Of His Hand

78. New Ground- There’s Nothing He Can’t Do

79. Mylon Hayes Family- What An Anchor

80. Charlie Griffin- Rise and Shine

81. Songsmiths-The Best Is Yet To Come

82. Kendricks– Old Piece Of Clay

83. Jason Cooper-When I’m On My Knees

84. Eagle’s Wings- King Jesus

85. The Freemans- God Of The Storm

86. Dallas Rogers- It Should’ve Been Me

87. Austin and Ethan Whisnant– Should Have Been Three

88. Michael English- Love Is The Golden Rule

89. Michael Wayne Smith- Lead Me Lord

90. Perrys– Find Me Faithful

91. Steve Ladd- Living Water

92. Cana’s Voice- Same Hands

93. Jeff and Sheri Easter- Wayfaring Stranger

94.Sisters– Another Day

95. Purpose- I Know Me

96. Gaither Vocal Band- Jesus Messiah

97. Exodus- Open Invitation

98.Down East Boys- Pray

99. Carolina Boys- I Didn’t See Him Rise

100. The Nelons– Daddy and Son

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Congrats to SGN SCOOPS Top 100 SG

Written by scoopsnews on October 12, 2017 – 10:04 am -

SGNScoops Top 100

2017 October SGNScoops Top 100

1. Triumphant Quartet – Chain Breaker

2. Tribute Quartet – God Of The Storms

3. Joseph Habedank – Here He Comes

4. Ernie Haase and Signature Sound – Give Me Jesus

5. Greater Vision – Still

6. 11th Hour – Ain’t No Bones

7. Freemans – It Still Takes The Blood

8. Jason Crabb – Mysterious Ways

9. Canton Junction – God’s Got A Better Plan

10. Hoppers – Life Is Good

11. McKameys – For The Record

12. Karen Peck and New River – Hope For All Nations

13. Kingsmen – Hear The Word Of The Lord

14. Amber Nelon Thompson – Give It To Jesus

15. Pine Ridge Boys – There’s A Fountain

16. Perrys – Moses And Elijah

17. Hyssongs – I Tell Them Jesus

18. Mark Trammell Quartet – My Faith Still Holds

19. Guardians – Packin’ Up

20. Lore Family – Joyous News

21. Tim Livingston – I Can’t Erase The Message

22. Michael Combs – Carry Me Jesus

23. Sunday Drive – I Thank You

24. Gold City – I Will Stand

25. Wilbanks – When I Speak Your Name

26. CT and Becky Townsend – My God Delivered Me

27. New Ground – Make It

28. Zane and Donna King – Beautiful Ever After

29. Kingdom Heirs – The Last Big Thing

30. Bowling Family – Praise God He’s Alive

31. Georgia – I’ve Been To The Bottom

32. Chronicle – Where Did The Wind Go

33. Debra Perry and Jaidyn’s Call – Somebody Pray

34. Jordan Family Band – My God Is Faithful

35. Gibsons – No Wonder

36. Mark Bishop – The Other Room

37. Inspirations – The One In The Water

38. Dean – Talk The Talk, Walk The Walk

39. HighRoad – Somewhere I’m Going

40. Soul’d Out Quartet – Holy Spirit Come

41. Villines Trio – Elijah

42. Woodsmen Quartet – The Cross Has Won Again

43. Spiritual Voices – Love That Led To Grace

44. Dunaways – Reassure Me

45. Millers – Take A Moment And Live

46. Stephens – He Said

47. Sneed Family – I’ve Never Seen A Promise

48. Susan Whisnant – I Prayed Through It

49. Children Of The Promise – Heaven Takes Care of It All

50. Down East Boys – Somebody Left The Door Wide Open

51. Barry Rowland and Deliverance – The Ark

52. Caleb’s Crossing – I Promise You

53. Exodus – God of Always And Never

54. Misty Freeman – A Day In The Life Of Jesus

55. Purpose – Trust Him

56. Bibletones – Portrait Of Love

57. Ivan Parker – Walk My Way

58. Eric and Laura Ollis – I Won’t Compromise

59. Rejeana Leeth and New Grace – Thank God For My Christian Home

60. Sharps – Endless Day

61. Jim Brady Trio – God Is With Me

62. Bates Family – Ready Or Not

63. Battle Cry – I’m Amazed

64. Bless’d Ministries- Come To The Cross

65. Journeys – I Can Smile

66. Shellem Cline – Getting In The Word Of God

67. Three Bridges – Livin’ In The Lion’s Den

68. Aaron and Amanda Crabb – Two Coats

69. Mark Lowry – What’s Not To Love

70. Lakeside – Come On Home

71. Sisters – A Day Will Come

72. Bama Blu-Grace – In My Hiding Place

73. Pathfinders – We Shall See Jesus Someday

74. Wilburn and Wilburn – Prayer Is All I Need

75. John Whisnant – Had It Not Been

76. Talleys – This Thing Called Grace

77. Blake and Jenna Bolerjack – I’ve Got My Reservation

78. Carolina Boys – Faith In A Great God

79. Matt Felts – Trust Me With The Trial

80. Southern Raised – Instead

81. Summit Trace – You Love Me Anyway

82. Anchormen – I’m Gonna Run

83. Cavaliers- Forever Redeemed

84. Steeles – Prodigals

85. Day Three – Might Go Home Today

86. Browns – Aim Higher

87. Greenes – Send A Little Rain

88. King James Boys – Somebody Prayed For Me

89. Walkers – Holy Spirit Flow Through Me

90. Bates Family – You Are

91. Steve Ladd – All Things Are Possible With God

92. Dallas Rogers – Chasin’

93. Christian Davis – He Can’t Stop Loving You

94. Mark209 – I Can Call Jesus Anytime

95. Jeff and Sheri Easter – More Than Enough

96. Lindsey Graham – A Little More Love

97. Daniel’s Purpose – Jesus Loved Us To Death

98. Tim Marshall – Against The Grain

99. Journeys – Have Faith

100. Whisnants – Joy In The House


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SGN Scoops Top 100 Gospel Songs For December 2014

Written by Staff on December 30, 2014 – 1:37 pm -





1    Kingsmen                                                          Oh Yes I Am

2    Old Paths                                                          Love Them To Jesus

3    Legacy Five                                                      Christ Is Still The King

4    Karen Peck and New River                              Everybody’s Going Through Something

5    Brian Free and Assurance                                Unashamed

6    Shellem Cline                                                   Dinner With Jesus

7    Perrys                                                               I Can Trust Him

8    Tim Livingston                                                 I Just Miss You

9    Kingdom Heirs                                                 Joys Of Heaven

10  Bowling Family                                                I Know Enough

11  Primitive Quartet                                              Empty Me Lord

12  Joseph Habedank                                              Never No Never

13  Porter Family                                                   It Won’t Be Today

14  McKameys                                                       There Is Jesus

15  Talleys                                                             Hidden Heroes

16  Terry Collins                                                    Some Things Never Change

17  Dunaways                                                         Church In The Kitchen

18  Williamsons                                                     It Was The Word

19  Zane and Donna King                                       No One Like God

20  Soul Vision                                                       When We Step Inside

21  11th Hour                                                         How Will You Plead

22  Dennis Cook                                                     Crying In The Chapel

23  Brian Free and Assurance                                Say Amen

24  Greater Vision                                                  For All He’s Done

25  Keith Barkley and Family Tradition                 It Will Pass By

26  Booth Brothers                                                 If God Didn’t Care

27  Hyssongs                                                          Still Blessed

28  Tony Burchette                                                 We’ll Soon Be Gone

29  Social Security Boys                                        I’m Not What I Was

30  Lore Family                                                      It Shall Be Well

31  Bev McCann                                                     Through The Thunder

32  Ernie Penley                                                       Jim Was Saved Tonight

33  Mylon Hayes Family                                        Prayer Meeting

34  Wilbanks                                                          Song Of Thanksgiving

35  Michael Wayne Smith                                      Changed By Your Grace

36  Hoskins Family                                                God Is Big

37  Hyssongs                                                          I Was Blind But Now I See

38  Carolina Boys                                                  Watch And Pray

39  The Gospelaires                                               Miracle

40  Master’s Voice                                                 He Saved Me Anyway

41  Ernie Haase and Signature Sound                     Water Walking God

42  Tribute Quartet                                                 Everything I Need

43  Nelons                                                              Do Unto Others

44  Wilburn and Wilburn                                        Help Me

45  Steeles                                                              Eternally

46  Poet Voices                                                      He Saw Me

47  Jim Brady                                                         He Didn’t Throw The Clay Away

48  Brothers Redeemed                                          If It Had Not Been

49  Lori Jonathan Trio                                            What A Precious Friend

50  Mark Bishop                                                     Pray On The Little Days

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SGN Scoops Top 100 for October 2014  

Written by Staff on October 21, 2014 – 1:18 pm -


1     Karen Peck and New River       Everybody’s Going Through Something

2     11th Hour       How Will You Plead

3     Whisnants       Not Afraid To Trust Him

4     Hyssongs       I Was Blind But Now I See

5     Old Paths       Love Them To Jesus

6     McKameys       There Is Jesus

7     Hoskins Family       God Is Big

8     Talleys       Hidden Heroes

9     Browders       Listening For The Shout

10    Bowling Family       I Know Enough

11    Brian Free and Assurance       Say Amen

12    Shellem Cline       Dinner With Jesus

13    Carolina Boys       Watch And Pray

14    Perrys       I Can Trust Him

15    Dunaways       Church In The Kitchen

16    Kingsmen       Oh Yes I Am

17    Gordon Mote       Ain’t It Just Like The Lord

18    Joseph Habedank       Never No Never

19    Barry Rowland and Deliverance       He’s Still God

20    Gold City       Never Too Broken To Belong

21    Dixie Melody Boys       That Story Is Mine

22    Ernie Haase and Signature Sound       Water Walking God

23    Zane and Donna King       If There Was Any Other Way

24    Mark Bishop       Love’s Gonna Get You

25    Booth Brothers       If God Didn’t Care

26    Social Security Boys       I’m Not What I Was

27    Gaither Vocal Band       God Leads Us Along

28    Soul’d Out Quartet       Hey Everybody

29    Tony Burchette       We’ll Soon Be Gone

30    Greater Vision       For All He’s Done

31    Legacy Five       Christ Is Still The King

32    Dennis Cook       Crying In The Chapel

33    East Ridge Boys       He’s Leaving His Throne

34    Pauline Patterson       I Fell Down

35    Collingsworth Family       How Great His Love/Love Found a Pardon

36    Calebs Crossing       What I’m Made To Be

37    John Lanier       Look For Me

38    Kingdom Heirs       I’ll Know I’m Home

39    Bev McCann       Thunder

40    Red Roots       Great Big Yes

41    Shellem Cline       Look Up

42    Debra Perry and Jaidyns Call       Coming After Me

43    Inspirations       God’s Word Will Stand

44    Charles Surrate       Just Stand

45    The Gospelaires       Miracle

46    Jim Sheldon       Even After

47    Jeff and Sheri Easter       I’ll Take It

48    Martins       If We Ever Needed The Lord Before

49    Mylon Hayes Family       Prayer Meeting

50    Adam Crabb       Hey Now

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