Update on Majesty III Bus Crash

Written by Staff on October 17, 2015 – 5:21 am -

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Warren Finney posted today on Facebook:

“Wow where do I begin? First let me say a huge thanks to God for keeping His hand on us today, and that everything is as well as it is with us.

This afternoon around 6pm we were involved in a very serious bus accident, on I 40 just west of Knoxville, TN.

We were eastbound and had crested a hill, only to see traffic scrambling to stop for a accident happening ahead of us. Eighteen wheelers and cars where taking the shoulder of the road, and we were trapped in the middle lane of a three lane section of I 40. With nowhere to go I locked up the brakes, even pulled the park air brake lock valve, but traffic was right there. With no time to stop from running 65 mph down the interstate. With no where to go with out harming people lanes on either side of us, if we swerved, we wound up hitting the back end of a truck pulling a equipment trailer. Believe me we were calling on the Precious Name of Jesus!!!

Majesty III

Majesty III

Before everything was over, there was several accidents all around us.

Thanks to God, absolutely no one on our bus was even scratched or injured, thankfully the people in the truck we hit was not injured at all either….”

Read the rest of Warren Finney’s post here. 



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