Wilburn And Wilburn Strike A Chord

Written by SGN Scoops Staff on March 3, 2016 – 2:32 pm -

Wilburn And Wilburn Strike A Chord

Wilburn And Wilburn Strike A Chord

Father-son duo, Wilburn and Wilburn, have hit another strong chord with “You Asked Him To Leave,” a song that has spun up the charts in Southern Gospel across the nation. Debuting on the SGN Scoops Top 100 at number six in January 2016, it was the number one top song in the February 2016 chart. In the Singing News, it debuted at number 60 and rose to number two in four months.

What is all the fuss about? “You Asked Him To Leave” urges each one of us to be salt and light in a world that has removed all worship of Jesus Christ from public places, yet expects Him to be there when tragedies happen. Like previous single, “Help Me Help Someone,” this song shines a light on the social fabric of our world and challenges us to do something for others with our faith. Can we be bold enough to answer the questions of those who ask, “Where is God now?”
Jonathan Wilburn says, “After singing most of my life and singing a great number of songs with my family The Wilburns and Gold City, this song has to be the most timely and well-written song I have had the chance to be a part of. Jordan and I are so grateful to Gerald Crabb and Dennis Morgan for allowing Wilburn and Wilburn the chance to record this song. Ben Issacs, Jordan Wilburn and myself brought a unique sound to this song that seems to be catching on across the radio market. We have an awesome record label in Daywind, plus our booking agent Beckie Simmons. We also have one of the best radio promoters in Susan Whisnant. You might say we have a Southern Gospel Dream Team! We praise God for all He is allowing us to see happen through ‘You Asked HIM to Leave.’ We pray God will revive us all and give us the courage to stand for what is right.”

Writer Gerald Crabb joins Wilburn and Wilburn in the introduction to this powerful song that is touching so many. Watch these artists perform this song live her

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