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We are excited to announce that we will be releasing the most up to date Southern Gospel Radio Chart! Our goal is to collect data from as many SG stations to get the most accurate chart possible. This chart will best represent which songs are being played that month.

· Each participating station will be given a chart to list their Top 30 songs played that month.

· All stations’ points will be counted equally. This will not be a weighted system, due to the fact that many stations do not know the exact number of listeners, unless they work with the Arbitron system.

· Songs that receive the #1 spot will get 30 points, #2 will get 29 points etc.

· Charts will be due on or before the 25th

· Promoters and record companies will receive a list of each reporting station. That list will include information about how each Program Director would like to be contacted.

· There will be a password protected page on the SGN Scoops website that will show each station’s charts.

· The chart will be posted each month in the current issue of SGNScoops Magazine.

If you are a radio station that plays Southern Gospel music and would like to be a charting station, Fill out the fields above and press submit.