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Keep Praying for Aaron Wilburn…

Written by scoopsnews on November 22, 2020 – 1:51 pm -

Please keep praying for our friend Aaron Wilburn. According to Son, Jim , no new update today. The ventilator is letting Aaron rest.

Here is yesterday’s update.

Aaron Wilburn update 11/21/2020.

So this morning Dad started struggling to be able to get a breath and with no other options available, he had to be put on the ventilator. At this point, it will be a day by day process to see if his body will start to get stronger which we are praying is the case.

We were able to FaceTime with him yesterday and although he couldn’t talk, he was able to wave and smile and gave a big thumbs up when we told him about all the people that are praying for him. Thank you again to everyone and please continue to pray because not only is he my best friend, but the one who keeps us all smiling and laughing.


Keep praying!

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Beyond the Song: Joseph Habedank sings “Goliath”

Written by Staff on November 20, 2020 – 1:04 pm -

Joseph Habedank

Joseph Habedank

Beyond the Song by Jantina Baksteen

For today’s Beyond the Song, I got in touch with Joseph Habedank. I talked with him about his new song out to radio, “Goliath,” from his latest album, “Deeper Ocean.” This is a powerful song that will speak to the hearts of many.

Jantina Baksteen: Joseph, you have been in gospel music all of your life. At what age was your stage debut to sing to a crowd?

Joseph Habedank: I started singing with my brothers when I was five years old. My middle brother, Nathan, was four and my baby brother, Tim, was three. We sang “He’s Still Working on Me,” at the First Baptist Church in Forest, Ohio.

JB: At the age of 17, you joined the Perrys. How did that get started? 

JH: Kirk Talley actually heard me sing at my home church in Dayton, Ohio, and he gave the Perrys a CD of me at the Gatlinburg Gathering in 2003. They hired me one month later at the National Quartet Convention. 

JB: Who approached you to join that popular family group?

JH: Daywind Records actually approached me first to see if I would be interested, and then Kirk reached out to me as well, but ultimately Tracy was the one who called me to see if I would want to try out with them. 

JB: What wise lessons did you learn from your time with the Perrys?

JH: I think the biggest lesson I learned was to respect the people who come to see you. Tracy always told me that careers weren’t made on stage, but at the product table talking with the people. He would always say, “If you’ll be good them, they’ll be good to you.”

Joseph Habedank lives in The Beauty of the BloodJB: You have an impressive testimony. I know for sure not all readers of SGNScoops are aware of that. Would you share with us your story again?

JH: After a few years with the Perrys, I developed an ulcer on the back of my throat that was so painful that I had to be given pain medication. In a few months time, I was addicted to prescription drugs and ultimately had to step down to get help in 2013. I went to a wonderful place called Cumberland Heights here in Nashville, Tennessee, and the Lord began to do a miracle in my life. Now I travel all over the country sharing my story and I will celebrate eight years of sobriety in May of 2021. 


JB: After all you went through, God is blessing you in numerous ways. Could you share some of this?

JH: Yes, the Lord has truly been good to me. I never really expected my solo ministry to take off like it has, but I am so grateful for the grace and mercy of Jesus. I’m amazed that he took my mess and made it into something beautiful. 

Joseph HabedankJB: What is it like to travel with your wife on your side?

JH: It has truly been one of the greatest joys of my life. Don’t get me wrong, it isn’t always easy, but we have a blast out on the road together. She actually grew up traveling and singing with her family, the Bentons, so this is not something new to her. I truly could not do what I do without her. 

JB: How do you receive the words from God to to write such powerful lyrics?

JH: Well, I have a lot of help. Obviously, the Lord is paramount to my inspiration, but a lot of people don’t realize that I actually co-write all of my songs with other songwriters here in Nashville. They are the true craftsman and women. I am so grateful for the community of Christian songwriters. 

JB: Is there a song out there you wish you had written?

JH: The first one that comes to my mind is a song called, “That’s What the Blood is For,” by Jason Crabb. It was written by Ronnie Freeman and Tony Wood, who ironically writes a lot of my songs with me now. 

Joseph Habedank lives in The Beauty of the Blood

Joseph Habedank

JB: Please tell us how your current song came to you, and how is the audience response?

JH: I had actually seen a preview for a television show called, “Goliath,” and although I had never seen it, I thought it would make a great title to a song. So, I took it to Sue Smith and Daniel Doss, and the song was born. I love watching the crowd when I get to the last line of the chorus that says, “I know my Goliath is coming down!”

JB: What is it like to write with names like Lee Black, Tony Wood, Jason Cox and so many more?

JH: It’s a great honor for me, but what’s even greater is that I get to call these songwriters my friends. They are not only some of the most talented people you will ever meet, but they are just great all-around people. As I said earlier, I am so grateful for my songwriter friends.

JB: What is ahead for you in 2021?

JH: Well, I’m getting ready to go into the studio to record my fourth mainline album with Daywind Records, and I truly believe this is the greatest batch of 10 songs that I have ever recorded. I feel like the messages in these songs is so important for the church and the world today. There are definitely some topics we tackled that haven’t been talked about much in music before. It should be out in the spring of 2021. 

JB: What advice do you have for young singers/songwriters who want to follow their calling to be used in the gospel music industry?

JH: Make great relationships and never turn down an opportunity to serve the church with your talent. I feel these two things are the most vital. Also, be sure to attend workshops like Write About Jesus for songwriting. If you want to be a Southern gospel artist, check out the Steve Hurst School of Music or Stamps Baxter School of Music. IMMERSE is also a great resource for people interested in becoming a worship leader or a Christian artist in general. 

JB: Is there an artist from the past you wished you had the chance to sit around the table with, and what would be the discussion?

JH: When it comes to gospel music, I think Kenny Hinson would be the one I’d most like to talk to about music and singing, but when it comes to songwriting, probably Rusty Goodman. As far as secular music is concerned, I’ve always been a bit enamored with the voice and career of Frank Sinatra. He was the greatest of all time, in my opinion. 

JB: Have you ever made a trip to Europe? What country in Europe would you like to visit and why?

JH: I went to Ireland when I was a baby while my grandparents were missionaries there, but I obviously don’t remember it. I have always wanted to go to Italy for two simple reasons: 1. The suits/ties and 2. The food!

We hope you enjoy Joseph Habedank singing, “Goliath:”



Thank you, Joseph, for sharing your story and ministry with SGNScoops. May you be blessed through sharing your new recording in 2021 and through the mission of sharing the Gospel through song.

You can find Joseph Habedank on  the web 

Or on Facebook at Joseph Habedank Music.

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StowTown Records Releases Highly-anticipated Brotherhood Project

Written by SGN Scoops Staff on November 20, 2020 – 12:58 pm -

StowTown Records Releases Highly-anticipated Brotherhood Project

StowTown Records Releases Highly-anticipated Brotherhood Project

Nashville, TN  – Collectively, they have enjoyed more than 100 accolades, industry honors and fan awards. Over the past two decades they have received multiple Grammy® nominations and GMA Dove Awards, as well as countless Fan Awards from The Singing News Magazine. Since bursting onto the Gospel Music scene, Ernie Haase & Signature Sound and The Booth Brothers have each established their place firmly atop the genre’s ladder of success. Thus, in 2015 when the announcement was made by IMC Concerts that these two groups would be uniting for multiple concert events, excitement abounded from fans nationwide.

Obviously, the live concert events proved to be a tremendous success with sold-out crowds each night. From those live events comes a brand new release from StowTown RecordsBrotherhood, by Ernie Haase & Signature Sound & The Booth Brothers, features two of the most acclaimed artists at their very best. This collection of camaraderie, laughter and timeless music allows fans the opportunity to own a collective piece of history that can be enjoyed day after day.

IMC Concerts & StowTown Records President Landon Beene shares, “When the idea of bringing these two artists together was first presented to us, we knew it would be something special. Their talents flowed together extremely well on stage and it was an electrifying event. We are thrilled to make it available as a live recording.”

The recording features timeless classics, delivered with the same infectious energy that has attributed to the overwhelming success these two groups have enjoyed over the years. From start to finish, this recording truly captures the bonds of brotherhood these talented individuals share.

Brotherhood is distributed by Provident/Sony and is available on all digital platforms worldwide and wherever fine Christian music is sold, including, and

Brotherhood Track Listing:
Life’s Railway to Heaven
All the Gold in California
Jesus Is Coming Soon
I’ll Fly Away
Sweet Beulah Land
Going Home
In the Garden
Look for me at Jesus’ Feet

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Karen Peck and New River At People’s Tabernacle Church

Written by SGN Scoops Staff on November 19, 2020 – 3:13 pm -

People's Tabernacle Church

People’s Tabernacle Church

People’s Tabernacle Church, 64 Airways Blvd, Savannah, TN will welcome Dove and Grammy Award winners, “KAREN PECK & NEW RIVER”, on Sunday, November 29, 2020 at 6:00PM. Karen Peck and New River are known for hit songs such as ‘Four Days Late’ and many more! Admission is free, a generous love offering will be received. For more information, go to or 731-727-8242

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Congratulations to Tim Menzies and The SGN SCOOPS Top 40 Christian Country (December 2020)

Written by scoopsnews on November 17, 2020 – 10:33 am -


Congratulations Tim Menzies and The Top 40 Christian Country (December 2020)

1 His Name Is Jesus Tim Menzies/New Day Records
2 Come To Jesus Meetin’ Gerald Crabb/Independent
3 American Heroes Hunter May/Independent
4 Mercy Came Running Chosen Road/Song Garden
5 Jailbreak MARK209/Independent
6 You’re Everywhere Shellem Cline/Tire Swing Records
7 Patiently Waiting Steve Bridgmon/Independent
8 The Rest Of The Story Ray Wolford/HMG
9 They Tried Doug Corum/Independent
10 Hallelujah Homecoming Wilburn & Wilburn/Daywind
11 Joy Branded/Independent
12 Your Son Chris Golden/24K Records
13 Capable Hands Michael Roberts/Independent
14 Jonah, Job & Moses Carolina/Independent
15 A Day Carol Barham/M.A.C.Records
16 God Doesn’t Care Jackson Heights/Center Stage Music
17 Always Angels David Timms/Independent
18 Come On Back PARDONED/Mansion
19 Little Things Melissa Evans/Chapel Valley
20 He Will See Me Through Don Stiles/Independent
21 Rock Bottom Kevin and Kim Abney/Indepenedent
22 Come To Jesus Moment Donna Ulisse/Billy Blue Records
23 Little Talk With Jesus Tonja Rose/Mansion
24 Oh The Lord Has Been So Good To Me Dennis Jolly/Chapel Valley
25 Tougher Than Nails Bev McCann/Independent
26 God In The Guitar Strings Mitchell Whisnant/Independent
27 Here I Go Again Journeys/Chapel Valley
28 Promise Land Sam L. Smith/Independent
29 Laugh Often Kali Rose/Independent
30 Still A Special Place Tony Alan Bates/Independent
31 Till I have No Strength To Give Appointed2/Independent
32 Come On Home Tim Davis/Independent
33 Garden Of My Heart Barber Family/Independent
34 He Hears My Every Prayer Jessica Horton/M.A.C. Records
35 Mountain Movin God Purpose/Chapel Valley
36 Earth To God John Rich/Independent
37 Starboard Side Judith Montgomery &Family/Chapel Valley
38 He Didn’t Throw the Clay Away Gene Reasoner/Independent
39 We Know Jimmy R. Price/Independent
40 I’ve Seen Enough Nathan Areno/Independent

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Congratulations to The Rochesters and The Bluegrass Top 20 SGN SCOOPS-December

Written by scoopsnews on November 17, 2020 – 10:08 am -

Congratulations to The Rochesters for The Number 1 song in Bluegrass (December 2020 SGN SCOOPS)

Position Song Title Artist/Label
1 Ready To Serve Rochesters/Independent
2 Don’t Tune Him Out Whites/Independent
3 I Know The Tomb Is Empty Heaven’s Mountain Band/Family Music Group
4 It’s Autumn Tim Davis/Independent
5 There’s No Depression In Heaven Chuck Wagon Gang/Mountain Home Records
6 The Lost Sheep Eagle’s Wings/Independent
7 Worry Never Done Nothing East Ridge Boys/Mansion
8 I’m Gonna Wait On Jesus Carolina Blue/Billy Blue Records
9 God Of Second Chances High Road/New Day Records
10 God’s Still In Control Merle Monroe/Pinecastle Records
11 The Old Red Back Strings Of Victory/Independent
12 Thank God I’m Free Detty Sisters/Independent
13 Come To Jesus Moment Donna Ulisse/Billy Blue Records
14 He Hears My Every Prayer Jessica Horton/M.A.C. Records
15 The Home Far Away Zoe & Cloyd/Independent
16 One Word Away The Patricks/Independent
17 Much More Than I Asked For King James Boys/Independent
18 Tell the World That Jesus Saves Chigger Hill Boys & Terri/Great Escape Records
19 One Day I Will Gospel Plow Boys/Independent
20 Lord, We Need You Primitive Qt/Independent

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Congratulations to Karen Peck & New River and The SGN SCOOPS TOP 100

Written by scoopsnews on November 16, 2020 – 2:46 pm -


Karen Peck and New River

Karen Peck and New River #1 “MADE RIGHT”


Song Title Artist/Label
1. Made Right Karen Peck & New River/Daywind
2. Great God Almighty The Sound/New Day Records
3. Three Men On A Mountain Ernie Haase & Signature Sound/StowTown
4. My Home Browders/Dream Big
5. Make The Last Days Count Tim Livingston/Diamond Mill Music
6. Dear John Kingsmen/Crossroads
7. Eye Of The Storm Triumphant/StowTown
8. Healer In The Grave Talleys/Crossroads
9. I’ve Been Washed Clean Greater Vision/Daywind
10.Just Drink The Water Kingdom Heirs/Crossroads
11. Turn To The Cross Hyssongs/Chapel Valley
12. I Know Him Better Now Jim & Melissa Brady/Daywind
13. What We Need Old Time Preacher’s Quartet/Family Music Group
14. Never A Time Perrys/StowTown
15. Come To Jesus Meetin’ Gerald Crabb/Independent
16. I Wish I Could Tell You Guardians/StowTown
17. I’m Travelin On Carolina Boys Qt/Crossroads
18. Hallelujah Homecoming Wilburn & Wilburn/Daywind
19. Look At All I Lost The Old Paths/Crossroads
20. The Hem Of His Garment Mark Trammell Quartet/Crimson Road
21. Fear Not Tribute Qt/Daywind
22. What If Jesus Steeles/StowTown
23. Send It On Down The Nile Jeff & Sheri Easter/Gaither Music
24. Jordan Nelons/Daywind
25. Heavenly Music Mark Dubbeld Family/Song Garden
26. Your Help Is On The Way Jason Crabb/Daywind
27. A Wretch Like Me Lauren Talley/Crossroads
28. What Love Down East Boys/Crossroads
29. Send Revival Josh and Ashley Franks/Independent
30. All The Way To The Gates Kramers/StowTown
31. He Will Be God Whisnants/UIA
32. 1945 Inspirations/Crossroads
33. Into The Fold Hope’s Journey/Independent
34. We Come In Jesus Name Mylon Hayes Family/Independent
35. I’m Changing Mountains Mark Bishop
36. That’s My Preacher Les Butler/Family Music Group
37. I’ll Have To Run River’s Edge/Independent
38. Child Of The King Gaither Vocal Band/Gaither Music
39. Begin With You Wisecarvers/Crossroads
40. Hand On The Plow Troy Burns Family/Chapel Valley
41. Give It To Jesus 3 Heath Brothers/Crossroads
42. Don’t Be Caught Dead Without Jesus Justified Quartet/Independent
43. Between The Prayer And The Answer LeFevre Quartet/Daywind
44. Better Off There Browns/StowTown
45. Faithful In These Times Wilbanks/Chapel Valley
46. God Is Good McKameys/Crossroads
47. Goliath Joseph Habendank/Daywind
48. They’ll Never Take Jesus Out Of My Heart Michael Combs/Independent
49. Keep Praying Lore Family/Crossroads
50. Give Them Jesus Williamsons/Family Music Group
51. Born Sunday Drive/Crossroads
52. Gonna Keep Livin Three Bridges/Crossroads
53. Keep Looking Up Endless Highway/Crossroads
54. Land Of Forever Dysart Family/Independent
55. Hope For The World Jordan Family Band/Crossroads
56. Little Things Melissa Evans/Chapel Valley
57. The Lamb Collingsworth Family/StowTown
58. Salvation Song Taylors/StowTown
59. God Of Second Chances High Road/New Day
60. Like He’s Already Done
Barry Rowland & Deliverance/Family MusicGrp
61. I’ll Praise You Austin & Etan Whisnant/UIA
62. Beginning Again Greg Sullivan/Resting Place Music
63. He’s Still There Lance Driskell/Independent
64. Mountaintop For Me Crabb Family/Daywind
65. Headed Home/Almost There Hazel Parker Stanley/Patterson Music Group
66. Behold the Lamb Bowling Family/Daywind
67. I Know It’s Mine 11th Hour/Crossroads
68. You Are Still Father Walkers/Mansion
69. Rescue Story Fields of Grace/Family Music Group
70. Here I Am Lord 4 Calvary Qt/Independent
71.This Same Jesus Master’s Voice/Crossroads
72. Come On Back Pardoned/Mansion
73. City Of Gold Chronicle/Independent
74. Til the End Freemans/Independent
75. When Your Back Is To The Wall Big Mo/Independent
76. I’m So Saved Butler Brothers Qt/Independent
77. Merciful To Me Souls Harbor/Independent
78. Outta The Tree Amen Quartet/Independent
79. Hallelujah What A Savior Soul’d Out Qt/Crossroads
80. What Grace Can Do Phillips Family/Independent
81. Your Son Chris Golden/Independent
82. God Will Be Faithful Again Phillips & Banks/Independent
83. He Prayed Her Home Southern Plainsmen/Independent
84. Starboard Side Judith Montgomery Family/Chapel Valley
85. No Longer Slaves BattleCry/Chapel Valley
86. Storm Before The Calm Heart2Heart/Independent
87. The Wilderness Isaacs/Gaither Music
88. Time To Pray Gordon Mote/Gaither Music
89. When I Leave It in Your Hands Billy Huddleston/Independent
90. All That I Need Paul James Sound/Independent
91. Praying While I’m Waiting Real Truth Revival/Independent
92. Nobody GloryWay Quartet/Independent
93. You Can Live Again Susan Whisnant/UIA
94. How Good Does Grace Feel Brian Free & Assurance/Daywind
95. Still I Will Praise You Sisters/Independent
96. Here I Go Again Journeys/Chapel Valley
97. The Lost Sheep Eagle’s Wings/Independent
98.Proof is in the Scars Vernon Greeson/Independent
99. 9 Makes Us 1 Legacy 5 & Wardlow Brothers
100. News I Didn’t Get Lindsay Huggins/Independent

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Where’s My Magazine?

Written by scoopsnews on November 16, 2020 – 1:08 pm -

Where’s My Magazine?

Because of Covid 19, our printing company is not running at full capacity.  We have recently changed print companies in hopes of improvement in the near future.

But, Praise God we are still printing the magazine each month!

Thank you for your patience.

Come on 2021!

The November issue featuring cover story on Don Reid, (Statler Brothers) will mail out this week.

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Congratulations to Karen Peck & New River

Written by scoopsnews on November 16, 2020 – 6:33 am -


Congratulations to Karen Peck & New River for the # 1 song for December 2020 in SGN  Scoops magazine.

The Top 100 list will be posted later today.




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Beyond the Song: Avenue Trio sings “They Could Not”

Written by Staff on November 15, 2020 – 1:12 pm -

Avenue Trio

Avenue Trio

Beyond the Song by Jantina Baksteen

For this edition of Beyond the Song, I reached out to Avenue Trio who have had some member changes. The Trio have sent an amazing new song to gospel music  radio.

I talked to Kasey Kemp about the changes with Avenue Trio.

Avenue Trio: Kasey Kemp

Kasey Kemp and family

Jantina Baksteen: Avenue Trio is a sparkling group! Where did you find Daniel Rivera and Kyle Smith?

Kasey Kemp: I have known Daniel since he was in Bible college. We have been friends many years and when I knew he was available, we talked about the ministry of Avenue, and both felt God opening this door. 

Kyle is new to gospel music and I met him at the Steve Hurst School of Music. He is from Mississippi and a great young man. 


Avenue Trio

Daniel Rivera


JB: Kasey, how do you enjoy standing alongside those two young men on stage?

KK: It’s awesome! They are both good Christian boys and I have a blast with them. 


Avenue Trio

Kyle Smith

JB: You have an awesome single out called, “They Could Not,” that features Kyle. Please share how this song came to you, its message, and what it means to you personally? 

KK: It’s an old Sandi Patty song that I had not heard in years. I actually had forgotten about it. Our record company mentioned this song and said they felt it should be redone, trio style. Josh Townsend of Legacy Five arranged and produced it. It’s an amazing arrangement and very vividly tells the story of Christ’s earthly journey up to the cross and his resurrection. I can’t help but tear up every time we sing it. 



Avenue Trio

Avenue Trio

JB: Now you have these two young men on board, do they do all the hard work setting up stuff before the event starts?

KK: Are you kidding!? All joking aside, everyone has their jobs, and then helps the others after getting their part done. It’s a great team effort.


JB: Who is the joker on the Avenue team?

KK: Uhm…everyone! Hah!


JB: Do you have a fun road story to share?

KK: Oh, wow, there are so many. I’ll pick one. Lots of restaurants have special birthday songs if it’s your birthday. Sometimes even desserts. We enjoy playing jokes on each other and telling the waitress it’s one of our birthdays. Of course, we always tell them it’s a joke, but they go through with it anyway. The best part is when we go to a Mexican restaurant and they smash whipped cream in your face. It’s always fun to see which one will have a birthday that day!


JB: Has Kyle, Daniel or you have a testimony to share?

KK: We would all be quick to say that we are blood bought, born again children of God. God has saved us, blessed us with a measure of talent to service Him. 


JB: As well as Avenue, Kasey and Haley have another ministry. Could you share some about that?

KK: My wife, Haley, and I, have a church service and revival ministry. We have recorded our first cd called, “Living In Love,” with songs she has written and a few other great songs. We enjoy going into a church to sing, play my trumpet and preaching the word. God is allowing us to see people saved and revived through this ministry. We are so blessed to do this together as a married couple. 


JB: Are Avi and Autry joining you every family date? Is Avi interested in stepping up and singing a song?

KK: They both love to sing and can match pitch. We are really excited about that. When they hear our songs come on the radio, they start bouncing around and moving their heads back and forth. Autry can sing a few words but Avi can sing them all! She even recorded a chorus of “King Of The World,” on our recording. We are so proud of both of them. 

Kasey and Haley Kemp

JB: Do you have any stories about being on stage with Haley? 

KK: Long story short, she got shocked by some grounding issues at a church through the sound system. God blessed by Haley not being harmed even though it was severe, and a young lady that was a Buddhist came to Christ through the experience. It was an amazing few days.

JB: You and Haley have also got a great song out, called “Blood Bought.” Please  share some about that.

KK: “Blood Bought,” is an old McGruders’ song. I had been watching some of their stuff on YouTube and Haley heard “Blood Bought.” She had been wanting to do a song about the blood of Jesus, and when she heard it, she said, “That’s it!” We love singing it and people really seem to enjoy it. 


Daniel Rivera and Family

JB: What do Avenue Trio members do when you have time off? 

KK: Lots of things.I work on mine and Haley’s schedule, the group schedule, and spend as much time with my family as possible. Daniel has an internet gospel music radio station called, Good News Southern Gospel. Aside from that, he enjoys time with his wife and children.

JB: Where and how can we contact Avenue Trio and your family ministry?

KK: Our website is the best place:  Haley and I can be reached at


We hope you enjoy Avenue Trio singing, “They Could Not:”



Thanks to Avenue Trio for sharing your ministries with SGNScoops. Many blessings and safety on ministry roads. We pray that the message in the songs and words you share on stage change the lives of your listeners across the world.

Avenue Trio

Autry Kemp and Danny Funderburk

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