Louisville, KY – The 2010 National Quartet Convention will conclude on Saturday in Louisville, completing one of the most thrilling and exciting weeks in Convention history. Over 40,000 Southern Gospel Music fans, representing at least 40 states and more than a half dozen foreign countries converged upon the city of Louisville, KY, celebrating the 53nd Annual National Quartet Convention and the 100th Anniversary of Southern Gospel Music. This year’s event has featured nearly 50 of the most popular names in Southern Gospel Music, as well as some of the most prominent keynote speakers in the country, including Dr David Jeremiah, Governor Sarah Palin and Dr Charles Stanley, who will be featured on Saturday.

The final day of NQC 2010 kicked off at 8:00am with the 2nd Annual Cancer Walk, hosted by popular singer, songwriter, talk show host and cancer survivor, Janet Paschal. Proceeds from the event will benefit the American Cancer Society. The event is open to all NQC attendees, as well as Louisville residents who would like to participate in the event.

Another exciting highlight of the final day’s festivities is the afternoon showcase commemorating the celebration of the 100th Anniversary of Southern Gospel Music. The event pays tribute to many of the artists that shaped the genre of Southern Gospel Music throughout the past 10 decades.

The final night of music begins at 6pm in Freedom Hall. Seats are still available for Saturday’s showcases, as well as the evening concert, and may be purchased at the Expo Center.

The 2011 National Quartet Convention is set to be held September 11 – 17. Seats are already on sale for all events and may be obtained by calling 1-800-846-8499 or visiting to