Introducing Clothes4Souls!

With your help, Soles4Souls has given away more than 7 million pairs of shoes to people in 125 countries.  We could never have done this without your direct involvement.

For years, we have been asked if we would also help donate clothing to people in need, and today, we are proud to announce a new division of our charity: Clothes4Souls.

This new charity channel will help us increase dignity and hope for hurting people through the gift of new clothing.  The clothing will come from manufacturers, designers and retailers who would rather make a secured donation than destroy perfectly good merchandise. We can guarantee the clothing will be given away to people in desperate need around the world.

Clothing manufacturers, designers and retailers – it’s your chance to change a life!
We will accept any new items that you want to donate… we are a perfect solution to excessive inventory or other problems stock unique to your business.  Whether it is new socks or new shirts, we can take your extra inventory and use it to make a real difference in the world.

We will also accept gently worn jeans or coats. Retailers, this is a great opportunity for you to establish a long-lasting connection with current customers, your community at large and the media. Hosting a “Jeans or Coat Trade-in Event” is a great way to draw new customers by offering an incentive for donating jeans or coats.

Yet it’s much more than good business — it’s a great way to connect with your own community while making a tangible difference in lives around the around the world.

Learn more about Clothes4Souls by visiting us at