September, Childhood Cancer Awareness Month “Friends Like Us” Raising Awareness

The month of September is officially “Childhood Cancer Awareness Month.”  Sadly, childhood cancer affects families all over the globe- more than 160,000 children are diagnosed each year world-wide!  Cancer crosses every border affecting children of every race, age, socio-economic level and religion.  The causes of most childhood cancers are not known and presently can not be prevented. Shocking statistics indicate in the US alone- approximately over 12,600 children are newly diagnosed every year.  Studies show 1 in every 330 children develop cancer before age 20 and on average- 36 children and teens are diagnosed every single day.  The treatments vary but may include medications, surgeries, chemotherapy and more.  According to the child’s age, gender and type of cancer, on average- treatments last 2 years.  With every diagnosis, pain, worry and fear is sure to accompany the news.  SGNScoops applauds the efforts of non-profit organization “Friends Like Us” for actively raising awareness of the disease but also for ministering to hurting families who have been devastated by childhood cancer.
 “Friends Like Us” was founded by Mark and Deloris Bailey as they went through their own battle against leukemia with their son.  “Friends Like Us” began a program called “Getting Better Together” providing children, diagnosed with cancer,a teddy bear that is customized with interactable accessories.  This teddy bear is called a “Chemo Bear and serves as a teaching tool, source of comfort and a way to allow children to role play thus giving the child a chance to be the “doctor.” Along with Chemo Bear comes a stethoscope, medical bag, children’s book about cancer, bandanna/chemo for the bear, an implantto fix/port with tubing in Chemo Bears Chest and more!  The Chemo Bear and accessories are at no charge to the families who are going through chemotherapy. 
“Friends Like Us” is solely dependent upon donations from caring and generous people in order to put Chemo Bear into the hands of these children.  The cost to adopt a Chemo Bear is only $25.00. (  In addition to Chemo Bear and the “Getting Better Together” program, “Friends Like Us” is actively raising awareness and support by participating in local parades, festivals, bake- sale fundraisers and have also launched a new gift shop on their website.  Necklaces and other gifts may be purchased from the site with 100% of the profits returned to the cause. 
The Baileys are passionate about ministering to families devestated by childhood cancer  and are on a mission to help find a cure.  In an interview with SGNScoops, Mr Bailey had this to say as to the reason why he is passionate about children with cancer:  “There is purpose beyond pain! God took us through our storm of our son having cancer and almost dying to where he is in remission today, completely healed and now we are in return ministering healing to other families and children devastated by childhood cancer. It’s our heart, our purpose and our calling!”   The Baileys are called to encourage and love these families and it’s their goal to have their Chemo Bear program available in all Children’s Hospitals across the USA.  
  The “Friends Like Us” website includes a world of helpful information for both families needing help and for those desiring to help!  For more information and specific Chemo Bear Adoption instructions, visit or contact “Friends Like Us” at 1421 Lexington Ave #145 Mansfield, Ohio 44907.  “Friends Like Us” has a facebook page and can be followed on twitter as well. 
At, our thoughts, well wishes and prayers are extended to these children and their families as they battle cancer.  With much respect and admiration, we express our appreciation to Mark and Deloris Bailey for their service to these families and to the Lord Jesus Christ.  Our prayers are with the Baileys as they continue to minister through “Friends Like Us.”