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Please Pray For The Perrys

Written by scoopsnews on March 29, 2019 – 10:09 am -

Andrew Goldman

From Libbi

The Perrys concert for tonight in Richmond, IN has been canceled due to an accident this morning about 6:30AM in Indianapolis. A tire came off of a Jeep going in opposite direction as our bus, the tire came across the concrete barrier on the interstate and hit our bus on the drivers side window shield. Andrew was driving and it’s a miracle that he kept the bus under control enough to get it off the interstate. Had the tire came in 6 inches higher, our story this morning would be one of disaster. But, GOD!!! Andrew will be going to the hospital when he gets home to be checked out in his lungs as he has been coughing up shards of glass. Please pray for us as we are trying to get back home to NASHVILLE so we can finish out the remaining dates for the weekend.

Please pray!

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Candi’s Catch-ups: The Perrys

Written by Staff on February 5, 2015 – 8:00 am -



New Faces in Some Old Familiar Places

By Candi Combs 

It is not uncommon for the Perrys to open their concerts with the title track from Blue Sky’s Coming. What is unusual is to see a new guy and an old guy. To hear Libbi Perry Stuffle describe it, The Perrys now have, “A Yankee and a prodigal.” Former Perry, Troy Peach is now in the lead vocal position with the Perrys.



Standing on either side of Libbi Perry Stuffle and Troy Peach is Libbi and Tracy Stuffle’s 22-year-old son Jared, bringing the bass part for his dad, and Andrew Goldman of Evansville, IN, who joined the Perrys several months ago. Goldman is a familiar face to most fans as he was a part of the all-male quartet, Union Street. This was the line-up as we sat back to enjoy a great concert by The Perrys.

Libbi and Tracy Stuffle

Libbi and Tracy Stuffle

As the group settled in, Libbi took the lead with “Still Blessed.” Indeed, Libbi can say that she is still blessed after the two-year adjustment to the family following Tracy’s stroke in January 2013.   Tracy was at the front of the church watching the group, which was inspiring to everyone.

Troy Peach was completely comfortable in his new role as lead singer and emcee

Troy Peach

Troy Peach

for the Perrys’ stage ministry. The new faces took time to demonstrate what they could do together. This pair worked in great harmony in a duet of “Cleft of the Rock.” When Libbi and Jared joined in, the new blend was something to get excited about! Seamlessly, and as if they have always been together, they performed the radio hit single, “I Talked to God This Morning.”

Andrew Goldman

Andrew Goldman

Libbi then shared the story of how Troy came to return to the Perrys. She shared that in a conversation, which Troy initiated, he told her, “I just feel this is where God wants me to be.” Gospel music is full of personnel changes, but no one can argue with reasoning under God’s direction. While discussing the departure of Bryan Walker into a full time pulpit ministry, Libbi quipped, “I feel like I sent one son to college while the prodigal came home.”

Libby and Jared Stuffle

Libby and Jared Stuffle

Following these introductions, the group sang the Perrys’ classic, “He is Mine.” In a perfect segue, “I Can Trust Him” was sung with great conviction by Libbi. At this point, the group came off the platform and joined Tracy at the front. With a great big smile, Libbi stepped back while all four men sang “Three Crosses.” Just a few short weeks ago, Tracy was able to sing although somewhat with weakness on stage at NQC 2014. But this day, Tracy was very much holding his own vocally. This remarkable performance was nothing short of a demonstration of God’s power, touching every spirit in the room with Tracy’s great courage.

Libbi, Jared, Troy and Andrew returned to the platform to sing “I Rest My Case at the Cross.” This anthem was always a song of testimony for Tracy but this day, it served to speak volumes more than just what the lyrics could say. This song is now a testimony of complete surrender and dependence on God and what He did on that Cross. The message of the Gospel along with the emotion of the voices of the Perrys came through with complete clarity.

Libbi came forward with “Celebrate Me Home” which is just a natural way to communicate the need for salvation to everyone listening. Troy followed with sharing his salvation story by announcing, “I have made my reservation for that celebration! Satan will always bring things up that I regret but Calvary has a response.”

The Perrys

The Perrys

New faces with the same message of Jesus! The Perrys are a living testimony of what they sing. With a shining spirit of what God can bring one family through, the Perrys are relentless in their desire to share. Libbi wants everyone to know that, “This new season brings heavy responsibility. The days are long and hard, it is easy to become discouraged. And then I look at how faithful He is; the only thing I can say is, go God go!”

Troy Peach brings just the talent and leadership that the Perrys need at this time. Andrew Goldman is a rising star who matures with every performance. Jared looks strong and tall beside his mother. As for Libbi, this tiny woman is respected more than she can imagine. Her faithfulness to the ministry amidst so many barriers makes her a pillar of which any age, any gender can be in awe of. She stands with her family and with her God, making the Perrys an example of what being a Christian should look like.

See the Perrys in person to hear the new talent at .

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Andrew Goldman Joins The Perrys

Written by SGN Scoops on May 6, 2014 – 8:29 am -

imageNASHVILLE, TN (May 6, 2014) – Southern Gospel artists The Perrys are pleased to announce the addition of Andrew Goldman as a new member of the legendary group.

Libbi Perry Stuffle considers it a blessing that God sent Goldman their way. “The Perrys are very excited about Andrew coming on board as a part of our team and family. He’s such an incredible singer!”

Known for his smooth style and notable range, the powerhouse lead singer is thankful to be joining The Perrys and the StowTown Records roster. “It’s such an honor to be a part of the great ministry The Perrys have. I have always been a fan, and I love their passion to see people’s lives changed.”

With their new CD release, “Into His Presence,“ making itself known at retail, and their first radio single, “I Can Trust Him,” gaining momentum on the airwaves, The Perrys are counting their blessings. Of course, the fans are both delighted and grateful to see Tracy Stuffle singing at every concert in direct answer to their prayers. The beloved bass singer is enjoying The Perrys’ busy tour schedule, and is continuing his miraculous recovery from an initial stroke in January, 2013. New and long-time fans are invited to follow The Perrys on social media for exciting updates, concerts, events, and specific prayer requests as Tracy’s healing progresses.

About StowTown Records

Founded in 2011, StowTown Records reflects the musical vision of Ernie Haase and Wayne Haun, and is the creative home for Ernie Haase & Signature Sound, The Perrys, The Collingsworth Family, Beyond the Ashes, Doug Anderson, Devin McGlamery, The Browns, The Taylors, and selected classic music from The Cathedrals, their legendary bass singer, George Younce, and The Cathedral Family Reunion. Distributed worldwide through Provident/Sony Distribution, this independent label has quickly garnered industry attention with multiple GMA/Dove Awards and chart-topping releases from their highly respected artist roster. For more information on StowTown Records, visit

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