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Hey Pastor Brian Monehan, What is The Message?

Written by scoopsnews on December 28, 2018 – 4:23 am -


We are all about to be handed something very special , a “brand, spanking-new” New Year. What we do with it is really up to us.

Many churches are preparing for their New Years services. We asked a few pastors what they believe the message for 2019 is. 

Here is what Brian Monehan, Pastor at Natchez Church of God in Natchez, Mississippi had to say:

The message that people need to hear is that there is hope. Hope is not merely wishful thinking. In biblical terms hope is defined as assurance, meaning a positive declaration that gives confidence, a guarantee. There is hope in a chaotic world, even when hope doesn’t look like hope. Jeremiah 29:11 exemplifies this. Often the context of this passage is neglected. The good thoughts that the Lord thinks toward that original audience which brings hope and a future, comes to fruition after 70 years of Babylonian captivity (verse 10). There is hope even during the time of Babylonian captivity, a guarantee. The message here is that during the trying times of life, keep planting, building, and serving because in the end, hope, the guarantee, becomes reality for those that trust God. Thus, at the end of this year there is hope. Through 2019, should the Lord tarry, there is hope. There is the hope of forgiveness for those that repent, hope of healing for those that hurt, hope for peace for people in chaos, and the hope of heaven for the homesick soul. One will have to endure the trials of life, but there is hope!

Service times at Natchez Church of God are 9:45 Sunday School 10:45 Morning Worship 6:00 PM Evening Worship

Thank you Brian for sharing with us at SGN Scoops! 



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Brian and Angela Monehan Shoot Two Debut Music Videos In Historic Natchez, MS.

Written by SGN Scoops on September 3, 2013 – 1:29 pm -

manSinger/songwriter, husband and wife duo Brian and Angela Monehan, recently completed shooting two debut concept videos in Historic Natchez, MS. The concept videos will highlight two songs from their ‘Lyrics of Our Lives’ project;“Miracles Every Day” and “Where My Heart Longs To Be”.
Brian and Angela are not new to Southern Gospel as Brian spent several years touring with Kevin Spencer & Friends and Angela toured many years with her family, The Perry Sisters. For much of the past 9 years they have served as pastors at churches in Little Rock, AR and Natchez, MS.
Over the years Brian and Angela have continued to sing and write songs and have developed that unique husband and wife harmony that is easily identifiable when you hear their music. For the past 2 years they have had a publishing relationship with Mansion Entertainment and continue to perform their music in concerts and conferences. The duo’s current radio single, released last month to Southern Gospel radio via Mansion Radio Hits Volume 8, is “Lord I Wanna To Be Ready”. Brian has also authored book based on his ministry experience that released this week entitled “A God Sized Ministry”. The focus of the book is about the extraordinary ministry that God can do through ordinary people. The book will be released in ebook format and is available through Pathway Bookstore and at
The video production was done in conjunction with PEBN (Pathway Enterprises Broadcasting Network) under the direction of John Mathis. PEBN currently produces several popular Southern Gospel and Inspirational Country TV shows that are seen on several major national networks such as Daystar, TNN, RURAL TV and others. ‘SpiritFest’, ‘Nashville Country Revival’ and ‘America Sings’ are some of the most popular PEBN produced shows.
Release of both videos is scheduled for mid-to-late September via social media and television programs. Gospel television programs interested in acquiring concept videos such as these that are produced by PEBN should contact John Mathis for distribution information;
Production was shot on location in downtown Natchez and at the historic Monmouth Plantation, an antebellum style home originally built in 1818. The Monmouth is now a beautiful historic inn where visitors can spend the night in elegant rooms, enjoy fine Southern dining and tour the beautiful gardens and grounds during their stay. For more information regarding Monmouth and its history you can visit their site at
For updates regarding the debut release of the videos or for more information about Brian and Angela Monehan visit their web site at or contact John Mathis.
(Pictured in attachment L to R: Angela, Meghan and Brian Monehan, John Mathis)


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Mansion Publishing Hosts Songwriter Gathering

Written by SGN Scoops on July 20, 2011 – 10:54 am -

Franklin, TN (Mansion Entertainment) July 20th, 2011 – Mansion Publishing hosted a gathering of its songwriters and publishing partners July 14th at its Franklin, TN offices.  Mansion Entertainment added a publishing department to its array of company divisions in the past year and recently invited their network of songwriters and music publishing partners to gather and share its vision and goals for its immediate and long-term future in Southern Gospel Music. Director of Publishing John Mathis stated, “We simply want to create a family of writers that take their passion and love for The Gospel and combine it with their passion and love for crafting songs that encourage, uplift and edify those who may hear them.” Mansion’s BMI publishing catalog, Eaglestreet Press, is currently celebrating its first Southern Gospel Top 20 charting song with “Don’t That Sound Like Heaven”, a joint publishing venture with Songs of Peaceful Valley/BMI (Larry Strickland). The success of this single also marks Palmetto States’ return to top of the Southern Gospel charts and notes the success of what has been termed as the “New PSQ”.  You can find more information regarding Mansion Entertainment by visiting or by following them on Facebook

(Pictured: Back row L to R. Bill Traylor, John Mathis, Kent Holland, David Bryan, John Lemonis, Brian Monehan. Front row L to R. Angela Monehan, Roz Merchant, Angela Thompson, Rhonda Frye, Michaela Lindsey)

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