TJG Design Announces Name Change, Adds PR Services

Chattanooga, TN -TJG Design announced today that the company will rebrand and change its name to TJG Media & Design. The company currently does web design for Young Harmony, EHA-Nashville, The Nehrkorns, Chris Hester, and many others. In addition, the company is adding publicity to its list of services to better serve their current clients if needed.

TJG is based out of Chattanooga, TN and has served clients’ web design needs for two years. Company owner, TJ Green, age 19, has been building websites for 6 years and graduates from Ridgeland High School in May. Alie Hicks, age 16, serves as photographer and graphic artist when available; she is a fulltime student.

TJ Green said, “I never thought about writing till I met Evie Hawkins last year. Evie hired me as her webmaster for her company, EHA-Nashville, and she asked me to help with a press release. After doing one for her, she asked me to do others. That’s when she told me that I needed to be writing and I have been ever since. Evie was my inspiration and the one who found my writing talent.” Evie Hawkins notes, “It has been such a blessing to have TJ Green on staff with EHA. TJ is driven, motivated, and challenged daily toward improvement and creativity. We continuously bounce ideas around, and I can always depend on him to get things done. I have encouraged TJ to follow his dreams, but I certainly don’t want to lose him with my agency. I believe TJG Media & Design will do a great job for its clients, because TJ has proven he has the ability and drive to accomplish anything he sets his mind to. I’m so thankful that he is not leaving EHA at this time, but also proud that he is growing his own company. I have no question that he will achieve success, especially in the Gospel music industry, because he has such a heart for the music and the ministry!”

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