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Pray for the family of Dave Kyllonen of the Couriers

Written by Staff on March 19, 2019 – 5:27 pm -


Many years ago, the original Couriers joined together to travel and sing gospel music. Dave Kyllonen, Duane Nicholson and Neil Enlow were known for their smooth harmonies and warm personalities.

Dave and Judy Kyllonen

Dave and Judy Kyllonen

Today we learned that Dave has passed away.

Connie Hammer posted on Facebook earlier today: “Our dad, Dave Kyllonen has passed away and is now with Jesus!! I can only imagine what it will be like! Another soldier has gone home!!”

The Kyllonen Family

Please join with us at SGNScoops as we pray for the family of Dave Kyllonen.

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Danny Sinacori passes away

Written by Staff on March 25, 2017 – 5:16 pm -

Danny Sinacori

Danny Sinacori

SGNScoops was sad to learn that Danny Sinacori passed away last evening. After more than 75 years in Gospel music, Sinacori suffered a heart attack.  More details will be reported as they become available.

The SGNScoops family extends their prayers to the family and friends of Mr. Sinacori.

In memory of Danny Sinacori, we have reprinted a story by Auke Bijlsma  printed by SGNScoops Magazine in November 2016.

Danny Sinacori

Danny Sinacori

Danny Sinacori: A Testimony of God’s Faithfulness

Danny Sinacori is one of the unsung heroes of the Gospel music industry. Danny was born in Philadelphia 75 years ago to an Italian family after his parents had immigrated from Sicily in the early 1900’s. Danny’s mother converted from the Catholic faith to the Pentecostal church, later to become a devoted member of the Assemblies of God.

Danny was already in love with music when he took accordion lessons at 12 for two years. Danny says this was ‘the end of his formal music training’. He was already playing the piano by ear, and served as a substitute church pianist whenever the church pianist couldn’t make the services. When he was 14 years old, The Couriers Quartet came to his church to sing and that was his first exposure to Southern Gospel music.

Danny says, “‘I will never forget them singing ‘Let Me Tell You about Jesus’ and ‘Goodbye World Goodbye.’” Before that time he wanted to sing like Perry Como, Vic Damone and Sinatra. But after the encounter with the Couriers, he wanted to sing like Don Baldwin, baritone/emcee for the group. Baldwin was a great influence in Danny’s life, a mentor and role model. Other mentors, or inspirations Danny credits for his playing and singing, were Ben Speer, Neil Enloe, and Henry Slaughter, who taught him many licks and stylings.

Part of the church Danny attended were Paul and J.R. Damiani who had a group called The Eastman Quartet. When some other members of the Quartet left, Danny and friend Bob DiQuattro were hired. This was the beginning of Danny’s Southern Gospel career. According to Danny, he was always “destined to be an anchorman with double portfolio,” singing and playing at the same time. The involvement in The Eastmen Quartet however was short-lived and Bob and Danny discussed starting their own group.

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