A letter from our Editor

to herself, on her birthday [smile]


Dear Me at 4,

The things you’re doing right now will be the earliest memories you have someday. Mom will always keep the pictures of you in the pink sponge rollers or curling up in Jerry’s bed when you have a nightmare, but in 30 years, you will have a 4 year old of your own, and those will make you smile.~

Dear Me at 14,
Stop obsessing over that senior. And for the sake of all that is holy and sensible, cut it out writing the love poems. Burn that black binder somewhere, preferably not on your green bedroom carpet where you have already burned some stuff, thankfully not the house.

I know it’s sad that Jon Bon Jovi cut his hair, but it really will not ruin your life. Also, he will one day go political, repetitive, and kind of played out.

By senior year, you will have better hair and no braces.

Keep being a journalism nerd. In about 20 years, it’s going to start paying off.

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