Bill Dykes Scheduled to Appear on “Seniors Today” January 7 on Atlanta ’s Channel 57 (WATC)

(Naples, Fla. – January 4, 2010) – Combining his love of gospel music with a mission to reach out to the community, Bill Dykes has accepted an invitation to appear on Atlanta Live’s telecast of Seniors Today on Thursday, January 7th from 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM.  Throughout the two-hour program, Dykes will perform some of his favorite songs as well as share information about Sky Angel’s faith-based television service.  Seniors Today is presented once a month during Atlanta Live on Channel 57 (WATC) and is hosted by Betty Cornet and Pat Mathis.
Dykes is currently the Chief Marketing Officer for Sky Angel Faith & Family Television in Naples , Fla.   He’s the son of a Baptist preacher and became his father’s music director at age 12. Since then he has had the privilege of being mentored musically by several of the greatest musicians in gospel music, and has sung throughout all of North America and in other countries, in thousands of churches.  He also has 35+ years experience in ministry, business development, and corporate banking.
“I’m really looking forward to spending time with my friend, Pat Mathis, on the Seniors Today program.  It’s truly a blessing to have two hours to sing and share Christ.  I’m grateful for this opportunity not only to perform but to tell the Atlanta area about Sky Angel’s nationwide television platform,” says Bill Dykes .
“ Bill Dykes will be a welcomed guest to WATC’s viewing audience in Atlanta and the surrounding areas.  His dynamic musical voice, as well as sharing his work with Sky Angel and its impact on the Christian community, will be of great interest to all who watch,” said Pat Mathis, co-host of Seniors Today.
Sky Angel provides over 80 faith-based and family-friendly television and radio channels that offer entertainment, news, sports and educational programs. Sky Angel is compatible with subscribers’ current TV service, requires no outside equipment, is easily installed and includes value-added features like 48-hour playback on faith-based television channels plus access to an ever-growing Video-On-Demand library.  To learn more, or to subscribe, visit or call 1-800-SKY-ANGEL (1-800-759-2643).
About Sky Angel:
Sky Angel® U.S. , LLC is a Christian-owned multi-channel provider of faith-based and family-friendly television and radio programming.  Founded by Robert Johnson Sr. more than 28 years ago, Sky Angel was created to provide a Christ-centered and family-friendly alternative to the standard television fare. Since then, his vision has grown into a service providing quality television and radio programming to all corners of the United States . Sky Angel’s mission is to build and operate a global communications system to assure the Gospel will penetrate every nation, culture and people.