Branson Songwriter Dr. Lynda Lynn Releases “Reach Out For Him” CD

Branson songwriter Dr. Lynda Lynn has just produced a new CD titled, Reach Out For Him.  The new CD features nineteen original songs with sixteen Branson artists.  Lynda stated, “These are artists that are some of Branson’s best gospel singers and some of my very best friends.  Many of them perform these songs in their own concerts.  I am impressed upon how each one of them serve the Lord in their individual ministries.”

Andrea Blackwood Carter recorded the title song on the new CD, Reach Out For Him.  Andrea sings with R.W. and Donna Blackwood as the world famous Blackwood Singers.  Glory-Anne Prophet sings Lynda’s song, Jesus In Me.  Glory-Anne travels in concert throughout America with her famous husband Ronnie Prophet.  Mark Bradley is on the new CD with a new song, I Just Want To Thank You Lord.  Mark has performed the lead role of Jesus in the Broadway production of The Promise in Branson.  Katie Lynn sings a song that Lynda co-wrote with Branson singer/songwriter Larry Moore, Standing In The Hallway.  Katie performs on stage with Mickey Gilley and co-hosts the Gene Williams nationally televised show from Branson.

Michael O’Hara has recorded a touching song that he co-wrote with Lynda titled, How Do I Let Go.  Michael is a nationally known producer and

songwriter who starred in the Isle of

Dreams show in Branson .  Morgan Dale has recorded Lynda’s song, Since He Touched Me.  Morgan starred in Dolly Parton’s Dixie Stampede show in Branson.  Larry Moore sings a song that Lynda co-wrote with nationally known songwriter Gary S. Paxton, Speak To The Mountain.  He appeared with Gary McSpadden in his show at the Americana Theater in Branson.  Larry is also Branson Gospel Music Association’s Male Vocalist of the Year.   Marcey Wall sings a very anointed song that Lynda has written titled, The Rivers Of Water.  Marcey has performed with The Blackwood Singers and is now a frequent guest on the New Jim Bakker Television Show from Branson.

Randy Brooks has performed Lynda’s gospel song I’ll Be There in concerts all over the world.  Randy performs Gospel music concerts with his brother Bill (“The Brooks Brothers”).  Linda Burkhart sings one of Lynda’s favorite songs, Jesus Is There.  Linda is a featured singer with many international ministries throughout the country and is one of Branson’s leading gospel singers. Gregg Busch performs a patriotic song that Lynda has written for America, One Voice.  Gregg was the Master of Ceremonies for Branson’s Showboat Branson Belle and is now a music instructor at Branson’s College of the Ozarks.

Bruce Haynes sings a sweet song honoring Jesus Christ titled, Seeking Jesus.  Bruce also arranged this version of Seeking Jesus for

Lynda.  Bruce is a Dove Award winning singer/songwriter and pastor at New Life Temple in Branson.  Jana King Evans recorded a delightful Christmas song that Lynda has written, Buckets Of Joy.  Jana is one of the most respected studio performers for Country and Gospel music in America today and performs with the Pam and Mel Tillis shows in Branson.

John Tweed performs one of Lynda’s best known songs, Ozark Mountain Christmas.  Lynda stated, “What a welcoming sound to bring Christmas to the Ozarks.”  John has his own popular show in Branson The John Tweed Show.  The Blackwood Singers has recorded another one of Lynda’s best known songs, Jesus Is There.  The name Blackwood is one of the most respected names in gospel music.  Barbara Fairchild performs the newest song that Lynda has written, Little Boys & Little Toys.  She is one of America’s best known country and gospel singing artists and is well loved in Branson. Barbara is known as Branson’s angel and with her husband, Roy Morris, operates the Barbara Fairchild Diner at the Victorian Village in Branson.  Roy is also a performing artist in Branson and appears on stage with Barbara.  Roy helped to arrange the new song Little Boys & Little Toys.

Lynda performs three times on the new CD.  One is a recording of a poem that Lynda wrote in dedication to her son Jeremy, a police sergeant, titled A Mother’s Prayer.  Another recording is a delightful song that Lynda performs as a tribute to her husband, Bud, titled I See Jesus I Your Eyes.   Lynda and her husband Bud also performs a song that honors America’s soldiers titled, The Soldier’s Prayer.

Lynda stated, “These are original and anointed songs that the Lord has given me.  Jesus is my Executive Producer and I want to honor Him with this CD.  I wanted a picture to honor Jesus for the front cover of the new CD.  I saw a dramatic picture of Him on a television show, a painting by artist Joseph Wallace King titled, Come Unto Me.  We are using the image courtesy of The New Jim Bakker Show,  at Morningside in Blue Eye, Missouri.

Dr. Lynda Lynn is an award winning songwriter and poet that began writing music in 1994.  She wrote a song, Ozark Mountain Christmas, on a napkin at Opryland in Nashville.  That song ignited the fire in her songwriting spirit to write numerous songs sung by artists throughout the United States.  Her first song, Ozark Mountain Christmas, has become a well known song for the Ozark Mountain Christmas Season and has received national acclaim every Holiday Season from 1994 through today.  Lynda has received songwriting awards from the Branson Gospel Music Association and the Country Gospel Music Association.  She recently received her thirteenth ASCAP award from The American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers.

Lynda and her husband, Bud, have a publishing company, On Angel’s Wings Publishing.  They have produced four CD’s including Ozark Mountain Christmas, The Touch Of The Master’s Hand (A Tribute To The Ozarks part one), Seeking Jesus (A Tribute To The Ozarks part two), and Lynda Sings Her Songs.  Lynda stated, “This CD is another tribute to the Ozarks, a tribute to the Ozarks part three.  Our Ozarks, like our country, has a deep-rooted love for God.  I also love our Ozarks’ home country and want everyone to know that we honor and serve our Lord here in the Ozarks.  All of us on this CD want to give hope to people everywhere and share our love for Jesus Christ.”

Lynda’s songs have been featured on worldwide Sky Angel Network programs including God Answers Prayer, Texas Country Gospel, How To Beat The Odds, Unfolding Majesty and Faces Of Abortion.  These programs also feature Lynda as an author as she has co-authored a book with her son, Rory, titled The Turning Point, A Teenager’s Rebellion.  The book focuses on trusting God to bring families with troubled teens through rebellious times allowing family restoration.  Lynda is scheduled to appear on Sky Angel television’s Babbie’s House with host nationally known Gospel recording artist Babbie Mason in January.  Lynda and her husband Bud recently attended the International Country Gospel Music Association Convention in Branson, Missouri, where they were voted CGMA’s International Media Personalities of the Year for the third straight year.  Lynda also co-hosts Quest For Character with Mike Dunn on KJSL Christian radio, St. Louis.  Many of her songs are featured on that program.

Lynda publishes all of her music under her publishing company, On Angel’s Wings Publishing.  Twenty-five per cent of proceeds published by On Angel’s Wings is given to Christian Associates of Table Rock Lake.  Christian Associates of Table Rock Lake was founded in 1974 as a private, non-sectarian 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.  Its mission is to provide immediate, responsive assistance in needful and crisis situations throughout Branson’s Table Rock Lake area.

Lynda Lynn and On Angel’s Wings Publishing can be reached by phone at 417-338-2586 or on the World Wide Web at or e-mail at