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Kingsmen and Chandlers reviewed by Randall Hamm

Written by Staff on June 20, 2019 – 10:27 am -

The Kingsmen’s Victory Shout shares encouragement for the journey to Heaven

The Kingsmen’s Victory Shout shares encouragement for the journey to Heaven

The Kingsmen and the Chandlers featured in the April 2019 SGNScoops edition of Randall Reviews It, by Randall Hamm


April showers bring May flowers and also bring new gospel releases. This month brings only two, but they are dandies. One is a pre-release review of the new Kingsmen CD “Victory Shout,” and the other is a new album, “Seasons,” from an up-and-coming family group, the Chandlers.

Make sure to visit these groups at their Facebook homes and find out more about them. Also get copies of their albums to enjoy for yourself.

As always, if you enjoy the reviews, pick up this music, or download it, wherever you get good gospel music.


Randall Hamm

Randall Hamm

Please send your latest releases for review to Randall Hamm, c/o Q-100 WFLQ-FM, P.O. Box 100, French Lick, Ind., 47432.


Now…let the reviews begin!


The Kingsmen's "Victory Shout" is a powerful anthem

The Kingsmen’s “Victory Shout” is a powerful anthem

The Kingsmen
“Victory Shout”
2019 Horizon Records


Songs: “Running To Win” (Sandy Knight BMI); “Just Climb” (Karen Gillespie-Adina Bowman-Gene Ezell BMI); “I’ve Ever Been Glad” (Regina Walden BMI); “Victory Shout” (Kenna Turner West – Jason Cox BMI); “Dear John” (Jason Cox – Joseph Habedank – Kenna Turner West BMI); “It Still Changes Me” (Chris Binion – Matthew Lawson BMI); “King Of Kings” (Rebecca J Peck – Dianne Wilkinson BMI); “Prodigal Son” (Larry W Gatlin BMI); “You’ll Move Mountains For Me” (Karen Gillespie – Rachel McCutcheon BMI); “That’s Where You’ll Find Me” (Kenna Turner West – Jason Cox BMI)

It’s been two years since the Kingsmen released “They Don’t Know,” and since then three quarters of the quartet has changed. Josh Horrell who had replaced tenor Chris Jenkins, has now gone and has been replaced once again by Chris Jenkins. Bob Sellers, lead, left to start a solo ministry and is singing select dates with the Old Time Preachers Quartet. Randy Crawford, baritone, resigned due to health reasons. In Bob and Randy’s place, the quartet welcomed new baritone Alan Kendall and lead Chris Bryant.


Songs from established songwriters such as Sandy Knight,  Kenna Turner West and Dianne Wilkinson, and newcomers Karen Gillespie and Rachel McCutcheon, make this Kingsmen album a must listen.


The album opens with a mid tempo Sandy Knight composition “Running To Win,” that will make you want to keep in the race. “Just Climb,” slows down the pace to feature what could be a single down the road. “I’ve Ever Been Glad,” features Kingsmen bass Ray Dean Reese and he sings the fire out of it. “Victory Shout,” is the first single pulled and is off to a fine start.


One of the highlights of the CD is the re-recording of the “Prodigal Son,” that was first recorded in 1980 for their “Chartbreakers” LP. Listening to the new version and the original, Ray has not lost a step or a note. This, I hope, will become a single; it’s so good.


Some strong songs and some strong singing from a new batch of Kingsmen will thrill longtime fans, and make fans of folks who may not have been fans before now. Visit the Kingsmen at and get a copy of “Victory Shout” when it’s released and request “Victory Shout” at your local Gospel radio station.

This CD is not available yet; it will be released on June 7th and will be well worth the wait.

Strongest Songs: “Victory Shout,” “Prodigal Son,” “Just Climb”


Chandlers, “Seasons”

The Chandlers
Producer: Shane Roark
Executive Producers: Tim and Lana Chandler
2019 Upper Room Records

Songs: “Anchor Of My Soul” (Jackie Jellison Nichols BMI);  “He Made A Way” (Tim Chandler BMI); “Who Would You Be” (Tiffany Chandler  BMI); “All The Way” (Tim Chandler – Lana Jellison Chandler – Tiffany Chandler BMI); “I Don’t Deserve” (Tim Chandler BMI); “Better” (Tiffany Chandler BMI); “Turn Back To Jesus” (Lana Jellison Chandler BMI); “Go Answer The Door” (Tim Chandler – Lana Jellison Chandler – Tiffany Chandler BMI); “Seasons” (Tim Chandler BMI); “My Savior First of All” (Fanny J. Crosby PD)

Chandlers at the Diamond Awards

Chandlers at the Diamond Awards

The Chandlers are a family group based out of Greenfield, Tennessee. They are: mom, Lana Chandler; dad, Tim Chandler; and their daughters, Lyndsey and  Tiffany Chandler. Many may know Lana as Lana Jellison of the group the Jellisons in the 80’s and 90’s. This group as such has been around a few years, but Tim and Lana have been around since 1992 as Tim and Lana Chandler, their daughters have joined the group in the last few years, and they are now known as the Chandlers.


I first became aware of the Chandlers in the early years of N.Q.C. at Pigeon Forge, seeing them at the showcase. They absolutely blew me away, and that same year they were signed by Chapel Valley, to the Upper Room Record division.


This is another great album the Chandlers have recorded with Chapel Valley. All songs but one are written by the Chandlers.


Great family harmony right off the bat with the first song “Anchor of My Soul,” that tells us that “the one I’m serving, he’s the ‘Anchor of My Soul.’” Tim is featured on “He Made A Way,” a bluesy number of the one who always makes the way.


“Who Would You Be,” asks the question: If I had lived in Christ’s time, who would I be? Lana is featured on “All The Way,” and the sound that the Chandlers are known for, which is “get with it McGruders-style music,” is heard on this song, and that’s quite a compliment.


“Better” is my first choice for a radio single; upbeat and a wah-wah guitar make for a great retro sound. It’s catchy, plus has a great message to boot.


“Turn Back To Jesus,” “Go Answer The Door,” “Seasons,” and an a cappella reading of Fanny Crosby’s “My Savior First of All,” close out the CD. There’s nothing finer than when the Chandlers go a cappella. Their last release featured an a cappella version of “Softly and Tenderly” with a new part, and that made it a fresh, new song that sparkled.


Since the passing of Priscilla and Carroll McGruder, I thought that the style of the McGruders would no longer be around. Boy, was I wrong. The Chandlers have a great anointing to carry on this style, both in their writing and singing.


Make sure, DJs, if you’re looking for someone fresh to add to your playlist, may I recommend the Chandlers. If you as a fan of Southern gospel music are looking for someone new to discover, may I recommend the Chandlers.

Visit the Chandlers at and get a copy of “Seasons” at

Strongest Songs: “He Made A Way,” “Who Would You Be,” “Better”

Reviewed by Randall Hamm for April 2019 SGNScoops Magazine

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Meet the Writer: Michael Jason Frost discusses “Choose Life” by the Hyssongs

Written by Staff on April 10, 2019 – 2:16 pm -


The Hyssongs

Have you had an experience where you had to convince someone to “Choose Life”? Have you personally faced this choice? The Hyssongs’ new song came from a very personal place for writer Michael Jason Frost.

Here are the lyrics, followed by a video interview with Richard Hyssong, as Michael gives his testimony behind the song…

Michael Jason Frost

Michael Jason Frost

Choose Life
(Michael Jason Frost / Morning Frost Music / BMI)

There’s a woman crying softly, a heavy heart and worried mind
As she wonders how she’ll care for this precious unborn child
Somebody said to her you have a choice, in this day and time
But in spite of her uncertainties, the choice becomes clear in her mind

She chooses life, full and abundant, a precious gift from Heaven above
Life, in spite of all of its trials, is God’s manifestation of marvelous love
When it seems there’s no other choice you can find,
Remember God created us to prosper and thrive,
The choice becomes clear every time,
Choose life

There’s a man crying softly, a heavy heart and a worried mind
As he ponders a decision to give up, and end it all this time
Somebody said to him you have a choice, find the strength inside
In spite of all his uncertainties, the choice becomes clear in his mind

He chooses life, full and abundant, a precious gift from Heaven above
Life, in spite of its trials, is God’s manifestation of marvelous love
When it seems there’s no other choice you can find,
Remember God created us to prosper and thrive,
The choice becomes clear every time,
Choose life

There’s a world crying softly, with heavy hearts and worried minds
We’ve forgotten there’s abundant life, through Jesus Christ
We all have a choice before we leave this world behind
Jesus is life, so now is the time to decide

Choose life, full and abundant, a precious gift from Heaven above
Life, in spite of all of its trials, is God’s manifestation of his marvelous love
When it seems there’s no other choice you can find,
Remember God created us to prosper and thrive,
The choice is clear this time,
Choose life

We hope you enjoy this song as sung by the Hyssongs.

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Roger Barkley, Jr., asks, “Why wait to praise?”

Written by Staff on July 21, 2018 – 1:43 pm -

Praise him even in the dark hours

Praise him even in the dark hours

As a writer many times I pull from personal experiences to write about. One of the many things over this almost half-century I have found is that no matter what, we must continually praise God.

We praise him in the bad times as well as the good.

I have heard it said – and even said it myself: “I can’t wait to get to Heaven to praise Jesus for eternity!”

Praising Jesus for eternity is a great and awesome opportunity.

While I cannot wait to get there, and it seems to be any day now, I had a thought, during a sermon, that inspired yet another song.

Once we get to Heaven we will have a glorified body with no pain. We will have a clear mind with the understanding of why we went through the things here on Earth. We will be reunited with our loved ones and have our tears wiped away from our eyes by God himself.

Thus, it will be an easy opportunity to sit around God’s throne and give him all the praise he richly deserves, and worship with the great cloud of witnesses. It will be easy to raise our hands in praise with great musicians that have gone on before and who paved the way for us in music.

Roger Barkley Jr.

Roger Barkley Jr.

So, would it not, therefore, be more pleasing to God, if we gave him praise now in the things going on in our mundane lives, whether good or bad?

Wouldn’t it mean more to him if we showed our gratitude to him by giving our worship when we don’t have our glorified body and mind?

So why wait to praise him?

By Roger Barkley, Jr.


The award-winning trio, 11th Hour, urges us to praise in their charting song, Silence the Stones. We hope you enjoy it!

Roger Barkley, Jr., is a writer for SGNScoops Magazine.

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The Whisnants’ Walk Of Faith: New Release Review by Lynn Mills

Written by Staff on August 31, 2015 – 8:45 am -



The walk of faith is a long, winding, consistent road for the Christian. Sometimes we worry, sometimes we struggle to gather courage to tell a friend or co-worker about Jesus and sometimes…we even doubt our own salvation. It takes faith to overcome each concern, and that’s something the Whisnants know all about, so they titled their 2015 release: Walk of Faith.

“It kind of summarizes our whole ministry really,” says Jeff Whisnant. “You don’t stay in ministry as long as we do without having a whole lot of faith.”

Walk of Faith released July 21st and I had an opportunity to sit down with Jeff, Susan and Aaron to talk about the project. They shared their favorite songs, why they picked them and how they spent extra time on the production to make it their best yet. If one thing is certain, The Whisnants believe that these new songs are going to make a great impact on believers and they are excited to get it in the hands of the general public.



When I asked the group how they selected the title Walk of Faith, Susan answered, “Marsha Henry wrote a song called, “It’s a Walk of Faith.” When we were deciding about a title to this project we took a week of thinking and making notes. We decided on Walk of Faith because it summarizes the whole project. The songs are about not worrying, telling someone about Christ and holding on to grace. The whole CD is about the Christian’s walk of faith.”

“It’s a Walk of Faith,” isn’t the only tune about faith on the project. The Whisnants’ current single, “Worry Ends Where Faith Begins,” follows along the same theme. “It is a simple song,” Susan goes on. “We talk faith, we talk big, but we all tend to worry. We all tend to sit up at night trying to figure out how we are going to fix things. That’s what this song is about.” Aaron Hise adds, “At some point in your life you’ve worried about something; whether it’s finances, family, health issues. I know I have. It’s definitely a song that will speak to anybody.”

In addition to those faith songs, Susan explains how they believe the whole project will make an impact on the children of God. “This project is very much our heart,” she begins. “It’s going to help people. If you’re worried – we have a song for that. If you doubt your salvation – we have a song for it. I don’t like to sing fluff songs, but songs that are going to help people; this project has nailed it in every facet.”

One such song Susan sings is called, “Saved Is All You Have To Be.” Susan explains, “You know how somebody knows they need to tell their friend about the Lord but they say, ‘I need my pastor to go talk to them and tell them about Jesus,’ or, ‘I wish somebody would tell my friend about Jesus…’ This song says: saved is all you have to be to go and tell the news. It doesn’t take degrees or grand philosophies to give a testimony. You may think you’re not the one to share salvation’s plan, but certain words are not the key. God will give you what you need.”

Another song from this project with a strong lyric is “Holding On To Grace.” Susan tells us about the message. “A lot of people believe that they can be good enough: not drink, not cuss, not hang out with folks who do, but keep their marriage intact instead. They think that if they’re good people, that will get them to heaven and it has nothing to do with it. It’s a deep song that may hit a nerve.” Aaron interjects, “I don’t know if it’s a song we’ll sing every night, but if we need it, it’s there.”



Jeff tells us about his favorite song. “It’s a catchy song that has a play on words, it’s called ‘A Grave Mistake.’ The song talks about how those who nailed Jesus to the cross thought they won. Satan thought he won the victory, but when Jesus came out of the grave they realized they made a grave mistake.”

Producing a CD with thought out arrangements and a deep theme takes time. “We spent four months on this project,” Susan shares, “I feel like we worked hard on this project, more than any other one.”

Jeff adds, “It’s a good mix; we have medium, slow, fast songs and ballads. Trey Ivey (of Legacy Five) produced this project and it’s the first main line project he’s worked on. We also worked with Cliff Duren from Brentwood Baptist, who wrote orchestration for eight of our songs. We have a choir on two songs as well.” Concerning the style, Aaron says, “As a listener, it’s Whisnants. We’ve not changed. It’s not anything new or different; it’s truly Whisnant songs, same message and material.”

DSC_7434“To me, the combination of good songs and the production we spent on it, I think it’s made for a great record,” says Jeff. “We’re excited about it and we hope the people like it as much as we do.” Susan interjects, “Every song will touch you. It’s very similar to More Than Enough, which has the “Potter’s Hand” and “All Is Well.” If they love that, they’re gonna love this. It’s straight up and down Whisnants; but to me, it’s a step above anything we’ve ever done.”

Faith encompasses so many different areas of our Christian lives. When it comes to summing it up; the Whisnants took 12 songs and did it in 43 minutes on this new project. After listening to Jeff, Susan and Aaron talk about these songs and how much the lyrics mean to them, I believe this project will have a powerful effect on every life that pauses and listens to the messages therein. Twelve songs, eight orchestrations, and four months of hard work…it’s a walk of faith.

For more information about Walk of Faith, visit the Whisnants website:

August 2015 SGNScoops Magazine

August 2015 SGNScoops Magazine

By Lynn Mills

First published by SGN Scoops in August 2015. For current issues of SGN Scoops digital magazine, visit the SGN Scoops mainpage.


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Pharrell’s “Happy” as performed by Voices of Lee on SGN Scoops TV

Written by Staff on March 6, 2015 – 12:05 pm -

The Voices of Lee are based out of Lee University in Cleveland, TN. Their a cappella choir sings “Happy” as made popular by Pharrell Williams, for our SGN Scoops TV reporter, Marcie Gray.

Marcie caught up with the Voices of Lee on the Singing at Sea cruise in February. She shares this personal performance with the SGN Scoops TV audience, as well as an interview with the singers.

Click on the Voices of Lee above to view the performance and interview

Click on the Voices of Lee above to view the performance and interview

We know you will enjoy this edition of SGN Scoops TV!

For SGN Scoops in written form, see the current issue of SGN Scoops here.

For information on Lee University click here.

For information on the Voices of Lee, click here.

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“Simply Charlotte” (Feature Story on Charlotte Ritchie)

Written by SGN Scoops on December 6, 2012 – 10:25 am -

“Simply Charlotte”

Published in 2012 August Edition’

by Jennifer Campbell And Rhonda Frye


Some people are born with an innate love of music.  Others are blessed with the talent to be able to share their musical talent with thousands of people.  A select few have the gift of being able to also balance the responsibilities of being a wife and mother, all the while maintaining a busy schedule of traveling across the country.  This artist is no stranger to Southern Gospel Music, having traveled with the Nelons for five years and then Jeff and Sheri Easter for 12 years.  Now, she enjoys her third year traveling as a soloist.  This special individual is none other than Charlotte Ritchie.

Charlotte says of her solo career, “I’m really enjoying the solo thing.  It is different, but I am enjoying it!”  She said you don’t really realize how much planning goes into everything, since you are the only one planning your set, talking on stage, and seeming as if you have done all of this for years.  She said, “It’s a LOT!  You can’t turn to anyone else for help; you just have to do it.”

Even so, she has definitely risen to the challenge.  People are embracing her with open arms and she is grateful for their support.  “It’s really been amazing because even though I’ve been in the industry for a long time, when you start something new, you’re starting over,” said Charlotte.  “People have been so kind.   We have just been busy since day one and that’s a huge blessing!  We’ve been very thankful for that.”

If you ever have the opportunity to sit down and chat with Charlotte, you’ll find out that her heart is as a big as the state of Texas.  Not only that, but her love for God is greater still.  She gives God all of the credit concerning her solo ministry.  “God has opened a lot of doors for us,” Charlotte stated.  “That has been our prayer from the beginning.  God, You open the doors for us and we will go!  And He has, so that’s what we’re doing.”  Read more »

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Written by SGN Scoops on November 21, 2012 – 5:00 am -




Critically Acclaimed Band Launches Online Pledge to Encourage “Blush Beliefs”

Los Angeles, Calif. (Nov. 20, 2012) – On November 25th, Billboard charting Annie Moses Band will debut the music video for their first radio single “Blush” on Great American Country television (GAC). Great American Country is the leader in country music entertainment, and delivers to viewers the widest variety of country music, its artists and the lifestyles they influence.  To coincide with the music video debut, Annie Moses Band has launched a pledge titled “Blush Beliefs,” where listeners can show their support for the values behind the song. “Blush” was originally released on the band’s album, Pilgrims & Prodigals, which hit stores this past September.

The music video was directed by award-winning filmmaker, David Kiern, inside of Tennessee’s glamorous Rippavilla Plantation. Though Rippavilla is a historic mansion infamous for its ghosts, the band saw it as a perfect backdrop for the radio single which marries a nostalgic message to a modern edge.

“Blush” is a song that aims to question our culture’s cynicism and to speak a timeless truth with powerful relevance. The band recognizes that almost everyone in our society has been hurt by broken relationships, and that individuals turn to cynicism rather than a belief in values that create and nurture loving and long-lasting relationships. The song’s message communicates the group’s desire to return to a time when a wounded heart was not an inevitable experience.

“I hope ‘Blush’ reminds people of a time when faithfulness and kindness, dignity and innocence were not the stuff of fairytales, but the values that bring love to everyday life,” says Annie Wolaver, lead vocalist and violinist of the band.

To launch its “Blush Beliefs” campaign, Annie Moses Band is calling likeminded “Blush” listeners to act through  On the site, visitors will find the music video and a corresponding pledge. From there, viewers can log in through Facebook and align with the campaign which promotes messages of truth, faithfulness, kindness and more.

Pilgrims & Prodigals is a two-disc CD/DVD package that is a collection of songs that explore the timeless theme of roaming and redemption. The album is centered on the idea that everyone in the world is going somewhere and features 13 diverse tracks, eight of which were written or co-written by members of the group. When sampling the project listeners can expect to find a blend of classical, jazz, folk, and Celtic stylings.

For more information on Annie Moses Band and “Blush” please visit: To view the music video and align with the “Blush Beliefs” campaign, please go to

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Brenda Whitlock Releases New Project Next Month

Written by SGN Scoops on November 15, 2012 – 7:15 pm -

{EHA-Nashville, TN} Popular soloist, Brenda Whitlock releases a new project entitled, “Who Is She” and it will be available late November. With ten new original songs all written by Brenda and the single, “Aint Gonna Let Nobody Take My Crown,” her radio promoter, Pauline Patterson, feels positive about the future of the project. She notes, “
When you hear this upbeat one, you want to start singing it! We are honored and thrilled that Brenda, who is a woman of God, is allowing us to work with her radio promotions! Her current release is  ‘A Soul Is Worth More’ and it is being received very well nationwide and we’re expecting great results with it.” More info:

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The Brand New Burress Family Double Disc CD

Written by SGN Scoops on November 15, 2012 – 7:55 am -

New Carlisle, OH – The much anticipated new CD by The Burress Family titled “Putting the Tree into Country” is now finished and available. This project was produced by the award-winning Robb Tripp in Nashville, TN and the very best pickers that Nashville has to offer. Pickers such as Brent Mason, Kelly Back, Aubrey Haynie, Dirk Johnson just to name a few. This double disc project has 24 original songs written by group member Tom Burress and is already receiving great reviews. The group consists of Tom Burress, his wife Vonda Burress and their daughter Amber Burress-Applegate. For more information on this amazing double disc CD and to find out more about The Burress Family, go to their website at as well as their Facebook page at:!/pages/The-Burress-Family/109644245720032

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New Children’s Album Records a “First”

Written by SGN Scoops on November 14, 2012 – 4:36 am -

Nashville, TN Cedarmont Kids® has announced the release of the 46th album in their multi-million-selling series.   The new CD, Gospel Sunday School Songs, features 15 Gospel classics and spirituals, including Free At Last , a song made famous in the iconic Martin Luther King, Jr. speech in 1963.  According to the label, this album marks the first time Free At Last has been featured on any children’s recording project.  Since its founding nearly 20 years ago, Cedarmont Kids has sold over 21 million albums and garnered numerous Platinum and Gold certifications for both its audio and video titles.  Mike and Sue Gay, owners of the Cedarmont label, say this new project was of special significance.

“We spent several years researching songs for this new release, looking for special ‘jewels’ from the African-American church,” says Sue. “We fell in love with songs like My Soul Is a Witness For My Lord, Guide My Feet, and The Welcome Table.  Then one day, we came across Free At Last and were so moved.  Immediately, we knew that it needed to be on the CD so that kids could learn this wonderful song.”

Gospel Sunday School Songs was recorded in Cedarmont’s state-of-the-art studio, using some of the most sought-after musicians in Nashville. “I think this is the best CD we’ve ever done,” says Mike. “The players were fantastic, and Sue directed the kids in the choir to sing with authenticity and energy. To top it off, we were blessed to work with some talented young soloists like MaKenzie McGuire and Quintavious Johnson.” Johnson, age 10 (pictured above), is a frequent soloist in his hometown of Franklin, Tennessee and recently won first place in the Fourth Annual Demi Lobo national talent contest held in Chicago. Johnson won first place in the Most Talented Under 12 competition, beating out 25 other finalists from nine states. “He blew us away with his talent and spirit,” Mike adds.  

Cedarmont has built a broad customer base by focusing on well-known classic songs and selling their products at affordable prices. Their diversified catalog now features 46 CDs on five labels:
Cedamont Kids® Classics
Cedarmont Kids Gospel®
Cedarmont Niños®
Cedarmont Baby®
Cedarmont Worship for Kids®

Fifteen of these titles were Spanish releases. They have also developed a series of eleven DVDs, which are live-action, sing-along versions of the audio recordings.

During the production of Gospel Sunday School Songs, Mike shared a story his grandfather told him about growing up in rural southern Georgia where the family traveled to church in a horse-drawn wagon. During bad weather, they would often worship at an African-American church that was much closer to their home. They were always made to feel welcome, even during the tense years of segregation.

“It was not uncommon back then,” explains Mike, “for white families to visit African-American churches, even though it was a segregated society.  As a result of their fellowship, many wonderful spirituals were transplanted and became well-known in churches of all denominations.  We hope this new CD will enable people to share these special songs with today’s children so that there will be a renewed spirit of sharing and fellowship to a whole new generation.”

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