Coastal Media Group Announces Acquisition of SGN Scoops Digital and Diamond Awards Kelly Burton Named Editor in Chief of SGN Scoops Digital


NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Rob Patz is excited to announce Coastal Media Group’s acquisition of SGN Scoops Digital.  The popular digital magazine has been transferred over to Coastal Media Group by Allen Smith, previous owner of the magazine. 

Allen Smith said, “I knew that it wasn’t going to be long before I needed to sell the magazine.  When I began praying about it – Rob was the first person I thought of.  He is a fantastic representative of Christ, and his business practices have been above reproach.  I believe I’m leaving SGN Scoops Digital in good hands.”

Through this purchase, Coastal Media Group has also acquired the rights to the Diamond Awards – one of Southern Gospel music’s most beloved fan award programs.

“I was honored when Allen Smith approached us about taking over SGN Scoops and the Diamond Awards,” mentioned Rob Patz,  “and just a few months later, I am so excited about the doors God is opening as we endeavor to spread good news – that of the gospel and of those singing about it.”

Coastal Media Group is also announcing the immediate appointment of Kelly Burton as SGN Scoops Digital’s Editor-in-Chief.  Burton is also the President of YMR Productions, Inc. and Program Director for the highly successful Branson Gospel Music Convention.

Kelly Burton said, “It has always, and I mean from childhood, been a dream of mine to write and edit professionally. I have ‘dabbled’ in doing that for years, and this opportunity seemed like a gift from God just for me. I am so excited to have an outlet to use the gift and passion He has given me, and SGN Scoops is an established magazine that only stands to grow in readership and scope. I’m very grateful to publisher Rob Patz for showing faith in me (and for not minding that our phone calls often take place while I’m cooking dinner and settling my kids)!”

“I appreciate Kelly’s vision and enthusiasm for Scoops,” responded Rob Patz.  “She has already given the site an updated look, and I am confident that loyal readers and new ones as well will greatly enjoy the content and direction of the fun, fresh, and new SGN Scoops.”

Plans are already underway for the re-branding and re-launching of the all-new SGN Scoops Digital, which was already privileged to be Southern Gospel music’s first all-digital magazine. 

“I want SGN Scoops to showcase what is exciting, challenging, and wonderful about the world of gospel music – not just the music itself, but the people who make it, the topics it covers, the inspiration behind it,” responded Burton.  “There are so many stories to tell. There are so many artists who are multi-faceted in their ministries and jobs. Southern Gospel is not just a late-night TV concert or a random event; it is filled with talented and dynamic people who I’d like to see introduced to more than the traditional core audience. We want Scoops to be interactive, engaging, relevant, and evangelistic. Lord, help us as we strive for that!”

The first issue of the brand new SGN Scoops Digital will be available for download by the opening day of the National Quartet Convention, September 14, 2009.  The first issue will feature a cover story one of Southern Gospel’s most promising new talents – Chris Hester.

About Coastal Media Group Coastal Media Group is a multi-faceted media company that reaches into radio, television, and the internet.  In addition to SGN Scoops Digital and the Diamond Awards, Coastal Media Group also owns and operates syndicated radio program “The Southern Styles Show”, Southern Gospel radio station and news organization, and much more.