Exclusive Concert Report: “The Shireys” By Angela Griffin

{July 30, 2011 Unity Baptist Church, Roebuck, SC}

The powerful voices of The Shirey’s rang out on a hot summer day in the little town of Roebuck, SC.

The Shirey’s started the service with “I’ll Sing A New Song” showcasing their tight knit family harmonies. Darlene did a remarkable job on one of my all time favorite songs “Just Any Day Now,” a song that is so prevalent in this modern day in which we live. Darlene also delivered an anointed version of “Little David” written by Sandy Knight. “I’m Gonna Rise” performed by Wayne Shirey was also an audience favorite.

Victoria Shirey is an accomplished singer/songwriter. Often times the best songs are written after one has been through difficult times in their life. After a short battle with depression, Victoria penned the song “My Load Has Been Lifted.” What a powerful song. Victoria just has a natural gift to minister. I see a very bright future for Victoria indeed.

At age 19, Rachael is the youngest member of The Shirey’s. Rachael is the 2011 Female Vocal Solo winner of the C.O.G. State Teen Talent Competition. She also writes songs for the ministry.
“If That Don’t Make You Want To Go” was heartfelt by all. She also delivered a great vocal performance on “Don’t You Want To Go.”

On a lighter note…Just before Victoria, Rachael, Darlene and Wayne were to take the stage; Darlene looked at Victoria and said “something is not right with my shoes.” Victoria discovered that her mother had her shoes on the wrong feet! (Well Darlene, there’s a first time for everything.)

SGNScoops would like to thank The Shireys for a special time of music and ministry and also to Angela Griffin for the concert report.