Exclusive Report: New Year’s Eve with Crabb Revival

By Lorraine Walker    |   Photos by Joan Walker

On an uncharacteristically mild New Year’s Eve, Crabb Revival walked on stage for the first time in Canada and played their way into the hearts of over 500 people gathered in Bethel Gospel Tabernacle, Hamilton, Ontario. It was an evening of incredible musical talent, inspired preaching and corporate praise, and we were blessed to be in the midst of this band of worshippers. The blend of Southern Gospel-Funk-Country-Rock was the delicious wrapping around an edifying message of love, hope and encouragement for 2011.

The evening began with an Amazing Grace instrumental which featured Adam Crabb on harmonica, Zach Smith on lead guitar, Jedidiah Richardson on bass and Brooks Till on drums. It was a truly amazing beginning, followed by I Go To The Rock with vocalist Amanda Smith. Amanda and her husband, Zach, were suffering the aftereffects of food poisoning they received before traveling north of the border, but both gave their all this evening. Amanda is also seven months pregnant and even this did not affect her lovely, heart-felt performance.

The band moved into a stirring rendition of Through The Fire and Adam Crabb began to share from his heart about moving through difficulties and challenges, grabbing hold of God and going with Him into the future. There were tears in the house with the ballad, Heartbeat of God, featuring Amanda, from their new 2011 CD, Going Places. This was followed by another track from the same CD, a beautiful song entitled, Unforgiven. Two songs with incredible lyrics were followed by the new tune, If Not For Grace. If you think that you have heard all the ways in which the unfathomable grace of God can be described, you haven’t heard it all until you’ve heard this song. Such a simple word, but such a profound work of God, to all of us who were “…a hopeless case and an empty space…”.

Crabb Revival stepped up the pace once more with their version of Something’s Going On In the Graveyard, with a country-rock feel that had this diverse audience getting excited, Canada-style. We may not be as overly demonstrative as our southern neighbours, but we know talent when we hear it, and we enjoy worshipping with those who have a heart after God like this band of young adults.

After a short break, the band returned with Please Forgive Me, followed by a time of worship with Agnus Dei (Allelujah, For The Lord God Almighty Reigns) and a powerful altar call. The group ended the evening with two songs featuring Zach Smith, Carried To The Table, and, Come To Jesus. The last song was also from the new CD and has a haunting, bluegrass feel with thought-provoking lyrics.

The entire evening definitely had a New Year’s Eve message, no matter where the listener might be in their walk with the Lord. There were those just beginning their relationship with Jesus and they were encouraged to find their source of life in Him. There were those who perhaps had wandered from the right road and were called to let go of the things that were hindering their walk. There were also those present who had walked with the Lord for a long while but for whom 2010 was perhaps difficult or sad. For these, the exhortation was given to dream new dreams and to take back what was stolen by the enemy.

Crabb Revival ministered the word to an excited, expectant crowd and opened their hearts to an auditorium of Canadians that gladly welcomed both the talent and the word of this band. The music was delivered professionally, with nothing held back, as a gift to the listeners and to the Lord. Our Almighty God visited that place and drew us to Him as we lifted His Name. Thanks to Crabb Revival, there was truly a revival in the hearts of many. It definitely was an awesome way to welcome a New Year.

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