Executive Board announces: the SGMC! (Southern Gospel Music Conference)

After many years of prayer and planning The SGMC Executive Board is pleased to announce the first major ‘nqc-style’ Southern Gospel music event ever organized in the Deep South.

This event, has already been green-lighted to take place in the state-of-the-art Turner Civic Center in Ashburn, GA. It will be structured similarly to other major events held in Louisville, Ky and Branson, MO and will feature some of the best major artists from the southeast United States including: The Nelons, Naomi & The Segos, Ricky Atkinson & Compassion, Logan Smith and more.

The artist roster is still incomplete for this exciting event and the executive board is considering other artists and soloists for several prime time slots. For any Gospel artist that would like to be reviewed to participate in this event please e-mail Rhonda Pillow at rhonda@lampmusic.com as soon as possible for consideration.

Slated to begin on April 1st , The SGMC will also feature a multitude of coordinated events to include: A special Ladies conference hosted by Kelly Nelon Clark, golf tournament, solo & group talent competition, and full catering.

There will also be an awards presentation where artists will win awards solely based on fan votes.

For more detailed information a new website has been launched www.sesgmc.com